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1, Report #316157
Mar 08 2008
10:56 PM
NetSpend MetaBank Charges This Company Charges Arizona
I have the Netspend card. I am on SSI/Disability, and on my payment in December this bank (MetaBank) rejected my monthly payment and sent it back to SSI. They told me that there was a hold on my account because I was adding a co-applicant to my account. The sent it back to SSI, and I had to wait another 2 weeks for this bank to get everything situated and post my payment. While I was waiting for all this to get cleared up, I found out that SSI resubmitted my payment, but they with held 2 more child support payment, for a total of 3 garnishments for that month. All this sh*t for this *&#ked up bank. I CLOSED this account, when I found out they were charging me .50 every time I logged into my account on the web. If you are in of a pre-paid debit card, I would check out (((competitor's name redacted))) pre-paid Debit card, you can call these people and not get charged a penney. Keith chandler, ArizonaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitor's name
Entity: Arizona
2, Report #1019412
Feb 24 2013
08:00 AM
Metabank Gift Card Ripoff Storm Lake, Iowa
Metabank holds back money when a prepaid debit card is used in a restaurant. In my case $25 = $20.83. Since Metabank already had the $25 that was paid for this card, this represents theft. Whyen you call them, you end up in the Phillipines with someone thousands of miles away with sojmeone who, naturally, doesn't give a crap about me.
Entity: Storm Lake, Iowa
3, Report #1019413
Feb 24 2013
08:00 AM
Metabank Gift Card Ripoff Storm Lake, Iowa
Metabank holds back money when a prepaid debit card is used in a restaurant. In my case $25 = $20.83. Since Metabank already had the $25 that was paid for this card, this represents theft. Whyen you call them, you end up in the Phillipines with someone thousands of miles away with sojmeone who, naturally, doesn't give a crap about me.
Entity: Storm Lake, Iowa
4, Report #1182539
Oct 12 2014
05:19 PM
Metabank HIdden Fees on Prepaid VISA Nationwide
I had a prepaid VISA card with a small balance (approx $5).  The card clearly says on the front FUNDS DO NOT EXPIRE and I confirmed with a phone rep that balance was available.  However the card's thru date has expired (approx 2 weeks ago) and back of card states a $3.95 monthly fee will be assessed after this valid thru date.  Still, that leaves a small balance, even after the first monthly fee. HOWEVER, since card has technically expired, I cannot get near any remaining balance.  Why?  To get at the funds, I need to have a new card issued for a $15 fee.  The service rep in the Phillipines that I spoke to states this is company policy. So....even though they SAY that funds never expire after expiration date, they have found a back door route to MAKE the funds expire (so they can pocket the balance).  Clearly, no one would spend $15 to get their $5 back. State law where I live forbids the expiration of funds and charging monthly fees to have the card.  They have attempted a clever trick to bypass the law and keep the funds, anyway. Be very cautious when purchasing any gift card issued through Metabank.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #998026
Jan 16 2013
03:30 PM
Metabank Problems with Amazon purchase Internet
For years, I've used reputable survey sites to earn points towards rewards, including gift cards. This past December (2012), I recieved a American Express debit card preloaded with $75; Ihad no problems using it to buy merchandise online. But I did have trouble with a Visa debit card preloaded with $50. I used the Amex to buy a music CD, some books and a backpack from Amazon, but when I attempted to buy a waistpack from Amazon, using the Visa, they kept telling me the payment was being declined. I went to the site, registered my card, emailed them about the problem--no answer, and I'm referring to the Metabank site--and still they won't release my funds. Amazon has been amazingly patient with me, and helpful, as I keep them in the loop. I contacted the survey site that issued the card, and they are apologetic. I have two days to send Amazon money to buy the waistpurse or they will cancel the sale--I can't blame them. There's not enough money on the Amex, issued by the one survey site, to cover the cost of the waistpurse. After reading some of these reports on Metabank, I don't think it's worth it to call them--I hate being on hold or doing voicemail, and don't care to talk to a non-American. I will definately warn the survey site to never use Metabank again. Hopefully I can get something else with the points I earned, and can return the card since it's obviously useless. This has been going on for more than two weeks. It's not fair, period, especially to the issuer and to Amazon.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #564452
Feb 04 2010
10:25 AM
Taxbrain, Metabank, Tax Brain tax refund scam Internet
I filed my taxes with taxbrain on 1/15/10.  They emailed me that it was approved by the IRS and I would receive my refund on 1/29/10 by direct deposit.  Some genius at taxbrain incorrectly coded the routing numbers and my refund went to Republic bank.  After numerous emails and frustrating telephone calls, I heard from someone in customer service telling me that they were generously refunding my fees and offering me free tax services for next year.  Like I would ever use them again.  I asked what they were going to do about refunding my overdraft charges and all of the expenses I have incurred because of their mistake.  They told me that they were sorry.  I am livid.  This company should be made to pay for all of the inconviences they have cost not just me, but the thousands of others who actually thought they were a reputable company.  I have called management at Taxbrain, who will not return either calls or emails.  This is FRAUD. 
