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1, Report #1393327
Aug 16 2017
09:05 PM
Michelle ROSS Licensed mental health counselof Betrayal, unprofessionalism, abandonment Coral Springs Florida
I was a patient of Michelle Ross about 2 yrs ago and was completely abandoned and neglected by her as she would not return my phone calls to schedule another appointment. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I would not suggest anyone see her.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
2, Report #880865
Mar 05 2013
11:50 PM
Michelle Thurman Kalani Campbell, Tammy Adams, Louis Cavallario, Michelle Ross Crystal Energy Gypsy Scam Encino, California
SUMMARY OF COMPLAINT AGAINST KALANI CAMPBELL- ENERGY WORKER/PSYCHIC: Brief Summary: I lost $76,000 in WesterUnion, MoneyGram, Money Orders and Chase Bank transfers that were supposed to be refunded at the conclusion of crystal work done by the above energy worker. I have all documentation and am seeking other victims to enter a class action law suit. I initially contacted Kalani in the fall of 2009 through her website which offered spiritual work to repair relationships. I filled out the contact form and she called me back, explaining her work was $200.00 inclusive and that she was paid by voluntary donations at the conclusion of my case.  I sent her a money order for $200.00 and she called me back. She then began a tutorial on connecting with my spirit guides, and gave me daily breathing and meditation exercises. After about 2 weeks she determined through her meditation that energy lines spanning many past lives were down in the relationship I was trying to repair, as well as other lines affecting my music career and family. These needed to be repaired and then I would move forward in all these areas. She explained that the breaks in the lines were so deep that meditations could not repair them. She required crystals that contained sufficient energy to reconnect the lines. When everything was reconnected, she could release the energy and everything would manifest. She said her specialty was energy work and that she had a large workspace where she did crystal layouts for her clients. She then sent me pictures of crystals via text and e-mail I could choose from that contained sufficient energy to reconnect the lines. I asked if I could purchase my own amethyst on-line. She said no, as she needed to read them to be sure they contained adequate energy. I declined making any deposits, though she assured me they were completely refundable and we parted ways. In January of 2010 she sent me a text and said she had a donor and had a crystal available for only $680.00 she could use to reconnect the energy lines. In the midst of divorce and emotional crisis, I agreed as long as I could get my money back. She assured me I could. I then sent her a money order for $680.  She began her work and told me she was able to make all the appropriate connections and bring up energy lines that were down with the amethyst and all she had to do was make secure connections and close the case. The next two years were an unbelievable journey of lies, crises and deposits totaling over $76,000 for crystals, energy domes, materials and outside consultations. All of this attempting to close my case and get our money back. Kalani claimed to have over $20,000 of her own money tied up in my case. She said she had to borrow money and used all her personal funds for crystals for my case. She said she had her utilities and cell phone turned off because of the money tied up in my crystal grid and wasnt able to take on any more clients because all her time was consumed by my case. All of the money was held in cash by crystal dealers Louis Cavallario and Mike who delivered the crystals to her work space. When the case was closed, Louis would come with a truck, charge a nominal fee per crystal and load them on his truck. Then all the money would be returned in cash and Kalani would deposit it directly into my Chase bank accounts. She had all my account numbers as she told me she was going to make the deposits within an hour or less and needed the numbers. I was contacted in early March 2012 by a victim who had gotten my phone number from Kalanis phone records through a private investigator. He had been victimized as well for $25,000 in similar fashion and had contacted other victims, uncovering over $500,000.00 in money transfers from Kalani, which he told me was a moniker for the real extortionist, Michelle Thurman. They have tracked the victims money to a single account. I am now seeking other victims and a lawyer to join me in filing a class action lawsuit.
Entity: Encino, California
3, Report #925865
Aug 11 2012
11:33 AM
Ross Halfin, Ross Halfin photographer, Internet
I ordered prints from Ross Halfin and I was billed for them but they never came. I've asked for refund many times to no avail. ROSS HALFIN IS A CHEAT!
