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1, Report #1387299
Jul 21 2017
07:15 PM
Michael cernovich Cernovich media Mike Cernovich ripped me off Laguna Niguel California Internet
 Watch out for Cernovich Media at 24662 sunshine Dr after I invested with him and found out that he was isted on the mwfias hate list I asked for my money back from the movie hoaked he refused and told me I bette keep my mouth shut and never ask for a penny. I assme this will become a legal battle thateil last for years. So please be cautious when doing business with this man because you will never get your money back. Watch his videos and ypul see he's my neighbor https://youtu.be/EcyE-CS0X0k
Entity: Internet
2, Report #542958
Dec 21 2009
09:18 AM
THIS POST IS TO INFORM THE PUBLIC TO BE CAREFUL OF MICHAEL LIMPE AS THEY CHEAT PEOPLE MONEY. This person is also a sex scammer and swindler who cheat people large amount of money. Police yesterday arrested Michael Limpe for sex scam
Entity: MANILA, Internet
3, Report #744109
Jun 22 2011
05:00 PM
Michael Ross Michael Ross Stay Clear From Michael Ross http://www.michaelross.net Internet
Stay very far away from  Michael Ross , ssorleahcim@comcast.net, http://www.michaelross.netThis guy will take advantage of you anyway he can.He is a liar,cheater,thief, con artist.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #113978
Oct 21 2004
11:05 AM
Polvay, Michael Arthur aka Michael Plumb aka Billy Plumb rip-off by marriage, suspected bigamist Norwalk? Connecticut
IF YOU HAVE HAD EXPERIENCE WITH MICHAEL ARTHUR POLVAY, AKA MICHAEL PLUMB and BILLY PLUMB PLEASE SEND ANY RELEVANT INFORMATION TO BERNICE BARNETT, LINCOLN COUNTY (OREGON) DISTRICT ATTORNEY... THANKS IN ADVANCE. From: Bernice Barnett To: Cc: Ron Benson Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 8:33 PM Subject: Re: Dear Ms. Haines, I am asking the investigator in the District Attorney's office to look at your situation. His name is Ron Benson. He will contact you. I did not read the news paper article but can tell from the title that the person in that case was proven a bigamist. In your case you mention that you suspect this might be true. We will see if we can confirm your suspicions. If we can there is a possibility that we can prosecute, at least for that. (It will depend on when you were divorced.) I am truly sorry for horrible events that have happened to you. It is my hope that we will be able to help. Sincerely, Bernice Brenda :o) 10/16/2004 2:49:28 PM >>> Dear Ms. Barnett, > You probably don't remember me, but I contacted you about 5 years ago, regarding a situation similar to the one in a story on the kgw news website. A few weeks ago, I read the story of this sweetheart-scamming bigamist's arrest with great interest (and more than a little anger!), because Michael Arthur Polvay did the same thing to me about 5 years ago. I'm a longtime resident of Lincoln County - the last seven years in Seal Rock. > > Deputy Shanks of the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department was willing ONLY to take a report and to tell me repeatedly that what Michael Arthur Polvay had done to (my kids and) me was not criminal, but civil in > nature. As I recall, Deputy Davey told me the same thing. > > I'd like to know: why is it a crime for George Washington Upton to do this to women, but (according to Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputies), it was only a civil matter when Michael Arthur Polvay did it to me? > When I met this charming creep in mid 1998 (at the Church of the Nazarene in Newport), my credit was top notch and I owed only about $4,500 in credit card debt, but within 4 months of marrying him (on 1/1/99 in Clark County Nevada), my debt was $130,000.00 and my available credit was completely exhausted (my credit report will confirm these facts). Then he was gone, actually telling me I've gotten all I want from you, now leave me alone! At that time, he was supposed to be working for Billy Lounello of Moreno Valley Pontiac - Gmc-Buick at 12630 Motor Way, Moreno Valley, CA 92555. I know of several other victims of his, one of whom is Donna who, at that time lived at in Riverside CA with Mr. Polvay. By calling her number, I spoke with each of them several times. According to my final AMEX statement (for one), he used my credit cards for gas and five star hotel rooms, to court Ms. Gerry, to buy thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment with which to start a business with Ms. Gerry (the same pitch he used with me) - and even to procure the services of prostitutes! My understanding is that Ms. Gerry lost 2 houses and more than $500,000.00 to him. Perhaps the most distressing aspect of being involved with Michael Arthur Polvay is his tendency to discredit his victims by (for instance) setting them up by planting drugs in their house or inviting them out for drinks, insisting they drive and then reporting them for DUI. The reason he was in Lincoln County in the first place was that he was an informant for the DEA and was working on the case against David (and Monique) See in Newport (he told me this himself). > Since 1999, he's lived in northern California, Nevada, Illinois, Connecticut, Florida and who knows where else? I don't