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1, Report #1019824
Feb 25 2013
08:36 AM
minnesota life insurance company iNSURANCE BENEFITS Saint Paul, Minnesota
my boyfriend take a policy out in his name but put me down for a beneficiary now i am fright them for the money.I send two letter no responded.
Entity: Saint Paul, Minnesota
2, Report #461637
Jun 14 2009
04:04 PM
Slim 4 Life Expensive Mistake Minneapolis Minnesota
Joined this program and was told I could get a refund if my doctor advised I not use their program. One month after joining saw my oncologist and he advised not to use this program which I had spent around $2500 to join. I requested a refund and submitted my doctor's report. It was soon clear they had no intention of refunding my money. The doctor it seems must be one of their paid consultants in order for you to get a refund. Do not get sucked in by this hoax. Julie **** Brooklyn Park, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota
3, Report #829559
Jan 27 2012
09:39 AM
My daughter was an educator in the Georgia School System passed away in August, 2011, and as of this date January, 2012 the life insurance policy has not been settled.  When I placed a claim on the policy I was told there was no beneficiary on file, and was given the run around.  Later the  beneficiary form was discovered, but I was told that the insurance company had made it null and void, because my daughter had not updated or changed her beneficiary.  I notified the Georgia Insurance Commissioner of my plight, and they contacted the insurance company (ie. Minnesota Life) to ascertain the problem. Minnesota Life Insurance Company responded to me and other family members with an Interpleader Complaint, adding names to the Interpleader that were not originally on the the beneficiary sheet.  I filed a Response to Interpleader Complaint, and now am waiting for a ? court date for the judge to make a decision on a policy that clearly had a beneficiary.  It was also requested that their Attorneys are paid from the death benefits, and the mistake was clearly their error.  When a person passes away and they can no longer defend themselves then I feel that that is desecrating the decision of the dead person, and causing deep hurt for the family. As a result of Minnesota Life Insurance removing the beneficiary it has caused a wide gap within our family and caused suspicions of each other.  If you think your family will be  secure because you feel you  have  your business in order you had better check to make sure.  I never knew that the policy holder has a right to remove or change a beneficiary, so please check. As a mother I have  suffered.  
Entity: Atlant, Georgia
4, Report #1156421
Jun 20 2014
10:55 PM
minnesota life insurance company you lied to me st paul mn Nationwide
in was in july 2012.my son was killed by his wife,she had insurance on him .i called the insurance company and was told to wait intill the case went to court and i did that,i all so sent in paper work letting them know that i was  mother .i sent in police report and health history information request.they told me that his wife needed to sign some paper.well they never sent her no paper work.i need that she could nt get  the insurance money but i should have received it,i sent beneficiary statement and certified death certificate, not sure why they needed hishealth history he was only 33 years old,now i am left with helping to take care of his kids,he was a good father worked every day .
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #1379015
Jun 14 2017
07:46 AM
Bio life plasma Mankato Blood sucking thieves Mankato Minnesota
  Bio life plasma Mankato pays $20 the first donation of the week and 50 for the second the problem is you can't get to all your money because of the car that they use to pay you is in $10 increments which no ATMs around have so therefore you have to pay every time you use the stupid card when you happen to have a week where it's off also they charge You a monthly fee just for having the card therefore if you do get a $50 donation and are able to take it out for whatever reason you have overdraft on said card so therefore you can't get your money you have to use their card and guess what they make money off of it these people are bloodsucking vampires.
