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1, Report #1397757
Sep 04 2017
10:43 AM
Miguel Garabal Adwords-Help, AdwordsHelp, Don't Work with Miguel Garabal / Adwords-Help Zürich, Switzerland Internet
I was introduced to this Miguel by someone who worked for him and hired him for Adwords Services.  After a while, he disappeard and stopped communicating with me ... Since I already made the payment I had to wait for a few days to confirm if there was a real problem. After a few weeks he re-appeard and told that he will be in touch shortly.  But even after a few weeks since that happened, I did not get any further information from him and the money I paid him for Adwords Services for my sites was for nothing!  When I contacted the person who introduced me to him ... all he had to say was that he stopped paying as he did not get paid for him services.  DO NOT WORK WITH HIM! His intial mails about his services sounded good ... but honesty and genuinity is not something he has even an ounce unlike what's claimed on his site. Even his Odesk profile said he disappeared before completing the work ... but since he spoke like a genuine person I trusted and this is what I got! STAY AWAY!    All his contact details are below for your reference:    Name: Miguel Garabal Email: mail@adwords-help.net Location: Zurich, Switzerland Phone: +41 44 585 25 00 Mobile: +41 79 869 87 32 +41 79 420 55 27 Address: Arianestrasse 19, 8052 Zürich Company Name: Adwords Help   Sites:  https://www.google.com/partners/#i_profile;idtf=106803172930514931138; http://adwords-help.net/ https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01420cff3dbee99c65 https://www.freelancer.com/u/adwordshelp  
Entity: Zürich, Switzerland, Internet
2, Report #1401673
Sep 22 2017
06:01 AM
Miguel Garabal INTERNATIONAL COMMODITY TRADING LTD Scammer, hacker Zurich
Found on Up-work, introduced himself as INTERNATIONAL COMMODITY TRADING LTD.After a while asked to be paid directly out of up-work and sent a fake invoice. After we asked for a real invoice, sent us a fake invoice from a different company but his personal bank account. When we refused to pay the fake invoice and asked a real one from his company, he disappeared only to inject a code on our site using his account that was still active in google (we still have all the trace of his actions) redirecting our site to our main competitor. After several months we still receive hacker attack from his area. Stay clear from this person, after some research we found his company went bankrupt and there are plenty of reports of his actions. He's a bully that use any means to obtain his goals or create disruption. Now seriously considering to start a legal action against this boy.
3, Report #1323027
Aug 17 2016
01:55 PM
B2B DEMAND, LLC/ SCIMEDICO, LLC/ MIGUEL BERMEO Miguel BermeoMichael BermeoRobert Bermeo Misclassification of Employment Status; Rip off, Shady Company! Don't Trust Miguel Bermeo! Montclair New Jersey
To start off,  Scimedico, LLC and B2B Demand LLC are owned and operated by the same man. His name is Miguel Bermeo, but he can also go by Michael Bermeo and/or Robert Bermeo. We are two former employees writing this to warn potential employees as well as current/potential customers. Our greatest complaint is that we were wrongfully classified as 10-99 (independent contractors), whereas we should have been classified with a W-4 which would properly acknowledge our employment status. We were full-time employees working from 9-5 Monday through Friday, being paid an hourly wage, and the owner had full and total control of our daily duties. We were not independent contractors, yet he encouraged us to falsify information to the IRS, however we refused to do so and so came our departure. We decided to write this report because we are going to owe thousands of dollars of back-taxes from working for this man and we do not want anyone else to be in this position. We feel fully taken advantage of. Miguel was banking on the idea that we were not even going to file taxes. When we asked him for the W-4 during tax season, he gave us a 10-99. Consequently, we brought it up to his attention, and he made us believe that he would correct our classification but he never ended up doing so.  We would also like to mention that some of our wages were withheld from us (i.e. overtime that was never paid, travel time was not included in pay). Miguel also took out business credit cards under our name without our authorization. Finally, we would also like Scimedico customers to know that the company does not have architects and engineers on staff. Although Miguel Bermeo may tell you otherwise. Miguel will send salespeople to sites who act as if they are engineers. We would recommend for customers to explore other options. A word to the wise, Miguel Bermeo (aka Michael, aka Robert) seems like a very nice and genuine person. In fact, we chose to ignore the other rip-off reports that were written about him and his companies and only started realizing his true character and intentions after tax season. Please use caution when dealing with this man and his companies. The List of Known Companies that this man owns and operates are as follows: -Scimedico, LLC - B2B Demand, LLC - Greengo Construction                
