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1, Report #824872
Jan 18 2012
07:56 PM
My Mechanic Auto Center Not installing parts that was paid for West Columbia, South Carolina
I am letting everyone know that this company does not install all parts that are sold. Vehicle was taken to another shop to see if the work was done and found out they did not install parts that was on my invoice. I did not say anything, but I will never go back.
Entity: West Columbia, South Carolina
2, Report #930087
Aug 20 2012
06:19 PM
My Mechanic ,Auto Center, George Phillips & Bill Capers ,Partner / Owners, Paid $1900 for work and work not done West Columbia, South Carolina
I took my car (HONDA) to this mechanic which these guys originally worked for Midas. George Phillips was the manager at Midas he was fired from there because he was not repairing cars and was charging customers for the job still. He then began his own business and told all customers Midas fired him because he was refunding customers like he should when things went wrong and Midas wanted him to not replace parts and to tell customers they were out of their warranties. At his new shop Geore told me my car needed timing belt ect. rear seals, motor mounts, oil pan gasket, and a few other things at once. After repairs when I left the engine light was on which it wasn't prior, the car made sputting actions, the engine cover fell off and drug until if tore off,and the oil leaks was still there. I took it to Honda after My Mechanic couldnt get the engine light to go off and they said timing bolts were backed out which was causing a noise; the timing was off set and that the oil leaks were still there. I called George at My Mechanic and told him what was going on, he kept acting like the calls had dropped. Then his wife finally answered the phone and told me George was out in the garge with an important customer. I was so upset I drove my car to the shop after about two days. They acted like nothing was wrong. they kept telling me I had no leak, clear as day there was a leak. So I took it back later and told them it is still leaking then they tried to tell me I had a new leak from some where else. I told him I was going to have to take legal actions. He said good luck because no one is going to believe you with a 200,000 mile car (HONDA). I said yes but it is a well petted 200,000 (HONDA)mile car with only one owner, me.
Entity: West Columbia, South Carolina
3, Report #1401237
Sep 20 2017
09:43 AM
My Mechanic Auto Center just RIPPED ME OFF AND THEY WILL DO IT TO YOU TOO. West Columbia South Carolina
I took my dodge gran caravan to My Mechanic Auto Center in West Columbia on 9/18/17 at 3pm because my airbag light was on. They came back at 5:10 pm with a ridiculous $2,993.37 price to fix supposedly everything that was wrong with my car. To fix the airbag light $675.93 so I told them no thank you.  So they charged me anyway a diagnostic fee $79.01. So I asked to speak with the mechanic. I asked him how did you came up with your conclusion. He said, it was the clockspring causing the airbag light to stay on. He said, he diagnosed it and the clockspring is bad. So I went to the dealeaship and bought a brand new clockspring. Then I called My Mechanic Auto Center and I talked to the assistant Eli Stewart and I asked him if they can put the clockspring and use some of the money that I already paid and he said no. That I have to pay again for labor because the other money that I already paid was for diagnostic.  So I took it to another shop, they putted it in then I took it to the dealership because the light was still on and at the dealership they said It was nothing wrong with my airbag to the clockspring.  So I went back and talked to one of the owner George Phillips and I told him what the dealership said and George said to bring  the van back the next day and they will check it at no charge. The next day 9/20/17 at 8:03 am and the assistant Eli Stewart said they will check it but if the clockspring is bad they will charge me again and I said that's not what the owner George said.  So I asked can I speak with the owner and Eli said George is taking a shower at the shop so I waited 15 minutes. Then George came and he said the same thing that I have to pay, I told him that's not what you told me yesterday. He said he will be right back. After I waited 20 more minutes, the receptionist, a mechanic and the assistant Eli came out. Eli then said the owner George is gone to take his dog for a ride.  I said I been waiting for 37 minutes so we can fix this small problem and you telling me he is gone, then the assistant Eli Stewart got nasty and called me, you piece of shit, get the fuc% otta here before I call the police, ain't nobody want to fix your piece of shit. So I left. THIS IS A SIGN YOU ARE GOING TO GET RIP OFF BY THEM. If you take you car to get fix for whatever reason and they come back an hour later with a list of what's wrong with your car and a ridiculous price. You will have two choices, pay the ridiculous price or pay the diagnostic fee. Do the math $79 x 20 people that pay, George just made $1,580 for not doing nothing to your car. That's a SCAM!!!!
