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1, Report #1401110
Sep 19 2017
03:44 PM
Morgen Baird Racing c/o David Baird are the real Ripoffs wrongfully accuse Speed & Sound Promotions to cover their own shortcomings Jackson Michigan
David Baird and Morgen Baird of Morgen Baird Racing recently filed a false report on a great company, Speed & Sound Promotions, with whom I have had great success.  This is an upstanding marketing company that has been involved in racing for almost three decades.  They tried to help Morgen Baird with his racing, and what a mistake that became.  First of all they offered him a one-time fee to provide marketing material as well as consult on sponsorship for Morgen, who was referred to as the next Jeff Gordon by his father David.  David had no money and asked them to cut their fee to a very small amount, which they did, and his father-in-law and wife had to pay this $5000 in two installments because David was too broke to pay it himself. David Baird would not listen to the advice of the marketing consultants he hired, and claimed that the new medicine he was on made him reactive and volatile.  He claimed he had no money, but some how Morgen Baird would end up racing without informing Speed & Sound Promotions ahead of time, thus not allowing them to make money on sponsorship commissions because he would never tell when Morgan was racing.  His father-in-law would pay for Morgen to race. David Baird accused Speed & Sound of never being in touch, but in reality he was never available when called, and voicemails had to be left, which he rarely returned.  Emails were sent requesting information pertaining to Morgen Bairds racing, and no information provided.  David Baird led Speed & Sound to believe that Morgen Baird Racing had close ties with Jack Roush, and that this would be able to be exploited to Morgen Baird's benefit, but this ended up to be an overstatement as no evidence of this relationship was ever confirmed, but was actually discouraged by David Baird. Morgen Baird Racing is a scam, and he only finished one race without crashing.  He was in the top 20 because there were only 23 cars left in the field.  The parents tell you they have all of these potential sponsor contacts to give you, and they have no substance.  They ended up to be companies that David Baird thought Morgen Baird should be sponsored by, but they really had absolutely no interest in doing so.  Several companies were contacted on behalf of Morgen Baird Racing, but none had an interest because he had no experience.  Once the Bairds were told that the contacts they provided were not interested in Morgen, Morgen became very insulting and disrespectful to the owners of Speed & Sound Promotions, showing that he is immature and not ready to represent a sponsor in a positive, trustworthy way. I am sick of people using this Ripoff website as a was to try to ruin a company's reputation.  If Morgen Baird Racing had any merit, he would be racing.  His family would not stoop to a scam website like this one, which tries to get victims of this website to pay money to have the derogatory reports taken off, which should be illegal and labeled as fraud.  The Bairds filed a lawsuit against Speed & Sound Promotions and then never showed up to court not once, but twice.  They knew they would lose because everything that was done for them was documented and was ready to be brought against them in court.  They wasted several months of the court's time, which was once again, the way they are - a waste of time.  Currently a defamation lawsuit is being considered against David Baird, Stephanie Baird, and Morgen Baird Racing, based partly on the false report that was filed on this website.  Probably the father-in-law will have to pay their legal bills.  Stay away from Morgen Baird Racing, because if you can't get a company to waste big bucks to sponsor Morgen Baird who has a very limited racing resume and not a very good one, then your race team (he doesn't have one) and your marketing company will end up on this website as their way of trying to make your company as worthless as Morgen Baird Racing is.  If you can't afford to pay a small fee for a company to represent you, you shouldn't be racing.  
Entity: Jackson, Michigan
2, Report #324500
Apr 08 2008
08:48 AM
Advance Placement Services, Jay T. Baird, Stephen F. Baird, Zach Matthews, GARRET? Advance Placement Services C/O Jay T. Baird is a DECEPTIVE COMPANY, BEWARE!!! Chicago Illinois
Advance Placement Services/Jay T. Baird, Zach Matthews, Stephen F. Baird,GARRET? After buying several vending machines, Advance Placement Services was one of the recommended businesses to use as a locating service by the company I bought 33 machines from. I called around and spoke with each company eventually deciding that Jay T. Baird and his company, Advance Placement Services, would best meet my needs. HUGE mistake. At first, Jay was extremely accommodating, tending to my every question, always taking time to speak with me. I was confident and felt good about where this venture was headed. This was short lived. They sent me the contract; I signed it and returned it with my check. I was told to wait for the locator, Zach Matthews, to call to confirm arrangements and discuss specifics. Several days later he calls, just as expected, and we discussed the areas around me that I was interested in having my machines placed. The National Children's Cancer Society is the charity we decided to contract, this was covered as well. Mimicking Jay's salesmanship, he verified that he knew exactly what I was looking for in placements and assured me that he could do the job. The day arrives when the locator, Zach Matthews, is to place the machines. He called around 9 am to verify he was in town and starting to secure locations. During this conversation he asked if I would go with him to secure each location. I declined because I have other responsibilities that prevent me from placing the machines, which is the ENTIRE reason I hired a company to secure the locations for me, because I don't have the time. If I did, I wouldn't have ever hired anybody and simply placed them myself. We agree that I'll meet him at the end of