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1, Report #962045
Oct 30 2012
10:39 AM
roomster.com RIPOFF!! Internet
Don't use this site !!! They hide their policies in the fine prints to rip you off. Like many other reviewers of roomster, I was charged a monthly fee for a subscription that I was automatically enrolled into. They know customers barely have time to go through the fine prints, so they exploit this to rip us off.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1401684
Sep 22 2017
06:10 AM
 I made a purchase from this company by bitcoin . The site looks legit and very professional though their procedure is shady . I received an e mail asking to pay by bitcoin I made payment and then nothing. The website is very difficult to navigate however I managed to find my order and it was highlighted in yellow as on hold and still is. I tried to reply to the e mail I received but comes back host not found so I went back onto the site to raise a ticket which sends an instant message to them I said I had paid and referred to bit coin address they gave to me and asked for some confirmation on my order. Still no replies and order on hold. If you are reading this do not order from this site they will rip you off 100%!!! . I'm not sure if anyone else reading this has had any joy in tracking down these wankers. But please keep me informed as I intend to do all I can to stop them so any new address updates please send I'm so Angry. I've never used bitcoin to make a payment before either so it took me some time and effort to do all this and now not sure I will ever use bitcoin for payment cause their is no way to retrieve your payment anyway I am seriously pissed off please update when you find any new info Regards x
3, Report #518474
Nov 02 2009
11:55 AM
SVT Inc SCAM Columbia, Missouri
My report is similar to others regarding this company.  I reveived a call on a Monday from a woman who said her name was Charlie Wilson.  She told me she talked to my boss, and gave his name, and said he wanted me to take advantage of the deals she was offering.  She started listing a number of prices on common office supplies.  I told her she could send me a catalog.  She informed me that WHEN I place an order, an invoice will arrive a few days later.  We got off the phone and I didn't think much of it. By that Friday, 3 large heavy boxes arrived through UPS from SVT Inc.  I refused delivery and UPS took them back.  I tried calling the number that was listed on these boxes, but every time I tried, and it was a lot of times, I was asked to leave a message.  I finally left a message and just told them that 3 boxes arrived from them that I did not order, and that they would be coming back and we wouldn't be paying for them. Someone tried calling back while I was out of the office.  He just asked that I call him back, and didn't say anything about the message I left.  I have tried calling them back a few more times, but refuse to leave another message.  They haven't tried calling me back since, and I have yet to receive an invoice from them. The key to dealing with these people: REFUSE SHIPMENT!  You can refuse any mail that is sent to you AS LONG AS YOU DON'T OPEN IT!  Once you open it, it becomes yours.  It could be very costly to have to send it back. I was lucky in this situation.  I just don't understand how people think they can make money through scams like these!
Entity: Columbia, Missouri
4, Report #421508
Feb 07 2009
06:57 PM
GoDaddy Misleading advertising Internet
The only thing GoDaddy is good at is asking for more money. The website tonight software is childish. This so called web hosting service is nothing more than a moneypit for kids. I would have preferred to light a cigar with the 100 bucks I wasted on their truly inept service. I feel like slapping my daddy! Dana Addison, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #422286
Feb 09 2009
11:44 PM
Fedex LOST MY PACKAGE!!!!! Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Well, Fedex decides to just leave my package sitting by my doorstep. Mind you this is a required item for work and I live in an apartment complex!? So now they are saying it was delivered but I do not have the item that I need for work! I filed the complaint early today and all I got was a little voicemail saying it shows that we delivered but if you have any questions please call us. Yeah, my question is what are you going to do to replace the item that you carelessly left sitting around!? Stykerforce Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
6, Report #422863
Feb 11 2009
09:40 AM
Dermitage Tip for dealing with Dermitage Internet
I ordered the Dermitage free trial sample, which isn't free at all. I didn't mind paying the $5.95 shipping/handling charge - but if you keep the free trial product vs. send back the unused portion, they charge you $89.95 for it. So it's only free (not counting shipping both ways) if you get it, use it quickly because you only have 14 days, and then send back what you didn't use. I called within my 14 days and said I didn't want to keep it - I wanted to send it back. If you do that - and be clear you want to return the product~! - then they will offer you the option of keeping the free trial product for $39.95 instead of $89.95. Still not free, but I'll give it a shot at the reduced price. Will write back after I've actually used it as I still don't know how well it works - but you CAN get the free trial offer cheaper than $89.95. :o) Ann Spring Hill, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #421247
