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1, Report #595054
Apr 20 2010
07:04 PM
Avenue Production Modeling & Talent Big R.I.P Off Fort Lauderdale, Florida
I cannot believe that these people are still in business. When I first came to their office they bragged out the nobody celebrities that they use to represent, which I am sure they did not get where they are today because of avenue production. Then they bragged on how cute my daughter was and how they have so much work for children that age (keep in mind she was only 1 yrs old at the time). They asked me did I have professional photos of her and I told them no so they volunteered their photography service but it was going to be $500 and I had to bring my own wardrobe for 4 different looks. When I came for the shoot and paid them my $500 they took us outside by the lake and took our pictures. Well my daughter is now 6 yrs old and since that day I have not heard from them til this day. They seriously need to be closed down. I can take the $500 as a lost but I would hate to see that happen to anyone else. Like myself parents/people are desperate to show their talent to the world and we pay money that we don't even have to show that talent and you have people like them ripping you off, that is so not fair.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
2, Report #287103
Nov 27 2007
11:35 AM
Snap Modeling And Talent Owner, talent scout/consultant Kissimmee Florida
The statements in the reports about my company being a scam ARE ALL LIES AND I have emails to prove it all....Also him saying that the agent is not paying is another LIE because I do not pay people ... the agency he got signed with was to pay him after they got paid by the client that did the commercial or whatever project he was booked for.... This client said himself in the complaint that within a few weeks I got him legitamate paying jobs. Yes, I was wrong to trust this man and get him the jobs ....without having a signed contract because we had emailed and he agreed to have me percur him work...and he would compensate me for my efforts which I did... Then he started giving the agent and myself problems paying the commission% to u.s He got very ill...he had a bad heart... and a bug infection which made him very sick so was not available for me to meet even though I made several attempts...invited him to stop by my home because he was out with his boyfriend one Sunday...he was also a Minister of some kind he said... But then he wanted to get some professional comp cards and current head shots...but didn't have the money....was going to use the money he made in the work to get the cards done....I told him I could talk to a photographer that did some great work and he could get them done really cheap if he helped me to get some more new faces....and do a little work with me at a convention that I was a director for at the time...I was willing to pay his $700 registration for him to be in the convention if he was to help me do some recruiting .... but he said he was not strong enough for all that...but we had started working together....Then He received some pays directly from the job itself but never made an effort to pay anyone their commissions. He was a very character looking gay man looking like Mr Clean....and a TALKER... and wanted to do more work & because of that fact that I did what I told him I would do...; get him into a agency and get him working...I did my job then he started refusing to pay .....I told him that I did not hire him....Arthur Arthur pays him ... I have nothing to do with the money ... But then the agency wouldn't reprepresent him any more until he paid and put a freeze on any future checks he was to receive... I was in touch with the agency's pay processing dept many times... to work this out but finally they received another check and took out all their owed money and forwarded him a check to his home...but they had sent a check to my old home address by mistake and I informed him that I had the check and that he could pay me which he said he had already written out the check but he had given it to his lawyer and was reporting me ...I said for what? I did what we had you work ....we are talking about $50 ....and this man has done all this for that money when he DID get the work ...THAT I GOT FOR HIM.... why shouldn't I get paid...? He kept saying he was getting a lawyer and I told him terrific because I have the emails with him telling me to get him work... He was extremely happy about the work he was getting and the ATTENTION... and I had some requests come in for him to do movie extra work too....then I sent him on a casting for ITT commercial..which he booked. I processed the invoice... sent it out and paid him for that...I did though at that time.... deduct my commissions and gave him all his monies...this was totally unprofessional behavior for a 40ish man with what he said he had a heart condition... It was not like he reallly had money problems...he had a male husband that seemed to take VERY GOOD care of him...he was shopping every day to go to the casting to show off his very expensive suits and he even had his fancy convertable car be used in the ITT commercial.... he was a scam and no one will book him anymore....he is a big mouth and nasty....treatening everyone