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1, Report #19345
Apr 22 2002
06:00 PM
Warren County Mental Health Treat there Mentally Ill clients like we are worthless, Lebanon Ohio
The therapists at warren county mental health do not care about there clients. My therapist sat there and said i didn't want to get better that i wanted to be the way i was, she was like did you even brush your hair today? I have a bad enough self esteem and i didn't need her comments. I along with alot of there former clients feel that they are abusive and that they are all in this for the money. They don't care if we get better. cjb Lebanon, Ohio
Entity: Lebanon, Ohio
2, Report #1292067
Mar 07 2016
08:24 AM
WMHI - WESTERN MENTAL HEALTH INSITITUE, Bolivar, TNIf you want to be treated as a slow nursing student, even as a senior professional, the Psychology section is for you. The head is a former charge nurse, who: micromanages, tells staff what to wear to meetings, expects busy work, wants a daily 15 minute job task report, sabatoges male employees...
Entity: BOLIVAR, Tennessee
3, Report #1171843
Aug 23 2014
02:59 PM
Wisconsin Community Mental Health Counseling Wisconsin Community Mental Health Counseling Centers - Practiced Without a License and Overbilled Mequon Wisconsin
  I have been going to Wisconsin Community Mental Health Counsling Centers in Mequon WI to get prescibed Suboxzone. Suboxzone is a drug to fight off withdrawal effects fom opiates. I became addicted to pain killers following a bad car accident that caused me to have back surgery. During my first visit I as told I would be able to see a DR in a week but that I had to see a therapist every two weeks in order to see the DR every month and that I would also have to submit to urine testing on a regular basis. I gave my them my Insurance INFO and regretgiving them a credit card on file they asked for to make payments and co-payments more conveniently. After 2 visits with the DR and 2 visits with the therapist I had realized a credit card bill of over $1300. They never once submitted a claim to my INS. CO.....After I confronted them about this they told me my plan was not in network. Something they should have told me at my first visit. My out of pocket pay is only $1000 for OON providers. After explaining that they became defensive and said they would take care of it I decided to look up some online reviews of this place. It turns out my therapist who I seen outside the clinic smoking cigarettes and pacing upon me pulling into their drive way on both visits is the actual ownwr of the business. His name is Larry Kane. Furthermore the state of Wisconsin has filed injunctions against him twice. He has also been fined for false advertising for having M.D. signs outside his mequon office when there is not a licensed individual who works in that office. He lost his license to couensel but still continues to do so. He sends you to a DR. he works with 20 miles away after he provides you with his one on one therapy sesions Bi-wekly. All must one do is google Larry Kane in Mequon, and you will find this business is complete fraud. Once he gets your money its too late but if you owe the clinic anything need not worry. He will not sue you as he is providing illegal couesling and therapy services. It is amazing this guy is still allowed to run this business after all the complaints plus the legal action taken against him from the state....Unreal  
Entity: Mequon, Wisconsin
4, Report #1167335
Aug 04 2014
05:17 PM
Cascadia Mental Health Blames the patient for their problems and very judgemental. Portland Oregon
My daughter who is a new patient at Cascadia was told that their office would call her and let her know of her next appointment with IHA person. We were painting our house outside and my daughter kept her cell phone in her pocket every day so she would not miss the call. She never got the call and kept her regular 10 a.m. with her new counselor Ashley  August 4, 2014. She met with Ashley and Ashley told my daughter since she missed the appointment on 7/31, she would have to make it up with a 2 hours counseling today at 2:30 p.m. -4 p.m. My daughter explained that she did not know of the 7/31 appointment because no one called her to let her know. Ashley said that was my daughter's fauit. Ashley was punishing my daughter for not knowing about her appointment.  Ashley insisted that my daughter show up for this counseling today or would not be seen for another two weeks. It was 92 degrees out today. I had to drive my daughter back to the clinic and wait for her. We do not live close to the clinic. We arrived at 2:20 p.m. in Plaza two. We waited until 2:38 p.m. before a lady named Andie came out and announced something about Changing something. I looked up and asked if my daughter was on her list for her class. She answered I don't know. There was a young lady using the phone in the waiting room. She was having a problem with medical paperwork and was asking if the person she was talking to if the paperwork could be faxed. Andie told my daughter lets go and both my daughter and Andie left together. The lady on the phone only spoke for 30 seconds or so. You could tell that she was upset and things were not going well. She grabbed her purse and hurried to the group. I heard her knock on the door and Andie opened the door and said come back next week, you are late. What kind of helpful gro72up meeting is that. First of all, life happens and you go for help with your problems. You are treated terrible and told that everthing is your fault. You get to pay for this service. You get to pay for this sort of treatment. Andie was late..... My daughter and another person in this group kept telling Andie to let her in. The group had not started yet. Andie told my daughter and the other lady that all their problems were their fault. It was my daughter's fault that no one called her with the appointment date and her fault that she had to be at this meeting. Yes it was a punishment for not being responsible. My daughter is disabled and 53 years old. Both the other women were disabled and older also.  I feel so sorry for anyone who thinks they will get help from either one of these people who were hired to help others. Neither one should be paid a dime. To punish people instead of helping. Also, she brought up political conversation. Angry and discusted with those brats  that call themselves counselors at Cascadia. They made me depressed.   '
