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1, Report #623813
Jul 16 2010
09:44 AM
MELALEUCA Melaleuca, Inc., Criminal activity idaho, Indiana
I met this guy back in March from Melaleuca In Boca Raton Florida he didn't say what  he wanted to talk about at first, he called me after 5 days and asked me to try this products, he said was going to be in a box and about $100.00.well they charge my credit card $219.00 when the box arrived was nothing but trashi sent it back with all items and a letter of cancellation. i called about 5 days later and they started to be very cold and rude, so they said they are giving me a refund.i got it about 3 days later. then on June they charge my cc for $65.00 and an emailsaying my order was shipped, i fast disputed the charge and closed my cc.they they keep calling me and emailing me saying that they need payment, but not onlythat's bad but they told me over the phone that they sent another box on JULY.WTF its wrong with those lack of understanding people.they said I'm responsible for the shipments, and a told them i not longer in Florida since JUNE and they said they will keep shipping items to that address.So i sent a email replying that i not longer wish to get any mail,emails,phone call,shipment from MELALEUCA or 3rd paties regarding MELALEUCA.and to Removeall personal information from their data base.I warned if they continue to send anything from JULY 16 2010 I will File a Complaint to their local Consumers Affairs, and a Civil lawsuit for Harassment and violation of privacy act.  and another complain to the complaint to their local state Prossecutor for criminal charges against Melaleuca stuff,member and Marketers.SO YOU ARE WARNED.
Entity: idaho, Indiana
2, Report #1179669
Sep 27 2014
04:13 PM
Melaleuca melaleuca, harrassment, discrimination, bully Idaho Falls Internet
Melaleuca is engaging in discriminatory practices by requiring some people to sign affidavits simply because they are high volume buyers.   I refused to sign this affidavit unless it was being required for all marketing agents and my account was placed on hold.  Before being asked to sign the affidavit, I was asked what I was doing with the lotion I was purchasing.  Although it isn't any of their business, I complied and explained to them that I buy lotion for myself, various family members who can not afford to signup for a membership, which requires approximately $80 worth of purchases each month.  My parter, who is diabetic, also buys a great deal of lotion for members of a diabetic suupport group she is a member of.  I guess this wasn't a good enough answer for them because they came back with a demand for us to sign the affadavit.  I refused because I have already been asked to reply to a previous email demanding the same thing and I have been compliant with their regulations regarding the sale of product on the Internet only to again be questioned about what I am doing with the products I buy and forced to sign an affidavit that by the way I have to have notorized.  I think this is crossing the line and I am taking a stand at this point.  So because I will not contnue to subject myself to unjustified questioning about my private use of products that I now own, and being asked to sign something AGAIN, I refused.  These people are bullies and as I told the lady, I will not be bullied simply for being a loyal customer and high volume buyer of their products.  This company has over 300 complaints for a reason, and that's just on this platform.  Wish I knew that before I joined.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #83360
Mar 09 2004
09:03 PM
Melaleuca ripoff Idaho Falls Idaho
wow how do I begin... I am going through hell ya could say, let me tell ya! I started with Melaleuca the great home based business.. and all the great products.. ha.. I am now finding out how much I wished that I did not get messed up in this business! I did all the things in order to get out of the business and guess what.. still being charged and losing money. I did all the right so called steps and hey I am still being sent things and being charged for it...unreal They should put in their contract.. once you sign up, you become a sucker and can't ever get out of our lovely business! My enroller my own enroller is up set about all of this and can't understand why and how Melaleuca can get away with this... and beleive me I feel that they are NOT going to get away with it! Now the last person I talked to says oh well we just decided to use a rule we had and put it into afect... what.. so never can a person get out of this business until they see fit is what they are saying..they force you to buy and they will send even if you don't buy and they charge charge and charge some more... I have done alot of research and reading many articals and I would like to tell anyone who is going through this Great business venture, not to give up, fight and don't let them get the best of you... soon enough wheather they have been in business for 20 years or not.. what they are doing is wrong.. we are all going to have to get up and keep fighting.. good luck to all of you, do NOT let them get the best of you! Tamara Gaylord, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
4, Report #215335
Oct 11 2006
11:33 PM
Melaleuca Ripoff, Scam, BEWARE Idaho Falls Idaho