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #564062
Feb 03 2010
01:50 PM
Taxbrain, Metabank, Tax Brain Crappy service, Internet
I've used Taxbrain for 4 years and have highly recommended them to many people but this years experience has changed all that.I'm one of the thousands whose money was sent to the wrong bank. I check with the IRS customer svce rep who said my refund had been deposited on 26th of January but no one could tell me why I hadnt recieve it as of Feb 1st. If taxbrain had admitted the mistake earlier I think I would've been able to forgive & move on but they waited over a week with no info at all and then sent out emails to make it look like as if the IRS was at fault. Imagine all these disgruntle taxpayers calling the IRS. I'm sadly disappointed because I was waiting funds to help pay for vendors for my wedding in June. I will never use their services again!
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #769868
Aug 27 2011
08:20 AM
MetaBank Account Now Bad service, Irresponsible, Causing hundreds in fees. Internet, Internet
I've been using Account Now mastercard with Metabank for a couple of years with no problems. Up until recently someone outside of the country supposedly used about 300 dollars on my card somehow. This is what they told me. I called in and waited for 30 minutes just to cancel my card and was told I would get a new card in 7 to 10 days. I had to file a dispute report form and fax it in to them also. They told me that my automatic withdrawals from my car insurance company would not be affected and also my work direct deposit would not be affected. Meanwhile, my account was restricted and I couldn't even use my 800 dollars that was sitting there. Two weeks later, I'm broke with no gas money to get to work, no money to buy food, all my bills late and late fees adding up, STILL NO CARD ! So I called back to ask where my card was and they told me that there is no record of a card being issued. I was on break at work so I couldn't do anything about it. It was on a Friday two weeks later and I also noticed that my paycheck was not deposited in my account. So I called back on Saturday right when they opened and talked to a supervisor. Today ( saturday ) they told me that my card was being processed to be sent out and will be there in 7 to 10 days. I told them that's what they said 10 days ago. I have no money and my bills are late and my paycheck is not deposited, what is going on ? They finally expedited my new card and waived the 40 dollar fee. That's after I freaked out on them when they told me that there will be a fee for a card that I was promised 10 days ago. But now, I have accrued about 200 dollars in late fees for my late bills, missing a whole paycheck because it was rejected due to the restriction on the account so now I have to wait 5 business days on my new check, broke, hungry, no money for the whole weekend after I have been broke for 10 days. And all they could do for me was say we are so sorry for the inconvenience. Unbelievable. So we'll see if I even get my card on Tuesday. If I don't starve to death by then.