Entity: West Columbia, South Carolina
4, Report #914897
Jul 20 2012
09:13 AM
Sears Automotive Center Sears Auto Center at Rockingham Mall After Wheel alignment, the mechanic didn't put my brakes back on totally. Salen, New Hampshire
Went to Sears Auto Center in Salem NH to get 4 tires.  I knew I needed an alingment so I go that done too.  I was called 30 minutes later and told I need a new upper/lowe ball joint on the left side. I could do it myself, but I figured I just have them do it.  That brought the total bill, (4 tires, alignment, upper/lower ball joint left side) up to $1,100.00.  So I just had them do it.  I get the truck back and I meet the mechanic who says, your brakes are really low!.   I pay, get in the car and drive away and he wasn't kidding.  The brakes were MUCH worse than when I drove in there.  Being able to do my own auto repairs, a couple days later I put the car up on the jack and I looked at the front brake caliper.  It was barely attached with the two bolts that hold it on.  One bolt was totally not threaded in, and the other was only lightly tighted.  So that left side brake caliper was doing practically nothing.  That was on the left side where he worked on the Upper/Lower ball joint.  So he took that whole side apart and forgot to put the brakes bake together basically.  What gets me is, you pay $1100.00 for work, the mechanic himself drove the car in, then he drove it out too.  AND he didn't notice that the brakes were severly worse?  Sounds like a bit of an ID 10 T to me.   This is why I like doing my own repairs...I can trust myself.  Another thing I'll have to watch is that it sounds like my left side Hub bearing is making noises.  It's hard to tell because the tires I purchased have a deep tread so they make noise themselves.  But if the hub bearing gets worse and makes more noise I'll know they messed that up to which has to be removed to do the Upper/lower ball joints.  You just need these sorts of thigns to happen every once in a while to remind you why you should either do the work yourself, or go to a mechanic you can trust.
Entity: Salen, New Hampshire
5, Report #1331909
Oct 06 2016
11:08 AM
VIP discount auto center Another ripoff mechanic, no surprise auburn maene
    i hate writing these reports. and believe me when i tell you it's a last resort.  In april 2016 I took my car in for a state inspection, my brother in law paid $4700 in repairs, and when we got in the car the ABS light was on.  Joe asked me if this was always on and i told him no, so I did what he said and went back in and told them.  the answer was that it had nothing to do with the inspection, and i'll need to pay a few hundred dollars next year to fix this problem.  I didn't care as at the time summner was coming and i didn't need ABS, but come fall i did so i went to vip and asked them to diagnose the problem.  they claimed their computers could not diagnose the problem, so i took it elsewhere and he showed me the problem, it's when they tool the old strut out and put the new one in they ripped the ABS  sensor., and i said no wonder it's been on since it's been inspected.  It should never have left the garage to the perking lot with the ABS light on, but it did anyway, a clear violation of Maine State Law.  They blew me off when i told them about it immediately, and now they say why did you wait till now?  i told them i told them back on the day it was inspected and they told me i'd have to pay for it the next year.  I fell for it hook line and sinker.  It was PROVEN to me what they did to break the sensor (which they REFUSE to fix, because i waitied till october, When i was actually told by the clerk in auburn it's nothing to worry about. I planned on having it fixed for winter, and i didn't need abs in the summer, and i had no idea this was caused by THEIR mistake.  Make sure you think twice about having any work done by VIP auto, they will not fix their mistakes, in addition, my mental illness is getting worse, along with my diabetes from the stress of this, I am thinking of litigation, if anyone is interested in representing me please get back to me on here My lesson???  let the buyer beware!
6, Report #96466
Jun 25 2004
05:41 PM
Auto Mechanic Electric rip-off! Dishonest! Fraudulent! I want my car back! Compton California
My car has been in the shop since Monday June 7, 2004. I was promised by the Mechanic once he evaulated my car; he can fixed it by June 10th. The mechanic told me to give him $600 as a desposit. I explained to him that I could only give him $400 now and bring him the rest the following day. The next day I paid him $400. This was agreed upon. I was left with a balance of $150 which I paid on June 10th when I was told that can pick-up my car. The entire work cost $950. The day that I went to pick up my car as promised, He told me to return the following week. It was mention to me that he in fact order the parts and they have not arrived yet becasue they were in San Francisco. In the last three weeks I have visited the Shop and called on several occasions. I have gone without my car for the last three weeks. Everytime that I show up to pick-up my car or call I have gotten a different story. June 25th I was told that it will be another week that I can pick up my car only if I pay an additional amount of $250. Luis Compton, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Compton, California
7, Report #899527
Jun 18 2012
10:00 PM
DT Mobile Mechanic Scam, Bad Mechanic, Ruined My Car! Internet
SCAMMER! THIS IDIOT RUINED MY CAR! Hired this guy to fix my AC. Well, after he claimed he was almost done he told me he had to get one more part but had to get my money ($600) up front. I went along with it because he sounded like he knew what he was talking about and gave him the $$$. Next day haven't heard from him and I have to leave for work and I discover my CAR ISN'T RUNNING!!! It was running perfectly before he touched it. Made up a bunch of bs about how it's rigged and it's the dealers fault, but if he thought it was so rigged he should of never tried to fix it!! Won't refund my $$$, my ac is still broke, now my car won't drive (it was running just fine before!), and now I can't get a hold of him. Stay away unless you want him to f*** up your car and charge you for it!!