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #744109
Jun 22 2011
05:00 PM
Michael Ross Michael Ross Stay Clear From Michael Ross http://www.michaelross.net Internet
Stay very far away from  Michael Ross , ssorleahcim@comcast.net, http://www.michaelross.netThis guy will take advantage of you anyway he can.He is a liar,cheater,thief, con artist.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #925948
Aug 11 2012
03:45 PM
Ross Halfin PEDOPHILE Ross Halfin SCAMMER Ross Halfin PEDOPHILE Ross Halfin SCAMMER United Kingdom Internet
I met Ross Halfin (music photographer) and paid for some rock and roll prints. Instead he sent me photos depicting naked children in sexual poses and activity. I contacted the police. He refused to refund my money and only wanted to sell me pedophile material. Ross Halfin PEDOPHILE SCAMMER YOU NEED HELP!
Entity: Internet, Select State/Province
6, Report #417771
Jan 29 2009
12:54 PM
Orin Ross Speakers Orin Ross Scam Lebanon Pennsylvania
I came across several articles online about this and I wanted to put my experience on online as well hoping people see this and are aware of this scam. Heres what happened to me. I was at my bank taking out money from the outside ATM machine when I was approached my a gentlemen in a Blue Honda Minivan. I figured the guy was lost and was looking for some direction. He told me that this is going to sound strange but he is trying to sell a home audio surround sound system. I'm thinking um ok right, scam alert! I told him sure, I'll talk to you about it. I finished my transaction at the ATM while he pulled into a parking space. This shows how intelligent this guy is, banks have cameras dummy!!! The driver was in his late 40's and the passenger was early 20s. The driver begins to tell me that he installs stereo systems and his boss was suppose to give him 2 systems to install but accidentally gave him 3 and he is trying to get rid of this 3rd one. He opened the side door to his van and showed me all of these boxes and even showed me this receipt that he was given 2 systems but they screwed up and actually gave him 3. The speakers were Orin Ross, I never heard of them and I'm a big audio fan, both car and home, also am an engineer and knew right away this stuff was junk. I played around with him a little bit acting like I was interested. He went on telling me how great these were, had a magazine in the car that had a big ad inside for these Orin Ross speakers and even showed me the printed MSRP on the box of 1895. I dont recall seeing a piece of audio equipment list the MSRP right on the box. I asked him how much he wanted, he tells me 500. I tell him I cant afford that because I just purchased a house and I have closing in a couple of weeks and I need all the money I can get. He asked what I would be comfortable paying, I told him 40 or 50. He said he couldn't accept that and he would continue looking for someone else to buy them. I said fair enough, shook his hand and I left the bank parking lot and drove next door to burger kings drive thru to get lunch. So now I'm sitting in the drive thru and guess who is driving up along side all of the cars, yep speaker guy. Hes asking everyone in the drive thru if they want to buy these speakers. This guy even comes back up to me and asks me. I said you already asked me. He says I did? Oh yea thats right, second times a charm. Less then 2 minutes have gone by and he totally forgot asking me the first time. In the other articles I read online they are exactly the same, the speaker name, the boss giving him to many system to install, showing a magazine ad, everything. There are a certain type of people in this world who deserve to be shot and they are scam artist. I've been scammed before and I was lucky to get my money back after jumping through hoops, I dont take scamming lightly. George Myerstown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Lebanon, Pennsylvania
7, Report #915340
Jul 21 2012
07:31 AM
Ross & Matthews Denied Benefits , Internet
The provider lawfirm (under Legal Shield) in Texas, Ross & Matthews, put me in harm's way. My credit is now in shambles and I owe thousands of dollars. I had called the lawfirm about a particular case, asking what my options were and what kind of effect I should expect. Another party was threatening to sue me in JP court. On at least two occasions, two separate attornies at the lawfirm advised me that I should have no difficulty getting out of the suit. They advised me to simply present a certain document to the judge as evidence, and told me that the judge would then dismiss the case. I called before the suit, when served, and during the suit. I called multiple times and spoke quite a bit to attornies at the lawfirm. I am certain of what they told me, what we talked about. I called when I still could have possibly avoided suit entirely. I called after served, to request representation benefits (under Legal Shield). They put me in danger by telling me that I should expect no harm. When the possibility for harm arose, they pulled out. They said that they would not be representing me. Know why? Yeah, they told me that the case was indefensible. I went up the ladder, as high up in corporate as possible. Nope. In the end, everyone in the company decided that the case was indefensible, that I would be receiving none of the representation that I had been paying for in monthly installments. Oh, there's another twist. I've come to believe that the other party is actually also a LegalShield member. Interesting, huh? The lawfirm gives me information to lead me into the situation, then pulls out once they've gotten me there, and all the while they are also representing the other party. Conflict of Interest. Wow. Yeah, this is more than fishy - this is serious. I will be contacting the State Bar. Wish me luck. I hope this goes all the way. Problem is, this is a firm, not just one attorney. So I need to figure that out. Maybe contact senators? I'll be working on it. Unfortunately, Better Business Bureau doesn't take anything seriously. How could they - these companies pay their utilities.