the day and tour the locations he was able to secure. Around 4:30 he calls ready to meet. Wearing a National Children's Cancer Society t-shirt, he informs me that he has gotten all 33 locations and I was very surprised. He gets in my car and we begin to tour each location. Upon arriving at the first location, I park and get ready to get out when he states that we do not need to go into any of the locations. Some of them are closed as it's now after 5 and since he's the professional hired to do the job, although weird, I assume that this is business as usual and follow his lead. He assures me that he has secured them and written all the contact information on the business cards he collected throughout the day, not to worry if I had any problems, I could call him and after all they were guaranteed locations. We finished the day viewing each location. He was very personable throughout the tours and did his best to redirect some of my concerns. He had given me 5 additional locations to use in case several didn't work out, I thought this was odd. All of his secured locations were within a two mile radius, which at first seems nice, but if you were to see the locations you would understand why I have a problem with this. Voicing my concern, he assures me it's a good thing.Overwhelmed, I signed the touring sheet and we each went on our way. Another huge mistake. The following day I prepare my machines and begin placing them. I immediately run into problems and realize why the extra locations were needed. He knew this all along. I call Zach Matthews and can't reach him. To no avail, I called the office to speak with Jay T. Baird or someone who could help. I get Stephen F. Baird instead who won't let me speak with Jay but manages to get Zach Matthews to call me back. He admits to some of his mistakes and says he'll fix it. A short time later, he calls back having telemarketed 4 additional locations. 3 of the 4 refuse the machine because he lied to the business owners/managers and told them he was with The National Children's Cancer Society, so of course when I try to put the machine in the location, they do not want it. The remaining location was obtained through an employee who did not have permission to make those types of decisions, so after explaining the situation to the manager, he finally decided to let the machine in for a trial run. In another location, the police had to be called when a machine went missing and the contact information Zach Matthews supplied me with was wrong. Needless to say I still have several machines that aren't placed because businesses refused to allow me to place them in their secured locations. Both my wife and I tried to get through to Jay T. Baird to explain the situation and attempt a resolution. We were met with Stephen F. Baird, Jay's brother, and GARRET? who were incredibly rude and consistently refused to let either one of us speak to Jay T. Baird after almost daily calls and several direct emails for more than a week. Their behavior was truly unbelievable. I've never dealt with such immature and irresponsible people in my life. They even said that Zach Matthews was putting HIS foot down and did not want to place any more of our machines. Who's running the company? The sub-contractor?!? They tried to deflect responsibility by stating they weren't held accountable for anything Zach Matthews did. Then turned around and tried to hide behind the sub-contracted employee. Talk about throwing your employees under the bus. He, as well as others, might actually face SERIOUS penalties under law. Stephen F. Baird tried to settle stating that I could use my warranty to replace some of the locations, further voiding out my warranty and closing my account, conveniently allowing their company to escape liability. The original contract was never met. This is not an acceptable solution. Alerted to extremely suspicious behavior from the employees and Jay, I called my lawyer. He began researching Advance Placement Services and Jay T. Baird. I continued to try to call and resolve this, under my lawyers advice, giving them an opportunity to fulfill the contract. The information extracted on this company and its owner, Jay T. Baird, were so disturbing that I was instructed to call SEVERAL agencies regarding the business practices of this company. When I did, THEY WERE ALREADY AWARE OF HIM!! In addition, turns out the company who I bought the machines from, who has been recommending Advance Placement Services for over 6 years, was indicted and required by the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION to pay enormous fines for various charges. You can imagine the FTC's interest in the business connections. When contacted, they recommended calling the Attorney General's Office and the FBI, among other agencies. This has turned into a nightmare much bigger than I ever imagined, setting off a chain reaction that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. I just want my money back!!! Adamant about not taking responsibility, I sent a certified letter hoping for a response. To no surprise, is has yet to come. After accepting the profound mistake I made, should have done more homework on the company, I'm tired of trying to resolve it myself and am handing it over to my lawyer. In hindsight I see that Jay T. Baird has done this to countless people for many years, given the clearly recorded evidence I have, I was hopeful to try to resolve this without having to go to court. No such luck. Jay T. Baird and his company Advance Placement Services are deceptive. Be EXTREMELY careful if you decide to hire this company. They have a proven track record of using corrupt business methods. I have also contacted The National Children's Cancer Society to alert them to the practices conducted by Advance Placement Services and their locator, Zach Matthews. As expected, they were very concerned and today I am awaiting the proper official's call to divulge the appropriate information. HELP?! Jason Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
3, Report #625808
Jul 21 2010
06:52 PM
T & C Racing Terry Molwes THIEVES Clearwater, Florida
