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1, Report #457903
Jun 02 2009
05:25 PM
Buzzgrounds Waiting to see myself Albany Internet
I placed an order a few days ago BEFORE I found this site. It's too early to see if I too get ripped off but be sure I will update this complaint if I do...and now I fully expect to. EITHER WAY. Everyone is right. a company with this kind of rep needs to be shut down and owners arrested. A. Florence, MontanaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1156609
Jun 22 2014
09:12 AM
Bravofly ignoring all contact from myself Internet
I booked a flight for myself and my wife on February 14th, 2014, online with Delta Airlines, through Bravofly. Delta then cancelled the flight on June 9th, then processed a payment to Bravofly on June 11th. Since then, I have contacted Bravofly via Facebook, Facebook Private Message and e-mail because they have not re-issued my funds, and each and every time I am completely ignored. I have even gone as far as saying that I will be contacting a lawyer, and I am still ignored. I have a hotel room booked and paid for in September at my destination and I now have no flights or funds to use the hotel room. This is obviously of huge distress to myself and my family, as I have not been home in two years and was looking forward to getting away and seeing everyone again. I hope someone can advise. I did not use a credit card transaction - just a debit card.    
Entity: Internet
3, Report #133617
Mar 03 2005
01:49 PM
Centurion ripoff clueless individuals, myself included Aberdeen Washington
In late December/early January, I thought I had been given a great opportunity for a credit card. With former bad credit, I am trying to find ways to build it back up and an offer for a credit card with a $2000 limit would be a great way to do that! I gave them the information they needed and a few days later called to cancel, I had changed my mind and needed the $249. They told me they would remove the information from their system and would not take they money out of my account. They took the money and will not answer or return phone calls. Jennifer Aberdeen, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: CHAMPLAIN, New York
4, Report #21461
May 24 2002
12:01 PM
Gardners Choice online ripoff company victimized many consumers and myself Michigan
I thought it would be nice to grow some tree tomatos this year in my garden, so I ordered them from Gardners Choice. I paid only $9.50 total for them. I expected them to arrive by now but they havn't so I got on the internet to write them an email and found out they are a rip off company! I'm really mad! Now I have to spend more money getting some tomatos from the local nursery so I have some! I hope I can get my money back. My husband and I don't have much money to begin with. Kim Nampa, Idaho
5, Report #8202
Nov 27 2001
12:00 AM
First National Credit Kicking Myself
I recieved the wonderful mailer from Frist National Credit and with Christmas coming I thought it would really help me out. I am on Social Security and I thought if I used at least 1,000 on the card I would do alright. I sent in my $43.00 for the Rush processing and even got excited when my bank by phone said that they cashed my check. The more and more I thought about after the check was cashed I thought I should look and see if they had a web site only site I found was this one and I am sure kicking myself for not checking here first. Has anyone gotten any of their money back? Or has anyone actually gotten a card from them. If someone knows how to get my money back for me please feel free to email me at Thank you and have a good holiday everyone.