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #1102714
Nov 27 2013
04:54 PM
Ross Jardine orem Utah
Ross Jardine is that particular kind of snake that smiles at you just before injecting you with poison. He will tell you that he knows how to make you rich if you give him your money, but the truth is he only knows how to make himself rich, and that is by taking your money, how this guy has not be throw in jail for his scams I don't know. Do not give con-man  your money!
Entity: orem, Utah
9, Report #1196494
Dec 19 2014
09:56 AM
ROSS a real b**** albany Oregon
    I found that if you want a good pair of shoes, you have to find the right shoe store. After being told from some good friends that a new store had opened in the Mall in Albany, The Name of this store is Ross, they said whatever you need they had, at a discount price. I was told, like a second hand store, no they said that most of thier inventory was new to used items that had no damage.     So Last week I thought that I would visit this store with my wife. We arrived around 7 p.m. We walked through the whole store, then we found the area where they had shoes, after a while of brousing, i found a pair i thought was comfortable, and tried them on the fit was good and i thought the price was right, a bargin for a non-brand name $29.95. We paid for the shoes and left.     The next day i try the shoes on again and the fit was good, so i laced them up and walked out to my truck to see if I left my wallet in it, because these shoes were so tight they were causing me alot of pain, now this was why i went for my wallet to make sure I had my reciept for these shoes, because I intended to take them back for a refund.    After i found my clain ticket, or reciept i put the shoes back in the bag and headed back to Rosses to return the shoes.    When I got there, I went to the cashier counter and the woman asked if I was returning an item and I told her I was, and she told me she was sorry, but I had to go the far side of the store for returns. I said thank you and began my trek to the farside.    Once I arrived, I encountered what I thought was a decent fellow, and told him I wanted to return the shoes because they did'nt fit. He says ok and took the shoes out of the bag turned them over and said he couldnt take the back. I looked at him and said what. He said he couldnt take them back because they were worn outside. I looked at him and said are you crazy, I just walked to my truck to get my wallet, he said the shoes were dirty and he wasnt allowed to take them back.     I told him to get his manger, because if he thought he was going to get away with this he was crazy, so he picked up the phone and called his manager, who was on her way to him already. He showed her the shoes and told her what he had said, and she looked at me and said sorry we cant take them shoes back the were worn outside.  I said if you F****** people think you were going to get away with this, think again, she said watch your language, I turned as I was walking away, I raised my hand and gave her the bird, and said is this better b****, and kept walking. I heard from her there is no cause for that, I then turned again and replyed F*** you. And at one point i raised my voice to all the customers in the store and said dont buy anything from these crooks, because you buy it you own it. not to say that, this was not true.     As for Ross I plan to file a formal complaint with the Or. Dept of Justice and will get my money back. and I will continue to destroy this company for its fraud dealings it does to the public.
