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1, Report #1399394
Sep 11 2017
08:32 PM
Mikestone Consulting Call me brand I requested services for branding and marketing. The owner has not completed this work nor has he provided me with a date for completion. He is now ignoring my calls!! Santa Barbara California
 Maurice started working for Beeptool in February as a consultant. He quickly hired another person, Aldus to work with him. The work was way below par and when confronted he promised to fix it. To date he has not provided the promised services and has not marketed the business. He charged excessively and has refused to complete the work without taking a major part of equity in the complaint mm that although he has received more than 8k in money from the company for services. He is unethical and needs to be stopped before anyone else suffers!
Entity: Santa Barbara , California
2, Report #390394
Nov 12 2008
07:29 AM
Tafiti Consulting how to get riptoff by tafiti consulting Internet
hi this is to all would be investers,that are thinking of dealing with tafiti consulting.well you might as well throw your kids ,grandkids , to the sharks as you will have more chance of them surviveing,than getting any help from tafiti consulting i paid them 4000.00 english. to be told that they would get me up & running with my own website & into proffit with in 90days sounded great.yea right if i had kown then what i know now i would not have been the slightist bit intersted.i was conntacted by a person called josh griffin who in basic terms told me that this was the opportunity to change my lifestyle for myself & my family,for the better to give them the things in life that dreams are made of ,well he certantly changed my life style putting me into debt having just managed to pay for it ,iam still very angry about what these people did to my self and familyi .think i will only be happy when this scum bag and the company are six feet under. belive me if these people would have been in the uk then iwould have paid them a vist to sort this out may be its a good thing thier not as i might have been writing this from a prison cell surley their must be a law against this sort of thing in usa ,so whatever happens do not deal with tafiti consulting its bad for your bank balance ,and as for josh griffin well rember his name and steer well clear of any dealings with him i wish some body would have given me this advice 12 months ago as i would have been far better of know thanks Roger worksopUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
3, Report #475155
Jul 30 2009
10:26 PM
3DK Consulting 3DK Consulting Wauwatosa Wisconsin
I worked at 3dk for a long time and everything about 3dk consulting is a complete joke. All they tell you are complete lies. Brian Darling is the most stupid manager 'if you can even consider him' that ever. He comes to work still drunk most of the mornings and he just seats around his desk doing jack shit.. He does his pointless interviews that are a waste of time and then sleeps with his administraters and or just flat out sleeps. This is a door to door 100% commission position with no benefits no vacation time and sometimes no pay. Also you will work a minimum of 10hours per day and maybe make 250 per week. I have seen this first hand. They also do homo bells at the end of the night which is so gay. And they have a circle jerk in the mornings to get you warmed up if thats not gay enough for you, you must go to team night every thursday night or you get fired. He calls everyone pussys and virgins. If you think of applying dont cause you lose more money than you make. F*ck cydcor Franklin, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
4, Report #662633
Nov 16 2010
03:02 PM
P.V.G Consulting PVG Consulting, Cydcor Scam, Internet
This company is the same as Keynorth Consulting. My guess is they just switched their name after they wound up on websites like this. Do yourself a favor and type the company Cydcor in the search box on this site and you can read all about companies like this.They post hundreds of different jobs on sites like CareerBuilder, and any job website they can think of. You can tell it's a scam company when they put things seemingly out of place, and definitely not pertaining to the job, in their description.For example on PVG's post on CareerBuilder they have Funny things to say in an elevator. Their goal is try and get young people to apply because A. They are more gullable B. They're desperate for a job getting out of college and C. They know older people wouldn't fall for it.If you send your resume to them they'll typically respond with a phone call or email the next day. They'll ask you very few questions, then they'll want to get you to interview right away (the next day or sometimes even that day). From there you go into the office for a 5 minute interview in which they offer you a second round interview the next day. It lasts all day and you go out in the field going door to door selling products as a part of companies like AT&T, Great Lakes Energy, the list goes on and on.  They'll sit you down when you get back to the office that day and after a quasi-final round interview, they'll offer you a job for you to start the next day.They don't pay for the gas it takes for you to drive to your territory, for your lunch, and there is no such thing as a salary. It's all commission based and let me tell you... good luck.Let this and many other ripoff reports tell you to not waste your time. Other Cydcor Chicagoland companies are: Marketing FX, VMI, Vision Marketing, Genesis, Blue, Midwest Client Consultants, etc. Go to Careerbuilder and type in entry level in Chicago and hit enter. All the companies that pop up are from Cydcor. It's polluted careerbuilder and has made the site essentially useless.And I know the people that are management at these company's are reading this report, so all I have to say to them is F U. If you can sleep at night knowing you pray off of recent graduates, and basically screw them for no income, then I guess sleep away. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves and your living a lie.