Well I am a witness to a mechanic shop that does terrible business at repairing cars. I see young kids getting scammed all the time by this man that calls himself a mechanic. He purposely messes up the cars so the customer can come back to him for business. If he is not paid in full for his services or is paid late, he purposely harms people's cars in a way that can cause accidents. Now I just found out that this mechanic has a jail record of aggrevated assult, armed robbery to a 65 yr. old man, and the list goes on and on. I was with him when he would purchase brand new car parts for his own car, buy jewelry, new tools and what not for his business all with the money of every customer. Just recently a gentleman came to the shop about a month ago and gave this mechanic $17,000 to redo his whole prelude car. Well the whole reason why I am reporting this guy is because I don't know who this customer is. His nickname is Tiger Woods and he needs to be warned about how badly this guy is screwing him over on his car. The mechanic is basically taking his money and running without fixing this gentleman's car. I seen the mechanic basically went to the junkyard and replaced the engine stock parts with really old and used ones. This customer is in a whole world of damage if no one warns him about this mechanic Terry Mowles. He has made plans to run off with this guy's money and never return. This mechanic is located at 4770 110th Ave N. ste #14. Please do not go there, this man is dangerous and so is his girlfriend. I have see her approach people with crobars and made threats to others. They endanger the safety of their own kids, these people live in that shop, dcfs has been called more than 3 times. So please take this message into consideration and don't give this guy any business.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
4, Report #1334084
Oct 19 2016
08:07 PM
Christina Baird Online car purchase scam Garden City Kansas
10/10/16 I received text reply to online ad for car I am selling.  Christina Baird asked if she could send me a cash deposit to hold car so her mechanic could look at it.  Later came up with excuse to not send cash and sent third party check instead.  It was a business check from World Institute of Pain, 145 Kimel Park Dr, Suite 208, Winston Salem, NC 27103.  Bank name on check was BB&T in Winston Salem and was printed on security paper with realistic routing and account numbers.  It just looked like a scam.  I called World Institute of Pain and they told me Christina Baird had been forging checks using their company name.  They knew her name and check amount before I even told them.  They had been aware of many of such checks from Christina.  I texted Christina back and said I would not deposit it.  She texted me make saying deposit it, It will clear.  I filed complaint with FBI and Postal inspector.  I know the scam goes: I deposit check, she backs out and wants funds wired back to her.
Entity: Kansas
5, Report #1338027
Nov 14 2016
08:05 AM
Christina Baird Automobile Scam Garden City Kansas
11-14-16 I received text reply to online ad for car I am selling. Christina Baird asked if she could send me a cash deposit to hold car so her mechanic could look at it. Later came up with excuse to not send cash and sent third party check instead. It was a business check from Anaheim Automation Inc. 910 E Orangefair Lane, Anaheim, CA 92801. Bank name on check was Wells Fargo in Anaheim CA and was printed on security paper with realistic routing and account numbers for a WF location in MN. It just looked like a scam. Luckily my spouse is in management at WF and caught it right away that is was a fraudgentlent check. I filed complaint with FBI and Postal inspector. Evidently this person is on the radar already with the FBI and has stolen this lady's identity as well.
Entity: Garden City, Kansas
6, Report #1336460
Nov 03 2016
04:28 PM
Christina Baird Car Selling Ripoff does not appear Internet
Was contacted by Christina Baird. Claimed she wanted to purchase my vehicle that is for sale. Wanted to send me cash to hold the vehicle until a mechanic could come out and inspect it. Read another report online that claimed a similar scam almost happened to them. This is a scam as this individual will send a check and ask you to cash. Then this individual will back out and want you to send them their money back. The original check will be a fraudulent check. Don't take the bait.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1183157
Oct 15 2014
08:29 PM
Baird Motors Gary Baird Poor customer service, lied, dishonest Clearfield Utah
On September 24th, I purchased an automobile from Gary Baird, at Baird Motors. Before the purchase, I drove the car around the block, and it seemed to run and drive fine. Mr. Baird assured me that if I had any problems with the car, he would work with me, to see them repaired. On the 26th, I attempted to return the car because it was too big, and I just didn't like it. I sat with Mr. Baird for 2 hours discussing ways that I could surrender the car. He refused to rewind the deal, even when I offered to let him keep $500 for his trouble. (At this point, none of the registration papers have been filed. I asked him to prolong the filing process to allow him to see if he could find another car that would work out for each end). The resolution was never reached, and mr. Bairds daughter called me on October, 14th to tell me they were filing the registration papers. The next day I returned to Baird Motors to present the findings of mechanical issues with the vehicle. Mr. Baird was conveniently abcent, so his agent took my issue complaint, and phone number. She said she would have him call me. As soon as I arrived home, Mr. Bairds agent called me to tell me that he was not willing to help me fix the mechanical issues with the car, because I had not purchased his warranty, and I was on my own. What a liar he is. Either that or he is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. during the lengthy discussions between Mr. Baird and I, he claimed to be someone I could trust, and that I would be happy with the car, and how he is an active member of the LDS church, and visits the temple. This was the reason I believed him. Why would an elderly man try to rip me off?   