Entity: Portland, Oregon
5, Report #1292503
Mar 08 2016
07:39 PM
Entity: Mequon, Wisconsin
6, Report #77974
Jan 23 2004
10:53 PM
Dr. Cohen Range Mental Health Clinic ripoff Unpredictable, Condescending, Pads Bill, Goes Back on Her Word Virginia Minnesota
On the first or second visit I told her of house I bought with retroactive SSDI check. Sounded very positive at first. Said many clients have own homes in this area. Problems I was having with furnace companies I discussed with her staff as recommended by Dr. Cohen. Staff seemed caring and ready to advocate at first, soon after, full reversal... The initial problems I was able to solve without their help, but they created new problems far worse. Soon city inspectors along with social worker at my house kicking me around big time. They waited until the deep freeze, and then shut off my heat. I was told I was being taken to temporary shelter until I could have needed repairs done. There were no actual repairs that needed to be done. Was instead taken to residential assisted living facility. First thing they asked me is what is my former address. Third day there the manager of Merrit House asked me if I'm getting used to it there. That outfit has another House here in town, but they took me to Biwabik, 20 miles away. I made it home, but I don't know for how long. I will also be selling my house as fast as I can. Through a lot of my work, it is now worth four times what I paid for it, $7,000 up to $28,000, and I have no mortgage. It's mine. Range Mental Health Clinic really frowns on this sort of thing. Again, safety issues were given as the reason for shutting off my heat, but Range Mental Health Clinic later admitted that they just felt I would be happier in a structured community environment. The other patients at Merrit House are so heavily medicated they can't even talk, so there is no community. No one at that place does anything but eat and go to the bathroom. All discussion was based on that I like it there. No discussion on how to get back home. On the sixth day there they told me that I was going to fill out a change of address form so that the SSDI check will be sent to them. However, by then I had managed to find a lawyer that would talk to me, and on her advice, I was free to go, so I left. Checks come to patients at that place that they don't even have to have the patients sign them before Merrit House just helps themselves to the money. The patients there are left with three dollars per day, and are stuck there. In my case, that would have been $1,000 per month, for a shelter. I can still live at home, because I have a wood burning stove, but I don't know how long they are going to let me use it. One month ago, they had previously suckered me into agreeing to go to this shelter, that I should call RMHC Bell Center to arrange for a ride, but then they just blew me off. Now they are saying that I never called. That didn't surprise me. I later learned there were no vacancies back then, but now there are four or five. I put myself through college washing dishes, worked nearly 20 years in the corporate world, paying into the SSDI fund the whole time. This is insurance that I now have to collect on. That money is for me. It is not for Dr. Cohen and her desperate billionaire friends. Joe 55792, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia, Minnesota
7, Report #546691
Dec 29 2009
10:26 AM
unity mental health services unprofessional,programs run like kindergarten classes,no confidentially respected anywhere in bldg rochester, New York
This mental health facility is a disgrace.I recieved services there for an IPRT program and therapy.Therapists are late,20 min sessions,unhelpful,rude,I have changed therapists 7 times before divorcing myself from this MH system.Their intensive rehabilitation program is a disgrace.The counsleors lie,and dont really care about clients.The place is run amok and nothing is learned.They also are so concerned about ripping off medicaid that no one cares if you leave the programs early as long as you sign in and out and if you dont sign they will sign in and sign out everyones name themselves.Its amazing that NYS hasnt shut them down.People who are highly symptomatic are mixed in with higher functioning clients.The worst part is that there is no confidentiality respected there,counslers divulge information in classes about other clients.I left that hellhole 3 years ago and from what I have been told its gotten worse.Its supposed to help you recover and it actually made me worse so thats when I left and found a terrific system thats very helpful
Entity: rochester, New York
8, Report #762649
Aug 08 2011
09:12 PM
PBS Mental Health Associates Money is all they want Butler, Pennsylvania
This is the worst set of Doctors I have every dealt with in my life. They have no concern for their patients. The only thing that matters to them is MONEY. I just wanted to let people know, to stay far, far away from this place and any doctors affiliated with them.