Entity: aliso Viejo, California
6, Report #502631
Oct 01 2009
About a wek ago, around sept 24, 2009, I almost fell for the Derma-glow bait and switch, almost. I went to, finally contacted customer service. They told me they had NOTHING to do with free samples, that they sold only expensive skin equipment. One man told me about the dermaglo scam; that they had received many calls, similar to mine.. He told me to go to, and contact them. Problem is, their customer service phone, advertised hours of operation- nobody answered the phone. I called during those hours.Please call us during our customer service hours. Bullcookies! I tried their toll-free number, still no luck. I then made a very smart decision. I called my bank, who owns my debit card, and had  them cancel it. I'M lucky-all this is going to cost me is $4.95. I just happen to be a consumer NOBODY should mess with. Those of you, affected by this, in one way or another, complain to both the California attourney general, and the attourney general, in the state where you live. Fill out both forms completely-web addressws, e-mail address, phone contacts, etc. Above all, remember this:BAIT AND SWITCH IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE, I BELIEVE WHICH, THE PENALITIES ARE QUITE SEVERE. LETS PUT THESE EVIL PEOPLE OUT OF BUSINESS. Is there a class action lawsuit against,? Please let me know, I'd love to join in. LEN ;west hartford, ct       
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #374063
Sep 18 2008
08:04 AM Can't even locate myself! Inernet
I was in search for my birth-father and was told to go to the a people-search web site. He was in the military so information is pretty much at name and last known area of being stationed only. I went into the, read their pimp-page (marketing) and signed on. I was immediately diappointed as they charged my card twice, apologizing for any inconvenience as it was their fault. From their I was met with failure after failure in my search. Finally, I decided to try my own information. From birth, adoption, to my marriage, only to come up with NO INFORMATION, blah, blah, blah. Prior to putting my own information, I thought it would be fun to try the Unclaimed Money search. But everytime I would click on the State of Minneosta, it would switch my names to Michigan and tell me that there were no names for that search....NO KIDDING!!! When I clicked on the option to Contact Us I would be met with an ERROR ON PAGE or PAGE ERROR message. Hmmm....that was the last straw and proof that this site is a complete rip-off!!! THIS SITE IS FRAUDULOUS and should not be allowed to take anymore money!!! Zoetja MORA, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #618668
Jun 29 2010
08:17 AM Didn't understand,what I,was getting myself into. Internet
I,called to cancle, after my debit card was charged ,$$84.16. A,lady,named Paris,said,they,could,only give me,50% back.-$41.08 and canceled my account.
Entity: , Internet
9, Report #749603
Jul 06 2011
08:12 AM
melissa davis myself buffalo, Kentucky
I dont know who this ACH USA credit people are but they took out $149.95 out of my account with out me knowing about it. I WONT MY MONEY BACK
Entity: buffalo, Kentucky
10, Report #302112
Jan 21 2008
03:20 PM
ASPIRE extreme harassment of my friends and myself Columbus Georgia
I had been harassed alll hours of day and evening and changed my number. They then sarted calling my friend who does not have any bsiness with them, he has told them he is handicapped and in a wheelchair and itts diffucult for him to answer the phone but they don't care they harass hime all hours of A.M., in the day and evening. The phone is his phone and he has not dealings with them at all, what can he do? They originally have put more and more interest rate on their statemtnt so that I will never be able to pay them off. I had a heartattack a few montsh ago and other problems. Am 80 years old and on Social Security. Why won'tt they stop harassing my handicapped friend who has no business with the? They are a terrible Company. This is my second report. Mimigram Cape Coral, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Columbus, Georgia
11, Report #134425
Mar 09 2005
10:50 PM
Walmart Ripoff! got fired for standing up for myself Danvers Massachusetts
To anyone concerned, I had worked for several Walmarts in the past three years, I worked up in Maine and then moved to Massachusetts. Well the Walmart stores in Massachusetts are totally different then the ones up in Maine. Well I got a good position, and I was always praised by customers, I could multi-task, and I was a hard worker. My department manager left me a task list, and I needed to check the work I had done off, so that she knew what I had done. So pretty much you could say I did a lot. I knew where all the merchandise in my department went, and I was a favorite to my returning customers. I did the CSM's favors by ringing on the register, even if I didn't want to. I would go outside and push carriages sometimes, I would have to do anything they asked or else I would get in trouble. I had to come into work even though I was sick with pneumonia, even when I had bronchitis. They would not let me call out, so I had to suffer and work..but I got the work done. Well here is where it starts. I was and still am dating someone that works in the Walmart where I worked. I