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1, Report #784790
Oct 04 2011
08:29 PM
YEN Movement LLC Young Entrepreneurs Network (YEN) Movement Selling Fraudulent Southwest Rapid Reward Vouchers via Paypal and Craigslist Irving, Texas
An email account by the name of Charles Hollywood ( and in partnership with YEN Movement (paypal address of is selling fraudulent Southwest Airline Rapid Reward Vouchers via Craigslist and Paypal.DO NOT enter into any transactions with them in any shape or form. They are con artists.
Entity: Irving, Texas
2, Report #1373735
May 17 2017
10:10 AM
Movement Mortgage They promised I'd be a Raving Fan of theirs, but I was made to feel like a Raging Enemy Uniondale New York
This is definitely a company you should steer clear of. I cannot describe the degree of lies that they told me and promote. They promise what they call 6-7-1, which is supposed to be 6 hrs to get your approval, 7 days to process, and 1 day to close, it's more like 6 hours of lies for 7 days a week of stress and 1 day they will tell you that your loan will not close the way they promise and change everything and tell you there is no choice.  They will even go as far as saying things like, be thankful you're even closing. Way to go in achieving their goal of making someone a Raving Fan. I am far from that and want to warn people out there before they suffer like I did. My credit is over 800, my income is well over what was needed to qualify, and I had enough to buy the house I wanted cash, but didn't want to tie up so much cause I wanted to make some improvements.  Every day that I spoke with them, I was given excuses and asked for the same documents I already provided. I was on the verge of losing my down payment and the only words they had for me was, oh sorry, there really isn't anything we can do, we're doing all we can. That's my warning to you, if they cannot do much with someone with my profile, imagine how much worse it would be if you didn't have great credit, income, and assets.  When I would call, I'd almost always get voicemail and I drove to the location only to find it locked and empty. I started looking people employed by them up to try and reach someone, and first called my loan officer, a wanna be tough guy Will Barone, who spoke incessively about things that didn't even have anything to do with my loan. I spoke to a different person each time and got different responses each time. Some woman Kristine Mcman sounded like was drunk, some guy Paul Quinn who kept stuttering. I looked up the Manager of the Branch, some guy Jeff Sosnicki, but when I read the consumer site, he wasn't even licensed to work. I looked up another manager, who claimed to be in charge, Anthony Nigrelli, who basically pointed the finger at the people I spoke to and was a complete idiot himself. How a mortgage lender even functions like that is beyond me.  I finally spoke to somen friends who helped me contact NYS and the CFPB and for those of you who don't know and have issues like this, call them they are great and if anything I feel reassured that once I give them what they asked for, they said not to worry and suggested some other places to make complaints aslo.  Movement Mortgae is the absolute worst and I am thankful a collegue of mine pushed me to open my mouth, becuase nobody should have to deal with being so mistreatedd. Please be careful out there, I spoke with NYS already and the superindenant was so extremely nice. They should have donewhat they promised, and not treated me so poorly. I have the max capacity on all my social media and am sharing my experience with everyone. If only Movement would have been honest with me, but they weren't and that's just not very smart of them. 
Entity: Uniondale, New York
3, Report #1005678
Jan 29 2013
04:53 PM
World Poetry Movement LLC. Suzanne Hilary Stop her Please She's a Theif of all Artists Everywhere Park city, Utah
Please Be aware of World Poetry Movement LLC. and the editor Suzanne Hilary She's stealing other peoples poems and lyrics and putting them in her books and she is selling the book at a price of &69.95. I emailed her and explained please do not publish anything of mine without my knowledge and without paying me. I didn't pay her the book was sent with my poem in it one day.Now I'm getting bills constantly emailed to me and mailed to me.I do not owe her &165.00 plus interest charges for a poem of mine she published.She should pay everyone back who was foolishy fooled into buying a book from her with there poem in it.In my opinion she cannot repay everyone enough for there hard own work into there own poetry.Please stop her From Selling Her Books that she didn't write herself but wrote with the help of hundreds of peoples talented work!