Entity: Butler, Pennsylvania
9, Report #916950
Jul 24 2012
08:12 PM
Wisconsin Community Mental Health Counseling Centers Inc WCMHCCI Prescribes Suboxone- bait and switch Mequon, Wisconsin
  Wisconsin Community Mental Health Counseling Centers, Inc (WCMHCCI) based out of Mequon, WI is very unprofessional and prey on the sick in need of help. They don't care about your well-being just about the money. As long as you pay them cash up front they will give you the help you need. My husband was going through horrible withdrawals from painkillers prescribe to him after his multiple spine surgeries. On a Saturday he found a doctor on the SAMHSA website and he agreed to see him the next day, Sunday. He said to bring $350 and that our insurance would reimburse us even through they were out of the network. We drove over an hour one way. When we got there, no one was there, so we had to wait outside of a dark and closed building. Thought something wasn't right from the beginning. There weren't any employees in the building. He finally showed up and started us filling out paperwork and asked for the money. While my husband finished up the paperwork he had me run to the Walgreen's down the street to get the Suboxone which is to help with the withdrawals. The Suboxone was prescribed without seeing a doctor. The person we saw was not a doctor and not the doctor on the prescription. He is currently waiting to see another doctor that is closer to home and insurance will take care of most of it. That facility cannot prescribe him the suboxone until he sees their doctor. So how was he able to obtain the prescription on a Sunday without a doctor, but is unable to do so now? He gave me a card to cover the co-payment. First they wouldn't use the card because it was for strips and not the pills which was called in. The pharmacist called him and that got switched. Than the card wouldn't work because it has to be for 14 or more and it was only for 8. I just ended up paying the $25 co-payment. The guy promised to help us with the insurance company and call us on Monday. Just proves they don't know what they are doing and fill your head with lies just to get you in the door. We didn't hear anything from them, like their website states. So we ended up spending over an hour on the phone with the insurance company. They said that they wouldn't cover WCMHCCI, but if we could find one in the network they would cover it. After a few phone calls we found one in the network and closer to home but they couldn't get him in right away. We called WCMHCCI to see if they could refill the prescription until the doctors appointment. They had my husband drive to Fort Atkinson to sign release papers. After doing so then, Fort Atkinson Mental Health Center gladly faxed his appointment dates and times to see their doctor, on Aug 1st, like what was required. My husband then was told everything should be in order and there was no problem in re-prescribing his suboxone. But then they decided to change their minds and thought we needed to pay an additional $150.00 to schedule with their doctor, to get the prescription filled. He tried to make it sound as if we were getting a deal, because to see a doctor at their clinic it is $250.00. What makes them different from a street dealer? A license to dispense narcotics? It would be cheaper to relapse. When calling the office you can't speak to anyone higher than a receptionist even when asking for a manager. They put you on hold and come back with rehearsed answers. You could also here the shot caller whispering, and coaching the receptionist. We are not the first people this clinic has preyed upon, go to and to view for yourself what you may expect when approaching this business for treatment. They don't even have a bbb rating and the rating listed due to that, is an F. But people still are filing complaint claims. He is back where he started with the withdrawals and we are out $350.00. We are not sure what kind of business they are trying to run. They take advantage of the ill and the weak.