Entity: , Internet
5, Report #287248
Nov 27 2007
07:54 PM
Rust Consulting Ameriquest Multistate Settlement Rust Consulting Internet
Amen and halleluiah! I too have been waiting for my settlement check. First we're told early spring, then we're told mid November, then by the end of November and now today after contacting the administrator I'm told the end of December. That's just a load of hockey! I want my settlement money and I want it now! If you want your money too, contact your state Attorney Generals Office. I have sent an e-mail to ours here in Texas. Ameriquestvictim2 Denison, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
6, Report #139624
Apr 20 2005
05:32 PM
Ckf Consulting Big Ripoff and cons Saint George Utah
Greg Warden with CKF Consulting makes BIG PROMISES, takes your money and then you cannot find him. Phone number not valid, no one will return your emails and I never received a contract. I have written numerous emails (over 30) asking for someone to respond - no such luck. They got me for over $5300. Promised to make you a success even if it means they have to pay for it. RIGHT!!! I have managed to cancel brightbuilders, Wonderpay but am working on A-1 leasing. They haven't returned my calls eithers. I am being charged $52.95 per month and my website has never been up and running. Greg Ence from CKF Consulting did email me wanting me to outline my situation. I did. I have still not heard from him. I am been trying to get someone to discuss this with me since before November, 2004. I am still trying. I need my money returned. Only through this website did I find out the city and state CKF Consulting is located. Thank You. Robin tallahassee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Saint George, Utah
7, Report #1177641
Sep 18 2014
10:53 AM
Apple Consulting... shady, possible scam Internet
So basically I found this ad..this company was looking for an Operations Clerk I responded simply asking for a bit more information..I did not submit a resume. I get this email back saying they wanted me to offer the position to me, they included an applications form and a job description..which was extremely odd..you're offering me a position I didn't really formally apply for..anyways, so in the job description it stated the pay and a very general job description..so I emailed Michael back to ask a few questions..I wanted to know exactly what the job was. He emailed me stating I would be processing payments..so their clients would send payments to me..and then I would wire the payments through to them via western union..which sounds super strange..like why don't they have their own business account and make it simple,,why does it go through a third party (me) anyways, he told me for the probationary period..which was 5 days..I would have to use my own bank account..OR any bank account I wanted it could be empty and after 5 days they would open me a business account...so that was the final straw for me..there is no way I was giving my banking info to this company. I did not get scammed by this company..I stopped before that happened...but I just want people to be on the look out..
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1017643
Feb 20 2013
06:10 PM
Tandem Consulting Marina Davis Incompetent Palatine, Illinois
A complete waste of our money.  Owner is unprofessional, and services were completely unhelpful.  Lots of talk, no results.
Entity: Palatine, Illinois
9, Report #1233364
Feb 22 2016
02:08 PM
JM Consulting Michael Mell Scam Job Offer Middleton, WI Internet
I recieved this email from this person, Michael Mell, who contacted me on his own. Here is the email he sent: Hello xxxxxxx,I hope you are doing well! I am emailing you regarding the resume you posted online.  I am currently consulting for a couple small businesses and assisting with several business developments in Miami, FL. After reviewing your resume, I think you would be a good fit for one of the several positions currently available. The primary position currently available is for a full time Benefits Representative, the average starting wage is around $60,000 a year.  I am in the office Friday and was wondering if I could contact you for a five minute phone interview between 1:00-2:00pm? Or is there a better time to call you at xxxxxxxxxxxAlso, just so you know, there are no fees for you to use my service, assisting small businesses in finding qualified top-notch employees is included with my consulting fees which are covered by the business. If you find that these positions are not the right fit for you, no worries, I work with a number of other businesses and I may have another client that is hiring in the near future. Are you only looking for work in the 33177 area? Would you consider other areas?I look forward to speaking to you!JM FirmMichael MellPhone: 414-600-1123   I have been unemployed for three weeks and have already experienced several job opportunity scams.  Because this was the second time in two weeks someone had invited me to a sketchy job offer, I immediately looked it up online, and what do I find? Pretty much the identical experience. I can't believe how often this is happening.  Needless to say, I am extremely skeptical about any online work solicitations after this.  It's creepy and depressing.  These people need to get a life.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1222264
Apr 13 2015
06:02 PM
Tours Consulting Tours Consulting vacation scam Florida Internet
First, you receive a call indicating that you have a deposit on hand for a vacation you failed to take a few years back. They offer a 4 day 3 night vacation package at various locations national/ international (no air fare). THey claim the hotels are all inclusive when you call the hotels direct they offer no such all inclusive service. SCAM ALert. Although they claim they are based in Florida, the credit card charge comes in from Internaltional source aka one2pay or other methods. I searched online and found a history of questionable business practice. I called them back and cancelled the order which was on hold pending final approval from me. They accepted the cancellation and a week later charged me under kuztombloggers.com total fraud. BEWARE.. 