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #519059
Nov 03 2009
02:34 PM
Sears Auto and Tire Center Geoffrey Moore of Sedgewick Claims Mgt I went to get an alignment at Sears. Myself and witnesses watched the Sears mechanic back my car into another car. The manager was immediately notified. I have a wriiten statment confirming this. Henderson, Nevada
I went to Sears automotive to get an alignment for my car.  After preparing the work order the Sears Mechanic got in my car and backed it into another car causing damaage to my car. I have witnesses. I notified the manager at Sears and he made a notation on my invoice. The Manager admitted total  fault in front of witnesses and assured me I would be paid by the loss prevention department the next day. I got indipendent quotes between $450 and $500 to fix my car. Sears turned this over to an insurance adjuster who continues to totally ignore the facts.    Geoffrey Moore Claims Examiner II SEDGEWICK CLAIMS MANAGMENT SERVICES INC TELEPHONE  847-645-7050 FAX  866 - 876-7050 Email: After ignoring the facts of witnessses and Sears Staff Mr. Moores professionalism is caputured in his letter in his statement.  If Sears is liable for these damages, the most we would pay is 1/2 of that, plus any supplements and 1/2 rental. THIS IS FRAUD!!!!!!!  Given these legal standards I should only pay Sears for 1/2 of the merchandise I take from this store.  I hope Moore only gets 1/2 of his salary. Perhaps this is TOO Much!
Entity: Henderson, Nevada
9, Report #1308373
May 29 2016
10:02 AM
The Garage Auto Repair Jim Brady Pervert. Mechanic. Predator Center Line Michigan
Ladies beware!! This guy is a super Pervert. Don't go here alone, take a male friend or family member with you . You go in to get your car fixed and he talks too personal about your body or how pretty you are. If you say something- he's like oh that's just how I am when I'm around a pretty lady. He's wearing a wedding band too!!! If you don't respond he takes FOREVER to fix your car, Nvr answers the shop phone, leaves the shop early (& opens up late) I've missed work chasing him to fix my car. and raises the estimate claiming he had to order dealer parts, for things he could've gotten from any regular auto parts store. I really felt like  (((REDACTED))) ....he's such a creepy guy. Never returning not even for the warranty work if something goes wrong later. And If he's ever on the news for his (((REDACTED))) behavior I WOULDN'T be surprised. He's giving the city of Warren a bad reputation
Entity: Center Line, Michigan
10, Report #448090
May 01 2009
01:49 PM
Interstate Car Care Center RIP OFF MECHANIC Hackettstown New Jersey
This guy will rip you off!!! He is not HONEST!!!!!My car came out of this place in worse shape after they supposedly fixed it and he told me I needed parts that an HONEST mechanic told me I did not need at all. I have heard of him doing this to other people that had there car fixed there too. He even had the nerve to steal parts from my car that the HONEST mechanic told me were missing that he had put in. Please take my advice NEVER take your car to this rip off artist!!!! Car Owner New Jersey, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Hackettstown, New Jersey
11, Report #1159013
Jul 02 2014
08:28 AM
GT Service Center Shade Tree Mechanic Melbourne Florida
This Business is a Shade Tree Mechanic, how he manages to stay in Business is beyond me, not many cars come into the shop to get service, He hires bums off the street and pays below minimum wage! Tells people he will help with schooling, promise a full time position for his employees and end up with 2 days per week  He goes through Labor Finders which is another Joke! They send people out to slave labor jobs shoveling and are very misleading as is GT Service Center.   