This is the MOST HALF Baked COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Melaleuca, Make it very easy to sign up. You can do it right over the net. Your electron Signature is good enough to use to sin up for their products But they make you jump hoops to CANCEL. First, When I decided to cancel I sent an email, I was told in the return email that I had to call, so I called and the told me I had to send a letter with my original signature. I did that and of course they never recieved it. I called again and asked if I could fax it, and I can. MY GRIPE: If my electronic signature is good enough to sign up for Melalueca, it should be good enough to cancel. They won't accept an email but they will accept a fax. And they don't offer that info, I had to ask. I assume that too will be lost. Because I was told to call with in 48 hours to confirm they recieved the fax. Also, If you are considering Melalueca, KNOW these facts. YOU are required to place an order every month- around 50.00 min. If you don't place an order, they will order for you, whether you want it or not. This is how they trap you, whether you sell or not, they don't care, they will gat an order from you. My last order was place by them- What makes no sence is half my products were back ordered. I have checked into other MLM's and home business, and Melalueca is the only that REQUIRE an order every month. All have minimums for the quarter But if you don't meet them you deactivated as a dealer. Melalueca, has set up a way to hang on to ther customer base. First, Easy sign up Second, Jump hoops to cancel Third, Required orders. I quess with little name recognition, this is ther way to hang on to ther customers. MY Advise: If your looking for a way to make money, find another company, this isn't it. Too expensive, Customer Service is a joke, and reqired orders. As far a die hard Melalueca Dealers, Don't waste your time trying to change my mind. If my electronic signature was good enough to join, it should be good enough to cancel, Can't Email But they will accept a Fax? Its ther marketing plan to make the cancelation process take forever, the entire time sending unwanted orders and debiting my checking account. Carly Mid South, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #336295
Jun 02 2008
06:13 AM
Melaleuca Ripoff of Good Health Knoxville Tennessee
Totally totally disappointed!!! A trusted friend told me about this great opportunity since we were about to be laid off at any given time. The pitch that got me was the $1.00 entry fee. I was swindled to believe the $500 checks I'd get in the mail w/in my 1st month. Skeptical and behind my husband's back, I joined!! I made it perfectly clear to my friend that I wasn't at all interested in selling, but I was convinced the cleaning products were excellent and others would buy them from me. They are, however I was told over my objections that I need to buy the soap because I needed so many points to qualify for the $1.00 entry fee. Why?? What's wrong with the soap I'm using now?? I just wanted the Tile Cleaner. My 1st box came about 3 days later. Next thing you know, I'm getting a call that my account is overdrawn and my 2nd box is on hold. WHATT!! I didn't order anything. I wasn't even finished with the 1st box. I was told my acct automatically deducts for the same products like the orginal order I made and I can make more money if I bought more and sold those products. I immediately told the operator to take my name off the list, I'm not interested in selling. Of course I was pressured & pressured about how wonderful the company was. No Way I'm getting suckered again!!! In this economy...I need the gas money, that's obviously not coming from Meleuca! Betrayed by a trusted friend Hotlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Knoxville, Tennessee
6, Report #941470
Sep 14 2012
08:20 PM
Melaleuca TOTAL RIPOFF Internet
I signed up with this company bc my MIL wanted to make a business out of it (it's a MLM company). I signed up to support her unbeknownst to me I was going to get charged each month a backup order. If you order one time an sign up with them, they expect you to order each month to keep yourpreferred status I was unaware of this and was not told this. So for 3 months I was charged $70 for packages I did not receive. I have a PO box and refused one package which prompted me to check my cc statement. NEEDLESS to say I was upset that my cc was being charged and we just paid it off. I call said company to get the matter resolved and the woman was rude and condescending and I felt that I being chastised. She treated me like it was my fault and there was nothing she could do. She informed to to contact to person who signed me up and figure it out from there. And that I signed a contract stating this and that, blah blah... I was on the phone with her REQUESTING TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT. She refused saying she was unable to do so  and for me to go through my original rep. Ended up not being able to get my rep to do it so I had to do it myself. She never one told me I could download a form online and do it myself I found that out on my own. Then a month later I see that I still have not received any refunds ($200.52) I only had a credit to my Melaleuca account for $44.86. I was told by RON that since I refused the package I had to pay shipping on it! When I asked him what about the other monies and he stated unless they received the packages then I would get a refund MINUS the shipping!! How is that ethical? What business model are they using? I explained that the PO has not informed me of any other pkgs and they said they do not have anything in holding so I never rec'd them. He then stated the only way that I would be able to get my money back is for them to REDELIVER the pkgs and then for me to refuse them (while I pay for shipping as well). BUT I DO NOT WANT THEM TO RESHIP! They are full of it and the so called customer service reps are rude and condescending! I was treated like a number and they made me feel like oh well, that's how it is. How is this customer service? Even after I was nice to them she treated me like a 1st grader and spoke slowly when explaining their so called return policy. Once I felt like I was being chastised thats when I lost it!! How many ways can I explain GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK AND KEEP YOUR CRAPPY PRODUCTS! AND DO NOT RESHIP ANY PKGS BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!! When I told them that I was going to talk to somebody above them I was told, 'Go ahead, they will tell you the same thing I am telling you. Not once did I feel they were trying to resolve my complaint, nor did I feel like they had compassion, which is something that they advertise. DO NOT GET DUPED BY THIS COMPANY! They are quick to take your money but its like an act of congress to even get a partial credit! And then they expect you to pay for their mistake!