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1270973
Nov 30 2015
09:16 AM
Interex Consulting Supply Chain Management Employment Scam New York Internet
I was approached by a recruiter for this fake company. They do not exist on google maps, and their website was created in October, 2015, from Ukraine. They copied their entire content from a legitimate SCM consulting company, and I fear that they have scammed people who are looking to gain employment. They sent me a word document for their application, for download, that had viruses.  Please do not respond to this company.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #664632
Nov 22 2010
10:18 AM
Tara Consulting adult services usa, Ohio
I started working for this company in September.  It was great until today.  I have been really sick so everything I talk for  long period of time I start hacking like crazy.  I filled out my schedule on Friday and started working Saturday.  One call but the guy said that he didn't like my voice.  Still a little sick.  Anyway I was suppose to get paid last week but I didn't send in my information for netspend which I did on Thursday.  Well guess what still no pay so I sign on today.  Two guys were on but no calls and towards my time off I IM Scott aka studly and he started to attack me like crazy.  Wanting to know why I wasn't working hard enough.  How can you work this business sick.  Was he crazy.  Anyway he said I would get paid this week but he still kept attacking me even after I told him that I was going to quit.  He even asked me why I was still there.  This man is crazy and needs to take some kind of medication to calm himself down.  Anyway I logged off and that quickly he terminated me.  He even sent me a email stating that he was terminating my contact and I would not get paid til Dec. 31.  Do not work for this company.  The chat rooms are a joke.  Many men will just go on and chat and jerk off.  Where do you get paid.  Unbelievable.  They are cons.  I hope that they are prepare because I am calling the IRS.
Entity: usa, Ohio
13, Report #197875
Jun 23 2006
06:20 PM
KDS Consulting deceptive business Chicago Illinois
I went on an interview today for a Customer Service/Marketing position with KDS Consulting. I was a little leery based on the blog I read on this site so I had my eyes and ears open for similar clues and red flags. The interview was held in a practically empty office; a desk, phone, sporadic art work on the walls and the television in the reception area, this did not look like a company that had been up and running for some time, but KDS personnel did make it know that they were looking to open a new Chicago office. I was interviewed along with another individual, I was asked to tell about myself first. I think I am a very intelligent, well spoken person who is no stranger to interview etiquette, if there is such a thing, so I think I represented myself rather well. The other person was not as well spoken and based on his past work experiences, as described by the interviewer, had worked in allot of jobs in the service industry. We were then told that this was considered the preliminary interview and if called back we would be given more detail about the job and its responsibility. When asked if we had any questions, I asked what they were specifically looking for in a job candidate, I did not see how he could have ascertained anything about either of us besides what we looked like and how well we spoke. I did not get an answer to my question, the interviewer instead talked in circles around the question. I then asked what percentage of the time would be spent in the office and I was told that 80% would be spent out of the office and 20% in the office. We were then told that if they were interested we would be contacted by them by 6 pm; if we did not receive a phone call then they decided to go in another direction. My impression of the whole experience and from what I observed, after KDS receives resumes via email they are screened for specific geographic locations within the city, because Chicago neighborhoods are not as diverse as other cities it is pretty easy to determine which race of people lives where. They then schedule blocks of interviews with people they are hoping have similar backgrounds, my guess is they are not looking for the brightest and most intelligent people, but people who can easily be manipulated. Something else I thought was strange is that when you get there you are asked to fill in your personal information on a generic job application which asks for your social security number, I may not be the brightest person in the world, but what reason would they have to ask for your ss# if you were not definitely going to be hired. Thanks to the previous warnings posted on this site, I was saved from wasting anymore of my time. Monica Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
