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1, Report #1401953
Sep 23 2017
07:03 PM
Minnesota life Received a card stating if I wanted another 300.000 added for additional cost cause of age up o 70 on policy, or I'd just have 75,000 coverage only.....I changed my mind after I sent from in, cause I called my bank SAC federal Credit Union asking if thy sent it out cause we as members have a 1.000.00 coverage through Minnesota Life...they said they did not, (Sac federal credit Union out of Omaha, Neb.....So I called Minnesota Life to cxl when thy rec'd the card.....they told me they couldn't, thy stated-they would pull it out till I rec'd and filled out a form stopping all yet not rec'd the form..I did send in a Certified Letter stating to close my account, they still said they would charge me till I sent the top payment form, still have not rec'd as yet..So I found a company- LPM policy services, but they can't stop nothing even though they are related to them, they then give me a number to Affinion services-800-252-2148-they did state all letters come from them for Minnesota life-they stated thy did not end the letter out asking for me to take another 300,000 out......they said I'd have to wait for the form and that my certified letter was nt legal......I advised my bank to stop all payments/my bank said they would send form out to stop payment all they could do,..I am so so shocked to call all these companies that own this company and they say thy can't help......As they said with each company all calls recorted...I added they were a SCAM/and Fraud-as I read all complaints after all this and Minnesota life hardly if ever pays accidents and when we di to the family members....I'm 68 yrs old and find this out after over 10 yrs with them.....Disappointed is a calm word i will use...... Nationwide
Received a card stating if I wanted another 300.000 added for additional cost cause of age up o 70 on policy, or I'd just have 75,000 coverage only.....I changed my mind after I sent from in, cause I called my bank SAC federal Credit Union asking if thy sent it out cause we as members have a 1.000.00 coverage through Minnesota Life...they said they did not, (Sac federal credit Union out of Omaha, Neb.....So I called Minnesota Life to cxl when thy rec'd the card.....they told me they couldn't, thy stated-they would pull it out till I rec'd and filled out a form stopping all yet not rec'd the form..I did send in a Certified Letter stating to close my account, they still said they would charge me till I sent the top payment form, still have not rec'd as yet..So I found a company- LPM policy services, but they can't stop nothing even though they are related to them, they then give me a number to Affinion services-800-252-2148-they did state all letters come from them for Minnesota life-they stated thy did not end the letter out asking for me to take another 300,000 out......they said I'd have to wait for the form and that my certified letter was nt legal......I advised my bank to stop all payments/my bank said they would send form out to stop payment all they could do,..I am so so shocked to call all these companies that own this company and they say thy can't help......As they said with each company all calls recorted...I added they were a SCAM/and Fraud-as I read all complaints after all this and Minnesota life hardly if ever pays accidents and when we di to the family members....I'm 68 yrs old and find this out after over 10 yrs with them.....Disappointed is a calm word i will use.....
Entity: Nationwide
2, Report #32138
Jan 28 2003
12:04 PM
Gibson Trust dishonest, misrepresentation deceptive company Pompano Beach Florida *EDitor's comment *UPDATE ..they filed bankrupsy
I located Gibson Trust on the internet to consolidate all of my credit card debt into one payment. This was August of 2001. I called the company and spoke to a Jeff Felderman. He was very nice and explained in detail the terms of the agreement and answered all of my questions. After discussing with my parter, I called Jeff back and he send me the contract and agreement. I signed it and completed the online ACH form to have my account debited each month on the 15'th for 521.00. I received a letter indicating proposal letters were sent to my creditors. After several months, I find out that two creditors never received proposal letters. I followed up with Gibson and was told they didnt follow up and would resend the letters. My account is debited each month on the 15'th however my creditor never receive their payments on time. I have emailed and called Gibson several times however I recieve no response. I want to cancel my contract with them as my credit debt is higher then when I started, that was a year ago. My creditors have agreed to work with me to pay them directly. I would never have signed with this company if I had known their history. Please help me along with the others to get our money back and close down this company. They are a disgrace. Thank you, WD in Minneapolis MN Wendy Fridley, Minnesota
Entity: Pompano Beach, Forida
3, Report #1008841
Aug 29 2014
12:48 PM
Payment Systems Corp. Total Scam, ready to file class action lawsuit, need more people to come forward. Los Angeles, California
I am not the first to submit this complaint against this company, and all the complaint seems to carry the same story.  This is how Payment Systems corp work, they send these sells representatives that probably only works with the company for about a month, and let go.  They will go into a business, and will use every trick they know and learned from the company.  They will compare the rates of your current credit card processing company with their rates.  They'll tell you they will save you money, 1% on all credit card, no fees on debit period with absolute confidence.  Then they will say the company charges $99 for leasing the credit card terminal to cover the low rate that they're offering.  When I got the statement, the 1% on all credit card does not exist, for debit cards, they charge lots of other fees.  I knew that this was a ripoff, and I am fighting this.  Good thing is I didn't cancel my old merchant service, so I have a second option.      When I called their customer service, all they do is slam the contract down my throat, saying you signed the contract.  They don't want to do anything but to piss their customer off.  I am still dealing with a handful of people within their company to resolve this, but I am looking to put together a class action lawsuit to fight this injustice.  How can a American company behave this way?  Payment systems corp will tell you : most American companies operate this way.  We need to put this company out of business, so if you have any comments, email me at (((ROR redacted))). As long as more people stand up to this company, they will have to stop preying on innocent business owner that's trying to make a living.  CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
4, Report #137356
Jul 01 2006
03:30 PM
Triad - Roadloans I need victims of Triad aka Roadloans California
To all Triad - Roadloan victims, PLEASE I ask that you write another post about this company. I don't care if it is past or present, I need you people to post. I am going to do everthing in my power to start a class action. I can't do this alone. I need your help. I have started the process, but I need to make sure I have every victim of this company. PLEASE, re-write a post, or tell your story once again. I'm doing this for all of us, but I need your help. Just so you know, my state is very familiar with Triad, so I have some leverage there. Please help!!!!!!!! Angie Brainerd, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: California
5, Report #341793
Dec 18 2008
08:36 AM
Winners Reader Service/mcraes Blue Book This company conned my mother into over $1200.00 worth of magazines by telling her she had to go through a process to get her name of the calling list, when they were instead getting her to agree to another contract. Phoenix Arizona
I am reporting this for my mother. Last year she agreed to a magazine subscription with this company. They agreed to take a monthly fee out of her account. The company then began calling her using slightly different names of companies and getting her to agree to more subscriptions when she thought she was discussing the subscription she had already purchased. Then she called the company to try and get her name off the calling list when she figured out what was happening, only after she had three separate subscriptions instead of one, and was told she had to go through a process to have her name removed. Well the process instead of removing her name from the calling list was in fact signing up for another 30 months of payments. When she found out that now she had four separate accounts all taking their part out of her account she called me upset and unsure what to do. I called the company and talked to the top guy supposedly and told him I was aware of what had happened and wanted the subscriptions stopped and my mothers name off their calling list. He was very prepared of course having a speech all made out of what to say, because I'm sure he has been conning people for some time, and said he had my mother on tape. That's right he recorded the purchase, and even though at the beginning of the tape she was clearly telling him she wanted her name off the calling list. I got to hear the entire conversation of how they con these people. So he was willing to settle the entire accounts without the extra fees if we payed the entire purchase off which was around $900. He said he has her on tape agreeing to the purchase, which she was with what she thought was the process of getting her name off the calling list, not purchasing another subscription. My mother is on a fixed income and these people prey on people like her. When I say like her I mean naive, she was raised to believe that people were honest and you pay for the things you purchase, so she's paying four accounts monthly because she tried to have one magazine subscription. Mama's girl somewhere in, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona
6, Report #126220
Jul 03 2006
05:46 PM
Universal Subscription Agency - Check Game Solution scammed me in ripoff Huntsville Alabama
Universal Subscriptions Agency (better known as USA) is trying to scam me. On July 4th, 2004, a young girl knocked on our door. Her story was that she was selling magazines to win a trip to Europe. She needed to get a certain number of points to win the trip and beat the boys' team. She fed us her story, and we digested it, and decided to order a 2 years subscription to Nickelodeon for my wife's little sister. Everything went from there, and she put a little sticker on our door telling the boys' team to beat it because she was going to Europe. She left, and we were thinking that it may have cost us 73.00 dollars for a 2 year sub., but we did it for our little sister. Well, a few days later my wife was talking to her mother about the mags that we ordered, and she told us that we shouldn't have done that because USA is a ripoff, yada yada. After hearing the same story from a few other people, I became concerned and checked USA out on the BBB's site. Of course, they have an unsatisfactory record. My wife and I decided that we needed to cancel our order, but it was too late. Luckily, our check hadn't been cashed, so we put a stop-payment on it. For some reason our little sister still received the magazine, and when she did, my wife's mother wrote a note saying: Did not order, and she sent it back to USA. They didn't receive another issue. Well, we thought we were ok. Sometime in early December I received a letter from Check Game Solution (USA's collection agency). They said that they were seeking to collect a debt on behalf of USA for 103.00 dollars. 73 for the mags, and 30 for the cancelled check fee. Needless to say I called CGS (check game solution) and inquired about why I received the letter. They told me that they were working on behalf of USA, and they couldn't cease collection unless USA gave them the order to. They said I needed to write USA a letter. I did, and sent it certified mail. I still haven't received my receipt for the delivery of THAT letter. About 5 days later I get another letter from CGS stating that this was my second notice, and that they would send my cancelled check to the State Attorney and report it to Equifax (to screw with my credit) if I didn't pay them. I called them AGAIN and told them I wanted to work it out, but I wasn't going to pay for the magazines because I wasn't receiving them. They told me there was nothing they could do, and to call USA and talk to them about this issue. So I call USA, and their rude rep feeds me the same line of bull they all do. I didn't cancel the order through procedure, so I am responsible to pay the amount indicated. I told her that I cancelled my check due to lack of confidence in their business. I said, I decided to cancel my check because of your bad BBB record, and it was about a day or two too late to cancel it through your procedure!. She told me that she knew that they had a bad BBB rating because people got mad about the 3 day cacellation rule and contacted the BBB. My question: If you know you have a bad BBB rating, why don't you try to resolve it? She said that there was nothing she could do, but I could write a letter of complaint to Steve Ingram (the supposed head of magazine sales) and he would contact me. She said that they forward him his mail every Tuesday. Ok, I wrote Mr. Ingram a letter stating my situation and why I did what I did. I had the letter faxed to USA that Tuesday morning. I also called CGS and left them a message stating that I was trying to negociate a settlement with Steve Ingram, and to back off of me while I'm in the process of doing so. I didn't hear a peep out of anyone. No contact from Mr.Ingram, USA, or CGS. Yesterday, on Jan 5, 2005, I get a THIRD letter from CGS stating that my failure to remedy the situation leaves them no choice but to turn my check over to the State Attorney. At the bottom of the letter is says that if I wished to to clear things up before they go any further, contact their collections manager. OK, now I'm royally pissed, and I call USA and let them have it. I told them that this bullcrap has gone on long enough and I've tried to remain professional, but if they can't resolve things with me, then maybe they can do so with my lawyer(s). I asked if I could speak with someone ELSE who could help me resolve this issue. She said, No, and they would tell you the same thing I'm telling you sir. That you didn't cancel the order through our procedure. She tells me that the only way to stop this is to essentially pay the 103.00, then they will reinstate my order, and CGS will leave me alone. I don't want the damn mags anymore! Ok, fine. I call CGS and they are closed (of course), so I leave a message with them stating all this crap, and that I would like to settle this without any more legal action. I urged them to call me, and gave my number and all. Knowing that they wouldn't call me, I contacted one of my lawyers, and he told me that the reason they keep pressing me is they know no attorney would touch my case because it's just too small. But he agreed to write them a letter on my behalf anyway, so I faxed him all the documentation. Today is Jan. 6, 2005. CGS hasn't called me. Steve Ingram hasn't called me. USA hasn't called me. I contacted another of my lawyers, and said that to fax him the letters I wrote them, and the letters they sent me. Tomorrow I will fax him several documents including: the three collection letters the sent me, the two letters I wrote them, a copy of my receipt, and a copy of the BBB's record on their company. Hopefully my two attorney's can put the fear of God into them, but I just don't know. I tried to remain professional, and work with them, but all they want is that money. The don't even care about what people think of their company. If a USA magazine sales person comes by your home, remember my story, along with all the others. If you have internet access, sit them down and show them what type of corrupt and unethical business they are representing. I pray another sales person comes by so I can Show them the way. And please, if you've been scammed by this company, file it with the BBB, and contact me. Perhaps we can file a class-action lawsuit against these mongrels and put them down for good. Contact me by using the rebuttal box below. I hope this story serves as a source of inspiration and hope. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Jeff Huntsville, AlabamaU.S.A. STOP! ..before you think about using the Better Business Bureau (BBB)... CLICK HERE to see how other consumers were victimized by the BBB's false or misleading information. Don't be fooled! It has been reported, when there are thousands of complaints and other investigations underway by authorities, the BBB has no choice but to finally give an UNsatisfactory rating to a BBB member business that is paying the BBB big membership fees every year. When a business is reported that is NOT a BBB member, BBB files WILL more likely show an UNsatisfactory rating, then reportedly shake down that company to become a member of the BBB. One positive thing about the BBB is, either way, if a business has an unsatisfactory rating with the BBB, you can be sure, the business is bad. But what about all those BBB member businesses that had complaints filed against them? Consumers never get to hear about them. What about the BBB advertising to the public? Is this a false and misleading perception they are giving about consumer confidence when dealing with a business? Click here to understand more of what consumers and business alike are saying about the BBB. You decide. ..Remember. The BBB membership is not earned, it's paid for!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
7, Report #183564
Jun 06 2006
08:07 PM
Capitol Merchant Services - MBF Leasing - Electronic Payment Systems Ripoff Intimidating dishonest fraudulant evasive greedy deceptive scammers who mislead and rob small businesses Murray Utah