got her the job there, when she moved to the state. So of course, the personnal manager had to tell me that he hoped it wasn't a mistake of him hiring her. So months went by and everything was a-ok. We both did our work and went home at the end of our shifts. Almost a year down the line, and associates who we would normally talk to on a regular basis were accusing both of us of calling their cell phones, and calling them at the Walmart--pranking and saying rude things. Well one day there was an obscenity in the bathroom of another associate, it said so-and-so is a whore. Well another associate got involved by taking a picture of it and bringing it to the store manager. Needless to say, another associate got involved by saying that I had written the obscenity in the bathroom. Well my soul purpose of going into the bathroom is to wash my hands and well go to the bathroom. Then one night while I was off, and my gf was associate attacked her verbally, saying to stop f***king calling my phone and stop calling this person! We know it's you and your gf! She tried to tell him that it wasn't us. Well he didn't listen and just yelled more, and then he went to his own department. So she called me crying, she was in the bathroom, and she was very very upset. So me being protective, and very angry, I went to Walmart, and gave this kid a piece of my mind. Mind you I was off the clock and well as far as I am concerned when I am off the clock I am on my OWN time. I made my gf leave..she was having a panic attack from being yelled at. Well the next day my gf's manager yelled at her saying that she wasn't having a panic attack and that she lied to him. The manager told her she was in the wrong. So we both went to the store manager and told him what had happened, and we both went in to have ourselves some kind of witness. Well the store manager said what I did was wrong, he said that the witness' to my little escapade were insulted, upset, and offended. I asked him several times if I was going to get fired, and he said no. Well a week went by, and I went to work on a Friday. I had worked for two hours, when they had called me in to the office. I was with the store manager and a assistant manager. The store manager that said I wasn't going to lose my job told me, I'm very sorry, but I need to terminate you. I said to him, thanks for lying to me. He said he didn't lie to me. I had told him when I was in tears that his firing me was a mistake. He asked me why, and I told him. I have never slacked in my work, and the person that was doing the accusing was the biggest slacker of them all. He is friends with the LP(even they got fired, for stealing 10k) so he was able to steal stuff on his own, and having the tapes get erased. He tries to get everyone in the store to hate my gf that is still there. I am still without a job, it's been a month and a few days now. I still go in there to get lunch to my gf, or go visit her if she is feeling sick and needs some medicene. I believe I was wrongfully fired. For three years, I have watched an 81 year old man get accused of stealing, and then was fired. I watched a customer in a wheelchair having a seizure, get pulled over by Loss prevention--being accused of stealing. I have watched this associate that got me fired, sit around and do nothing, he hits on every girl he can, he can't keep his hands off of them--and he never does any work--also I have seen him sitting around watching the videos in the LP office, when regular associates aren't supposed to be in there. I have seen him steal. I have seen other associates steal. I always kept my mouth shut about it..I could not keep my mouth shut about being accused by some little low life who gets off on watching people hurt. I've seen so much, and well I know a lot of juicy details about the company of Walmart. I will not be afraid to tell the world. That company is nothing but lies. I was promised good benefits..well those benefits are crap. Those benefits have put me into debt. I do not shop there anymore. I refuse to. When I left that night when they fired me..they handed me $800.00 to keep my mouth shut. Well that won't do it. Thanks for listening, and if you have any questions, or comments..feel free Thanks Michele Middleton, MassachusettsU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Wal-mart
Entity: Danvers, Massachusetts
12, Report #1228088
May 10 2015
09:41 AM old mug shots of myself appearing under my name Internet
google my name and old mugshots appear my husband's name also. is trying to extort money from us to remove them.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #896422
Jun 14 2012
06:18 PM
myself online payday loan turns nightmare, indians call from fake Bureau of Criminal Investigation saying I have a lawsuit unknown, Pennsylvania