14, Report #277846
Oct 08 2007
09:30 PM
Freeport Consulting Certainly not richer Internet
Well, I certainly wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Fill out a form, pay $75 and they do all the work getting my grants. Well it has been longer than the suggested time. I am unable to get on the website or even join. When I login I get Invalid login. When I try to join they say my email already exists. Everytime I do email I get an automated response. I have yet to hear from a real person. Jenn Marshalltown, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1058466
Jun 12 2013
12:04 AM
Rust Consulting Refusal Minneapolis Minnesota
 I have been trying since April 25, 2013 to get an address change form.  Everytime I call it was something different.  The first time was the initial call and the young lady supposedly put my address in the system. I followed that up two days later but was told by another young lady that the first lady did not do it right and she was going to put it in the system.  I called again three days later and was told by a male that neither one of the ladies added my new address and that he would have to put in a request to have it processed and it would talke 7 to 10 days for the COA form to be mailed out.  I called back two days later to see if that was done and was told that the form was mailed out. I called again two days later and was told that no form had been mailed and it would take another 7 to 10 days.  I finally called the OCC who (not know to me) only takes your information and contacts Rust to give them my complaint.  I was contacted by Rust Tier 2 who advised that they finally received the request on May 17th and it will take 7 to 10 business days to be processed.  I called again on the 20th to verify and the female stated that they had just gotten my request and it will take 7-10 business days to get the COA form.  Well supposedly the form was mailed on May 24th, however, as of this day which is June 12th I still have not received the form.  I have contact Rust 20 times, the OCC three times, the Federal Reserve and the Obudsmen office but everyone seems to lead me back to Rust.  I am not sure why it is so much of a problem just to get a change of address form. I have even contacted my state attorney but no answer from them either.  I would like to know who is being held accountable for this company and their incompetence.  As I am reading more and more blogs I have seen where this change of address is a real major problem.  I decided to do some research for myself to see if national systems have my current address and everything that I have checked has the current address so please tell me why Rust is not capable or able to locate correct addresses.  There is a major break down in their company!!!
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
16, Report #981290
Dec 12 2012
08:04 PM
Belboss Consulting MONEY SCAM!! Internet
I too received an email from Rick Ford at Belboss Consulting.  I have been job hunting and this looked similiar to secret shopper type stuff.  First indication this was fishy was the fact he only wanted my address.  All communication was by email, no forms, nothing to fill out.  And then comes the Western Union/Money Gram email.  After doing some research, discovered several other people out there with the same experience.  The check is fake.  You deposit it and then when it bounces, the bank empties out your account to cover it and in the meantime, belboss consulting or whoever they are, have a couple of grand in their pockets.  Making a report with the BBB and filing a complaint with the Attorney General in Nevada.  That is supposedly where this yahoo is located. I hope this saves someone alot of trouble and heartache down the road.  They need to be shut down.
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1227122
May 05 2015
07:59 PM
Pyramid Consulting Job Scam Email Round Rock Texas
Recieved this in my inbox.  Thought it was very shady how they are wanting my social security number, DOB, & my resume when I never applied for them.  I have never heard of this company nor have ever applied for a position with them.     EMAIL MESSAGE: ----------------------------------------------------------- Subject:  Trying to reach you for Urgent Position :: .net Consultant and techincal writer :: Round Rock, TX From:  Harun Verma Greetings, My name is Harun Verma and I recruit for Pyramid Consulting. We have urgent position for you. Below is the job description. Please check if you feel comfortable then please reply your resume and below following details:   Posting Title: .Net Consultant and Techincal writer Location:        Round Rock, TX       Responsibilities: ·         .NET Code Design Technical Writer - Looking for an experienced .Net C# and C++ Windows software development engineer. This individual would be responsible for analyzing applications and producing architectural/design documentation.   