Entity: Mequon, Wisconsin
10, Report #223080
Nov 30 2006
01:43 PM
Central Florida Mental Health ripoff Phyllis needs to see one of her counsellors Clermont Florida
This practice that my wife & I were attending for marriage counselling was such a disappointment that I can no longer let it rest. A few months after starting our sessions, the receptionist, Phyllis called us to inform us that our insurance company changed our deductible and that she was forced to go back and grandfather, thereby doubling all of our previous co-payments for our previous sessions. In September 2006, Phyllis (receptionist)sent us a letter stating that the previous two visits would be forgiven by the office equalling $80. My wife who has MS was unable to make an appointment in September for which she gave a two day notice of rescheduling her appointment with Ashley. Phyllis claimed she did not get the message and charged us a Late Cancellation fee. We refused to pay it and later produced a copy of our cell phone bill to prove our call was made. Three sessions later on Nov 28, I arrive for my appointment(on time) and the receptionist informs me that we have an outstanding $80 balance yet again for charges that occurred in August plus today's visit of $40. I informed the receptionist that the $80 was written off in September and that I didn't have $120. I left at that point since they demanded the balance at that time. Two days later I get a ANOTHER bill for Late Cancellation of the appointment they wouldn't see me on. My wife speaks with Phyllis who is now claiming that she never had the authority to forgive the balance and that she didn't write the letter. We cancelled the remainder of any appointments we had with this office because they are clearly focused on the almighty buck and tend to go after it in a pretty passive aggressive fashion. Just BEWARE WHEN DOING BUSINESS with this practice since they are pretty sloppy communicators. Especially when you try to reschedule or cancel an appointment. The two counsellors who practice at this office seem to be well trained in their field but terrible when operating a business because I was told that they are not allowed to discuss billing issues with patients. Ken Clermont, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Clermont, Florida
11, Report #101634
Aug 01 2004
03:36 PM
Johnson County Mental Health Center ripoff Unresponsive and Unsupportive about Your File Mission Kansas
I am writing to support the complaint of the person who tells her story first. We have talked about it many times. I too went through sessions at the Joco Center. I got to say my own reasons for going weren't as bad but I completely understand and support her. But I can say the Center has been impossible to deal with when it comes to your file. You ask them to remove your file, you challenge them and they seem surprised you would ever think your permanent files are a bad thing and they talk to you like they're talking to a 6 year old and say everything is going to be ok. Obviously for my friend, it's not. How can their staff dismiss her problem so easily! Their only concern is about themselves. All I can think of is that they're afraid of getting sued and they don't want to risk getting caught in some lawsuit. They're supposed to help people for crying out loud and they've made things worse! At least give people who don't want their records permanent, let them opt out. Anon Kay Shawnee Mission, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Mission, Kansas
12, Report #1090989
Oct 10 2013
01:53 PM
World Mental Health Day This is just a way for big pharma to make more billions drugging people
World Mental Health Day (10 October) is a day for global mental health propaganda, pushing pharma drugs, awareness and phoney advocacy. Parents will be mislead by a multi billion-dollar a year child drugging industry that a diagnoses of a “mental disorder” (ADHD, Bi-Polar, Social Anxiety Disorder) are medical diseases or illnesses. But no child will get a brain scan, blood test, X-Ray or any test for a physical abnormality to verify they are “ill” or “diseased.” Psychiatrists will continue to pound the public with misleading and fraudulent statements that all these so called mental disorders are biochemical or neurological conditions when they are simply a list of behaviors that psychiatrists vote into existence and insert into their billing bible, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Look at these foster kids all drugged in America !!!!!! !! ! America’s Foster Care System: Test Lab For Big Pharma, Cash Cow For Caretakers? It’s estimated that more than half of America’s foster children are on some sort of psychiatric drug. Read more Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) (also known as Mental Health Awareness Week) was established in 1990 by the U.S. Congress in recognition of efforts by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to educate and increase awareness about mental illness. NAMI the pharma front group !!! The US based Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) which has been posing as a grassroots organization representing the mentally ill has been exposed as a well funded (US$11.7m) mouthpiece for Big Pharma. The Big Pharma contributors to this front group include, but is not limited to, Janssen ($2.08 million), Novartis ($1.87 million), Pfizer ($1.3 million), Abbott Laboratories ($1.24 million), Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals ($658,000), and Bristol-Myers Squibb ($613,505). The scheming and sordid nature of Big Pharma in its immoral pursuit of profit at any price through the sale of dangerous drugs with no known benefits is really quite disgusting. Full story at:   PSYCH MEDS MAKE YOU SICK OR RUIN YOUR LIFE ?  PSYCHIATRY AND BIG PHARMA DO NOT CARE. They just want to make billions with there chemical lobotamy pills worldwide ! They make billions drugging Americas foster children and want to make billions more drugging the world ! Also see                  
Entity: Select State/Province
13, Report #100474
Jul 30 2004
11:28 PM
