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51, Report #603551
May 14 2010
09:36 PM
Metro PCS Metro PCS is a a rip-off and treats customers like garbage Jacksonville, Florida
I paid over 200 dollars for a top of the line phone from MetroPCS.  About 45 dayslater, some ofthe functions of the phone stopped working.  I took the phone back to them, they tested it, said it had a software problem.  Instead of giving me another new phone to replace mine, they wanted to charge me a little over 10 dollars to ship it off and get it repaired.  I was thinking, WHAT?!!?  I paid them over 200 dollars for the phone, had only made 1 monthly payment so far, and they were not going to replace the phone?   IT WAS LESS THAN 2 MONTHS OLD!!!  I bought it from THEM.  They confirmed it had a software problem.  So they sold me a phone that had a problem, but they refused to replace it.  Instead, their solution is to charge me a shipping charge to send it back to get it fixed, and in the meantime, continue to charge me for their phone service too.  BOTH of the service people at the counter were QUITE rude and basically told me they didnt care what happened, and that I could pay them the moeny and they would send it back to repair or not.  While I was sitting there waiting my turn to talk to them, there were several other upset customers.  They must be screwing EVERYONE!  This place is SO bad, that they have hired an ARMED security guard to be inside the store and throw out people that continue to disagree with them.  Since I bought the phone from METRO PCS and THEY confirmed it was a SOFTWARE ISSUE in the phone, METRO PCS should be the one to replace it on the spot.  THey had phones just like mine in stock ( i confirmed this), but instead want me to be out of service with no phone AND send my phone on some wild goose chase AND charge me over 10 dollars to do it!  AVOID THEM!  I am going back to (((competitor's name redacted)))! sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitors name
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
52, Report #611282
Jun 07 2010
02:49 PM
Metro PCS Metro PCS rebate for Samsung Messanger postmarked by 5/12/10. Internet
Metro PCS, rebate SCAM!!! Mailed out rebate info. 03/20/2010, recieved American Express rebate, Samsung says they never recieved rebate info. They will not honor it either since it is past 5/12/2010 but they have record of the other rebate. When I said I have a copy of everything I sent, before due date they said it doesn't matter since it is past. I have a friend that also had this same issue. It seems you only get one or the other rebate and when you call the Samsung # it is a recording no one calls you back. SCAM!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
53, Report #768412
Aug 22 2011
04:07 PM
Metro PCS Metro PCS didnt give the $49.00 discount they advertized on thier website Dallas, Texas
I just recently bought a blackberry curve at a metro pcs store in Dallas, tx. Unfortunately i was in a hurry when i went to get this phone and i didn't notice that the $49 discount i thought i was going to get as per their web site promotion tuned out to be for 49 CENTS. I thought that the reason i was ultimately charged a total of $284 for service and the phone was that i had paid for 2 months worth of service--but a few days later I'm looking at the receipt and i see that the discount amount was $0.49 not $49.00--i have since tried to contact metro pcs about this problem 3 times and I've called the store i bought it from once. All I've got from any of the calls was a run around and stonewalling. Metro pcs says i have to contact the store--the store says there wasn't any discount on the phones, yet the discount amount is on the receipt, its just $48.51 less than what it SHOULD BE. What i find PARTICULARLY FASCINATING about this whole fiasco is--that although I've contacted metro pcs customer service 3 times and the store once about this--is that NONE of them were the slightest bit interested in looking up the transaction number or the confirmation number that is on the receipt! No news is good news to these people evidently. Posted at the bottom of my posting here is a copy of my receipt i made and posted on imageshack--that I've edited out my phone serial number, my name, and the phone number from. Everything else is the same as the original and ANYONE bothering to LOOK can see that i was given a $0.49 discount. The last time i called up customer service i offered to send the representative an email with the unaltered receipt and got blown off. It seems they have the money and they aren't concerned that they took $48.51 too much. The reciept:
Entity: Dallas, Texas
54, Report #743650
Jun 21 2011
08:47 PM
metro pcs rip off and others at metro pcs bronx, New York
i went to pay a phone bill for a friend not thinking i lost the  receipt. i call my friend  cell phone later on it was never turn on. i went to the store not only were they rude but there was some one else complaining about the same thing being rip off. i will never pay cash in any metro pcs again especially in the Bronx night mare.
