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1, Report #1328378
Sep 15 2016
02:52 PM
Medical Prep Institute of Tampa Bay Jena Fadziso This school is a scam who prey on students Tampa Florida
Medical Prep Institute of Tampa is a BIG scam school, please don't go here. This school has no compassion at all for anyone, especially their students. All this school is after is your money, choose wisely and do your homework before choosing to attend this school. Don't be shocked by this school crappy National accrediation which means nothing at all, Regional accrediation is what matters when trying to transfer credits to another school. Once you complete this school program then they make you take all these VERY HARD exit exams which are impossible to pass because the school only send a select few individuals to take their NCLEX. The exit exams are MADE by the school which have mispelled words and the answers are all up for question. The teachers here are only nurses who have only been nurses 1-3 years only, most of which are graduates of this school and who are the owner family. The Dean of the school is nurse and a lawyer (due to so many complaints and lawsuits) but is a awesome instructor, I will say that much. Clinicals at this place are a piece of crap. If you enjoy going to a nursing home for 12 hours and helping the CNA's out all day then this school is perfect for you. All together I wished I would have did like so many other people said and chosen a better school, I regret going to this school with my heart. I am a graduate of this school who finished the program with A's and B's but been taking these made up exit exams only to not take my NCLEX. This post is from a LPN who is really smart and know their stuff but this school really wants you to fail.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
2, Report #1376507
Jun 01 2017
08:49 AM
Medical Prep Institute of Tampa Bay 12 month LPN to RN program turned to 3 years Tampa Florida
 Briefly, the LPN to RN online program is advertised as a 12 month program. In actuality it is taking three years to complete and this does not include a bachelors degree. The school does not inform you that the last course consist of 6 exit exams. The majority of the test are made up by the owner, Jenna. The problem with this is that they give no rational and the testing format is completely different from the actual boards. When people take these test they fail repeatedly. Jenna will yell at people and in one case she told a student they will never pass the nursing boards and they should give up. That student paid 8k to another school and is an RN. Actually, MANY students have transferred and paid this high fee to complete this last course. When many of us have called other online programs the school will tell us that they only administer the traditional and recognized HESI exit, not multiple tests. They made us pay for ATI testing program only to use it once during the whole program. They also made online students have to pay for proctor testing during the exit exams using ProctorU which this was never told to us during the admission process. After students repeatedly failed exams they made us pay for an additional review course of the schools choice in St Petersburg called ROPHEM NURSING EDUCATION for $500. We were unable to choose our own review course in our local area. Attendance was for 5 full days. I had to take off work for this because it was mandatory or be removed from the program. Keep in mind that we already had a supposal nursing review course at the school which was taught by the owner Jena and her sister Maggie. We have complained to the board of nursing and they state that they monitor pass rates and that there is no tracking for high transfer rates. Also the board of nursing says that there is no way to track why students all have different graduation dates. Not all the students have the same graduation date. This school is recently accredited with ABHES. Many students are now filing complaints with them. The owner Jenna would teach class to the nursing students and she is not even a nurse. So she is not allowed to educate the students. Her name is similar to her sister and we are certain she uses her sisters credentials, which is an RN. Now, that brings us to the next point. The owner has allowed several of her family to attend her school and they have obtained their RN and bachelors degrees from the school. The problem with that is that other students complained that they would not attend class when in the bachelors program. Now, many students are taking 1-3 years to complete 6 test. I completed school in 2015 and they gave me a gown and tassel for 2015 which they just recently mailed the gown and tassel back in March 2017. I just completed my testing in April 2017. They still have NOT given me my AA diploma. To date several of us keep calling and requesting this be sent to us and they refuse to do this. It took them over one month to get my name submitted to the board of nursing and now I have to pay extra fees because I didn't test within 90 days of finishing the course. If you investigate her school from when she opened her doors you will see that these same problems have been happening since day one. None of her students have ever had the same graduation date and most all of her students took years to complete exit exams. I have many students willing to attest to the information I am providing. I would like to have my diploma, cap and gown with the graduation date they gave me of May 22nd, 2017 even though I finished testing April 2017. I also want a full refund for all fees paid for their program including ATI and also for the additional nursing review course at Rophem Nursing Education. I also want a refund for fees paid for ProctorU. I would also like for them to be upfront with future nursing students regarding exit testing and that most students average exit testing 1-3 years. Also Jena should not be able to educate nursing students as she is not a nurse.