have any idea of his whereabouts right now, but I his SS# is 040-82-5531 (he was in such a hurry when he left - with my credit cards, in the car that I'd leased for his benefit - that he left his SS card here). Also, the mother of his two children would know where he is. Her name is Maria Polvay of Eugene Oregon - who I believe still works at the Silver Dollar Club, also in Eugene. She can be reached through her father, Jaime R in Florence, OR. By the way, her father has also had some very interesting legal experiences with Mr. Polvay. I strongly suggest you contact him. Michael Arthur Polvay is of Philippine decent, about 5'8 and 150 lbs. His DOB is 10/30/63. At one time, while living in the San Francisco Bay area, he used his own brother's name, Billy Plumb, as an alias. His mother is Terry of Norwalk (or Fairfield), Connecticut. One of his good friends is Jonathan in Portland Oregon (in hindsight, I believe the two of them are part of a national ID theft ring - I don't have the resources to investigate or to prove it - I'm writing in fervent hope that you can help). Another longtime friend of his is Kris. The only contact info I have for him is his toll-free phone number. In addition to repeatedly scamming women out of money, automobiles and credit, I believe Mr. Polvay is most likely a bigamist too, because I was finally granted the use of an alternative method of service through Judge Littlehales by which to divorce Mr. Polvay (by default) in October 2003, so he and I were legally married for almost 5 years. During the period of 1999 through 2001 (when I lost track of him), he'd been involved with at least half a dozen women (that I knew of). Rumor had it that he married at least two of them during that time, but again, thanks to Mr. Polvay himself, I lack the financial resources to prove this and again, nobody would even investigate my story. During that time, I participated in ongoing correspondence with people such as Gordon Smith, Darlene, Terry and others, each of whom referred me back to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, whose Deputies would do nothing except to tell me that this situation was not criminal in nature, but a civil matter. This has all been frustrating, to say the least. Life as a single mother is struggle enough without having one's life destroyed by a con artist, and then being told by the authorities, in essence, that there was nothing they could (or more accurately, WOULD) do about it. Obviously, it's too late for me, but PLEASE do single mothers everywhere a favor and at least investigate this matter. I've tried to make this concise while providing you with as many details as possible. You are welcome to contact me with any questions. Because KGW ran the story of George Washington Upton's arrest, I'm sending a copy of this message to their news tips division, too. Thanks in advance for your prompt and thorough attention to this matter. Brenda Seal Rock, OregonU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Norwalk?, Connecticut
5, Report #1241623
Jul 13 2015
05:50 PM
Michael Apicella Michael John Apicella, Law office of Michael Apicella, Low Offices of Michael Apicella, Michael Apicella, attorney Michael Apicella is a lousy attorney. Petaluma California
I'm so glad to see that someone reported this shiester. What an absolute joke.  He represented me in a divorce matter. He completely bungled the paperwork costing me thousands. I would not recommend Michael Apicella. He comes off as a nice guy but over time you start to see a lot of screwups. He is completely incompetent. They say anyone who represents himself has a fool for a client. I say: anyone who has Michael Apicella represent them has a fool for a lawyer. Irate in Santa Rosa.
Entity: Petaluma, California
6, Report #447527
Apr 29 2009
02:50 PM
Michael Rockwell Michael Rockwell Bellville Ohio
Bided and Won a LCD from Michael Rockwell of 12880 Gregg Rd Bellville Ohio 44813 EBay Seller ID mike3001. I paid with WESTERN UNION MONEY ORDER, Michael cashed and never send the LCD to the address I requested. BEWARE, THIS GUY RIPOFF !!!!! His address... Michael Rockwell 12880 Gregg Rd Bellville Oh 44813 Imp Hallandale Beach, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Bellville, Ohio
7, Report #594739
Apr 19 2010
10:05 PM
MICHAEL THOMAS Michael Thomas Psychic Crap Orlando, Florida
I sent Michael Thomas supposedly renowned psychic money to cast a spell to bring my lover back. He claimed he is the ONLY psychic out there who can do the work and GUARANTEE your money back. He said he sends you an authenticated certificate to refund your money. I sent him $280 (he wanted $1300 up front but was willing to work with me for the rest). He never asked for boyfriends name or birthdate or anything. After he received the money I insisted he take information of my boyfriend down. He did and then said call him tomorrow. When I called him back he demanded $900 NOW! He said for me to sell my jewelry and do whatever I can to pay homage to the gods and he will send my money right back. I refused to do this and he sent me VULGAR messages ... Vulgar meaning calling me a c*, whore, f*ken bi*h etc. I saved his website and he is now going under the name Erin Chadwin. MAJOR RIP OFF!