Entity: bronx, New York
55, Report #803573
Dec 01 2011
08:02 AM
Metro PCS Metro PCS total Rip Off Bait and Switch liars! Internet
I wish I had visited this site before I spent my three hundred dollars on an android smart android phone from metro pcs.First of all, the phone is not smart! It is dumb as a rock! Even worse, the people at customer service (joke) aren't much smarter.My experience with metro pcs has been a nightmare! And I have only had the phone for three days. About evry three calls, I get a message that my call cannot be placed at this time.I asked for a refund and was told no. OK! It is on. I am going to sick every regulatory agency they answer to down their throats like a bad bug. Their ripping me off will cost them much more than this peice of junk phone cost me. Excuse me, I need to throw this phone as hard as I can from my balcony to the street below..Also, I am a journalist with 39 years experience. Expect to see a story about the poor service of metro pcs on a TV near you soon.... Terry Sacramento, CA
Entity: Internet, Internet
56, Report #746585
Jun 28 2011
06:09 PM
I am extremely upset with an incident that happen at one of your independent stores in South Tampa. I have tried to resolve this with the store owner Oz.  I plan to picket the store soon  My daughter has been a Metro customer for several years and has purchased several phones in that time.  Her newest phone a Huawei Ascend which she bought on 04/'26/2011 and had service for 1 month. My daughter did not have a job and I refused to continue to pay for her phone service, so it was off for a few weeks.  On Sunday, 06/19/2011 we went to the South Tampa Metro location on South Dale Mabry to turn her service on. I waited in the car for over an hour.  She and the young man named Mohammad came out several times to tell me to come inside.  I asked what the problem was. My daughter stated that Mohamed was trying to make an upgrade on her phone and the phone froze up and was now not working.  Mohamed kept trying to do everything he could to get the phone working again.  The store closes at 7pm. We were there for over 2 hours. It was almost 8pm when we were told to go to the home office store on Monday and they would give us another phone. The owner said that phone was on back order and he did not have any in the store.  We have heard that story in the past anytime she had problems with a phone and what would end up happening was they would sell her another more expensive phone They gave my daughter a loaner phone and told us to return it when her phone was replaced, On Monday we went to the Store on Columbus Drive and Dale Mabry. We were in that store over 1 hour trying to explain that we were told to come here and the phone would be replaced.  After we related the story of how the phone came to break we were told that would be a store problem.   We insisted that they contact the store owner Oz.  While we were waiting my daughter contacted Mohammad and she told him that they did not want to take care of the problem, Mohammad said to go to the new store on Kennedy Blvd that had just opened because they had the phone there.  In the meantime the customer service pulls up the account and in the account notes states that the phone was brought in not working and the phone was still under warranty.  We told the customer service clerk that was not true.  She was going to order the phone because it was under warranty but then wanted over $10.00 for something to order it.  At that time I asked would this be new phone or a rebuilt phone.  She stated it is a replacement phone.  She spoke to the manager and the manger told her since the phone was under warranty they would do it.  I advised I was not accepting a rebuilt phone when the phone was not broken by us, nor would I pay anything either and I reminded the customer service clerk that the store owner Oz was being deceptive in not wanting to take the hit for a replacement phone from his store and making up facts to place the burden on Metro to replace the phone at the corporate level as under warranty.  I refused the phone and advised I would be going to the Kennedy store to get our phone.  We arrived at the Kennedy store much to the surprise of the owner Oz. Who asked why we were there.  