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1, Report #1388368
Jul 26 2017
12:52 PM
My123 student relief They ripped me off Internet
 I was contacted and was told that I qualify for a problem funded by Ombama and I would have to pay 650 and if I didn't qualify that I would get a full refund for the full amount paid and this took place on 4/19/2017 and I haven't heard back from anyone and now I can't even get on their website
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1335903
Oct 31 2016
02:08 PM
Student relief center , LLC Ripoff artist Fort Lauderdale Florida
It's not total loan forgiveness I have to make two payments of $439. then Payments for 2month in the amount of $ 319 then for 3 yrs i have to pay $ 269 for life of the loan when I pay $77,000 I Will be forgiven $10,000 only Student relief center buys out my current lenders ! So they are reducing my payments but only forgiving $10,000! I m not sure about this because I don't know these people and they will have access to my checking account ! I'm a little weary ! Whose to say that this is legit!
Entity: florida
3, Report #1244441
Jul 26 2015
03:20 PM
Liberty Student Relief Probable Scam- took funds and now MIA for over 6 weeks Nationwide
 I began the long process of moving my student loans to this company. Everything seemed legitimate at first. However, now I have not heard from them in 6 weeks. I have written to both representatives on my case weekly, and have not heard back. I have specifically stated that I think this is a scam and that I would begin filing reports if no one got back to me. I wrote this to both reps on my case and to the help section on their website. That was 2 weeks ago. I think this is a scam. I have wasted time and money and this has the potential to damage my credit. If this is not fixed within a week, I will be filing charges. I am putting this in their hands to prove me wrong my correcting this situation.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1362956
Mar 20 2017
06:14 PM
Student Relief Center FSA Is this a rip-off? Florida
I have been texted repeatedly by a phone number only about Student Loan Forgiveness.  I owe money for Student Loan from 1990.  I have not been able to make many payments over the years because of financial difficulty.  I'm hearing about Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Programs and of course, am able to pay a little for 100% forgiveness. I called 877 number and I was told for my over $50,000 loan balance, all I had to do was pay: $799 first month $49.99 for 6 months following $0 for 10 years, and at that time, my loan would be cancelled/forgiven/discharged The representative freely gave me her name, employee number and extension, but...I'm skeptical because of the world we live in today. I don't know if this is a scam or not.  I told her all of this, and she said, go ahead and contact the us department of education, they will tell you we're legit. She emailed me info which gave me an FSA code.  I know FSA is legit.  I've gone online to the USDOE but it is challenging navigating through it.   SO, I ask you here at your site, is it legit?  I've gone online and find nothing about them being a scam.  She gave me the exact address in Florida, and I find nothing about that.  Can you help me?   Thank you Karen  
Entity: Florida
5, Report #1404142
Feb 19 2018
09:47 PM
Student Loan Relief SHUT DOWN - Federal Trade Commission ‘s “Operation Game of Loans” - Texas, Pennsylvania Suing Dallas-Based Student Loan Relief Company
The state of Texas an Pennsylvania are taking legal action against Jason Spencer and his company Student Loan Relief.  The company was part of an investigation of a Consumer Justice investigation in February 2016. This is part of the Federal Trade Commission’s “Operation Game of Loans” – a federal and state effort to crack down on deceptive student loan debt relief companies.
Entity: Dallas , Texas
6, Report #1364878
Mar 30 2017
09:53 AM
Student Relief Center aka Obama Student Forgiveness Program charged money upfront. have to pay payments monthly for 3 years. Fort Lauderdale Florida
 This credit company claimed to consolidate my student loans. But my new loans are almost the same as the original loan. Then they are charging me monthly payments for three years. And March 2017 they sent me numerous emails request my account number info and never called. I didn't give it to them.