Entity: Mankato , Minnesota
6, Report #1290309
Feb 27 2016
06:45 AM
Minnesota Life Insurance Securian Financial Denied payment on Accidental Death claim St. Paul Minnesota
Minnesota Life Insurance Company is horrible. They sold my deceased long term partner a policy without my knowledge to cover the mortgage knowing his medical history, then refusing to pay the claim after he passed away. Just a heads up. #minnesottalifeinsurance#SecurianFinancialGroup Minnesota Life Insurance CompanyGroup Division ClaimsAttention: _____________Examining SpecialistGroup Division ClaimsP.O. Box 64114St. Paul, MN 55164-0114 Re: Accidental Death ClaimClaim # 1071741Loan with BB & T Dear Ms. K______ On behalf of the Estate of Doug ______ I wish to contest and appeal your denial letter of December 11, 2014. Please advise if I need to secure an attorney to do so, or whether you will undertake a serious reconsideration of this matter at this time without litigation. The language of any insurance policy should be taken and understood in a plain, ordinary and popular sense. Here, Doug bought an accidental death policy as “mortgage insurance” on the house. Now that he has passed away due to an accidental death, your carrier apparently does not wish to honor its obligations. As far as I can see, an accidental death is one the results from an unusual event, unanticipated by everyone involved. Doug’s death fits those criteria. He was not engaging in any hazardous or criminal activity which one might expect to have unfortunate results. There was no act of war or any bizarre happening which fits into the exclusions listed in the policy. Minnesota Life seems to be relying on the overly-broad statement that the benefits will not be paid where death results “directly or indirectly” from any “bodily…infirmity, illness or disease.” If a man has a heart attack when he is hit by a car, because he had a weak heart, would you deny benefits? If he totters on the street due to old age or infirmity, and gets hit by the car, is that denied also? What if a walker slips, and the individual falls and cracks his head? Are these deaths not accidental? Every death, “directly or indirectly” occurs due to a bodily infirmity of sorts. When the heart stops, it is a cardiac event; here, Doug passed due to a respiratory arrest, but the arrest did not “just happen” – it was caused because of vomiting into his CPAP mask – a totally accidental, unforeseen occurrence. Your denial letter references that Doug did not remove the mask and makes the assumption that the mask could not be removed because he was already in some altered state of consciousness. I submit that he could not do so, due to the ordinary occurrence of sleep, and the shocking nature of the event.  Per Merriam-Webster.com, an accidental death is “sudden and violent” and occurs as the result of something unforeseen, a “chance result of an intended act.” Here, the happening of Doug’s demise certainly was both unforeseen, and the chance result of the simple act of trying to sleep better. This was certainly an unexpected and unplanned event. No one was directly “at fault,” unless perhaps the CPAP mask manufacturers should be able to create some sort of mask which anticipates this occurrence, or a physician who should warn of it, but in any event, Doug was not aware that he was engaging in an untoward act.  Does the mere use of any medically-assistive device automatically render the policy void? If so, then perhaps the carrier should never issue a policy to any already-disabled individual. The company should follow better underwriting perhaps to achieve its own goals then, but in this case, there was no problem convincing Doug to purchase the policy and then accepting Doug’s premiums. Now that he has passed, and the death certificate lists the manner of death as “accidental,” it is requested that, per the ordinary man’s understanding of the term and policy, the carrier re-consider its position and issue a check in full payment of the limits. Doug certainly suffered from Parkinson’s disease, with falls and the need for medications – but the inclusion of all of your mentions concerning his ailments is disheartening, as they were clearly unrelated to the happening of his passing. As of his last doctor’s visit, he had shown some improvement, and to speculate that his death occurred simply due to a myocardial infarction is specious and frankly hurtful to his memory. The manner of death was set forth on the death certificate as accidental, and so it must be construed.  Thank you for your reconsideration of this claim. Very truly yours, Francis _______Estate of Douglas_______ North Carolina Department of Insurance****************************** NC Department of InsuranceLife & Health****************************** Minnesota Department of Commerce ******************************AAPD - The American Association of People with Disabilities******************************
Entity: St. Paul, Minnesota
7, Report #1069768
Jul 24 2013
02:44 PM
Gene Groby Life Alert deception Austin Minnesota
When I was in need of medical services for home monitoring, I was duped by Life Alert with their phrase of we safe a life every 11 seconds.  They do a good job of home monitoring but at a high price and it feels that life alert has the consumer in a choke hold.  If life alert saves a life every 11 seconds, why do they require a 3 year contract? I started a contract with life alert in January of 2011 and tried to cancel the service and was told there is only 2 ways Life Alert will cancel the contract, the customer enters a long term care facility or is on public assistance.  Even in the event the customers death, Life Alert still requires the estate to pay for the duration of the contract, but I found a way to end this contract legally. First, have the phone company suspend your phone number and use a cell phone for the duration, second. contact life alert and tell them you have no phone service and cannot afford to pay for both phone service and life alert services.  Life Alert will say you cannot cancel your contract and than say, contract cellular service companies allow the cancellation of services with a fee. Life alert said if I sent them a check for $180 to their Encino, California office this would start the cancellation.  I sent a personal check and in the memo line I put cancellation fee & life alert account number and a letter stating you wish to cancel the contract you have with them.  When mailing the check to life alert, remember to send the letter by certified mail with return receipt.  Then Life Alert cannot say they did not receive it and when they cash the check, make a copy of the check.  After 3 days contact life alert and see if they received the letter and when they do, they will have ups pick up the unit and ship back to their address.  UPS takes about a week for them to receive and they will call you and say they received the unit and your contract with them is done.