As I explained the situation and that phone ordered from there are rebuilt phones, he stared to deny that fact.  I advised I know these are replacement phones and I expected him to give me a new phone and being my history of this person not being truthful any phone I receive I would require a statement that this was a new phone and I had all intentions of have the serial numbers checked to see if this phone ever was assigned and out in circulation he again tells me he does not have that phone in his stores and they are on back order.  I told him to order it and we would be back when they came it.  He then calls someone with a Spanish name and put him on the phone with me.  He states this is the manager for the independents.  I spoke to this man who was as rude and as stupid as they come. He kept lying to me and taking about warranty.  I kept explaining we were not going to except a rebuilt phone under those conditions.  We were not the ones who broke the phone; we signed no release to have anyone do anything to the phone. We have now wasted 4 hours of my time and I was not going back to the home office store and get a rebuilt phone.  He refused to give me a name or number for his supervisor.  By this time I was really mad and upset, tired of losing money from being off of work, tired of being lied to and cheated.  I stormed out of that store. I called customer service and after 15 minutes and endless nonsense of recording being looped over and over, I don't how I finally got someone, who was no help, I insisted on speaking to a supervisor and spoke to someone name Michael who identified himself as a supervisor but would not give me a name or phone number of someone I could speak to, he said he did not have a phone number for the corporate office and only offered me a fax number and an address. I asked to speak to his supervisor, he stated there were in a meeting, I asked him to take down my number and have them contact me when the meeting was over, and he stated he did not know if anyone would be calling me back.  I insisted on a call back from someone in charge.  He just kept saying he was sorry.   To date no one has contacted me.   The independent store needs to replace my daughters phone with a new phone and not a rebuilt phone. I also feel that your independent store owners should be more honest and stop tiring to con not only consumers but your own company.
Entity: tampa, Florida
57, Report #121512
Dec 06 2004
02:35 PM
Metro PCS Sacramento, The metro PCS Scam Ripoff Elk Grove California
I had a phone reactivated woith metro pcs on 11/27/04 on 12/05 8 days later I got a bill for $51 due 12/5. when I called metro yto inform that there must be some mistake they said this the the billing date they had in the system and I had to pay another 51 to get me phone cut on..... How is this so.... Metro advertises pay as u go.. they charged me for a period my phone was not in use....... i would love to join other and sue the pants off of metro pcs..... Not only that I signed up for the unlimited paln which they were not billing refuse to credit my account..... something needs yo be done.... Very concerned Kymberley Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Elk Grove, California
58, Report #1140592
Apr 21 2014
06:47 PM
Metro PCS I FEEL METRO PCS RIPPED ME OFF Silver Spring Maryland
I bought (04/10/2014) a phone the Kyocera Hydro XTRM $80 and a plan $60/mo. Paid $149 in total plus taxes. When I arrive home the phone got only 1 GB. In memory not the 4GB they promise at the store and online (I research and ask in advance).  I read the cancellation policy they call “MetroPromise Guarantee”, for a full refund in within 7 days of purchase with less than one hour of talk time so I cancel immediately like 4 hours after I left the store. I went next day to the store for the Full Refund.They check the phone I spoke 31 minutes (nest day) and they only return me $60 dollars for the phone. They say they have a fee for the return $29 and the service ($60) is unreturnable. So where is the Full reund?.Calling the consumer line 1-800-373-2876 is a waste of time they blame the store, and at the store they blame the company. The store is at 2656 University Blvd West, Silver Spring MD 20902  How do you feel if you were me?