Entity: albany, Oregon
10, Report #210819
Sep 13 2006
01:02 PM
Michelle Salter - Michelle Marshall ripoff deadbeat mother Newark Delaware
This 35 year old woman owes over $20,000 in child support (as of 9/13/06). She hasn't even seen here children since Decemeber 2004. And even than I brought the to her. She has the nerve to tell people that she is getting her life together again. Thats a joke!!! It took 10 months for the court to grant me sole custody of the kids. During that time I paid her $150 a week without a court order and I had the kids every Wed,Fri,Sat and Sun without fail. One Friday I was sick and I called her to tell her that I was going to the hospital. But she got mad and brought them over to me. She wanted her weekend free for her partying, I guess. Anyway 4 years later she still refuses to pay. She told me that I didn't need it and don't deserve it either. I told her that I might not need it, but the kids deserve it. She must not agree with me though since she hasn't made any effort in paying her child support. John newark, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Newark, Delaware
11, Report #355412
Jul 24 2008
08:38 PM
Ross Management Aka Ross Financial Services discrimination/violation building codes Silvis Illinois
this management company offers subsidized housing and substandard housing .i am a muslim american whom is proudly married to an african american from west africa. i had a picture of me on my door and someone in my building wrote racial derogatory words on it some of the tenants made racial remarks to me and my husband and ross management also set different rental terms for my husband, and after a year my husband is still not added to the lease ,nor did rooss management evict tenants who have and continue to make racial remarks to me and my husband .hud is investigating as well. the police were notified of the hate crime however ross management continies to do nothing and they say they have eoh/equal oppurtunity housing, however there is only one black man and 2 hispanics living here and we know why now. they dont like to repair anything they get 550.00 for each apartment here there are 100 apartments dont move to illini towers they are discriminatory and what u will get is substandard housing .we had a fire 3 weeks ago and a week before that management told us the fire dept would evacuate us handicapped people on the second floor but they just left us up here and we all were sick from smoke inhalation Aminata silvis, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Silvis, Illinois
12, Report #675494
Dec 27 2010
07:08 AM
Don Ross Don Ross CampRoss-ji-ha Nichiren-shu Don Ross scam / Nichren Cafe scam / SGI scam / Don Ross internet scam syndicate San Diego, California
Beware of Don Ross of Nichiren Coffeehouse This post is to warned the public to be careful of Don Ross also known as Donald Ross of Nichiren Coffeehouse. This person is an internet scammer and swindler who cheat people money and use the name of SGI on his scam and fraud activity. Beware of this person or you will be the next victim of scam and fraud
Entity: San Diego, California
13, Report #196101
Jun 12 2006
05:55 PM
John J Ross - Sharon B. Ross ripoff deceptive fraud practicioner Orlando, Florida
John J. Ross author of the following books/ Digit 7 Perspectives, Rags to Destiny and Lease Purchase America along with his wife Sharon B. Ross are a couple together defrauding individuals. His books are published under the principle based name of Handshake Partners based out of Pittsburgh, Pa. One of his practices is to meet with you, give you his books to read and for him to discuss how he will provide mentoring on how to become a real estate investor.Of course while you pay him a modest consulting fee and by becoming his partner. He provides distressed properties at negotiated prices that are financed by using your credit at the appraised value. Keeping in mind that he says he will show you the art of negotiating these deals in the future.( Part of the consulting fee). Then he shares with you that the negotiated price or excess capital which is much less than the appraised value affords you to rehab the property without using your money. Then once the property is rehabbed it is either leased to own or rented to establish cash flow. Once the property is sold less expenses from the excess capital then the remaining monies are split 50/50. Sounds like a good plan until you ask for money which has been diverted to Digit7 Partners. John Ross tells you it is all gone because he has to be paid and he has expenses to meet.While you have received only partial retribution for the rehabbing expenses you have incurred. Then his fraudulent reply is that he has assisted you in securing properties with no money down. While all along you have paid the expenses of rehabbing the properties and received only a minimal amount of the excess capital. Now with John Ross telling you that he has no more of the excess capital you have the ongoing expenses along with a property that even if it is rented it will not make the mortage payment. While he thanks his heavenly father ( excerpt in his books ) that he and his wife Sharon the proud parents of Audrey and Hannah have scammed another individual fraudulently. Jepordizing their clients good intentions and credit so his family can live a lie. Keep in mind that John Ross when asked for money severed his verbal interest along with him no longer providing mentorship that has been paid very handsomely. So if anybody has been dealing with this crook watch out because there is not one honest bone in this mans body!He sold me a bill of goods and for that I will have to pay dearly. Keep in mind that his family is very mobile. This happened in Orlando and last he was in Atlanta. Michael Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