Johnson County Mental Health Center Ripoff Kansas State Law and Record Keeping Mission Kansas
Rebuttal to Consumer Suggestion: A friend forwarded this site to me. I do not know the policy of the Johnson County Mental Health Center. However Kansas law is clear on permanent records. Kansas law indicates that each county mental health center determines its own policy regarding the permanency of records. There is presently no state law that requires a county mental health facility to keep records permanently. According to a government representative in Topeka, many if not most Kansas county mental health centers dispose of records from five to seven years. Many if not most do not hold mental health records permanently. Therefore, the power to affect policy change on permanent records lies with the Johnson County Mental Health Center. RTM Overland Park, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Mission, Kansas
14, Report #103754
Aug 15 2004
03:11 PM
Johnson County Kansas Mental Health Facility An additional story to be categorized as a complaint Mission Kansas
Thanks to those so far who have shared their stories. I'm a veteran who while not on active duty sought help from the Health Center over a disturbing episode with a perpetrator when I was just a teenager. Like others I was not informed of the ramifications governing my file. I understand that the Military branch that I was associated with would have access to my particular medical file if they so ordered. I was not informed or cautioned by the medical staff at the Health Center that military personnel could retrieve a copy of my file without my appropriate approval. It is clear to anyone who has had the honor to serve that certain officers or enlistees should not have access to these personal files. I am not aware that the military accessed my file, but I did not ever submit an inquiry to the Health Center. Nor did I re-enlist with the service, in part, because of the failure of the Health Center to fully inform me initially of the potential situation. Their actions have resulted in potentially as many problems for me after I came to understand the policy as when I first approached the professional staff with my original situation. Personnel Anonymous Shawnee, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Mission, Kansas
15, Report #7529
Nov 05 2001
12:00 AM
Revisions Behavioral Health Systems Nightmare
Revisions behavioral Mental Health Program is a Joke! It is a program assisting the mentally ill. But have clients calling eachother names which is verbal abuse, and other client having sexual activities with eachother is totally inappropriate. There are 3 staff watching over 37 people. And get this all the staff are women and more than half of the people there are men. The staff are very abusive. I took my daughter out of that program very fast when she would tell me about what goes on there. STAY AWAY FROM REVISIONS.
Entity: Savage, Maryland
16, Report #830503
Jan 29 2012
06:11 AM
Sovereign Health Tonmoy Sharma ClassAction1 Internet
All the complaints written here about this company true.  I am pursuing a lawsuit either individually or as a class action suit.  What they did to me has incensed me so much it is beyond belief.  And remember I went there to receive treatment to get better from a severe illness.  A nationally syndicated television show has contacted me about my complaints and I am contacting other shows in case they don't want to help.  We all should contact them.  I have told them about these websites.  I keep thinking oof any psychologically related or investigative show that would be interested.  These people hurt me and did not help me at all and I wanted help very badly and did everything in my power to attend the treatment center, get the treatment, tell them what was not being provided and what was being improperly done, and they did not care and even were going to keep me longer than 30 days.  I left because their treatment got worse and worse as time went on.  I am so livid and was when I was there that I will pursue this as far as it will go.  Let's find more poeple.  False Adveritising, Fraudulent Insurance Billing, Malpractice, Expenses to Recover from their treatment, Pain and Suffering, wasted time, and whatever else.  Reporting them to California Medical Board, California Insurance Board, Accreditation agencies for treatment centers, California Alcohol and Drug center agency, Orange county district attorneys office, Better business bureau, etc.  I don't know all the names and agencies but I am going to find them and report them.  I have been too sick to pursue this so far but I am doing it now.  I don't give up or in until all avenues are pursued.Thanks for the photo of Vicki the Con Artist.  I never did meet her and I don't think she wanted to meet me since I questioned her about her false advertising the second day I was there.
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #756502
Jul 26 2011
08:08 AM
Columbia Mental Health Columbia Mental Health is a company in Connecticut that combines fraudulent billing practices and a person's medical handicap against them for financial gain. Windsor, Connecticut
Columbia Mental Health is a company in Connecticut that uses a person's medical handicap against them for financial gain. A missed appointment leads to a $70 charge which is then sent to multiple billing agencies to recover. In my own personal experience, an appointment was missed in May 2011, the bill was paid by credit card in May 2011. In June 2011, a collections letter was received and in July 2011 I was asked to pay it yet again. (Please note that I have not used their services since April 2011). The Patient: 1. First, Receives a Bill for $70 2. Second, Receives a Collections Letter for $70 via Postal Mail 3. Third, Appears at their Appointment and is informed about an Outstanding Bill of $70 *Upon calling both billing phone numbers, they are told that their $70 balance remains* Clearly, this means that a patient can be charged 3 times unknowingly. In addition, they do not have the mental competence to realize it.