Entity: Orlando, Florida
8, Report #565878
Feb 07 2010
10:53 AM
Michael Ahmic michael ahmic Bad news Lincoln, Nebraska
Worked with this guy for years. A**hole to everybody. Thinks everybodys tryin to take his money truth is he uses everybody else.  treated everybody like dirt. The guy is worthless. Word was he stalked this gal for years. feel sorry for her. bet she told him to hit the road.
Entity: Lincoln, Nebraska
9, Report #788087
Oct 12 2011
06:51 PM
Michael Cantrell GLOBALREPPRO globalreppro, michael cantrell, pacific dreams Internet, Internet
beware of Michael Cantrell and Pacific Dreams ! They ruined my weekend! I couldn't believe that any professional business would screw up and then expect me to pay more for it, and then suggest that I just go away so they could get more money from someone else !I sent them a scathing email saying I would not recommend their business to anyone! So, beware of  Pacific Dreams and the rude, unprofessional, inconsiderate employees like Michael Cantrell!! --
Entity: Internet, Internet
10, Report #848480
Mar 04 2012
10:15 AM
Michael Iuculano Michael Luculano Licensing required Glendale, Arizona
Before doing business with this guy be sure to Google his name and various titles he uses.  Mortgage brokers are required to be licensed to originate loans or be paid any fees.  Be sure to check his name under the consumer access link in the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS)...here is the link:http://mortgage.nationwidelicensingsystem.org/Pages/default.aspxI have not been able to locate his name on the  NMLS list anywhere in the US.
Entity: Glendale, Arizona
11, Report #1071950
Jul 31 2013
09:54 PM
Michael Stoneham MICHAEL STONEHAM is a THIEF!! Houston Texas
I called Michael Stoneham from a Craig's List advertisement that he repaired appliances.  My Dryer and SubZero refrigerator needed repair. He came out and told me I needed a 250.00 part even though I had already ordered a part that Sears online told me I needed. He didn't even try to put the part on - just told me I needed another part. I gave him $200.00. He never called me back.  I called him 4 times a day and finally he agreed to come back out.  (His excuse was car trouble and son problems). He finally came out and I told him to try to put the part I bought on. He did and it worked.  I didn't have a dryer for 4 weeks and I had the part all along! He then stated I needed a part for my SubZero. He said to give him $200.00 for the part and I would owe him $100.00.  I reluctantly gave him $100.00 - once again never heard back from him.  I called and called - he finally answered said he forgot to order part and hung up on me. Do not do business with this man nor feel sorry for him like I did. His purpose is to steal from you! 
Entity: Houston, Texas
12, Report #1280235
Jan 19 2016
10:54 AM
Michael schmidt Michael kwilos Auto Leasing Nationwide
 Michael, posted an ad for an office manager, interviewed and sent offer via e-mail. He offered to pay $800 per week with a sign on bonus of $1200. The 1st week I thought nothing of not receiving any money cause of payroll. When I questioned him on the location of the office he would change the subject and distract me with another conversation.   Week 2 he told me he had to purchase a home ASAP for tax reasons. I took him to several showings did research on listings. Week 3 he said something happened to the accounts and he was being audited and would pay me the following Monday and double my bonus for the trouble. He apologizedid up and down. I fell for it. Week 4 he asked me to date him. Still no money more excuses. I told him I couldn't date or work for him anymore. He flew off the handle kept telling me it was all my fault. After several weeks of research I found that he had done this before and was arrested for fraud in Florida. He went to my sitters home and explained to her what happened also had me interview a guy for the auto leasing business. All lies no company has heard of him and he tricked me and other people in my life. I was evicted because I was never paid. He ruined my life in one month. Guy is a total con. Stay away!!
Entity: nationwide
13, Report #1356000
Feb 14 2017
11:17 AM
Michael Zemelshteyn Michael Zemelshteyn Scam artist, computer ripoff on ebay
I bought a laptop from Michael Zemelshteyn on ebay...or rather, I paid for a laptop. 3 days after I paid for the laptop I sent him an email asking when he would ship. He said he ran into a shipping problem but would be able to ship the next day. Three days later I again emailed, and he did not reply. After a week, I filed a case with ebay and paypal. It has now been a month and he still has my money. Stay away from this scam fraud artist!