Note that in this report I am not quoting the exact words, because I don't remember them word for word, but I am doing the best I can, to the best of my ability. It started with a telephone call in or about early December 2005. I told them I wasn't interested and so I thought that was the end of it. Then Capitol Merchant Services boiler room called me back a few days later and fast talked me into a deal that sounded great. I was hoping to get some inquiries about my trips and lots of small donations for my foundation, I got only one donation two days after Christmas. Right now I am only accepting checks that I will take to my credit union account and will await the 7 to 10 time for the checks to clear the banks. The Capitol Merchant Services company told me that I had better sign up now, because prices would be going up after the Holidays, or something of that nature. They also lead me to believe that they were all local and would not be operating from out of state. I believed them hook, line, and sinker. When the representative came out to my home, I spent more than three hours with her and she talked a good show to me and even some people I affliate with from out of state who are concerned with my business. I called them to say that I was getting another Merchant Service because the first one only had a cell phone with an out of state long distance number on it. He said he tore up the contract that I had signed with him. He called me this day of March 27, 2006, claiming that he cared about me and asked me if I had signed up with another Merchant Service. He said he was scolding me for doing it. I frankly don't know what to make of that. The representative who sold me the contract convinced me and the environmental group that I am working with out of state that Capitol Merchant Services was the only way to go. It never even occurred to me at the time that I should have checked out all the reports about it first. I checked with the Better Business Bureau the other day and they were not listed there. Last night, I looked up Capitol Merchant Services on Google and found them on our web site. There are cheaper ways to go such as PayPal and probably other local ATM/Credit Card companies.I asked the sales representative, when giving out a Social Security Number was mentioned, if that would be a good idea. When I questioned her about it, the represntative said blithly, in words to this effect: Yes, we must have your Social Security Number so that we can find out everthing we can about you. I felt a bit odd about her reply and then she went on: We have some wonderful perks for you to make you fell better. We will deliver your credit card and check processing equipment today. We will build your web sites absolutely free. We also will provide 1000 fliers, 25 gift cards, 1000 business cards, and unlimited travel vouchers and build you a wonderful web site, all absolutely free! How is that for a deal! Naively swallowing it, I gave in. Who wouldn't give in to such great-sounding deals? I still had my reservations, but she pushed for my compliance and being alone, I felt intimidated and obligated to give in. I was quoted certain prices but came to find out there were some hidden costs. I signed the contract with one eye open and the other eye closed when both eyes should have been wide opened. Warning! One risk of registering a small buisness, you will be harrassed by phone calls and people wanting your money before you are even making enough to break even! I found out later the web site company they had set up with me Field of Dreams that Capitol Merchant Services decided to drop them flat and build our the web sites themselves. I already have two wonderful web sites that Web Site Pros built for me and I actually have done a lot of the work myself when I learned how to do it. I paid quite a bit of money for them, but they seem to be at least reliable. Capitol Merchant Services also told me that they were getting another leasing Company and were dropping MBF, but I find myself a bit skeptical there about what they are really up to. And I would guess MBF is still very much a part of it. I got some surprises on my Credit Union bank statement the next month.I was told that for leasing my equpment I would only be paying about $102.00 a month, or so. I found out that the bill is for $113.72 a month for leasing, alone. I was certainly not told the truth there. There was also an annual fee of $85 for Electronic Payment Systems that I was not told about initially. There are also a couple of monthly fees listed for Banko Settlemepos Setl (whatever that is)and Electcheck Plusecplus (whatever that is) and a monthly insurance fee of over $8 just in case my equipment is damaged. The two monthly fees for my equipment are $35 or more each, per month. The first month the Banko fee was about $39. That was really a surprise! I got my equipment on December 14, 2005, the very day I signed my contracts. A very nice young woman drove out from Murray to bring my equpment and hook it up. When I went with her to buy the surge protector in Kaysville, it came up in the conversation that she knew my brother's family. I'll just say her first name was Maria who quit her job with them shortly after that. She said she went to high school with one of my nieces and nephews and even called them by name. I had not mentioned their names to her, she mentioned them first. She admired my house all decorated for Christmas and she gave me a hug. I enjoyed being with her. But when it came time to hook up my machine the company asked her to hurry back. I got her out to my place one more time to train me, but the company said she had to be right back and she did not have time to do an adequate job.The next time I called, she was in Colorado as part of her job I was led to believe. The next time I called, she had quit and Capitol Merchant Services told me they didn't know where she was and why she quit. Their excuse was often I don't know where she is or where he is. Maria told me that her father was a Mormon bishop. She would not have known my nieces and nephews and mentioned them first, had she not been in some way diffent than the team she was supposed to represent at Capitol Merchant Services. I suspect that she was disillusioned with her job or her parents were and might not have wanted anything more to do with Capitol Merchant services. Every time I tried to call the company, they were always promising to have someone come out to my place and finish up with the terminal training as they had promised. Oh, yes, someone would be able to come out that day. But no one ever showed up again and they were always giving excuses that you found out about after a lot of calling and waiting all day without hearing from them. And whenever I tried to call them, I was always put on hold, sometimes for almost an hour at a time. They have never made good on their promises of training on my terminal and stopped in mid sentence when they appeared to start training me on the phone. It is a good thing I have not had any business yet, because I have a very bad feeling and I doubt that if a check were to be processed or a credit card processed, that my company would ever see the money for my travel service or for my foundation. I have a feeling that I would get bilked there, as well. I have a sneaking suspicion that when I do get some customers for my tours or foundation donations that I would never get the money in my account to pay the expenses for the tourists or to send donations to the charities and organizations I am trying to help. So my customers would likely be cheated; and consequently, I will never process a check or credit card on this terminal set up. Capitol Merchant Services promised to send me a check for $204.26 to get me started which they did send in a funny envelop which was not addressed to me, but to my company. When I finally deposited the check in my foundation account, my Credit Union questioned the address, but finally accepted the check with some reservations. The check was sent to me in January, not in December as the company had promised. The lease papers were sent later, too, because I was told they would have to take them back to the office to finish them up. When I got the copies of the contract papers for the leases, there was a lot of funny small print that my eyes could not read and a lot of names dealing with several states. Because I was not given time to think about it before I signed them, I had to sign them without reading all the details, and this I ended up with a so-called non-cancellable lease. My Bishop has my papers now and/or is dealing with them as he feels is best, but I think one of the locations mentioned on the lease contract was in Tennessee and a couple of other states. But I was told this would all be done locally. I had to beg for someone to send me the check and the papers or I probably would still never have received them. I talked with Keith Day once on the phone about getting my $204 advance check that was promised earlier. He said that for some reason his boss decided to postpone sending the check later than first led to believe. The receptionists only half answered may questions and sometimes there was a giggly young girl on the other end of the line. My friend, a woman I do some typing for, says that such a girl from Capitol Merchant Services called her the other night from a cell phone. The least evasive person, a man named Bill, was the most explicit, but right away he introduced to me to a salespitch to sign another contract with them to build me a web site with them. He wanted me, again, to make