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1342465
Dec 10 2016
08:41 PM
Melaleuca Cancellation Hoops Idaho Falls ID
I will start off with the basics.  Melaleuca sounds like a good idea. Their products are okay. In fact I have nothing to say about thier products at all. I have issues with the hoops you have to go to to cancel your membership. I am collage educated, know have to read, and I am not a in the sticks dumbass, so all the company kiss ups can bite my shiny metal ass.  We have been trying to cancel for over a month now. Yes, we got the form. Yes, we filled out the form. First we scanned the completed form and emailed it to the email address on the form. We waited 7 days before we got an email saying that they didn't get it. Okay, we rescanned and tried again, and still haven't heard anything. We had also mailed the completed form and it has been over two weeks and still not canceled. So today, we emailed it a third time and sent a certified letter with the form inside. FAX? Who the F still has a FAX machine anymore? So here are some more kickers. They donot place invoices in the shipment anymore. There is a reason for that though. I will explain. They ship UPS ground and it is about 15 lbs of product. So in order to return for a credit, you have to go to their site and print out the invoice. Then you have to state which items you are returing and that you would like a credit.  Then you have to open the box, and insert the invoice and pay the shipping to send it back. See, you can't simply return to sender once you open the package. Crafty right? Of course they do not offer return labels. So from OH back to their shipping center, it was $14 per box to return back to them for something we have been trying to cancel for over a month now. So over $150 in products to return, $28 in shipping + $7 for a certified mailing.  Now I used to work for a company way back when and they tried this crap as well. The government came down on them like a hammer and they had a class auction lawsuit that about broke them. Some leadership actually served some jail time.  They REALLY need to get this together and fast. Canceling should not be a chore, and they should also provide return labels. If we get another shipment, my next two calls are to the Ohio and Idaho Attorney Generals Offices. We have already called our CC company and are disputing the charges.  
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1214470
Mar 09 2015
04:41 PM
Melaleuca /Vandersloot from by Glenn Greenwald To Whom It May Concern, Before you sign up for Melaleuca I would reccommend reading Glenn Greenwalds article about Frank Vandersloot owner of Melaleuaca. You can make up your own mind if you want to give your money to a company/man like Frank Vandersloot. Above is a link to read the article for yourself. 
