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1, Report #1403643
Oct 02 2017
11:38 AM
Midway Adult Education Center LLC Multi services LEHIGH ACRES FL
I'm filing this claim based on the services that they stated that they offer and was not rendered. I paid a ransom of 700 plus dollar first to apply for a loan that I was supposed to get within 10 business day then I spoke to another person whom claimed that my credit score was too low and that i needed to repair I paid 500 dollars even to repair my credit. after a few weeks i received a couple letters to submit via mail to the credit bureaus which I have done. after a month i contacted them via email and phone no one answered the calls and the message stated that due to the high volume of calls bussiness corporate will no longer accept calls the message referred me to the email address. I followed all instructions no one answered nor replied to any of my emails. This morning i tried the number and it stated that the phone number is tempory not available.
Entity: LEHIGH ACRES, Flordia
2, Report #893406
Jun 05 2012
05:07 PM
Midway Industries Midway light bulbs Administrator Surgery Center Cockeysville, Maryland
Steals information from the business such a supplies manager; creates a false Purchse Order and starts sending shipments of light bulbs at outrageous prices. Sends an invoice for the light bulbs and refuses to take shipment back and even if they did, want to charge 15% restockingfee for items you did not order. Our company purchases many items from numberous vendors, so by the time we caught up to this thieves we were out of close to $4,000.00.
Entity: Cockeysville, Maryland
3, Report #758957
Jul 31 2011
07:12 PM
Midway Auto Center Shoddy work and irresponsible for their negligence Carrollton, Texas
I'd been a customer of Midway Auto Center for some time...until they betrayed my trust. The last time I did business with them was when I had new tires installed on my vehicle. I'm not a car person and therefore must trust mechanics to do their job well--or at least, adequately. When I got new tires put on, the installer put the hubcaps on incorrectly, covering up the air valves on 2 of my tires and thereby ruining them for any use in putting any air in my tires. Being the trusting soul that I am, I did not inspect them before I drove away and several weeks later, when I discovered one of my tires nearly flat, I tried to air it up with FixAFlat so I could drive back to Midway and get it fixed. I couldn't find the valve...it was hidden behind part of the hubcap. The part in was supposed to stick through wasn't even near it. I was unable to remove the hubcap so I could air up the tire. It was late in the day (6:30), I had to go to work the next day and so had to get it fixed that night. I couldn't afford a tow so I drove to Midway Auto Center on a nearly flat tire, thereby ruining it. Midway was closed. So I went to a competitor and the that mechanic observed and noted that the hubcap was indeed installed incorrectly and he also said that the valve stem was broken so even if I had managed to get the hubcap off, I would have been unsuccessful in airing it up. After an hour and a half, I paid hard-earned money for yet another tire to be installed + the mechanic's time/labor. The next day, I went to Midway to report what had happened and asked to see the manager/owner. I spoke with the mechanic at the front desk, Eddy. I told Eddy about Midway's error and said that I felt I was due some reimbursement or credit on future service. Eddy said Sam was at another location. I asked Eddy if he would please have the supervisor or owner call me. He said he would. The next day, as Eddy had been unable to find the original work order to see which mechanic was responsible, I showed him the original. And I asked AGAIN to speak to the manager or owner. He said he'd relay the message. After several attempts to get a hold of the owner or manager who could look at my case and either reimburse me or give me credit on my next auto service needs, I asked Eddy what the owner's name was. He said his name was Omar. That puzzled me as Eddy had originally mentioned Sam.  Of course Sam or Omar (or whoever he calls himself these days) never bothered to call me. So, I'm out almost a hundred bucks.
Entity: Carrollton, Texas
4, Report #1245785
Aug 01 2015
07:49 PM
Midway Auto Center & Lube Broke things and refuses to fix them plano Texas
 I went in to get a few things on my new car fixed and to get it detailed. When I was leaving I noticed my tail window would not roll down so that meant I could not open the tailgate and get in my trunk. I also noticed that my antenna was broken off and stuck under my passenger seat. The manager looked at it and said it may be a fuse and they will fix it for free and also do the antenna. I went back in because I had to get a seat belt put in that I already paid for and was told they will fix the two things. Two hours later I was told the back window gears are totally broken and it was nothing they did that broke it so I would have to pay for it to be fixed. Then they said they couldn't fix my antenna because it was snapped off and they would have to go in and take the whole thing out and replace it, which I would also have to pay for. These things worked perfectly fine when I brought the car in and now I'm being told they can't do anything about it?! This is not ok! I'm a single mother and it's an old car and I believe they used that to their advantage!