Entity: Silver Spring, Maryland
59, Report #1080857
Sep 01 2013
04:39 AM
metro pcs metro pcs NO service they dont care Cust service Horrible las vegas Nevada
DONT GET METRO PCS. HORRIBLE SIGNAL. HORRIBLE CUST SERVICE bought $600 samsung phone unlimited data 4g. Internet worked fine for 3 months then 2 days no internet. only text n talk work i live 1 mile away from the store i bought the phone and service took it to store the stupid workers say we dont know call cust service. i called cust service 13 TIMES !!!!! Over 2.5 hrs on the phone total. and still cant get internet. they kept disconnecting the call . the workers dont give a s.h!t spoke 2 supervisor mario had me do star 228 no work finally told call from diffrent phone so i had to use a phone to call that charges by the minute. it used up 56 minutes and still no internet. workers at cust service barley speaks english said create a ticket for tech and you have to wait 3-5 business days. that the earilest they can fix the internet. today is saturday. no refund or no $ off next months bill. well i say a big F ... YOU METR0 PCS. i always pay in full and on time. spend $600 on a phone for NO INTERNET and then get treated like crap by cust service. AGAIN F.... YOU METRO PCS. no paying you anymore $$$ ever. ill telling EVERYONE about you low lifes. save yourself the mega hassle and dont ever use metro pcs. you will pay for it in the longrun. what good is a phone if you have no service or they lie to you just to get u to buy a phone.
Entity: las vegas, Nevada
60, Report #1192855
Dec 03 2014
03:12 PM
metro pcs they never told me it wasent a metro pcs bradenton Florida
Yes i bought a metro pcs phone from the metro pcs store they never told me it wasn't metro pcs phone untill a week later. I would never had bought the phone if i could not get insurace. I want my refund.
Entity: bradenton, Florida
61, Report #1339231
Nov 21 2016
02:28 PM
Hello,  I am a MetroPCS customer. I attempted several times to call a toll free conference call line. I never had any issues getting through before, until November 18, 2016 and today November 21. Instead of the call being connected I was greeted with an automated recording telling me my phone is not set up to make calls to this number. I believe they called it shared service. I later spoke to a MetroPCS rep who tried to explain this mess and found herself being confused because it made no sense. However, she stated that I would have to pay $3 for 300 minutes to call a tollfree number. Once I told her I was not going to do it she offered to waive the $3 fee but I will have to upgrade my current $30 plan to a $40. All this to call a Toll-free number. Free is the key word. When I told her I call this number regularly she stated MetroPCS recently updated their service and now there's a fee. I was not able to connect to a toll-free conference call number because MetroPCS wants to collect  a fee. The other people who called in on the Toll-free conference call from other cell phone carriers did not have to pay any fee or deal with the hassle that I went through. I would very much appreciate Rip Off Report reviewing this case further. Thank you in advance for your service.      Kira, Marietta GA
Entity: Nationwide
62, Report #1349302
Jan 11 2017
11:02 PM
Metro pcs Metro pcs vt cellular Stop!!! Find another dealer Stroudsburg Pennsylvania
 I returned my items the same day. But its been 8 day and they still havent returned my money. They are crooked!
