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1, Report #1403712
Oct 02 2017
02:59 PM
Mosh Bari Moshifiqui Bari Ripped off by Mosh Bari on refund policies Abu Dhabi UAE Internet
Mosh, through his help desk, first screens refund requests through employees or customer service folks, but when pushed responds with a we don't refund.  This response came directly from him, even though i stated repeatedly that the text on his sales pages offered a refund, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Plus his etiquette leaves a lot to be desired, his email content starts out by bullying the customer... as in Listen! or Hey!  we dont do refunds.  We only refund if we cant solve a technical problem, and you arent having any. Despite the fact that I went round and round with his help desk and support people on the problems I am having (yes current problems too), he refused to refund my purchase.  Looks like others have had the same experience. i wont buy from Mosh again... products dont work as promised on the sales pages, and no refunds given despite the stated guarantee of 100% satisfaction.  Dont know what the rules are in Abu Dhabi but if Mosh was here in the states, I'd start a class action suit. Feeling crushed, disappointed and ripped-off.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1391599
Aug 09 2017
02:58 PM
mosh bari refusal to refund purchased upgrades Internet
i placed an order for a basic product plus two upgrades.i was not satisfied with the product and requested a refund of all three purchases.i got a refund for the basic product and refusal to refund the two upgrades.he said there are no refunds for upgrade purchases.  I replied and said i saw no such notice and to provide a screen shot or other proof. Never heard back from him.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1408019
Oct 23 2017
12:48 PM
Mosh Bari - Passive Profit Builder Totally ripped off. Did not honor 30 day return policy for his crap product Dubai, UAE Internet
I have never done a rip off report but this guy deserves it. I ordered Passive Profit Builder for $27 and also a wordpress plugin for $37. I ordered these strictly based on all the positive reviews on youtube and around the web. Plus it clearly advertised a 30 day money back guarantee on the product page (see the link) so I felt it was worth a shot. I was totally unimpressed by the product and his training was extremely lame - another attempt to upsell me to more hyped garbage. I wasted time and money.  I then contacted Mosh and politely asked for a refund within the 30 days of purchase which he promptly refused. We don't give refunds was his only reply. I then contacted JVZOO - the affiliate site which he goes through. They do not have your back at all either - you are on your own - no protection is in place for the buyer whatsoever with JVZOO. So they should definitely share the blame in this as well.  Here is the reply from JVZOO: Hi, As you may understand already JVZoo is a platform for individual business owners to use to list their product and as a promotional tool for gaining new affiliates. However each product owner is their own independent business and as such is able to set their own policies such as refund periods, etc. Kind Regards, TameaCustomer Support,   At this point I have escalated this issue with Paypal and am awaiting the results. I want a refund but more than that I want a scam artist like Mosh to be recognized for what he is. If you were to go by the reviews online you would think he is the next Elon Musk or something.  I can see how this scam network operates now - at JVZOO affiliates get a cut of the sale - so they are scratching each others back in the process, thus all the glowing reviews. Mosh has done it again - garbage. Any positive reviews you see could easily be purchased off fiverr or upwork as well. He sounds like a nice guy but Mosh, you are ripping people off and that is not cool in the USA.  In conclusion: stay out of the Mosh Pit
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1407174
Oct 18 2017
08:41 PM
Mosh Bari He promoted a product as an affiliate and promised bonuses that never materialized. Abu Dhabi, UAE United Arab Emirates
I purchased a product on Mosh Bari's recommendation, he promised bonuses.I sent my proof of purchase to, and got an automatic answer with a link to a Google Drive where I found a few folders. Some had a file in them, with a Dropbox download link, and that worked. But some did not have ANYTHING in them. The bonuses that he promised were nowhere to be seen. I immediately wrote back to but I got an auto-answer with a link to a free PDF where he promotes yet another product. I have been emailing, explaining the problem and sending screenshots of the empty folders, this is what I wroteI do hope a human being will see this message and send me the links to the missing bonuses, namelyELITE BONUS #1_ FB Traffic HackELITE BONUS #2_ FB Traffic EnigmaELITE BONUS #3_ Traffic TitanELITE BONUS #4_ Easy Profit Secretsbut it seems that no human being sees the emails or nobody cares enough to do anything. I checked again today, and the folders are still empty. There is no support. I am very sorry to report this. I was hoping for a prompt resolution.I will  never buy through Mosh Bari’s link again.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #750103
Jul 07 2011
09:29 AM
Mosh Cole Seller Beware new york, New York
I had a DSi on Craigslist and this gentleman contacted me telling me he was interested and would like it for when he moved to his new house, would give me the asking price along with an extra $50 to hold it for him.  He said he would send a cashiers check or money order and it would have some extra money on it to cover the shipping.  The check came 2 months later from a place in New York with a Florida post mark on it.  I was only asking $125.00 for the game unit and he sent a check for $1998.98 and I was instructed to deposit the money and western union the balance to a different person who is in Rock Falls, Illinois.  I didn't have a good feeling after the 2nd email but didn't contact him because I wanted to see if instincts were correct.  I just have to say that if anyone selling on Craigslist has a funny feeling about something not being right .. it most likely isn't.