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #929353
Aug 19 2012
06:48 AM
MetaBank fingerhut Insurance Fraud Storm Lake, Iowa
I had a Fingerhut account serviced by Metabank.  It was origanilly serviced by another bank and when I became paralized the insurance took over.  When Metabank took over they discontinued the payments as prescribed in the disability insurance which said until I was able to go back to work my payments would be made.  I have sent all documentation to Metabank including copy of policy, disability determination(100%) disabled for life and was told that's just to bad.  All companies involved blame the other for being inept, but that leaves me the victum of falsified credit reporting and needless harrassment. I implore anyone using either Metabank or Fingerhut to rethink the value of a fraudulant pair of companies.  Report them to your State Attorney General, BBB, and the Federal Trade Commission.  At least you'll go on record describing they fraudulent practices. 
Entity: Storm Lake, Iowa
10, Report #309264
Feb 15 2008
04:19 PM
MetaBank Denying access to funds in my account San Ramon California
I had to get a new prepaid Mastercard because I filed a dispute on my statement. They canceled the card I had and told me it would be five to seven working days until I got a new one. I tried to transfer my funds into another account and was told I could not. I asked if I canceled the account how long it would take to get my money back and was told 90 days. I asked them to reactivate my old card and they said they could not do it. This is the third time this has happened, that I had to get a new card. Each time they charge me a fee for the card. If I wanted the card faster I would have had to pay thirty dollars to have it Fed Ex'd overnight. I also used their bill pay to pay my electric bill and once they payed it but have not payed the one I scheduled for the fourteenth of February. This is supposed to be a checking account so why aren't they treating it as one? Now I don't know about you but as a single parent I can't go a week without money but since my money is being held captive by this Bank I will have to find a way. The account will be closed as soon as I get my card and can withdraw all my money. I would advise anyone not to use this service. Darrell d. Tahlequah, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: San Ramon, California
11, Report #1151882
Jun 03 2014
03:46 PM
Paypower/Metabank DO NOT BUY PAYPOWER PREPAID CARD Pleasanton California
Stay Away from Paypower/Metabank Period!!!! My mother purchased a paypower visa in Pennsylvania on may 10th 2014 and put $150.00 on it so i could feed my family. It is now June 3rd 2014 and i am still trying to get my account unlocked. The customer service number on the card just connects you with individuals that cant do anything to solve the issue. I was supposed to receive a call from upper management on 4 separate occasions and got no call whatsoever. I dont get how it is legal for a company to hold your money and not give you a reason why it is being held and when the issue can be resolved. Now what if my daughter was actually starving or what if it was a life or death emergency and that i need that money or i was going to be on the streets with my family?? To me and as i can see others too...this is not legal and this company should be shut down asap!!!! When you call a bank like chase or bank of america you actually get to talk to someone that will go above and beyond for you and resolve the issue immediately. This company is not like that at all!!! Something needs to be done about this and if there are others out there that have been effected by this companies policies we need to stand up and let our voices be heard. If i am going to trust you with hundreds or even thousands of dollars then i should get the same amount of trust in return. Do Not!!! Let me say this again!! Do Not Buy A Paypower Prepaid Visa Ever!!!!! Look for another Card Company !!!!    
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1063833
Jul 02 2013
10:52 AM
netspend/metabank stolen and transfered my money illegally Internet Texas
want to complain about netspend illegally transfering money from my account to a person i dont know . im a disabled person who needs his income for neccesities food rent clothes and medicine.i was sitting at home when i got a text alert from netspend as i always do when a transaction is made for 1000.00 transfer to account number 1916086234 and the name was kyon bailey dont know this person and never heard the name i called netspend immediately with in 30 seconds and got a employee on the phone explained to him in regards to fraud and the 1000.00 transfer that i didnt make i couldnt believe it i thought maybe they made a simple mistake thinking they would correct it right away but off course it didnt happen and the story gets better from there he said it will take 15 days to investigate i told him that i cant wait they illegally gave my money away and i want it now he said hold on well as im holding on for him i get another text alert 3 minutes later that another transfer hit leaving me with 11.94 balance then this morning of course they take there 9.95 monthly service fee charge and now im sitting with 1.99 in my account no bills paid and there telling me they cant do anything for 15 days of investigation how is it possible when your complaining about the first fraud transfer of 1000.00 and i called that while im on the phone they let another 340.00 leave my account this is crazy nobody speaks good english they claim to be from texas and the woman i spoke to said she is from manilla phillipines and her name is roma and id badge 1324858 and she told me she doesnt care when or how i get my money back that its not her problem and i said yes its not your problem its my problem that your company has caused. i was also also trying to warn other customer on facebook on how they handle things and what was done and they erased me for commenting as i go down the list i see a person on june 3rd with the same complaint issue this has to stop people its ridiculous .