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #206558
Aug 17 2006
10:31 AM
Melaleuca ripoff Idaho Falls Idaho
I joined Staying Home And Loving it after someone told me about how great and safe there products were plus I could make money! So of course i joined up. But I wasn't working part time it was ALL the time. So then I started buying leads and more advertisment. Guess what, all that did was waste even more money. I am not saying this company wont work for everyone, just you have to have alot of money and time to put in it. It isn't for a young mother with 2 small children on a tight budget. I did like the products and loved how they were safer, just didnt like having to spend a certain amont each month. When I called to cancel, and the woman tried to make me feel bad for not wanting 'safer' products which made me dislike the company even more. Now I make my own household products that are chemical free, work great, and cost ALOT less. You can find tons of great recipes on the internet. Gwen Middle of nowhere, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
10, Report #191701
May 16 2006
02:49 AM
Melaleuca ripoff, fraudulant billing Idaho Falls Idaho
I had just moved to Hawaii from Europe, and a landscaper told me that a natural way to deter Centipedes was with Melaluca Oil. He carried on about the all natural products and really worked on selling, until finally I agreed to try it. After trying the products I find that they do not work at ALL. The window cleaner is weak, the laundry detergent is watery, dishwashing liquid weak, and the rest of the products smell so awful that I would not want to use them, as a matter of fact they made my daughter sick to the stomach, and I could not stand the smell either. I called the company and told the I am not satisfied with the products, and want to cancel any further dealing with them. At that time I was told in order not to receive another shipment I would have to do this before the 25th of the month in writing, I called on the 24th of April! I sent a certified letter the same day, stamped by the post office for the 24th. Yet, on 9 May I found that they billed me for another shipment, the shipment had not even arrived yet. I refused it of course. Now they are telling me that I will not be refunded because my letter did not actually arrive at their company by the 25th, although it was stamped by the postal office on the 24th. This is contrary to their promise of 100% satisfaction guaranteed! If I tell them that the product does not satisfy me why should I have to accept another order, just because I miss their deadline? The products do not work, I AM WARNING ANY POTENTIAL CUSTOMER TO BE AWARE. Our Mailman told me he was approached by the same landscaper, as a matter of fact he approaches all of the people in this neighborhood to become customers. Well, I will do my best to inform people to check the internet first. We live in a military housing complex, and the landscaper is working as a contractor using this position to get a customer base build up, that is totally unethical. I did not know he did this, I thought he tried to be helpful because I had asked him about the centipedes. I guess that is a price to be paid for being naive. Astrid Honolulu, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
11, Report #282279
Nov 01 2007
07:46 AM
MELALEUCA The Wellness Company Idaho Falls Idaho
All Canadians must be aware of gouging by purchasing US product within Canada. Melaleuca is not adjusting prices to reflect the strong Canadian Dollar. We are paying a premium of upwards to 40%. It apprers that Melaleuca is still using the 60cent Canadian Dollar to set their Canadian prices. All Canadian distributors / customers of Melaleuca should boycott products and hault sales into Canada, until such time they provide the proper Canadian $ exchange. Innkeeper two Charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandCanada
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
12, Report #967002
Nov 09 2012
01:42 PM
Melaleuca Complete Scam...Extremely Difficult to Cancel Internet, Internet
I signed up to help out a friend.  This is a multilevel marketing scam company.  They sell cleaning supplies and food, and beauty supplies.  The quality of everything is garbage and it is extrememly expensive.  I bought $300 worth of garbage.  I could have bought the same stuff from Wegmans for $75.  I thought a lesson learned...I will never buy from them again.  A month later they charged my credit card $53 and sent me a box of junk I did not order.  Little did I know that they signed me up for some monthly program where they send you a box of junk for $53.  The box contained a small bottle of crappy moisturizer a bottle of glass cleaner and lip balm. I called and told them i wanted to cancel and send it all back.  They responded by disconnecting my call 3 times before agreeing to sending me an email to allow me to cancel.  I also have to pay to send them their box of junk back to get my $53.  I won't be suprised if I never see my $53 back. Beware of this company.  They are very dishonest and extremely rude.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #1121285
Feb 05 2014
06:33 PM
Melaleuca Chemical GMO's Idaho Falls Idaho
Melaleuca touts that they are a chemical free, wellness company. This is not a true statement because they use Genetically Modified Organisms in their products. This is a GMO and these seeds grow their own insecticide. Being a company that states they are green company, but they aren't if they use GMO's that have only had a 90 day safety study. If they are going to claim that they are a GREEN company then they need to let their members know that they do carry GMO's in their food. JnnTFort Lauderdale, FL
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
14, Report #908546
Jul 08 2012
04:30 PM
Melaleuca Inc. Melaleuca you can NEVER leave without a Penalty! Idaho Falls, Idaho
 For the past two years our family has been purchasing products from the Melaleuca company.  Our dear friends introduced us and we figured it would help them as well as us.  We liked their cleaning products and we were faithful to order the amount you needed to have every month. However, I mentioned to my friend that I had a lot of really large medical and car-related bills lately and was fast running out of money and needed to reconsider ordering any extra items in lieu of economizing and rebuilding our savings.  My friend encouraged me to do whatever I needed to protect my financial needs and my family. I proceeded to telephone Melaleuca and explain to them that I was about to fix our vehicle and it would probably cost at least $600.00 leaving me with no extra money.  The customer service representative explained that after the 25th of any given month you could not cancel your membership but it would be canceled at the beginning of the following month. (As long as we filled the necessary documents and signed them.) I explained that after we did the car repairs we would not have any money left to order anything!  The customer service representative assured me that I could get a coupon and order at a later date.  I asked her repeatedly about any automatic back  orders charged to my checking account automatically and she assured me this would not happen. Well, when I saw my checking account at the beginning of July there was a charge from Melaleuca for $53.00 after we had told not to charge us and our vehicle cost us $687.00 leaving us with a negative to cover.  I had heard in the past that Melaleuca was a difficult company to part ways with and they make sure you PAY!  The customer service supervisor told me that no matter what I had to pay.  I told her these practices resembled organized crime.  I am complaining to anyone who will listen because it is unfair and a ripoff regardless of product quality!  Please don't charge people when they can't afford it.