Feb 06 2009
08:43 PM
Netgatepay.com rip off Internet
I signed up for a free site for buliding suplies and to become a memeber you needed to have a legal form of payment. So I enetered my info and all of a sudden the next day ive had 190 dollars worth of charges I did not aprove. I even went over the terms of service of the site, and it even started there is no charge to sign up only when you buy the supplies that you need. So watch out this company is tying to get money off of anyone without their knowledge. Xander84 knoxville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #422733
Feb 10 2009
09:16 PM
F.R.C. postcard scam! Clearwater Florida
I guess this has happened to a few other people. today i received a postcard telling me we are trying to rech you with good news! and its really important that i call them. it was from a michelle barbaa. The phone number they are giving people is bogus since everyone has gotten a different number, but you shouldnt respond to anyone who wont even let you know their business name or give you an email. Bear1590 verdi, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
9, Report #418293
Jan 30 2009
04:18 PM
Us Search massive scam Internet
I used Us search to try to locate my blood relatives and lost friends. I searched one time for a fee of $1.95 and got a current address and number. So, I go back to the sight and am enticed to pay 6.95 for a 24 hr pass, unlimited searches. I searched 5 different people including myself. They gave me very old address, no phone numbers and over charged my bank card,charging me for individual searches while I had the 24 hr pass. I called customer service and not only was the guy rude as hell but he only refunded the $6.95 not the other 6 bucks I was wrongly charged, Iknow 6 bucks isnt much but you got to figure that they must to this to lots of people. Wish there was some way to stop these people from ripping off so many desperate people, who are trynig to find lost loved one's Michael Bears Bowling Green, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #419487
Feb 03 2009
06:59 AM
help4bill.com Charged $36.93 on my debit card Internet
I was charged on my debit card $36.93 by www.help4bill.com. I did not sign up for any website I don't know how they got my information. When I go to the site, it is very vague. I have no clue what this is about. In order to cancel with them you need an email address, a user name and password which I have no clue about. I have read several other complaints about this site where people were charged hundreds of dollars by them. Christopher H. Huntley, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #381314
Oct 14 2008
11:34 PM
Qwest price for life Beware Seattle Washington
I have been a good customer with Qwest since 1989 a couple of years ago i decided to get dsl service so qwest rep offered me a plan for my home phone and dsl and cell phone service ok . the cell phone service plan was 2 free phones and 500 minute shared plan with no cost for extra line and also NO ACTIVATION FEE as I don't be leave that if all you have to sell is service why should I pay you extra for you to turn it On your service is no good if you don't so they really don't have anything to sell .Well anyway they told me no fees and free phones well when i got my first bill it was 320.00 for misc charges remember the phone are free so the second bill I get is 320.00 must not have got enough the first time well the third month comes and yet another 320.00 now mind you we use about 15 minute each month on a 500 min plan still (misc charges ) well the next bill was 168.00 ok this is more like it well after about almost 2 years I changed service to comcast so they charged me 200.00 early disconnections fee for the internet service so i called them they said well you have the price for life plan and there is a 200.00 early disconnection fee it has been one battle after another there is no getting any satisfaction with them they have done nothing but rip me off from the get go so now I still have my cell phones until 7/09 then they will be gone you know the customer for life thing they just lost one for life as I will never do business with qwest again in my life time they were all pissey over me changing service to comcast the best part was all the run around on the phones they are one of the biggest ripoffs out there no one will give me an answer of all the charges they just keep telling me it misc charges I hope that Karma comes to them and they get what they deserve I have made a new family policy one we don't do contracts other then a car or home loans and we don't do activation fees as its there service if I have to pay them to turn it on then I don't need there product! period just like the werrenty scams they sell if a product will not last 10 years like tv then you are buying the wrong one if that is how much faith in there product then i don't need it I hope everyone else has luck I know that I didn't have any Harry longview, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Seattle, Washington