Entity: Park city, Utah
4, Report #1193499
Dec 06 2014
08:34 AM
Movement Mortgage Connor Mcnulty Connor McNulty did my loan mortgage, collected money from me and promise I will get it back on closing, but during closing now denied it Virginia Beach Virginia
Connor McNulty of movement mortgage did my mortgage loan , he told me the rate and collected $950 from me telling me I will get the money back on closing, and also that I will get additional $950 plus $2550 to pay off my car loan, totalling $4450. Only for him to change all he said on the very morning of closing. The very morning of closing, he called me and told me that I will have to bring in $1300 for closing, I became embarrassed and reminded him what he said on his letter that You will not bring anything for closing, rather you will get your $950 back and also another $950 plus the car loan pay off. I became mad with him, why he has to tell me that on the very day of closing, something he never told me before and how come my $950 he collected from me? He replied that I will not get anything back, that I will have to bring in $1300 for closing, so I became very mad and told him am not closing this house. In other for me to close the house, he changed his topic that I will get $177 back and will not have to pay anything anymore. Now what happens to my $950 he collected from me? what happens to the promised $950 he said I will get back, only for me to notice he just used that to make me remain with him, he ripped me off of my money and prevent me from sourcing for mortgage companies from his promises. He is a dubious human being and a cheat. He should provide me my money
Entity: Virginia Beach, Virginia
5, Report #1011115
Feb 08 2013
05:50 PM
Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC Mortgage Lender , Internet
This is a formal complaint against Gateway Mortgage Group, LLC , located at 1255 W. 15th Street, Suite 250, Plano TX 75075 (specifically the Cynthia A. Guerra, Loan Officer NMLS#: 326169 and Lori Mahler, Senior Processer), for the mishandling of my loan application process. They misrepresented and delayed the stages of the process by having myself and my realtor under the assumption that the loan application process was in good standing. The following is a brief synopsis of the misrepresentation. All correspondence to support the misrepresentation can be submitted to you under separate cover: 1 The contract with the seller had a deadline of 1/8/13, which the mortgage company had a copy of. They had all documents and paperwork necessary to make a determination whether to approve or deny the loan, on 12/28/12, 12/31/12 and 1/3/12, in time to make a determination before 1/8/13. 2. The next correspondence sent to me advising that the application process had moved into the Underwriting stage was on 1/2/13. They were still asking for documents that they already had. In additional they kept asking about my funding accounts, which they had clear information on the types of the accounts in their possession (44 pages of my financial investments accounts from UBS Financial). It had been explained to them that they were not retirement accounts, they were investment accounts. There could be no misunderstanding of the type funding I had available to me.3. The next correspondence received from them on 1/8/13 was advising me that the process was moving along nicely and the next stage was the ordering of the appraisal for the property. Still no determination whether my loan application was approved. At this stage I would think they would have already determined that my loan was going to be approved, especially since they were moving forward with the appraisal. I received my copy of the appraisal on 1/15/13.4.They made it appeared the process was moving along so well that an appointment for 1/26/13 was set up to complete the second inspection on property (repairs done by the seller) and an appointment for closing for 1/30/13. However nor myself or my realtor had yet to receive a formal approval or denial.5. On 1/22/13 I received a call from Lori Mahler indicating they could not approve my loan because the funding available to me did not meet requirements of Underwriting to approve the loan. This was 20 days from the date (1/3/13) they had all the documents of the type of funding available to me, to make a determination. The official loan denial was not received until 1/24/13. At that stage there was not enough time to locate and go through another loan process to meet the closing deadline (1/30/13) for the property.This was a waste of my time, the realtors time and my out of pocket money ($360.00 for the inspection and $460.00 for the appraisal).