Experience Need: ·         7+ years’ experience overall (.NET coding and coding design) ·         3+ year in document design of .NET code ·         Experience with MS Word and Visio     Please reply with copy of updated resume and  fill all  the questionnaire: 1.       Full Name: 2.       Phone number (for interviews): 3.       Email id (for interviews): 4.       Current location: 5.       Relocation: 6.       Visa Status: 7.       Rate/hr: 8.       Availability to Join project: 9.       Availability to take interview call: 10.   Total Experience (in years): 11.   Last 4 SSN: 12.   DOB (DD/MM): 13.   IF you have Dell Experience Before please share Reporting Manager Name also:     Harun Verma Pyramid Consulting, Inc. Executive Resourcing O: 770 255 7608  E: harun.verma@pyramidci.com  Web: www.pyramidci.com   WE FIND HIDDEN TALENT    
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1240912
Feb 23 2016
08:52 AM
JSM Consulting Middleton Wisconsin
To read other reports about this company, plese click the link below:http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/specific_search/JSM%20Consulting
Entity: Middleton, Wisconsin
19, Report #1220382
Feb 22 2016
04:05 PM
JSM Consulting / Michael Mell Phising Scam Madison Wisconsin
I too received a job offer email from Michael Mell of JM Firm. This person contacted me asking if I was looking for work and claiming to have contacted me before via email. Here is the email he sent with my personal information redacted: Hey XXXX,I just wanted to see if you got my last email about the Union Benefits Position in XXXXXX, OH? Is XXXXXXXXX the best number to reach you? Are you still looking? Also, just so you know, there are no fees for you to use my service, assisting small businesses in finding qualified top-notch employees is included with my consulting fees which are covered by the business. If you find that these positions are not the right fit for you, no worries, I work with a number of other businesses and I may have another client that is hiring in the near future. Are you only looking for work in the XXXXX area? Would you consider other areas?I look forward to speaking to you!JM FirmMichael Mell414-600-1123I foolishly responded with my real phone number, which I've since changed.When you go to their website there is no physical addess and a completely different phone number.Once you respond you will never hear from them again.My guess is that this is some sort of phising scam/operation. They have some of your personal information and send these bogus emails to get you to fill in the blanks and also to confirm that your email, zip code, and possibly phone number is correct.I am filing a complain with the FTC about these people as well as the Ohio Attorney General and my ISP so that their emails can be marked as phishing scams. My credit reports are alread locked.Do not give these people any information at all about you and mark their emails as SPAM in your email account.I'm also going to contact the state of Wisconsin AG and put a notice on file with them abou these folks. If they've contacted you, please do the same.My reaction may seem extreme and the email I posted above from them may seem harmless but just in case it isn't I'm going to take every precaution. I stronly believe this is a social engineering scam they're running to get people to confirm their identites and location. Once they have a samll amount of information abot you it is amazing what they can do with it.I'm also going to do some background checking on Mr. Mell to see if there is any known criminal activity on his or his partners' behalf. If it is I'm going to law enforcement in Wisconsin. I'm tired of people like this running scams on the Internet and getting away with it.
Entity: Madison, Wisconsin
20, Report #1361590
Mar 14 2017
06:11 AM
Remkey consulting Payday loan litigation Internet
 I got a payday loan awhile back, I thought I had paid them off (since it was all online). While at work one day I get these weird numbers calling me asking for me. I finally answer and a man comes on and says is this Jessie? I say yes, he further explains how he is the last one that will be contacting me, if I do not set uP arrangements for payments I will possibly have to pay more(after court etc). I was scared and nervous and actually paid them about 800 plus within a month! After I have spent money I am hearing all these false companies calling people then getting money from them. I don't know if it was real or if I just got played for stupid ..