Entity: Montclair , New Jersey
4, Report #1287856
Jul 25 2016
07:30 AM
Miguel Salcido - Organic Media Group Miguel Salcido from Organic Media Group Ripped Me Off!! Don't Do Business with this Shady Company!! San Diego Internet
I worked with Miguel Salcido for 2 years and not one of his tactics turned a profit.  I contacted some of his other customers who had the same experience.  He keeps promising results in the future but is not effective.  Don't work with this shady marketer.  When I first signed up I was leary, but he connected with a past client who provided a good review.  Later I learned that this person was actually a paid employee posing as a past client. Infact, he did less than nothing.  We made less money from organic traffic after working with him than before.  He even got our website banned from Google.  Go with a reputable brand or person.  Avoid Miguel at all costs.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1165225
Jul 26 2014
05:57 PM
Miguel Morales; PrestoConstruction; M & M Landscaping Did not complete work he was paid to do SanAntonio Texas
Miguel Morales (now DBA: Presto Construction) has been working in Alamo Ranch.  He was doing a flagstone patio for our neighbor and started knocking on our door wanting to do work for us.  Our neighbor told us it took him 3 weeks to do a job that should have only taken 2-3 days, but he did a good job.  We decided to hire him as he had done work for several people in the neighborhood (we are new to the area so never actually talked to anyone else, just saw the work he'd done in the front yards).  We discussed what we wanted done with Miguel on 6/14/14.  he said he needed 1/2 the money up front ($3500)to get materials and start the job, he assured us he could start on Monday 6/16/14.  I went out of town and when I returned 12 days later, he had done nothing, he had not shown back up.  I tried to call him several times but he never answered his phone.  I finally had a bi-lingual co-worker contact him and explain to him he needed to come and do the job he was paid for.  He showed up again 7/2/14-7/4/14 and did some work and disappeared again.  My co-worker finally got ahold of him again and he did show back up to do a little more work and we ended up giving him another $500 so he'd bring more flagstone.  It has now been over a week and we have not seen him again.  He has also gotten money from another neighbor a month ago and never even started that job.  He seems to be getting alot of material (for concrete and use of bobcat) from the guys working for the builder behind us.  He has left some tools here so we're assuming he'll show back up, but I'm done with worrying if he will show back up.  We will hire someone else to finish this job.  As far as I'm concerned, he's deserted us, or maybe Border Patrol has finally caught up with him.  He drives a red Dodge extended cab pick-up, LP# ADN K45. Do not give him any money!  I will upload photos of truck and license plate off we see him again.
Entity: SanAntonio, Texas
6, Report #1166420
Jul 31 2014
11:47 AM
Miguel Morales M & M Landscaping; Presto Construction Took 1/2 payment up front, never came back to finish 1/2 the work. Took off with money !! San Antonio Texas
Miguel Morales quoted us a price to redo our back patio, lay flagstone, build pergola,  build water feature, put in fire pit, and build flower beds along back fence line. He asked for 1\2 the money up front.  Since he'd been working in the neighborhood,  we stupidly gave him the money.  He did not show back up for 3 weeks, when he did finally show back up, he has not completed 1/2 the work or brought the materials by that we've paid for.  He has also gotten money from some of our neighbors,  has not returned to start or finish their work either.  His phone is now disconnected!   He drives a red Dodge ex-cab pick-up, licence plate number: ADN K45.  He typically has 2 other workers with him, English is not good (should have been our 1st clue). He has been working in Alamo Ranch in San Antonio.   Please  respond if you see him still working in the area.  Do not give him any money!!
