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1, Report #929801
Aug 20 2012
10:29 AM
Moving Staffers Doubles Moving Costs, Internet
Moving Staffers staffed my recent unpacking from ReloCubes in St Louis, MO.  The movers themselves were fine -- Moving Staffers just called a local moving company, and the local company has competent people.   My complaint is about Moving Staffers themselves.    - Quotes online from 4 local companies that U-Haul recommended:  $115-150.  - Quote from directly calling the local company Moving Staffers hired:  $220.  - Amount Moving Staffers actually charged:  $407. Notice the problem?  Moving staffers is pocketing almost 50% of their charge!  DO NOT USE THEM.  You get NOTHING out of using them over finding a reputable mover yourself, aside from maybe half an hour of saved time. Oh, and one more outrageous number for you:  - Amount that the two movers who helped me were paid:  $10/hour * 3 hours = $30 each.
Entity: , Internet
2, Report #1208314
Feb 11 2015
10:21 AM
Moving USA Moving Orlando, Florida
 I recently contracted Moving USA INC. 12472 Lake Underrhill Rd Orlando, FL 32828 to move some furniture from Lorain, Ohio to the Villages, Florida. In the contract it states that they are to move a three piece entertainment center, large and 2, three seat sofas, one being a sleeper sofa. I was quoted a price of $811.20. The furniture was to be picked up on Sunday January 25, 2015 and arrive in Florida on Thursday January 29, 2015. I arranged to have someone at the home for pick up, since I was waiting for the delivery in Florida, but due to inclement weather it would not be picked up until Wednesday January 28, 2015. It was then that the furniture was picked up but not until 10:00 p.m. that evening. The moving truck pulled up but only had one man here to load the furniture, unless you count the two year old child he had in the truck with him as an extra pair of hands. My grandson and granddaughter had to help him load the furniture in the truck. It only gets better from here. The furniture was to be delivered on Saturday January 31, 2015. I was already leaving Florida and returning home at this point. I now had to make arrangements with people in the Villages, Florida to be available to be at our home for the delivery. It wasn't until Sunday February 8, 2015 that the furniture was finally delivered. It was supposed to be there by 7:00 AM. They called that morning and said it would not be there until 10:00 a.m. My friends were waiting and waiting calling me every half hour. The furniture did not arrive until arrive until 1:30 p.m.. When I first contracted Moving USA they assured me they had all their own trucks and would be doing the moving. My invoice is from Express Moving Service LLC to which I am assuming is a subcontractor for Moving USA Inc (which I was told would not happen). If this was the case why was I not informed of this contracted company prior to my furniture being picked up? Now is the ultimate issue. My estimate was stated to be $811.20 with an estimate of it being a volume of 160 cf.. I made an $80.00 deposit. My total bill from Moving USA Inc. turned out to be $1259.15. The moving company knows the size of two 3 cushion couches and a large entertainment center. So how did the size change when they picked it up? They also threatened not to deliver my furniture until it was paid in full. How could this come about? I made these arrangements online and spoke to Phyllis a number of times and no one mentioned that there would be this much of an additional charge. How can the cost of moving these pieces of furniture increase so drastically? This is what I am disputing. I feel I am being unjustly charged because of the poor weather conditions. I also feel that this company had hidden charges that were not made known to me until the final bill was brought to my attention. The fact that they also stated unless the bill was paid in full, my furniture would not be delivered is very concerning. Where is the justice in this situation? Granted my furniture was ultimately delivery, eleven days later that it was supposed to be, had to have my grandchildren help load the furniture and have friends in Florida wait for it to be delivered. This type of company, with its poor ethical manner is ludicrous. I feel I should not have to pay the additional charges that were brought to my attention after the fact.
Entity: Orlando,, Florida
3, Report #163762
Nov 08 2005
10:40 AM
Global Moving ripoff Sunrise Florida
I used them to move from Chicago to Florida. Quote was 1500.00+ and the actual was double. They ruined my brand new sofa, loveseat and dining room chairs. Their claims company is offering me 189.00. What a joke. They were 2 days late picking my stuff up, would not wrap my sofa and love seat in moving pads, but used shrinkwrap. They charged me an arm and a leg for the stuff and still put large holes in my sofa and several grease stains on both from dragging them. Tricia Clearwater, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Sunrise, Florida
4, Report #12495
Jan 26 2002
12:00 AM
False Information Massada Moving & Storage
There is false report on Massada Moving & Storage.The person/s who filed a complaint on this site has mis-informed people, They never moved with Massada Moving & Storage, They hired National Moving Network (broker) to contract out there job to another company. Massada Moving & Storage did at one time work with National Moving Network but Canceled there relationship for mis-representing Massada Moving & storage and it's own clients. The client did call Massada to find out information, but was told we would not do any jobs from National Moving Network, In return they gave the job to one of there Many other Companies that they use ( not Massada).So your complaint needs to be addressed to National Moving Network and the Company would did your move. I worked for Massada Moving & Storage and We were always Honest with our clients. So before you slander a Company Move with them first or speak to people who accually moved with them. Next time Place the blame where it belongs.