I went online to get a payday loan.  Bad mistake they had me enter my information over and over and over again spamming me with dozens of emails to even more links.  Do not fall for this scam.  Next I started getting calls from a fake outfit called the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.  Apparently i am under criminal investigation.  They will have the last 4 of your social and your phione numbers.  they get them from the online loan processes.  So here is how you know.  They all have indian accents.  They threaten and wont give information about their department.  They transfer you and the biggest tipoff of all is that they all have Indian accents.  so the number they called me from is 717 610 4301 and alan parish and some lady named Jane selens of 567 248 2754 also same messages.  They have called dozens of times.  i told them I turned them into the FBI but maybe i should inform interpol?  Anyway if you get stuck in this cancel your credit card or bank account you used to set up the online payday loan.  Then open a new one.  its actually fun messing with these idiots.  Turn the tables on them.  Call the numbers above and tell them that Bhudda is a demon and they are cursed for eternity.  Tell them when they return they will come back as sea slugs and earthworms.  They beklieve this reincarnation BS.  Beware and have fun.  and tell them the FBI is looking into their activities.  If you see their number answer Federal bureau of Investigation agent Smith speaking and listen to them squirm.  Sincerely Ron Victim
Entity: unknown, Pennsylvania
14, Report #959401
Jan 15 2013
02:22 PM
Perma-Pier Foundation Repair Do Not trust Perma-Pier Foundation Repair dallas, Texas
I am a plumbing contractor hired by Permapier to perform testing and repairs on foundation repair jobs. They now owe us $14,375.00 and refuse to pay. We have been trying to collect on these services for several years in some cases. They have charged the customers, in cluding a mark up on the price and have been paid by the the customer for services provided by my company. They use delay tactics to avoid paying what they owe to us.    
Entity: dallas, Texas
15, Report #141471
May 04 2005
05:04 AM
IntelliUS Background report on myself wrong. They refused any process to correct bad info. Bellevue Washington
I ordered a background report on myself and there was false information including credit information on another person reported as me. Intellius has wrong address information on me. I wrote their customer service by email several times asking them to change or tell me the process to prove their information is wrong. The answer was they put out public information and there is nothing they can do to change it. I think it outrageous that credit bureaus have a process for correcting bad information when you can provide proof but there is no process I have found to correct the same information on background search companies. Intellius is arrogant, error prone, and refuses to refund the money. Robert Trophy Club, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Bellevue, Washington
16, Report #148703
Jul 06 2005
12:32 PM
Monopolizer Ripoff Myself and two others sent Money and received NOTHING. London UK
Over 90 days ago I sent monies along with two friends to Monopolizer, we now realize that their CONTRACT is Bogus and they continue to Scam others as the site is still up and promoting. We never received ONE single new member as promised.They have also been reported to the FBI, CIA and other Law Enforcement Agencies. Please help us to make people aware of the TOO DOO TO BE TRUE SCAM. Lee Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: London, Other
17, Report #74704
Dec 10 2003
02:38 PM
Vacation Showroom dishonest, ripped off my trust, ripped money from myself and family. Plataka Florida
I was faxed a vacation special for $99/person, I thought this would be a good thing for a single income family to do. Well, I was in a car accident and was financially strained. SO, I followed the rules by sending them a letter within 30 days I called and spoke with an Amber in the office, she explained that I was the next on the list to receive my refund. Well, six months later no refund of $277.00. I have tried calling and contacting them via email but they are no longer in the business. Christine Ava, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Plataka, Florida
18, Report #82796
Mar 04 2004
12:30 PM
Cross Country Bank ripoff I had no idea what I was getting myself into Internet
I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Applied for a credit card with cross country bank and all hail broke loose. Things were fine for a while. Then the over limit fees came. Along with those they drafted my checking account twice in one month and was not authorized to do so. An overdraft fee was charged to my checking account for a bounced check, due to their error. A few calls enabled me to get my money put back into the account, but rest assured it wasn't put back as fast as it was taken out. They even refused to pay the overdraft fee. My due date miraculously changes whenever I turn around, so there are always late fees attached. The annual % is always increasing and this is from someone who called and requested my account be closed. On a closed account you can still rack up over limit fees, as well as late fees. To boot, they were still charging me insurance on a closed account. Have been trying to get this MESS taken care of but it seems that the total increases instead of decreases. At this rate a credit counselor has informed me that it will tale 15 years to clear it up. DO NOT, under any circumstances deal with these folks who claim that they practice legal, and good business ethics. mother m hollywood, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
19, Report #12156
Jan 22 2002
12:00 AM
HRS USA posted pymnt in wrong amt: my bank and myself cannot get money back...