Entity: San Antonio , Texas
7, Report #775842
Dec 30 2013
05:55 PM
Miguel A Ibanez crooked finance director | scam artist | Scion | Toyota of Lewisville Fort Worth, Texas
Name:  Miguel A Ibanez Alias:  Miguel Ibanez, Miguel Angel Ibanez Spouse:  Norma G Ibanez Occupation:  finance director at Toyota of Lewisville since March 2005 E-mail:  miguel_ibanez@toyotaoflewisville.com, mibanez@toyotaoflewisville.com Home address:4845 Summer Oaks LnFort Worth, Texas  76123-4651 Work address:Toyota of Lewisville1574 S Stemmons FwyLewisville, TX  75067-6312Phone:  888-805-6888 or 469-671-5500 Over the summer, I went shopping for a new car at Toyota of Lewisville.  I chose the car I wanted and finalized the purchase through the finance director, Miguel Angel Ibanez. At first he quoted me an interest rate of 5.50% at 60 months, but when I looked over the contract, it said, 6.50% in the fine print at 72 months. I made note of it to Mr. Ibanez and he offered to change it right away.  My mistake.  Im sorry, he said. To add more confusion to the deal, he tried to sell me on a cheap extended warranty for an additional $2,000 for up to 100,000 miles through a warranty company I never even heard of but said that it was reputable through Toyota of Lewisville.  I said, OK. Then he tried to sell me on a 15-month oil change package to which I responded with a resounding YES! When he presented me the new finance contract to me, I noticed that he had raised the interest rate in his favor to 6.60% and not the 5.50% that he mentioned in the first place.  Not only that, the terms of the extended warranty was written for 75,000 and not 100,000 miles and the oil change package was written for 12 months and not the 15 months that we had agreed on. I said, what the heck is this??  I argued with him that he had been trying to screw with us and that he is using his roots from Lima, Peru to get on my good side in order to win me over. What would his wife, Norma, think if she knew that he was screwing over his own customers especially customers from the Peruvian community in DFW? I was pissed that he would pull a fast one on me and that he was taking advantage of me since my English is not so good (I had a friend help me write this post.).  When I asked him about the 5.50% terms, he reneged on his deal and came back with I never said 5.50%.  Youre dreaming, my friend.  Oooooh, I was pissed. Dont ever finance your car through this crooked finance director, Miguel Angel Ibanez, husband of Norma G Ibanez, because he already screwed me twice on the finance contract. What the heck is he thinking?  I just wonder if Rene Isip knows that he has a crook on his staff of financiers. Miguel Angel Ibanez is not to be trusted and should be avoided.  If you get him, ask for another finance manager.  His dishonesty will not benefit you. Now I see where all his commission goes.  It goes into his big, fat stomach.  What a flake!  It looks to me that pork shop needs to lose some weight instead of living fat (and dishonestly) off his customers.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
8, Report #1157605
Jun 26 2014
06:55 AM
SERIOUSLY, THIS INSTRUCTOR IS EMOTIONALLY IMBALANCED AND SHOULD NOT BE TEACHING ANYTHING!! He shared a bizarre story with a class full -during dance. He had us standing there waiting and ready to dance and he took several minutes to tell us that when he was young, his Mother wore a very large ring and hit him on the head intentionally...and that she was an abbusive Mom...well, save this for your shrink! We all have our problems and this in completely inappropriate! On a Saturday, I attended a dance class assuming Gigi (who is positively lovely) was teaching as she usually is. UNFORTUNATELY, Miguel was subbing~ so this was also an ammusing ... The first thing Miguel said to the class before starting was he asked if anyone had not taken his class before; and a few women said yes. He took time to say that he did an earlier class and that a heavy set man was present and couldn’t really follow the steps so he said the man just “did his own thing” in the back of the room; and that he was perfectly fine with this. He further explained that it may be difficult to follow the steps the first time so feel free to do as the man did…just keep dancing and moving. I noticed a gal purposely positioned herself in the back to get a handle on the steps as it is a fast dance class. She was somewhat behind the mirror in the back. So she did her best and then did her own movements to get a work out. She had a slight knee problem so I assume that is why she stayed in the very back behind the column. About halfway thru the class when a song ended, Miguel told this ridiculous story and no one could tell why or where it was heading. Here was his story: “Have you ever been to a party and you tell someone their hair looks nice and they keep saying, oh, do you want a drink”…..it went on, then he said it’s like in this dance class, it is better if everyone follows the steps so we are in harmony. It interferes with the class when someone doesn’t follow deliberately, SO YOU CAN COME OUT FROM HIDING BEHIND THE MIRROR!”  And everyone in the class turned around and looked at her. Seriously, that was so rude and quite shocking. If this emotionally imbalanced instructor has an issue with someone in his class, he should keep his big mouth SHUT and ask to speak to the person after the class is over. So why did he first give a lecture that we should just do our own thing if we couldn’t follow for any reason? This instructor seems to care about his class. But, he yells too much as I did take his class on a Wednesday evening once- Body Barre. I have heard others also say he yells too much: UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN,….ok, GOT IT! The Sports Club should take more pride in who that hire to intruct these classes...after all, it is a Four Season's Hotel and will reflect poorly upon the high standards of a 5 star luxe property!