Entity: Nationwide
5, Report #698537
Feb 22 2011
02:31 PM
Sirena Moving Mia Phoenix, Arizona
This company gave me a two hour notice that they were coming to pick up my stuff.  An alternative date was given that I could not take - so I had to rush to complete packing.  When I called this company and talked to Mia - she said she had called me the previous day - which was not true.  The driver was dirty and smoked non- stop.  He had a helper that within a hour was hurt and could not continue.  I was so concerned the way they picked up items and really acted that they did not care.  The driver had to get someone else, and it took two hours for a new worker to get there.  Then he did not weigh the truck until the next day in the afternoon.  I was told I would pay around 1800.00 and the final cost was 2600.00.  This company is a rip off - I think they add items to the truck to increase your weight.  I could have re-weighed the truck, but I was on the road driving and my husband did not see the truck loaded.  They loaded the truck and wanted to deliver it a day earlier than what was scheduled which was a huge inconvenience to me.   As it was the delivery happened prior to me arrival.  My experience with Mia was a nightmare - she was a witch!  She yelled, talked over and did not listen.  She misquoted information she said I had 96 items when I only had 72 - even started discussing information from another move - a family called, Anderson 'Anderson Family' DONT USE THEM!  Nobody use them!  I have filed a BBB complaint.  
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
6, Report #1140423
Apr 21 2014
10:56 AM
Moving Staffers Destroyed our belongings Internet
Moving Staffers was absolutely pathetic.  We bought 2 boxes of the paper moving blankets that they recommended along with 2 dozen heavy duty moving blankets and still almost every piece of our furniture was damaged including family heirloom hand made cedar chests.  They stacked boxes labeled FRAGILE in large unmistakable markings on the bottom with heavier items on top.  I saw one of them actually throw one of my gun cases into the trailer.   There was also so much wasted space in one trailer that I had to get a second trailer and load it myself.  They just wanted to leave after 4 hours.  They now claim no liability as they say we signed everything away and resolved them of any responsibility.  We have 2 dozen pictures documenting damage.  They really should be required to warn potential customers that they will just throw your stuff in a trailer and leave you hanging.  Absolutely the worst moving experience of our lives.  This company should not be in business except maybe loading trailers headed to the trash dump.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #1213034
Mar 03 2015
11:56 AM
Silverback Moving Scam Birmingham Michigan
This company is a complete scam!!! They moved me a few weeks ago, damaged my favorite desk, scratched my floors up and broke my table lamp and I have yet to receive any word from them.  I have been calling and calling and it seems as if they've put me on a block call log.  NO ONE has returned any of my calls.  The were so nice over the phone but that quickly changed when I told them they had to compensate me for my furniture.  DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!  BEWARE!!!!!
Entity: Birmingham, Michigan
8, Report #5018
Apr 25 2001
12:00 AM
Florida based Moving System or Advanced Moving are THIEVES!!
I received an online quote from advanced moving to relocate my belongings from TX to MD. After providing the requested inventory list, I was given a quote of $3318.75 and gave a $50 deposit. They were initially to pick up on 1-22-01 and drop off on 1-31-01. They did finally get there on 1-26-01(I was already in MD). They made us sign a blank contract-which is a violation of a county ordinance and stated clearly on their own contract!! The next day the driver calls to tell me my new total is $8427. I called the company and after two days of no one is in the office to help you I finally got a guy, Simon, who tried to convince me that the $7427 he was trying to offer me was a really good deal. It turns out that they underestimated the amount of space my things would use on their truck and so they were unable to pick up a second load that was supposed to come this way. His words were it's not fair for us to lose money. I didn't understand why I had to pay for their inability to do their jobs correctly! They were over 100% off on the price and the needed space! The owner, Mr. Jones was SO rude and told me that since we did not have a binding estimate, he could charge me whatever I wanted. He told me to pay $7000 at that point or the price would be going up to $8427 again! I refused and threatened to call the police and he stated all my belongings would be sold at their weekly auctions if I refused! I did pay them the $7000. I have filed complaints against them with just about every agency I can think of, BBB, DOT, OIG and their local county government. They are in trouble with the USDOT, not for screwing me over but because they are not registered with them. Also, I have $600 worth of lost/damaged claims that I have sent, and they have not responded to my three attempts to find out if they are going to pay for that...what a surprise. I figure if I am not going to get any of my money back, they will at least get sick of all the inquiries they have received on my behalf.