Entity: Internet, Internet
6, Report #1067005
Jul 15 2013
05:59 AM
Nationstar Mortgage, LLC Deceptive Mortgage Servicing Practices Dallas Texas
 My home loan was recently transferred to Nationstar Mortgage for servicing. It transferred in good standing and Nationstar actually wrote the account was as such in the welcome letter sent to me. I made my June payment the end of the month and included late fees with the payment and it was reversed without explanation July 1st. I have made several requests as to why the payment was reversed and as to date I have not received a reply. I did make the payment after seeing the balance in my checking account and of course it was late. I also tried calling them to ask why it was late and person I spoke literally hung up on my stating I was being rude. Who wouldn't be upset to find out a payment was reversed and no contact had been made as to the reason why and to advise it wasn't accepted. That is the worst customer service I have ever received from any business. From that point I have made communications in writing. They have simply not responded to any of my requests and in addition to that my payment history has been deleted from my account. The payment made and reversal are no longer showing in history as well as the payment made upon my discovery that the payment was reversed. In addition I have received in mail a letter stating a demand is going to be made and foreclosure proceedings to begin if my account is not brought current by a specific date and they are calling my home daily leaving messages. As stated I have made several requests for an explanation why the payment was reversed and no response at all. I have concluded that their objective is to push my account into default and foreclose. This is more commonly known as Mortrgage Servicing Fraud and manufactured defaults. They have NOT cooperated with any help to answer and resolve. My mortgage has NEVER been 30 days late until this occurrence. After discovering the payment was reversed and making the payment again I requested that they give a one time grace and not report as late, they have not responded to that either. All I want is answers and fair treatment of my account without manufacturing a default. I have copies of all transactions proving every item stated here. Also they sent a validation of debt with the welcome letter. I found interest charges in that validation unknown and have requested they validate the debt. It appears this mortgage servicer is deceitful and operates in a manipulative way to take advantage of consumers. Action needs to taken with them as was taken with Bank Of America and it seems no coincidence they work together. Bank of America lost a lawsuit with modifications/foreclosure.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
7, Report #1408853
Oct 26 2017
06:17 PM
Movement Mortgage, Greg MacBride, Christina Mattis Cost my husband and I to lose $2500 Indian Land South Carolina
 We were referred to Movement Mortgage by our Real Estate agent so we did not look into the company. To bad we didn’t because they have a lot of bad reviews and complaints on the BBB although they have a good rating. First of all when I was first contacted by Greg, he said he could have us approved in 24-48 hours, it took more like a week after I constantly contacted him asking for information. Two weeks before closing I had to start a different job because of a emergency situation I had at the current job. I asked for the close date to be moved up a month before I switched jobs, but it never happened. Since I switched jobs the loan couldn’t go through as is so they found a way to go forward by removing me and keeping only my husband. They changed the loan which required another $200 for the appraisal. After we paid this, about a week later he said we needed gift money. This was not discussed with us before the appraisal fee was charged to us, we couldn’t get gift money. Some how they pushed through and got it approved. I have always been adamant on knowing how much to bring to closing because we only had a certain amount and they assured us we had enough, even though the closing disclosures were estimated. They never got us a final disclosure statement, not even on the day of closing. We didn’t receive that actual document until days after closing did not go through and it was not sent by Movement, our agent forwarded to us. We were told by mouth that we needed almost $2000 more than the last disclosure we received that week. We weren’t to close because we didn’t have the extra money. The closing did not go through because of promises that were made to us during the 2 month process of trying to purchase the home. We lost the earnest money to the sellers in the amount of $1300, $500 for inspection and $700 to Movement’s appraiser. Out of money and nothing to show for it, the whole experience was very disappointing. Plus they were rude about the situation with my job and it was very serious, I had an allergic reaction and everything.