Entity: Fort Lauderdale , Florida
7, Report #1391198
Aug 08 2017
08:40 AM
Manhattan Beach Ventures / Student Relief I paid them over 500 dollars to lower my student loan payment and it was never completed California Nationwide
I paid this company over 500 dollars and the lowering of my student loans were never completed. The company can not be found via telephone anymore. I will pursue this matter
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #1047001
Apr 29 2013
09:35 AM
Student Loan Relief Center Upfront Fees West Palm Beach, Florida
this company is charging 600 in upfront fees for a service that is provided free by department of education. They are preying on the uneducated and impoverished and desperate. They are also obtaining clients social sec # and dob to pull loan history on gov't database without written authorization up front . This is required by consumer protection laws as they are qualifying client for new credit. They have so far charged 2000 clients 600 which is over a million dollars for fees which are not required by department of education to consolidate loans direct loans which is a government sponsored entity does it free of charge
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
9, Report #1077119
Aug 19 2013
02:49 PM
Student Loan Relief Center Smooth-talking rip-off artists West Palm Beach Florida
So glad I was able to read previous reports before they got me! Smooth-talking telemarketer, Levar almost had me convinced that they could help me with high student loan payments. Felt uneasy giving my SSN and DOB, but the guy had my loan information immediately. When he wanted banking information, I wanted to run. I told the guy that I didn't have it with me and asked him to call back in 10 minutes. During that time, I checked out the reports here. He called back and, over several objections, offers to talk to his supervisor, his on-site federal auditor, etc. (probably the same person), I told him to have a nice day. For $600 the company will file all the paperwork to consolidate your studuent loans and get you on an Income Based Repayment plan or, maybe, get your loans forgiven. Supposedly it takes 50 man-hours to do this, hence the $600. After I was done with Levar, I went to the government website and completed all the paperwork in less than 2 hours...FOR FREE. Times are tough; people are hurting. These predators are taking advantage of that and hurting innocent people who actually work for their money. Don't repond to their spam. Don't give them the time of day.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
10, Report #1369764
Apr 26 2017
12:38 PM
Student relief Center They did not refund the total amount of money they took Ft Lauderdale Florida
I signed up with this company to help with student Loans. They told me I would be paying a certain amount and then after a few months the amount went higher. They told me that if I didn't agree to the higher payment that I was entitled to a refund meanwhile they only refunded me half of the money they took.
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
11, Report #1422036
Jan 09 2018
09:26 AM
Student Relief Center They took my $ and information to assist with Public Service Forgiveness Application; & never applied the funds to my Federal loan, Nationwide
Petchrina Jones <> Dear Consistent with your Student Loan Consolidation and Repayment process we will need the following documentation:3.       Copy of your most recent paystubs or tax return verifying your income. Please scan and  or fax this to 800-520-5783. Please complete and return the attached Public Service Forgiveness Application; if you work for a qualifying Public Service Organization and work 30 hours or more per week. This document needs to becompleted and signed by your employer as well.         Please scan and email to  or fax this to 800-520-5783. As a result of this process you will receive letters via regular mail or email directly from Fed Loans or your current loan provider. Please send any correspondence that you receive in regards to your loans to our Processing Team, either by email or fax. Thank you for allowing Student Relief Center to assist you with the filing of your documents for student loan consolidation. Kindest RegardsProcessing Departmentoffice hours 9 am -4 pm Mondays -Fridayseastern time zone877-659-2661 ext 1Fax 800-520-5783Student Relief Center1 E Broward BlvdSuite # 700Ft Lauderdale FL 33301
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1076013
Aug 15 2013
07:29 AM
Student Loan Relief Center SLRC Student Loan Relief Center Scam. DID NOT inform they are charging for a free service provided West Palm Beach Florida
 The Student Loan Relief Center has yet to scam another consumer. They charged upfront fees of 600 dollars in which I discovered at a later date the services are free of charge. I contacted them to negotiate my funds be returned and the empethatic and caring demenor they once showed had turned to a cold and quote We cannot help you, what do you want us to do attitude. One should preceed with caution if considering this company.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
13, Report #1302139
Apr 27 2016
09:51 AM
Student Loan Relief Department Manhattan Beach Venture, LLC I was contacted by a rep from The Student Loan Relief Department and was caught at a depressing time in my life. Eagle Nationwide
The company address for Manhattan Beach Venture, LLC does not come up in google. Found terrible reviews after signing an hour later. Trying to cancel my transaction during my cooling period, unable to receive correct information on where to send. I was contacted by a rep from The Student Loan Relief Department. I was caught at a depressing time in my life and thought this sounded great and I would be able to get rid of my school loan interest. It sound like it  was a legit company and a great program so I signed up. After signing all the documents and receing the name of the company that would be handling or paying my school loans was Manhatten Beach Venture, LLC 99 E State Street Ste 20 Eagle, ID 83616. So I started to google this comapny and did not find anything on them. I became really scared and nervous because I just gave them all my personal information. I then googled the address and nothing comes up. After an hour or ressearching I didn't find anything postive about the company or program. I know I should of did more research before signing anything but again I am in a depressed state and the lady and program sounded great. I am trying to cancel the transaction during my cooling period. When I called the comapny to get a fax number to send my cancelation form it jsut keeps going to a voice mail that states they are on another line or away from the desk and to leave a meesage and someone will call you back. I am going to the post office to send the letter to the address that was on my form to cancel the transaction. I also sent a cancellation letter by fax since that is the only fax # given to me by the reprensative that had signed me up. Please be aware and do your research before signing up with any company, especially this company. People that scam or mislead people should be ashamed of taking advantage of us. I hope this cancellation process works as I do not have money for a lawyer to handle this for me!Bridget California