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1355373
Feb 10 2017
06:39 PM
Klw consulting tampa Florida
 Klw consulting. Are con artist they do not pay.... The have the work done and will not pay you they owe alot of people you have been warned. ... Do not work for these guys
Entity: Florida
22, Report #193050
May 24 2006
03:27 AM
MCFARLAND CONSULTING McFarland Consulting ripped me off! Champlain New York
Back in early March I was online, attempting to get assistance with paying electric and phone bills. I am disabled, and my income is limited. I received a phone call from Mcfarland Consulting advising me that they could assist me in receiving government grant money. They would charge me $289 for their help in processing my paperwork, and advising for which grants I would qualify. They advised that they would send me a packet of paperwork to fill out, that I should fill it out, and return it ASAP! On March 10, 2006 $289 was removed from my savings account. I attempted to cancel this transaction the day after it was formed, and was called back by a man who advised me, in a hostile tone, that the company is in good standing, and I would get my money back if they were unable to get me $5,000 in grant money within a certain time frame. I attempted to stop payment at my bank, and they advised that they could attempt to stop the charge from going through, for a fee, but could not guarantee that it would not go through anyway. Feeling that I was without choices, the money changed hands. I waited a considerable length of time, and when I did not get any packet, I called the company back, and requested a refund. I was told to send a letter requesting a refund. I sent the letter, and have called back twice, attempting to retreive my money. I attempted contact again on May 23rd, at approximately 2:00 pm and was advised that they were closed, but stated the hours of operation were 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Marla Valdosta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Champlain, New York
23, Report #979206
Dec 07 2012
02:31 PM
Namaste Consulting Group Namaste Consulting Group is the WORST company EVER!!! Protect yourself and your money!!! Internet
Work at home mom...that's how Namaste Consulting Group hooked me. I should have been smarter and read the fine print but I was really looking forward to the possibility of having income coming in. The one thing I can say about Namaste Consulting Group is that they're very consistent with their whole pitch to hook people. It seems to have worked on a lot of people. I lost close to $4,200 dealing with them. I really thought this would be a great thing. That I would be able to stay home with my daughter and make some money, since I am a single mother. My story is pretty much the same as what I have been reading about on this site and others and it really infuriates me to know that companies like Namaste have been getting away with taking people's money like this. It's not right!! I paid the initial $499 to get started and then also around $3,500 to upgrade. Nothing did any good as I have not made one dime. Ive also been getting calls from other companies saying that I need to purchase their services in order to make the BIG bucks. Namaste sold my information. And all the people that call are rude and sound like they dont know their ass from a hole in the ground. I called Namaste several times to try and get my money back but no answer. I finally reached out to the FTC, Attorney General and a law firm to file complaints and get my money back. I spoke to David at 615-671-4983 and he helped me with my case against Namaste. I didn't have to pay money upfront for a retainer or anything, which is good because I didn't have any left. The whole thing was fairly painless. I'm happy I called and got referred to him. So, anyone reading this and are thinking about dealing with Namaste...stay away from them! They will steal your money and blink twice about it.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #1251131
Aug 26 2015
05:43 PM
Actuarial Consulting Group Inc. Actuarial Consulting Group Job Scam Lebanon Tennessee
I'd seen a job opening for an entry level actuary and submitted a job application. A couple days later I received an email that was unlike any normal job responsesemail. The emailed appeared to be selling you on a career as an actuary, and encouraged you to check out out their website and figure out whether the job is right for you. Before we can schedule an interview, it is essential for you to go towww.beanactuary.org, so that you can get an idea of the position for which you are applying. Also it is very important that you watch the video on the home page of beanactuary.org called Professional Life and review our website at www.actuarialconsultinggroup.org. I googled this company on glassdoor. No results. A few other results directed me to the reddit and Ripoff Report sites, which pretty much confirmed my suspicions.  Bottom line: Stay away!
Entity: Lebanon, Tennessee
25, Report #357799
Jul 31 2008
01:27 PM
Tri State Consulting Also Known As Thorecore COnsulting Co. Lied, bate and switch, New York New York
I went to Tri State Relocation for help finding an apartment in NYC. They claimed to have direct contact with landlords and management companies and could connect to these people. I asked three times if my price range was feasible for the areas in which I was interested in living. I was told in response yes, it will be no problem, you will find something in 2 weeks. After my account was debited and paperwork signed a different associate called me to verify the information I had given them, i.e. my price range and the areas I was interested in living in. When I told her that what I wrote was correct she asked are those the only areas you are willing to live in, and suggested some other places - I think the Bronx or parts of Brooklyn. I told her yes, she said okay and that was that. The service was supposed to be set up so that my consultant would contact me if things came up in my area and price range, but also I could search their listing via the web and request appointments. I never saw anything in my price range in the areas I am interested in. I believe this is fraud, they are well aware of what things cost in the areas they rent in, why, unless they are just out to cheat people would they take money knowing that nothing would ever show up in those areas at that price point?? Twice I have seen apartments categorized in the wrong neighborhood, it would be listed under say, Rego Park or Elmhurst, but when you select it the address would tell you that it is in Queens Village or Woodhaven. This gets them out of their clause that you are really looking, because if I didn't write them and say they had these apartments listed incorrectly they could tell me I was seriously looking and searching their website on a regular basis. Their policy is if you see 15 apartments and don't find anything after 90 days they will refund you 50 of the 120 fee that they charge. Breta Queens Village, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York

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