Entity: Austin, Minnesota
8, Report #194652
Jun 03 2006
05:39 PM
Security Life Had life policy for $3000. They payed only $1000 Minnetonka Minnesota
I had a policy on my mother for several years for $3000. When she passed and I claimed they paid only $1000. The primiums were paid up to date. They requested the policy before paying clame. So I have no proof of contract & policy. I sent them the policy as requested. I didn't think it right, I just reluctantly agreed to get my money. Larry Jerome, IdahoU.S.A.
Entity: Minnetonka, Minnesota
9, Report #819280
Jan 07 2012
09:02 AM
Vision World Life time refill on Insta Clears lens cleaner.. they will NO LONGER HONER Faribault, Minnesota
I have 2 bottles of the Insta Clear Lens Cleaner that Vision World was selling a few years back that came with a LIFE TIME refill.  All you had to do was drop by the store when the bottle was empty and they would refill the same bottle.  This was fine for a few years until the last time I went in there they claimed that they were no longer going to honor this.  How can they claim LIFE TIME and then say sorry it's costing us too much to continue.   Is this a class action law suit?  I'm really ticked off about this..  
Entity: Faribault, Minnesota
10, Report #1113923
Jan 08 2014
01:25 PM
warners stellian worst company i have ever dealt with in my whole life! edina Minnesota
we purchased 4 LG appliance from warners stellian, 4 years ago..and an extended warranty. for 4 years, we have had ruined meals, and a loud dishwasher (hmmm.we thought we bought a quiet one). dealing with customer service is only if you have patience and plenty of time on your hands. i have lost count of the number of times that a repair person has come to our home, only to ask me for the manual, told me i could recalibrate my oven online (WHAT?), and was also told that it works now, but i don't know if it will be when you cook. the extended warranty has done no good. we were gleefully told by our sales person, that if we bought it and had to have the same appliance repaired 3 times, they would switch out the bad one for a new one. hahahaha they make up stuff about the warranty as you go along.  i will never ever ever shop at WARNERS STELLIAN again..ever.. by the way, as you sit on hold for crazy amount of time, you get to hear their recording about how great there service dept. is, and how they are known for their great customer service.  