when he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it.... and gets very MAD and vandictive when you don't feed into his threat ... NOW I SEE HE PUT THIS SCAM REPORT ON ME AND ARTHUR ARTHUR but I've never had an investigation from the attorney general because he is the one that did not live up to his end of the agreement..... signed contract or not..we had an agreement....and I NEVER SAID I WAS AN AGENT...I never have been.....only a 57 year old women that scouts for some agents looking for new faces... and working from home or travel (with my mom) to some local towns and do some interviews. I do work out of my home because I have very ill mom 85 this april who I care for in my home....and I do some traveling but work from my home...again I'm not an agency and never claimed to be. My registered company name (dba and registered fictious name) is SNAP Modeling and Talent ......NO AGENCY ON MY NAME (SNAP standing for Stay Nice And Professional) and I have though all this stupid noncense.. But in the meantime.....I have hundreds of clients that are very happy with my help .... love the photographer that I refer them to and get signed with a real agency and they get real work... I'm not a scam.....HE IS ......beware of Dwight Halcomb Ginger Kissimmee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Kissimmee, Florida
3, Report #280674
Oct 24 2007
03:40 PM
Lornik Modeling And Talent Loraine's Big Modeling Scam Burlington Ontario
Where to start? My daughter who is 16 answered an ad in the paper for models wanted for catalogues, etc. We went down to Lornik for an interview. She assured us that she could use my daughter and that she wouldn't say that if if wasn't true. She managed to hoodwink us into believing her and paying $500 fee plus $500 for pictures. We went for the pictures, which were done on a regular camera. Then we got the pictures back. Now Loraine and her associate, an old lady Renee ( who says she has been a model!!) managed to convince us to spend yet another $700 to put them on the internet. No work materialized. She didn't answer calls or emails. So, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. That sure got her attention. She threatened to contact her legal division to deal with the slander. To be slander, a report has to be false. Loraine and Renee are the biggest phoneys and users I have ever met. They've got their act down pat. I wonder how they can live with themselves, but I guess when your're that corrupt, nothing bothers you. Wanda Hamilton, OntarioCanada
Entity: Burlington, Ontario
4, Report #363187
Aug 15 2008
08:12 AM
Talent SVC Talent Agenyc Carpenteria California
I was contacted by email to join a Talent Agency for 1.99, and I would get all kinds of services. HA! Within two weeks, 49.95 started coming out of my account. So I tried the phone number given for a contact. It was a fake number. I tried my bank, and they said they couldn't do anything about it without a cancelation number. I don't know how to contact them! So I tried the Ripoff Report to see if anyone else had this difficulty, and YES! I will try to contact them again and see if the phone numbers given by others actually work. I will let you know how it goes. Rosie Bangor, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Carpenteria, California
5, Report #1243243
Jul 21 2015
08:01 AM
Explore Talent Talent Agency Las Vegas Nevada Internet
           I was contacted by Explore Talent because they said a director was interested in my profile. Explore Talent told me that since I was not a pro member the directors could not contact me directly. This made me excited and want to become a pro member. They told me I could do a six month or a year trial. I asked for the six month trial, but they then came back and lower the price of the year trail to $199.50 to make it sound like I was getting a great deal. After I agreed to the 1 year deal and it cleared my bank account I never heard from the director or Explore Talent again they just wanted me to be a pro member.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #150786
Jul 21 2005
06:50 PM
Option Talent ripoff Oakbrook Illinois
This company is such a rip off. It start first when a so called scout approach you on the street and tell you that you look like a model. Then they tell you they are having open cast that weekend and invite you to go. They put they name on the back of a business card and tell you to mention their name when you get there. Then they put you in a room with other people and you watch a movie. Yes they do indorse other models and companies. So you buy into it. Then you are called into a room and they tell you their measurements. They tell you that you don't pay them any money and you're only paying for your profolio. Which is cool. But they shouldn't go around lying to people getting their dreams and hopes up. I would like my money back and would love to know how to get in contact with someone. What is the government going to do about this company because they can just keep changing their names and location. People are begin defaurd. Someone need to do something about this. What about the people who signed up a couple of years ago i sign up in october 2001. Lucky i only gave them $200.00. I'm happy with the pictures though. It was a learned lesson though. Don't believe anyone who comes up to you on the street. Terria Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Oakbrook, Illinois