14, Report #49904
Mar 19 2003
07:02 PM
Ross Country ripoff Boca Raton Florida
here what happened im paying of my credit card . my name i called the place kirland where my credit card was and made them a settle ment of 780 . then i had it at a consoldation place they payed cross country direct. no cross country wong give me a settle ment letter saying i payed that 780 dollars as a settle ment causes we didnt talk to them directly. im very upset im trying to buy ahome there laughing at me . ive talked to severaul difrent people im getting upset that kind of money they should be happy with i would think .ineed someone bigger help thanks tim 98366, WashingtonSouth America
Entity: Boca Raton, Florida
15, Report #514744
Oct 25 2009
08:56 PM
olin ross speaker system scammers chino hills, California
I was approached at a shopping center this afternoon in Gold River California by a guy in a white van with Florida plates on his white van. He said he had a great deal on an olins ross stereo system. He showed me the MSRP in a magazine he had and on the box which had not been opened. I said I would give him 20 dollars otherwise I had no use for it I already have enough systems. He didn't want to let go of it for that. I left, and when I went home I put the name into the yahoo search and found this is a scam which apparently is legal. But is it. They apparently have a warranty on this item by sending it to TL Warranty Department in Chino Hills , Ca. They have a website that yes only show a MSRP price. But in reality isn't whatthey are doing is Obtaining Money Under False Pretences which is illegal in any state. I sister in law is one of the Assistant Deputy Attorney Generals here in California and I am going to ask her if there is any legal recourse in this matter. Sure people think they are getting is cheap , but in reality they are in essence joining a conspiracy in a sense because just like the government sting operations do, they are really asking you to break the law with them yet they don't have the protection of the law.
Entity: chino hills, California
16, Report #373932
Sep 17 2008
04:29 PM
Olin Ross Scam, White Van Selling Everett Washington
So, I was heading to the mall today and had to stop at the bank for my friend so that he could pick up money for his new phone that he was planning on buying. We got to Bank of America and withdrew the money we needed and was about to leave. Then two guys in a white van yell to me asking me for some directions. I decide to help since I'm from around the area, they sad they were from Bellevue and looking for a place to store some speakers so that they could make a profit off of them. I hop out of my car to help them out then the real scam showed up. They asked me if I wanted to buy any speakers and that the warehouse where they picked it up at made a mistake and they had extras in their car that they were selling for next to nothing. They gave the story of not wanting to outfit their bosses house with the extra speakers and said they were extremely high quality. Showed a receipt and the MSRP of over $2500. That made it look like it was legit to me. I said ok and said I'm going to call my step mom to see if I could do this and they said don't call anybody, we don't want this to be too wide spread. That threw up a red flag but I still got conned. Since my friend had just picked up a bunch of cash we decided why not they look like nice speakers and we could always pawn it later for a higher price if the MSRP on the box were true. Picked them up for $400, what a waste.. Found out from the pawn shops we checked that it is a scam and that they are cheaply made China speakers worth about $20.... Advice if you are ever approached by guys in a white van looking to sell you speakers walk away or just ignore them. Take down the license plate, call the cops, and try to stop these guys from scamming others. Trakker Everett, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #427000
Feb 21 2009
07:20 PM
Olin Ross... SCAM Houston Texas
Well, it all happened in a gas sation in downtown Houston, TX. I was out with my family and these three well-dressed young men appoarched my uncle. They processed to persuade him to buy an theatre home surround system. I then walked towards them because they were showing him something out the back of their SUV. They were telling my Uncle it was 1,000 watts system. It was only 200 dollars it retails for about $2,500. They had this bogus story about that their boss gave them too many systems. My father (his brother-in-law) kept telling him Don't buy. I didn't know squat of theatre systems. He than negotiated the price down to $130. His hands even shaked of exictment of such a great deal. He thought it was the deal of a lifetime. When we came home I looked on to the internet to find out that it was all a scam. Oh, it was a great deal for the scam artists who buy these systems that are only worth 25 DOLLARS!!!! Don't fall victim to the sellers of OLIN ROSS home thearte Systems! Denise Houston, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