Entity: Melbourne, Florida
12, Report #1011272
Feb 09 2013
07:40 PM
Warren's Car Care Center Bad Mechanic Shops in Tulsa, Oklahoma Tulsa, Oklahoma
This Company failed to properly repair my car and charged me for it. They did not repair the broken strut mount but the right arm bracket connected to it and usually sold with it. They were told the strut mount was broken but did not fix it. They asked to inspect the car to make sure and confirm the broken strut mount assessed by Pep Boys and another company previously which they did. They then gave me an estimate for control arm bracket which I did not think anything of that lingo because strut mounts are sold as part of the right arm control bracket and the owner knew it was the mount and the repairman confirmed it was the mount on inspection and other places called it control arm bracket too since they are sold as one. They replaced the part attached that did not need to be replaced and charged me for it. The right arm control bracket is typically sold with the strut mount as one piece. They refused to issue credit. I even had it returned to them. To make matters worse, all repairs were discussed with owner/manager named Tracy, but the receptionist is the one really running the show. I never spoke with her about the repair needed yet she acted like she knew everything there was to know. She yelled and screamed at me. She ran after me to attack me and she had to be held back. Basically, Tracy said he had ordered the right arm control bracket and the strut mount I needed replaced but it would be two weeks to get my car in for same day service. When they got my car they realized they had the wrong part. That is they got the bracket but not the mount from some used parts dealer because Tracy did not communicate what his written estimate actually meant properly to his staff. They asked to keep the car an extra day to get it. I even asked Tracy if he would just replace the mount or both the mount and bracket and he said both even right before, which was a good reminder! I had to have car back the next day and when I called receptionist around 915 am she was rude saying they didn't know if I could have it back by two and she wouldn't even call the parts person or anything to try to get more info for me. I told her I had to have car back as my dad was having surgery and it was to be done yesterday. She started screaming at me. Said my car was taken apart and if I wanted it back I had to pay for full repair cost though they had not even done the repair, completed it timely and ordered wrong part--not my fault! I was very calm and told her it was not her issue but Tracy the owner's and to just have him call me. He called within a very very short time lying saying they got part in and fixed my car. Wow! On arrival I asked for old part back and they brought me arm control bracket. I asked where strut mount was and he showed me sides of bracket with rubber telling me that was the strut mount. It wasn't. Finally the receptionist interjects screaming as usual that they replaced what estimate written by them said control bracket and too bad I had to pay for it. I asked them why they would replace something that did not need to be replaced and leave the obviously broken strut mount next to it unrepaired. I asked The owner if he did not communicate to them or what. This receptionist who has already run my card for the price goes nuts interjecting and screaming when she was never even the person involved with the work on my car. inspecting it or me even speaking to about the broken strut mount in the first place. So it just ended with me saying So you replaced a part that was not broken, ignored the part next to it that was and charged me for it? You are supposed to be the repair people and know what you are doing I just left as these people were lying to steal/keep my money though they were negligent. They just wanted to con me out of the repair price because they messed up ordering the wrong part and could not finish timely and did not want to reschedule. The receptionist ran after me to attack me. I sent a letter revoking my credit authorization. Then receptionist calls saying they are going to file a lien on my car and take it- all kinds of threats which she does not know what she is talking about and has issues. This lot is across from Cloud 9 and looks awful with cars everywhere in lot. You can barely drive through it. The receptionist area and waiting is really gross looking. The people are very rough looking and have bad customer service and communication skills. They were dishonest with me, assaulted me, took my money under a lie they had fixed my car and refused to give a refund. Seriously do not use this company. They claim to do business with car lots. I wouldn't want to buy a used car they had fixed from a car lot.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
13, Report #118577
Nov 17 2004
11:57 PM
I took my vehicle on November 16, 2004 to Jovanie's for repair of my transmission. We waited approximately 40 mins for my vehicle to be checked. Once he finally came he asked me how can I be helped, I told him that I needed my transmission to be rebuild. He then stated, How do I know it needed to be rebuilt? I mentioned to him that another mechanic had already told me so, but since I was referred to go to him I decide to have him rebuild it. He told me to drive up my car unto the hoist, but I suggested he do it to get a feel for the car. He than drove it up the hoist back and forth, he then opens the hood, puts in neutral, punches the gas and then puts it in park, but with the motor still running. We both proceeded into his office. He then begins to ask for my information, and then he gives me the order form to signed (I'm thinking it's to begin rebuilding the transmission). As we are leaving his office