Entity: Tampa , Florida
3, Report #1421653
Jan 07 2018
12:42 PM
Medical Prep Institute of Tampa Bay MPI Withheld Financial Aid Credit - THIS SCHOOL IS A SCAM!! Tampa Florida
I started attending the on-campus course in Sept 2017 and applied for financial aid. There was initially an issue on how I filled out the FAFSA application. After the correction was made (during my 1st term that ended Oct 2017), there was a discbursement made from the initial application (Sub and Unsub loans). After my 1st term, I transferred into the online classes and quit my job completely to focus on school. There was a 21 day break between the last day of my 1st term and the 1st day of my next term. The Pell Grant, which needed to have been applied for the 1st term, arrived during this break and was to be given to me in a check. Credit (excess funds from the grants and loans after applying all fees), are to be given to the student after a 14 day hold, per regulations. My online classes started Nov 2017. By mid Dec I still had not received my check. After contacting the school several times and talking to them in person, they insisted I wait until AFTER the holidays to receive a check that should have been disbursed to me in Nov. Their excuses: 1) The lady who signs the check, Carol, is only in on Mondays and Wednesdays and she hasn't signed the check 2) The check arrived Nov 5th - Anna, the Financial Aid Representative was sick and the school was closed for Thanksgiving (Wed-Fri). After contacting financial aid, I mentioned I wanted to withdraw. I went to the school and they would not hand me my check. I was told to sign the withdrawal form before completing any financial aid. Their defense now is that I withdrew before receiving my check and the school is stating I owe them $250 instead of them paying me the $2,000 they owed me. Richard stated I was enrolled in a term that had a start date of 2016-2017 school year and that is an absolute LIE!!! My classes start Sept 2017 and I applied for FAFSA for a 2017-2018 school year and that is where my funds were applied to. My estimated financial aid award letter dated my term to begin July 2017, qualifying me to be enrolled in the 2017-2018 school year, NOT 16/17 as Richard stated. MPI is falsifying documents to obtain a valid reason in them keeping my money. Between Sept - Dec I accumulated $9,000 in student loan debt with them and nothing to show for it. For my 1st clinical, I had to sit in my car for 5hrs because my instructor had taken medicine. We were not allowed to be in the nursing home without our instructor. That same clinical was doublebooked and there was already a class in the building. You will not receive any good clinical experience and they are falsifying clinical and lab hours. I had to sit in lab for 12 hours, 3 days a month, with only a true 2 hours being dedicated to any type of education, which consisted of watching YouTube videos on basic healthcare (handwashing, making the bed, etc). The tests are made up by the staff, we often found right answers being marked as wrong, plenty spelling errors, and questions relating to topics that were to be taught in future classes. There is no NCLEX style questions or proper preparation for the boards, which in turn sets the student up for failure. We have to pay a parking fee of $15 for a parking lot that houses homeless people that have been found sleeping at the back door. The back door is missing a handle and a makeshift one has been made of rope with tape! I can take the unpleasant attitude from the staff, but I will not stand for them to continue raping people who aspire to be good nurses of their money!
Entity: Tampa, Florida
4, Report #1286343
Jul 23 2016
12:33 PM
Medical prep Institute MPI, medical prep institute of tampa bay SCAM!!!!!!!! tampa bay Florida
Please do not go to this school, this is a scam, I wish I would have listened when I read around that it was a scam but I didn't. If you like to be disrespected, talked down to and pay over $8,000 just to fail then this is for you. They give you impossible tests at the end and you cannot get your transcript unless you pay the total cost of the program even if you do not wish to finish. If you have any questions email me and I will let you in on my personal experience and I have 17 other classmates willing to vouch for this too. This school is driven by a whole bunch of bipolar, demon possessed individuals. We all had to leave and several classes before ours did too. We have to put an end to these scamming schools that prey on innocent people that are trying to better themselves. Please stay away, God Bless.