7, Report #542798
Dec 21 2009
06:54 AM , Ariza Talent & Modeling Agency , Ariza Talent Agency No good Longwood, Florida
i been with them for 2 yrds. got my picture taken by them ($900), and it took a year to get it. and I did 4 gigs with them, and it took 6-8 months to get pay and he took the wrong commision. I recomment to go with a sag member (((REDACTED))) sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Longwood, Florida
8, Report #338162
Jun 08 2008
12:07 AM
LeModeln Talent And Modeling cheat, liar, crook, phony, rippof, criminal Boardman Ohio
This filthy, insane woman charges approimately $400 a year booking fees for free and non-existent movies. She charges $275 for a website which no one looks at, she charges $600 for 500 photos which you never see. She then puts one of the worst on the computer. The photographers were idiots and flashed pictures with eyes closed, and in fact she fought with the photographers over splitting the profit. She then tried to charge $20 digital photo fees for each phony audition, and turns you into a collection agency when you do not fill her coffers. Also in small print you will see on the contract that she will automatically renew it if you do not give a 90 day notice. She then hounds you for another $400 and threatens to go to court. And oh, oh, if you report her to the Federal Trade Commission and the BBB she lies like hell. She does not turn anyting into the IRS and sends no receipts of what she steals when the so-called model or actor really makes a few bucks. On one promotion she kept $1000 and gave me nothing after I spent a ton of money in gas driving across Ohio. I went through her screaming for money from 2003 to 2007, so I know what the hell is going on. Someone shut this bitch down! Exposer Los angeles, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Boardman, Ohio
9, Report #373273
Sep 16 2008
12:26 AM
Moda Modeling A RIP OFF Dallas Texas
Moda Modeling based in Dallas Texas was a huge rip off. They continued to charge my account the fee of 29.95 a month even after I ended my contract with them. In the 2 years I was with moda I NEVER got any modeling work. I recieved all these emails and responded to them but never got anything. They never tried to work with me either. Also, I NEVER RECEIVED MY COMP CARDS. That was part of the package deal of $795. I really didn't have the money to do all this but I was able to scrape up enough and they never fulfilled what they said they would. I felt discouraged with this. I really trusted this company to help me in the Modeling Industry and they didn't. I even tried to call several times to talk to someone about my comp cards and no one would talk to me, they always transferred me and then hung up. I am really disappointed in this company. It has really made me skeptical of everything now when it comes to modeling agencies. I don't know who to trust anymore. I don't know who isn't going to take money that I sometimes don't have, and who is actually legit and going to help me. Anonymous Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
10, Report #362336
Aug 13 2008
07:30 AM
Modeling Productions a big ripoff Lakewales Florida
I went to this eagle ridge mall and fill out a slip to participate with this modeling company and they charged me 50 dollars after the first test my little 6 year old has passed, I found out later this company has been taking the money out from people with false promises, I asked them for a refund and they say they cant do that, so I had to call my bank and explained what happened and asked them to investigate them. now my little boy is sad because he still believes is a real company and he thought he could make his dream come true of becoming a model with them. I cant believe they are so cruel with all those kids and I hope this report could help anybody to avoid this bad experience my little one had. my best wishes to all of you and please be careful with companies like them, specially if you have kids. Nancy kissimmee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Lakewales, Florida
11, Report #896765
Jun 13 2012
05:04 AM
InterFace Modeling InterFace Plus Scam company, Be Careful Internet
I was at Dadeland mall FL with my son and husband and we were approached by a young lady, asking for my son's age and saying he should be modeling, because he is so handsome, beautiful, etc. I ended up giving them our phone numbers for a free evaluation, and she said they would be calling me or my husband when they had time available. The next day, They Called us about 4 times. When We finally had the time to talk, We felt a lot of pressure there. They were saying that I could not cancel the appointment, because they have a lot of work and models and it can not be re-scheduled. They said its a free consultation, but when we arrived at boca office they charge us for a photo shoot sesion, for a year marketing contract, for the CD have the rights of our son photos in a total amout of 3000$ 2 years since we paid and never call us for a casting, never send us a report of my son marketing in the industry that they made to him. So we waste our money in the worst company I've ever known.