Entity: N Miami, Florida
9, Report #721435
Apr 24 2011
07:26 AM
Moving Done Moving Broker Scams Desperate People Baltimore, Maryland
DO NOT USE Moving Done. They are NOT a mover, they are a broker. They have NO responsibility for your household goods. They do not employ their own people. Had a move set for April 1 and nobody ever showed up.Cant get in touch with anyone at Moving Done. Finally had to figure things out, last minute, on my own. The phone # they have is a Magic Jack line.Really? Magic Jack? Someone names Jay might answer. I dont think that is his real name. I contracted with a woman up front but it seems like Jay is the only person who actually works there. I dont think this is a real company.Moving quote was very low up front, ended up costing 3x that amount because it is all a lie and a setup. PLEASE understand, I read some positive comments as well and got suckered in. Dont fall for it. Any positive review are mostlikely for the actual real people who finally come to move your things but these are all independent from Moving Done and are contracted. You could have called them yourself and saved hassle and money. Bottom line is Moving Done is a scam. Please beware.
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
10, Report #339386
Jun 11 2008
04:31 PM
Smart Moving Household Moving Services Hollywood Florida
So here is my story. My husband and I hired Smart Moving Inc. to move our household belongings from Margate, Fl to Wichita, Kansas. I picked them because they had an agreeable price and are a family owned company. The daughter, Julia, is the secretary, the brothers do the long distance deliveries, and the father, Ser Ge or Sergio does the packing. I was told that no work was contracted out to anyone else and the employees were all family. Well, the movers, who ended up being a couple non-English speaking Hispanic fellows and Julia's father, showed up to my home to pick up the items an hour and a half later than the time they were scheduled to arrive. That really pushed everything else that we had to do that day after the movers left back, which was very inconvenient. Then, the items were delivered days after promised. When my husband contacted Julia, she said it was 7-14 business days, but that is not what was told to me. So I was willing to overlook that. Then, when dropping our things off, a box that I had my spices in it (which I was told I could pack) was eaten up and spices were spilling everywhere. So they have to have Rats or mice in their storage area. I know they were rodent bites. It was obvious. Then 20 minuets after the driver left after delivery, my husband and I noticed that we were missing the springs to the baby's crib and a top to the plastic garbage can we had. I called the driver and he said he would check the truck the next day after his next delivery in Texas. So I called the office in Fl and Julia checked the storage. Yes, they had left it. So she said they would mail it to us by UPS that day or the next. That was a Tuesday. By Thursday I called to see what the update was on the crib spring. Julia didn't know if it was shipped. Then she said she didn't have the shipping information. She said she would contact the owner (her father) because he has the information and call me right back. She never called me right back. This begins the phone tag. I would call her and she would not answer the phone. She would not return my calls. Then I caught her and she said she was on the other line and would call me right back, but didn't. So I call and call. Finally I get her and she said that the owner is out of town for the weekend and she will call me back on Monday with the information, but that I should have received the piece by then. So Monday rolls around and it is phone tag all over again. I do all the things I was doing before. Her voicemail tells me to call the office if I can't get a hold of her. No one EVER answers the office phone. Eventually I call a third number for a man named Sam. He answers the phone and gets my Reference number and says he doesn't know why Julia isn't calling me but he will tell her to call me. So I wait a long time. Then I am getting peeved. So I call Sam again. He says that he told Julia to call me and doesn't know why she isn't. So he has me call the office number and assures me that the owner will be there. I do and he is. He is telling me through a very thick Russian accent that the item was mailed through USPS not UPS, 