Entity: edina, Minnesota
11, Report #162780
Oct 31 2005
08:30 PM
Lean Life PM ripoff, uses unauthorised credit card charges, false advertising, Draper Utah
This company gets you to try their product by offering a FREE sample for $6.99 to cover the cost of shipping. I ordered the FREE sample and I did not check the automatic re-order box, yet I noticed an unauthorized deduction from my bank account for $99.00. I have not gotten a response from Lean Life PM but I have e-mailed and called them. I have seen many reports on the internet from people having the same experience. Robert Plymouth, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Draper, Utah
12, Report #691279
Feb 05 2011
02:37 PM
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #1221635
Apr 10 2015
10:01 AM
Poresters quality life insurance Bad Practices Buffalo New York
Foresters Life Insurance is a pain!  I responded to a card offering information on Senior Final Expense Life Insurance.  Soon I received a call and was told they needed to bring the information to me.  I declined, asked if it could be mailed.  The response was no, it would be a big box.  I declined again and the woman said thank you and hung up.  12 hours later (9 AM) I got another call and I told the man that I'd already spoken to someone.  He hung up.  A day later a young woman appeared at my door, ready to settle in and discuss thier policies with me.  Obviously this company doesn't belive NO is a complete sentence and I find it annoying and extremely irritating that these people would attempt to invade my home after being told NO.  If they were giving away policies, I would not deal with them.  Their practices on gaining admittance would lead you to believe that they would not act appropriately on more important issues either.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1273821
Dec 12 2015
02:04 PM
pga tour life time member club no correspondense minnetonka Minnesota
i joined in 01/03 at first received magazine  they soon stopped   bought golf bag was promised a chance to test products   then silence   was supposed to recive news letters   none   i tried contacting their office but phone number no longer in service?  if their out of business why wasn,t i notified?  i bought a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP  not cheap  so i feel like i got scammed   are they still around? i can,t find them    i,m sure tom lehman is ashamed he lent his name to this organization  
Entity: minnetonka, Minnesota
15, Report #516025
Oct 28 2009
06:41 AM
Schwan's - Schwan's Home Service - Schwan Food Company Life as a Schwan's Man Marshall, Minnesota
First off... I have no axe to grind with Schwan's. I am simply going to tell you about life as a Schwan's man and employee of this company. I started there over a year ago and I am happy to say that I left the company. I hated working for Schwan's and can never imagine working for them again in any capacity. I left a good job to work there. It turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. It should have sent up red flags when my job interview with the LGM at Schwan's was trying to sell me on the job, not me trying to sell myself to him. He told me about the great pay, benefits, and job security. He told me about being your own boss and running your own small business. Unfortunately he left out the 65 - 75 hour work weeks. Working every holiday. No sick days (if you call in sick on a weekday, you HAVE to work on Saturday to make it up). And the list goes on. A typical week for a Schwan's driver is 65 hours. You work Monday through Friday 8am to around 9pm. If you do not make your sales goal by the end of your shift on Friday (your goal is $5,850/week) then you are required to work on Saturday to make up the difference. If you do not meet that goal by the end of your shift on Saturday, which is often the case because of the economy and people cutting back their spending, then you get written up. After a few write-ups you get fired. You will never have a week that you work less than 65 hours. It isn't the type of job that you make $5,850 early on Friday and you get to go in early, you still have to continue your routes until every customer is serviced. If you get through your customer list early (which is very rare) you are required to go solicit new customers until 9pm. My LGM (Location General Manager) sometimes required us to work til 10pm. I always hated knocking on people's doors that late. They were usually upset, rightly so. I would never want a Schwan's man to come to my house that late. But, we had to. The turnover at Schwan's is astronomical. In my time at my depot we had 13 routes. During my time we had only 4 guys who have been with the company more than a year. Most people make it about 3 months before they quit. Very, very few make it a full year. Let's talk about holidays. There are 2 holidays that Schwan's does not run its routes. Thanksgiving day and Christmas day. However, you still have to make up those route days the Saturday following the holiday. So it isn't exactly like you're getting a paid holiday off. Schwan's runs every other holiday. Usually customers are not home and they are mad that you stopped at their house during their family BBQ on the 4th of July. All you can tell them is that you're required to. Let's say that you read this and you think hey, this guy just had a bad experience, I bet its not