Entity: new york, New York
6, Report #907528
Jul 06 2012
08:11 AM, Arash Barkhordari, Adam Bari SHADY BUSINESS TACTICS AND FRAUDULENT, Internet
RIP OFF FOR SURE!!  On 6/21/12, I purchased a Rope Chain Necklace online from this company and paid with my credit card successfully in the amount of $226.98.  I paid for expedited shipping and should have received my order by 06/29/12.  To date, I have not received any product or a refund.  I have contacted this company incessantly via email because they have no phone number listed.  However, no one will respond.  I want my money back on my card and to make others aware of the shady business tactics these people engage in.  BEWARE!!!!
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #1118067
Jan 24 2014
05:22 AM
Merchant Worthy Bari Bernsetein Billed my credit card without my permission. Internet
This company billed my credit card $17.60 without my knowledge? There was no service or product ordered by me.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1394196
Aug 20 2017
08:16 PM
Bari National Builders Antonio Deligio Contractor took my money and ran! Pembroke Pines FL/GA
on Nov 3, 2016, I paid Antonio Deligio, CEO of Bari National Builders, $9,200 to start a construction project. Replacing all the siding of my house with plywood and stucco. He had $1,275.05 of supplies delivered to the job site and then took his wife on a cruise with the rest of my money. He didn't pay his sub contractor, so I had to pay him just to keep the work going. His sub contractor would leave the job for weeks before he returned to do more work. Then he became ill and was in the hospital for a while. Antonio would not give me another crew to finish the work. I had to hire another team to finish the work, AND I had to buy more supplies. I paid twice as much on this project than I should have. A three month job turned into a year long project and Antonio will not answer my calls. Now I have to go to court and let a judge explain to Antonio how much of a thief he is. Who wants to be bothered with that?  
9, Report #310974
Feb 21 2008
06:11 PM
CAL-PACIFIC PRODUCTS, AKA Bari Robbins This Company, CAL-PACIFIC PRODUCTS, and their employees are scamming people.. Chatsworth California
Cal-Pacific Products in Chatsworth California, and their employees are sending volgar letters in the mail to their customers in hopes that it will keep them buying their products...My husband received a letter from an employee by the name of Bari Robbins, and she sent a photo of a womans vagina with a butterfly tatoo around it and asked my husband if he would kiss her butterfly, and then she proceeded to tell him that she loved him and signed it love forever, your A# one Tool Girl....with alot of hugs and kisses on the letter....Other people have received letters of them wanting to send a photo of their privates to them ...What the heck is going on with this company and their employees....They need to be stopped and shut down for GOOD!!!!!!!!! Linda Superior, NebraskaU.S.A.
Entity: Chatsworth, California
10, Report #1408330
Oct 24 2017
03:22 PM
Bari National Builders / Sobe Builders / Antonio Deligio Antonio Deligio will take your money and run!!! Gainesville Georgia
On November 3, 2016 I paid Antonio Deligio, CEO of Sobe Builders/Bari National Builders, a $9,200 deposit to start a construction project. Replacing all the siding of my house with plywood, wire lath, and stucco. He had $1,275.05 of supplies delivered to the job site and then took his wife on a cruise with the rest of my money. He had a fall-out with his subcontractor and so he didn't pay his subcontractor. I had to pay them just to keep the work going (because who wants their attic open and exposed for weeks?) His subcontractor would leave the job for weeks before he returned to do more work. Then he became ill and was in the hospital for a while. Antonio would not give me another crew to finish the work even though he still had money from my deposit to use. I had to hire another stucco crew to finish the job and I had to buy more supplies. I paid twice as much on this project than I should have. A three month job turned into a year long project (and headache) and, Antonio will not answer my calls. Now I have to go to court and let a judge explain to Antonio how much of a thief he is. Who wants to be bothered with that?   Antonio Deligio has done this before, and he will do it again. I WILL BE GETTING MY $7,924.95 BACK! To be continued...        