another committment. Now I am skeptical of signing any contracts, leasing anything, or making any time committments. Once bitten, twice shy! I was told that the contract was binding and that I would have to committ for four years, but who knows where any of us will be in four years? I asked if I could get out of the lease contract, but there is not just one with MBF leasing, but two, the other being with EPS (Electronic Payment Systems). Either I missed the boat or else I was fast talked so fast that it came as a surprise when I found out I had signed two leases with what I thought was one company. I was never told that I could cancel but that if I did, I could buy it out (whatever that means) and then that I would have to find someone to buy the deal from me, which seems next to impossible to do. Capitol Merchants told me that they would not be responsible for calling MBF Leasing or Electronic Payment Systems and that I would have to do it myself, but that would be for me like talking to a stone wall. I would get absolutely nowhere with them. Their prices are outrageous. I figured out that it will cost me at least $10,000 to pay it all off in four years and I don't have that kind of money now and I may never have that kind of money. That is even outrageous for a mega-million dollar corporation. Nobody should have to pay that kind of prices for their businesses. Capitol Merchant Services told me that I would be paying back 1.9 percent per credit card, but I don't rust them and I will never process any checks or credit cards with the equipment sitting on my desk. It will have to be deprogrammed before it is even usable for anyone. Besides being dishonest, these three companies are outrageously unaffordable. I think we need to stand together and demand our money back, consider taking our cases to a small claims court, and demand a class action law suit. Hopefully, then, those of us who have been robbed will be able to afford to take part in the class action law suit if approved. These companies don't care about us, our livelihoods, our lives, or the sucess of our businesses. All they care about is the money they are scamming from our already too small bank accounts. How about shutting them down? Marilyn Kaysville, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Murray, Utah
8, Report #173541
Apr 27 2007
05:51 PM
Family Credit Counseling Lost a money order back in october for 600.00 and debited my bank account twice in one week will not put funds back will not return phone calls Ripoff Lauderdale Lakes Florida
There is no doubt whatsoever that this company is a fradulent practice. They have blamed all of their issues and incompetence on the hurricane but they are up and running enough to debit my account and other peoples' accounts as well. I joined the program in october and they lost my first money order and although i call about it and faxed over all of the documents they would need to locate it, no one is doing anything about it. No one returns phone calls or responds to emails. I have left and sent message after message and when you do get through to someone they are sweet as pie and reassuring and oh i dont know how this could have happened, we have had a hurricane blah blah blah. The latest was that last week they debited my account twice for 570.00 within a few days of each other and won't put the money back into my account. I have called everyday regarding this issue since last friday. Time to get serous here. No more being understanding and patient. This is my life they are messing with here. Oh and the kicker is that i am being harasses literally by my creditors morning noon and night because my guess is that none of the funds i have sent these people has been disbursed among my creditors. yes i did get myself in to a little debt and i have made some mistakes but i wanted to right my mistakes and you want to trust these companies to help you repair the damage that you have done. up until the point were i joined this so called debt relief program my credit score was outstanding and all of my payments were on time. now i fear that it looks to my creditors as if i just simply stopped paying. I hope the damage these people have caused me is not irepairable. What a really hard, hard lesson to learn this was. stay away people and don't trust these s.o.b.s Lindsay kittery, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
9, Report #146212
Jul 15 2010
01:25 PM
Triad Financial - Roadloans Ripoff I've Contacted a Class Action Law Firm Huntington Beach California
Hello past, present and any victims of Triad. I have started the ball rolling for the Class Action against Triad, I have been in contact with a large law firm in California. If you would like to join in with me and all the others, please get in contact with me via Rip-Off Reports. I welcome anyone to join in. I have information that will help everyone out......including ex-employees(yes, more than one). Let's hear from you soon. Angie Brainerd, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Huntington Beach, California
10, Report #109274
May 22 2014
02:18 PM
RJM Acquisitions/FingerHut Fraudently claiming monies are owed to Fingerhut, and reporting it on credit reports SyossetSyosset New York
Sometime in 1998 and 1999 I filled out a credit application to establish an account with Fingerhut National Bank. Shortly thereafter I received a letter from Fingerhut stating that they checked my credit report, and was unable to grant my request for an account. The letter clearly indicated the credit reporting agency that Fingerhut used (Experian) and said to inquire with the credit bureau to get a copy of my credit file. I then sent a letter to Experian, received a copy of my credit file and was able to address the recent delinquent account that was on my credit report. From what I thought - my dealings with Fingerhut National Bank were over.... Sometime in 2003, RJM Acquisitions placed an account on my credit file for an outstanding account with Fingerhut for $107. The last date of activity was in 2002 (keep in mind that I received the credit denial letter sometime in 1999). So I drove myself crazy wondering what on Earth they were talking about until one day while cleaning out old boxes from college, I found a copy of my faxed letter to Experian asking them to send me a copy of my credit file. Although I couldn't find the initial letter from Fingerhut, it came back to me that Fingerhut DENIED me credit YEARS ago....and here RJM Acquisitions is claiming that I actually OWE them money! Obviously my credit profile is accurate, which means that my address is correct and if RJM Acquisitions was truly trying to collect on a debt, they would have sent me a collection letter of some sort by now. But guess what - they have not! After seeing how many of you have had similar issues, it makes sense that the best way to back a previous customer, or potential custmer, in the corner is to place the item on the credit report and then force them to either pay it or go through the hassle of disputing the bill with the credit bureaus. Even in those instances, the credit bureaus only ask the creditor to validate the debt and if they say Yes, that's pretty much the extent of their dispute process. In my situation, I am moving forward with a mortgage proceeding, and I have NO CHOICE but to pay this amount if I want to satisfy the deadline provisions in my Offer to Purchase contract. I do not, however, want to pay them one red cent, but time is truly not on my side. I believe that there are FAR more people who pay these low amounts of money just to be done with the headache, when in fact the debt is not valid or accurate. You do the math - let's say, you take 1000 customers a month from the millions of Fingerhut National Bank customers and fraudently claim that they owe $125 each, and HALF of them pay - that $500 multiplied by $125 each totaling $62,500 a month!!! Now if THAT'S not a scam - I don't know what is!!!!! IF THERE IS ANYONE OUT THERE WHO IS WILLING TO JOIN A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST RJM ACQUISITIONS/FINGERHUT FOR ANY FRAUDULENT CLAIMS, PLEASE contact me through the rebuttal key BETWEEN ALL OF US, WE CAN GATHER ENOUGH SUPPORT TO REALLY SHAKE UP RJM & FINGERHUT! Thanks! Jennifer Winston Salem, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Syosset, New York
11, Report #295279
Jan 28 2013
01:35 PM