Entity: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
63, Report #1308517
May 30 2016
10:57 AM
METRO PCS;     My daughter bought an expensive Smart phone from Metro PCS for my retirement that I did not attempt to activate for 9 months because I was tied into a contract with AT&T. When I did try to activate the phone, it did not work. I spent a couple hours on the phone trying to get someone in the customer service department (ALMOST NON-EXISTENT)... Finally We got some FIRE-TRUCKING IDIOT in the Phillipines that could not help with activating the phone.     The next day I took it to a METRO PCS  authorized dealer in Broward County, Fl. (she hardly spoke English) and learned the MICRO S.I.M. card needed to be replaced for $20.00 because they automatically expire after (9) months if not activacted within (9) months. That pissed me off but I wanted to activate my new smart phone and told her to do it. She said wait and I'll take care of you after I help other customers that need to pay thier bill. 15 minutes went by and I went to the front of the line and said, HEY WHAT ABOUT ME??? I HAVE BEEN HERE LONGER THAN SOME OF YOUR CUSOMERS THAT CAME IN AFTER ME AND ALREADY GOT SERVICE AND LEFT. 10 Minlets later she came to me and said sorry we are out of of the S.I.M. card you want.    A couple days later my wife and I went to a different authorized dealer and the young man spoke English, was pleasant and there was almost no line. He told me the card would bo $10.00, NOT $20.00. We said, GREAT HOOK ME UP. Ten minutes later my new smart phone was activated and all seemed right in the word. Then the nightmare... He was ringing up the sale and the final cost was $38.16, not $10.00. HE WAS CHARGING ME $10.00 FOR THE CARD AND $26.00 ACTIVATION FEE WITH $2.16 TAX. His explanation was people know there is an activation fee. DO PEOPLE ACTUALLY PAY. Obviously, I did not pay and pulled the S.I.M. card out told him what a piece of S--T, thief he was. Imagine, being told $10.00 & and when paying told $38.16. We left (3) messages for the manager in one week, but never got a call back.    I called AT&T and had my phone reactived. METRO P.C.S. IS A RIPPOFF WITH NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT WHATSOEVER. Obvious the company is designed to take and not give to the consumer. That is why the have the cheapest rates in the country. NOT WORTH IT FOLKS. Wolfecyborg
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #1370071
Apr 27 2017
06:28 PM
 On Feb 2, 2017, I went to Metro PCs and purchased a LG Aristo cell phone. I was told that they were doing a Promotion for free phones. They gave me the rebate form and said follow instructions and submit the rebate. On Feb 3, 2017 my headphone didn't work, no music was playing. I took it back to the Corporate Store the manager used his headphones and said yes this phone is defective and gave me a new phone. A couple of days later, I submitted my rebate with the last phone that was switched out. About 2 weeks later I checked on my rebate online and was denied, reason was the receipt was invalid. I mailed in a copy of the receipt, and they resubmitted the rebate. I checked again online around two weeks later and was denied again. Reason, I was told that the IMEI number wasn't correct. I mailed in the copy from the box and they resubmitted the rebate. After that denial in March 31,2017 I went to the Corporate Store and spoke to customer service who said he think the promotion didn't start when i brought the phone and I showed him the rebate form showing that the rebate started Jan 23, 2017 to April 5th 2017. Then when he went to say you have to get a new line with the promotion and I said I did that the phone is new and metro gave me the number with the phone I purchase and showed him the yellow receipt I was given when I brought the phone. He ended up calling the rebate center and spoke to a representative named Nicole. I was called over and the guy at metro wanted me to hear for myself why I was denied. She said if you don't enter all the right information you will get a denial and she said she will resubmit it which was on Monday April 24, 2017. I just happen to check online Thurs April 27,2017 and see they denied me again and now this reason was According to their records on the Activation date of the headset the Service Line was not eligible for a Promotion Pricing Upgrade. I have no Idea what Metro is talking about. At this point I don't want to keep going back and fourth with Metro unless its someone with authority. I did customer service and managers at a Corporate Office and I have been told by numerous people when it come to the Rebate...its being taking care of and as of April 27, 2017 I've been denied 6 times. I feel if Metro want to keep the Rebate and they can't give me an answer that make sense why I shouldn't get it, I would like to have my money refunded. I'm not the only one complaining about the Jan 23,2017 to April 5, 2017 rebate. A company of this magnitude should be embarrass to do this to a customer, its a 60 dollar rebate and I have a $60 a month plan, you already made $129 when I purchased the phone and another $120 for March and April service. That is already $249 dollars, so my question is are you willing to lose a customer and other customers like my son in law, daughter and 2 sons over a $60 Rebate which you haven't honestly explain to me yet why you feel I shouldn't get it.
