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1, Report #1153091
Jun 10 2014
03:41 PM
Midwest Circulation LLC Not just a midwest scam! Nationwide
Two people, a girl and boy who looked to be teenagers came to my  front door and started fast-talking about points and trips and children and vets. I was struggling to keep up with what exactly they wanted but had seen my war veteran neighbor gladly donate so i let them in.They were going door to door around the country looking for donations ($56.00 minimum package) to send magazines and books to children's hospitals and veterans. I explained that i only make $100/week and offered my sincere apologies. He then exclaimed that luckily he only needed $28.00 to complete a book order to be sent to galisano childrens hospital! That i could scrape together by friday so i wrote a check for $28.00 while they proceded to ask me my full name, address, phone, ect...After handing over my check he bluntly asked Are you 420 friendly? I was shocked and asked him why in the world he would ask me that? He ofcourse had another smooth talking answer by explaining since they were from out of state and didnt know where to get weed they relied on donated buds.My stomach rolled and thats when i knew they relied on all the cash, checks and money orders they had been getting from my neighborhood to feed themselves and obviously their drug habbits. NOT the children.As soon as i asked for my check back they left in a hurry. So i immediately searched Midwest Circulation LLC and to my not-so-suprise, the search was flooded with SCAM!!, BEWARE!! and countless consumer complaints.It cost me $30.00 to cancel a $28.00 check but i was glad it was not going to those leaching thieves. I then contacted the local police and they are out searching for them as i write.  
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #933969
Aug 28 2012
05:55 PM
Midwest Circulation, LLC Magazince scam Cameron, Missouri
Well, they are still at it.  Unfortunately it is too late for me, as I just saw the check that my wife gave them posted.  Conveniently posted 4 days after she did the order, when in the first 3 days I supposedly could have cancelled it.  The salesperson, and I use that term very loosely, told my wife that it was a care package for a soldier, and unfortunately she took the bait, as she recently had a relative in the service pass away overseas.  Be on the lookout and don't fall for this yourself, as we are not out $60!
Entity: Cameron, Missouri
3, Report #999269
Jan 18 2013
01:27 PM
Midwest Circulation LLC Took money with no magazine sent Cameron , Missouri
A female came to my door. I bought a magazine subscription from her Nov. 11, 2012.  It was never mailed out and it's been over 2 months. Tried to call company, they were rude, hung up on me and said there was nothing they could do.  I've never gotten the subscription.
Entity: Cameron, Missouri
4, Report #632729
Aug 18 2010
10:08 AM
Midwest Circulation American Cash Awards Dishonest salesperson; paid for magazines not received; unwilling to refund Cameron, Missouri
A little over two weeks ago I was approached in Wal-mart by a young man selling magazines. He claimed he was involved in a contest and was selling magazines to win a trip.  After some very fast-talking by this salesperson, I ordered four magazines. The salesman assured me several times that after my order was processed, someone from the company would be contacting me within 10 business days. He said that at that point I would be able to cancel my order if I so chose.  After those 10 business days passed, I had still never heard from anyone. So I called the company and was informed that it was not their practice to make any such confirmation calls, and that I had only had a three day period following the time that I placed my order during which to cancel it. Like I said, the salesman had told me I would be able to cancel the order ten days later. So I was directly lied to. Now I am unable to cancel the order or get a refund. When the supervisor that I spoke to pulled up my order, it included two magazines that I have never even heard of and the magazines that I had ordered were not even on there. So I paid for four magazines, and they only had me in the system as ordering two. I had paid for four specific magazines, and the order they have for me has two that I didnt order and the value of which would be less than half of what I paid. I had my receipt in front of me and read it to this woman to tell her what I had ordered. She claimed I was lying, then said Your order says you ordered these, so thats what youre getting. Then she hung up on me. I have since been on the companys website and sent them an email, which as of yet has not been replied to.