that bad. That is what I did. I read all the negative postings and figured there were a few disgruntled employees who post on all these sites. I went ahead and went on my ride day. The ride day is basically just that. A ride day. It is where Schwan's allows a potential new hire the chance to ride along with a driver to see if it is a job that would interest them. I went on my ride day and had a blast. We left the depot at 8:30am after we prepped the truck. And the guy I was with dropped my back off at the depot at 5pm. I couldn't sign up fast enough to get this job. Little did I know that this was a set up. The guy I was with was a Chairman's Club driver. That means that he's been with the company a long time and has very high sales. The best in our entire region, actually. Out of more than 100 drivers across our region, this guy just happened to be the best. And this dropping me off at 5pm thing. That was a ploy. He still had to run his route until 9pm that night. But he told me he just had a couple errands to run. They do not want you seeing the real deal until after you're already hired and its too late. This is a common practice with Schwan's. They intentionally send people on their ride day with the best driver at the depot. They tell that driver to drop the person off early. They used to have people ride the whole route day, but it resulted in a dramatic decrease in the quality of new employees. Most were turned off after imagining working 8am to 9pm 5 days a week. Especially if you have a family. Schwan's does not value their employees. They are only interested in keeping those trucks on the road. They could careless who is behind the wheel and how high their turnover is. I have worked for many companies and Schwan's, by far, treats their drivers worse than any company I have ever seen or heard of. I left a very good job to work for Schwan's. As I stated earlier, it has turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. I pray every day that I never make a mistake like that again. Here I am a year later and I still haven't gotten my career back on track yet. Althought, I'm definitely trying. I want to put the message out there so that maybe others won't make the mistake I made. By chance I just happened to run into the driver who replaced me a few weeks ago. When he first started he was so enthusiastic about the job, he really liked it. Him and I spoke for a few minutes and he told me he was trying to find another job. He went through the same list of complaints that I have and that every other former employee has of Schwan's. It was sad to see that a real enthusiastic person like him was reduced to a highly disgruntled employee. I actually had him pegged as a lifer when I first met him at the depot. Obviously I was wrong. Last week I saw his truck running his route here in town, but he wasn't behind the wheel, the LGM was. I guess he ended up quitting since I talked to him. Don't make the mistake I did. Don't work for this company. If you are a customer of this company then please consider telling them to take you off their route list. Make sure you send an e-mail to corporate to let them know why you no longer want to be a customer. Until they start treating their people better they do not get my business. That's for sure.
Entity: Marshall, Minnesota
16, Report #903397
Jun 26 2012
08:55 PM
PGA Tour Partners Club Life partnership paid for Minnetonka, Minnesota
I too have become a victim of this ripoff. Several years ago I bought a life membership to the PGA Tour Partners Club under the assumption it was as good as it appeared. Since Tom Lehmen was the moutpiece (allegedly) for the organization and being a fan of his, I did not hesitate to join. For a while I received the monthly magazines and other useful items, but then without warning it stopped. I recall trying to contact the organization several times about this without any luck. Does anyone know whether this organization went into the drink or simply ripped people off? I would love some answers as I really hate the feeling of disappointment and with Tom Lehmen having always been a fan of his.
Entity: Minnetonka, Minnesota
17, Report #282249
Nov 01 2007
01:22 AM
Ing Direct Banned for life St. Cloud Minnesota
A number of years ago i applied for an Ing Direct account, and when I did I was mailed the requied material. i was ay school in s diffrent city and because i did not respond the way or time they wanted me to they sent my cash back and banned me from getting an account. I called them this year and they wiuld moy yell me why i was banned. Hawver1013 Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: St. Cloud, Minnesota. Internet, Nationwide
18, Report #1242355
Jul 16 2015
04:23 PM
minnesota life ins scam....through bank u apply for life ins, 1000.00 well coroner's report cause of death is (blunt force injuries due to motor vehicle accident) guess what no benefits are payable...... ST Paul, MN Nationwide
Scam....minnesota life ins! You better check your policy, an accident is an accident and they discoverable all accident it's only a 1000.00 plan and won't cover, my son signed up through his bank for this coverage never received paperwork from this company on anything, well I lost my son in a vehicle accident. Coroner's report says ( blunt force injuries due to motor vehicle accident) 5 months later minnesota life ins says no benefits payable....