Entity: Indian Land, South Carolina
8, Report #810610
Dec 17 2011
06:45 AM
Nationstar Mortgage ,Centex, Nationstar Mortgage LLC. Leechs Lewisville, Texas
Nationstar Mortgage, Nationstar Mortgage LLC. Centex are one in the same.  They charge excess fees up to eight in one day. Misapplied mortgage payments or not applied them at all. Violated the United States Bankruptcy law. Setting up now to file the complaint. Trying to force us to do an in house modification were we will lose or rights. Called in mortgage payment in excess of what we authorized causing our checking account to over draw for several weeks. Nationstar will not give back all money owed to us for the over drafts they caused. During bankruptcy received letters stating we were in violation, threaten a Automatic Stay if we don't pay our mortgage payments. We paid fourteen mortgage payments that year. Could not get any information from Nationstar during our Bankruptcy. After we were discharged we received a demand bill for over five thousand or foreclosure. Now that five has grown to over twelve. Nationstar tack on six hundred more on top of our monthly mortgage payment. This means other bills will not get paid on time.  Our power has been shut off, our truck is about to be taken, and Nationstar will not except our payment this month unless we give them Six Thousand dollars now. We have sold everything of any real value just to make these mortgage payments. We can not pay the Six grand We are about to lose our home were we have raised our children and grandchildren. Any day now we will receive a notice of foreclosure sale. Nationstar has hired cheap people with no idea of what they are doing nor do they care as long as they get their paycheck. They act as if they will help us, then you are sent on a merry go round of people and departments of which no one has any answers to your questions or concerns. Talked to an attorney, do not have to money up front to do what is needed to fight Nationstar. I need a class action suit to join to fight Nationstar and all of the other names they hide under.
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
9, Report #1259868
Oct 07 2015
06:34 PM
10, Report #533443
Dec 03 2009
11:39 PM
Gateway Mortgage Group LLC Charged $400 for Branch Registration, Ignored Me and Refused Refund Internet
Because I knew someone who already had a net branch with this company, I decided I could be successful here, too. I paid a fee of $400 for the privelege of having a net branch with this company.   It's understood that when you're starting a net branch of a mortgage company you'll need proper licensing, lender contacts, etc.  Although the representatives at Gateway seemed to want to help me get my branch off the ground, often they'd not have the answers to my questions, make me wait weeks on end for simple things like giving me a password to a website or ignore me altogether. In fact, I'd contacted the owner of the company, Kevin Stitt, to discuss my future with this company as I couldn't wait for them to get their acts together, while they were moving their corporate office out of state (this was mostly the excuse used for not getting back to me). When I decided I'd had enough, I requested a refund from Kevin Stitt.  Instead of giving me a refund for giving me the run-around, he decided to call me and determine whether he wanted to give me a refund.  Evidently, he decided on the call that he would not be giving me my money back because my $400 was nonrefundable.  Never mind the fact that they didn't hold up their end of the bargain and always put me off because of their move, because people were quitting, because they were firing people, because nobody would return their calls, or whatever convenient excuse they had readily available at the time. As of today, the person I knew who had an office with Gateway has since left because of reasons I can't state.  I can state, however, that this person would not have left the company had he been happy-- plus, he was routinely a top-producing branch. In addition, the representatives at Gateway would encourage me and others at the company to take shortcuts to avoid the hassle of having to get properly licensed in the states in which we wished to do business.  Basically, they'd tell you to not worry about getting your license in a particular state and that you can simply refer all your business in that state to another branch manager licensed in that state.  What they don't tell you is that you will have to negotiate in a mafia-type way with the branch manager to whom you are referring this business-- apparently, these branch managers want generous cuts for their trouble of letting you use their office as a pass-through.  In other words, you do all the work and they take a big chunk of change.  This environment is very conducive to fraud, intimidation and coercion. If you are a loan officer or mortgage branch manager, don't just think twice about opening a branch with this company, just don't do it! You'll hand over your money and get no support in return.  As far as I'm concerned this company stole my money.