he motions that he needs to charge me $85.00 to performed a diagnostic test. I told him I did not need the test because I already knew the problem and had one done elsewhere, that I simply wanted him to fix my transmission. He said that it was his company policy to do a diagnostic before any work is performed, without the diagnostic they can't proceed. I didn't notice any sign stating that a diagnostic was a mandatory procedure before initializing any repair!!! However, I decided to leave the vehicle, so I left with my spouse and daughter whom were waiting for me in another car. As we are leaving the premises, I changed my mind and decided to go back before any work was done and cancel the job. I went and told him to never mind, that I had decided to take my car. He refuse to let me leave with my car without paying the diagnostic fee...I refused. I felt I didn't need to pay for services that were not rendered. He then said to at least pay him $45.00 and I still refused. We then began to raise our voices. He said he was already half way through the diagnostic. (Note: that from when I drove out the driveway and decide to return was in less than a 2 minute time span). And he said he was already half way through. Bolony!!! He insisted I paid him, I told him to take me to small claims or billed me (since he had all my info) but for the moment he wasn't going to get a cent from me. I got in my car and preceded to back up when I turned my head over my right shoulder I noticed that he had instructed one of his employees to not let me out of the premises. My wife was park in halfway into the premises and the street when the employee began to close the gate on her as well. My wife then exits her car and asked the owner what's going on? He stated we needed to pay the fee. She responded fee for what if nothing was done to the car. I instructed my wife to get back in her car and to back up slowly. As she is backing up, so was I. Once my wife's car was cleared from the gate and I was still backing up when his employees intended to forcefully keep me hostage in my car, resulting in them intentionally slamming the gate on my car on the passenger side and the trash bin on the driver side. While all this is going own he (the owner) is shouting not to let me out by any means and that he was going to call the cops. I told him to go ahead. Once my car cleared his premises I step out the car and demand that he come and see what damages had occurred to my car. He refused. I then proceed to go to the nearest police station to file a vandalism report. The damages that were done to my car are as follow both rearview mirrors were broken off and you can see how my car is dented and scraped through out the passenger side. I went today November 17,2004 to get an estimate for repairs and resulted in approximately $3,145.00. I also intend in taking this matter to extreme measures!!! James SAN FERNANDO, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: SUN VALLEY, California
14, Report #1179282
Sep 25 2014
04:01 PM
Danielle Auto Center Left my car in this mechanic. They offered me a payment plan. After I started to pay they said would just return the car when I finished all the payments which was gonna take few months. When I finished pay I went there to take my car and the seats were all damaged. North Miami Florida
Few months ago I went to a mechanic to fix an axle problem In my car. The amount was large so he offered a payment plan, which was gonna take me about 4 months to finish. I agreed and after few weekly payments I asked when I could get my car and for my surprise he said that only when I finish paying. I was upset because he didn't say anything about that previously and didn't write in any contract. I let it go and continued my weekly payments. Today, day of the last payment, finally came, I payed and got the key back. What I saw when I opened the door was shocking. The car was entired damaged by rust and mold but the driver seat was almost destroyed. Something, that I still don't know what was it, some say water, some say fire, damaged the seat in a way that I'll have to completely change it.  I talked with Danielle, the owner, and he doesn't feel responsible for what happened. I called the police which gave me a case number and instructed me to go to court. I hope more people don't get abused and ripped off by this person and company. I'm extremely frustrated. sincerely,  alvarenga
Entity: North Miami, Florida
15, Report #459133
Jun 06 2009
07:18 AM
Phenomenal Auto Center - Basic Auto Owned By Jean Nuffort Victome Aka Vick Vick, the owner, is a dishonest autobroker doing business as a mechanic and used car salesman Loganville Georgia
I was referred to Vick in March of 2009 asking for a fully loaded 2006 Lexus in a certain color with a clean carfax, mainly accident free. I also told him I didnt want to spend over $22,000. He told me he could do that and would only charge me a broker fee of only $400-$500 over the auction price. He showed me high price vehicles in the green light on auction's website and told me i had no choice but to spend over $22,000 if i wanted a good vehicle. He told me he found a vehicle in april and told me he paid $22,900 from the auction because the vehicle was well kept and accident free. After he bought the vehicle, this guy added bogus fees to his broker fee and charged me $600 not the $400-$500 he promised!!! I bought the vehicle from him then started having problems so i had the vehicle inspected. Turns out the vehicle had been in two accidents, the airbag deployed and to top it off Vick only paid $21,750 for the car (including all fees) not the $22,900 he charged me!!!!! Not to mention he charged me a $600 broker fee on top of $22,900. I have official auction documents he thought i wouldn't be able to get!!!! I asked to see paperwork from his files showing me he paid $22,9 and he refused!!!! I tried to reason with him and have him just give me the difference since i had proof he cheated me out of money and he refused!!! Dont do business with this guy he is a fraud!!!! He also sells old used vehicles from his repair facility or used car lot without putting as-is forms in the window!!! This misleads customers and is also against the law!!!! This guy, Vick, is a complete fraud especially to women!!!!! Amber Savannah, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Loganville, Georgia