Entity: plano, Texas
5, Report #1128608
Mar 06 2014
10:22 AM
DUVERA Financial, LLC / Advantage Education LLC Pressured into debt Draper Utah
Same report filed through the BBB:   After the agreement date I called Advantage Education to cancel within 3 days and was denied cancellation before speaking to a certain specific idividual.I explained to him I would not be able to meet the financial requirements for participating in the program as outlined in the agreement.I feel I was then pressured through sales techniques to engage in a long-term financing option with Duvera Financial (an institution of their choice, not mine) before I had a chance to evaluate whether the coaching sessions and software were truly beneficial for my specific situation or whether I would really be able to meet the extra financial and time commitments for success.He led me to believe that the financing option through Duvera Financial was a charitable accommodation to enable me to participate in the educational program. After the coaching period I tried once again to speak to the same specific individual and explain that the service was not a good fit for me.I was told I still had to honor the full financial agreement and that there was no one else I could talk to in order to request a refund.I then tried to make it work but got increasingly frustrated.I also received many phone calls from businesses that offered services related to the educational program but that were not covered in the original tuition amount.I felt pressured to purchase those services as well, until I finally had to be firm and tell them I really could not afford any more products.While I understand that the services offered by Advantage Education may be beneficial for some people I feel I was pressured into believing they would be beneficial for me specifically, which was really not the case.The lifetime guarantee of satisfaction outlined in the agreement is no consolation either because I simply do not feel that what Advantage Education offers is for me.I have honored the agreement with Duvera financial to this date through monthly payments of 114.85USD charged to my credit card even though I do not (and never did) benefit from the products or services.I cancelled the software monthly subscription after about 6 months.My hope through this complaint is that I can be refunded $2000 of the $2800 overall unfortunate commitment, not even including the software subscription payments. At the very least, I expect that my financial obligation with Duvera financial is terminated from now on, or any other reasonable settlement that does not involve further coaching or engagement in any of the services or products offered by Advantage Education or affiliated/non-affiliated businesses.I believe that enough has been collected to cover any costs incurred by my brief participation in the educational program, especially considering I feel I was manipulated into a financing agreement when I tried to cancel within the first 3 days.I sincerely appreciate your comprehension. Thank you.
Entity: Draper, Utah
6, Report #969115
Nov 14 2012
12:45 PM
LearnSmart LLC PrepLogic Questionable Business Practices, Internet
Please, do not give any of your business to Learn Smart Systems, the training is an absolute joke. You would not be able to obtain any civilian professional certifications by using their training. Last year, I signed up for a 30 day free trial that if I did not cancel, would be 3 years at 100 per month. I intended on canceling after 1 month so I didn't pay much attention. Unfortunately, they did not tell me about a certified letter I was supposed to send them until the 31st day, via phone call. I talked to Brian B and he said after 1 year, I may cancel with no penalty, I waited a year and contacted them yesterday, they have no record of this agreement and since it was verbal I have no leg to stand on according to them. So now I am stuck for 2 additional years with worthless training that has zero benefit for me. I learned my lesson and have devoted the next 2 years to telling people to use CBT Nuggets, Transcender, or Labsim, all 3 of those companies do not tie you down to a contract, and allow you to pay for just what you want.. I have learned my lesson and upon the end of this contract, will never do business with Learn Smart again. Please heed my warning and stay far far away from this organization...
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #649159
Oct 09 2010
10:08 AM
FAKS ALLIED HEALTH EDUCATION CENTER Kahlil Kargbo ,Owner, College Park, Georgia
I came in to sign a refund and was suposed to receive the refund in 30 days in the amount of $280. You think they called to remind me when the 30 days approached. NO!!! I had to call them on the 30th day and they started giving me the run around. Telling me to call back later. I will go to FOX5 and report them, they are scammers......
Entity: College Park, Georgia
8, Report #1377840
Jun 08 2017
08:41 AM
Ross Medical Education Center Fraud!! False Advertisement!! Paid for NO DEGREE!! Ontario Ohio
 I saw an advertisement for an Associates degree through Ross Medical Education Center in Ontario, Ohio. I schedule an appt to talk with someone about enrolling. I get excited about a program they offered and I signed up. After graduation, I received a certificate for completion, not an Associates. I also am not working in that field or at all right now. I can not use my education what so ever for a job. I paid for nothing. All I want is my money back. I am in student loan debt like crazy. I had to take out 2 student loans and also a loan through Ross and pay them monthly. I also had grant money. My grant money should have covered that 7 month program that I never even received a valid degree for.