Entity: tampa bay , Florida
5, Report #1332394
Oct 10 2016
07:14 AM
Medical Prep institute of Tampa bay 2304 Busch Bvld Tampa Florida Stay away from this school it's a scam Tampa Florida
 I attended Medical Prep institute two years ago. And that was the worst mistake ever. 4 months towards finishing I found out that the school was just taking people's money in vain. And they were making sure that students wouldn't make it to the board. Alot of things weren't revealed until towards the end. Once they made sure they had the majority of the tuition for rhe the program than they literally give you their ass to kiss. Now I am left with all these debts in which I have to repay. The school has no mercy, and prey on innocent people who are desperate to become nurses. I hope people do their homework first before considering this school. I wish someone could have told that it was all a gimmick. Please stay away, go to a real school. Don't waste your time and money like many of us did.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
6, Report #1062116
Jun 25 2013
08:07 PM
American Institute of Medical Sonography AKA AIMS Thiefs Las Vegas Nevada
Scam Artists and Liars.  The most dishonest school in Las Vegas. 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
7, Report #402950
Dec 18 2008
09:22 PM
Creative Financial Services Of Tampa Bay Deception, Lies, Smoke n mirrors Tampa Bay Florida
Don't believe financial Creative Financial Services of Tampa Bay. They pose as direct lenders, but they are nothing but glorified brokers. I sent 5 transactions to them and they provided approvals on every single one of them. They collected good faith deposits on each transaction. I didn't question it because they stated that they were the direct lender and were making the ultimate decision on each transaction. However, as the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months what occured was unbelievable. Every single one of there approvals changed drastically. The loan amounts were reduced by up to 20% and the interest rates increased. One of my deals did fund with them, but only because we were backed into a corner and had to do the transaction. They are not direct lenders-they are thieves. If you are a borrower don't work with them, if you are a broker don't send your clients to them. They are liars-they are only trying to collect good faith deposits. Stay away from them, don't believe their lies. The true discovery anywhere, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Tampa Bay, Florida
8, Report #571497
Feb 19 2010
10:13 AM
cenegenics medical institute misled me and kept some of my mnoey las vegas, Nevada
I had numerous email and phone conversations with a doctor before coming out for my evaluation with Cenegencis.  I made it very clear to the doctor I was in good shape and would do very well on all the tests given to me.  I explained over and over I was concerned with my pain only.  He told me the Cenegenics facility treated pain.   I told him several times money was an issue and feared that I was going to spend the $3500.00 to come all the way out there and then only to be told there was nothing that could be done for me.  He assured me that would not happen.  When he told me that, I agreed to do the program.    I took the day off from work, rented a hotel, and paid for the gas to get out there.  After performing well on the tests given to me, I was told by another doctor that I was misled by the original doctor and should get my money back.  He told me that Cenegenics does not treat pain.    The original doctor told me that Cenegenics treats for pain and another doctor said they do not and that I was misled.  The doctor told me there were no hidden fees and after getting to the facility, I learned there were quarterly lab tests that I had to pay for and consultation fees.  He also told me the day was an eight hour day and my day was six hours.  All of this could have been avoided if someone called me ahead of time and told me my lab results were good and they dont treat pain.  He also told me their facility prescribed steroids and according to the other doctor I met with, that was not true.    Eventually the facility returned my $3500.00, but kept $750.00 of a consultation fee that I did not use.
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
9, Report #192472
May 20 2006
01:58 PM
Georgia Medical Institute Waste of time and money Atlanta, Georgia georgia
Don't waste your time. The students don't want to be there and the medical world of Atlanta doesn't want to hire them. As a former instructor I can tell you first hand stay clear for GMI. This place has gained a very poor reputation in Atlanta. The students are offered everything to sign up because the admission rep work on commission just likes a used car salesmen. As long as they walk in with a heartbeat they are admitted into a class. The school does next to nothing to test or screen the potential student. As like any business the bottom line is money. They do spend thousands on advertising and targeting those that could never make it in a real college. The truth is 90% of the students are court ordered to be in a school in order to avoid not losing their government housing and food stamps. The probation officers place another 5% there in order to keep them off the streets. That leaves a small 5% that are truly there to seek the training in the medical field because they want to work with patients. I felt sorry for they last 5% that had to face the inherited bad attitudes of the other students, which really don't want to be there. Students are pushed through the courses that have no business advancing to anything, until the end result of graduating. As result the job placement rate is a joke, less then 3% actually gain a job. Because of this and other problems GMI lost their accreditation more then once. The turn over rate is just as high with the administration and teaching staff. At one point they had 4 presidents in 3 years. Take the time to explore all options elsewhere. everwhat Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1423772
Jan 18 2018
08:37 AM
Institute of Safety & Systems Management, Inc. ISSM Provided useless ASP Study Prep Material Newport Beach California
I looked for an exam prep program to prepare for the Associate Safety Professional examination.ISSM cost me almost $300 and was absolutely worthless. It in NO WAY prepared me for the exam. In contrast, imagine studying high school basic math for several hours/day for 4 months. Then, you go to take your exam and it's advanced calculus. THAT'S how insufficient the ISSM program is. Save your money and time. Go with Bowen or Datachem ASP-CSP Exam prep. They cost about the same and the latter actually offers a money back guarantee.AVOID ISSM LIKE THE PLAGUE!