Entity: Gainesville, Georgia
11, Report #725097
May 03 2011
01:01 PM
mosh cole the guy hasseled me on line to buy some furniture. he said he's send a check and after i deposited it he would have one of his people come pick it up. well I did just that and was ripped off almost Internet
 I placed an ad for furniture I was selling. I recieved an email from a gentleman who wanted to by it.  He said he would send me a check through his business and once I deposited it one of his people would pick it up. The check was for more than I was asking, but through email I was assured it was a legitimate deal. I wound up with this guy taking the money out of my bank account and leaving me overdrawn by 300 dollars.Kelly, Towanda, PA
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #156206
Sep 07 2005
03:15 AM
Recce Gear ripoff Internet
I'm writing from Italy, back in 1st december 2004 I placed an order on the internet with Recce Gear for a couple of military pouches. I paid him $100.00 with PayPal, but since then I have never received anything. I sent him several other e-mails, he only replied once (after months) saying that he had been busy and had problem with his e-mail, but assured me that he would have sent the pouches asap. But again NOTHING. I have not heard from him again (since 23 march 2005). after march I have sent anothe 5 emails but with no reply. Can you help at all??? thanks Maurice BariItaly
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1406209
Oct 14 2017
09:19 AM
Bari national builders llc Antonio deligio Rip off and very unprofessional workmanship Miramar and Georgia Florida
 Mr. Antonio Deligio is a complete fraud. Charged us up front and never delivered. He walked out with about 30 thousand dollars plus the work that was done was extremely poor and took him a year and a half to finally dropped the balll completely. This company is fraudulent and could see several lawsuits from home owners in the biscayne park and Miami shores area. Never showed up to his site and was in georgia half the time, left a bunch of unqualified workers to perform costly disasters.
Entity: Florida
14, Report #1074757
Apr 06 2014
12:55 PM
Bari National Builders LLC. Bari Builders. Lies to clients. time over runs, inflated costs for materials. had no valid license. Stay far away from this company if you want your home to be done as promised. Pembroke Pines Florida
This man gave a quoe for a job and also a time frame for which the job should have been completed.  The job was promised in 3 weeks 9 weeks later finally completed.  BUT............!   Job not done satisfactorily.   The company did NOT have a license as promised, Checks with Talahassee showed company to have suspended license for failure to pay restitution, fees fines continuing education etc. Floors are a mess, paint job shabby, job done with no permits.   WARNING!!!! STAY AWAY!   Adam, Cooper City
Entity: Pembroke Pines, Florida
15, Report #201404
Jul 16 2006
08:39 PM, Peter, Peter Kennis, EMobile Arena S.R.L. Cheated Scammed out of $2,800 sells wholesale cell phones then doesn't send or contact Bari Or Siena nationwide
I was looking around online and found a GREAT website with super cheap cell phones available in bulk or wholesale prices. I sent in my order for 20 Nokia 8800 cell phones. I had to pay Western Union, which at the time, I didn't know that's what many scammers use. So, I cleared out my bank account of $2,800 and sent it via Western Union. The guy emailed me saying he couldn't pick up the money so I needed to scan my receipt and send. So of course I did! The next day I checked Western Union to see if he picked up the money and he did. I emailed and asked for a tracking number and got no response. It has been about 5 days responses. Be aware of this man. He says his name is Peter Kennis. He has another website, not sure of the name but I know it has the word Tyco in it and it looks the EXACT same as! DO NOT BUY from this man or this website! He also has his phones on! Elizabeth Clinton Township, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Bari Or Siena, Nationwide
16, Report #1340089
Nov 27 2016
08:42 PM
BARI builders LLC, Sobe Contractors These guys lie every single day . They don't work Thursday through Tuesday I don't show up for work even if they promised to going to show up to work . They install everything not according to plan and then have to convince the architect to change the plans to benefit them . It has taken me over 4 1/2 months to get one interior wall up at a commercial location And it's still not completed because they don't follow the planS. Run away from these guys Miramar Florida Florida
  These guys lie every single day . They don't work Thursday through Tuesday I don't show up for work even if they promised to going to show up to work . They install everything not according to plan and then have to convince the architect to change the plans to benefit them . It has taken me over 4 1/2 months to get one interior wall up at a commercial location And it's still not completed because they don't follow the planS. Run away from these guys