Entity: Clearfield, Utah
8, Report #393536
Nov 21 2008
12:28 AM
Racing Trades Is racing trades a scam? Queensland Australia
hi i joined up to this internet based betting company Racing Trades and when i tried to cancel my membership and get my money back for my licence that i had purchased i have been waiting for over a year. i dont know if they are a scam or not but some people have said they are. Shawn1001 adelaideAustralia
9, Report #244188
Apr 16 2007
06:27 AM
Racing Tipsters horse racing tipsters ripoff London England Internet
I have had dealings with this company. They are corrupt. They have taken money - giving nothing in return. I have reported them to the authotities but they are still trading. If you are approached please ignore them. To date there is only one company that have given me good service, in respect of tipping and systems etc. They give FREE systems and FREE selections. I have had lots of winners. I am sure they would not mind me giving the site sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Tony london, New YorkUnited Kingdom
Entity: Internet
10, Report #574927
Feb 26 2010
09:29 AM
toyota racing sponafier rigged game Internet, Nationwide
Toyotas Sponcefier game is a giant rip-off the rules to the game are not even followed by Toyota. This shouldnt surprise anybody that knows Toyota though. There are four or five cars that have went way past the voting time limit of 15 days with out stopping like a Camry with a stuck gas pedal. If you look at the rules and then the cars that have been approved to compete you will see that the rules mean nothing to Toyota.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
11, Report #1206944
Feb 05 2015
11:07 AM
american racing not reputable chino CA
Entity: Internet
12, Report #412653
Jan 15 2014
04:36 PM
Entity: CHICAGO, Illinois
13, Report #1148432
May 20 2014
11:01 PM
Family medical walkin clinic Dr William Baird Dr William Baird Horrible bedside manner. Scarred my children. Dr William Baird Springfield Missouri
Dr. william Baird was horrific and so was his male nurse. I took my small children in to the Family Medical Walkin Clinic in Springfield Missouri on south Cambell street last night May 18th 2014 and I was left shaking and half speechless. I was almost in tears because of the way this doctor spoke to me. He was overly hateful and all knowing. He had a smirk on his face and was purely hateful to say the least. I have never been treated with such disrespect in my life. If I would have known I would have had to deal with this monster I would have waited til the next day to take my small children to their regular doctor. He is a smart allex know-it-all half humanoid and I am writing this to warn people away from this horrid man.  I noticed out of the very few reports on here that I am the third person to make a complaint on this site alone. On other sites they have even more complaints against him. This subhuman should not be able to practice medicine any more. I am appauled and disgusted at this so called servise. 
Entity: Springfield, Missouri
14, Report #465423
Jun 26 2009
08:05 PM
Tim Baird Scammed me out of $530 on a generator he was supposed to ship. Toledo Ohio
I see this ad online advertising for a Generator on 4/22 and respond to it.. After a couple of back and forth emails we agreed to a total price to ship the generator.. Told me he doesnt accept Paypal and to send a US Postal Money Order.. Ok fine researching on the website a bit he seems like an ok dude so I send it to him via certified mail (at this point Ive already begun documenting every step of the transaction) Couple of days go by I get a PM from him telling me the freight on the generator is actually double what we agreed upon due to the weight being over what we originally priced it out to. After some back and forth PM's we both agree its wayyyy too much of a hassle and costly for this and to just refund me my money via US Postal money order thru certified mail.. I get a few PM's telling me thank you for being so patient with this and hes gonna send the money out.. 5/27 was the last PM i received from him which told me his son's mother is going to mail it out because he was out of town.. After that he fell off the face of the earth.. Will not respond to my PM's, EMails, Phone Calls, Voicemails nothing.. Ive given him numerous warnings and chances to make good on this but now Im just fed up.. It doesnt take a month to send a MO out I dont care how long you've been out of town.. Dennis Flushing, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Toledo, Ohio
15, Report #671906
Dec 15 2010
03:20 PM
CMH Manufacturing/ Sam Baird Poor Quality, Horiible Customer Service, warranty rip-off Buckeye, Arizona
We purchased our home through Advantage Homes in Flagstaff, AZ. We had many problems with Patty Jones at this company. She stole our money and left many of our contractors unpaid. Besides having a horrible time with the dealer, we ended up with a very poor quality home.I am aware that I have bought a factory built home and not a high end custom site built home. Having said that, there are a few thing I do expect out of a home. I expect my kitchen drawers not to fall apart as if they are made of tissue paper. I expect the proper materials to be used so that I do not have warping and bubbling in my floors (which falls under a 5 year warranty that Sam refuses to address). I expect service managers not to lie to the state in order to get out of providing a product that was promised.Between Advantage Homes (that went mysteriously out business before we even had our permanent loan) and the poor quality of the product and customer service we have received from CMH Manufacturing west, this has been the worst home buying experience we have ever had. (and it was not our first)
Entity: Buckeye, Arizona
16, Report #709671
Mar 24 2011
10:51 AM
Advanced Placement Service, Inc Jay Baird, Steve Baird, Jennifer Baird vending location ripoffs Chicago, Illinois
If your in the vending business and need a locator, never use Advanced Placement Service, Inc.  This company is bad news. I hired them to place 6 machines for me.  The first time I used them they did get locations for me but it took a long time and the locations did not work out. A few months later, I was stupid enough to hire them back to move 5 of the 6 machines.  This time they found 5 locations but 3 of them did not allow me to install the machine when I arrived.  I went back to APS and told them what happened and 3 months later I still don't have a home for these machines.  I have gotten nothing but the run around.  I called Steve Baird, Jennifer Baird and Jay Baird and everytime I called I got excuses.   I finally requested a refund, which they refused.  In fact, when I asked for what I should do next, they advised me to place my own machines.   Excuse me,  but I hired APS and paid them to provide a service that they did not do and I'm now suppose to forget about that and place my own machines. This company is truly a pain to deal with, they never return your calls or emails and they will rob you blind if you give them a chance.  Don't become their next victim.  All they are looking for is your money.  Once they have that you are screwed..Unhappy Customer.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