Entity: MIAMI, Select State/Province
9, Report #1255526
Sep 17 2015
12:46 PM
MH Painting, Miguel Hernandez Shoddy workmanship, no drop cloths, work preformed poorly Mesquite Texas
This contractor had done interior work for me in 2012 as a sub contractor. Work then was average to good. I hired him again as an individual to do exterior painting. I had requested he start another day because I wouldn't be available to watch their work. He insisted they had to come that day due to previous jobs scheduled, but would only be doing prep work. When I viewed the workmanship at 4 o'clock, I found that they had scraped some of the woodwork without putting down any dropcloths. There are old paint remnants and trash, which they left behind, in every flower bed around the entire house.They had tried to bondo and caulk all the allegatored paint they couldn't get off with the powerwasher. Never did I see any remnants or evidence of anything sanded. They had applied paint with a sprayer and masked very little so there is overspray everywhere. They replaced a garage entry door and didn't plumb the unit on any side. The threshold doesn't sit on the slab, and all the existing trim mouldings were hammered in with way too many nails sporadically placed and the wrong type of nails were used. Nor did they put the trim back correctly leaving gaps on one side. I am going to have to hire another contractor to fix this mess. I called Miguel Hernandez the next day and told him to bring me a bill for what had been completed. I told him I would be using another contractor to complete the job. The bill was outrageous for the bad workmanship, although about half of what was agreed upon for completeion. He used the cheapest Sherwin Williams paint they make and most likely its been watered down becasue I can see spots on all the soffits where coverage is lacking or not consistant. He then got angry with me, even though he was fired for doing a rotten job, because I gave the work to someone else. Don't use this guy. In hind sight, I would have put a hold on my check, but he cashed it that today.
Entity: Mesquite, Texas
10, Report #1256713
Sep 23 2015
10:09 AM
Miguel Morales - Loyole Concrete - Walking door to door to do concrete and other work, leaving his card at every house. San Antonio Texas
 He caught me outside, I asked him to build patio slab, said he needed half up front for materials and scheduling of cement truck. Gave him $750, he said he'd be by on Saturday at 730a to begin the work and pour contrete Monday. Even stopped by Thursday to remind my wife he was coming. Never came back, won't return calls. Scammer, and when I find him...... Walking door to door leaving his card for Loyole concrete.  Caught me outside, I asked him to build a 15X15 slab.  Took measurements, gave me a $1500 price.  Asked for half up front for materials and scheduling the cement truck.  Said he'd be back on Saturday at 730a to do work and pour concrete Monday.  Even stopped by on Thursday and reminded my wife he'd be back on Saturday at 730.  Never showed up, will not answer my calls.  It's been almost 2 months, I've been hitting brick wall after brick wall trying to get info on him.  Frustrating thiefs have all the protection in the world, and victims have none. 