Entity: Internet, Texas
13, Report #1197147
Dec 22 2014
04:34 PM
Metabank PayPal prepaid MasterCard Identity theft, fraudulent, fake, no PayPal Nationwide
My son accidentally bought the PayPal prepaid MasterCard thinking it was like a gift card. He tried to use it and found it was inactive so I called the number on the card. When I finally reached a human, they wanted my social security number and when I refused the person on the phone became nasty. I ended the call and tried to return the card to the store but was not able to.  There is no online help and when I called back I was unable to reach a live person.  How do you get your money back without activating the card?
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1006451
Jan 30 2013
10:21 PM
PAY POWER / METABANK Holiday from Hell Internet
What ever you do, DON'T get a prepaid card from this company. Has I have traveled around Asia many times, I have had my personal checking cards hit by fraudster. So I thought this time, I will get a prepaid card, and load it with a $1000 for my holiday spends in Thailand. The card was active, I could phone up and check my balance. I went to the ATM, and it came up declined. But I received a message on my iPhone that the transaction has been approved. So I logged into my PayPower account, and no funds had been debited. So I tried a different ATM, and same. So I tried to phone customer services up, and instead of giving me the options once i enter my card details, it transfered me straight to customer services. The card has been blocked by Risk. Why don't they just call you to verify it was you trying to use the card, just like any bank will do. Even a normal bank will leave you a voicemail to contact their fraud department to verify, and ublock the card. Not PayPower / Metabank, its like their risk department is some secret department. Why do PayPower even have this debit card, they have no control over the use or functions, and basically they just collect commissions. They are not bothered if you are stranded on the moon. Or even been kicked out the hotel for non payment.  What happened if I had took my children as well. The ideology of Metabank is so proactive, just very trigger happy, even if you touch your card it will get a block on it. I had to get my brother, to go to my house, and send by ATM & Credit Cards, which I dis not want to use over here in the first place. Send me a western union, which both incurred $90 fees. This holiday has cost me more than I had originally planned. All because Metabank are trigger happy. Will I ever see my $1000 back, I doubt it.  If anyone is filing a lawsuit against these, then please let me know, because I will join, for all the antics. All customer service do is fob you of in a nice manor.  This company needs to get real.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #1071724
Jul 31 2013
10:06 AM
Metabank shut down account without telling me: refused to give reason Internet
I just had to add to the chorus of complaints here regarding metabank. I had a western union moneywise reloadable debit card for about a month. used it to top up my phone, receive gift money from friends, had my work direct deposit set up etc. one day out of the blue i could not log in. I called western union who told me to call Metabank. I called metabank and was told that the account was permanently shut down. I said is there a reason and the agent on the phone said its at the discretion of the bank. I asked him to repeat himself as I was floored that this actually occured seemingly out of nowhere and for no reason, and he said the same thing.I googled and found this page and it was nice to know i am not alone. I will never, ever use any product by this company ever again. Its infuriating to say the least. 