5 days ago. It was supposed to be mailed out by UPS 2 weeks ago!!! When I ask him for an explanation her says something about it being a big company and hangs up on me. Yes, he actually hung up on me. So I went to the BBB to complain. Then I remember that I have the e-mail address, so I e-mail them to get answers since I couldn't understand the owner very well and this is what I got in return. This is Julia writing you back! I'm very sorry I am unable to answer your phone, but I have a final exam tonight at 6:30 and I am off since Friday night to study for it. I have been answering some phone calls, but I cannot at this time. Unfortunately I was not able to locate the trucking number for you. I'm very sorry! I'm not the one who mailed it, thus I never had it to begin with. I'll be in the office tomorrow and will be able to better assist you with that. As far as why it takes this long to mail you the item, I do not know. But you cannot hold us responsible for the operations of the Mailing System... It shouldn't take this long, but then again 10 days is not a long time for a big package to be received! Hopefully you'll have it by tomorrow! I'll call you then! Thank You! Are you serious?? This isn't giving me any answers. And no she did not call me the next day. SHE NEVER DOES!!! So I write back with this. I understand you are a student and have collegiate obligations. I hope you understand that I am customer of your father's company and I feel like I have been given the run-around by everyone there. You say you will call me right back, but you didn't, both times. I talked to Sergio or Ser Ge. I couldn't understand everything he said because of his thick Russian accent. I do not understand why he is saying that the crib piece was mailed 5 days ago by mail when you said it was shipped 2 weeks ago by UPS. Cause I first told you about the missing piece 2 weeks ago. I am not responsible for the operations of the Mailing System. I am holding you responsible for communicating with me about my missing items and abiding by your contract. 1. Was it shipped by USPS (postal service) or UPS 2. When was it shipped (the date)? 3. How long does it take to get to Kansas? 4. What is the tracking number, there must be one. -Catalina Of course I received no response. It has been a month since me moved. This company does not care about anyone once they have their money. They do not care that my child has no where to sleep. Their customer's satisfaction is not their priority. Catalina Wichita, KansasU.S.A. 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Entity: Hollywood, Florida
11, Report #927890
Aug 15 2012
06:30 PM
Nationwide Moving Moving company Brooklyn SHILOH Internet
Contracted with Nationwide moving of Brooklyn NY to take 12 items from CT to Ohio . Pickup was July 2 in CT with promised delivery between July 7-9, 2012. Items were not delivered until July 19 and 5 of the 12 items were missing. I have had numerous conversations with various employees since July 7 and have gotten no where. I called, emailed company about 40 times and recently all calls goes directly to voicemail. I offered to come to Brooklyn personally and get missing items if they were found in their warehouse but have not been given any information. I have spoken with Shiloh, Ben, Kathy and Tiffanye. Do not use this company. I have to figure out who else was scammed and try to get $$ or my stuff back.
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #961666
Oct 29 2012
01:54 PM
DMI Moving Inc. Delta Moving Inc. Thieves! Internet
I had this company move me from Az. to Ky. in Nov.2011.  They quoted me a price of $3400 for 9,000# I had before hand had three known companies come to my house and give me a quote and they all said it was around 9,000#.  Before they had it weighed the man in  charge said it was going to be 15,000# .  I disputed it but it didn't do me any good.  They charged me $400 extra for wraping my furniture and $2400 extra for the weight.  They scratched furniture and broke some but the worst they they did was stole a revolver from a locked freezer(I had permission to put it in the freezer before they arrived).  They also stole a special brand new garden hose that is made for people with arthritis.  The value of the items stolen is around $800 dollars.  I have contacted the company several times(they never return my calls).  They have offered me some money but I think they should at least pay me for the stolen items.