Entity: Newport Beach, California
11, Report #565110
Feb 05 2010
03:43 PM
Prep Logic Prep Logic does not deal straight - Beware! Tampa, Florida
I must add my voice to this thread because there is no doubt that PrepLogic is operating in very gray area. They are desperately trying to control their intellectual property when their mega exams and voice lectures are all over the torrent for free. I can understand a small portion of their psychopathic paranoia and wanting to control their prep exams and videos. HOWEVER, I was sucked in by their misrepresented $99 unlimited deal and I certainly regret it. Their sales associate was not smart enough to listen closely to what I was actually calling to buy and he sold me the same ambiguous product that everyone else is complaining about. I thought that I was buying perpetual use of the A+ prep exam and all I was really buying was a 30 day license to use it; NOT enough time to really get any full value. The A+ Practical Application videos are identical to the A+ Essentials so if you use one of your swaps to download the Practical Application materials which add no additional video material, and you NO LONGER have any access rights to the previous training module you were using; they use a thinly veiled, mandatory updater to invade your computer and prevent your access to the previous modules you were trying out. This is outrageously frustrating and their so called support people are like robotic automatons in total denial of the truth and they will not admit that this is not how they originally described the product NOR will they continue answering your valid questions once you begin to get invariable pissed off at their little games.  If they were up front about it all and fully explained the real restrictions of the $99 deal many many people who signed up most likely would not have. It is a marketing failure which has tarnished their brand and, unfortunately, Mike Meyers as well (if only that guy would learn how to stand still and stop rocking back and forth maybe you wouldn't get so seasick watching his videos!). I think I would have been much better off buying the A+ Exam Cram book and CD or the Microsoft e-Learning system and studying at my own pace instead of being forced to use the PrepLogic system like a madman for 30 days and then being cut off cold. To continue you would end up paying thousands on contract that you unconsciously click through when activating your license. THIS IS NOT ADEQUATELY EXPLAINED WHEN THEY SUCK YOU IN AND SIGN YOU UP!  Truly, Beware PrepLogic. It's overpriced and not worth the difference in price over other competing tools that you have license to use indefinitely. Shop around thoroughly before deciding what tools to use and you will likely NOT choose PrepLogic. Their unauthorized charges of people's credit cards and cavalier attitude about their ridiculous cancellation fees and other nonsense is indefensible for a company like this that is supposed to be helping people. They are really taking advantage of people, especially the unemployed who have families to support and cannot afford to be scammed. It is a thinly veiled scam with the sole purpose of exploiting a customer base that is in transition and is really not going to remain a customer very long anyway in any case so they feel they have the right to take what they can aggressively grab and clean up later if and when necessary. Myself, I will use their prep exam until my 30 day trial is over and then I will delete their trial proprietary crap and move on, never to return to their shadowy door. I suggest you all move on too but do indeed spread the word; we have a responsibility to help protect our huddled tech masses from further abuse. OM AH HUM!
Entity: Tampa, Florida
12, Report #1174710
Sep 05 2014
04:41 PM
Dolphin Homes of Tampa Bay Cliff Fernandez, Steve Fernandez and Jevon Fernandez Home Renovation Nightmare Tampa Florida
Dolphin Homes of Tampa Bay Was our contractor for our renovation that took over 2 years and counting.Stephen Fernandez was the Forman on site and Cliff Fernandez is the owner of Dolphin Homes. Jevon Fernandez is the bookkeeper.We had theft, no management, missed deadlines, injured sub contractors and a few floods Plumber did not Cap a supply line for a toilet than ran in my home for an afternoon.Plumber installed a bathtub upstairs and put a tear in the supply line to the Jaquzzi jet line. That leaked in the home for months into our downstairs.The overflow for the AC air handler was not connected so it ran into the master bedroom for days during construction.Electrician installed a breaker switch for the AC handler and ran a screw threw the power cable in the wall. This could have caused a fire. The breaker box was scorched and the breaker was blown.Over billed In excess of $100,000. I have appliances that have the wrong serial numbers and Sub Zero has no record of them. They purchased the wrong refrigerators and proceeded to destroy my hardwood floors trying to install The wrong refrigerators.Dolphin Homes is not a licensed Sub-Zero/Wolf appliance installer. They have now voided my warranty On all my appliances.Dolphin Homes has double billed on multiple draws, sometimes billing from a  previous invoice. Billing on an Estimate's and then bill again when the work was complete. Master closet installed and was 3 inches short to the ceiling. Non Payment of Sub contractors. Icynene insulation installed in our attic was torn out to finish electric work. Then the Icynene was never repaired. Didn't find out about that until the summer when AC system was sweating on everything. In my opinion Dolphin Homes of Tampa is incompetent and dishonest.  