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #1416009
Dec 09 2017
07:25 PM
Ross Medical Education Center Did not fufill promise of a job after graduation. Niles Ohio
On the day I visited Ross I had no intention on enrolling that day however, the administrators immediatly pushed papers on me to sign. Unknown to me I had enrolled in the school and owed them 15,000 dollars. The class was a joke. The students do not have to try to learn anything, because the teachers just give them A's whether thats the grade that should be earned or not. Due to this you can't tell the difference between the students that are trying to learn and the ones that are not.  It's been a year and a half since I finished school and I still have no job in the feild.  I have applied for many positions, but once I mention the schools name I basically get laughed at. I have never been given a chance and I was one of the students that actually tried to learn and graduated with a 3.89 GPA.  Since I am unable to get a job in the feild I am stuck with student loans that I am unable to pay back.  I have a job but I don't malke enough to pay all my bills and student loans, therefore I am stuck in an unforgiving hole of debt. They aren't helpfully with anything and my payments just keep getting futher behind.  I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone and they have really turned my life in the wrong direction.  Hopefully one day they will stop screwing people over.
Entity: Niles, Ohio
10, Report #1077554
Jun 20 2014
08:59 AM
the experince llc selling books for his education Carpentersville Il Illinois
the door bell rings and i answer they guys said he was selling some books to futher his career i t was awesome nut little did i know it was a rip off i thought i was helping some one i have not gotten my books for my duaghter as off yet and then to get on here and fins out this was a rip off im hurt i have four children and unemployed trying to make just like he was but he is a piece of grabage that ripped me off
Entity: Carpentersville Il, Illinois
11, Report #1261774
Oct 16 2015
02:01 PM
Kaplan Higher Education LLC Rip off, wild goose chase, phony links and teachers Davenport Iowa
 Kaplan university is a rip off! I was being taught law classes by a construction contractor. Also I took a leave of absence and when I tried to come back and finish the classes I was in I was directed to a phony it's link that they claimed I had to get paperwork from to attend classes. The link went nowhere and after a long wild goose chase they told me I was too late to come back and started charging me for classes I wasn't attending. Many of their teachers have no idea what they are doing or teaching and the whole time I felt like it was all a hoax. I only tried to go back because Im not a quitter once I put my mind to something but kaplan are pros at forcing people out so they can take their money faster. I tried to contact them to make payments but they will accept nothing but what they say I owe in full! My credit is destroyed and I want everyone to know what a scam they are. My ex fiance and my sister started taking classes at the same time as me and were also duped.
Entity: Davenport, Iowa
12, Report #79361
Feb 05 2004
03:34 PM
College Funding Center ripoff Plano Texas
My name is Dikee'Dra. I'm from Ripley, Tennessee and during my senior year of high school the college funding center began to send me multiple papers filled with information on how they can help me financially with college. After careful consideration my mother and I decided to sign up. They did absolutley nothing to help me. After a while I didn't hear anything from them or receive any mail. I decided to call them, and I didn't get an answer. A few weeks ago I received a postage from them stating that After 19 years they have been forced out of business now my mother and I are trying to figure out what to do about this situation so that the college funding center get what they deserve. If you know of any solution to my problem could you please contact me. Dikee'Dra Henning, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Plano, Texas
13, Report #116482
Nov 06 2004
01:28 PM
GE Career Center Ripoff Bayside New York
I was ripoff by GE Career Center in Bayside NY 2002, I was told I would be able to obtain my GED at home, all I had to do was send a check in the amount of $300.00 and they would send me all of the studing materials I would need. I did send the check, they took a while to send the materials to me, I kept on calling and eventually I got a live person on the phone, that was the last time I spoke to a live person. The perosn I spoke to was a male and he apologize and said he would send it out right away. After I completed the exam I mailed the paper work in and I never heard from anyone again. They had told me they would notify me if I pass or failed, if I failed it I would have the option of doing it again. I kept calling to find out the result I keep getting the voice mail and the message was the mail box was full and to try again later. I even went to Bayside looking for the office and as it turns out there was no such such address. I feel terrible for all of those people who was ripped off as well. I would appreciate any information anyone has on this company. Ashley Brooklyn, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Bayside, New York
14, Report #16594
Mar 12 2002
12:00 AM
G.E career center ripoff BAYSIDE New York
Hi, I was ripped off by g.e career center. I should have known because they sounded very unprofessional on the phone. I payed one hundred and fourteen dollars, thinking I was going to receive a ged diploma which never came! This was very upseting because I had my hopes up! I called them every day and each day they told me something different. They said things like there's an investigation going on in the post office very rudly. Now I have to start all over again and wait longer to go to college. I jus wanted everyone to know before you waste your money on something that is a scam. Thank you for letting me file thing report. sonal Sunnyside, New York