16, Report #976398
Nov 30 2012
09:29 PM
Sarmadtabokhi Sarmad's Mechanic Service Sarmad's Mechanic Service did very bad job, sloppy. Bad mechanic ruined my steering column Austin, Texas
SCAMMER! THIS IDIOT RUINED MY CAR! Hired this guy to fix my steering column  Well, after he claimed he was almost done he told me he had to get one more part but had to get my money ($250) up front. I went along with it because he sounded like he knew what he was talking about and gave him the $$$. Next day haven't heard from him and I have to leave for work and I discover my CAR ISN'T RUNNING!!! It was running perfectly before he touched it. My steering column is still broke, now my car won't drive (it was running just fine before!), and now I can't get a hold of him. Stay away unless you want him to f*** up your car and charge you for it!! He was very lazy, was showing up every day (for three days) at 1:00 pm and work for two hours and left. Has very strong accent, he is from middle eastern. barely speaks English, his wife or whatever travel  with him to every job and translates his broken English to a potencial customer. Dont hire him, dont give he money up front. dont believe on him..
Entity: Austin, Texas
17, Report #1125340
Feb 21 2014
08:00 AM
Mr. Nice Guy on the spot Mechanic John Boren Damaged my vehices Haslet Texas
may 2013 mr. boren came to my house for remove of tranmission and replaced with new one, and also repaced the module, because the truck won't start, in doing so, he did not know what he was doing because he didn't removed the prom from old modue and instal on module that he put in, which was from a salvage yard/used, on dec. 29, 2013 the truck started to shut off while i'm on stop light, so i took it to pepeboys and have a diagnostic test, i was told by master ase technician , that the modue and prom are the wrong ones, is why i'm suing him, since it's a older model truck 1994 gmc sierra ,there are no more proms made for this truck, on dec. 03, 2013 i brought my expedition to mr. boren's shop and have transmission replaced with new one, power steering pump repaced, brake cyinder replaced, u-joints replaced, in doing so he only damaged the expedition by repacing the gear box which i didn't told him to do, damaged the srs air bag, now the vehicle is now off center and the airbags won't ever deployed, also it will never pass start inspection, in replacing the power steering pump he installed the wrong one and cut the lines to the power steering coolant, didn't replaced the brake cylinder, didn't replaced the u-joints, didn't replaced the transmission, now i'm suing him, two different times for vehicles, i paid him $1,270.00 cash and refused to give me a reciept, now wants to charge me $1,000.00 for he says that i own him, the vehicle alone is not worth that it's a 1997 ford expedition, i'm a disabled veteran living of a fixed income, and those vehicles are for my specific needs of a disabled person, mr. boren rips people off by adding parts to vehicle so he can charge more, parts that vehicle dosen't need.
Entity: Haslet, Texas
18, Report #1342687
Dec 20 2016
10:25 PM
Chris Allen mobile mechanic Stole money from my elderly grandmother. He is a drug addict a liar and a thief. Howell New Jersey
 My grandmother had hired Chris Allen mobile mechanics to do a few small repairs, replace battery, tune up and alternater. The car had some fuel issues he told us it needed a new fuel pump, at that time I had also purchased a car and it had some exhaust issues he stated I would need to replace the catalytic converter . My grandmother gave him a down payment of $600 to cover the part and some money towards labor for her fuel pump, I gave him $300 for the catalytic converter. He left my grandmother's car completely taken apart in the driveway for about two weeks he kept calling giving us excuses of why he wasn't coming. Eventually we told him we just want our money back and he stopped calling as well as answering our calls . we filed a report with Howell police and went to court. After several times of taking off work to come to court and him not showing up, The court received a notice back as his mail was undeliverable. He had just recently moved to brick town and never changed his address from Neptune basically becuase they couldn't locate him, my grandmother and myself are out of luck. Do your selves a favor and stay away!!!!!! Julia, Howell twp. New Jersey
Entity: Neptune, New Jersey
19, Report #1277969
Jan 04 2016
05:38 PM
Master Mechanic Damaging and sloppy Mechanic Conyers Georgia
Beware, This company is not honest  Not honest regarding the cost of parts that he stated, and he refused to allow you to purchase the parts when you disputed the cost becasue he wants to up charge 50 percent more than the cost of parts. After disputing cost of parts, he then charge for parts he didn't even used for the car.  When he fixed the car, the car broke down within 24hrs of the release  of the car and claim that it was another problem.  In excatly 30days the car breaks down again and he takes no accountability for his work.  He did a terrible job, he short cuts his work and it's poor job.  And the work he did now cost me double what I paid to fix the problem he created.  Without a car now, Not a good mechanic. 