Entity: Tampa, Florida
13, Report #187822
Apr 21 2006
07:54 AM
Ferman MINI Of Tampa Bay Deceptive and Dishonest Trade-in Vehicle Appraisal, ripoff Tampa Florida
I recently had a very bad experience with Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay and almost became the victim of possible deceptive sales / trade practices. I went to buy a new MINI from Ferman and was going to trade in my low mileage 2001 Mercedes Benz SLK 230. During the transaction my sales person Sheri returned from the manager's office say that there was a problem with my trade-in. I was introduced to a gentleman (appraiser) who said that they would not be able to properly appraise my vehicle because of the mechanical issues. Becoming alarmed I asked that they explain what mechanical issues that they were speaking of (as my vehicle is in perfect working order). The gentleman who was doing the appraisal walked me out to my vehicle, opened the hood and pointed to an area of the engine and asked that I listen. Which I did -- not hearing anything unusual. He explained that there was a noise coming from my supercharger (Kompressor) and that this was a huge issue. He asked if I knew that there was an issue with the engine -- almost making me feel as though I was trying to sneak a broken vehicle past them. It was embarrassing to be made to feel as though my current vehicle was not worth accepting as a trade. When I asked what this meant financially to my trade-in value he said that he would obviously have to reduce the value of the trade for the repair. I asked the cost of replacement and he said these types of repairs are VERY EXPENSIVE anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000! This would be the amount he would reduce the appraisal for repair before they could sell it. Of course, I was blown away and very upset that I was being told that my current vehicle had a MAJOR mechanical issue. My vehicle is in excellent condition and only has 33,000 miles and a full service record from Mercedes Benz of Tampa. It just recently had a full set of new tires and brakes placed on it by my dealership. Standing by my vehicle with the hood opened, I was told by the Ferman appraiser that the value of my trade would be reduced if I continued in the sales process. He never gave me a figure for trade value -- just that it would be much lower that I had expected. Of course, I immediately said that I would not trade my vehicle for less than its trade value -- I said that I would research this. When I said that he turned and walked away and the sales person handed me her card. The transaction was over. Very bizarre. The next morning I took my vehicle to the Mercedes Dealership and asked for a full investigation into the noise, a complete check of the supercharger and overall engine performance. After waiting several hours for this emergency diagnosis they were happy to report that the supercharger was in excellent condition, the engine was running smoothly and still performing at peak performance for the low mileage. I was told that the sound coming from the supercharger (Kompressor) was absolutely normal. I was told that these supercharges make different sounds depending on the engine and very rarely need replacing. I asked to get a quote on replacing this supercharger to compare to what I was told at Ferman MINI. The quote from Mercedes was $1,000 for parts plus a few hours of labor. NOTHING near to the $3,000 - 5,000 quoted off handedly by the Ferman appraiser the day earlier. Mercedes issued my vehicle a clean bill of health and documented this on a service receipt that I could show to Ferman. This made me very suspicious as I had heard that dealerships try to devalue trades through declaring mysterious engine issues. But, trying to give the benefit of a doubt to Ferman MINI, I called the next day and spoke to the salesperson Sheri Iten whom I had dealt with. I explained the results of the Mercedes mechanical checks on my car and that I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the validity of the information they had given me during the appraisal. She said that she too felt uncomfortable with what I had been told -- although she admitted to not really knowing much about engine sounds. This is what confirmed my decision to not continue doing business with Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay. The salesperson (Sheri) asked me to take my car to the local ---- and have it appraised. She said that they would give me a free appraisal without having to buy anything from them -- and then I should bring her the appraisal so that she can have it compared to their appraisal of my vehicle. I said that I had never seen an appraisal amount for my vehicle and she seem surprised -- and then said well when you bring the ---- appraisal we will then get your appraisal completed here. I asked if she was serious that I should go to another dealer and get my car appraised and she said absolutely. I wonder what the President of FERMAN AUTOMOTIVES what say if he knew his sales people were sending customers to other car dealerships for appraisals? Well, the whole incident with Ferman MINI reeked of insincerity and dishonesty. I was told that the new vehicle that I was interested in (2006 Mini Cooper Convertible -- Red) had been sold and that they would contact me with more details about my trade issue. Of course, no one has every called back. ---- by chance had a loaded 2006 Red MINI Cooper available for transfer to me. My vehicle was appraised in perfect condition by ---- and I was given more than the trade value due to the demand nationwide for my Red Mercedes SLK. So it worked out -- just not for Ferman MINI. Buyers beware of Ferman Mini Cooper of Tampa Bay. Derek Tampa, FloridaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Palm Harbor, Florida
14, Report #1074742
Aug 10 2013
04:11 PM
World Institute of Surgical Excellence Medical Tourism Indianapolis Indiana
I was also a victim. I was taken for $2500 and never given what i was promised. I was only with the company a few months before they disappreared. If anyone is trying to get their money back please let me know how. I will do whatever it takes to get these people to own up to what they did to us. Thats our money and we deserve it back. What a fool i was to believe in this company! I really thought i was going to be able to help people and make a living. Instead i was robbed!