17, Report #243431
Apr 11 2007
08:01 AM
NATALIE F. BAIRD, Dropped case because of disagreement with family member after having received full payment TAMPA, Florida
On September 20, 2005, my niece Vicki and Natalie Baird, Esq. entered into a signed contract for representation in a divorce matter.Upon taking the case, initially Ms. Baird was to have consulted with the opposing attorney to expedite having the renewal my niece's military ID card issue resolved. Three months later, my niece was without her medication and basic needs because her husband refused to renew her ID card to enter onto the military base.My niece, being without her medication was prone to having seizures and worst an aneurism. She requested I contact Ms Baird on her behalf as to why a continuous delay in renewal, regarding the ID card. I called Ms. Baird's office, reaching her voice mail, questioning why it had taken three (3) months to bring about relief and if there wasn't any progress on this particular issue and seemingly remiss in the handling of the case, more specifically, dragging her feet! adding I would personally seek the aid of the Ethics Committee and/or the US Attorney's office. Apparently upon hearing my message, she called my niece informing her of the intent to withdraw as counsel, and she did, using the excuse, I had threatened her office. I merely suggested in my representation, of seeking outside assistance if she did not or could not realize the urgency of the medication issue. Ms. Baird was unprofessional and unethical in her decision to withdraw from counsel. The contract was signed between she and my niece, my phone call should not have become the impetus to discontinue representation, as I was not part or parcel of the signed agreement! As a licensed attorney in the state of Florida, if Ms. Baird is permitted to go unpunished for her unethical behavior, this act of hers' will undoubtedly further besmirch the legal practice and those that represent their clients honorably. If a fair, and impartial investigation is to be conducted, have Ms. Baird produce the tape she supposedly has, with me making harmful threats to her personally and to her firm. If needed for voice comparison, I'm willing to forward at my expense, a tape with my voice. Second opinions and seeking guidance are acceptable in all professions; none of us were given the right to play God! If she proposes to be that sensitive in the questioning of her handling of matters, the pursuit of a JD degree was probably her wrong choice. Personally, I'm requesting an official sanctioning of Ms. Baird and the return of/or a reasonable portion of the fee my niece was charged, and paid in full, up front. All though the matter of a threat was investigated by the police, nothing was regarded as a threat, moreso concern for a family member. The matter was taken before the Ethics Committee and as expected they ruled in Natalie Bairds favor. She retained the full payment as to my knowledge. Frank Lawnside, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: TAMPA,, Florida
18, Report #1162253
Jul 15 2014
02:19 PM
Kilkenny Farms - Marilyn R. Baird Deceiptful Liar and Horrible Breeder Aldergrove, British Columbia BritishColumbia Canada
 I chose Kilkenny Farms originally because I was searching for a reputable breeder in BC to avoid having to stress a puppy out by crate shipping across the country. I spoke with Marilyn Baird a few times in the summer of 2013, and examined her website numerous times. I researched other breeders in BC before I paid my deposit in August. I heard from Marilyn in November 2013, requesting that I pay the balance of the price in advance as she needed the money (which I thought was a little strange, but I agreed – even though the puppies would not be ready until March and she had originally told me I wouldn’t pay until I chose a puppy). The puppies were born January 6th, ready on March 3rd – I had planned to be in Vancouver by March 27th. She told me that she would hold the puppy for me for an additional charge (which I had agreed to pay), but later stated that she did not want to because she was holding one or two others. Did I mention I paid 2300$ PLUS shipping for a show quality, registerable Mini Australian Shepherd puppy? I had wanted a merle male, and there were 2 to choose from. Marilyn was supposed to send me photos of both puppies so that I could choose between the two. That never happened – I saw no pictures other than a picture of only one (that was blurry), and not the other on her website. She picked the puppy, and told me I was getting the nicer of the two – and to take her word for it. Anyhow, I had mentioned to my fiancee that I didn’t want to wait another 3 weeks to get the puppy, so he decided to surprise me and have his father pick him up to take him to the airport to ship. He made the arrangements with her, unbeknownst to me. When my fiancee’s father arrived at Kilkenny, at the time agreed upon between him and Marilyn – she was feeding the puppy. I’m no breeder, but I can’t fathom why you would feed a puppy who has never been out of the house and is going in a car and a crate and on a plane ride. Needless to say the puppy vomited 6 times between leaving the farm and getting to the airport. When we got to the airport to pick up the puppy in Kitimat, he came with absolutely no paper work. No vet record, no bill of sale, no registration papers, no pedigree, diet and care information, health guarantee…absolutely nothing. Did I mention I paid 2300$ PLUS shipping for a show quality, registerable Mini Australian Shepherd puppy? When I emailed her to ask about the paperwork, she replied that she did not have time to assemble paperwork.. and told me that he was vaccinated and de-wormed at 7 weeks (no record though). It has been 5 months now since I got the puppy – still no paperwork.  It gets worse.. I took the puppy in for a vet exam. The first thing he said to me: “This dog has an awful mouth!” The term he used was “prognathism”. He has the worst overbite I have ever seen on a dog, no exaggeration – I can fit my pinky finger between his top and bottom jaw when he closes his mouth. I know that some dogs go through a normal stage as puppies where the jaw is overshot but this is definitely not the case – I have been told by 3 different vets now that this will not correct itself, and that it is probable that he will have to have teeth pulled once his jaw has set. Now that he is a little bit bigger, he is starting to get his adult teeth ... his top baby canines have not fallen out, and his adult ones came in in front of them. His bottom teeth are absolutely F*cked, I've never seen anything like it. I contacted Marilyn by email and informed her of what the vet had said. I asked her if she was aware of this issue, and asked her about the 2 year health guarantee that she supposedly provided for her puppies.  