Entity: Cameron, Missouri
5, Report #1045075
Apr 21 2013
03:43 PM
Midwest Circulation LLC Why did I fall for those sales people? No magazine after 5 phone calls and $42.00 later. Criminals. Cameron,Mi, Missouri
I am reporting Midwest Circulations of 123 3rd st Cameron, Mo 64429.  Their door to door sales staff took $42.00 from me for a magaazine in July of 2012, in Westlake, Ohio.  I never received it , and made 2 calls .  Then I mmoved to LOndon, Ont. Canada and called them after forwarding a new address and they have given me all kinds of stories.  They told me they don't deliver to Canada and were going to refund my money, then after my next phone call, they told me they were going to deliver to Canada.  Nine months later I still have no magazines.  They even told me that because it has been so long, they would give me an extra year's subscription free...... I am going to take this further. Why is this company able to get away with this? Laura C (((REDACTED)))
Entity: Cameron,Mi, Missouri
6, Report #1192766
Dec 03 2014
11:13 AM
Midwest circulation Back 2 basic sales,keystone MKT, elite booking, powerhouse sales, Nola sales, brick squad sales, and many others magazines cameron Nationwide
This company is more than just a scam. It is a scam without even realizing how illegal and immoral their actions are. The president of this company has no idea the severity of her plight. And if she does shame on her for lying to and endangering her employees freedom. She has already had two of her managers charged with various federal crimes including human trafficking, whose actions were carried out on her behalf. She has been banned from her home state due to illegal business practices. To be honest I dont believe she is responsible for all the actions her employees take, but she is responsible for turning a blind eye as long as that person makes her money. I have been in the door to door industry for a very long time and I have never seen a company owner as inept and uncaring as Bridget Robbins. Hopefully this post does more than just reinforce a negative stereotype, the door to door industry is not all scams and ripoffs! Its just the owners and managers looking for the easy money that mess it up for the rest of us. And if you are reading this as an employee or manager of midwest, buy a permit, do a backround check, and fire people the first time you find out they are shady. We will all make more money i promise.
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #84311
Mar 17 2004
06:28 PM
Atlantic Circulation ripoff Mountville Pennsylvania
type business location and detailed complaint Atlantic Circulation inc 2 college ave po box 448 mountville pa 17554-0448 i ordered maxxium mag back i oct 2003 & never received it i have sent them many faxes & now it seems they have changer there fax number. i have left over 5 messages on the voice mail & nobody has ever called me back I am going to try & pass a city oridance thay wil keep companys like this out of our towns no more going door to door selling unless its for a local school only. So they will stop taking advantage of people Terry sarcoxie, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Mountville, Pennsylvania
8, Report #85585
Mar 27 2004
12:46 AM
Atlantic Circulation ripoff Mountville Pennsylvania
A young lady approached me on October 11, 2003 and asked if I would buy a subscription to help support a trip to Europe. I bought a subscription to a magazine (Home). I was told I should receive the subscription within a few weeks. 2 months later I had not received my first issue. I looked at the receipt and it said delivery within 120 days so I patiently waited until this 120 day period elapsed. It is now late March and I still have not received my magazine subscription. Now, the legal battle starts. I have contacts with the EPA, BBB, FBI, local police and sheriff departments, news agencies (a broadcast was seen on prime time news this evening, so ACI, you're already famous!) and a handful of legal experts who are already drueling over this. For the people around the country who are affected by this, lets all get together and stop this company and make them pay back what they've taken from us. A legal action is now in progress for myself. If you don't take action (Who cares what the amount is for), other people will fall victim to this so called corporation. ACI, beware, they just let the dogs out. Clark Rocklin, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Mountville, Pennsylvania
9, Report #113986
Oct 21 2004
11:31 AM
Atlantic Circulation ripoff Mountville Pennsylvania
These guys just got me in Geneseo, Illinois in August. It is now October and no magazines and no way to contact this company. Caveat emptor (sp?)!!!!!! I have a brother who lives in that neck of the woods. I'm hoping he can find out something about them for me. I'll let this site know. Greg Geneseo, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Mountville, Pennsylvania
10, Report #209048
Sep 01 2006
01:18 PM
Area Circulation ripoff, TOTAL SCAM. LIARS Internet
This is the biggest rip-off! They call you and tell you that you won an brand new diamond watch and that you had also won a magazine subscription-- four magazines for 3.45 per week. Sound like a good deal right? WRONG!What they do not tell you is that you have to pay the amount $678.00 over 12 months for 56.50 per month. I am going to college in a couple months and I DO NOT have almost $700 to give to some fake company for nothing. I have tried to call the company to cancel and all of the numbers that they either called from or gave me are phonies. DO NOT fall for this one. What disgusting, dishonest people. I do not know how they sleep at night! Brittany Parker, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1308381
May 29 2016
10:16 AM
Midwest Metal Products Midwest Homes for Pets , Midwest iCrates Midwest Dog Crate Danger ! Muncie Indiana
Fractured leg resulted when my American Eskimo puppy escaped from a Midwest iCrate due to the door latch that was easy for him to open. My baby suffered for over 2 months, 9 trips to the vet and $1066 in vet bills.   Then I discovered 1730 complaints on amazon.com alone incuding MANY other victims who have been reporting dog escapes, injuries, property damage and even a death for 5 years, due to the poor latch design. Midwest Metal Products (the manufacturer d/b/a Midwest Homes for Pets) has done NOTHING to correct the problem or even acknowledge the Midwest Dog Crate Danger.  