Entity: Windsor, Connecticut
18, Report #1396932
Aug 31 2017
06:32 AM
Macomb County Community Mental Health ACT Ventures: John Pascaretti Mental Health Abuse Clinton township Michigan **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
 On May 5th 2016 my husband was accused of having a firearm for his protection. When in all actuality he was painting a rifle at his place of business for a customer. A case manager went to the probate court in Macomb County and got an exparte order to send him to Kalamazoo State Hospital for observation, which according to state law is 24-72 hours. He was held for 3 weeks without any ment reason because the case manager refused to show up in court. On may 3rd the case manager entered our place of business illegally and seen a rifle case sitting in our kiosk at Gibraltar Trade center. That prior week another case manager visited the kiosk and the rifle case was visibly sitting on the floor. He made no mention of it. That following Wednesday the case manager misled employees at the trade center and gained entry into the building. He asked about the rifle case and was informed that it was a customers who brought it in to be camouflaged. The case manager and my husband closed the shop and went to a scheduled Wednesday meeting. That Thursday my husband met with another therapist and informed him about the rifle but he said nothing of it being a problem with painting it. That Friday, the case manager met us at the trade center, helped us retrieve items and move them inside the building. He and my husband got in the car(state vehicle) because the case manager said that they need to fill out medicaid forms. Upon arrival at the facility where he recieves services. The case manager yelled out. Youre going back to the hospital, that firearm is a violation of your court ordered mental health treatment. He hopped out of the car as if he were in danger. He ran in the building and sheriffs had been waiting for at least 5 hours based on witness testimony. The program director came and shook hands with the officers, the supervisor yelled at me and put her finger in my face and said that he shouldn't have told the case manager that he had the rifle for his protection. He was taken by macomb sheriffs, who were very curteous to Kalamazoo, a 3 hour trip, one way and held for 3 weeks although there were no signs of mental defiecieny. There is no record of sheriffs picking him up and dropping him off. The supervisor didnt even put it in to a report. Since then, we have contacted every agency in the state for resolution to no evail. They even forced him to leave treatment a month later by cornering him in a room and demanding that he meet with them. They even sent him back to Kalamazoo for another five weeks with an order that was not signed by a judge and has typos and white out on an alleged court for. Numerous complaints have been written to recipient rights. But they say that we are paranoid and making things up. In essence, community mental health services in macomb should be privatized and they should cut some of the bad employees. No lawyer will take the civil case thus far. The end
Entity: Clinton township, Michigan
19, Report #109411
Sep 21 2004
10:12 AM
Warren County Mental Health & Recovery Services' caseworkers and therapists are indifferent. Rip-off! Lebanon Ohio
It takes sometimes a week to get a return phone call from a caseworker/therapist. The receptionist is rude when you've called the wrong building. My caseworker is indifferent to my problem. My therapist mostly just stares at me waiting for me to say something - when you are confused about everything you don't know what to say. My doctor there seems to be OK but to get to him you have to go either through a therapist or caseworker. I will amend this at a later time. Lost Lebanon, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Lebanon, Ohio
20, Report #782738
Sep 28 2011
11:28 PM
Wisconsin Community Mental Health Counseling Centers Attempted Fraud, Lies and Deceptions Mequon, Wisconsin
I have Bipolar Disorder. I was trying to find a new psychiatrist since the one I had took a new position out of state. Since I live in a rural area in Walworth County Wisconsin there were no P-Doc's available in my area. Either they weren't accepting any new patients or they had moved to a different location which made it next to impossible to me to see them. I finally found Wisconsin Community Mental Health Counseling Centers, Inc. They had their main office in Mequon, Wisconsin but with branch offices in Whitewater, Wisconsin only about 15 minutes from where I live. OK! Great. I called and scheduled an appointment with a therapist. My goal was to be referred to one of their P-Doc's since my medications were running out and I needed new scripts written. That's when all the fun started. I saw my therapist about two or three times an told him that I really needed to see a psychiatrist since my meds were running out and I needed to get them refilled. Not a problem he said, we have psychiatrists you can see I will set it up for you. I thought that was great. A couple of days later I received a call from my therapist telling me it was all set; he gave me the time, date and location of where I was supposed to meet him which was in Hales Corners, Wisconsin. When I finally found the location it turned out to be a large office complex with many different offices. I finally found the office and was rather shocked when I discovered that the office was dark and locked. There were some chairs in the hallway and I sat down to wait. My appointment was for 1:00 p.m. I waited for almost and hour and no one appeared. I finally called my therapist and asked him what was going on. He replied: Didn't you call him to set up an appointment? I said: WHAT!! You told me it was all arranged. Besides, I said, you never gave me a phone number or said that I had to call and make my own appointment. Well, he