14, Report #459807
Jun 08 2009
05:50 PM
Michael Jenkins attn Henderson Nevada
attn to all who reads this in reguards to michael jenkins and jim morgan my name is greg massey and i live in spring hill fl a few years ago i met michael jenkins thru jim morgan and i can tell you that what they do is real they are not scammers i have been to jim morgans home and have seen where he cast the spells and had seen him prep for a spell so i can tell u that they do actually cast spells i have not yet had the oppertunity to have one cast yet but can tell you thet they are real and actually do cast spells are not frauds and really care about people and take great pride in what they do if anyone has any questions feel free to e-mail me at gregfl36@yahoo.com Gregfl38 spring hill, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
15, Report #437917
Mar 26 2009
12:31 PM
Michael Gagliano Telemarketer Candiac Quebec
Michael Gagliano sold me a fixed gas contract that is going to cost me alot of money to get out at my home. he lied about the whole rate and contract. Since it is a existing contract I have to pay this out when I sell my home. My family will be out of pocket now because of this bald headed slick sales person. Do not trust this weasel Michael Gagliano. Hope you or some of your family finds out about this when they search for you online. Henry w d Toronto, OntarioCanada
Entity: Candiac, Quebec
16, Report #626729
Jul 26 2010
08:51 PM
Michael Knight fights ripoffs Internet
Jason Paterson, Jointegrity attacks Michael Knight. Jason is a liar and a thief, if any one is. He stole 2 orbital 360 machines and refused to pay for them. He promised training certification programs and never delivered.  He promised Tapout contracts and never delivered. He thought 3D360 technologies was stealing his name yet his name is Jointegrity. He attacked Jean Sandler without cause of reason because he was unable to manipulate her. He accused Michael Knight of using his name for publicity. His name was used with his permission, until he turned sour on the deal He play victim, but was never injured. Jointegrity, a company which can't get off the ground and blames others for theri failure  
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #628062
Jul 31 2010
02:28 PM
Michael Wright Craigslist SCAMMER!!! Internet
I first received an e-mail from this guy after I listed a posting of a kiteboard I was selling on Craigslist.com. He disguised his name as Abraham Roberts and his email was abrahamrobert2@gmail.com. He said that he cannot come personally to see the kiteboard but tells me that he will be sending me a check in the mail and asks for my full name and address to send it to. Right here I should have had red flags going up, but I provided my information anyway, thinking that it was legit.The check he sent me was for $1,800. I was selling the kiteboard for $400. He told me to keep $500 for the price plus a tip and send the rest to his shipper via Western Union and he provided me some information to which I should send the money using Western Union. Having the knowledge of fraud checks/money orders and scammers' dependability on Western Union and other bank wiring services to receive their money, I realized that this was bogus and dealt with the rest quite angrily.If you ever receive emails in anyway similar to the one I got for items you're selling on craiglist or a similar site, IGNORE THEM and at the every least, do NOT give out ANY of you're information. Not even your name!!!
Entity: , Internet
18, Report #796761
Nov 10 2011
10:05 AM
Michael Tautkus Identity Theft Internet, Internet
My name is Michael Tautkus. I am a honest hard working software engineer. Someone has stolen my identity and is masquerading as me or there is another Michael Tautkus who is scamming others. When I read about how an individual by the name of Michael Tautkus ripped people off, i think it is very sad and i feel for their loss. Unfortunately there are more than one Michael Tautkus and I am an honest hard working software engineer. However the post on the complaints board is hurting my reputation because whenever I apply for a job, the first thing that pops up is Michael Tautkus is a rip off..... Sort of turns any potential employer off. The person you are looking for may be deceased. He died in a freak raceway accident by being struck from a random racing tire that flew over the spectator fence and killed him. So I think he may have got his just deserves for ripping people off. I know you still hurt but have solace in the fact that he received his divine retribution for his crimes. So please, it would be a big favor to me and a small thing for you to remove your rip off report or modify it to reflect the current status quo and lift the reproach from my name. Thanks again,...The other Michael Tautkus.
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #820216
Jan 09 2012
04:02 PM
michael ramson Photo booth business Internet, Internet
The guy floats from company to company because he is no good at what he does, He lies all of the time about everything. He says that he has and open air photo booth and uses their copyrighted name and photos, but if you look at the other photos he does not use the open air booth.  He lives with a woman that he is not married to. He lied to me for a full month. And dropped me all of the sudden, and would not get back with me. Don't book with him or give him a deposit. By the time your event rolls around he may be on to the next big thing. Be warned.