Entity: , Internet
13, Report #1069428
Jul 23 2013
01:55 PM
Moving helper Moving helper does not pay the movers Internet
I signed up to be a moving helper, on which you can find through uhaul's website. I did a couple moving jobs then I was wondering where my payment was so I contacted moving helper and they told me that my direct deposit did not work so I made sure I had the right info for my account and I waited for payment again and, NOTHING. So I contacted then through email and I asked about payment and they told me they will have to pail me a check so I said fine I never received any checks. So I contacted moving helpers again and they advised me to select a different payment method so I elected to recieve their payment card. So I waited and waited everyday and checked the mail for the paymet card and it never showed up. SO I contacted moving helper again and I was told to contact the 3rd party paycard service so I called them. The card service told me they never received a request to send me a card. So once again I contacted moving helper sometimes they reply and sometimes they dont. I then put in a new checking account number for a direct deposit to see if this other account will receive the funds from moving helpers, guess what? NOTHING. So by this time I was pretty upset because I had been working for about a month for moving helper for free with no pay. So I send them a nasty email which I think anyone would do because no one likes to work for free. So after the nasty email thy cancelled my moving helper account and I was told that they will not do business with me. I didnt care because I didnt want to work for free anyway. BUT I still wanted my money for th work I did previously so I contacted moving helper and asked if I was ever going to get paid the money they owe me. They replied telling me that I need to send them all the job numbers and all the job completion codes. Why would I need to do this when I had already completed the jobs and submitted my completed job codes for payment. Here is how moving helper works. Once you sign up to become a moving helper, Customers go on and request your service. You call that customer and confirm the moving dates and ask what time to show up ect. Once you complete the move, the customer gives you this payment code and you take that code and go on and submit that code and within 2-3 business days you should have that money direct deposited into your bank account. Well after each job I submitted my codes as I was supposed to do and I never received payment for any of the jobs. Now they wont pay me and they cancelled my account for asking over and over for my money. What kind of business is this? They wont talk to moving helpers on the phone, I was even hung up on when I called to make a complaint on 7/23/2013. I would like for others who have done work for moving helper to speak up and lets get our money. Moving jobs are not easy, its very hard work and to not get paid for it is just rediculous. I even have helpers that helped me and they keep asking me for their money. is a scam. You can find them through uhauls website or goto I would not recommend becoming a moving helper for these guys unless you want to work for free.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1128839
Mar 06 2014
06:41 PM
thompson moving Thompson moving unreliable, dishonest sunrise Florida
 thompson moving is very unreliable , dishonest. i booked their services on the phone, their sales rep was very helpful and assured me they were proffesionals and i would receive my services in a timely manner. i told her punctuality was very important because i had to turn in my keys at a certain time that day. moving day and 10 am appt they called that they were having difficulties and would arrive no later than 12pm. 12:30 pm no showed at my place, they wouldnt answer my calls. i received a call at 3pm asking if i still needed their services. i didnt. i had decided to rent a uhaul and do the move myself. the owner refused to return my deposit , because i did not cancel within 72 hrs, dismissing the fact that i canceled the move after waiting 6 hours after my appt time. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!
Entity: sunrise, Florida
15, Report #1316401
Jul 12 2016
08:20 AM
Moving Giant MOVING GIANT WARNING!!!! Brooklyn New York
This spring I accepted a new job and would be relocating from Philadelphia PA to Orlando FL. My mother and I did a lot of research on moving companies and decided to choose Moving Giant. This would end up being one of the worst decisions I have ever made. The move started off badly from the start. I was told that two movers would arrive at my apartment between 10-11am... I called repeadly and was connected to various different extensions but was unable to get ahold of the actual movers. Around 3pm after calling this company non-stop for hours I was connected with Igor the mover. He told me they would be there no later then 5pm. Igor and one other man showed up at 10pm, a full 10 hours late, wearing casual t-shirts AND FLIP FLOPS. Igor, the mover in charge decided I had WAY MORE items then was on the original esimate and demanded I pay 58% more upfront. He demanded that I go to an ATM and withdraw the additonal funds. Given it was 10pm, I refused. Then Igor FORCED me to sign blank paperwork, he said they would not begin to load my items until I signed the blank documents which did not provide any information about how much money I would actually owe. Once I signed the blank documents they began to load my items. They damaged walls, the floor, and the door frame while carrying things out of my apartment. Additionally, they were very loud in the hallways and disrupted my neighbors. In the morning I recieved a new invoice from the company demanding that CASH be deposited into the MovingGiant's Bank of America account. When the new invoice was sent, Igor reported that I had only given him $600 when I had actually given him $747 (I had bank documents proving how much money I had withdrawn)... So Igor had decided to help himself to a $147 tip. Additionally, they wanted me to pay for the entire move upfront (which is at the very bottom of the contract in VERY small print) but given Igor's theft of the deposit, they agreed to a money order upon delivery. It took a FULL MONTH for my items to get to Florida and when they did arrive, not everything was there. There were multiple pieces that were missing and I was told I would have to file a claim but probably wouldn't ever get them back. In addition to suing this company I have been in contact with the proper authories. This company needs to be investigated and put out of business before they try and take advantage of others.   RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      
Entity: Brooklyn, New York
16, Report #1324093
Aug 23 2016
10:29 AM
They don't give you a date that they will arrive until the day before which is bs.They arrived 10 hours later than they promised (8pm instead of 10am)They came up with cubic feet that is more than what the truck itself would take when full (26' truck), hence charged me $4,690 more than what they should charge.They told me the delivery would be within 10 days at max, but it took 1 full month.Several items damaged, furniture edges, mattresses, bicycle.Some items are lost including furniture pieces which makes the whole furniture useless.When complaining, company sends you to an arbitration company (which is also owned by them)The company represented itself as BBB accredited but they are not. Looking at BBB website, you will see BBB also noted that and disputed this with them.When visiting their address in Brooklyn to see if I could resolve matters in person (since phone is useless, I only found a clothing company. So, this is big time scam.This is the worst company since humanity ever started.   DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU ARE MOVING TRASH.