said, he's not in on Thursdays. Wonderful, I thought, I left and went home.The following week I received a call from my therapist that he was sorry he made a mistake and would I like to schedule another appointment? Alright. So, another appointment was set, same time, same location. The day before my scheduled appointment I called their Mequon office to verify my appointment. Some fellow answered the phone and said yes, your appointment is arranged but don't forget to bring along your co-pay of $280.00. Again, WHAT??!! I said my co-pays were only $35.00. He said, well, you haven't made any of your other co-pays, therefore you still owe us $280.00. Needless to say, I was shocked and angry. I had all the receipts from all of my co-pays plus I had all of the statements from my insurance which stated that I had indeed made them. Next, I got a form in the mail from them that they wanted me to sign stating that I would not double bill my insurance or medicare. I am retired. Another, WHAT!!?? Never have I ever received a document from any doctor's office stating that I needed to sign a form just to insure that I wouldn't double bill. Finally, I filled my wife in on what was going on and she immediately got on the phone and called their main office. The same guy answered the phone. My wife said I would like to speak with the person in your billing department. May I ask whose calling? My wife said: what difference does it make who is calling; just let me speak to your billing department. He replied: I'm sorry, but unless you tell me who you are I cannot let you speak to anyone in our billing department. Next my wife said: Who is your manager? and he replied: Umm, I don't know. My wife said: you mean you work there and you don't know who your manager is? Ahh, no I don't. Skip ahead two weeks. Yesterday I get a phone call from my therapist saying they had not received the form they sent out and would I sign it and send it back. I said to him: what do you think I am stupid or something? Besides I said, after reviewing this document your organization was suppose to fill it out first which you never did and you expect me to sign a document and send it back? Then I said: Who needs to be on meds here you or me? At that point he said: well, I really haven't worked for them that long so I'm going to have to look into this, I will call you back tomorrow. I am writing this the day before he is suppose to call me back. Ah, hah, sure. End of story. I do not believe I have so say anything further.
Entity: Mequon, Wisconsin
21, Report #1166479
Jul 31 2014
02:56 PM
Aurora Mental Health Center Neil Stone Falsely Reported Information to Social Services Aurora Colorado
 One of the counselors Neil Stone at the Aurora Mental Health center falsely reported information to Social Services based on word of mouth information that he heard from my Ex-Wife of over 11 years.  I have full custody of my son, pay for all of his needs, medical, dental, and receive $0.00 Child Support.  So, I know that he isn't even allowed to see my Ex-Wife at all, however that doesn't stop this counselor who doesn't care what type of harm he puts families in.  While visiting Neil Stone with my Mom & Son while I was at work, my Ex-Wife told him that my daughter was driving over 110 MPH on the hwy.  This is completely false as my daughter has Never even drove on the highway, and only practiced in parking lots.  However, Neil Stone did not bother calling me or my daughter.  Instead, he took my Un-Employed Ex-Wife's word for it and reported this to Social Services.  Now, my kids and myself get to go to Social Services and deal with an investigation due to this Arrogant Counselor's misleading words.  This is beyond rediculous and we will Never see this counselor again, ever!  I don't recommend Neil Stone, or this entire facility to any person, child, or family as all they have done is broken up / separated my whole family due to their ignorance of reality.
Entity: Aurora, Colorado
22, Report #960655
Oct 26 2012
04:25 PM
cheryl Ruffini , cheryl hanasab/ / mental health , Internet
cheryl Ruffini aka cheryl hanasab/  (818) 704-7273 5864 Laramie AveWoodland Hills, CA 91367-5526 a conning women with a whispery voice turns hasty when the devil in her comes out.   she is also mentally ill on all types of is her son Jonathan Hanasab.. cheryl is and has been unemployed for over 30 years. she poses as a chriestian nice lady when in fact she is a third degree mason.. and teaches her son jonathon and daughter rachelle how to lie & manipulate  people and lure people into there little cult where they control individuals and buy them with  money and other such things.   when people are not part of them cheryl teaches her children only vengence and revenge to do upon others such as cyber stalking cyber harrassment..stalking people from driving by phone stalking deflammating people..  thats not what jesus teaches or the bible.. so this is proof she and her children arent part of that religion chriestianity they act more like satanist..and masons.. this women is a monster of a  women.. she even made false allegations against her sister in law years ago.. stating  she was molesting Rachelle her daughter for an excuse to get more money out of the hanasab family.. she states her husband jack hanasab owner of rubber ducky clothing in los angeles ca has molested jonathan as well which may be true because jonathan has admitted to it.. better yet she has dated and slept with her sons computer tech friends such as rafael zavela aka ralph zavela and plays the suger momma role while ralph goes also with underrage girls....jonathons older friends have all slept or dated his mother he brings them to cheryl as boy toys.and sex slaves. cheryl allowed her daughter rachelle hanasab whom is still under age and a young slut pot smoker to sleep with 24 year old pedifile polo Viteri. those two since they are linked to cheryl and rachelle and friends of jonathans have been cyberstalking phone stalking my friend for years.. my friend finally made report against them to the police and fraud department after they recently added  a deflammating site of her a week ago.. my friend dumped jonathon hanasab cheryl son way back in 2008 and they still are stalking and cyberstalking her.. i think authorities should have them in jail or in a mental institute.. there organized crimes should be reprehended..  cheryls son even deals dope and calls his group of friends and click the criminal nation organization.. hmm that is what they do organized crime..just exposing the truth here so others are aware of them it is about awareness.. and people that dont know this lunatic bunch should be aware of them if they come across them.\\ they should be aware of this law