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
11, Report #612687
Jun 10 2010
01:59 PM
MIGUEL MEZA / CAL-MED PHARMACY/MEZA TRADE.TRADEBOSS.COM MIGUEL MEZA acts as medication rep but is a nasty drug dealer stealing drugs from pharmacies in california and goes back to BAHA CALIFORNIA TIJUIANA MEXICO between the open border. on chinatradeh MIGUEL MEZA , COMER CIAL IS KILLING CHILDERN OVER THE INTERNET SALES TO usa . CAL-MED.BLOOMBIZ.COM BUY ALMOST ANYTHING i HAVE ALL PAPER WORK HAND OVER TO DEA miguel meza, comer cial Tijuana Baha Cal, Mexico, California
Ive tired talking to Comer Cial with no respond I have all paper work with prices and contacts how he tells people to wire western union money to  MIGUEL MEZA his real name to  Tijuana Baha california MEXICO and is a pharmist in USA CA AT CAL-MED PHARMACY WERE HE STEALS DRUGS AND SALES ONLINE TO MAKE $$$$$$$ USES china trade holding.com to market money and now  meza.trade.tradeboss.com he has to be stopped its thousands dollars of poor people lied to saying he get them help.   MIGUEL MEZA IS KILLER TAKING OLDER FOLKS MONEYTELLING THEM HE IS A PHARMISTS GIVE DRUGS SALES OXYCONTIN MORPHINE XANAX, NEEDLES. COMER CIAL    CRMICAL351@GMAIL.COM ORDER UP MIGUEL MEZA   MEZATRADE3@GMAIL.COM SAME SCUM ORDER     
Entity: miguel meza, comer cial Tijuana Baha Cal, Mexico, California
12, Report #416872
Jan 27 2009
01:24 PM
Miguel Jaeden Did not receive magazine subscription!! Internet
I ordered a 3 year subscription to Family Fun back in November 2008, and they charged my credit card immediately. Never received it, tried contacting the company but the website is now unavailable and the phone has been disconnected. Susie Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1389792
Aug 01 2017
04:51 PM
Miguel Sandoval supreme lending Miguel Sandoval supreme lending Denver Miguel Sandoval supreme lending unauthorized credit checks Denver national Nationwide
Miguel Sandoval, CO License: 100052087 NJ License: 910675 Along with Supreme lending pulled an unauthorized credit check and pulled my report cause 10 points to fall. The scary thing is I never gave them my SS##!! Please stay clear away. Having Equifax dispute ask we speak
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #735339
May 31 2011
09:17 PM
Miguel D. Vasquez Dr.Sosa, the Doc didn't fix our car,lost our money,wrecked it & ran tolls during a drive test & didn't compensate me for any of it Apopka, Florida
In October of 2010 our only vehicle broke down.Our nieghbor refered us to a mechanic,Miguel D. Vasquez.He came to our house to run a diagnostics on our car to find out what the problem was.It was the Timing chain.According to his estimates it was gonna cost the same to replace the whole engine as it was to fix the timing chain.so,we decided to replace the whole engine.He told us that we were getting an engine that only had 48,000 miles on it for 950.00 dollars,plus 50.00 dollars for lube & stuff like that,& labor for 300.00.He told us he needed the engine money first.We gave it to him & he came to tow the car the next day.He also told us it would only take 3 days to fix.The first engine came in.he installed it and brought it back to us.The next day it the timing chain broke while we were driving it.We called him to tow our car back to his shop.I left it parked at a friends.About a week went by & he hadn't picked it up.We called him & told him if he didn't come to get the car my friend was gonna have it towed.So,he finally came.Another week later he gets another engine,but it was to a different car.Another week late he gets another engine.He said he took the engine apart to fix something that was wrong with it.After installing it he brings the car back.The next day the timing chain breaks again.He comes & gets it.Fixes the timing chain & brings it to us again.The next day the timing chain broke again.each time he was bringing our car something else was wrong with.the a/c stopped working & it made noises.He took the car again because we had a six month warranty with him.This time we waited almost 1 month for another engine.He finally confessed that the distibuter he was getting the engines from refused to give him another one because he messed with the engine.They wouldn't give him the money back either,they kept it as store credit.Miguel also told us that since that happened,he used our money that was kept as store credit to buy a lady an engine.She was a customer of his & was short on cash for her engine,so he gave her our money.He had no money for another engine!He said he was trying to come up with 500.00 dollars to buy us an engine he saw on the side of a road.It was another car like ours.He bought that engine & put it in our car.He brought us the car.The next day the engine worked but our transmission went out and there was damage done to our back taillight and back fender.He lied to us & said it was the other persons fault.Our a/c didn't work either.We asked him to fix everything but he wanted us to pay him 600.00 for another transmission & 300.00 for labor.The transmission he was selling us he got as deal with the engine for 500.00.That same week we get a citation notice for running tolls.We had to pay them.The tolls took place right before the accident.I have copies of all reciepts he ever gave me & copy of the police report,which states he is at fault,& a copy of the toll fines.When I confronted him with all my evidence,he said he would only the damages done to our car by the accident if we paid him 900.00 dollars to fix the transmission.We didn't want him trying to fix anything on our car anymore,so the car is sitting in our parking lot brokedown still with all the damages still there.He offers no cash compensation either.And the engine in our car,noone has any way of knowing how many miles is on it! 