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #1259486
Oct 06 2015
11:35 AM
Barbizin Modeling Agency Refund Ripoff Tampa Nationwide
My daughter and I went to a audition as they called it and they did their spill; and my daughter was interested and they told us it would be over 2300.00 if she was choses. Of course she was chosen, and I explained that I couldn't pay allof the money up front and of course, they had payment plans in place for people like me.  I chose a payment plan that I was ok with although it woudl be a struggle I did it for my child's future.  My daughter is also in dance at her school and after school started back she saw that  the classes coinsided with her school activiites and decided that she could no longer particpate in the modeling classes.I followed the instructions and sent a certidfied letter to them advising that my daughter could no longer participate due to scheduling conflicts and to please refund all monies due to me minue applicarion and supply fees.After 2 weeks I hadn't gotten a response, so I called and left a voicemail to be called back.I was told that I wasn;t due a refund because she had completed the classes halfway and I tod the lady that wasn't true because I had emailed prior to her last class that my daughter would not be able to make it so technically she only completed one full weekend out of 3.I feel that I am entitled to some of my money back for the classes that she did not attend and never made up. How convenient that they didn';t recieve a certified letter until after the date which would have been her halfway point.Now I am out of 1120.00.Thisis a total ripoff and I want everyone to knw it.     
Entity: Nationwide
13, Report #1417294
Dec 16 2017
09:23 AM
Jessica Kent Modeling DISAPPEARED Internet
I became a model in November. It was nice, they were very nice offered wonderful support. Called me to check on me and made sure I understood everything. All of a sudden when I go to log in to broadcast, my account said that the Studio Account was cancelled. So I contacted customer support, where they told me that my studio closed their account so I needed to make a new account. Now I have to go through trying to set up myself as an independent and somehow get my earnings, that I am still gaining from videos and such on the website. No warning, nothing. Website was pulled down, phone numbers won't work, email is not getting a response... I just want my fanbase and earnings I've gotten so far.
14, Report #662737
Nov 16 2010
05:33 PM
Proffesionals Talent/ Money Talk Modeling/ PussyCat Paradise Omari Moon Modeling/ Webcam Modeling atlanta, North Carolina
Don Is Omari Moon and many other aliases that he uses. I originally was contacted after I saw a backpage ad about his webcam modeling site. I've done some of that In Las Vegas. After investigating on the internet, I've seen that he changes his emails and the names of his companies every couple of years, because he scams People. MoneyTalkmodeling and Pussycatparadise are SCAMS!! run ladies!
Entity: atlanta, North Carolina
15, Report #385952
Oct 29 2008
10:10 AM
Talent Hunter COMPLETE SCAM!!! Sherman Oaks INTERNET
These guys (probably ONE guy) is a complete scam, they make money off wanabe's who dont know any better. NO real casting is cast like this. also notice how all the NOTICES you get have basically the same wording! YES they rely on people trying the 3 days and forgetting. Also notice how they CONTIUOUSLY spam craigslist(and are promptly flagged!!) I am a REAL actor, I know how it all works no one will EVER get a Real job through this scam. Oh sure He could possibly have a list of actual productions, but you will NEVER get in them. Thats what Casting agencies and AGENTS are for. So they can get REAL actors, NOT wanabes!!!! I am SICK of people like this!! LET ME REITERATE, NO REAL CASTINGS WORK LIKE THIS!!!!, Industry professionals (which they guy IS NOT) have there own service, called a Breakdown service, to which ONLY they have access to, and they are invtied to send The actors they represent (which why a Real Casting agent will ask you do you have representation?) You cant just show up to a casting(not that youd even know where one is) and say oh I just heard about this they will promptly throw you out! Mikedanger englewood, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Sherman Oaks, California
16, Report #462607
Jun 18 2009
11:25 AM
Explore Talent REGENCY BOCA RATON Florida
I signed my son and myself with Explore Talent . I've submitted a lot of requests for extras etc. nobody ever comeback to me. This is a scam. Lana BOCA RATON, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: BOCA RATON, Florida
17, Report #399155
Dec 08 2008
12:39 PM
Talent Hunters unauthorized payment Sherman Oak California
Talent hunters recently processed an unauthorized payment from my checking account in the amount of $99.99. I have tried contacting this company by telephone and email but no one has yet contacted me back about refunding me my money. Latasha birmingham, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Sherman Oak, California
18, Report #829525
Jan 27 2012
08:55 AM
Explore Talent TEXTBOOK SCAM! internet