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1372303
May 09 2017
07:23 PM
My 123 student relief loan My 123student relief loan, names of person Donnal, Eynon,sheriel,Kristene They told me they would lower my loan,I paid them $795.00. I am a senior citizen they took my money Spokane Washington
 I enter into this agreement that my 123 student relief loan to lower my payment. Paid them $795.00.after I paid the last payment I could not reach no one .before I talk to person. Don Eynon Kristene Sheriel this person was welcom committee.I thank it is a shame that people u trust would do such a thing.I hope I get my money back or at lease some of it
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1061858
Jun 25 2013
06:48 AM
Student Loan Relief Center This Company Failed to Inform Me the Services it was charging $597 are FREE and READILY Available to Any Student wishing to Consolidate their Federal Loans West Palm Beach Florida
 Student Loan Relief Center is charging unsuspected consumers $597.00 in three (3) monthly installments of $199.00. The services it provides is misleading at a minimun and intents to leave the consumer believing it will obtain approval from the Department of Education (DOE) for an application sumitted by its company (SLRC), that any person who can read and write on an 8th grade level can complete. The most it will cost you to sumbit your own application to DOE is (1) the time you spend looking your information up at - this site shows you all of your loans, and (2) a postage stamp. The application itself is self-explainatory to the point where even if you are not certain if all your student loans qualify ( which most all do), a representative at DOE will enlighten you. At the end of the day, the Federal government simply wants to know if you intend on paying back your student loans. Providing borrows a consoldiated method to lessen the burden of trying to keep track of when payments are due (I had 34 differnt loans with 8 lenders in excessive of $166K over the course of my pursuit of higher education) is the essence of a consolidation at the government did not intend to put additional financial burden on students wishing to consolidate. It's Free, it's free, it's free!
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
16, Report #1075597
Aug 13 2013
05:40 PM
Student Loan Relief Center This Company Failed to Inform Me the Services it was charging $597 are FREE and READILY Available to Any Student wishing to Consolidate their Federal Loans West Palm Beach Florida
I am completely sickened and sad that this just happened to me. I had a gut feeling to look this company up AFTER my transaction was completed. They fooled me. The man, his name was Corey, sounded legit in his lingo and said all the right words. I thought he was able to refinance my student loans for $199.00/month but as I just read this was all a scam. Now it appears this company will be taking $199/month for the next 3 months and I don't know what to do about it. This company appears as if they are working in direct conjunction with the Department of Education. They are not. They are just stealing from you. I don't even know if anything at all has happened with my student loans. I live paycheck to paycheck and thought this was a Godsend I had stumbled upon, a way of helping make my life easier...I was apparently wrong. Why do people have to do this type of thing? It's just cruel and unnecessary.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
17, Report #1379270
Jun 15 2017
09:07 AM
Student Relief Center Questionable Scam Company West Palm Beach Florida
 I am submitting this report in regards to company Student Loan Relief Center. I have been allowing said company to draft monthly payments of $49.99 in regards to my student loan debt forgiveness. Until recently, they left a voice message stating that they were unable to draft my monthly payment. I have made several attempts to contact them but have been unsuccessful, which prompted me to research them. I found information about them being a scam company and I am reporting them as a result out of worry that they have compromised my student loan and personal information.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
18, Report #1249524
Aug 19 2015
09:21 AM
Student learning resource service Student loan relief service Beware they are a fraud they charge $39/month for nothing Irvine California
 This place charges for a free service. I get they say there's a lot of paperwork so that's fine if people need help with paperwork but then they also charge a servicing fee to manage your loans. Your loans don't need to managed monthly. You can recertify yourself or call another company to do it for around $200. Which is a lot cheaper than paying $40 a month service fee. I can't believe I feel for their scam. They say they are A rated with the BBB but we all know you have to pay the BBB for their ratings and the rating isn't under student loan resource service its under student loan relief. I don't see why they don't use their real name. That should say something. There $500 give a way is a scam as well no one has ever won that. That's how they get people to call. If you don't want to do it yourself don't use this complany use another company that won't rip you off and will actually help you. Even the sells people lie. They don't tell you that you can do it yourself and they say they have to have your banking and debit card info before they even tell you what you have to pay for their processing fees which is bs because it always comes back at $599 then they negotiate down to $499 or $399. If They would just be upfront it would be a lot better. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. USE ANY OTHER COMPANY BUT THIS ONE. YOU WILL REGRET USING THEIR SERVICES.