12, Report #381733
Oct 16 2008
02:14 AM
Mediacom Fraudulent Operations Ridgecrest California
When I signed up for internet service with Mediacom of Ridgecrest California I was promised a low rate. The first couple of bills reflected the promised amount. The following bills we at the normal rate which was much higher than the promised. When I went to the office to see what was going on the woman behind the counter said that there must have been some kind of mistake,we dont have an offer that low. She charged me an additional amount to make up the difference for the first two bills but she also gave me the lowest price she could. Being nieve about Mediacom I went for it. As the bills came in I just paid them figuring the high amount was the back charges ect. When I finally figured out what was going on I asked to get a copy of my billing history and was told by the ditz at the counter that they dont have those records locally. i would have to contact corporate. I contacted corp and was told that no, they dont have those records, they have them at the home office in Ridgecrest. I once again went to the office and asked for copies of my bills. They once again said they didnt have them. I asked to talk to the person in charge and was told by the lady behind the counter that she was the person in charge. Ok.... called corp again and asked for them to have the manager call me so I could arrainge a one on one meeting. No call was ever made. I discontinued service. I continued to recieve bills for service I no longer had and to top it off the asked for me to return thier cable modem. I refusd thier modem when I signed up so I could use a much better Motorolla cable modem. They actually garnished my wages to pay for the past due charges and the modem I never had in the first place. i dont care what the charges are for satilite internet service. It's still gonna be cheaper than dealing with Mediacom. Shawn Ridgecrest, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Ridgecrest, California
13, Report #390616
Nov 12 2008
03:44 PM
Valuemax credit card thieves !!! Houston Texas
What a rip off. This company of thieves needs to be stopped. My credit card has been charged 6 times for $19.95 for something I never gave permission for or even knew what they were. Than when I called, the people all but called me a liar. Always check your credit cards and question anything you dont understand or know. I have canceled the card and they say they are will put the money back. But we will see 2 business days from now. How strange they dont dispute it and didnt want to hear from my lawyer j w WILMINGTON, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Houston, Texas
14, Report #392969
Nov 19 2008
03:56 PM
DCS Attempted Fraud Plesanton California
They called my house several times. Sent me a letter addressed to my maiden name claiming that I owed the US Treasury. When I contacted the company, they tried to obtain additional personal information. Rep was rude and accused me of lying. I have never filed taxes using my maiden name or obtained student financial aid. US Treasury had no record of any outstanding taxes or debts related to my social security number. They called me from 209-858-3531 Nccj columbus, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Plesanton, California
15, Report #420941
Feb 06 2009
08:18 AM
On December 23/08 I ordered Acai Berry Detox LP for 15 day trial. My credit card was charged for the delivery $3.95 on December 24/08. Called them January 8/09 to advise no product received. Their response was the product was delivered.They advised the order was to be cancelled and would have a credit issued and gave me a cancellation number. They said they would issue a credit to my credit card. When I called back again they advised there was a problem with the refund department. Instead, on January 9/09, there was a charge on my card of $87.13, the total price of the product, still not received. Called them back January 12/09 to find out what was going on. Advised they had issued a credit now for $40.00. I questioned why $40.00 when they charged me $87.13. She advised the charge on my card was not $87.13 but $40.00. Told her the charge definitely was $87.13 Called back again January 19/09 still received the same response-problem with the refund department, they related there was a problem with the last girl I spoke to. She did not do the entry for the credit properly. Credit showed up on my credit card on January 22/09 in the amount of $40.00. Called back January 29/09 very angry. They requested I email them a copy of my credit card statement to prove the charge of $87.13 was on my card. I did that, sent it to fwmcancellations@gmail.com. Called them back and said I did what you requested, they said I would receive an email shortly. No email. Called them back February 5/09. They did not know anything about the email. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She was on another call I was told, waited on the line over half an hour and called back. They put me through to an extension where I left a voice mail. Today is February 6/09 and no returned phone call. My credit card company which is a Canadian card company reports they have had problems with this company before. They are a disgusting company to deal with. I have also placed a report with our Canadian bureau and my credit card company. Newfie great valey, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #393235