If someone cold calls you out of the blue, IT'S A SCAM!!! No one EVER calls someone and says, hey, I'll make you a star! To all those people who say that it's not a scam because they got legit work, well, since they are using real listings, some people will luck out and get real work. Heck, back in the day, I got some modeling work off of Lou Perelman's site, and he's in jail now for scamming BILLIONS out of people. But you are NOT building a career this way! The fact is, you can get the same info and submit yourself for jobs for a lot less money by using Actors Access, which for a year's subscription is $68. Plus, by using Actors Access, you give yourself legitimacy, since that is the site that ALL legitimate agents and casting directors use. If Explore Talent does submit you, which I think it won't, it will only be for the worst sort of jobs: extra work, low-paying promotional work, etc. You certainly would NOT be considered for major projects. If Explore Talent would go so far as to say they represent you, I think the average casting director or agent will think: PASS. The fact that they don't seem to show any discrimination on how they submit you is a major red flag. IF a casting director  routinely sees women being submitted by a company for male roles, for instance, that casting director will subsequently ignore ANY and ALL submissions from that company. So if you go with Explore Talent, you will RUIN your chances for a career! A career is built by networking and building relationships, not by posting on a site. You get considered for roles because a casting director knows you and your work. If you are just looking for occasional paying work for extra money and some fun, that's fine (but Actors Access is still better and cheaper) but if you are serious about your career, you NEED to MOVE to LA or NYC (or even Chicago), get professional headshots done, get some training, get an Actors Access account, then go to networking seminars and physically MEET agents and casting directors. I'm going to LA in a few days to do just that. I haven't been scammed by this company. I only got coldcalled while I was preparing commercial copy for my LA trip (so I'm ticked off by having my concentration destroyed by this BS and my time wasted), but it is such an obvious scam, that I felt I had to report it. I didn't even bother emailing my friends, because it is such an obvious scam that if any of them fell for it, they're an idiot. Obvious tipoffs: 1. The guy on the phone was unable to speak clearly and pronounced my name wrong. 2. There was a lot of background noise typical of call centers. While casting and talent agencies are also busy places, the noise is different. There is more phone ringing and fewer voices talking, not the general buzz of office drones in hundreds of cubicles. Agencies tend to be in very small offices, so the ambient noise is more distinct. 3. He was obviously reading from a script and wasn't very good at it. 4. Legit people never bother to ask How are you doing? before their spiel. They're too busy. An agent or casting director will never call unless they know who you are specifically and want you for a specific purpose. Most legit calls I get start with Are you available on Friday at 1 PM? 5. He said, It says here you have an interest in modeling or acting. Ok, NO legit person in the business CARES that you have an interest in modeling or acting. That is ASSUMED. If you have an interview with an agent and start rattling off about your interest in modeling or acting, they are going to think green and clueless and write you off. People fail with Explore Talent not because they are lazy, but because the company is a scam. I'm willing to bet that all those jobs people say they are getting are not worth putting on a resume. If people fail with Actors' Access, then maybe you can say that they are lazy.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #657024
Oct 31 2010
08:32 AM
One Source Talent Scammed Me. Internet
I wanted to be a model so I decided to look on the internet and i found One Source Talent..I submitted my form online and uploaded a picture of me.They called me many times and I deicided to go the first thing they asked me when i got there was money.So my mom spent over 1000 dollars for me.they said i could use my own photographer ihad to use theirs.I have a protfolio and everything but nothing ever happend
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #921648
Aug 02 2012
03:55 PM
Explore Talent Pushy, Annoying, money-thieves , Internet
I would like to report that Explore Talent seems like a scam,they don't have enough sufficient information to make me believe that this company is a dependable, trusty, and a devoted agency. I can't see past the on phone staff being pushy and giving me deal breakers such as 69.99 low payment and pay the rest when enough money is earned.I can't see past the numerous amount of jobs available for me at one time and none available down the road ( such as a one time opportunity chances-basically there to push you to give them your credit card number-less time to come into realization that this company is a fraud) I can't see past this companies policies and their way of earning income through a thin wire. I would like to have someone email me at this address: (((REDACTED))) only if you have true evidence that this company has supported you and brought you true success! I am not the one to be easily fooled so this evidence of yours needs to sustain truthful information and pay check stubs if possible. Thanks so much  CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Internet, Internet
21, Report #309993