Entity: Apopka, Florida
15, Report #1428347
Feb 09 2018
05:23 PM
Rafael Miguel Swinney •Sherry Betrina Longmire Tenants stopped paying rent 4 month ago. Eviction after eviction. Fake statements to the court, destroyed property. Do not deal with these dangerous people. Norcross Georgia
Entity: Norcross, Georgia
16, Report #422875
Feb 11 2009
10:03 AM
Miguel Jaeden, LLC - Micro-gems.net Ordered magazine subscription. Never received Internet
Ordered magazine subscription to People's magazine. Never received. Emails do not go through. No one answers the phone. People magazine has no order from them. It appears he/they have a second company that purportedly sends on the subscription. Don Nokomis, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1359430
Mar 02 2017
05:59 PM
SCAMMERS Nicky Syo/Miguel Angel Air BnB Apartment Scam Portland, Oregon Internet
Someone calling himself Miguel Angel contacted me via email re: an apartment he was renting. He claimed he was renting it through Air BnB. This person gave me factual information about the way Air BnB works so I presumed it was a real apartment for rent. I received a reservation confirmation email with a link to a site that looked exactly like Air BnB. Same logo, same format, even the URL looked correct (at first). I chatted with & asked questions of a representative via a chat box on that fake Air BnB link, who must have been in on the scam. When it was time to pay I was asked to pay $2000 in the form of four $500 pre-paid Visa gift cards. Again, Air BnB confirmed this is not terribly unusual. I put in the card numbers/codes, then let Miguel know I had paid. After I paid, Miguel told me that someone else came along & offered to pay six months up front, so he asked ME if I could match that (would have been another $4000). He said if not, I will give you your money back. Because I had not yet seen the apartment, I declined & said to please refund me. However at this point I had caught on. I never heard from this person again.  I checked the gift card balances online & they were being drained. I contacted the gift card company directly in order to get my money back (which was its own long process but I was 3/4 successful) & they gave me the contact info for the stores where this person was buying stuff. One of those stores gave me the name Nicky Syo, along with a shipping address in Portland OR, an email address & contact number. 