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
15, Report #207009
Aug 20 2006
11:56 AM
Melaleuca, Moms Teams, My Melaleuca Experience, NOT! Idaho Falls Idaho
After nearly 40 years of working, half self-employed successful businesses, I found myself on Social Security Disability, a result of a workers comp related injury (a nightmare in itself.) I decided I would search the web for work at home business opportunities because I am not one who can sit at home idle, and also, I wanted to generate some additional income at my own pace (since I am now limited to the amount of time I can devote to work.) I found an ad for Wellness Moms, a home based business for serious Moms. I am familiar with Tea Tree Oil (having been a licensed Esthetician,) and know it to be an excellent antibacterial, disinfectant, and antiseptic. It has what is called terpines and if you smell it, it closely resembles terpentine. Because of my knowledge of this essential oil I decided to sign up and give it a try. They were running a monthly special and I got my sign up fee refunded (credit to be used for purchasing Melaleuca products.) I decided to give it my all for 3 months, and if I didn't have any luck after that amount of time I would quit and try something else. This is what I learned during these three months: You will spend a lot more money than you will make. Once Melaleuca has your money they will not return it. Instead they credit your account and the money will be used for future Melaleuca purchases. You will not make commissions on the people who you sign up unless you sign them up as preferred customers and they agree to purchase $50.00 of products a month. They must remain active for 3 months. If they fail to place their order one month, Melalueca will ship them a backup order that they put together and it may not be what they want. People who have allergies could be allergic to a lot of these products like I am. You go through a lot of red tape to quit. Don't fall for the trap, the products are less expensive because they are so concentrated. Overall you will be spending more money each month on household cleaning products. I never spent $60.00 a month on cleaning supplies before. I DO like some of the products. I would keep ordering them if I could order at the preferred price without committing to purchasing what amounts to over $60.00 a month. The non-preferred prices are too expensive for my fixed income budget. Like many have said here, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Save yourself some grief and save your money. Unless you have an endless supply of wealthy friends, family, prosepective clients, who don't mind committing to monthly purchases, you are not going to be making enough money to make it worthwhile. Realizing this I have now ventured into the online surveys and data entry, but watch out there as there are a lot of SCAMS there as well. In all of the work from home opportunities they key is, do a lot of researching and do your homework before jumping into something. Most of these companies are making their money off of your ignorance. Elizabeth Priest River, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
16, Report #1104797
Dec 05 2013
11:53 PM
Melaleuca I signed up for Melaleuca and I regret it. Idaho Falls Idaho Idaho
I signed up for Melaleuca and words can't say how much I regret it. If I had done five minutes worth of research I would have realized this is a company I want nothing to do with. I fnally got them to stop charging my credit card but I had to order a new card, tell the company not to accept charges from them, and spend a total of five hours on the phone. I've sent them the faxed form they want but I've gotten an email saying they've shipped me another order. This promises to be fun. The only advice I can give to everyone here is to contact an attorney and check nto your local credt card laws. You may have a case against them. I know I have a case in Texas.