Feb 18 2008
11:33 PM
Explore Talent Explore Talent Casting Audition Modelling Hollywood California
Explore Talent 8033 Sunset Blvd. #580, Hollywood,, California, 90046 U.S.A. I received a call from a guy 323-785-2010 saying that I registered my name online, thru Craigslist, for a free membership at That website is for modelling auditions and castings, but this is all scam, thats what i said to the guy, so the guy was trying to sell me the service for 200$ dollars, then 150$..after 2 or 3 minutes he tried to sell it for 70$ dollars, but I said bullsh** you are trying to rip off then he hung up. I hope this guy goes straight to jail. Customer Miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #332441
May 14 2008
11:40 AM
Explore Talent Explore Talent Scam Info Who Knows Internet
I just spoke with someone who could barely speak english, presenting himself as a casting director from Explore Talent. He sounded like an immigrant who had never had any professional experience in the world of talent, and was very hypey, complimenting me and asking about how I was feeling and if I was actually serious about acting or modeling, as if he really cared. In the background I could hear dozens of other voices chattering away incessantly. It sounded like a boiler room operation right from the start, and that's never a good sign. This individual started telling me that I was guaranteed to get roles because of my age and my good looks. When I questioned what he meant by guaranteed, he insisted that he would guarantee that I would be chosen because of the connections that he personally had with other casting directors and because he was so experienced in matching people for roles. He then told me that, oops, he wouldn't be able to submit me after all because he just noticed that I had never activated my account when I filled my information in on the website. He explained that all I needed to so was to activate my profile so he could submit me and then I could start making money by going to auditions he would send me on, starting this week. I explained the reason that I most likely did not activate my account was that they had most likely asked for some amount of money at some point in the application process for their free service. He ignored this and went back to asking if I was really serious about getting started in acting and modeling, and then tried turning the tables by asking me why he take his valuable time to work with me, and what qualities did I have that made me think I could succeed as an actor or model. His ploys were very transparent, and I told him I really didn't know, he had called me and I didn't even know who he was. I also told him I was thinking about getting some training and taking some acting lessions. He got a bit excited and told me that I didnt' need to waste any time taking any acting classes, that I could start making money like so many other people were right now just by showing up for auditions that he would send me on. He then told me the only think he would tell me to do to improve my chances of getting parts was to dye my salt & pepper hair. That would make me look 20 years younger. I said I thought he had told me only minutes earlier that it would be easy for me to get so many parts because there was so much demand for older gentlemen, and because of this I would be easy to place. He threw a bunch of words at me that was just so much double talk for a few minutes, talking about how there was so much demand for roles of men in their 50's and there were even better roles for men in their 30's if I wanted to land those roles, and he was only giving me options for which kind of roles I wanted to audition for. Eventually, the conversation got back to the issue of activating my account. and, of course, activation meant giving him money. I explained that I had been unemployed for a year and a half at this point, and it just didn't make a lot of sense to me that I should get a call from a stranger out of the blue on this particular afternoon, who then wanted me to send him money based on some pretty questionable claims he had made during a 5 minute conversation; and that I would like to do a bit of research before spending money that I really didn't have to determine the veracity of what he had been telling me. He then began claiming that money was already guaranteed for me just by going to the auditions that he was going to send me to. When I asked what in the world he meant by that, he told me that I would be paid $200 just to go to an audition, and some 5-day auditions would pay me up to $2,000. These were pretty absurd and outrageous claims, and simply isn't the way the auditioning process works in any field. Of course, to the unknowledgeable, they can easily fall prey for someone like this who claims to be someone connected and important and who promises to pay them significant money to simply show up somewhere. People who are unaware of how things work are open to be educated, and if the person who is educating them happens to lie to them in order to gain their trust so he can get his hands into their pockets, it is only to his benefit to do so. But to believe a stranger you've never met, have no way of determining his true identity, have no way to verify any connections or reputation in the industry that he has, and so on, is pure foolhardiness. But rather than end the call I decided to see how far he was willing