After reading many of the reports filed on this site, it has come to my attention that it is time the home owners should file a class action suit against this company. I too have had the same problems as many of you that have already reported. We were given to Ocwen when Aegis Mortgage Company filed Bankruptcy. We were on a forebearance program and then in November were sent a letter to bring the account current, that we would longer be on the forebearance program. The first certified letter came November 16 with a demand payment by December 16. Then we get a second certified letter dated November 19 with a demand payment for 1/2 the payment of the November 16 letter to be made by December 16. Then we get a third certified Demand letter December 17 demanding payment by January 17 with the same amount of money due (adding $5.21 more to the payment) that was due in the November Letter. We are current with our payments. We have proof of this. So what they are trying to pull, just does not make sense and to reach them by phone is a nightmare. To email them, you are really lucky if you get a reply of which they claim they will replay to you within 15 days. Whoop tee doo!! According to the Govenment Pamphlet on Fair Credit Practices, Section 805, clearly states that frequent calling (of which no one is on the other line either) is a form of Harrassment and is illegal. Well, with reading all the reports that have been given on this web site, maybe it is time that a class action lawsuit be filed to wake the company up. Oh, by the way, when they outsource to third world companies, and then ask for my social security number, are they crazy!!!! There is no way in Gods Green Earth I am going to give anyone outside the United States my Social Security Number. I contacted my attorney and she said we have a great case. Maybe someone should put their money where their mouths are and prove to others that they honor what they say on their Web site. Do I have any takers. If you are interested in going with me in a class action law suit, please contact me through this web site and I will find a way that we can all communicate to get one started. I will watch this site daily to see how many people are really serious about starting the procedure. Without you there will be no releif for so many of us and more in the future. Carl Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: ORLANDO, Florida
12, Report #120390
Jan 09 2013
10:12 AM
HOMECOMINGS FINANCIAL CLASS ACTION SUIT, HELP IS HERE, READ THIS POST! ripoff, crooks, fraud, crooks, crooks, fraudulent Dallas Texas
Homecomings Financial seems to be in the 'business' of CHEATING people OUT of their homes based on everything I've seen written online...scared me so much a couple of weeks age that I posted my complaint on a class action site and now have a law firm in NY interested in a class action suit against Homecomings. They are GREAT people at the law firm helping me personally so I won't (hopefully) lose my home to this FRAUDULENT company. If any of you out there have any suggestions for help or know anyone who has/had problems with Homecomings. PLEASE have them post and/or email me ASAP, The law firm, Wolf Popper, NY is looking into CLASS ACTION SUIT against Homecomings Financial. You may contact me by using the rebuttal box below. A CLASS ACTION SUIT will bring JUSTICE for those of us devastated by this company's underhanded fraudulent practices!! Thanks for any help!! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. John e. Richmond, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
13, Report #187805
Jun 11 2009
11:48 AM
Home Q Servicing ripoff forcing us out of our home. Sacramento, California
OMG! I can't grip that there are so many more of you out there that have been or are going through what we are. Our case Started when IVAN rolled though and flooded us. I was in touch with this mortgage holder from day 1 letting them know what the status was with our case and FEMA. As you can see the wall on the right is buckling, and the wall strait under the light has started to come down and is no longer supporting the house in that corner. Its very close to the electrical box. Since it was taking so long to get FEMA in gear we took out from his retierment to cover our motgage. Then we had the damage from the flood to deal with and 2 young children in the home ages 1 and 3 at the time. We had to spend the money on fixing our furnace, Water heater, and more. Not long after that we had to put our house up on jacks as the foundation gave way and the house started to shift. The county engineer came out to inspect the house (his second time out) and wrote up a paper stating that we should not be living here until such time as the foundation could be fixed due to the very real posibility of a fire as the electric pannel box was very close to 1 wall that was falling in on us. Though the city refused to give me a vacate order since they knew the damage to the rest of the home was extensive and it should be demo'ed and rebuilt. They didn't want to be help responsible for that. By the end of the year I was very ill, and ended up in the hospital with a galbladder full of stones. My husband had to stay home from work to take care of our 2 little ones durring this time. As i got back on my feet he got back to work and again I came down very ill. I called the motgage holder to let them know why we had missed a payment sinse i do all the bills. They had no mercey. Thinking it was just the flue I didn't complain much till one night i could not move. Back to the hospital we went and was told it was just a UTI so home we went. Still ill we went to my sergons office to be checked on for the past surgery and found i was truely very ill again. Back in the hospital I landed due to a very bad kidney infection (ecoli), This took a while longer for me to bounce back from and after 7 days was sent home with an IV every day for 9 days. again my husband had to take the time off work to care for the children while i was in hospital. He had used up all his vacation time by now and we had no income until I got home to care fore the children. then it was a week before the first check came in. What do we do put food in the house for the kids?, pay on our utility's? car? or what. That little check can only go so far. We called the mortgage holder again to let them know what was going on but after the rudeness i had to deal with was not in any shape to do that again soon. Now with the way the house is, our energy bills are through the roof, and we fight just to keep them turned on. Well as of monday 4/20/06 we will not have heat or hot water unless I boil it to use to clean ourselves and our children. In talking with our mortgage holder durring all of this it has been extreamly hard to hear them say things like we should divorce and leave the home so i can go on public aid with the children, or tell me oh you have not tried to contact us at all, or even that I should stay up until after my children are asleep to call them when my medications for my seizures knock me out sometimes before my children go to bed! Who do they think they are to treat people like this? We used all of my husbands 401K retierment funds, and tax returns to get them paid and even when we do that they act like we just don't want to pay our bills.(if that were the case why would we have done that?) Now they are raising our monthly payment to cover the forced insureance they put on the house 2,500.00 a year mind you. while we were looking to get our own and have now. Soon they will add our back owed property taxes onto our payment and that will surely make that payment to hard to pay at an increase of 300.00 a month. It is 3:07 am EST right now and i am having trouble sleeping due to the stress they put on me/us. (even after taking my medication that normaly knocks me out in an hour.) If this mortgage holder is also banking with or part of a bank then why cant they work with people like us? Why force us out of our homes with all the increases? As it stands right now we want our home! We got married here and had one of our children here. We are willing to work out a plan with them but it has to fit within what they know we can aford not push it way out of our reach! Though I would realy like a new mortgage company not some darn collection company like this one. They are sending me papers for a shot sale on the home. well if they are willing to take less than we owe them than whats the deal here?.. are they in this just to force people out of their homes? thats how it seems to me at the moment.I just don't get it at all. Judi Mayfield, PennsylvaniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on HomeQ
Entity: Sacramento,, California
14, Report #69303
Jan 25 2013
09:37 AM
Drive Time,Ugly Duckling,Kars Yes ripoff, filing a class action lawsuit, if you wish to join in. Orlando Florida
My boyfriend has had a long history with Drive Time, and let's just say that none of it has been happy.We are planning to file a class action lawsuit against Drive Time, Ugly Duckling and Kars Yes. We have already contacted a lawyer and have excellent grounds for this.We need as many people as possible to take part, and hopefully rectify all the wrongs done by them.If you are a dissatisfied customer and wish to join in the lawsuit, please contact me through the rebuttal key with your story and phone number and mailing address, so that I may get in contact with you.They need to pay for what they have been able to get away with!Samantha Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Drive Time, formally known as Ugly Duckling which is registered under the same ownership. CLICK here to see why we deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
15, Report #43048
Apr 09 2012
02:43 PM
Interstate Subscription Services Inc intentionally lied about refund policy, now will not compromise dirty ripoff liars the business that doesnt give a dam tricked and lied to us San Antonio Texas