Entity: Nationwide
65, Report #1360765
Mar 09 2017
12:49 PM
Metro Pcs Metro Pcs Can't Process a Refund San Jose Ca Nationwide
Hello,  I made a payment in error to telephone 4**-***-8875.And on that same day, few minutes after the payment was made I contacted Metro Pcs Hotline   888-863-8768.The representative advise me that they can not cancel the payment that has been made.The agent advise me to call my bank which I did.I called my local bank and advise me that it is Metro Pcs responsibiity to return or refund my money back.After doing multiple calls ,back and forth this number already belongs to someone else. I tried going to a local Metro Pcs to see if they can cancel in their system and they can not. It is obvious that Metro Pcs doesnt want to extend an effort in resolving this issue.I have made several attempts in asking them to return this payment.The merchant fail to contact me and reverse the payment that has been made.Contacting my local bank will take 60 days processing for this matter to complete.All that Metro Pcs has to do is to return the money in the credit card that I have use.  Payment Amount :$54.00 Payment Date:February 9 2017  
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #1406352
Oct 14 2017
09:44 PM
Metro pcs Metro pcs has been very difficult to even try to reach. Nationwide
 Metro pcs has been very difficult to even try to reach. They won't give the unlimited data they say that it's not really unlimited. There own supervisor says that the Corp officers should know better than to comp someone and that I should feel lucky that I got anything at all and that try will not be helping me. I think that if this company wants business then they would find better reps. And when they say unlimited they should be unlimited.... They aren't. They are rude and argumentative.
67, Report #1345258
Dec 23 2016
11:38 AM
Friday, December 23, 2016      - - ALERT - -  CONSUMER FRAUD      Consumer Alert DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH COX – METRO PCS LAS VEGAS NV or ANY METRO PC retail business period! 9975 S Eastern Ave Suite #120 Las Vegas NV 89183 Business Phone: 702.405.6243   Sunday 04 December 2016 we went into the store regarding television advertisement SWITCH to METRO PC receive 2 (two) free Samsung Galaxy ON5 phones. Never at any time did the television advertisements nor any advertisement in writing state T-mobile customers ARE NOT eligible since METRO PC is owned operated by none other than T-mobile.   We purchased phones, in addition advertisement in store states 8GB data plan $30 per phone instead I was charged $50 per one phone 8 GB data plan,  $30 per other phone 8GB data plan RECEIPT DATE OF PURCHASE 04 December 2016 #82772   Monday 05 December called COX METRO PC did so a solid consecutive 5 days in row, due to massive ERROR messages in RED flashing several things, first battery in critical condition, after being charged 8 hours on USB, wall charger that came with box kits per phone, second APS NEED UPDATING SAMSUNG pre loaded apps on cell phones that were NOT up to date massive hours used up per phone just UPDATING existing manufacture apps pre downloaded per phone that consumed a great deal of 8GB per phone by the time it was Wednesday 07 December 23, 2016 only 2 GB if that per phone showed available of alleged 8 GB data plan we purchased per phone.   Call 611 CUSTOMER CARE, T-mobile answers then transfers your calls to METRO PC automated phone answering system states BOX FULL try call later.   Called to return phones get full refund of purchase documented calls.   COX METRO PCS – 9975 S Eastern Ave Sutie #120 Las Vegas NV 89183 – Phone 1.702.405.6243   METRO PCS CORPORATE – 6431 W Charleston #100, Las Vegas NV 89146 – Phone 1.702.632.5880   METRO PCS CORPORATE – 469 S. Maryland Pkway, Las Vegas NV 89119 – Phone 1.702.632.5880   SAMSUNG – 1-800-726-7864 CASE #2153082529,  CASE # 5116076760   611 CUSTOMER CARE I am to return phones to retailer for full refunds.   Per Metro PCS Corporate when I did get through Wednesday was told return phones to original retailer for FULL REFUND they refused.   RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED   ELSIE GANZON /s/ - - - 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
68, Report #552808
Jan 11 2010
08:41 PM
METRO PCS Metro PCS At AVE. B and Edgewood AVe Amad manager @ metro PCS on ave B @ edgewood ave has relocated to tampa FL Jacksonville, Florida