to bend and to come up with new stories in his attempt to persuade me and get what he was really after, easy money from an easy mark, from me. I explained that I had never heard of people being paid to audition for anything, the investment in time, talent-development, coaching, etc. was always the responsibilty of the individual in any area of the fine arts as far back as recorded history goes. As a musician for many years, I had been through the audition process many times for everything from wedding bands, orchestras, to rock bands and lounge acts, and indeed, auditions were never paid affairs. He countered by telling me that I had never dealt with Explore Talent, and again asserted that any audition that Explore Talent sent me on, I would be paid for when I showed up. He began asking me for a decision, asking me if I was really serious, and started telling me that he had an important meeting to go to where he was required to provide the names of individuals that he was submitting for the auditions that were coming up this week and next. Of course, his entire ruse was designed to create a sense of urgency and to make me feel that I would somehow lose out on an important opportunity if I didn't sign up right here and now. The creation of this sense of urgency and instilling the sense of loss if one doesn't get involved is simply a tactic many con artists use, and often this alone is enough to create enough internal pressure within someone, the fear of losing out on something they really want, to make them give someone their money. With this guy, I simply asked what the rush was...? Didnt' he tell me that they have roles coming along all the time...? Didn't he tell me that they were the biggest talent agency in the country...? Did I misunderstand something...? What was so important that I had to get back to him within the next 25 minutes if I wanted to be considered for these guaranteed roles that they had so many of...? One bogus testimonial claimed that had over 10,000 parts that needed to be auditioned for every month... when I mentioned this, he said that yes, that was true... so, again, I asked what was so urgent that he needed a decision from me immediately...? I explained that I wanted to do a bit of research and find out more about Explore Talent. To this, he excitedly offered to show me more about the agency himself and asked me to go to my computer and log onto their website. He had me go to a testimonial page and thought that that would be certain to convince me that they were a valid talent agency based the list of bogus individuals all apparently praising Explore Talent with many making far-fetched claims of having gotten lead roles on their first audition, and so on. I told him I didn't know who these people were and if they actually existed or even made the claims. To this he asked me to go to the resources page. On this page, there was a list of categories of people who hire actors. Somehow this was supposed to convince me that Explore Talent does business and supplies talent for all these various entities. The idea being, oddly enough, that simply having this list on their site was supposed to somehow grant them credibility. Now, exactly why being given a tour of a bogus company's website by someone from the company who's trying to get money out of my pocket, in any way would indicate that the company had any credibility at all, I found myself wondering, yet this is what this individual wanted me to believe. I indicated once again that I intended to do my own research and to contact some of the people who had given testimonials directly. Once again he started asking just how long did I need...? Would I promise to get back to him in the next 25 minutes...? Again I asked him what was so important that I get back to him in 25 minutes and again he brought up the upcoming meeting gambit, where he had to submit his names for upcoming auditions at... I told him that there was no way I could promise to get back to him in the next 25 minutes, as I simply had no way of knowing how long it was going to take to contact these individuals, if they were home, or how long it would take for them to respond to me. To this, he asked if I could promise to get back to him within the next hour...? After explaining to him again that I did not know how long it would take to contact these individuals or for them to respond, he asked if I could promise to get back to him within 4 hours...? At that point I thanked him for his time and told him I'd get back to him if I wanted to use their services. As soon as I got him off the phone, I looked around the site a bit and found they did not list any address where they are located at all. There was no phone number to their office, only an 800 number to a customer service center, and no list of any individuals associated with the company, such as president, vice president, marketing director, manager, etc. So, essentially there was no way to contact anyone at the company directly, and they were operating very much anonymously. That itself should speak volumes about their total lack of credibility to anyone who goes to their website. I then did a quick search on Google for Explore Talent. The first two websites I checked out both claimed that the service is a scam. The agency is apparently run by one Blake Yoon, a con-artist who had been convicted, and has done prison time. For me, that was as much as I needed to see. You may want to do a Google search on Explore Talent or on Blake Yoon yourself, before giving your money to anyone from this company. Just a suggestion. Steven Springfield, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #89182