Entity: Irvine, California
19, Report #1233404
Jun 04 2015
07:28 AM
Goodbye Student Debt Richie Jacob Orange County Cons promise Student Loan Debt Relief, but Plan to Cash Out at your Expense Orange County, California Nationwide
 Good Bye Student debt is a company based out of Orange County California. Headed up by top scammers Richie and Jacob they promise student loan relief by means of consolidating all your Federal Student Loans. They prey on your financial hardship, frustration with loan payments, and what seems like an impossible situation, by giving you the perfect way out... Their consolidation They let you know you remarkably qualify for a special government program that only 5% of the population qualifies for, in this program all you need to do is follow their payment plan, and whatever extra remaining on your loan will be immaculately forgiven. They'll continue to mention the Department of Education, like they were hired by them, and FedLoan like they're Best Buds. Don't believe the hype, they'll sound knowledgable, but they aren't seeking your best interest at all. All you need to do is pay two upfront fees $299 the 1st month and $199 the 2nd month, and after that only $30 a month for about 25 years (what you they sway you to believe are your loan payments). Now if you have a decent amount of student loan debt this saving grace appears to be Heaven sent, but once you realize what you're actually paying for you'll be mad as Hell! They ask for your banking info (routing/checking account number), but settle for the debit card number to automatically lock in the payments, because who actually knows that info anyway. Sad thing is by this point in the comversation your so relieved to finally have your student loan situation in order, you're willing to do just about any and everything! Richie and Jacob charmingly sway you into freely handing over All your most valuable personal information (social security number, FSA ID/Pin & Challenge Questions, Birthdate, Tax Return, Paystubs, and anything else you decide to throw in the deal to save yourself from swimming in student loan debt). They have you sign terms of service agreements electronically, and set you up with your own account to monitor your loan situation Price Media Group is the name affiliated with that site. In talking they explain and explain all you have to do is make that $299 and $199 payment and you're set at $30 a month. Each year if your income situation changes and you earn more the price may jump, but only a little bit in Richies words The sad truth is nothing you pay in their agreement Actually goes to relieving your student loan debt, everything goes to them including the $30 a month for 25+ years for them to buy beer and anal beads for each other. Word of advice don't buy the Scam! Don't give out your FSA ID over the phone, and don't believe these Orange County scammers who claim to consolidate your $60,000 plus student loans into $30 monthly payments for 25 years, claiming the government will forgive the rest. That's straight BS and it doesn't even Add Up! In the words of Richie and Jacob Just gotta make a living for ourselves hopefully both you guys will be bending over and coughing at one of California's illustrious State Institution
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1366355
Apr 10 2017
04:53 PM
THE STUDENT LOAN RELIEF DEPARTMENT Equitable acceptance, Manhattan beach venture LLC, SLRD Avoid this company at any cost scam will send you to collection even if you did not use their service Redondo Beach California
I called this company to enquire about their service to apply for a student loan repayment plan. The first thing, they made me sign a contract over the phone for $1850 for the filing fee, then started asking about SSN for me and my wife but when I refused to give them the SSN for my wife, they said they could not do it without and i will not be charged any money as they could not apply for me. They are right that they have to have the SSN but untill this day they try to collect the money from me even though I applied for myself and did not use their service. I contacted the company plenty of times and few of the times I was able to get hold of them and they confirm that i do not owe any balance and the next week someone from there shows up asking for the debt. I sent the a legal letter to request proof of debt, they returned the envelop back claiming that it could not be forwarded. If you have a similar situation with them, you need to compain to BBB, and take them to a small claims court because they are not going to leave you alone.