Entity: Idaho Falls Idaho, Select State/Province
17, Report #1151932
Jun 03 2014
05:37 PM
Melaleuca Melaleuca Scam stay away from the get rich scam Roxboro Internet
This company is scam they had a dollar deal for people to sign up for membership then without my knowledge they charge my credit card 65 for a backup order that I never ordered please beware of the scam and dont trust anyone who trys to sell you from this company it is a big scam Please beware
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1035536
Mar 17 2013
02:38 PM
Melaleuca Iv'e been a customer with Melaleuca for 25 years - Someone is misinformed Internet
For over 25 years I have been a Marketing Executive and have used Melaleuca's products with my patients and my family with outstanding results. I know thousands of Melaleuca customers and Marketing Executives who have never experienced any of these claims being made. I would be shocked if the Better Business Bureau in Idaho would give Melaleuca Inc. their highest award for Integrity and ethics called the Torch Award or include Melaleuca in the Better Business Bureau's Hall of Fame if Melaleuca  was guilty of all these claims.  I'm sure there is not a company in the U.S. with over a billion dollars in sales, or any healthcare profession that hasn't made someone upset but consider all the satisfied customers before passing judgement. I highly doubt Melaleuca Inc. would have received all these awards if they were treating their customers and Marketing Executives as claimed in this forum.  I suggest review credible resources before passing judgement on Melaleuca.  Go To:  and review their credentials by the business community. Personally I would rather buy products from a company that makes their products in America and stands behind their products for up to 60 days.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #426632
Feb 20 2009
03:12 PM
Melaleuca You people need to pay better attention Idaho Falls Idaho
I first off want to say out loud SPELL IT RIGHT The company name is Melaleuca. Like any work from home opportunity it will seem like a scam if you don't do anything and don't get any results. The thing is, you are ultimately signing up to make your monthly shopping purchases. If you share that opportunity with others, Melaleuca rewards you. There are NO certificates that Melaleuca would have offered. If you give them written notice of cancellation, they will cancel. If you dont they send a back up order every month and charge you for your minimum points. If you do not receive an order, Melaleuca will wait ten days and send it again. EVERYTHING melaleuca sends is sent by UPS and has a tracking number, so it is very difficult for me to understand how you repeatedly DO NOT GET anything month after month. I have been a customer of MELALEUCA for 3 years. Month after month i make my order, and month after month I receive it. When it has been longer than ten days (which has only happened twice) they resent it. And when I received the original one... they let me keep it free.. because they are not out to scew you. And because I was fortunate to share my experience of changing my home to a non toxic environment, they send me a cheque month after month. YOU HAVE TO WORK to be able to make money. Anyone who thinks you can sit on your butt and DO NOTHING, is going to find NONE of the programs will work. It is direct purchase, you shop from them, you dont resell. You refer. If you dont like it, cancel, and get a real job. Jeesh Sherwood Park, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
20, Report #605154
May 20 2010
06:34 AM
Melaleuca - The Wellness Company Work at home Scam Internet
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #220661
Nov 14 2006
09:54 PM
Melaleuca Produce Tea Tree oil in products, sign up monthly customers, rip off reps! Idaho Falls Idaho
Melaleuca-- I know two or three people who have been involved with Melaleuca. They wanted me to buy their products. I am smart enough to know that tea tree oil is good for me, but do I have to sign up for a monthly payment plan for products that are no better than water and herbs mixed with propylparaben and methyparaben? Parabens have been found to be present in a majority of certain cancers. We bought tea tree oil products at the health food store once or twice and that was fine for the past two years. We saved a lot by avoiding this ploy. One of the people we knew that was selling Melaleuca quit because she did not have the time to find customers and keep them and so that flopped for her. The other person we know has been very involved with Melaleuca for the past three months and has signed up customers and has also been buying the products on credit in hopes of getting his paycheck. So far the pay check has been delayed to the next month twice. He is going in debt and has had not recieved even one dollar for all his efforts, time, and financial investments. If you want to make money, buy tea tree oil and re-sell it for a mark up or make up your own tea tree formulas and start your own snake oil show. You will be much better off than if you slice up your profits with hundreds of other people in the upline. Paul Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
22, Report #268025
Aug 16 2007
01:31 PM
Melaleuca Take Advantage of Good People They Will SCAM Anybody Without Care ripoff Idaho Falls Idaho