18, Report #611423
Jun 08 2010
06:53 AM
Cary Ross Unreliable Contractor/Tenant London, Ontario
Cary Ross was my tenant from November 2008 to April 2010.  He was hired to re-roof two houses and a shed.  He frequently did not show up when he said he would.  He was to start one roof December 2008 and did not completed it until mid March 2009.  He started the shed roof 2009 and never completed it.  It is still missing half of the ridge cap shingles. As a tenant he frequently paid his rent late.  I addressed this with him and made it clear to him that he was to pay it on time.  I usually found myself hounding him to pay the rent.  I finally gave him 60 days notice to move and he did not pay rent after receiving the notice.  I applied to evict him and have an eviction order.  He finally did move but owes me 3 months rent.  I also had to hire someone to haul away all the garbage to the dump.  He left behind two truck/trailer loads of construction waste from previous jobs he did plus more loads of discarded house hold garbage and furniture.  He has not left me a forwarding address for is mail. 
Entity: London, Ontario
19, Report #1197922
Dec 27 2014
10:36 PM
Pornstar Carmen Ross Skype Scammer Miami Internet
I followed pornstar Carmen Ross on Instagram, She usually post ads for her skype shows so I decided to give it a try, so I contacted her via Email and Skype. Carmen Ross replied back within a day she told me to send her some money and she would put on an erotic show. I sent her 60 dollars via chasequickpay and she never responded back   I did some research she has a history of scamming poeple over skype, as well a poor reputation in her industry   so beware do not do business with her she is a scumbag
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1338672
Nov 17 2016
06:11 PM
Ross Scammed left with some change! Pacoima Nationwide
 How is it possible to purchase a item in full price and the item be reduced for .49 cents, I am aware that Ross does not have shoe itens for that price why scam the people in your community that shop here for there work clothes or etc and be left with some change after a item has been purchase at a regular price that means you keep the entire amount that the item was paid for and left me with a 49 cents echange amout. i hope your stores give a great donation to the comunity after stealing from hard working Americans.
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #1310183
Jun 07 2016
11:37 PM
Ross Retuning an unused bra Bailey's Crossroads Virginia
 I've been shopping at Ross for a decade or so. I love their prices and great finds. Every department has something for me. Jus about every thing in my home is from Ross. I'm no thief, I'm clean, I wouldn't rerun a used iten anywhere. I purchased a set of 2 bras. I went home brought the bag inside and set in my bedroom. I didn't open anything until late to try it on. Their policy is you can't try on lingerie not sure why because you can take it home try it on and bring it back of your not satisfied with it. Well I didn't try it on because I know there policy all tickets must be attached if you decide to return it. I the mist of releasing one of the little attached clear thingys, is when I noticed the ticket not attached, I stopled and immediatwly6begain looking for it. I did not try it on. Now at this point is where I'm like ok I don't want it because something isn't right. I continued to try the other bra I had purchased it fit perfect. As I inspected the untried on bra I noticed it was a push up. My breat areally decent enough size that I don't where push ups. So I definitely wanot to return and get a refund. However knowing their.policy they won't (maybe they will) give me one. I also noticed the bag has a tear in it the size of a ticket that.may have tore the bag. I don't have time in the morning to to go there and investigate the parking lot or have them run the video back to see what could have happened. Wit that being said, if they allow you to take it home and try on why not allow consumers to avoid mishaps such as this. Not every one is trying to rip them off. S*** happens such as this and then they force.you to keep an item you can not use. And if I had the ticket and retured this still is a waste of time, when I could have easily tried it on in the store and avoid another trip.yeah yeah shop somewhere else whatever . They may need to rethink this do not try on bras in the store, due to mishaps such as mine and others . That's not really customer friendly shopping . In my opinion thanks for listening. I did also email them explaining what possibly occurred hopefully they refund me, but I doubt it or hopefully take it back and at lease give me store credit for it, which I really want a refund.