I purchase a cell phone at this place of business, have problem making and receiving call inside my home return to this store the day afterward the store manager amad informed that items must be return to corporate store set policy located on normandy blvd.  At that time this store was not in exsistance in jacksonville Fl. went back to store of purchase he insist the store is there. after countless effort to get refund or credit for this purchase he relocated back to tampa FL. now every Metro PCS store in Jacksonville tells me the items must be returned to the store of purchase. And that is metro pcs set policy and valid 30 day time frame is granted have the receipt but to no avail will this out fit do what is right. will counselor question legal tactic of Metro PCS...?  Thx Ben  Jacksonville Fl.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
69, Report #1111040
Dec 27 2013
02:11 PM
Metro PCS, Metro PCS cell phone services Metro PCS won't give you rebate or promotion Unless you fight hard for it !!! nationwide
  Oh Yes... even in the United States you have to fight for your rights. Even with big companies like Metro PCS, they will try to sign you up with their service and hope that you will forget about all their promotional offers or rebates that they promised. If you didn't take pictures or save evidences of their promotional offers or rebates, then very likely you will not get the good offers that made you signed up in the first place. Their toll free customer service is a Joke... because they pretend they don't know what offers you are talking about, and told you to go back to whatever store/rep that you spoke to when you first signed up, because customer service reps are Innocent people and do not authorize any offers to you.... Sound familiar ?? Well... I guess The land of justice doesn't mean a thing if you don't fight for it ...!      
Entity: Nationwide
70, Report #1373829
May 17 2017
03:08 PM
I bought 3 phones on my Metro PCS account and was told i could get a rebate on all  3 phones that was purhased. , and  8 weeks later i am told i cant get a rebate becasue i have to many rebates are attaced to my account. no one ever stated there was a limited to the reabtes i was lead to believe each phone had a rebate why would a big Corp lieits  false advertisement i was waiting on rebate and need my rebate .
Entity: BALDWIN HILLS , California
71, Report #1164966
Jul 25 2014
11:39 AM
ive had issues with metro pcs since i started with the company. hence why i record all my calls now when i call i have several recorded calls (with several miscommunications and misunderstandings) and they have all gone wrong and metro pcs looks really bad. i just spoke to someones i was recording and she hung up on me when i told her i wanted some credit back.    
Entity: Nationwide
72, Report #56435
May 10 2003
01:53 PM
Metro PCS Prorate Ripoff and Unacceptable Service Sacramento California
Metro PCS is a flat rate unlimited cellphone calling plan for local calls. Their call quality is terrible in this area. Its spotty and drop offs are the norm. Long distance is accomplished by prepaid only. Finally after a year, I quit and found an ATT deal that was cheaper and better. Metro PCS refused to pro-rate my monthly billing charge back, as I had already paid for 3 days and used 3 out of 30 days and we do not prorate. I read the user agreement carefully and there's nothing there that so indicates that policy. MetroPCS may have unlawfully kept monies due, retained my prepaid long distance without refund, and provided unacceptable service. Their customer service if you can ever reach it is practically non-existent. Jay Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sacramento, California
73, Report #106923
Sep 03 2004
07:31 PM
Entity: WEST PALM BEACH, Florida
74, Report #425145
Feb 17 2009
01:17 PM
Metro PCS And Bill Matrix Very sly scam Dallas Texas
Metro PCS and Bill Matrix have a neet little scam going indeed. They have as of late been sending wrong information regarding billing in an effort to incurr extra payment fees. Let me explain in detail. When you dont pay your Metro PCS bill on time, they turn your service off (I've done that maybe 4 times in 7 years). When you try to make a call, they tell you that your service has been temporarily turned off, and then they tell you the amount of your bill. When the amount owed was stated (prerecorded message) I immediately set out to pay it. I payed it immediately, via credit card. Well, it usualy takes a few minutes to get your service turned back on, so , when after 3 hours it was not turned back on, I called again (of course you can 'NEVER' reach an actual person, I was informed that my bill was more than the original message indicated (no less payment already sent and recieved). Well, needing my telephone back on necessitated that I just pay the remaining balance due (6 dollars). I spent 3 HOURS trying to pay that 6 dollars to no avail ! Bill Matrix, who sends