Entity: Redondo Beach, California
21, Report #1381381
Jun 26 2017
01:15 PM
Student Relief Center LLC The fax line worked when I sent my docs but when I called the 877# it says no one avail. Every 12 times I called at different times throughout the week. Ft Lauderdale Florida
These people called and texted my phone like crazy and when I finally answered one of the calls I decided to go with them because they seemed to have their phone script in order and the contract was a docusign so it seemed legit.  The rep told me to fax my copy of DL and SS card to complete my processing.  I did that and rec'd an email that my information had been rec'd but when days later when I noticed my regular payment had still been withdrawn from my bank account I called the 877-659-2661 number and it said there was no one available to take my call.  Every time since then, over 12 different phone calls all different times of the day from 12 noon to 9pm and the message was still the same.  
Entity: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
22, Report #1380879
Jun 23 2017
02:07 PM
Entity: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
23, Report #1229505
May 15 2015
03:32 PM
Liberty Student Relief / Americas Student Debt Relief LLC James Jamir, Richard Le, Chris Chatman LIBERTY STUDENT RELIEF / AMERICANS STUDENT DEBT RELIEF LLC SCAMMED CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES Tustin / Anaheim California
James Jamir scams clients, and also scams employees, student loan consolidations are a joke, they have laid off all the employees without paying them the last paycheck, also never gets back to clients. The owners are always smoking weed outside of a tile factory that they think they are a legitimate business. I got laid off last week and now i found out they cannot even afford to pay me my draw for working there.   Richard Le is also a drug addict who helps James Jamir with this scam and is now opening a new company in Tustin, CA which i have found the address, every client they have signed up they never helped at all, they always said who cares don't call them back. I warn you as a previous employee here he will take the clients money and start up new companies and won't pay any employees. Please be warned the new company name is Americas Student Debt Relief and the address is 2913 E Camino Real Ste#701, Tustin CA. please do not do any business with them as they will not help any clients and when they laid everyone off they didn't pay them. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THESE SCAMMERS!
Entity: Tustin, California
24, Report #1272122
Dec 04 2015
04:50 PM
Student Aide Center Student Aide Center in Doral Florida. The web site has been shut down as of 12/4/2015 indefenite They kept saying they represented the new Obama Dept Relief Program for Student Loans Doral Florida
 I saw an advertisement on TV about the new Obama Student Dept Reliefe Programs.  I called the Student Aide Center and was told that they could stop my garnishments from past student loans.  They told me it would cost $1,0000.  I sent them $199.00 in April of 2015,  $199.00 in May 2015 and $99.00 dollars in June 2015.  by July 2015, I could no longer pay the center and my check was still being garnished.  They told me to send what I could and I thought that was strange.  By October and November of 2015 , I requested a refund.  I finally got them to approve the request at least I thought they approved it I was even given a check number and was told that the check was sent out on November 17th and it would take at least 7-10 business days to receive via the mail system.  Yesterday December 3rd made ten business days.  I noticed that the web site was no longer open and has been closed indefenit and I was unable to reach anyone by phone.  I would like to know how can I get my refund.  They owe me $498.00. I made payment via my checking account debit.
Entity: Doral, Florida
25, Report #1422183
Jan 11 2018
08:56 AM
Equitable Acceptance AKA , I can consolidate your student loans, AKA , We working with the Obama debt relief program, Scammed me Minneapolis Minnesota
I was contacted by a company, that was not equitable acceptance and was told that I could consolidate my student loans and after I made so many payments I would be clear and free of my debt, and that this was part of the New Student Loan debt relief program. I was asked to make a down payment by check only ( I should have known then). I made my down payment and then I would begin making my monthly payments. Next thing you know I get an email from equitable acceptance talking about my checked bounced and that I owe them a payment. So I call and asked, How do I owe you? We have never done business. They go through the spill of how they bought my debt relief from another company and now I owe them. But in the meantime My student loans are contacting me saying I'm passed due. So its all a scam. And the worse part is they are on my credit report. They added charges for a bounced check that I didn't even write them. I had to pay my bank for them trying to take money out that I didn't have. And its just a horrible situation. Which should be illegal. Scamming people making them believe that they are taking care of their business and paying off their student loans. Everyone who works there should be ashamed of themselves.
Entity: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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