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #598767
Apr 30 2010
06:32 PM
Appliance Doctors wasted hours of my life waiting for them to show up. Went three months without an oven, fridge died and lost all my food. St. Paul, Minnesota
We bought a Kenmore Stainless Steel Smooth Top range and a Kenmore Stainless Steel Side by Side refrigerator on January 29,2010 for $1071 including tax with cash and the tax with credit card from Appliance Doctors in St. Paul, MN. Salesperson: Joel. These appliances are backed by a 12 month warranty. We traded in working Kenmore fridge and a Frigidaire Range for $95 total. The refrigerator we bought needed a new compressor and would be delivered the next Thursday, Feb 4th. I stayed home from work waiting between 9-11am for delivery, finally called at about 11am - they weren't going to come until the next Wednesday, Feb 10th. They didn't even call to tell us the day before or day of that the compressor was not in! The next Wed Feb 10th came - I stayed home from work again waiting for the 9-11am delivery. Found out at 9am that they wouldn't be there until between 4-6pm. Finally called at 6pm, they were still working on the compressor in their facility and wouldn't be delivering that day. They didn't bother to call. They finally delivered it the next day February 11...however they did not bring a missing part on the refrigerator handle or the kickplate of the fridge. Not only that, the water/ice machine and lights did not work in the refridgerator AND the oven did not work at all. They said they would come the next Tuesday February 16th between 1-3pm to fix it all. February 16th, I stayed home from work again and by 5:30pm no one had showed up. They would not answer our calls and when i called from a different number, they answered then hung up on me when I said who i was. My husband and I went to the location, but nothing was accomplished. They finally came to fix all the things that were broken on February 19th - had their word that everything would get fixed. I stayed home from work and they actually showed up - but didn't fix a thing. They said they didn't have the parts. They did give us $300 refund for all the trouble at that point. After many weeks of calls to find out if the parts were in, my husband tried to call the corporate headquarters. He was given to Eric the service worker, who proceeded to yell at him and then hung up on him. After not having a working oven for over 2 months, the parts were finally in. They came on March 29, 2010 - 10 minutes after their 2 hour window was up. They opened the box with the oven part and saw it was the wrong color. At this point they said they were not going to fix anything and would give us a refund. I asked if they could at least fix the refrigerator and they said no, they will give us a refund and then left. I then called Joel stating that I feel as if they are screwing us over. He then yelled at me saying that was not true. He told me our options were to wait the couple weeks for the correct part to come in, or give the appliances back for a refund. I told him that neither of these options helped us at all - they both leave us without working appliances and asked for compensation for the appliances of ours that they sold. He said he would not do this. We finally decided to get a refund. They were supposed to bring the check Monday April 26. That morning they called and said would bring it Tuesday April 27th at 8am. We called them Tuesday at 8:30am and they said we would have the check by Friday, April 30th. Friday we were scheduled for 1-3pm. My husband called multiple times each time they said they were on their way. I called at 6:30pm and was told yes were we on the list for that day, but the service guys had just come back and gone home. No call, nothing to alert us that they would not be coming. This company has been impossible to deal with and do not treat their customers well. They did not fulfill their commitment in selling working appliances, fixing the broken appliances, attending to customers' needs, and provided false advertising in promising working appliances and a full year service warranty. I have seen other reviews on Google for this company and wished I would have read them before going there. This has to stop and something needs to be done about this place. It is unbelievable how they treat people and there is nothing we can do about it. I contacted the Better Business Bureau but nothing was accomplished. They responded to the BBB saying they would give us a refund but they never show up to give us our money. I cannot believe they are in business. We are still waiting for our $771. If you could help in revealing how horrible this place is so others dont make the same mistake as us!