Entity: Conyer, Georgia
20, Report #107488
Sep 08 2004
01:51 PM
David Arch Auto Mechanic incompetent auto mechanic, lied, stole Raleigh North Carolina
Did a lot of work on several vehicles for me on barter. He still owes me 5k in work. Had a rear end modified in a truck. He stole the rear end that came out (because it was hard to find and in demand for building drag cars) ans replaced it with one from a junkyard thinking I wouldn't know the difference. I had engraved a mark on the part and he was busted. Had nothing to say but, uh, uh, uh, ....i don't know what you're talking about, uh, uh, uh. Then he became unable to be reached but he's still doing work in Raleigh. Holden Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Raleigh, North Carolina
21, Report #107094
Sep 05 2004
09:41 PM
My Auto Import Center service ripoff Muskegon Michigan
On Aug. 25, 2004, I took my wifes 1999 Toyota 4 Runner to My Auto Import Center (Toyota dealership) because the power steering pressure hose was leaking. The estimate for replacing the complete power steering hose assembly was $520 installed. I knew it would be expensive because Toyota made both the pressure and return lines as one complete assembly, and it was very difficult to get at. The repairs were performed on time. The service manager mentioned that the mechanic had to loosen the rack and pinion unit and move it backwards to gain access to the hose connections. Fine - whatever it takes to get the job done right. I looked under the hood to make sure the hoses were installed and not leaking. All ok. My wife got home and noticed a line of oil following her on the driveway. She looked under the vehicle and saw a puddle forming under the engine area. She called the Toyota garage and they told her to bring it right back - maybe something wasn't tightened, or give her a new estimate. They put the vehicle on the hoist and noted that the power steering rack and pinion unit was leaking badly out of the right side, from the rubber boot. My wife correctly informed them that it wasn't leaking from there when the vehicle was brought in that morning. They made no mention of any other leaks or concerns after they replaced the hose assembly and I picked up the vehicle. They said it was a coincidence that it started leaking right after they worked on it. They tried to sell my wife a $1200 rack and pinion assembly, insallation included. She left and told me what happened. When I got home from work that night I looked and saw that it was now leaking out of both the left and right sides of the rack and pinion books, more from the right, with oil puddles under both leaks. I returned to My Auto Import Center the next day with the 4 Runner. I talked to the service manager, saying it was not a coincidence that I brought the vehicle in to get one leak fixed, and shortly afterwards it was leaking in two other places that weren't leaking before. I suggested that moving the rack and pinion assembly backwards without disconnecting the tie rods from the steering arms at the wheel assemblies might have put stress on the seals in the rack and pinion unit. He said that increased pressure from the new hose assembly probably caused the leaks, claiming that the seals were used to less pressure because the hose leak resulted in lower pressure in the rack and pinion unit. I talked to his boss, and he said the same thing, adding that no way would they accept responsibility for causing the fluid leaks, and they wouldn't give me a break on repairing it. I had the rack and pinion assembly replaced at an independent garage two days later for $500 installed. The mechanic said it would be highly unlikely that there would be higher pressure in the unit after replacing the hoses, and even if there was higher pressure, it wouldn't be more than what the system was designed to operate at. He couldn't definitely say that moving the rack and pinion unit backwards was the cause, but did say that it was possible. He added that he thought it was not simply a coincidence that two other power steering leaks could occur right after a separate leak was fixed. Kurt Muskegon, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Muskegon, Michigan
22, Report #430650
Mar 04 2009
09:54 AM
Nix Automall - Nix Auto Center Wasted my day and dropped my credit score McAlester Oklahoma