Entity: Internet, Internet
20, Report #834350
Feb 05 2012
07:14 PM
Murray Michael Artist Hamilton, Ontario
Murray Michael who is an painter from Hamilton, Ontario was supposed to do up some paintings for me.  Once he had my money he would not return my emails.  I threated to contact police and after he begged and pleaded with me not to; I gave him some slack in hopes of getting the paintings I ordered.  Instead he slapped together a couple of paintings and shipped them to me.  When I told him the paintings were unacceptable he said he would redo them only if I paid him even more money than I had already. 
Entity: Hamilton, Ontario
21, Report #900852
Jun 21 2012
10:53 AM
Michael Neuwirth Car Scam Houston, Texas
Car Scam Alert! I came across a fantastic deal for a used Mercedes Benz CLK 320.  It was advertised in Auto Trader by an individual using the name Michael Neuwirth with the email michaelneuwirth18@yahoo.com, and using the phone number of 713-486-2530.   So, I contacted Michael and he emailed back.  He first responded by stating he was getting ready for deployment to Afghanistan and was currently on base on Florida and has the car with him.  Red Flag, but no problem.  I have friends in Florida that could have gone to look at the car for me. He responds again saying he can't take the time to show the car, but if I give him my full name, address and contact info that someone from Auto Trader will facilitate the purchase and give me a call.  Another Red Flag! Auto Trader is a great advertising venue, but they do not facilitate purchases or guarantee the cars for sale.  So, his statement was a flat out lie. Michael Neuwirth - probably not his real name michaelneuwirth18@yahoo.com - someone responded, but this email is being used for scam purposes. 713-486-2530 - This is the fax number for the The Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences for the University of Texas.  This is not Michael's number Be cautious if you see any ads using this information.
Entity: Houston, Texas
22, Report #872384
Apr 23 2012
08:59 AM
Michael Hamilton Loan scam, Internet
This person sent me a check, then constantly texted me to get me to send him funds before the check cleared.  I would not do this, and of course it bounced.DO NOT take checks from anyone you do not know.  Accept MO, paypal, Western Union, whatever legit method you choose, but NO CHECKS. All of these internet scumbags are the same Nigerian low lifes with nothing better to do.
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #1172551
Aug 26 2014
08:09 PM
Michael Gabbard fake cashier's check Internet
I was selling a dress craigslist, asking $300. This man said he was interested and that he was going to send a cashier's check to me. He then stated that they sent he wrong amount and asked me to cash the check and send im the remaining $1200 extra. When I got the check, it was obvious i was fake, but I took it to the bank to ask  their opinion. Same thing, they said it was very obvious it was fake. Now he is emailing me saying he saw it got delivered and is asking for the remaining money.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1202524
May 15 2015
09:14 AM
michael babineau wrongfull represntation Internet
when you go to a seminar you have the expectation of honetsy and up most integretty when going to any semminar but when all is said and done you assume that the pepole that are hosting these seminares are the pepole that are in the postion to help pepole out and not take them for all the money that they can by miss leading there clients and posts that are not comepletty true if there are repputable compaies out there then you should not have any thing to wory about but for those how pray on the unfortunate then shame on you the working class person should stand up and be commisated
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1046321
Apr 25 2013
11:07 PM
Michael Davis Ronnie Cooper SCAM!! Internet
I received a call from a Michael Stephen Davis with a heavy middle eastern accent. He said there is a company suing me for $600 back in october 2012 and they will press charges that can result in felony charges.. He told me to have my attorney call him & when I advised I didnt have one or money he got upset with me saying I would be areested at my work in autin. He wanted me to confirm personal information including my social. I set up a payment plan and paid $100 the first time and $167 the next. The last payment was supposed to be around $400.. He called and told me I could pay the $400 or get a green dot card then call him and I'd have to only pay $200.... I did not knowing.. He told me it went through and he'd send my receipt to me...didnt hear from him until yesterday April 25th 2013. He said the same thing and that I owed $600 again or I'd be arrested... He got mad when I said I had no money and told me I to go walgreens in the morning and then call him... That is when I looked up the number and name online and found all these links saying it was scam and how other people where scammed by this guy too... There also was a lawsuit!!! I hope this guy can be caught and Id like my money back.. I'm only a 25 yr old who is trying to go school and work...
Entity: , Internet

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