Entity: BAYSIDE, New York
15, Report #22652
Jun 13 2002
01:42 PM
Seven months ago i send $114 dollars to g.e.career center they told me the in two weeks i would get my ged diploma all i had it to do was pass few tests they never respond went i call them every time was something new i still call to see what is going on but they dont answer the phone these people are rip off. maria quenns, Missouri Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on G.E. Career Center
Entity: BAYSIDE NY, New York
16, Report #23534
Jun 27 2002
01:00 AM
G.E.Career Center ripoff fraud business Brooklyn New York
In September of 2001 I saw the ad in the paper about getting your G.E.D at home so i decided to try it out. So I paid 125.00 and they told me I would get my test in 2-3 weeks but I did't get it to march of 2002 then when I did get it they said I failed the essay part. So I send it back to them and to this day I haven't recieved no diploma or results.I ive been callind them for months and nobody picks up the phone. Milagros Brooklyn, New York
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
17, Report #39990
Jan 03 2003
06:13 PM
GE Career Center rip-off Bayside New York
I was a victim of the fraudulent act at GE Career Center.I saw the ad in the newspaper and decided to enroll. I called the number and submitted an electronic check by phone. I was told that my materials will be sent through UPS. It took a while for me to get my materials. My mother called GE Career Center repeatedly to get on them and asking them why I havent gotten my materials yet. I finally got my testing materials via UPS and completed my test. I passed my test on tha first try. my average was a 48 and my total score was 240. I didnt know that this was a fraud. This was three years ago and I'm just finding out about this rip off. I thought that this was a legit process. I was going to try to enroll in beauty school with this certificate but now I cant. I was just sitting at home surfing the net and a voice came to me and said check out this web site and I did . Now I come to find out that its not legit. I have to now enroll at another school to complete my GED and its gonna be hard because I have three school age children and I have to work around their shedules. Please follow up with me and let me know whats going on. Thank goodness for a site like this. ASYA CHICAG, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Bayside, New York
18, Report #49001
Mar 12 2003
08:21 PM
GE Career Center ripoff Queens New York
I too was rip off, I took the G.E.D. test in 2000 and as i recall they kept sending me the test till i pass it. And i did but they nevr send me my Diploma, I can't go on with my lfe because i feel as a failer, I paid $126.00 plus $7.50 Because i needed a secound book. If anyone out their can give me some help on what can i do please help me. cause im lost. Marleny BRONX, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Queens, New York
19, Report #4400
Feb 08 2001
12:00 AM
20, Report #26405
Aug 08 2002
09:45 AM
G.E. Career Center rip off scam con artists Bayside New York
I got my GED Cirtificate in Nov of 1999. When i took the exam i passed all but the essay part of the test they sent it back to me 2 times and finally the thind time i supposidly passed. I am so enraged right now I just enrolled in school and i needed my GED to get in but the school needed to know if the GED was ligit so i called and called and i got the same recording everytime stating that the mailbox was full so i thought i would send a fax cause my classes start soon but i got no response so i decided to look on the internet to see if the school even exists and this is what i found, that it was a big scam. I found this out in a matter of one day so now i have to un-register and i cant go to school until i get a ligit GED. This is so upsetting i was so excited to go back to school and now i cant. I cant believe how selfish and cold hearted these people are for doing this to people who want to better theye life. I hope that this doesnt happen to anyone else. Nichole Chicago, Illinois
Entity: Bayside, New York
21, Report #14037
Feb 13 2002
12:00 AM
I wanted toget a GED so that I could get a better job but when i sent out money to the GE CAREER CENTER I recieved no responce then I searched for the company on the internet and found that it fraud I lost time and $47.49. This company hasn't made any attempt to refund me. My advice is BUYER BEWARE. Julio Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on G.E. Career Center
Entity: Bayside, New York
22, Report #547013
Dec 29 2009
08:18 PM
Virtual Learning Center No Warning No Information Just Gone! Internet
I started class with the VLC in March of 2009 for medical transcription. Was moving along nicely, so I thought. Finished up the terminology tests before Christmas and figured that I would complete the final exam prior to the first of the year. I tried on December 28, 2009 to access the final exam and the VLC site  would not come up. I emailed an instructor to find out if there was an issue with the network. I tried again today, December 29, 2009 to access the site, again no luck. Then I found that the instructor's email had been returned to me stating it was undeliverable permanently. I then decided to call only to find that the number was disconnected. After doing a little more research, I found several reports that stated that I was not the only student that was having an issue with this. I checked on the BBB and it stated that the company appeared to be out of business. Then after a little more research I found that the company is gone. I paid about $1000 to take this course. I was planning on the internship, but that isn't going to happen.In my area, jobs are getting hard to come by and being the fact that I am quite familiar with this field, I thought it would be a good idea to have access to global positions. Now I am out of a job opportunity (that I don't even know now if I really had one) and out the money that I put into this, not including the time and energy that I already have invested in it.  Now what do I do?