Entity: Florida
17, Report #405989
Dec 29 2008
05:37 PM Bari And Mike Schmidt Offered to buy used phone system, havent payed, it has been almost 2 months Simi Valley California
Jay at offered to buy my used phone system for $400. It was received by the 24 of November (i shipped it mid to late October) After many emails and phone calls, i have still not received payment for the equipment Nathan Moorestown, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Simi Valley, California
18, Report #1185227
Oct 27 2014
03:34 PM | Robert & Bari Bernstein, Mace Horowitz - Processed Funds Held For Over 300 Days | Pompano Florida
My company was approved by on December 6th, 2013 for processing Visa credit cards through our company website (which was also verified before approval). We were initially told that the payout schedule would be weekly; however we stopped processing payments with on December 31st, 2013 and asked that our account be closed since we had not received our first scheduled payouts. From January - February 2014 we processed payments with Sage Processors without issue, until we sold the company in March of 2014. From December 6th, 2013 - December 31st, 2013 our company processed and shipped out 57 different orders that totaled $3,687.13. There was no chargebacks, fraud or refunds related to our account during the time that we had it opened. The fee schedule that we agreed to and signed on December 6th, 2013 was as follows: Discount Rate: 10.95% ($403.74) Reserve: 10% (Should only be held for 90 days after the account is closed | $368.71) Transaction Fee: $0.50 ($28.50) Direct Deposit Fee: $15.00 (Never received any deposits) Refund Trans Fee: $3.50 ($0.00) Chargeback Fee: $50.00 ($0.00) NMI Monthly: $19.95 (Only had the account opened for 1 month, however we were charged $41.00) Based off of these fees and the gross amount we processed we came to a NET amount of $3,254.89 +/- the $15 when/if they finally send the direct deposit. As stated before, the orders and merchandise was shipped out to our customers back in December of last year and we were forced to sell the company as we could not make up for the non-payment on's end. Since then we have been told different things as to why we have not been paid. Initially it was due to one of their other accounts being flagged for fraud so the bank held all of the funds from all of their accounts (including ours) totaling over $600,000. It was supposed to be resolved in 30 days, then 60, then 90, then 180. During this time it was extremely hard to get a straight forward response from anyone at and several emails and voice messages went un answered. It was also during this time that we were told partial release of funds had been issued from the holding bank and that everyone should be getting a partial payout - this never happened. Finally, in July we were told it would be 270 days from when the bank froze their accounts... this is when we realized we were being given the run around. After the 270 day mark we were starting to get even more vague and incomplete answers as to how much money was actually owed to us and when it was actually going to be released. We have worked with numerous other credit card processing companies (Sage, Merchant Focus, Instabill) and have never experienced such vast incompetency before. As a credit card processing company you should know exactly how much you owe each of your accounts. Regardless of if one of the accounts they had approved for processing caused the bank to freeze the accounts of all of their merchants, the fee's and any penalties should be deducted from that account - not our account or any of the others that were not in the wrong. We never agreed to be charged or penalized for other merchant’s errors or fraudulent activity, it doesn’t work that way and using that as an excuse for not being able to give a straight forward answer is absurd. After doing the math ourselves and coming up with the total amount being held we were told that it was way off and that our gross processing was nearly half of what we have on file. After confronting Bari Bernstein in the accounting department about the above issues we were hung up on. Its now been 300 days since we stopped processing with them and have yet to receive a single deposit or an estimate as to when we could expect one. We are hoping that this report in addition to others made at the FTC, BBB, Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, Coral Springs Chamber Of Commerce, Consumer Affairs, Visa and will help them fix this issue and deposit the money owed to us. If we receive what is rightfully owed we have no problem reversing any negative reviews or reports made. However, we feel it is our duty to warn other unsuspecting people that may use their services of their unethical and harmful business practices if this issue is not resolved. All processing information for each of the 57 orders has been kept on file and saved in addition to all email correspondence. All of our phone calls have been recorded and can be found on Youtube here:
Entity: Pompano, Florida
19, Report #1368052
Apr 17 2017
09:51 AM
Merchant Worthy Bari Bernstein Robert Bernstein Jessica Bernstein Will not release funds, processed funds from customers will not give to us the merchant Pompano Beach Florida
The heads of the company are Bari J. Bernstein, Jessica Bernstein, and Robert C. Bernstein. Our rep was Jessica. and any billing issues were dealt with by Bari.Merchant worthy was responsible for processing and collecting funds on a weekly basis to be disbursed in 1 week arrears to us from credit card processing of our customer transactions. Beginning in December 2016 they began missing the scheduled deposits, after a few emails and phones calls we were told there was delays due to simple admin errors such as trying to make deposit at citibank instead of chase.These delays kept happening until Jan 30,2017 when we received a notice stating: On Wednesday night someone tricked our processor into forwarding our deposit in to a bank account unrelated to our actual deposit account. Over $19,000 in deposits were stolen, and even more damaging, our processing accounts were closed.We find this action by the bank deplorable in that the theft took place due to the lack of security at the bank. For them to turn around and punish the victim for their lack of adequate security is beyond common sense, even though it is typical of the way banks look at our industry.At this time Merchant Worthy has no processing solutions available to our clients and is temporarily closed for business.We will use our best efforts to line up new accounts as quickly as we can but their are no guarantee's we will succeed.Meanwhile we continue our legal actions against PayvisionTo recover funds due to many of our merchants.While this may have occurred merchant worthy was holding a total in excess of $35,000 of our funds. Some of these funds were supposedly a reserve account in case of chargebacks. This account shouldn't have been affected. Our business has done less than .1% in chargeback issues and we were in the process of getting those funds released when this event took place.It did not take long to figure out that they were committing fraud by acting as a bank when in fact they were just placing merchants under their accounts with banks. This is important because it means that they were committing fraud against FDIC Insured Institutions.We have continued to reach out to them in order to get updates to get resolution with no response. The last attempt we made was in March.We intend to seek full legal ramifications and will ensure public records reflect the business practices this merchant chooses to employ. The amount of sensitive financial information of thousands customers poses an extreme liability in their possession.
Entity: Pompano Beach, Florida
20, Report #1203723
Jan 23 2015
07:11 AM
James Filing bankruptcy is stressful, and this $44 software program that promises to make the process a little easier does anything but! Internet
Unfortunately, the software I purchased from for $44 had many bugs, including failing to save data, auto-calculate, and auto-populate, all of which the site claims its software program does. When I turned to customer support for assistance, I received a response from a James, who told me I was the problem, not the software, then wished me luck on my bankruptcy, which he condescendingly typed in capital letters. In most states, anyone filing bankruptcy must value their personal property on their schedules, including their clothing, electronics, books, and the like. I may have wasted money on this software, but I also saved time because it's one less thing to value on my schedule, as it's worthless.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1222332
Apr 14 2015
07:10 AM
Bari Ann ( Lynn ) Phillips moves in and never pays rent and has home owners removed on false charges burlington, pemberton, Nationwide
Bari Phillips aka Bari Corson, rented a room from me and moved in and paid the first 2 weeks rent and never paid again. She within weeks moved her boyfriend into my home and they completley took over my home, at times abusing me and accusing me of things untrue. She investigated her rights, and knew that she could do certain things and took advantage of my disability, and the fact she has a history of doing this to others. She had me arrested, thrown out of my own house, arrested again, and kept me from my own house for over a month on FALSE charges and MADE up allegations. Her and her boyfriend/husband Gordan Corson, are apparantley known for doing this and have been in at least 7 residences in just the past year. They dont pay rent, and take over the homeowners house. BEWARE of these two. They are extremely dangerous, and will cost you thousands in legal fees and in fighting to gain back what is rightfully yours. 