Her response was that teeth placement is variable until the dog is at least a year old. She asked for the name and address of the vet that I have seen here, stating that she is wary of vets who give comments on bites that are not set yet. She stated that her health guarantees are for hip dysplasia and eye problems detectable by a cerf. Examination by a certified vet ophthalmologist which are done on the parents (not the puppies), and that she has never had a problem with any of her puppies sold. She stated that she “breeds from champion show stock wherein the judges would catch any problems with bites, etc. That is what makes a registerable puppy more than an unregisterable one whereby nothing has been done to ensure that the puppy is as free from physical abnormalities as possible”. She continued to go on to say that the only reliable vet clinic as far as she is concerned, the one patronized by the good breeders and handlers on the lower mainland is Newton Animal Clinic, which is where she goes. Upon investigating the clinic, I discovered that it is not only the cheapest clinic in the lower mainland area, but the majority of customer reviews were far from positive. After I read her email, I took my puppy to another vet for a second opinion – was told the same thing. At the end of March, my fiancee and I travelled down to the lower mainland as planned. Now having had the puppy for 2 weeks, I noticed he was not eating normally.. I had to coax him to eat ½ cup of food, he was also pretty small and not putting on much weight. The morning we left for our trip he threw up 3 huge worms. I found that odd considering she had told me he was fully de-wormed with the 3 day panacur treatment before he was sent, and that panacur will kill anything bad in the puppies stomach and that I shouldn’t worry about another de-worm until 16 weeks. (I de-wormed him again that day that he threw up with drontal from the vet – and 10 days after with panacur again, and he was dewormed again at 16 weeks.  We tried to call Marilyn when we arrived at the beginning of our trip to see if we could have her see the puppy for herself, since she did not believe there was anything wrong with him. The first 2 times there was no answer. The 3rd time, she answered the phone and we tried to talk to her and she rudely told us that she was busy with company and would not be able to see us at all during the week that we were in the area, and then she hung up on us. The following day, her grand-daughter called us advising that Marilyn had asked her to deal with us as she did not have time. We spoke with the grand-daughter, and brought the puppy to her house to see it. She was shocked at how bad it was and admitted to thinking that we were exaggerating until she seen it for herself.  She also commented on how small he was compared to the other puppies from his litter – and that he looked somewhat sickly, I imagine this is because he had worms. I then took the puppy to Newton Animal Clinic, the one that she swears by – for a 3rd opinion from a vet that she claimed to use regularly. Imagine my surprise when the vet there told me exactly the same thing the previous two did. And further to my surprise, Dr. Chan of Newton checked through the records, because I asked if they were aware of the puppy’s condition – he advised me that the only time they had seen this puppy was when he was about 3 days old for docking and dew claws. We informed her grand-daughter of this. Her response was that I could exchange the puppy, for the only puppy she had left that she hasn’t been able to sell (I wonder why), which was a black tri – I paid extra for a red merle male because that is what I wanted. When I declined that offer, and proposed that she either contribute to the vet bills for dental work if that is what it comes to when his jaw sets – or that she refund me a portion of the purchase price (considering I paid for a show quality dog, and the puppy I received is FAR from show quality.) She flat out declined. After this, I sent Marilyn a fairly lengthy email asking her to confirm which vet he was examined by before he was sent to me, considering it was definitely not the vet she claims to use. I asked if he was not, why is that? I asked her if it is not standard practice to thoroughly check a puppy that you are selling for $2300 for any very obvious defects, on top of  a licensed vet exam? I have not received a reply. This was on April 7/14. To date, I have yet to receive any paperwork for my puppy. We have tried to contact the grand-daughter again to inquire on the paper work and she said that her grandmother (Marilyn) is not co-operating with her and will not deal with us further, and she could not confirm if the papers had been sent yet or not. I have all of the email correspondence between myself and Marilyn, as well as the online banking transfers that I sent to her for the deposit and the balance of the purchase price – since she has not provided me with a bill of sale. I am of the firm opinion that Marilyn is extremely negligent in her practices. My reason for wanting to file a formal complaint, is not to exchange the puppy (he is now part of my family and I will ensure he gets the best medical treatment for his condition if and when needed), but I would like to save someone else the headache of dealing with this woman, and the heartache of having a puppy with so many issues. I am not a first time dog owner, and we have had dogs in the family since I was 4 years old and we had purebred dogs and rescue dogs. This was by far the worst transaction I have ever encountered with a dog breeder. It would be nice to receive monetary compensation considering I did not receive what I paid for – but I doubt that would be an option for her as she has already declined. The next mini I get will definitely not be from Kilkenny Farms, nor would I recommend her to ANYONE. I am of the firm opinion that this poor excuse for a breeder should be stripped of her breeding rights, and fined by the MASC USA. She has violated multiple parts of the Code of Ethics, and I have pretty well given up on trying to get any paper work (that rightfully belongs to me) out of that vile woman. Hopefully this will save someone else from having to deal with Marilyn R. Baird of Kilkenny Farms, Aldergrove BC, Canada.  