A salesman of magazine subscription deceived me into buying 26 issues. He was selling the subcriptions for some contest that was run buy the company already noted. He ensured me that if I were to order a subscription that there would be no problem receiving full refund and he would still earn points for his little contest. The deal sounded like there would be no harm towards me or my wallet. I was informed that when I receive the magazine to simply send it back, and in turn I would get a full refund. That was the return policy as explained to me. After a few weeks and no sign of the magazine, I got curious as to when I might be receiving it. I scrounged up the receipt and found in small letters written on the back of the carbon copy the return policy was only accepted if you made a written cancellation to the company 3 days after signing for the subscription. After reading this I immediately sent in for my refund, and an explanation of my deceit only to be turned down by not complying with company policy. The subscription is not for a substantial amount of money, but to not act on this would not settle well with me. Also as a struggling college student the smallest amount means a great deal. I realize now that I was swindled into a bad deal, but I was just trying to help the kid and not get hurt in the process. Which is exactly what I was told Bobby Gresham, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
16, Report #92840
May 28 2007
08:59 PM
in march of 2003 notices were sent telling myself and gmac that my homeowners insurance was due on may 8 2003 if it wasnt paid on time that the policy would cancel. i called gmacs escrow/ insurance dept told them this and sent them letters as did my insurance agent. they assured me that it would be paid dont worry. well they paid it all right a day, LATE and as a result it was cancelled. the old policy was $482.00 a yr and was guaranteed not to be higher if paid on time. the new policy is now 1333.00 a yr thats $851.00 more a yr and i am responsible for that. i don't think so. they made the mistake and should be responsible for correcting it. I tried for months to tell them this, sent them letters, called them, faxed them my agent also called them, we had two hurricanes comming ( my home is in kew west fla) and no insurance THEY DID NOTHING, now they are foreclosing on my home, this they are doing because they know i have evidence to prove my point its in their own words entered in my escrow account record. also they say i have not paid them when in fact they have cashed my checks and it shows in that report also as of june 30 2004 i will be homeless. my home of 16yrs will be gone i can not afford to buy in key west again as the prices have reached an all time high and gmac has ruined my credit as they have reported a foreclosure to all credit reporting agencys. if anyone has had this problem with gmac or any attorney wants to sue these bastards please contact me. this is a million dollar case and its winable. Daniel ft lauderdale, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: WATERLOO, Iowa
17, Report #751128
Jan 08 2015
02:46 PM
select portfolio servicing, Inc. starting class action law suit against Select Portfolio... Please end me your info. to be part of it. Salt Lake City, Utah
Attention all who have been ripped off by Select Portfolio.  Your home is your castle.  They have broke the law big time and need to pay.  We must force our government officials to react by bringing legal force to the court room. Please email me or write me or call me with your complete info and rip off you have with Select Portfolio.  Class action law suit brings big attention from the state attorneys in your state. Organize with me now.........I am an American Citizen........Aren't YOU? Class Action starting NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Join In...................
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
18, Report #995630
Jan 21 2013
11:12 PM
Fortivus Construction, LLC dba Firewheel Pools and Outdoor Living ORDERED DESIGN WORK AND NEVER PAID FOR OUR SERVICES - Giulio Ferrari - Fortivus Construction - Firewheel Pools and Outdoor - risco Texas, Internet
Giulio Ferrari, contacted me through a 3rd party software company asking me to provide him Design Services for his swimming pool business. It is not uncommon for me to provide the designs and receive payment afterwards, but he took advantage of it by ordering 3 designs at the same time with a promise of extra payment when he receives my work. After numerous calls, texts, and a threat from me that I'll never do another design for him, he returned my text with a long and drawn out story that he wrecked his car, he and the whole family had pnemonia and I wrote the check out weeks ago, but just didnt mail it yet, quite lame. The end result to the story is that I'll never see my money. I advise anyone that may deal with him to reconsider, and to let the other sheep know that a wolf is about.
Entity: Frisco Texas 75033, Internet
19, Report #84744
Jan 11 2005
01:06 AM
Ameriquest Mortgage Company Refinance - Unconscionable Terms, Misrepresentations and Failure to Disclose Prepayment Penalty Orange California
I am attorney in New Jersey who represents a customer of Ameriquest Mortgage company who claims that Ameriquest committed fraud and violated lending laws when it refinanced her mortgage. I am not soliciting business for myself. I would like to hear from customers of Ameriquest or Ameriquest's former or current employees who would be willing to testify about their dealings with Ameriquest. The testimony of the witnesses would be relevant to this matter only if the witness experience one or more of the following problems: Failure by Ameriquest to advise that the customer would be charged a prepayment penalty if he or she paid off the loan Assurances that the customer would be able to refinance at a lower rate in the near future Pressure tactics such as appearing at the customer's door, calling place of employment, threats, etc. (both in connection with procurement of the loan and collecting payments on the loan). Failure to provide the customer with credit for payments made on the loan. Pressuring the customer not to hire an attorney to represent the customer at the closing. Changing the terms of the loan at the closing table. Placing incorrect information of the customer's loan application. Not allowing the customer time to read the documents at the closing. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. It is only by pursuing these claims that true change takes place. Luckily, the New Jersey Legislature has passed a very strong predatory lending law which I hope will protect consumers in the future. I can be reached through the rebuttal key Christina Shrewsbury, New JerseyU.S.A. CLICK here to see why we deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Orange, California
20, Report #123210
Jan 31 2010
04:52 PM
GMAC MORTGAGE Ripoff ILLEGAL foreclosure Denied Right to Cure Mishandled Payments Ignored Dispute Letters Improper Debt Collection Practices Ruined Credit HORSHAM PA
I have been battling GMAC Mortgage Corporation on a 2nd mortgage loan for 22 months. Long story all started when GMAC lost a payment, it was signed for but never applied. I continually disputed the situation IN WRITING with them, citing our Section 6 RESPA rights. They continued to run my account delinquent, though a major portion of it was in dispute. They continued to report a delinquency on our credit reports. Eventually, one of their collectors called and told me that I was in foreclosure. He told me I needed to pay (about) $2,000 of attorney's fees to stop foreclosure action. I told him that it was illegal to foreclose on my house, because I hadn't been given Notice of Default or Right to Cure, provided for in my loan agreement. This guy was miserable to talk to; continually taunting me that I would lose my home, my children wouldn't have a place to live, etc. Using borrowed funds from our 401K, I cured (what GMAC considered to be) the default. That check was FedEx'd to the above debt collector, though it wasn't credited to my account for a few more days, causing yet another late fee. After the alleged default was cured, the foreclosure action BEGAN. Simultaneously, GMAC filed a Charge Off on our credit reports (citing a $49,000) loss AND they also filed with our County Trustee to force the sale of our home... all this was done with NO RIGHT TO CURE, mind you, totally breaching our contract with them. This has been an incredible nightmare, as the illegal charge off information remained on our credit report for over 9 months. We couldn't get a loan from ANYONE because of what GMAC did to our credit. Additionally, other creditors closed our accounts and put us on default interest rates because of our smeared credit. We simply cannot mitigate the damages that GMAC dealt us. We filed a complaint with the Colorado Atty General's office. GMAC's response to them was that they had no record of ever receiving our complaints. I have written over 20 complaints, and I have delivery confirmation. Please... I need help from ANYONE WHO HAS HAD ANY OF THE SAME EXPERIENCES WITH GMAC. Our story is so complex, it would take way too long to go into detail. Bottom line is... I know that GMAC is doing the same thing to other people. Please let me know if you have had any of these experiences with GMAC Mortgage: -misapplied payments (a couple of days late, so as to charge a late fee) - mishandling or loss of payment (with proof of delivery) - failure to respond to written letters of dispute - improper debt collection practices (harassment, malicious intent to cause distress) -failure to give Notice of Default or Right to Cure (thereby breaching a loan agreement or Deed of Trust) - illegal attorney's fees charged to account - filing a charge off on a home loan -returning payments for illegitimate reason (they returned a check of mine because they didn't like how it was written out) If you have experienced one or more of these things by GMAC Mortgage, please let me know. There is a wolf/popper attorney looking into a class action on these things, and I need more proof that what happened to me IS NOT AN ISOLATED INCIDENT... I know that GMAC is doing it to other people, too. Please help all of us, and respond to this and come forward with your story. Thanks!! Valerie Centennial, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Horsham, Pennsylvania