I was scam by Melaleuca. When I signed up I thought I am signing to a good caring company who help people in health and earn money. I initially signed for $1.14 and was told I have 30 days to decide. I signed in June 6, 2007 and because I got sick I sent cancellation request June 29, 2007. I did not receive information that I have to send letter by Postal Mail to cancel until July 18, 2007. Who will think that cancellation must be done by mail when I signed in through Internet ? So I sent a duly signed letter and mailed to their address in Idaho. I was charged $88.92 July 6,2007 and did not even received any product until July 20, 2007 which I returned at once. Since I sent the letter I will expect them to cancel membership at once as stated in the letter, but this people are really SCAM. By August 6, 2007 I again saw that they charged me another $88.92 and no product received until August 10, 2007 which again I returned at once. I then asked a friend to send them more email asking for refund of those unauthorized charges, but Melaeuca refuse to refund and refuse to acknowledge that I sent them letter cancelling completely of my account. I now instituted an investigation through my credit card company to help me recover those unauthorized charges. Melaeluca plainly refuse to cancel and now I have to close my credit card in order to stop them from stealing money from me. I am an unemployed, sick 58 year old person, no income except from social welfare. I have no family to help me and would really need every cent of money I get. How can I get back my money, the amount of US $177.84 can buy me almost 2 months of foods. Actually, a neighbor is typing these report for me as I am not capable to type. Right now my medical condition is in advance stage and I am paralyzed from neck down. So if Melaleuca is really a Wellness company, they should refund my money. Marilores Brampton, OntarioCanada
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
23, Report #275621
Sep 21 2007
02:09 PM
Melaleuca Thanx to everyone, consider me forewarned. Comments on some posts. Idaho Falls Idaho
Thanks to everyone for keeping me from making a big mistake. Today I had a half hour information call considering joining Melaleuca MLM scam. Thanks to all respondents, good and bad, for the information. I must say that the representatives were not truthful and forthcoming with the knowledge that I learned from all of you. There are some comments I wish to make on some specific posts. I am disabled, living literally from hand to mouth, and the post from the single mom was powerful. I can't afford that much in products per month, I don't even spend that a month at Wal-Mart. The posts that I thought most informative and which made up my mind to not persue this course were the ones involving JJ, a company rep. His patronization and condecending attitude illustrated to me how someone can get gung ho about anything if money is involved. If he is any indication of customer service and reps from the company (not to mention the other horror stories)then I want nothing to do with them. Granted that the products my be wonderful, eco-friendly, natural, etc..., but hasn't anyone ever shopped at a natural food store at all? Has no one ever done a search on the net for natural cleaners, cosmetics, toiletries, and nutritional supplements? They are everywhere, some very reputable and effective. Many less expensive because they do not use marketing scams to sell their products. A word about tea tree oil used in many of Melaleuca (the scientific name of tea tree) products. I can not use them as I have ultra sensitive skin. As another poster pointed out and was attacked for, I have a horrible allergic reaction to tea tree. I haven't tried to take it internally, but who is to say I wouldn't also have allergies to it internally. Any product, no matter how safe and natural it is touted, can cause an allergic reaction in someone. How many of us can eat peanuts, use products with peanut oil, yet others have fatal reactions because they have an allergy. As I age I find I am developing allergies to many antibiotics that never before caused even a side effect. As we age our bodies change and as any physician, naturopathopathic doctor, dietician, nutritionist etc...will tell you nothing is one size fits all with any product used externally or internally on/in our bodies. Again, thanks to you all!! I think I am smart enough to figure out something I can do at home on my own so someone else isn't getting rich off of my hard work. Vc Kansas City, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
24, Report #342732
Jun 21 2008
02:17 PM
Melaleuca misrepresents information is shady and a scam Idaho Falls Idaho
Melaleuca is a RIP OFF. They are very phony, very pushy and a scam. I responded to someone off of a website and got an earful. They called every single day, even after I told them I was too busy to try out their products right now. When I did have time to sit down and talk, they explained that I needed to order an information packet for $12 (It's actually $14.99, they lied about that too.) Then after you look it over you can consult with them about ordering more products. I looked over the info and immediately saw SCAM written all over it. (metaphor). I spoke with a girl named IRENE during this process. She kept trying to get me to place an order. I explained that I was not going to do that because I didn't have money for this sort of thing and wasn't interested. I then went for surgery and never heard back from them. All was over? NO! They used the credit card that