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1331128
Oct 01 2016
06:56 PM
Indigo Moving INDIGO MOVING COMPANY UNETHICAL Los Angeles California
 DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY OR GUYS! Some of the yelp reviews are fake! I wish I can rate them a negative 100! First calls they pick up and schedule you, then after they will not pick up your call or give you confirmations or updates. Couple days in advanced I called to confirm my schedule and already they don't pick up the phone (sign of bad customer service). LACK OF COMMUNICATION! This is not what you want on your day of your move. IT WAS VERY STRESSFUL to deal with Mike and Sam. CAREFUL in choosing your movers wisely. They are cheap for a reason. The groupon deal is the same deal they offer when you call, 2 man 2 hours truck packing material and tools for $90. Lesson learn! You get what you pay for. I will never forgive them for what they put me through during my confirmed schedule move date and time. The schedule for them to arrive was between 9am-10:30am. 11am came around and no one called to update me with anything. I called 12 times with no one picking up on the day of the move and the number going straight to google voice voicemail (first sign of a phishy company, using google voice as the phone number). At this point I was so stressed cause I have other plans for the unit like cleaning and returning it. Kept calling until 12:30 (already 2-2:30 hour late) then Mike picks up and says they are busy. SO UNPROFESSIONAL. Then said they can come in an hour or 1 1/2. 1:30 hits, I called them again and no one picks up. Kept calling them until Mike (google voice #(323) 790-6191; real phone # (310) 388-7446) picked up then he says I can come at 3-4pm. Approximately 6 hours late now. You DO NOT want to waste your precious energy. DON'T BE A VICTIM BY THESE SCAMMERS AND THIEVES! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, ENERGY OR MONEY! Choose real professional movers, these guys are a joke!
Entity: Los Angeles, California
18, Report #1283643
Jan 30 2016
11:00 PM
Done right moving Done wrong moving edmonton alberta
 Horribble service and unprofessional they should be called moving done wrong!! When they couldn't find our address these super unprofessional ignorant people began to swear at us and told us we could keep are f-ing money and asked us where do we f-ing live. Before all of this they called to switch days and proceeded to tell me which day would be better for them!! Do not use this company if you actually want to move and are looking for competent people to deal with. Worst experience ever these people have absolutely no integrity. 2 thumbs down. I give zero stars but in order to write this review I had to choose a star!! I give them negative in all aspects!
19, Report #1348589
Jan 09 2017
09:43 AM
Bradley Moving Bradley Moving and Storage Horsham Pa
If I could give them NO stars I would. I can promise you this is a real and 100% genuine review. Not only were they disrespectful, full of complaints no unprofessional and not only did they bang up furniture and poorly slop it back together but by far the absolute worst thing they did was that they STOLE from us. Please, please I URGE you to find someone else. No one deserves to go through what we have in trying to recover irreplaceable items that we know we will never see again. It's disgusting that they are even allowed to remain in business.