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1127849
Mar 03 2014
03:55 PM
Paypower Visa (Metabank) Rip Off Internet
Paypower paid an extra $325 payment to a creditor while I was using their bill payer service.  I sent in a dispute form to get the money back and they refused to do it.  They also refused to give me their mailing address so could file suit.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1133210
Mar 24 2014
01:59 PM
metabank smartcard Jackson hewitt smartcard Holding my money Internet
I found out that DISH network put my aunts account on autopay without my or her permission on my card so metabank told me that basically they couldnt get my money back because I gave them my card number even though it wasnt given to them for any payments, they require it for services. Then they cancelled my card without my permission while I was out of town. Then Walgreens told me a purchase I made wasnt authorized and to swipe my card again so I did. I checked my account after and it showed I made the same purchase twice within 17 seconds. Instead of just putting my money back, metabank told me I had to have Walgreens fax them a bunch of information because I could be lying to them. Ok whose money is this? Mine or everybody elses? U would think since I am giving them business they would be more accommodating. I am the one paying a fee every month to them, not Walgreens or DISH.  I feel my money is unsafe and I am closing the account. I need a bank thats on my side.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1317633
Jul 18 2016
09:14 PM
UniRush LLC / metabank Rushcard Rapid Ohio Ohio
 Yes Hello I'm a disabled individual who in listed the trust of the following institution to provide me with both security and privacy of my direct deposit through the ssid of funding to both receive my ssid direct deposit payment while also providing both my account and privacy of my information also to protect myself from unauthorized access of my funds well let me first start out by saying that I first started with Rushcard (unirush) back in 2013 It's very frustrating to put your trust in any banking institution these days! So when I had a complete unknown incident with the following company I was completely taken by surprise to find out that in my first claim back in August of 2014 when I was mugged and my wallet stolen that when I first contacted rushcard to let them know what just had a curd that there first reaction was to tell me that they would not be turning off my bank card and if anything where to be changed to my account that I would have to call back in after the fact and only then could I get any assistance with a claim filed and they would then be given 90 days to complete the claim. Now this was only the first of many issues that had been yet to follow like just going to my neighborhood grocery store and have money deducted from my account as if I had agreed to give to some charitable organization like I had the funds to be doing something like that?however the biggest problem cam with a lockout of my fudging to where I tried to contact them for over two weeks straight and because of my being so persistent which I was well in my right to UniRush along with Corry Ward from Metabank in Sue Falls South Dakota then took it upon there selves to proceed to close my account then when I was kicked out of my residence at the time because the inability to pay for both my bills and medications until the rest of the world found out the truth not so many weeks later Which had went on for approximately the next two months straight while this was going on in was still trying to communicate with Rushcard however it wouldn't be until three weeks after the rest of the world was to get there accounts back and active before there corporate headquarters contacted me on the landline phone telling me that they would be making things right for me and they where very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused me asking me for a account of issues which there update had caused and that they would be in the process of getting me my funds that had been lost or for the issues regarding back payment and issues with my losses Which brings me to my recent issue not only had they blown me off and never attempted to correct thir wrongs though several mouths later allowed transaction to take place on my account with no correct address on file no CVS Code as a visa should have been addressed to the account though on top of everything else another 90 day inconvenience after they had just told the world of media how they had been down for security reasons updates and so forth to again allow something such as this is completely unexplainable...
Entity: Ohio , Ohio
19, Report #1315490
Jul 07 2016
11:21 AM
MetaBank Bank Closed My Account Due to Fradulant Behavior Nationwide
I tried to use my Teachers Credit Union card and it was closed. They told me the card was thru MetaBank. I had used the card for years. They said it was due to fradulant behavior on the account and I would receive a new card in 7-10 business days. Well 2months later I still don't have a card or access to my money or account. They said I can't touch my money until I get the new card & unfortunately they mailed it and it came back due to stuck to another envelope so it would be another 7-10 business days. I had all my money on this account & my employer paid me on this card. Deposits continued but I got nothing. THOUSANDS!!!!