Nov 20 2008
11:05 AM
Expedia Read the fine print Phillipines
In October of 2006 I purchased a plane ticket through Expedia for a round trip to Chicago. I paid 250.00 for it with my credit card. The Airline was American Airlines. The day before my flight, I ended up in ICU with double Pneoumonia and had to be intuabed for 6 days. I spent 11 days in the hospital and almost died. I contacted American Airlines and was told I could get my money back if I provided documents from the hospital proving I was unable to fly. I provided them with the documents and months later after making numerous phone calls to the airlines, I was told I wasn't eligible for a refund because I purchased my ticket via Expedia. Apparently, I didn't read the fine print and according to their site, this was a non refundable ticket no matter what the reason was. I would rather pay a higher rate and be assured that if I couldn't fly, I would get my money back. I lost that money and at the time, I really could have used the refund. I will never purchase anything thru a website like Expedia. I wonder what would have happened if I had died?? Pamela Glendale, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #424936
Feb 17 2009
04:48 AM
Potent Fashion are a scam. I can't believe I was ripped off and feel very silly and annoyed that I have lost close to 600.00 because of this company. Last June I wanted to buy myself a new designer bag and thought I'd search for the best deal as I really wanted a chanel bag. I earn the average salary and sometimes struggle so wanted a bargain if honest. I'd always wanted a chanel bag but they are so expensive but thought I would see if I could get one in the sale. I came across Potent Fashion, which stated all their bags were authentic but that they bought in bulk and thats why the discount was so great. I checked out their website which was verified as safe etc and called the company to double check that the bags were authentic. I was however told that some were seconds but very slighly, like a stitch maybe missing or a zip slightly wonky. Well I looked at all the bags and thought I can get a zip mended and for these prices well I was so excited. I made 2 seperate purchases online the first for a shoulder Chanel quilted patent silver bag and a Prada multi coloured bag, totalling over $600. The second for a larger Chanel bag, a birthday present for my mum again totalling over $350. To conclude, I received 2 of the 3 bags. In shock at realising how fake they were I called Potent Fashion to demand an immediate refund. I was told the 3rd bag had not yet been dispatched and told that it had now been cancelled and that they would send me a full refund for the second order and that they would send two return envelopes for the two bags received, once returned I would then get the refund for the first order. Todays date is the 17th February 2009. I logged that call on the 10th July 2008. I have made twenty plus calls, I now have hufge telephone bills for them. I was told a refund would be due in August, September 2008. I never received the return bags and will never return the rubbish they call bags until my money is refunded. I never received a refund for the 3rd bag which was never received. They have stolen my money. I spoke 20+ times to a guy whos sounds like Michael Jackson (SERIOUSLY HE DOES) but since October 2008 the telephone number has not worked. Ive send them nuermous emails with no response. I've spoken to Mastercard and there is nothing they can do. The two bags I did receive are still upstairs packaged back up awaiting a response. I would never use a fake bag and I cant believe there is nothing no one can do. My orders are nearly one thousand dollars and its just disgusting that this company is still active. The bags seem to come from China on the post mark. I swear if I ever get to find out who owns this company I will pay even more money just to fly out to him/her and punch them on the nose!!!!! . . . .Is there anything anyone can do? Thanks Lauren **** WithamEurope
Entity: Internet
18, Report #424141
Feb 14 2009
12:28 PM
GRANT DANGER scam, scam, scam Nationwide
2/3/09, sent for a cd giving directions for filling out grant requests. They cd never arrived. On 2/13/09 my credit card was charged $58.61. I have no idea what this charge is for. I did not sign up for anything with these people, i only ordered a cd, nothing else. They do not give an address or phone number on their email showing receipt of my cd order. Now i can see why, they don't want to be found. Thank you for your site where we can put our complaints together. Bob salem, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
19, Report #515172
Oct 26 2009
03:56 PM
OTHOWHITE fraud Boulder, Colorado
I decided to try the othowhite free trial for the $1.00 shipping charge and when i got it in the mail, it wasn't about three days after I recieved my package that there was a $78.41 charge on the account that put me in a financial slump because of their stupidity. I did not even want the charge on there nor did i want to keep the product coming to my house. and they said there would not be any refund.