Entity: Nationwide
20, Report #1406636
Oct 16 2017
02:47 PM
Divine Moving Group moving serivce Iowa Iowa
Olivia the sales woman I spoke to was super reassuring and kind. She went over everything with me and was very on top of it. She said they would be there between 10-12 on Saturday. Come Saturday at 12:15 no one shows up and no one calls. I call and am told someone will call me back in 10. I call back 20 minutes later and still nothing. It’s 12:40 and Kailey calls. Says she can’t get in touch with the dispatcher. (Apparently they aren’t the moving company, they are only a broker for other companies). She then continued on to say that in the contract they have a 48 hour window to be at out location after the specified time. 48 hours. No one told us about this. Finally she gets in contact with Ruby and he said he can’t be there until noon on Sunday. He said they were caught up in the fires in California. Olivia told me they had a truck 45 mins away that they needed to move that was ready to go and sitting and waiting. I asked Ruby when he knew that they couldn’t make it through the fires. He said Friday at 6 pm. I asked him why he didn’t call and tell us since he knew he would be late. He said he forgot. And that was that. No follow up from Divine Company. No follow up from Ruby and no. one. showed. Terrible company. AMAZING at sales. Zero customer service. Acts as it they did nothing wrong. Never once apologized. Run away as fast as you can. In response to the owner - I want the deposit back. The fact that you weren't in communication with the mover DAYS before is irresponsible. Also the fact that you said a truck was 45 minutes away, waiting to be moved. Was a lie. The fact that in the contract you say you have 48 hours after the 2 hour window to show and you don't go over that in the call? Unethical. I demand the deposit back. For the lies and lack of responsibility and ethics from your company
Entity: Nationwide
21, Report #83460
Mar 10 2004
05:32 PM
Moving Services - Moving Star Moving Services is moving scam ripoff North Miami Beach Florida
Moving Services tried to rip me off, and got some of my money! I am getting prepared for a move to Japan and was looking for a moving company and getting quotes from some companies online (my first mistake). Anyway, I had them set up to come get my things and had to give them my CC # (another mistake). Just more than a week before they're supposed to come, I was talking to my friend already in Japan and he was telling me to make sure I have documents and stuff for customs. He knew somebody that just arrived and couldn't get his things because he didn't have the customs paperwork! I call this guy I was working with (Victor Dominguez) and ask him about this and about the weighing of my goods, which I know would be done at sometime. He assured me that I needed no documents and my stuff would not be weighed! I became more curious so started to do some research. I read some interesting things on and I found the company name on one of their black lists. I also found the owner's name with another company-- Moving Star-- and found some reports on this site about Moving Star. I tried to contact this Victor to question this, but could not get through. I was continually put on hold, disconnected, and got no call back. So, I decided to send him an email requesting to cancel my move. Within 10 minutes of sending this email, I received a call from a dispatcher at the company saying he got an anonymous email from me saying I want to cancel this. He basically told me that they were going to charge me 30% of my estimate ($630) and he hung up on me! Less than 10 minutes after that, I received an email from Victor (who, by the way, was not there to talk to me) quoting their Order for Service that states all cancellations must be made within 10 business days of scheduled move date. Their Order for Service also states that contracts will not be accepted without a complete item list (which I never sent) and that this Order for Service must be signed and faxed back to them (which it never was)! After being hung up on by the Moving Services dispatcher, I was concerned and decided to contact my credit card services and inquire about stopping something from being charged. The gentleman with the CC company asked if this was the $630 charge just made to my account by Moving Services. Apparently, just after the guy hung up on me, he immediately charged my card!!! Now I am in the process of a dispute of these charges. I am also going to try my best to ensure that this causes Moving Services more than the $630 they want to charge me! Andrew devon, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: North Miami, Florida
22, Report #907807
Jul 06 2012
03:59 PM
Across USA Moving & Storage MOVING Dallas TX They are a joke Dallas, Texas
Hello People looking to move. This company is VERY nice up front.  I had a one of their agent come into my house and gave us a quote.  He was very nice.  Loved the quote and we booked.  After I reviewed other report site on the web I called and spoke to a talk about them they insured me that none that would happen. Guess What it did.   I was given one price and at pick up it was another price and when it was delivered it was yet another price.  From the quote the final price went up $1407.00. I used this company one b/c my company is looking for a new moving company well wont be using this company ever.   Also we they deliver your goods they don't use a check off sheet to make sure you have all your items.  We are missing 3 - 4 boxes no way to tell which one.  Oh and the claims are only 0.60 cent per lbs unless you buy extra ins. This company is a JOKE and PLEASE do not use them!!!  You will be happy if you go with someone else.  