Entity: , Internet
23, Report #635711
Aug 30 2010
12:23 PM
Guard Training Center CAlifornia Guard Card Scam los angeles, California
I went to this place over several months ago and passed the guard card class. they promised me employment and a fire arm permit for an extra $38.00. they never sent the finger prints in. it doesnt take a week to get your guard card from these people as they claim it took 3 months then they wanted me to drive 25 miles for a refund  they refused to mail it to me. there are alot of classes elsewhere to get your certificates stay away from this company. these people take your money and dont give a sh*t about you after you pay them. the instructors act like they are real police officers ..the teachers dont tell you  sh*t just walk in and take your money   that scam.....scam......scam...guard card , guard card los angeles scam
Entity: los angeles, California
24, Report #670892
Dec 13 2010
06:44 AM
The Washington Center TWC con job Washington, DC , Washington DC
Browsing the web I came across the impressive website of TWC, offering internships for US students and international students, claiming that, they find placements with all top US government agencies. Accordingly, I had submitted my application for the Postgraduate Professional Development Program with the requisite fee of U$ 500 and specifically stated that I wanted to do an internship for Environmental studies and based on their advertisement was hopeful of doing the same with the US EPA and this was again reconfirmed by the center on 10/22/10 and on 10/27/10. The center thereafter sent me their letter of acceptance. This acceptance as per the terms and conditions in the application makes the application fee non-refundable. Thereafter one Fred M. Baer, Program Manager, Academic Affairs, had a telephonic talk with me in the 1st week of November, regarding the internships and he was quite vague about the internships they could offer me and especially about the internship with US EPA, he was evasive and offered to get back to me with the details in a weeks time. In the meanwhile, I had mailed the US EPA and they categorically stated that their internships were only for US citizens. This communiqu was conveyed to Fred on 11/10/10 and he replied saying, Sorry for the delay on working on your internship placement. I was addressing some deadlines for other placements. I will start to work on your case later today or on Monday. I have contacts at the EPA where I will send your profile. EPA does have a few programs that accepts non US citizens...those are the ones where I will be forwarding your profile. I am also compiling a list of other sites. By Monday PM you will be able to go on the accepted student site on our system and see where I have forwarded your profile. No such thing happened and on 11/22/10 I wrote to them stating it appears to be a waste of time and that they should have accepted my application only after knowing my interest in the specific internship and accordingly sought refund of the application fees. On 11/23/10 Fred wrote back as follows: Sorry to hear that you are dropping from our program.  I will remove your name from consideration at the EPA and the other three organizations where I forwarded your profile. As far as the application refund...you will need to ask for an acceptation from Enrollment as refunding the application fee is not our policy. I wish you well!   Isnt that statement preposterous? I therefore would like to forewarn all interested applicants not to apply for internships with TWC and not to be fooled by their website. They are scamsters? So I had to threaten them with legal action and forwarded a list of internet sites viz., Barack Obama, White house, FBI, Justice dept, consumer fraud reporting etc., to which I was going to write and complain if they failed to refund the application fees.   Following which they agreed to refund the amount and for which their Sr.Accountant, wanted me to scan or fax the credit card details including the CVV number. Dont know, what he had in mind....may have thought, I was naive to provide such details for misuse by him. After more mails on the same my bank account details were furnished and they wired the amount in full. Lost U$15 for bank charges.   All in all a very bad experience.
Entity: Washington, DC, Washington DC
25, Report #188370
Apr 24 2006
05:40 PM
G. E. Carrer Center ripoff Flushing New York
I decided to get my Ged in October of 1998. I paid about $150.00 dollars and recievied a SAT looking Form and passed according to the scores they mailed me. So thru the years I haven't thought nothing about it, until now because I have attended an university and they say my transscipt doesn't seem legitimate. This a very apalling situation I am so distruaght. I have to stop my classes and get a real Ged thru a community college. This is such a rip-off, these people should be behind bars or face some type of punishment. Please if you have any way to get our money back or shut this company down, plese let me know. Charlene Chicago Ridge, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Flushing, New York

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