21, Report #129609
Oct 04 2005
02:59 AM
Center For Credit Counseling Service, CFCCS ripoff, fraud, theft Deerfield Beach Florida
At the suggestion of our mortgage lender we called CFCCS and began a debt managment hardship program in August of 2003. In May of 2004 checks were not posting to creditors on time and I began questioning them. As of October 2004 I had 4 of the 6 creditors missing two payments. They agreed to do a check trace and then never returned my calls or emails. Once I did speak with them, there was always an excuse. I stopped our ACH payments to them and began to pay creditors on my own. Three of these creditors dropped us from the program stating I was not paying ontime. We now have late fees and higher interest rates. I requested contact from CFCCS and asked for numbers to contact their legal dept. and accounting and now no one will get back to me. I have about $1,340 that I payed CFCCS and they did not pay my creditors. I Need help. Due to this we have to file bankruptsy. Creditors continue to blame us for these missing checks even though I have proof I have made payment to CFCCS. They also will not work with us unless we use a third party credit counceling service. WE DID AND LOOK WHAT IT GOT US! Suzanne Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Deerfield Beach, Florida
22, Report #126256
Jan 07 2005
10:16 PM
USBI And Alyon Technologies ripoff I Think They Are In This Together!! Fraudulent Telephone Charges for calls made with illegal modem auto-dialer Internet
I see I am not the only person being victimized by these criminals! I received my Verizon Phone bill yesterday & was shocked to see $189.44 in charges for INTERNATIONAL calls placed to Diego Garcia! Six calls were placed on November 29th, 2004. The first call was at 5:41pm for 7 minutes = $15.86 Second call, 5:50pm, 2 minutes = $7.67 Third call, 5:52pm, 20 minutes = $37.17 Fourth call, 6:13pm, 20 minutes = $37.17 Fifth call, 6:35pm, 20 minutes = $37.17 Sixth call, 6:57pm, 20 minutes = $37.17 I recall having to delete numerous things from my computer around that time because, once again, my computer was infected with a slew of auto-dialer software. It took quite a bit of searching to find all the files & manually remove them all. I even had to edit a number of malicious entries made to the registry. I assumed that these were the work of Alyon Technologies - the ones who had victimized me a few times in the past & had sent me bills for hundred of dollars in unauthorized internet calls (calls placed by the auto-dialer while no one was home). Do a search on Alyon - you will see thousands of complaints. I am guessing this is them again, just hiding behind another facade. I guess I am once again forced to unplug my phone lines everytime I am not using them. Is this the only way to protect myself? Apparently security services, firewalls, virus protection, privacy services, spam & adware-eliminators do not help whatsoever. It boggles the mind how much garbage still easily gets through to my computer & creates so much havoc & aggravation. I will be calling USBI & Verizon first thing in the morning to complain & demand these charges be removed. I am now prepared to deal with the rude, uncooperative representatives I expect will answer my calls. It doesn't matter how rude they are, I've delt with their BS before, and they still will not get one cent out of my pocket. I will be filing complaints with all appropriate agencies. I will be contacting every TV news station & every newspaper to voice my complaints & let others know of these scams!! Aprille Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #263722
Dec 06 2009
01:50 PM
Green Tree Just Another Statistic in the Foreclosure Circle of Life ripoff Tempe Arizona
In 2000 I decided to become a homeowner. I found a modular home and let the company find the financing for me. As a single parent this was an accomplishment for me. I was financed with a company called Green Point, I now know that's just a longer spelling for CROOK! I used my land as a down payment, the modular home company did the appraisal, it didn't appraise at the right value, so they had them go back and re-appraise it, since the rep knew the guy as a friend of his and said that he could get the value up for me. So this time it passed appraisal and I was on my way to owning my first home, I had acheived the American Dream. We moved in April of 2000. Then the trouble began! The very first week we were there the electricity went out in the front half of the house. I had to get the modular company to come out and fix it. They were prompt and did it within 24 hours. Then even more problems began. The windows in the ENTIRE house failed to go up, I called the modular company to come out and fix this problem since it was a warranty issue, they said no it was not a warranty issue. So I then decided to call my mortgage company and ask them if they could do something to help, hoping that they would want to protect their assets. They said they could not help. So I was left to deal with trying to fix this problem myself, being a single parent this was almost impossible to do. So at this point I'm just praying that my home does not catch on fire or that we need to make a quick escape through the windows for any reason as we would have been dead. This was just my first month at my dream home. I lived in that nightmare for 5 YEARS! After the first few months of these problems I just gave up. I did seek out legal advice and was told it would only bankrupt me since the seller and mortgage companies would just draw it out for as long as they wanted to since they had deep pockets in which to do that. I even tried to skip a payment holding it ransom hoping that the mortgage company would make the home seller fix the warranty problems, all that did was put my credit rating in jeopardy and the problems never did get fixed. Then other troubles began. All of a sudden the mortgage copany was calling me and telling me that I was behind in payments, which I was not since I made the ransom payment to them. But they insisted that I pay them or they would take their house back. Funny, all of a sudden it has become their house when they told me before about the warranty problems that it was my house and that I would have to fix the problems myself. But then more trouble started. The harrassing phone calls that started early in the morning and lasted well into the evening. The only relief I got from that was when the phone number got changed, I feel sorry for the person who got that phone number reassigned to them. I did not want to lose my home. I refused to give in to their bullying tactics and harassment. But it was not meant for me. I had requested several times that Green Tree send me a printout of my payment history with them so I could see on paper what they had credited my account for and if I was really as far behind as they said I was, as I wanted to compare my payment receipts to theirs. All I got from them was a phone conversation that said I had to catch my account up to date to get any sort of printout and until that happened they would continue to bill me and eventually take my house. They even went so far as to tell me that I had bounced a check but could not give me the check number so that I could verify this with my bank, but they did give me a dollar amount and ironically I was holding that cancelled check in my hand during that entire conversation, keep in mind that my mother had also sent in a check for the exact same amount and she also had her cancelled check during that conversation as well. Neither checks had bounced! (But they continued billing me that additional fee even AFTER we had both sent in the copies of our cancelled checks.) About a year after I moved in I lost my job due to a disability. I had to go 2 years without any income at all. I had no insurance to help pay my mortgage as Green Tree told me that they did not offer this type of insurance when I got my mortgage and there was nowhere else in my city that offered this to me either as I checked around as I wanted to make every effort to make sure that I was able to keep my house in this type of event. I had to go on Welfare where I only got $289 a MONTH! I had to ask my parents to help me out