Entity: Dallas, Texas
23, Report #469727
Jul 14 2009
06:01 PM
Alpha City Moving / AC Moving / Ace Moving Scammed by Toronto Movers Toronto Ontario Canada
Please listen to the other reports posted. These guys lie through their teeth just to get your possessions on their truck. Once they are on, the big deposit is requested and they head to the unloading address. Once there, they hold your stuff hostage. I'm probably one of the luckier ones in that although I need the stuff they moved, I refused to pay any more. I'd rather spend another $1,000 on replacement stuff than give them a penny more of my money. Yes, they confirmed there were no hidden costs up front, then charged us for stairs, heavy furniture (a mattress), 2 hours travel time, dispatch fee, etc. They do not have a contract signed by myself, and I have numerous witnesses that saw them load my stuff up and then in the end, drive off with it. I have been to Toronto police and they are following up. I don't expect much to happen, but there should be some agency that will help out in a situation like this. They didn't indicate any GST on their receipt, etc. - that alone should give the authorities reason to investigate. Why can't they set up some sort of sting - hire them and then get them when it counts. I even have a picture of one of them... if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. thanks S Toronto, OntarioCanada Click here to read other Rip Off Report list of other Moving Companies Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on National Moving Network and other various transport companies ripping off the consumer
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
24, Report #501107
Sep 27 2009
08:14 PM
Dawn Moving Company I DO NOT recommend Dawn Moving Company for moving anything. Halethorpe, Maryland
   I needed a one bedroom apartment moved. I googled movers for the city of Frederick, and it came up with a list of movers to call. Dawn Moving Company was on the list, and I called them up. The woman whom I spoke to on the phone name is Anna, and she she gave me a quote for moving my one bedroom apartment. She told me that it would take 2 hours to load it up in the truck, and  theyre rate was 70$ per hour. So I was expected to pay 140$ by the time they were done in those 2 hours. Two men were to come out and do all the moving. She also told me that they would be at my house at 1pm, which they werent. They didnt arrive at my home until 3:36pm exactly, cause I looked at the clock when they arrived. I wondered why it took them 2 and a half hours prior to the expected time they were supposed to be there. I came out to greet them, and theyre was 3 men instead of 2. Which I called her and asked her if I was going to be charged for the extra labor that I didnt request for, and she told me I wasnt going to be charged for that. Not only that, but these guys couldnt speak 100% english. What little english they could speak was very hard to understand and I had to keep asking them what they were saying. You could tell they were getting annoyed with the fact that I kept asking them. So they started moving my stuff into theyre truck. Most of my stuff was in boxes. I even have brand new furniture that is in boxes. Only thing that wasnt in boxes was my mattress and couch. It nearly took them to move what little I had 3 hours, just putting it in the truck, thats not including driving it to the new location. Why did they have 3 guys moving all this stuff, and it took them 3 hours? Each man gets an hour????? Anyway, the last item to go in the truck was my couch, which is brand new, hasnt been sat on, still wrapped in plastic. It took all 3 of them to figure out how to get it out of the door ( which only took 2 guys from the place I bought it from to get it through the door, and they had no problems ). I watched them handle the couch through the doorway, and they dragged it along trying to push it out of the door. It was touching the ground getting all dirty. I tried to tell them that I didnt want the couch on the ground, and they pretty much ignored me so that they could get the couch out of the doorway and into theyre truck. They dragged it on the ground anyway, and finally got it out and into theyre truck. The new place I needed them to take it was 7 miles away, which took these guys 30 minutes to drive 7 miles. They were driving very slow. So now altoether the time they took to move my stuff out was 3 and a half hours. When they unloaded it it took them an additional 2 hours. Also, I took a look at my couch when they put it in my new home, that the corner of the bottom had a 2 inch rip in the fabric, and all along the top cushion there was black marks. The fabric of this couch is suede mind you. I called up there company and spoke to Anna again about my couch being ruined and how long it took these guys to move my stuff. She said I had to go to theyre website and file a claim, and also show the mover guys what they had done. She also told me that the time it took for them to move my stuff was moved in good time. I told her she lied to me then, because she told me it would only take 2 hours total. I asked her what the total cost was going to be after all this, and she told me 280$.   I refused to pay it, and I told her I refused to pay it, but the mover guys didnt understand anything, and they wouldnt leave until I paid them. So ultimately I paid them in the end the full amount anyway, cause I didnt know what to do. I DO NOT recommend Dawn Moving Company to anybody. They are not honest business in my opinion, and I will never call them up ever again. If i hear anyone say they need to have a moving company move theyre stuff, I will always tell them not to go with this company. Im still trying to file a claim with these people, and have gotten  no replies from them, no phone calls. Ive tried to call them up several times about this, and each time Anna keeps telling me to go to the website and file a claim. And thats all she will say. She hasnt even tried to work with me on this, or even apologized about it.
Entity: Halethorpe, Maryland
25, Report #624287
Jul 17 2010
06:27 PM
Allegiance Moving and Storage Allegiance Moving Solutions Moving Company Internet
This company is a total sham. They are crooks.  They turned up late, took ages to pack the truck and then refused to unload it until I had paid over $1000 in cash or cleared funds. They quoted $225 and ran off with well over $1100.  I really wish I had called the Police.  I will be reporting them to the BBB but by the looks of comments all over the web, that will achieve little.  Do not use this company at all.
Entity: , Internet

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