After researching the auto I wanted and found at this dealership, I emailed the sales staff what my credit requirements were and hoped to get the application approved before making the hour drive to close the deal. Knowing I had less than perfect credit and giving them the actual score, once I test drove the vehicle and settled on price, they then ran me through for bank financing. Not only did Mr. Price, the salesman say he knew nothing about interest rates, he assured me that his finance department could get within $20 of my target payment. They did their dancing around in their bankers jackets and finally told me I was turned down by 4 banks and Capital One would take me on at over 20% interest. I told him I would not accept that interest rate nor did I want to deal with Capital One. He said I couldn't get a loan anywhere with my credit much less beat that interest rate. My credit is good, not perfect and I resent being belittled that way, when I told them upfront I didn't want to go through any embarrassment. I left the dealership. I want everyone to know that as nice as the sales staff appeared to be, they were not honest with me about the financing upfront and as their finance department consisted of a snob in a banker's office, they pretty much wasted my time knowing I didn't qualify, the cost of gas and patience. Now there are points off my credit score for being turned down for credit. What they didn't know was that I could have paid cash for the car, but I wanted to have a loan for at least a year to improve my score. One reason people aren't buying the too high-priced vehicles is the way they are treated by sales people only interested in using their inhouse financing that is all jacked-up. I don't want any car bad enough to pay out my nose for it. I'll continue to save my money and get real value and it won't be from Nix Auto Center. Not only did they give me a sour experience, I want all my friends and acquaintances to think twice about going there. Liz b Stonewall, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: McAlester, Oklahoma
23, Report #858305
Mar 25 2012
04:08 PM
A-one-auto-center lemons,fraud, rip off,swindlers,robbers,liars San Bernardino, California
Do not trust this dealership company. Avoid it at all costs! In the end you will get stuck with a cosmetically good looking lemon of a car. I traded in my old truck to purchase a truck from this dealer in December of 2011. The check engine light was on this truck before purchase and I was assured it was something simple that my warranty would cover at no additional expense. I took a risk by going through with this purchase but trusted the salesman who was absolutely sure and constantly reassured me it was all that was wrong with my soon to be truck. When I took it in to have this issue fixed through my warranty I was told it wouldn't cover it and that there was many other problems that needed fixing with my newly purchased truck. I contacted the dealership right away to inquire why they told me such a lie if they knew perfectly what was wrong and lied to me to make a sale. Needless to say I was avoided, disregarded and even rudely spoken to regarding the matter.  Also they sell you some bogus GAP insurance that upon request of cancellation and reimbursement the company gives you the run around and directs you back to the dealership. They ended up sending my refund to the bank to be added to my loan principal. I never got a choice/option to get my $800 back sent to me. Don't trust these people,company. I am now stuck with a good looking truck from the outside and a complete lemon from the inside. This dealership sold my old truck I traded in within the week of being traded in. They didn't even have the rightful and lawful paperwork (pink slip) to it and sold it to another innocent buyer. They are not doing business lawfully by California standards here.
Entity: San Bernardino, California
24, Report #1004856
Jan 28 2013
01:14 PM
Goodyear Auto Service Center Gregory Brown, Manager; Robert J., Sales; Erick W. Technician Diagnosis of noice in care was right front unitized bearng -- front wheel drive; frot hub assembly for a cost of $429.42. Took to our regular mechanic who said the wheel bearings were fine. He did Internet
Goodyear did recommend a new muffler, which was appropriate.  I believe their other diagnosis for a fronto hub assembly ($429) was just to get more money when it was unnecessary.  We'll never go there again, since their integrity has been shown.
Entity: , Internet
25, Report #708013
Mar 19 2011
06:57 AM
Atlantic Auto Center Owner. Has not refunded my deposit. Cranston, Rhode Island
I have a receipt for a $200 deposit. I called the company four times (there is no voicemail box to leave a message) in February after not hearing back on a deposit and application for a vehicle. I finally received a call back when I faxed the receipt to the company asking for either a response on the vehicle application or a refund of my deposit. It was the owner who answered. The owner said she would honor the deposit I made. We discussed my going back to the dealership, but after talking with my husband we decided the drive was too far (two hours--I recently moved for a job promotion). I called back and the owner said she would honor the agreement and mail the money ($200) but the money / check for this amount never came in the mail. To the owner's credit she was very nice, and I wish her luck with her new business, but she did not honor our agreement and I need this money back.
Entity: Cranston, Rhode Island

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