Entity: Aldergrove, British Columbia
19, Report #504362
Oct 05 2009
05:09 AM
Racing Trades, Racing Tades International, Global Sport Options Scam Coomera, Queensland, Australia
I was scammed by a company called Racing Trades or Global Sport Options in Queensland.  It all started from phone calls from one Tracey (0406083652) sometime in October 2008.She seduced me into buying membership into their horse racing scheme worth A$13750. I paid a A$500 deposit and they arranged for me to get a loan through another company called GB Finance (Damien 0755742933). I got the loan from ANZ just before Christmas 2008. They made me open a trading account with IASBet, where I deposited more funds for them to do the horse racing. I purchased the membership and deposited funds into the trading account. After about a month of trading I realised that it was all a scam and I had made unprecedented loses in the trading account. I decided to call it off and I demanded my membership fees back. From that time onwards it just became almost impossible to contact these people as the phones went unanswered and emails were not being replied. What pains me is government departments are saying they can't do anything whilst these criminals walk free and scam more people. That Nathan Linch is the biggest scammer on earth with the help of Kirsty and Trcey. I have a huge bank loan that I cannot repay now.
Entity: Coomera, Queensland, Select State/Province
20, Report #387355
Nov 03 2008
05:45 AM
Racing Trades - Racing Tades International - THAY DO NOT LIVE UP TO THEIR PROMISES, DONT GIVE THEM YOUR CASH Internet
My experience with racing trades has not been one of glamour and riches. I was contacted in the first place by racing trades a few months prior to me acutally signing the dotted line. told them i could not afford to wager and leave me alone. Every month they would call to see if I had any circumstances change and would I be interested in wagering. I gave in. And I regret it. They claimed their new exotic plan was bringing in 60k per year. On top of this they were so convincing that they could make this cash I could purchase membership at half price (only 4k) and they would recoup the rest through pocketing 50% of my winnings until paid of. After 5 months my account has never showed a figure greater than my $2000 opening balance, But more like 50 to 100 bucks. A phonecall to them gave not answers to the mistery of not getting the promised winnings. I have approached them to sell my membership, but 'they have not found a buyer yet'. Dont trust them. Keep your cash. I wish I had kept my $7000 Not hapy AdelaideAustralia
Entity: Internet
21, Report #358108
Aug 01 2008
10:30 AM
National Racing Services ,Mark Meyers m Marrero Louisiana
I have spent almost 2 weeks working with this company. I have sold $1500 worth of merchandise to friends and family and this company is bogus. I have been training in the Marrero office and training to open an office in Gonzales, LA. I have spent many hours of training and selling for a company that is a fraud. Celeste Gonzales, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Marrero, Louisiana
22, Report #484114
Jul 12 2012
01:00 AM
Baer Racing Baer Holding Inc. Brake Safety Nationwide
Hello,This my experience working with Baer Brakes Inc.  Baer is in TROUBLE.  I worked there for some time and I am a machinist.  They have no other machinists employed.  They complete their mission by making articles that don't match specifications nor prints.  They are a company that has all interests in one company (Shelby) and deviate from all real specifications.  You would think being a BRAKE company they would be worried that their products would fail being there is no quality control.  NO NO NO its not like that at all.  It's about Shelby sending a check.  As I speak their great Mazak equipment fails almost every day because of no maintenance.  They hire people that will not say no to their home grown leader and as you can see on his photos with the mustang bullshit is a arrogant ass that has worn too many hats that (makes their cracked, f***ed up pistons) have infected the whole company.  Hal Baer is a no nonsense guy that has a hard time talking to his wife let alone his employees.  His own home grown engineer left because he was confounded in the way the company is ran.  As each day moves along the company and it's people walk and work pretty much blind. This is a run fast as you can until we brake down (lol) situation.  BHI is a company that UN-complements the original company Baer Brakes Racing.  This company will continually continue to take the cheapest route for machining and assembly. Example:  They use the cheapest vendor for important connections to their already less than perfect billet aluminum 6S system.  Only until recently did they change their vendor because their customer complained.  WOW.  This is your flagship product and you use inferior hardware and sell it.  No shame.  No attention has been paid to employee credentials or experience.  I am only looking out for honest people who want a good product at a fair price.  You are NOT getting it at Baer Brakes.  Soft engineering (A boy who doesn't know shit) and the trust of an owner who doesn't  understand that, is whats at stake. Safety is at stake.  I am not a whistle blower.  I am a concerned citizen and while the company continues to blow out inferior product for high gains, someone needs to make the point that Hal Baer and his troubled company are the undeniable cause.  His Sales dept. tries to sell inferior equipment everyday but the average customer knows better and moves on.  Some day this diary will be read and people will understand this was a word for the wise.  I give all the credit in the world for the owner and his initial aspirations but it seems that it has changed and will be a horrible vice for the competition especially when the truth comes out after a death.  