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #613542
Jun 12 2010
03:43 PM
Member Advatage Mortgage LLC Jennifer Durham Misleading mortage company Ada, Michigan
Member Advantage Mortgage LLC denied my refinancing request for my house because the appraised value was higher than their comparable sales guidelines that wasn't clarified with the appraiser of their choice and to us prior to to paying $400 for the appraiser.Denials for loans should be basically based on insufficient income, too much debt, poor credit, and low property equity, which most these reasons would of been determine prior to the appraiser request. I even wanted to offer additional down payment to not only increase my equity and lower the payments, but to help the refinancing process. Unfortunately, their service was not performed very well and plainly inadequate because of the reason for the denial. Im very disappointed that I was billed for the professional appraiser at their request non-bias party, and of their selection pool. If the appraiser needed to follow a certain design criteria, then it shouldve been outlined for them to follow. I believe we provided all the necessary information well and above the general requirements listed for the home refinance request. I was misrepresented and would like to have the $400.00 refunded.
Entity: Ada, Michigan
12, Report #775734
Sep 12 2011
11:44 AM
nationstar mortgage llc lies and going against goverment programs for asst. lewisville, Texas
after a job loss,went to refinance and went with gov modification.i paid on time for 8 months before they turned me down(and i was able to pay on unemployment),the difference was $400 to keep mortgage payment they said they would do in-house modification,but first i went through goverment to see if i was eligible.they told me i was the reason for their program,and i fit ALL the quilification and should have it no problem.i then got a phone call from nationstar about their in house BULL,payment would have been do-able.BUT when statment came it was $400 higher than it original that i couldn't pay.So they turned me down for gov mod that the gov said i should have,then jacked up mortgage that i couldnt pay to begin with.i have not paid in almost 2 yrs,now im starting forclosure process but this week im starting a unemployment mod from goverment which nationstars paperwork said it will stop the process(which i'll show the judge next week).DISHONEST,UNETHICAL PIECES OF GARBAGE,THAT HAVE NO IDEA OF WHAT THE TRUTH IS!!
Entity: lewisville, Texas
13, Report #1102541
Jun 13 2014
08:27 AM
nationstar mortgage llc horrible customer service, incompetent comany lewisville Texas
 this company misfiled my lien release in the wrong county. customer service gave me the run around blaming me, bank of america, the county in live in . no one would take onwership of the problem ( steve schlickbernd ) or help me reslove it.
Entity: lewisville , Texas
14, Report #1129586
Mar 10 2014
01:48 PM
Nationstar Mortgage LLC Suspense Account, payments not applied properly Lewisville Texas
I have a mortgage that was sold to Nationstar Mortgage from Bank of America.  I setup a bi-monthly payment to Nationstar in order to have save on interest over the life of the loan. Payments go through on the 1st-3rd of every month, and the 14th. Nationstar has been holding my first payment, and not applying it to my monthly payment until they receive the 2nd half, which defeats the purpose of paying in this manner. They call this a Suspense Account. This is where they hold your funds until all the funds are gathered. In the same type of transaction, anything that is paid over the amount is put towards the same Suspense Account. An example of this is when one of those payments went through on the 28th, instead of the 1st-3rd. They held that payment in the Suspense Account instead of applying it to the following month's payment, or towards the principal...they just hold it, and the interest accrues. This is a very shady practice, and may be illegal? When you go to try to fix this, you must wait extrodinarily long wait times (read 15minutes+ for customer service, but you never start there, you start in collections due to non payment because your money is in a suspense account instead of being applied to your balance).   I hope to get this cleared up.
Entity: Lewisville, Texas
15, Report #1084200
Sep 13 2013
08:48 AM
Colonial Mortgage, LLC High Pressure Deceptive Mortgage Practices Bentonville, Arkansas 72712
Misleading Mortgage Broker.  I setup a loan, acted in good faith, then they cancelled my loan after not following through with many promises of a low rate lock etc.  I'm stuck with a $435 useless appraisal for a loan that THEY cancelled in bad faith when credit was excellent.  Cancelled out of spite. 