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #1050506
May 13 2013
10:24 AM
Easter Seals Neglectful practices for children with mental health needs Rochester New York
My young child with significant mental health needs was refused services by this office.  He had been a patient for years when they called and said there was some mysterious bill from when he started being a patient there.  They canceled all of his appiontments.  Refused to give me any assistance getting him a place to go on a temporary basis.  He became suicidal and severely depressed.  The therapist wouldn't call me back for any direction.  Our community is very lacking in mental health professionals for young children and this place was AWFUL.  They wouldn't let me make payments on this **back bill** and just continued to refuse to see him.  I got a letter a while after this started telling me the bill had been resolved because it was a computer error that caused it in the first place.  We were welcome to come back.  I didn't trust them any more.  My son deserves better than to be ditched by his doctors.    After a year of trying different places and not successfully finding a doctor he connected with I was told I had to go back there.  It was the best place for my son.    I didn't want to because I did not trust them at all!!   After talking to my son I felt I had no choice so I took him back there.  After only a few appointments they called and said we had a bill from years earlier.  I insisted I did not.  I sent the regional director an email not knowing how to contact her and she has given me the run around for months on what is going on.  In the mean time the staff there will not see my son, contact me about my son.  They are the worst people.    My son has done NOTHING WRONG!  These people take advantage of the weak.
Entity: Rochester, New York
24, Report #1209932
Feb 18 2015
10:31 AM
25, Report #1356551
Feb 16 2017
03:20 PM
BALANCE TREATMENT CENTER Balance Treatment Center is a Fraudulent Mental Health Treatment Facility Calabasas California
Balance Treatment Center came to the hospital to interview and assess their potential client on Friday February 10, 2017 and approved him to be a patient in their care.After which Balance Treatment Center negotiated a Single Payer Agreement with Blue Shield of California under the patient's policy of insurance and the Blue Shield Mental Health Counselor.The patient arrived at noon on Feb. 14, 2017 to Balance Treatment Center after employees from Balance Treatment Center picked him up from the UCLA hospital.In less than 24 hours, Balance treatment Center's Dr. Gil Mean (Gil Main) contacted the patient's parents to insist that they pick him up as he was not a good fit for their treatment program.The patient's parents knew that they could not just pick up their son as that was not a safe medical option and Balance Treatment Center than said that if we refused to do so, they would call the police and tell them that the patient was a threat to staff and when the police arrived the police categorically did not believe Balance Treatment Center's lies and said that the patient was calm and respectful and just wanted to go to sleep. Dr. Gil Mean (Gil Main) than told the Deputy by the name of Matt from the Lost Hills Sheriffs 818-878-1808 that they would charge their own patient with Criminal Trespass if the police would not force him off their property!The patient's parents had no medicines for him and Balance Treatment Center knew that that their patient was considered acute when they approved him for their residential treatment program just one day earlier.Balance Treatment center took the patient from a safe environment in the hospital only one day earlier, received 100% compensation through a single Pay agreement through Blue Shield MHSA managed care, and than within 24 hours threatened their own patient with criminal trespass if the police would not forcibly remove theor patient from their residential care facility. Dr. Gil Mean (Gil Main) ordered the officers to do this from the comfort of her own home, and her number is 310-620-6882. The Los Hills police at 818-878-8708 can verify just how many times this business does this sort of thing against their own patients. These reckless acts should in and of itself cause Balance Treatment Center to lose their license to do business. Balance Treatment Center solicits business through advertising and their website and they claim that they take care of mental health patients but than kick them out to the streets when their patient actually require their medical services. Balance Treatment Center is a fraudulent outfit that literally causes significant harm to their patients and caused this patient to be forced by police to leave Balance Treatment under the threat of a criminal trespass arrest! Balance Treatment Residential Center is now under investigation by the Joint Commission and patients and families should NOT EVER consider being treated at any Balance Treatment Residential or Outpatient program!
Entity: Calabasas, California

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