Entity: Select State/Province
15, Report #765620
Aug 15 2011
09:52 PM
Institute of Medical Education IME is a SCAM so BEWARE! San Jose, California
I just want to warn people about Institute of Medical Education (AKA IME). My fianc went there for their LVN program and had nothing but problems. During the course of her training a laundry list of shoddy business practices arose - mainly misrepresentation and utter lack of professionalism. My fiance is more aware of ALL the issues she's faced (she is not one to publicly call someone out, but as you can see I am, and under these circumstances I felt any potential IME students should be forewarned), but I'll touch on the big issues. First, the quality of the training is terrible - the labs are outdated, the instructors often had no lesson plan or seemed totally lost and ill prepared for the days lessons, and any issue that was brought up by my fiance about this was IGNORED by IME staff. Then after the laughable training  was over and she was ready for her PROMISED and PAYED for EXTERNSHIP advertised at leading medical centers such as Kaiser, she is given an externship at a rundown nursing home. And to top it off, it took IME a YEAR and an HALF after she finished her training to get it. I'll leave my rant at that, but I do recommend you do your research before considering IME. And a tip, check their Yelp reviews for how horrible they actually are - be sure to check the filtered reviews to see more consumer complaints. I also heard there are some pending student lawsuits against them, but I am not sure of the details. 
Entity: San Jose, California
16, Report #1353961
Feb 04 2017
10:28 AM
institute of medical education took my tuition money and didnt send my application in so i can take board exams San Jose California
I attended the school in 2009 for the Licensed Vocational Nurse Program. They received money I go t from FAFSA. I also paid out of pocket and had a Sallie Mae loan to cover the $24,069 tuition fee.Upon graduating and receiving my diploma.. I waited for the mail to arrive saying I can take my board test.It never came so I contacted IME. They said they would not send my paperwork in because they just reviewed my grades and said I got a D in Mental Health course so I'd have to repeat it before my BNVPT application would be sent in.I was confused because I had my dilpoma and graduated already. .. but I still came in and retook the coarse and passed. They teacher emailed them himself to say that i passed.IME then...emailed me saying they were not aware I was in his classes and that I would have to redo the course AGAIN. I cried and gave up and have felt so helpless. it is 2017 and i am still not a LVN but still am paying back my student loan? It's not fair and I must fight back now and see what I can do. I have let them push me around too much! please help me!   I want to be fully refunded my tuition. $24,069 plus intrest that has accrued and I want them to pay more for Emotional distress and to pay any lawyer fees. I have also contacted: Better Business Bureau's Online Complaint System.Your complaint has been assigned case # 536104. 
Entity: San Jose, California
17, Report #1374816
May 23 2017
07:22 AM
Institute of Allied Medical Professions Fraud Hoboken New Jersey
In August 2014 I applied for a student loan with Salie Mae to attend Institute of Allied Medical Professions in Hoboken, NJ. I started school, continued my education at the Hoboken location, and then began my 800 hour internship program in Brooklyn, NY, . Where I performed internship with no pay while at the sametime paying  monthly payment to Sallie Mae. never received any certificate or transcript from my 18 month education at the Hoboken location. Without proper documentation to her attendance and graduation and required hours of internship I am unable to sit for registry to obtain diagnostic medical sonography license. Both Institue of Allied Medical Professions and Sallie Mae proceeded with a loan that was fraudulent. Sallie Mae did not do their due diligence in confirming where funds were disbursed and to the schools authenticity. There are no records of any of the graduates from the school preventing all students who paid the tuition unable to peruse their career.  