Entity: St. Paul, Minnesota
20, Report #194317
Jun 01 2006
03:39 PM
INH Property Management ripoff Makes Renting Feel Like Restitution sign your life away with Lee for Birchwood Apts. St. Cloud Minnesota
I rented from INH Properties for 8 months and paid my rent on time even when they said it was an extra 5 more dollars after the first 3 months I was there. I thought ok whatever maybe it was my mistake, so I called them and ask them to send me a copy of my lease I misplaced mine. I never received it. I continued to pay the extra money while I had an upstairs neighbor blast music all day long and I told the property manager, she did nothing. I called Lee that worked in the office he made it sound like it would be taken care. It worked for one week and same stuff continued. I wanted to move but I signed a year lease. So while I was serving my jail sentence of renting from these people more problems occurred. For example, the laundry room was directly next to my apt. and a hose came loose. Water got into my apt. and soaked the rug. INH's maintenance guys assured me that it would be taken care of in a couple days. My rug stayed ripped up for 2 weeks until they got it taken care of because I had to ask when. They also had to come in and fix my kitchen sink twice and it still wasn't fix after that. I just ended up fixing it myself, I mean how hard is it to tell that the connector is stripped and can't seal it just needed replacing...how cheap can you get. While this was taking place the company I work for was expanding. This was a perfect opportunity for me to move up with the company. So I decided to apply for the position only being in my current position 7 months. I didn't think I could get it, so when I did I got so excited. Because I wanted to further my career this company says I still owe them till the end of my lease and they started charging after I moved out when I still had questions. I started getting letters in the mail to cover for the end of my lease even though the end of my lease wasn't up. I didn't think they were trying to rent out my apt., so I called and ask if I could look at there Birchwood apts. and I was told it would only be 2 or 3 days before they could show apts. because they didn't have the staff. So now their problem has become mine and they charge me $300 for moving out early. They gave me a deal for moving in and tell me I have to pay that back and any other special offers I owe. I was only aware of the month free rent and know they tell me I was paying reduced rent that I have to pay back. They finely got someone to move in my apt. 2 months after I moved out in a newly remodeled apt. and they had other vacancies I know that mine was the only one remodeled and they maid it clear to me when I signed my 60 day vacating notice they had to fill other apts. like they weren't going to show mine. They kept. my 400 deposit, charged me 300 for moving out early, 2 months rent of 495 a month and figure I still owe them 1589.68 and sent me to their legal dept. So I try to contact the Legal Dept. because I got a letter from them. There is no last name; however the first name is Don, so I ask for Don. I get Don's voice mail and I want to talk to him. So I called back got his voice mail, call back again got his voice mail. I thought maybe he works out of the office all the time so I left a message and requested my lease agreement again. I waited three weeks to hear back and haven't, so I call and talk to Lee again. I think this company uses Lee to tie up matters longer so they can collect interest and make us look negligent for not paying for bills on time. He couldn't tell me what stage my paper work is in and he is in charge of handling Birchwood apartments leases. He assured me that Don would call me ant that I would get my lease in the mail this time. He told me it was waiting up front for me for the longest time and I never came and got it. Well, I live an hour away I can't drive this every day or for a piece of paper you should have already sent me a long time ago. I don't want to pay these people a penny but I don't want to hurt my good credit score, so what can I do but pay these frauds. Blayr Buffalo, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: St. Cloud, Minnesota
21, Report #1344952
Dec 22 2016
12:02 PM
Midland National Life Insurace Company Will not pay on life insurace policy after death of policy owner Sioux Falls South Dakota
 One year after the death of the policy owner, Midland National Life Insurace Company has not paid on the policy. The company has found numerous reasons to not pay. However these reasons are never communicated to the beneficiary until that person calls to find out why a check has not been received. The amount of the payment is minimal because the policy was purchased in the 940s when the policy holder joined the army during World War 2. Each time a reason is communicated for non payment a form is sent to be filled out. When the form is returned it is either the wrong form, it was filled out incorrectly, or an additional for must be filled out. This company is obviously happy to take the premium payments but has no intention of ever paying upon death of the policy holder.