I ordered the packet from, and started charging monthly charges. First of all, where was the chance to Look it over? Why wasn't my not interested remark not honored? And why would someone charge a credit card just because you purchased something with them one time? Well, they are sales people selling the SAME products as in stores only with a different label, and ingredients left off to make it seem like they are safe. I had to bitch some people out to get a refund and I had my bank online as a witness. Then after all that, they said EVEN THOUGH THE CHARGES WERE UNAUTHORIZED, that they were going to have to send a shipment to me unless I cancel in writing. I was like WTF? I just called you guys and told you it was unauthorized. That means, there should not have been any activity on this account in the first place, and that the account should be defaulted to fraudulent. They won't do that! I find it very scandalous that a company would tell you they will charge you even after you have reported fraudulent charges. What kind of reputable company would do this? Thank God my bank witnessed this, because she put a fraud alert on my account, and closed it so no other charges from this poor excuse for a company can make any more money on me. Irene NEVER explained anything about a membership...she just said to me that I would have to buy points or some crap. I said You know, that's not going to work for me... Pretty much, buying points is still buying products! What a shady business. This is very much a pyramid scheme. and they do not disclose things to you. they LIE to get your business. And they don't even have a return policy, which in a lawsuit would benefit us, since there isn't anything stating they don't accept returns...LOL But still, they will make you jump thru hoops to do anything, and figure no one is ballsy enough to do anything but complain. You HAVE to take it further if you are a victim, they are counting on us to just give up meanwhile, they have made a ton of money off people without permission and just keep raking it in while you try to fix things. To avoid this: CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNTS GET CREDITS WRITE LETTERS Thank GOD I caught on that I had $100 less in my account than I thought, or I 'd never have even noticed this! Coolgalzwin Fountain, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Idaho Falls, Idaho
25, Report #1181753
Oct 08 2014
02:23 PM
Melaleuca Rep uses my account & card to order for other people - unbeknownst to me Carlsbad, California Nationwide
Don't fall for the Melaleuca Wellness scam!! MLM gone internet crazy. This is something mama kardashian probably invested into as a silent partner, iIt's like that. Read on:I joined Melaleuca 8/31/2013 after being barraged with endless info and a 3-hour telephone sales pitch from Bridget Smith Witt. Finally, I agreed.First off: They want all your personal info. Be careful! NEVER give your 'wellness rep' your password. Ever. They request this when signing you up. Questionable.Second: This past August, Bridget Smith Witt had the audacity to access my own mela account, without my knowledge or permission. Whilst using my account and the MC On said account, she purchased $300 in products shipped to San Diego. I live in NorCal, never have been to the house where these items she ordered for other people... (Her exact words), and paid for in my name c/o Bridget, were shipped. I've spent thousand$ on the Wellness Mela-ripoff in one year. Melaleuca sends products monthly if you don't place an order, they refer to this gimmick as a 'Backup order' (another BS multi-level-marketing term?). Suppose Bridget assumed one wouldn't notice the extra $300 in orders she placed. I did and am DONE with this gimmicky expensive company and their 'Learn to Earn' crapola. Watching a video,to earn $1 in 'loyalty dollars- PUHLEEZ!Bottom line: several times I questioned Bridget Smith Witt as to why she took the liberty to use someone else's account and their 212 loyalty dollars (whatever that means). Oh, I know why: she NEEDED the 'commission points' for a healthy August commission, whatever the cost be, this is mela-greed. More questions to Bridget Smith Witt as to WHY didn't she consult me on items I have never purchased be purchased for others? Bridget responded with rambling emails about loyalty points, blahblahblah - Bridget knew she had been busted and tried to save face. Didn't work. Lying usually catches up. Any hoot, never once did Bridget, my 'wellness rep' own up to what she had done. I've known Bridget since childhood, and can say after 40 years: Admit or apologize or reimburse the $300 for what is considered a Felony. Headquarters in Idaho are working on this I am told. That's Melaleuca for you. Go to BBB's website and read up. Fortunately, I live in an area where locals produce organic, affordable and handmade items at half the price. Support your local farmers market and businesses offering the same, if not better, for much less. Not Mela-joke! They suck you in with their freebie promises which one does pay for indirectly in time, that's where the $1 vids come in.Maybe if more folks went vegetarian or vegan, stop poisoning themselves with toxic foods and meat, I don't know, food can be medicine or poison. Just saying, you don't need to spend $100 a month for wellness; it's a lifestyle. Melaleuca wants you to believe they are here to help the planet. Really?
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