Entity: Hoboken, New Jersey
18, Report #300186
Jan 15 2008
10:16 AM
Everest Institute-Dekalb,Formerly Georgia Medical Institute,Corithian Colleges False Advertisement,School Professors Dont want to commit to Responsiblility of Teaching:A RIP OFF,and Waste of Time! Atlanta Georgia
I started this school in January of 2007 I attended the school up until Jan 2008. The Program of Study was supposed to be a 7 month program but because of some weird affirmation I diddnt complete the course until Jan 4,2008. It started with the Instructor Tonya Armstrong-Quinn-Olusola ooh soo many names this instructor was also the program chair person and if she didnt have a personal interest in you you were either displaced or thrown by the way side meaning she would act as if you werent there or perhaps in my case lie about my grades. take june14 2007 ,i entered the school campus and was injured from a fall. the instructor told the ems to leave me so she could take me to the hospital when my bp read 225/125 this is deadly. Also, this was the day of final exams for my particular Mode E she gave me this exam at a later date then when I gave it to her she pretended that she lost the exam and graded me an F which I had taken this exam hope and completed it open book and hand delivered it to her. Again, i complained to the dean and president of the school (Ms Olusola)she then gave me the same exam but took the lecture made it the lab portion of the test and the new lecture was one that I hadnt seen or heard of before. Thus, she did this to make me fail the course trying to hold me behind on the other hand I had a 4.0 average not knowing how my average dropped to a 69.0 and I had failed the course according to her once I retook the exam she nulified the grade. I cant tell you how far this put me behind then when I started to catch up this instructor had told the day instructor not to help me or train me once I returned to take the next Mode which was F in the day time since I was originally an evening student. I complained once again to the dean and president and this time the coporate office however the secretary at corporate would only let me speak to the Student Adivsorss in California never to the Corporate President or other Staff. I als o found a email about how Corithian Colleges were ripping off student still charging them for classes long after a student had left. this then dawned on my that during a conversation with the dean that the Extern Coordinator another one of Ms Olusolas puppets drooped me from that program of Dialysis while she had visited me at my Extern/Intern site. How cruel can one get if I had known that this much drama was attached I would have never enrolled at this school to begin with. Since then I have never recovered from a horrible experience and hope and pray that every one research,research as much as possible to do what needs to be done in order to get an education. Private schools seem to do what they want to those of us who dont agree with the things we see wrong. So in order to right my wrongs I finished the program, prayed daily and finally found a job within two weeks of finishing the Program as a Dialysis Technician/Unit Secretary of a Dialysis Center in Georgia. God is Good in the mist of Trials . Cmmack Monroe, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
19, Report #640159
Oct 31 2010
08:45 PM
A Lady with a company called Academic Advantage send the school ( Medical Prep Institute of Tampa bay )numerous emails claiming to be an education consultant. At first we ignored the email but kept them. We finally responded to the emails because we desperately needed a Clinical Acute  site and education software for our students. A lady from Academic Advantage called GEORGINA SOSA FONG  informed us she could get us a contract in the Dominican Republic and education software. She ( Georgina Sosa ) said she would begin work 13th of August and she would have the contract signed and ready on 24th of august. She asked the school to deposit $1000 into her account. $550 for her retainer and $450 for the fee the Hospital charged for clinicals. The money was deposited into he Regions Bank Account.the rest of her fee would be delivered upon delivery of the contract. She made an appointment to come see the school about Software but never  showed. By the 24th of august the school realized that the contract had not been signed. Georgina Sosa told the School , we needed to learn to be patient and understanding. On the 29th of August Georgina Sosa Informed us that there was a chance we may not get a contract. on the 8th of september we ( school) was informed there was no contract. The school then contacted the Hospital where Georgina sosa was supposed to get this contract from. We spoke to the hospital Administrator who informed that yes she had met with Georgina Sosa but had talked to her about another school and had signed a contact with her for another  school and that during the contract Georgina had mentioned that she may have another school but did not know which school it was and had never seen the Medical PRep Institute contract. The Administrator was also asked about $450 fee the Hospital charged. The Administrator said the hospital did not charge a fee. The School contacted Gerogina Sosa , who in turn told the  school administrator that she was immature, unproffessional and she refused to refund the money. Georgina threatened the School with a law suit if they said anything bad about her to other people. She told the school never to contact her again. The School has the 1. Orginal contract 2.emails Georgina Sosa sent 3. TRanscript of the bank transfer  4. references she used to get the school to sign contract
Entity: Port Richey, FL 34668, Internet
20, Report #307472
Feb 08 2008
08:26 PM
IntelliTec Medical Institute Lack of Communication, Consideration and Consistency Colorado Springs Colorado