Entity: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
22, Report #787687
Oct 11 2011
08:39 PM
Qwest Century Lnk Price for life scam Denver, Colorado
These losers like many others have been ripped off I see their fake price for like gaurantee never existed. I think from what I best can tell I did receive the price for the 2 years but as soon as it was over my price went way up. and I am only receiving a $10 per month credit for having both internet and home phone. What a bunch of crap their should be a class action lawsuit for false advertising. Most are stuck having these idiots if we want a home phone. You call their so called customer service people and they know nothing about a price for life and are like we give you a $10 discount on you bill. No really I can see that. And was also told I can lock in my price if i sign up for a 5 year gaurantee, but get this my monthly bill would go up. How is that any kind of a deal what a joke. I no longer need my home line so as soon as I can find a better internet provider these idiots are gone. Shape up your shady business practices. This company seriously need to be sued and need some competition. 
Entity: Denver, Colorado
23, Report #1266765
Jul 14 2016
04:18 PM
Siberian Mates.com Theodore Bong, George Low Life Scum!!! Internet
I purchased online what I thought was 9 week old Female Siberian Husky from Siberianmates.com. Transaction was made via debit card to Western Union in the Name of Theodore Bong. After pick-up of cash which wsa less than 30 minutes after my confirmation of it being sent. Theodore Bong collected. Pup ws to be shipped Friday Nov 6 but later received a text stating it woul dnot go out until Monday Morning Nov 9 and tracking would be sent Monday Morning. No tracking, No contact, No Response via email/text/phone. When contacting via phone all you can get is a recording that states Cannot be reached at this time. I had my offic emanager send in an Inquiorty regrading same dog I had thought I purchased and even tho I get no responses ....she was sent a response email was slow and they would get back with her within 24 hours. That is when we began doing mor research and found out the SiberianMates has within the last 2 days 2 fraudulent claims filed against them and then began to check out the Name of Theore Bong. Low Life Rip-Off Scum!!   May Karma find them all soon!!!
Entity: Internet
24, Report #452089
May 15 2009
03:46 AM
Mortgage Free For Life Secrets, Mortgage Free For Life Secrets soled a book on how to pay off mortgate in 5 years, and sent me a free trial software program Hanover Minnesota
I saw an add on TV about paying off my mortgage in 5 years or less. I found the company on the internet, by putting in the name of the book Mortgage Free For Life Secrets. I ordered the book for $29.99 plus shipping, another $10.00. This includes a free bonus online software trial. I received the book and the software. I tried the software and did not understand how to use it. It says if I wanted to have the full version it would cost another $400.00, which I did not want. I saw my first charge on my credit card for the $39.00. On April 14, 2009 I discovered another $79.00 charge on my card, when I called to find out what it was, they said that I had purchased the software; the only way I could not get the full version was to send back the trial version software in the first 30 days. After 30 days they would not accept anything returned. I do not recall seeing a return address. I did not see anything about that in the advertisements or in the mailing. Very deceptive. I did call them after receiving the software to ask some questions about it and I was asked if I wanted to purchase the full version for a discount, and I said no. I found the book to be confusing, and the software was confusing as well. I cannot use either one. The lady on the phone was assertive telling me that if I did not pay the bill they would turn me over to collectors. They say they are going to charge me the total $400.00 on my credit card. I called my credit card company to dispute it. I am just very upset about this deceptive advertising, and forcing me to buy something I do not want. If you want to get the book I suggest that you do not take any other offers from this company, or you will find yourself in a mess. I did not find the book very helpful, just confusing, along with the software. This is a rip off... Fred Columbia, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Hanover, Minnesota
25, Report #1321821
Aug 10 2016
04:21 PM
National Home Gardening Club Life Time Member National Cooking Club Life Time Member I have been a member since 2001, haven't received anything from them for two years,not a word. No magazine nothing! Minnetonka Minnesota
I have been a member since 2001. I haven't received my life time member magazine for two years. Decided to find out something on line. I paid over two hundred dollars to be come lifetime member now I get nothing.
Entity: Minnetonka, Minnesota

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