Entity: Boulder, Colorado
20, Report #375457
Sep 23 2008
02:44 PM
Hornymatches total ripoff scam C d Internet
theres alot off info on ripoff report from individuals on fake profiles etc. that horny matches is associated with. mine proves that HM is a fraud site. im a gold member who rcvs. about 6 notices a day that someone has put me on their favorite list or sent me a kiss.however when i check site there is no favorite or kiss listing. i sent HM questioning this and their reply was apparantly the senders account was cancelled when they sent it! from july 9th untill aug 9th>30 days @ approx. 6 notices per day= 180 cancelled members- just in regards to me! what are the odds of 180 members being cancelled in 30 days who 'mssgd' me? i sent HM a list of 24 members[not 180 as its too much] that were cancelled and asked info on why they were cancelled. over a month and no reply-cause they cant since all the favorite and kiss notices were from non-existing accounts! HM is one of many fake sites that are out there to take ur money and give nothing in return! oh well untill there is some type of regulations or an overseer this will continue to go on.enough said? Thadeusz pgh, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #373766
Sep 17 2008
10:01 AM
Lipovox Anothr Weight loss scam Lindon Utah
I purchased this product over the internet with a credit card - product DOES NOT WORK and Ihave sent back empty bottle: We insist that you order Lipovox entirely at our risk. That's why these bottles come with a 100% unconditional Lifetime Money Back Guarantee! So go ahead and order this incredible product today. If you use LIPOVOX and somehow fail to get your money's worth, you can return your one empty bottle (we want you to use all of our fine product) and your additional bottles in resalable condition, for a prompt and courteous refund (less shipping). You would be crazy not to at least try LIPOVOX with a ZERO RISK return policy like this! Please send all returns to 96 N 1800 W ste. 11. Lindon, UT, 84042 Obviously a scam and I feel like an idiot that I didn;t see it coming - no good contact info on the website - I think return address is a phony as well! Lisab Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Lindon, Utah
22, Report #373714
Sep 17 2008
07:54 AM
200cash.com Need to be stopped Delaware Internet
this company debitted my account twice for the $19.00, and still haven't sent me a approval or denial email. I honestly know what the answer is going to be, denied, because they are nothing but a rip-off, and need to be sued, put in jail, whatever the consequences may be. If you are thinking about signing up for this company. Think twice. I wish i would have research them first. F. clark union city, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #372889
Sep 14 2008
08:21 PM
ALLONLINESHOP.COM.AU illegal fake clones. Queensland Australia
They sell any fake rip-off merchandise they can get their hands on and they don't offer contact details to go after them for it. Nathan SydneyAustralia
24, Report #375819
Sep 25 2008
04:02 AM
Iwinwhitening iripeedyouoff Glendale California
I ordered a free sample of teeth whiting kit. I paid only shipping. Then a month later was charges $88.00. This cause my account to go into the negative. They are rip offs. Dont know yet if I wwill get my money back. Cristi Glen Rock, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California
25, Report #375872
Sep 25 2008
07:50 AM
Iwinherbal acai cleanse scam Glendale California
charged my card without authorization and sent product acai cleanse I did not order charged me $88 I put return to sender they still have not refunded me sudi van nuys, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Glendale, California

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