Entity: Bentonville, AR 72712, Arkansas
16, Report #1162423
Jul 16 2014
07:13 AM
Proficio Mortgage Ventures, LLC Unreliable company that owes me money Independence Ohio
When I started working with the lender he said the closing cost was $4,000 and since the last company I was working with was $5,000 what I borrowed was already $1,000 over and when I told them I couldn't give them $3,800 at the title signing he said and I quote (and I have proof of this in writing)$2,800 remaining for downpayment since you already gave $1,000 and that is just one of many that support this.The appraisal fee was state to me and to me Realtor that it would be returned, he promised it to not one person but two of us.And through the rest of the process it was never mentioned that I was short $1,000, I always confirmed monies that I needed because I always wanted to make sure I was going to be ok and NEVER once did he say I needed an extra $1,500. The rent coming from the owners of the house was worked out between me, the owners, and both sets of reactors. Then once day the lender called was like I didn't know they were paying you $1,500 in rent to stay until August, still didn't say anything about owing more money. Then next thing I know at signing, I owe $1,500 plus anadditional $200 something.I call this sneaking and taking advantage. It is like when I would question something I didn't understand he would say, you don't need to worry about it. And they text at the end when he would treat a customer the way he did. Now through out the process, my lender would try to explain stuff to me and I would say I don't understand, and his response was, you don't need to worry about it, and I heard that at least a handful of times.Rude! When it was the week of closing, I had a strange feeling my amount to bring to closing was not going to be $2,800 and I kept asking my lender for the amount and he would say, title company wouldn't answer me, that went on for a few text message, with that I knew something was not right, so when I found out the amount, which was close to $200 more than expected, I questioned him and he stated he was close and he never said it was exact and he used the words about and approximate nope he didn't I have all the emails/texts, never used those works, I have text message where he said I was You are wrong he was right I am correct. AGAIN, this is how they treat customers. Then the closing day, he comes up with a Realtors cost that came out to nowhere, he told my Realtor he didn't know about it, but I have to pay for it, he just keeps spending my money.I still have it all and I wont let them take advantage of me just because they think they can. I will let others know how they treat their customers and take advantage of them.If they aren't going to pay what they owe me, I am just going to keep putting the work out there about them until I feel like stopping.
Entity: Independence, Ohio
17, Report #1214168
Mar 08 2015
08:54 AM
first option mortgage, LLC STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY jacksonville Florida
My husband and I found this company through the real estate agency that we are using to find a house, we assumed they were a safe bet sense it was recommended. This could have been further from true. At first we were talking to a guy named Greg who made everything seem very simple, he sent us the list of all the documents we would be needing and kept up with us to make sure we didn't have any question. Great.   Once we got all of our documents, we emailed them over to him quickly. We waited four days and didn't hear anything so my husband e-mailed Greg to find out what the status was. All we got was a short e-mail back saying Greg no longer worked for the company and had we filled out the online application yet? I e-mailed back and said no we were never told about an online application, never heard anything again about that application. Again 3 or 4 days go by and we hear nothing, so I e-mailed back and said we were tired of waiting and would be going somewhere else.   This is when the frustration really started. After the email my husbands cell rang every 10 minutes during business hours and while he was at work in the middle of a meeting. When he called back it was a guy named Karl, who sounded like he didn't really know what he was doing or was new at this. He told us we still needed more documents and when I asked why he never gave much of an explanation.   My husband had a bankruptcy so we had to collect certain court documents, Karl tried to tell us we needed to pay $200 dollars to get the entire document, but the ladies at the court house (who do this every day) said they never had anyone who need the entire document. They printed and certified the same documents they give to everyone in our same situation and that is what we gave to Karl.   Before even getting all these documents to them we were alerted from our credit report website that they had run our credit check, this upset us because nothing was even finalized why would you run a credit check first?  Anyways, we then received an email saying they STILL needed more documents and those included a divorce my husband had TEN YEARS AGO and child support payments that he had not received in seven years! There was no explanation for anything of this.   We no longer trust the competency of this company and will not be dealing with them any longer.