Entity: Internet
18, Report #207147
Jul 10 2007
04:14 AM
Electronik Wholesale, Miguel Zamora ripoff refuses to refund money - no product shipped no correspondence Okeechobee Florida
Back in July, 2006 I was referred to a gentleman by the name of Miguel Zamora who was looking to sell some Apple iPod Nano 4GB units. The price was not amazing, but was reasonable. I checked him out and he was legit. His company name is Electronik Wholesale, LLC... registered in the State of Florida. I decided to purchase 50 units from him. I paid him by credit card $4774.00 and $2967.00 by wire because a payment to my credit card company was made incorrectly - so I couldn't use the credit card for the entire amount. He lost his first supplier, for some reason or another, so he went in search of another supplier. He found two of them. One in California and another in China. Before I knew it he had decided to use the Chinese company. He ordered a sample from the Chinese company which came fine and supposedly all units were authentic. Then he ordered a larger order (supposedly with my units included). 100 of these units he ordered were sent to his cousin in New Jersey. I asked him to contact me to let me know when they got there and if they were all authentic. Apparently they got there fine and were also authentic. One thing I need to make clear here is that during this whole transaction Mr. Miguel Zamora made it very difficult to reach him and he would rarely return phone calls in anything resembling a timely manner. On 8/3/06 he finally wrote me to tell me to process a chargeback for the purchase, saying that his suppliers were scamming him. I did so immediately an wrote him back asking about a refund for the remaining $2,967.00. I received no response. I wrote again on 8/7/06 and said that if he did not return my calls or my emails by 8/13/06, then on 8/14/06 I would notify the authorities. I heard nothing back. On 8/14/06 I opened up an investigation with my local police dept, wrote a complaints to www.ic3.gov, the FL state Attorney General and the Southeastern Florida BBB. I notified Mr. Miguel Zamora that I had done the above on 8/14/06 in the evening and warned that if there was no response to that then on 8/17/06 I would write ripoffreport.com and -----, ------ and post complaints there (which would show up in Google searches). On 8/15/06 I heard back from him. He stated that he wanted a firm date and time to contact me back. He stted that several things had happened (no phone or cell phone service, no internet/email service, no access to his online business email) which prevented him from contacting me. I wrote back telling him to contact me back by 8/16/06 from 2:30-4:30pm HIS time. No response, no calls. On 8/17/06, I wrote Mr. Miguel Zamora that I would re-instate the investigation on 8/21/06, write the websites I mentioned above, and report the issue to other places that the FL Attorney General's office recommended me to IF he did not call or write back by 8/18/06 5:00PM HIS time. No response, no calls. So, this morning 8/18/06 I re-instated the investigation. The officer came and picked up all my evidence (emails, etc.) and will contact the Okeechobee Sheriff's office. Now I am going and writing my complaints in the places I have stated that I would. I am dismayed that I have been forced to go to this extreme measure to A). Get my money back and B). to get Mr. Miguel Zamora to respond. I am fed up with the extreme lack of communication and sincerely hope that no one else has to go through this with him and his company, Electronik Wholesale, LLC. Sharla Pierce, ColoradoU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Okeechobee, Florida
19, Report #407570
Jan 03 2009
12:09 PM
Ordered Motor Trend in October - never received it - tried to call company - phone is out of order but the cell phone works - I sent a detailed fax and emails with no response. Ebay and Paypal were notified. Miguel Jaeden (or whatever your real name is) ripped me off and I see also another lady in Maryland same story - I'm sure there are others out there too! I'll be contacting other agencies and the BBB, etc. Ljay Tamarac, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: SIGNAL HILL, California
20, Report #417644
Jan 29 2009
09:12 AM
Miguel Jaeden LLC Miguel Jaeden is not a legitimate magazine subscription company. Los Angeles California
I ordered a 2 year subscription to Allure Magazine in October and never received a single issue. I phoned the number listed on Visa statement and I get stuck in a continuous voice mail loop. Miguel Jaeden ripped me off Stephanie philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
21, Report #1318450
Jul 23 2016
10:19 AM
Miguel Morales Loyol Concrete Loyol Concrete, Ripoff takes money doesn't finish job, Miguel Morales San Antonio Texas
 Miguel Morles did my neighbors patio it turned out good, so he saw us outside and told us he'll give us a great deal. He quoted us a large patio with flagstone, bench and fire pit for a great price we signed a contract for 50% down then if he needed more he would ask for materials. He told us he did a lot us work in the alamo ranch area showed us his Mexico ID #201674757 we gave him $4000 to start he did show up with two other men in a black Chevy Texas plates CP1J663 he would show up then he asked for more money to finish ordering the flagstone. He also drove a tan extended cab truck with a trailer. Then he slowly started showing up less we would call and he would promise he will come the next day. He stopped coming , never brought materials. His phone number 210-994-4698 his address is 2032 Buffalo St San Antonio 78211. He stole $6000 from us. This thief needs to be stopped he's been getting away with this for to long.