Entity: Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia
22, Report #1382334
Jun 30 2017
12:05 PM
Ross Morrell Non-payment for written articles Lethbridge Alberta
Ross Morrell contacted me on a web site called MyCheapJobs.com (now DoJobsOnline.com as of June 2017) to write articles for him in the fax marketing niche. After some discussion of what the job entailed I gave him an introductory discount on the first 4 articles at $4.00 each, totaling $16.00 which he paid. After being satisfied with the work I told him the rate would be $7.00 for each article and he agreed to pay that assuming the quality was similar. I produced 4 more articles for him which were between 300-500 words each and invoiced him, for a total of $28.00. He didn't pay these invoices from 4 years ago, and I have occasionally re-sent the invoices just to see if he would respond or pay. He starts out friendly but very quickly becomes pushy and aggressive, even demanding. I suspect I'll never hear from Ross again, but if he does pay me I will consider removing this report. I would suggest anyone avoid doing any freelance work for this individual until he cleans up his act.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1408225
Oct 24 2017
09:17 AM
These guys have people in various financial institutions locally. And if you apply for any kind of credit they are notifyied and then they beat the bushes for things you may or may not have paid. and then try to collect. I just got a collection notice for 2.00$ thats right 2 dollars. when i called then they claimed to have a totall of 3 bills for over 500. dollars going back 4 and 5 years..for services rendered at a hospital for my daughter. that as far as i know was coverd under insurance.. To make things more interesting I myself was just recently at the same hospital and was asked to pay all charges past and present, so I did..These people are bottom feeding sons of bi*ches and use credit reporting and threats of legal action as a means to extort money. If the debt is valid or not...
Entity: JACKSON, Michigan
24, Report #789571
Oct 17 2011
02:21 AM
Keanan KJ Ross Nyvia Ross Scam Employer, Crook Secaucus, New Jersey
Don't deal with this family of crook employers who are hiring people to work from home as their writers and editors. They are not paying their contractors who work for them and scamming people. If you encounter an employment offer as news writer, editor or any other positions for this family's website http://www.secaucusnewjersey.org/, DON'T DARE APPLY FOR YOU WILL NEVER GET PAID. They are hoodlums, scammers and crooks that should be avoided. This is for the benefit of the public.
Entity: Secaucus, New Jersey
25, Report #703905
Mar 07 2011
04:48 PM
S. Jawn Ross, P.C. Jawn Ross Lies to court and exacerbates issues , Internet
Jawn Ross uses her law degree to provoke drama and extort money from her clients. She preys on her clients by taking their simple case and rather than settle the issues, she grossly exacerbates them , shall we say fanning the flame, poking the bear, kicking the hornet's nest. Once the case is as messed up as it can possibly be, at her client's expense, of course, it takes 3 times as long to unravel. Of course this is what she wants because she gets paid to try to unravel the mess she made. A good lawyer is much like a good chess player. A good lawyer resolves problems and has a strategy. Jawn Ross does not try to resolve anything or have any strategy other than to suck billable hours out of her client. She does not care if she wins or gets clobbered because she gets paid for her time. As the verdict is being read, she is too busy counting YOUR money that is now in HER bak account to even care how the case panned out for you !!  She lies to the court, she creates issues where there are none, she makes a fool out of whoever she represents, she is petty, minutia-focues, and irritating kinda like a pimple on your a**. She gets hysterical and ridiculous in her motions to the court much like a yappy little Maltese on the rag. She is laughable and not respected by her peers. They nicknamed her The Gnat , The Flea , The Idiot . Jawn Ross is a joke of a lawyer and a pig of a human being. Just my opinion based on what I have observed...   
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