Apr 27 2004
11:00 AM
Options Talent - Trans Continental Talent ripoff Oakbrook Illinois
I was ripped off by Options Talent!!! It's been two years and we never got a call for a go-see!!! I would like to be a part of a class action suit!!! Tony Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
24, Report #1037632
Mar 24 2013
03:18 PM
Big City Talent Total SCAM!!!!!!!! Internet
Big City Talent is a total RIPOFF. My fiance was driving last week and our daughter heard a radio ad on the radio station for auditions with Disney & Nickelodeon. We called and set up an appointment with this Company and it was set for 3/23/13 at 1:30 pm. Their was well over 300 kids inside the Hilton Hotel inside a nice Conference room in Baltimore MD next to 1st Mariner. We noticed the scouts analyzing everyone in the room pacing back and forth, while the Main Speaker was talking. She repeatedly kept saying she had 20 plus yrs of experience inside the industry.  Oh I cant forget to add this, before the Speaker began her speech they played a couple of Disney tunes (Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana) etc just to get everyone pumped up and excited for the auditions. Of course our daughter auditioned and her scout was a guy named RJ Hmmm maybe it was John Robert Powers (JRP) . RJ smiled and said you are what we've been searching for, you have star quality and most of all personality. Of course he said we will like for you to come in tomorrow at 2pm sharp 3/24/13 same location. RJ gave us a packet to review. We got inside our car on our way home and we seen these expensive prices ranging from 1595 to 6,500.. Gee WIZ for the love of GOD that's a Small down payment for a house. I did some research and seen their website which was mediocre, I checked youtube for some show footage, not one thing was shown.  I said fine we will still give it a try ONLY cause my fiancee said it's our daughter's dream and we wasn't as fortunate growing up ... I told her we will not go over 1,595... The next day at the same location but, this time a more private room which was set aside for high pressure tactics.  RJ Had three nice chairs for us with a table in the middle with RJ across from us. He asked our daughter HOOOOW bad do you want this our daughter who is 10 said very BAAd. Then RJ looked at me mainly saying, I see your daughter wants to act & sing and we all said yeah, that's what it say's on the paper. He immediately went on asking which package would you like her to be apart of.  He stated I would recommend the acting and singing category which is 2,995... so I said to myself well Hot Damnnn we have to pay for each genre she wants to do.. Remember I said i'm not going over 1595. Now the pressure is on, everyone is looking at me while I had this Blank stare on my FREAKING face looking like a deer who just got caught up in the Headlights. I'm staring hard at the ceiling clinching my jaws, just when my fiancee said Babe we should really get her in the 2,995 program Now I'm really puzzled, Why? cause I have a pretty 10 yr old daughter and If I say no I might have to hear my wife mouth inside the car and RJ across from me looking like the Grimace from Mc.Donalds is sitting their smiling silently. I said O.k here's the thing, Babe you know we have our business to run and we have other things that needs to be taken care of and i have to stick with my GUNS, i'm not going to budge over 1,595 Sorry RJ but,1595 is what we can afford.  He asked for my credit card information, and my eyebrow just raised like it was the american flag. So, like a dummy i gave him my card info but, I told him to charge it on Friday. We get home something told me to double check the companies stats and that I did. I went to a site called D&B just to confirm if the business is registered and they weren't, Then I read up on the ripoff site and seen this Company was a scam I told my fiancee I'm pulling the plug. She read on some of the complaints and was convinced. You know what I did, I called my bank within 10 minutes had a block on my card changed my info and did a fraud report for security purposes. PEOPLE PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS FRAUD.....
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #1213179
Mar 03 2015
08:19 PM
Explore Talent Scam, Steals people's information, Unprofessional Internet
Very shady and questionable website. I found out that my name and information was on the site, including descriptive details about me such as hair color, height, weight, etc. It appears as if they stole the info off the internet, and posted it on their site for financial gain. They also have apparently got a phone number for my family, which the company has been making unsolicited calls to. I have never done any modeling or acting. I did not sign up for this site, so it's extremely troubling that my name and info are on it. Be cautioned that if you find out your info is on the site, it will be very difficult to remove, as they do not seem to want to remove peoples information whom did not sign up for the site, or have no association with it whatsoever. 
Entity: Internet

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