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #548623
Jan 02 2010
08:25 PM
AccountNow - MetaBank MetaBank Bank Still will not release my funds!! Internet
I have been with AccountNow for some time. I have two accounts; one I opened years ago and one I opened about a year ago. I the one I opened a year ago has been fine. Ive never had any problems with it. Recently I have had money deposited into the one I open years ago, contacted the company to get my debit card and was told that they no longer made that card but after the representative talked to a supervisor which stated they would be forcing a new card out to me. This was December 3. They informed me a card would be sent out in 7 to 10 days. I waited and nothing. I called back on the December 17th and was told that a request for the card to be sent to me was never processed. So they apologized and said they would expedite the card to me for a fee of 40. I was upset but willing to pay it because I needed the money to pay my bills. I called on the December 23rd because I received nothing again. This time was placed on hold and no one never return to the call. Called again and was apologized to explain the issue, was told a supervisor would be giving me a call back; that was at 9:30am. Around 6:00pm called back and was guaranteed   I would be receiving a call within the next hour. Around 7:00 called back again in which I informed the representative I wanted to speak a supervisor after explained the situation and was placed on hold for an hour in which I disconnected the call because I went to have dinner with my family. December 24th I called first thing in the morning, and was placed on hold for 2 hours after the representative condescendingly told me to only answer the question that she asked. After explaining to her that I am not her child and if she ever spoke to me like that again I would guarantee her firing she changed her attitude apologized several times and then informed me she would get the supervisor on the line. Thats when I was placed on hold for 2 hours.  At this point I was livid. I called back again and informed the representative that I would not be on hold longer than 2 minutes; that he 2 minutes to get a supervisor on the line. He talked with his supervisor and was told a manager from a different department would be calling me back within the hour. No call. I called again and inform the representative that I didnt want the card, I just wanted my money. Transfer my money into my other account just give me my money back. Informed me there was no way to do so. I would have to wait to speak with supervisor. Called back on the 30th and was informed that they had gotten everything straight and I would be receiving a card and they would wire me $200 through MoneyGram which would be available in an hour. After asking for a confirmation number was told I would be receiving a call shortly because one was not available. After calling on the 31st was told I didnt receive it because no card was issued. Once card issues I would receive the wire. Well here it is January 2nd and no money wire and no card. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I just want the public to hear my story. I am going public with this. This is ridiculous and all I want is my money. Plain and simple. I have bills that are going unpaid because of this and I am angry, upset and confused. Just give me my money back. Thats the purpose of having a prepaid card. So you can spend your money you are putting in your account. I am being denied the right and I am furious at the incompetence that a business supposedly for the people would stoop to, to not give someone their money back. Be warned people!
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #603759
May 16 2010
11:42 AM
AccountNow Metabank Metabank AccountNow froze my account and didn't notify me. Internet
I have never had a major problem with AccountNow, until very recently. I tried using my card at an store and it was declined, which was very strange considering I had just put funds on my card. When I checked my card statement, it showed the amount that I had deposited on there, but my card is still reading declined. This had happened before, but not of this magnitude. There are times when AccountNow updates their systems and would not let me have access to my account, but now I have had enough. but this is a huge embarrassing inconvenience for me now. I would not recommend AccountNow to anyone. I see that now they are a huge scam and like to rip people off. They really must be stopped. P.S. Their customer service sucks. Couldn't even get through to them. Waste of my time.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1090030
Oct 07 2013
09:38 AM
MetaBank and Social Security Social Security Fraud and MetaBank Sious Falls, South Dakota
 This past year my wife has had a terrible problem involving Social Security, MetaBank, and Fraud in regard to her Mother's Social Security direct Deposit. My wife's mother suffers from Alzheimer's.  There is a verified ring of individuals that are fraudulantly trying to move Social Security Direct Deposits from Wells Fargo to MetaBank. We have filed numerous police reports to the aithorities local, state, and National. Moreover, we have been to Social Security five times this year in regard to this matter.At first, SS told us that she was 'Auto enrolled. Next, SSA told us that her mother agreed to be enrolled. Then we found out that fruad was commitied in regard to opening an account with Metabank in regar to SSA direct deposit. My wife has POA in her mother's finacial and medical affairs. She gave Social Securitiy Administration copies and we have discussed this matter with the same SS Representative several times. Additionally, we had protocols set up with SS to alert us if anything was cnaged without authorization of the POA and yet it continues to happen. My mother in law has had direct deposit of her SS for decades and somehow someone can get into SS and re-router her check to Metabank. I cannot prove this, but I am starting to think someone within SS is involved. When we contact SS we get the usual runaround and denials that actions neccessary actions were taken. We watched the Repesentative input the data and information and have her name, contact number, and extension. So guess what? We cannot get in cntact with her on that number and extension she gave us and have left three messages for her to call us back. I won't hold my breath. No surprise at this point. The authorities have Identified and arrested a ring of individuals involved. Seems the ring leader is located in Jamaica and is untouchable. My wife and I are so frutrated and angry because her mother depends on SS to live and survive monthly. SSA always acts as if this is the first time they have heard such a thing. I wonder how many elderly individuals this is happening to in regard to SSA and Meatbank. It would suffice to say that this has been a nightmare and SSA is involved to some degree. We need help in this matter with the media and legal advice.