First off, I am extremely disappointed in this school and the way they have implemented new rules (randomly) and expect students and staff to follow them without actually notifying the involved parties. I am an employee at IntelliTec and still don't understand what the reason for the recent changes is or how they can expect everyone to go along with something that was not what they signed in a contract when these students chose our school. Secondly, I hope that all students know that the DOE is not necessarily the one making all the changes, she is just having to implement them. The Campus Director is a complete coward and knows the consequences of showing her face to the student body, so she sends someone else in to do her dirty work. By no means am I excusing the DOE because if you are asked to implement something, I would imagine that you should look into policies that you are changing before you expect people to follow them . Consistency is a huge issue because a new rule is made one day and then changed the next. It is to the extent that the staff rarely is on the same page. We have to compare stories to figure out what is real. Lastly, I feel for the students because they are putting quite a bit money into this school and the school is not giving the students what they need. I can only hope that they can figure out who is to blame and who they can trust. If students were to read this: Just know that at least half of us are on your side and are trying to help however we can. To the Media, Lawyers, etc: This is an issue that needs to be addressed and researched. Students are losing their money and valued education because they are having to stress about these stupid changes that have no reason behind them and staff/employees are having to worry about their jobs/careers because of the lack of integrity in what this school is doing. Anonymous Colorado Springs, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
21, Report #643711
Sep 23 2010
12:52 PM
Prep Logic 30 Day Trial Period Refund Request Denied - Inconsistent Customer Support & Sales Representation tampa, Florida
Purchased 30 day trial period - attempted to cancel. Was told that I was one day past the deadline date for requesting any additional charges.  Created a  calender event for the trial period and wrote down the information as provided to me by the sales representative.Was told that I was mis-informed about the terms which were included in the confirmation email.  Indicated that what was discussed on the phone and what was sent to me was inconsistent.  I indicated to customer support that the telephone conversation was recorded - asked them to provide recording to prove me wrong.  Company has not supplied recording to date.  Called the representative back directly and asked him if the conversation was recorded or not - he confirmed that all of his calls are recorded.  He then transferred me to the customer support desk i.e., the person who told me in their support ticket system that calls are not recorded.  Very surprising to have inconsistent information within a small business.Please be advised that this company is NOT an accredited business with the Florida BBB where they have over 120 complaints lodged against them. I have now sent two emails with a print out of the support ticket to Mr. Mark Norris - Director of Operations to try to get a resolution of having a credit issued to my credit card but have not received a response as of this writing.  All of my emails were sent with a read-receipt but so far, none have been generated from Prep Logic.  I was looking to address this issue directly with Prep Logic directly and to avoid dealing with this issue in a public forum - however, all I get are canned responses about Good luck with your IT training etc. and it seems the CSR's don't really read what is being written in their ticket support system.Apparently, Prep Logic cares little of client good will, etc. for a one day discrepancy between their sales rep and myself. 
Entity: tampa, Florida
22, Report #1244116
Jul 24 2015
02:24 PM
Sanford Brown Institute Tampa, FL Terry Germosyo recruiter told me that I had to sign up for Medical assistant program in order to get into ultrasound program Tampa Florida
 This School messed up my life as well as my childerns. Terry who is a recruiter at the school told me that the only way for me to get into the ultrasound program was to go to the medical assisting program first and that I would be able to use my credits from the medical assisting program toward the ultrasound program. I was young and naive did not know all the in's and outs... I believed her. After I finished I found out that I still need more credits for the ultrasound program. They promised job placement and they did not help. After many job interviews that I found I realized that all the Offices only wanted to hire experienced Medical assistants. long story short I never found a job as a medical assistant the school did not help after and I have alot of debt because of them. Now older I understand all of the bull they sold and they need to be stopped.
Entity: Tampa , Florida
23, Report #1151786
Jun 03 2014
10:54 AM
Baycare Health systems After hours charge for what is advertised as a 24 hour emergency roon tampa bay Florida
 Was billed an additional $75.00  for ER visit because of the hour. This is a 24 hour ER at a baycare hospital. When asked for an itemized explanation of the charge to see what I was receiving for $75.00 I could not get an answer. Even Cigna, who is the insurance company for Baycare told me they do not recognize an after hours charge as legitimate at a 24 hour emergency room.
Entity: tampa bay, Florida
24, Report #403525
Dec 20 2008
04:34 PM
Affordable Courier Solutions Contracts work, doesn't pay. Tampa Bay Florida
This company contacted me about redesigning their web site, which I agreed to do without an upfront payment, as this makes some persons uncomfortable. When I showed them the completed site several weeks later, they liked it, but there was some talk about difficulty in getting access to their hosting space to upload it. I offered to help with this problem, but they ceased communication. I offered the site to them for a reduced price, with no result. Some months later when I contacted them they stated that they had change their mind. They still owe me for the time and effort of developing their new site, which they could still have. Dean Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Seminole, Florida
25, Report #466448
Jun 30 2009
01:31 PM
G.F. Institute Sent me a postal card of Government Fund release,stamped Approved, release code:3734,36hrs deadline from receipt for 25000.00 (Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars), call toll free 1-877-450-6542,Verified and Authenticated by: JD, Prep Dept.: Fund Release Kansas City Kansas
When I received this card in the mail from G.F. Institute,Kansas City, Kansas, stating I was Approved for $25000.00(Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars) from Government Funds. Just call toll free 1-877-450-6542 with Release code: 3734-------.Release approval:Pending,Verified and Authenticated by:JD, Form Number:25K-----------,Prep Dept.:Fund Release. I got on the internet to check this G.F. Institute out under search and came up with Ripoff site and here I am. Tired of all these places calling.sending mail and emails. Helen Three Rivers, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Kansas City, Kansas

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