Entity: Muncie, Indiana
12, Report #523112
Nov 12 2009
02:11 PM
C & S Southern Circulation - Southern Circulation - SCI Theives Huntsville, Alabama
Two polite teenage girls knocked on the door selling magazine subscriptions in order to earn points to go on a learning trip and assured everything was ligitimate.  I thought the girls were honest and they told me where the trip was and how excited they were to go.  I agreed to 2  56.00 subscriptions.  They told me in a few months I would recieve them or I could call the number on the receipt if I had any problems.  The magazines never came and the phone # on the receipt is disconnected so I began to search online for someone to contact.  This is shady, immoral, and illegal.  The company STOLE my money.  The money was legal tender for promises merchandise that I NEVER recieved.  I want the magazines OR my money back!!!!!!!!!! 
Entity: Huntsville, Alabama
13, Report #160216
Oct 10 2005
03:15 PM
Area Circulation ripoff Virgina Beach Virginia
The Area Circulation companie Took my money for the first payment off my debit card and said I never paid them and charged me twice for the same payment and caused me to have a negetive balance pluse the bank charges for the over draft. Jimmy Troy, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Virgina Beach, Virginia
14, Report #159910
Oct 07 2005
12:54 PM
Area Circulation ripoff, full of lies Virginia Beach Virginia
this is not legit.. they offer a watch with a diamond in it claiming to be an expensive one.Cheap watch, already have one, they told me no money would come out of my account without my authorization. this morning I checked my bank account and found a $75 charge for area circulation. When I calle them they said they had no record of my account information.. I will continue to fight this until I have received my money back Gerald Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
15, Report #162104
Oct 25 2005
08:23 PM
Area Circulation ripoff nuisance Virginia Beach Virginia
One day i recieved a call about a free diamond watch. I of course excepted the offer, i mean it is a free watch afterall. I also accepted the subscription to area circulation under the impression that i could cancel my subscription at any time. When i applied for the magazines, it was summer time and i had a steady job, and i was told when making the subscription that if at any time i needed to cancel for financial reasons then it would be fine. When i restarted college in the fall, i didn't have a job because i don't have time with classes and working for a scholarship. I was not able to make my payments to area circulation. When i tried to cancel my subscription i was asked why, and i told them that i didn't have enough money to make the payments, they told me that i wouldn't be able to cancel because they had made a committment to the magazine companies that i would be paying. So i haven't paid my bill in probably 3 months because i was not able to cancel my subscription and i don't have the money to do so. They continue to call me every day, and they continue to send me laters saying that i owe payments. but if you make an agreement with me that i can cancel a subscription if i can no longer afford it, then let me canel my subscription. i plan on writing a letter to area circulation stating my problem. I want my money back, and I don't want to be bothered again. Heather Chandler, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
16, Report #86350
Apr 02 2004
10:33 AM
I think it is sad for a company to take advantage of people having children to sell fake magazines. I have paid some cash $20.00 two checks 38.00, 26.00 because they had their game down tight. We are going to Paris is what they told me. So I hope this helps someone else in the future. Danna DALLAS, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: MOUNTVILLE, Pennsylvania
17, Report #71465
Nov 10 2003
08:50 AM
Atlantic Circulation, Inc. ripoff Mountville Pennsylvania
On the day of Sunday August 30, 2003 two young men came to my apartment and sold a magazine subscription to my husband and me from Atlantic Circulation, Inc. They informed us that they were doing a contest - whichever team sold the most subscriptions won. They told us the process would go much quicker if we paid for it with cash. So that is what we did. I went to the nearest ATM and took $100.00 cash out our account. It has been over two months and we still have not received our magazines. I have sent in three or four faxes just wanting an explanation as to why we have not received our magazines. I never received a response to those faxes and I am getting really irritated! I think I should be getting what I paid $100.00 cash for!! I don't have money to be handing out left and right! I want my magazines or my money back! Katy Amarillo, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Mountville, Pennsylvania
18, Report #117693
Nov 13 2004
04:53 PM
Atlantic Circulation ripoff Cambridge Maryland
I ordered 3 different magazine subscriptions from a door to door college boy saying he needed to earn point for a trip. I didn't care about his points we get magazines in the mail all the time and were happy to order at such a deal. We gave him a check for $108.00 and haven't been able to reach no one or have not received any magazines after 3 months of waiting. This is the web page that came up when I typed the name of the company into the googles to see if I could find them on the internet. So I decided to file my complaint. Thank You Alexander Florence, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Cambridge, Maryland
19, Report #213038
Sep 27 2006
01:59 PM
Area Circulation Magazines ripoff Virginia Beach Virginia
I received a phone call on my cell phone offering me this wonderful deal on 5 magazines. I would receive a FREE DIAMOND watch. All I had to do was pay $74.75 for 12 months and the rest of the 60 months I had nothing to worry about and I would still receive my magazines. *(It totalled up to be $897.00) I don't know what I was thinking. I normally would refuse any offers, but I was thinking wow... magazines and a watch. Needless to say, I woke up from dreamland and called this number back. First, they gave me the wrong number. Determined, I get on the internet and find this website and about had a stroke when I started reading about the ripoffs this company has made. I finally found the right number. I call this wonderful company and they have NO information about me or my account. I was freaking out. I ended up calling my bank and putting a stop payment on the check and any further payments they might try to make. These people need to be shut down! Meagan Crossett, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
20, Report #537854
Dec 11 2009
12:48 PM
Nationwide Circulation Inc SCAM Internet
Paid for a Magazine subscription for my daughter...the young man who came calling seemed nice and on the level.  But like numerous others on this site, I was ripped off.  No magazine ever came, nor does the phone number work and emailing thru thier site received no response either.