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1288800
Feb 19 2016
11:04 PM
Dyna Garcinia Cambogia Bari Consulting llc2800 Sw 14th street suite 103 Pompano Beach, Florida 33069 IF ORDERING THE TRIAL OFFER: You must pay a shipping and processing fee of $4.95 for us to send you a full 30 day supply of Dyna Garcinia Cambogia. Internet
I ordered the Garcinia Cambogia and the Green coffee 30 day Trial Supplement Capsules for $4.95 and $4.97 shipping and processing fee. 30 days later I had $92.39 and $89.95 charged to my credit card. They claim there was a 14 day cancel period. I don't remember one on the internet site and there was not one on the shipping receipt. 
Entity: Internet
23, Report #635584
Nov 25 2010
11:02 AM
TOP SEEK INC TOPSEEKINC Fraud - paid $10,000 and lost my money. Criminal mastermind Sacramento, California charged $10,000 to enrolled me as their partner and promised that I will earn $10,000 in first month but it was all a big lie. I have made no money at all after the first month and suddenly they stopped returning my call or answer my email. After all the efforts and investment I have made, Topseek simply terminated me as their partner after first month and demanded that I have to pay them another $15,000 in order to remain as their partner. I soon realized they are running a perfect scam by giving false promises to recruit partners just to make their quick profit and then kick you out. They promised to parnters that they will give them first 3 accounts which guarantees them to make $10k to $20k in their first 30 to 60 days but soon after they get your money they don't give a damn about you no more, and they deny any promises to you and claims there is no such thing as free accounts and the partner is responsible to get all customers on their own to make any money. Topseek does not have any physical office location and I realized that soon after I joined that all their 5 locations listed on are only a virtual office or so called a PO box address. Now that I have lost $10,000 and these people are no where to be found, I am going to take a legal action and also report to the attorney general office and federal trade commission. Michael Tatzber ( is the CEO and has a po box in Navada but he hides in Hawaii, John Harvey( is the conspirator as the managing director who sits in Sacramento and rents a conference room whenever he has to meet a client and has a PO Box as a virtual office, and Meg Turner( as their secretary. They try to pretend as if they are well establised by setting virtual office in multiple locations which is nothing than a PO Box address including one in New York City as well. They are advertising their partnership scam on multiple franchise website including,,,,,, etc.
Entity: Sacramento, California
24, Report #394970
Dec 10 2008
12:37 PM
Cal Pacific Inc. -- Bari Robbins Overpriced Gloves,Lights etc Chatsworth California
Automotive shops beware!! If you ever get a call from cal pacific products -- DO NOT MAKE an order and tell them NEVER to call again. They are a dishonest company and use female sales associates who will use sexual references to try to make sales to you. One employee, Bari Robbins has sent me naked photos my mail with strap on dildos and sent me various cell phone pics of her vagina. I have made a couple orders from them and the stuff I have bought could have been purchased from another retailer for less than half the cost. They will also try to tell you they have a $500 minimum order which is a load of crap. Horrible company ----- Phil xxxxx Clarkston, WashingtonU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Chatsworth, California
25, Report #520643
Nov 21 2009
11:59 AM Bari Bernstein Ripoff Merchant Services Pompano Beach, Florida is a SCAM for people who are vulnerable for merchant services or credit card processors. I should have known that it wasnt a credible company due to there absence from but the people of the office came off as respectible businessmen and women until about 2 weeks into doing $1400 in sales and they calmed the money couldnt go through there system unlease it was over $1500 so I continued doing business and hoping that this wasnt a scam then the next week i did a couple thousand in sales and yet again NO MONEY. So by this time I knew Bari Bernstein and was a scam until she did something out of the norm. She and her husband wrote me a check for a little be of money this is for your employees they said. So here i am going on my 4th week with NO MONEY in my perosnal pocket to pay my bills. They gave me just enough money to pay my employee so they wouldnt quit. That check kept my employees from quiting and by the next week the same thing happened agian. So now im no longer doing business with them and Bari surprised me today by telling me there company was holding 8000 of my money for  RESERVES.. YEA RIGHT!!! She also owe's me $7100 that she claims shes going to put in my account this Monday... but I contacted a lawyer and I'll let everyone know how the case will turn out...
Entity: Pompano Beach,, Florida

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