the prerecorded messages to your cell phone, including the amount owed, also has a cutoff for payment if you incorrectly enter ANY information or get your bill incorrect the first time. Now who the hell or why the hell would anyone make it difficult for you to pay them money ???? Sounds insane. Doesnt it ? Well, the scam is that if they can discourage their thousands of customers in making the correct payment the first time, the second payment requires a FEE, becuase you cannot do it via internet (free of charge). So, they are incurring a fee that you would not ordinarily have to pay. Lets see, $2.00 X 10,000 customers. Minimaly. I'd say that's a heck of a scam. ! Dannno Deerfield beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
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Oct 15 2008
03:13 PM
Metro PCS Sold Me A Defective Phone & A Used One At That! Hudson Florida
I recently bought a samsung model rch210 from a metro pcs dealer. The actual companies name was Talk Time. The total cost of the phone was a few dollars over $100, it was told to me, that it was their cheapest phone. As I got the phone back home, I knew it needed a charge. So I charged it, and when I came back to my phone, to my surprisement, the phone was powered down! Thinking that it was very strange for a cell phone to do so, while charging, I proceeded to try to turn the phone on once again. But to my amazment, the phone did not return to the powered on feature. It just continued to stay powered off. So in fear that something was wrong with my phone, I proceeded to take it back to the actual location of purchase. When returning to the store I once purchased the phone at, I was basically given the run around. I was first told that the battery some how had gotten wet. But to my own knowledge a battery is kept on the inside of the cell phone, and if the battery becomes wet, the cell phone would have usually gotten wet right along with it. I argued my complaint with them, but still they came up with the same response, I'm sorry sir but you will have to purchase another battery. Well when asking them how much a battery costs, they told me they didnt have any in stock, and they would have to order one. I asked them how long it would take, and their response was 1 to possibly 2 weeks at best.'' Well that just wasnt satisfactory, so I went to another cell phone provider, and they had the battery for my cell phone. I bought it there, and returned to the store not much more than a day later, because once again, guess what? Yep you guessed it, the cell phone quite working once again! I told them over and over again that it was a new battery I had bought for the cell phone, and that I knew for a fact that it was the cell phone itself. Well like usual and expected they argued about that! So I once again just to prove them wrong, went out and bought another brand new battery today! I took it back into them, because the same problems occured and still they said it was the battery and not the phone. Even another cell phone company had called them, and told them it was the phone, that the phone was defective. Still they denyed it, and told me I would have to take it up with the corporate office. Well common people, dont you see the problem, I live in Pasco County, and Clearwater is many miles away for someone who doesn't have transportation more than half of the time. Also just to take it way down there, is completely rediculous. I believe they should have fixed it right then and there, at their office. But ofcourse like I said they refused. When I became to get a little mad about the whole entire situation, and when I threw one question right after another at them, they basically made their jaws drop to the floor, they actually told me to leave their store and to never come back! Can you believe this? Actually kicking a customer out, for asking questions about their cell phones, and why they sold me a defective phone! Are they guilty, do they actually have a concience, do they care about the littler people. My answer to those statements my friends are, now are you ready for this? Here we go, No, Yes, Yes, No, and surely a big No for the question of if they care about the littlier people! My advice to people out there thinking of getting a cell phone through metro pcs, JUST DONT DO IT! It's not worth your time, and or effort to go through the hassle that not only myself, but many others' in the past have! Their nothing but a rip off company, looking to make a quick buck off the little people out there it today's society. Richard Port Richey, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Hudson, Florida

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