Entity: jacksonville, Florida
18, Report #546408
Dec 28 2009
03:36 PM
METROCITIES MORTGAGE, PROSPECT MORTGAGE, LLC STERLING CAPITOL Deceptive Business Practices, issuing Bad Checks Sherman Oaks, California
Metrocities Mortgage LLC issued a Bad Check and was cashed at our clients check cashing company. They continue to default on commitments and making restitution. They are quite astute at skirting the issue. Now they are DBA Prospect Mortgage.  
Entity: Sherman Oaks, California
19, Report #1064515
Jul 05 2013
06:22 AM
Movement Mortgage misleading, liars,- WATCH OUT Scottsdale Arizona
In my opinoin -Movement Mortgage is a very bad Mortgage Company to deal with.  I gave them everything they required and spent three weeks processing my mortgage and they Demanded me to sign papers that did not apply to me.  Greg Boyer was  my loan rep.  I took my complaint to his supervisor,  James Butscheck, but he was FIRED hours before I spoke to him. Then I tried to talk to his supervisor Clay Dunkin, but that never connected.  Then I spoke with his supervisor Rick Doris, briefing him on what happened, He never called me back.  Sad, I sure hope people read this.  I am taking this higher, Attorney General , Az. Dept of Financial  Institution and more.  Movement Mortgage is bad.  Please do not go to them.  RIP OFF.  After all the crap I went through this was going to cost over $5000.00 ,cash up front.
Entity: Scottsdale, Arizona
20, Report #1405944
Oct 12 2017
06:38 PM
Wicca Movement Not 1.00 Bracelet Internet
I ran across this company in Dec 2016 offering a cute little braclet for a 1.00 so I checked scamsites found nothing bad s o I ordered the bracelet it came it was fine and they debited me fo 1. and then 51 cents OK fine no problem then with out my knowledge I have they have been deducting from my debit card on a non regular basas  a 19.99 charge to my account. I did not authorize thisI even checked to be sure I had not sign up for some club when I ordered the bracelet.I did not that I can find tThey have a candle club that cost 25.99, but nothing that cost 19.99. I have called and e-mail with no response from this company...Apparently I have been SCAMMED......Damn IT...
Entity: Internet
21, Report #525794
Nov 19 2009
11:24 AM
Intellichoice Mortgage Services, LLC RIPPED US OFF!!! Internet
We paid Intellichoice $4,500 to assist us with a loan modification back in March 2009. The $4,500 was taken out of our account in 3 installments of $1,500. We were told that If they could not get our loan modified we would recieve a full refund of our money. During the process everytime we called to check on the status of our modification we were told that our account was still in review.  I did think it was strange that every month or so we would get a call or email from a different person introducing themselves to us as our new account manager because our previous account manage was promoted. Other than that they never called us!!!We got a letter from our lender in July warning us that our property was going to be sold at an auction so we contacted Intellichoice to see if they could speed up the modification process so we wouldn't loose our home.  THEY DID NOTHING. Needlesstosay we lost our home to foreclosure back in August.  After our home forclosed we were reassured by Intellichoice that they would expidite our refund so that we could secure a place to stay and pay for our moving expenses.  They made us fill out a Release of Liability form so that we could get our money back.  We emailed them the form and they later claimed that they never got it!!!  We had to resubmit it and then they said it would be an additioanal delay because they didn't receive it in time!!  WHAT A BUNCH OF CROOKS!!!So we called the Loss Mitigation Department and nothing happened.  I called the compliance manager and nothing happened.  I even called one day and asked to speak to the CEO and I was told he was away on his honeymoon!!!   We called and called and called and called and kept getting the run around. A month ago I finally received a call from someone in their office saying she has some information regarding my account.  I had tried to call her back several times and got no response.  a few weeks ago it appeared that they had their number forwarded over to a call center and now as of the last week when I call the number I get a busy signal!!I can't believe I didn't do my research before dealing with these crooks!!Intellichoice and all those affiliated are GOING DOWN for this!!