Entity: San Antonio , Texas
22, Report #1166266
Jul 30 2014
07:03 PM
David Hammer Mitch Hammer Fraud will not pay after getting work Tampa Florida
They will get the service can never pay payment . Research or google big mouth local before doing business with them. david and mitch are fraud
Entity: Tampa, Florida
23, Report #1046771
Apr 29 2013
06:31 AM
MM Landscaping Miguel Morales Takes your money then does not do the work... Scam Artist Frisco, Texas
Miguel Morales has been ripping off people in Frisco and area since 2011 or longer. He leaves a card on your door, gives you a quote... just a little less than other... asks for materials payment then runs. We hired him for an outdoor kitchen. Came twice to tell me the job was delayed, and even dropped off the cinder block. Then no showed.  He lives in a trailer park off Lebannon, 5458 Lesli Lane in Frisco. Drives a new truck that does not have plate yet. Dodge Ram 2006, 1 ton, red with flat bed. He has wood board on flat bed... not that he will bring your stone. Other vehicle plate is: CP1J663. Phone numbers on card: 469-888-2483 & 214-493-2571 the person says he no longer works with Miguel. Not sure I believe him did not say this until the day Miguel was suppose to start our job. Another victim listed on local Frisco website. I reported to Frisco PD. Not a civil matter since he his a scam artist... and dollar amount will make it a felony.   I saved for a long time, my son was born with life threatening health issues, then my husband had cancer. I dreamed of someday having a beautiful backyard kitchen. Of not having tremendous stress. Watching my husband grill... my son eating a popsicle this summer. Just being able to finally take a moment to relax. Miguel Morales is evil and needs to be stopped!  
Entity: Frisco, Texas
24, Report #1046761
Apr 29 2013
06:28 AM
MM Landscaping Miguel Morales Steals your money, doesn't do the work Frisco, Texas
Miguel Morales got me too. I am a hardworking Mom and my husband puts in long hours too. We got lots of quotes and his was very competitive.  He leaves his business card on your door. He came by, gave a quote, asked me to draw up the contract. Gave me a copy of his Coserv bill and Mexico ID: 6547947. Been here since 2-3-09 ripping people off. ID expires 2-3-14. Miguel Morales now drives a Dodge Ram 2006 3500 1 Ton red flat bed truck with wood boards in the back. It is new and does not have tags yet.  He asked for materials up and dropped off cinder block only. Pushed back my job two days. He no showed today. I went to his address with Frisco Police and knocked on his door. Hide like a like a little weasel... I left a note on his door.  This is no longer a civil issue. He came to the US to Rip Us Off. He needs to be caught! Then US taxpayer will be paying his jail bill.
Entity: Frisco, Texas
25, Report #1050727
May 13 2013
09:58 PM
Miguel Benitez liar about him being an electrician,-wont finish work, doesnt know what he is doing- bullies his way, steals your lights- and fixtures, inethical, lies about working for people he doesnt- says he will finish and doesnt show up- takes items from your yard indian wells, palm desert, indio, coachella California
 I was referred to him from another neighbor- he works for everyone in the Indian Wells assocaiton and handles all the lights in the who country club and says he is an electrical contractor-- I am in charge of a 4 home association and he over charged my for painting lights and said he reinstalled and fixed them but he did not repair as half of them do not work. He wont call back- he is dishonest and wont complete his work he wont come and fix them what he said he would do- he said he would maintain for 2 years- and he is long gone- he is a liar and a fraud- do not employ him- he installed a new panel in my house-and the lights still don't work- he is not experienced in what he says he is- he says he works for Cisco Martinez- and keeps saying I will take care of you- he never finished the work- we have exposed wires all over the place- he penetrated the walls in the house and ruined the drywall- will not repair- the lights don't work-timers are off- he said he fixed all the lights on the property and most of them don't work- he talks a big game like he is an experienced - he said my other neighbor in the association paid him to do work- he said he use the money for wiring- he told my neighbor he doesn't fix wires- he is a complete fraud- you can come to my property and I will show you what he did not do and how he scammed us.
Entity: indian wells, California

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