to make my house payments as well as utilities. During this time I was constantly harassed by Green Tree. This was before my phone was changed so I was getting those phone calls and being spoken to as if I were some kind of scum lower than dirt. I was already in a weakened state of physical health and was told to stay away from stress, this did not help. Many times I got off the phone from them in tears and even had to make a few trips to the hospital because of thier treatment of me. And to make matters worse, my house payment was going to go up more because it was an Adjustable Rate Mortgage. So my life was going to be getting worse. I was trying to get Social Security, which takes some time to get, and was told by Green Tree that once I did get it to call them and they would give me a fixed rate on my mortgage and waive any fees for doing this. After I did get approved to receive benefits I did just exactly as I had been instructed to do and was told that they don't do that and wanted me to send them more money even though my mortgage was caught up by my records. They told me that there were other charges but could not discuss them with me. This was my account and they could not discuss details of the billing of my account with me! Talk about a big red flag! I pretty much gave up at that point. It was then that I changed my phone number and used *67 to call them from that moment on. As I said, this nightmare went on for 5 years. In September 2005 I just gave up and let my house go into foreclosure status and let it go back to Green Tree who seemed more than excited to finally get it back. I have heard and read that most banks don't want your property that they just want your money, but when I DID communicate with Green Tree they never wanted to work out any sort of payment arrangement. One time they called me and said they were calling to make a payment arrangement, so I thought to myself that this was my chance to save my home. So I asked her if I could send in a certain dollar amount each month, this representative told me that I had to send in the full amount due or they would take my home. I then asked her why she called me, she said to make a payment arrangement, I told her okay, let's make an arrangement and even gave her the definition of payment arrangement. She said to send them in the full amount and it would be caught up and wanted me to give them my checking account number so they could take that amount over the phone and charge me extra fees for that. I told her I no longer had a checking account so she wanted me to wire the money to her, again paying additional fees. I told her they would get the money in so many days they said that wasn't good enough for them they needed the money that day. At that point I finally woke up and ended my nightmare, I kept that money and let it go. In December 2005 I was served papers to get out of the home that I had fought so hard to keep. My mortgage started out at $248 a month and had skyrocketed to $384 a month, despite the fact that mortgage rates had remained fixed at that time, plus property taxes and utilities. I sat down one night after the everything was over and ready the fine print on my mortgage papers, I was sickened to see that in 10 years time my mortgage rate was going to go up to 10% and that over the 30 year term of my $50,000 I would have repaid over $150,000 for a house that just sold on the market for a MERE $19,000! Thinking my nightmare was finally over I moved on. Until the other day when my mother tried to refinance HER home which was next door to my nightmare and found out that there was a lien placed on it by Green Tree for $50,000. This was placed on there because the home carries my name on the deed AFTER her name. And after meeting with an attorney today I find out that in the state of Indiana they can pretty much do whatever they want to do and that as a consumer who was wronged by them in multiple ways I have no legal rights to fight them! I am not a dead beat and I did not want to lose my home nor give it back to those vultures who in turn just gave it away. I fell on hard times like many others before me. Many have complained on here that something needs to be done. Well, I want to be that person to do something about this company. I am setting up an account on myspace dot com backslash consumers for consumers, please use underscores between the names, and look me up and let's get something done to stop this company from further ruining our lives, our parents, grandparents and even our children. You can even find me at my name at verizon dot net. Haven't we been through enough of this? I have also been looking up attorneys who handle class action law suits and will be contacting them starting Monday and telling them to look here for reports and information. Angel241989 Terre Haute, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Tempe, Arizona
24, Report #36378
Jul 12 2008
10:24 PM
Epenzio Bring it Home Inc ripoff Salt Lake City Utah
Epenzio, Bring it Home Inc., Home Inc., Liberty Vending, Usight, Web Resource Group, Netbiz, et al ripoff - con artists - Here is how to get your money back Salt Lake City Utah ..... These guys are bad news. I was taken by them but got my money back. Call or e-mail the Utah Consumer Protection Agency. Speak to Al Pauga. It took him only a few weeks to get my money. File the complaint online, then call him. I have been speaking to a lot of people who got ripped off also. Post on all the company names you met at the seminar. Email the trouble shooter, Tom Martino. A group of us are trying to get everyone together. E-mail me you can [contact me via a RipoffReport REBUTTAL] and I will get you updated to where everthing is going. These guys are really bad and need to be put out of business. Utah is getting involved and wants to hear from everyone. Get your money back and help others do the same. The more complaints listed the better. Please help. Laurie Denver, Colorado
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
25, Report #152091
Nov 06 2007
04:03 PM
HAVE YOU FALLEN PREY TO MORTGAGE FRAUD? LOOKOUT FOR THE SEVEN SIGNS: 1. Illegally recording timely payments as late, thereby imposing injurious late fees. 2. Improperly refusing to accept monthly mortgage payments, resulting in default and adverse credit reporting. 3. Paying property taxes late, and then charging the late fees to the borrower. 4. Charging force-placed insurance when the homeowner already has coverage. 5. Disregarding qualified written requests under RESPA and related homeowner complaints. 6. Abusive treatment by customer service representatives and collection attorneys. 7. Forcibly entering borrowers' homes to winterize or place foreclosure signs on the premises. While testimonies of the above are readily found on this site, I shall add my own personal list of offenses endured. Here is the sequence in chronological order: 1.This loan was originally closed with another mortgage company (call it XYZ) and sold shortly thereafter to EMC. Even with the flood and hazard amounts fully paid in full for the year, they attempted to (illegally) collect additional escrow. 2.I called customer service at XYZ, who completely disregarded my complaint. I then sent a Qualified Written Request to XYZ via signature-confirmed USPS priority mail 3.XYZ disregarded this request and has never replied to it. 4.I received a letter of transfer to EMC. 5.I wrote a letter to EMC and requested that they correct the excess and redundant escrow.. Also, the flood insurance I paid at closing was NOT sent to the insurer, even 2 months after closing. This demonstrated another breach of good faith. 6. EMC disregarded this letter; I subsequently sent them a Qualified Written Request. 7.A notice of receipt by EMC of the Qualified Written Request was sent to me; however they made it clear they were attempting to collect a debt! 8.EMC continued to completely disregard my communications and treat me like someone who welshed on a bet! After sustaining repeated harrassing and unwarranted collection calls, I sent a Cease and Desist Order. They disregarded this notice and continued to call and harrass anyway! 9. They completely disregarded my Qualified Written Request, continued to impose late charges, attempted to illegally collect escrow, and continued to illegally malign my credit report, all throughout each of my communications. 10. To date, 4 months later, they continue to a. Disregard my written complaints b. Malign my credit report c. Illegally charge me late fees and penalties d. Falsely claim my payments are being late, even though I have proof from my bank of the AUTOMATED ONLINE payment and clearing of these checks. e. Harass me with collection-style tactics language and inflated invoices. WE ASK THAT YOU JOIN US IN ABOLISHING THIS TYRANNICAL OPPRESSION AND ABUSE OF DECENT AMERICAN CITIZENS. THIS IS AMERICA. THESE OFFENSES EAT AT THE VERY ROOT OF OUR AMERICAN VALUES, VALUES WHICH OUR VERY OWN SOLDIERS ARE DYING FOR EVERY DAY. PLEASE FILE YOUR OWN RIP-OFF REPORT THEN THiS SITE WILL CONTACT YOU ABOUT ANY CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Law Beverly Hills, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: IRVING, Texas

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