Entity: Select State/Province
23, Report #562862
Feb 01 2010
06:53 AM
Taxbrain, Metabank, Tax Brain -- READ if you did not get your refund Taxbrain, Tax Brain, Petz Enterprises, Metabank, Republic Bank No refund, wrong bank, Metabank Internet
Many people have been affected by a mistake that Taxbrain has caused. The info. sent to the IRS by Taxbrain was incorrect and this has caused thousands of peoples returns to be sent to the wrong bank. This means that many people will have to wait another 6 weeks to get a paper check. Taxbrain is a multi million dollar operation and has caused many people to suffer by causing this. The only option to get results is to email and boycott Taxbrain. If you have been affected please use the email below and let taxbrain know that they have lost our business. Taxbrain is owned by Petz Enterprises, their addres is below (complain to them too). If you have not received your refund and you used taxbrain, please help and email them!.   Email is : petz enterprises
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #418597
Jan 31 2009
02:43 PM
AccountNow - MetaBank Failing to release my funds San Ramone California
On Jan 30th 2009 my direct deposit to MetaBank or AccountNow was posted as available. When I call and check balance it said my balance, thats ok! The problem Is I have available funds, but my card keeps getting declined, very embarrasing. I filled my car up with gas, and card was declined! My paycheck is in their system, but I cant use my own money. This started on Friday and as of this listing on saturday, still no response. I have called, hundreds of time, with no explanation, or plan of fixing the problem. I have been a customer for over 3 years, and now this is how im repayed? I need my money, I have bills that need paying! This is gonna cost me a $30 late charge on one of my bills, if not settled up by Monday morning. I will hold MetaBank or AccountNow liable for those charges! I dont suggest using this company. If you expect a person or answers to problems with this company, you will be seriously dissapointed, I am! (((email redacted))) Anthony **** Baxter, TennesseeU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: San Ramone, California
25, Report #444163
Apr 16 2009
02:18 PM
Money Network Visa - Metabank, Charged Illegal Balance Check Fees Cordova Tennessee
I only took the Paycard because my employer does not want to give us regular paychecks. I have been checking my balance since two weeks ago. I always assumed that it was free to check your balance at bank ATMs. I was wrong, and my employer told me only to use All Point ATM's. I used one and checked my balance. It was 40.53. So I decided to take out 40.00. The machine refused saying I did not have the funds. So I checked my balance again. My balance was now at 37.53. I spent twenty dollars from my pre paid cell contacting two different companys trying to resolve this. Got nowhere. Insult to injury I went online and found out my balance was 52.43 and now is 37.53. These bastards have allready syphioned 15 dollars from my meegar training pay plus I lost another twenty from my phone. That's 35 dollars, maybe not alot, but I can not work for a month due to an injury. so I was looking forward to a little cash and now have to worry about how much more they will steal. My employer reasurred us this was a repidable company and we weren't going to be charged these fees. He was wrong. I hate Scam Artist and coming from big companies it is disgusting. The economy is no exuse for these companys to get rich again on the sweat of the poor working class. Ricardo Bronx, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Cordova, Tennessee

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