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #414446
Jan 21 2009
12:47 PM
Mortgage Shield, LLC This company is scamming sick-eldery people Katy Texas
My mother-in-law is a senior citizen who has been through very tough times in the past five years including open heart surgery (cuadruple by-pass) and cancer treatmens for the past three years. She was contacted by Mortgage Shield and was lead to believe this company was going to negociate a better interes with her current mortgage company. After the initial interview and 300 dollars later, she was told she did not have to pay her mortgage anymore until the process was complete. Unfortunately, because of the lady's health condition and constant intake of medication, she did not tell her children about this process. Now, six months later, the mortgage company is foreclosing on her house for lack of payment. This company has not returned her phone calls; the person by the name of Chris Martinez, who is listed on the letter she received, is never available to take calls or explain the reason this company never followed through with the process or at least notify thie ill-elderly woman of her situation. Be ware and talk to your relative because in this area of Louisiana, this company is actively scamming people. Cajun mex Folsom, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Katy, Texas
23, Report #606955
May 24 2010
11:29 PM
Mortgage Auditors of America LLC took my money and did NOTHING Internet
Mortgage auditors of america is a complete SCAM.  They took over $2000 from us for absolutely NOTHING!!!  We were supposed to get a forensic audit and a negotiated mortgage payoff but instead all we got was a bunch of broken promises, a lot of excuses and then a letter referring us to companies that were partnered with Mortgage Auditors of America to help with the work load. Robert Shumake, I'll see you at one of these fundraisers, the mall, dinner or wherever.  You do too much business in Michigan not to mention the S550 with a personalized plate.  I did my homework..... WHEN YOU SEE ME, YOU BETTER HOLLA AT ME!!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #557849
Jan 21 2010
10:36 AM
Intellichoice Mortgage Services, LLC Mantis Financial Group Money Back Guarantee a farce! Scam Phoenix, Arizona
Contacted this company in December 2008-was assured that they could get our loan modified (Bank of America). They took $3,000 up front, three installments of $1,000 each. Other than requesting the same paperwork over and over, we had to do all the calling, our account manager(s) would only call back on rare occasions with no change in our status. They changed account managers several times. Everyone always had an excuse as to why nothing was being done, the favorite being that it was the bank holding things up. I finally checked with the bank (Intellichoice did NOT want us to contact them!) and was told that they were still waiting on more paperwork from us. We cancelled the contract in June 2009, and requested a full refund as per their money back guarantee, extended it out to July, and cancelled again in August 2009, eight months after we first signed on with no results whatsoever. I was told we would have to sign a waiver and it would take 60 days. Called at the end of the 60 day period and was told they did not have the waiver, they did not send it. They e-mailed the waiver, we signed and faxed it back (confirmed 3 times, just to be sure) and was told it would be another 60 days. In late November, early December, we received an unsigned, undated letter saying that they had shut down their California operations and sorry. Attempted to e-mail and call the corporate office many times, with no result. This company was shut down in California due to illegal activities-no licensing. We are now pursuing legal action. Have already complained to every state licensing and business regulator we can think of--anybody else get results? And how did you do it?    
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
25, Report #632834
Aug 18 2010
01:47 PM
Intellichoice Mortgage Services, LLC Ripped by off $3,485.00 Sand Diego, California
I contacted this company to help with a loan modification for my mortgage and paid $3,485.00 to help with obtaining the modification. They stated if they couldn't help they will refund the money.. They sent me a letter on October 2009 and as of today NOTHING has been received, the phone number I have is a non working number. If anyone has information on this company please let me know, so I can get back my hard working money..  
Entity: Sand Diego, California

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