Entity: , Internet
21, Report #373844
Sep 17 2008
12:38 PM
Southern Circulation Stole My Money Huntsville Alabama
I drove up to my apartment complex to see a clean cut young man and 2 well dressed girls talking to my neighbor. Before I could even get out of the car, the young man walked over and started telling me that he was selling magazine subscriptions. He explained that he was trying to earn points for a scholarship. I explained to him that I would like to help, but could not afford to do so. He told me that I really didn't have to pay for anything. He said that if I wrote a check the company would not deposit it until they had called me and confirmed the order. He said that all I had to do was cancel the order and the check would never be cashed. I had refused to do this for others that had tried to sell me the same bit, but he was very persuasive and well spoken. I had just gotten my tax return, so I figured that I wpould help him out. That was the last I was the last I saw of my check. A week later the check had been cashed without any phone call. When I tried to call the number on the receipt I got an answering machine. I left a message and it was never returned. A week later I tried again and the phone number had been disconnected. I had been scammed. It's been 7 months and I haven't seen my momey or my magazines and I still can't get a hold of anyone from this company. Leigh Milton, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Huntsville, Alabama
22, Report #355557
Jul 25 2008
09:22 AM
Southern Circulation, Inc. SCAM Huntsville Alabama
Door to door magazine subscription scam. Took my money, ($46.00), no magazines. Web site non-existent, phone disconnected. Super dave Joshua, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Huntsville, Alabama
23, Report #369719
Sep 04 2008
11:02 AM
Hi, one day in May a dirty scruffy guy came to my door, selling magazines. He was quite charming, dispite his apperance. He had rehearsed his lines very well. I bought 2 subscriptions...46.00 total. I am now wondering where they are.......i look it up and i see that it is a scam. I feel soooooooo stupid. I wanted to help him out.......but i never dreamed he would screw me over. so i tried to call the 1-256-882-2116 number and of course it is disconnected. There are lots of scams out there and now it makes it hard to recognize a legit one. I am also interested in pursuring a legal case, because I dont want these people to prey on others, more importantly the elderly. This is horrible, and I feel dumb for paying them...... Nursegirl4058 evansville, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: HUNTSVILLE, Alabama
24, Report #434735
Mar 16 2009
12:26 PM
Nationawide Circulation Smooth Talker Magazine Subscription York Pennsylvania
On 1/2/09 a very enthusiastiv and smooth talking young college aged female explaining she was in a contest to sale magazine subscriptions came to my door. Upon her refusal to take 'no' for an answer, I reluctantly gave her a $10.00 cash down payment and wrote a check for the balance of $75.00. After giving it much thought I decide to cancel the subscription because it just didn't feel right. I followed all of the cancellation instructions in the alotted timeframe and have left 6 messages on an answering machine and nothing. I think it is absolutely obscene that a company can get away with such a rip off scam. Shame on you! ! ! Benzbrat710 Apt 1412, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: York, Pennsylvania
25, Report #789066
Oct 15 2011
09:29 AM
MTS Circulation FRAUD SCAM Phoenix, Arizona
I was contacted by a contractor on 10/3/2011 about buying magazines from them at my door. She made it seem like a good cause and explained how someone would get in touch with me on the third day to make certain that the information was valid and that I would be able to speak to this person to cancel my subscription. I not only never received the notice, but never received the products. They also decided to take it upon themselves to modify the check I gave them 3 times. I have opened a fraud case with my bank. My advice is to avoid this company. They have no phone number to call nor an actual physical address to mail.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona

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