Don't trust this company or it's claims.  While it IS true that Baer Brakes was a reputable company in the past, the urge and insationable push with a less than form able production manager has caused genocide within the company it self.  The employees are disagreeable and are always alert to the possible end to a lucrative bullshit scheme that seems to live at Baer Brakes. Everybody at Baer at this time is just HAPPY to have a job.  I do wonder when the less than desirable product causes a problem and who will rally for Hal or his buddy.  Hal's mistake is not rolling up his sleeves and getting involved with the machine shop. Hal needs to know that his homeboy has used his equipment and employees to make articles that the company did not order.  That's right, he used his employees to make stuff that was SOLD and that made money for his homeboy and not the company.  Now ain't that some sh*t! That's why it will die.  He has no idea.  His buddy will just leave and suck somebody else's common stock. After all it was you that caused all the crap in the first place.  You that sat in complete air while you laughed. You that thinks you are an engineer.  You that thinks you belong.  I hope your a*s falls off you fu*king piece of Arizona raised and born crap.  May your smile need many dentists to remove that fu*king crap you sport. 
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
23, Report #866930
Apr 11 2012
09:56 AM
Jokers Racing ATV PARTS Carnation, Washington
**DO NOT ORDER FROM JOKERSRACING.COM** I placed an order on January12, 2012 for an LED tail light for my ATV. Purchase Price was roughly $89.00. I received an e-mail from them on jan 24th, 2012 stating that their office had been closed due to winter storms. They asked if I would still like to receive the part or have a refund, and said that they had tried calling me...on a Phone number that did not belong to me, wasnt even in the same area code. I replied and told them to please send the Tail Light I had ordered. On Feb 14, 2012 I sent them another e-mail stating that I had placed the order over a month ago and never received the product, and asked that they please refund my money. I never heard back from them, and every phone number I could find for them is disconnected. On March 09, 2012 I sent another request for my refund. I never once heard back from them and dont expect to receive any packages from them either. Upon extensive online research...this guy Brad, the owner has apparently done this to A LOT of people, most for way more money than what I am out. I read one post on (((link redacted)))where he actually was trying to defend himself, saying that the company was not running right under the old manager...but its better now. Apparently NOT! Sounds like nothing has changed. This guy needs to be held accountable for ripping hard working people off! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Carnation, Washington
24, Report #922743
Aug 05 2012
11:55 AM
pitstop racing san antonio, Texas
My father went blind recently and needed help selling his scooter to pay his rent. So he went into consignment with the owner of pitstop racing on grissom rd. In San Antonio,tx. Well a couple of months go b and my father asked for his property back. Pitstop bulls**ts my father for about another week like I will be there in a little while with your scooter and so on. One day his wife was looking on Craig's list and there's his scooter for sale by someone else, I contacted that person acting as if I was interested in buying it, I was able to find out a little info especially that he had purchased it from pitstop. So my father calls the police but for some reason that I dof the finale saleo not understand they don't help. My father is completely without any vision. That was a brand new scooter. He got to drive it twice before he had no choice but to sell it. He still has the title in his name and the contract between him and pitstop racing. The fee was 10% of the finale sale. Which was I believe $3,900.00. The buyer from Craig's list sold the scooter and will not help me with anymore information to whom he sold it to. What kind of scumbag steals from the blind? What kind of world are we living in if this man or men from pitstop racing get away with this. What can I do but reach out to u for help. My fathers name is james m please call him (((REDACTED))) If he doesn't answer try again, he has trouble answering the phone and has not adjusted to being blind. Thank you CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: san antonio, Texas
25, Report #363243
Aug 15 2008
10:52 AM
National Racing Services - Bring Racing Safety Home Marrero Louisiana
I was or should say thought I was working for a very good company. After I ordered some of the product for my self considering I was a new home buyer and a single mother of two. I knew I would need fire protection. I decided sales was not for me. I called the company after I quit for my pay. I was told that Mark Mayers would haver to get back to me. He never did and I didn't worry about it. I waited six to eight weeks for my delivery because that's was the minimum time for delivery. After I started to get concerned. I tried to contact the office only to find that the phone number had been disconnected, then I tried to contact Mark Mayers and automated voice mail picked up so I left a massage. I never received a phone call back. Finally I tried the web only to find fraud reports. These people or this company has taken so much money from so many people. I should have flowed my first mind and never dealt with this company at all. I knew something was not right about this from the beginning. I'm so sorry for all the people this company has scammed. I hope someone put a stop to Mark Mayers are whom ever he may be. Ill Help St. Bernard, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Marrero, Louisiana

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