Sent payment via electronic banking utilizing US Bank's online banking feature. Electronic payment sent 3/01 via US Bank, posted on 3-14-01 to my HRS account as $10. The payment of $100 posted to my bank account at that same time. US Bank says they have proof that it was $100 that was sent AND REC'D by HRS USA -- and that HRS has ripped us off and is totally wrong! US Bank sent faxes twice to prove that indeed $100 cleared HRS' bank -- HRS denied the credit and said that the money had gone to some other bank and that somehow they rec'd $10 from us (as a check apparently). I've NEVER sent a check (nor has US Bank) to HRS -- only electronic payments which is not paper money!!! THey said I sent a check, I said I have NEVER sent one. They said the $100 was in check from sent to TransAmerica bank??? US Banks said it was a purely electronic transaction. All of this makes no sense, especially since they are talking about checks which were never sent or authorized by me. Also, they are talking about a $10 payment as if it were separate from the $100 they claim went to Transamerica??? I only engaged in ONE transaction to HRS. They will not listen to us. US Bank and I are extremely upset. Nichole Click here to see other Rip-off Reports on the HRS
Entity: City of Industry, California
20, Report #15237
Feb 26 2002
12:00 AM
Capital Choice Consumer Credit Myself to blame for this ripoff
Pre-approved credit card sent by Capital Choice Consumer Credit at 9590 NW 25 Street...Miami, FL 33172 Approved For: Platinum Card Credit Amount: $5,000.00 Interest Rate: 0% Intro. A.P.R. 1ST 12 Months I have an Approval Certificate sent by the company, and I also have the check statement from the bank that the company cashed it, but never recieved a credit card. CONTROL NUMBER: 042302JCR002 CURRENT ACCOUNT STATUS: PENDING APPROVAL NUMBER: 1224531912 APPLICABLE STATE LAWS: APPLY NON-BANK AFFILITION: YES RESPONSE REQUESTED: IMMEDIATELY dATE OF APPROVAL: JAN 22, 2002 Veronica Concordia, Kansas
Entity: Miami, Florida
21, Report #422913
Feb 11 2009
11:20 AM
Your American Grant This company scams people, including myself Internet
This company is a total rip off scam artist. Here is the deal, initially you sign up for $1.50 to receive the CD offer and other materials that will provide the user with information on how to obtain government grants. Part of this agreement is that you will also receive bonus offers from 2-3 other scam agencies that are affiliated with these guys. The catch here is, if you fail to cancel out with ALL the bonus offers within a time frame, you get bailed by all of them. I attempted to cancel my subscription using the toll free number provided in my sign up email of 866-467-5313 and this number is no longer operating. So then I contact all the bonus offer agencies and guess what, even though they state that their offer is free until so and so date, check you bank statement and they will have charged you already within the first week of being forcibly signed up with them, even though the offer is supposedly free for 30 days. So then I went to the main American Grant website and attempted to submit my issue via the Contact Us link and the submit button does not work. I tried the link using IE 6, 7, 8 and also many different versions of Firefox and with no pop up blockers and no go. So buyers beware, anyone or anything that claims to have information about government grants you may have access to are total scam artists. I feel ashamed. Total initial embezzlement charges from these rip off artists are $68.13 but be careful, many of these charges will continue to recur. Because it is almost impossible to get all of these accounts cancelled, your best bet is to write off the $68.13 embezzlement charges and then report your credit card stolen or get a new one issued with a different account number. Blogchimp hillsboro, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
22, Report #458582
Jun 04 2009
12:18 PM
Treasure Kingdom Company refuses to send back refund, owed to myself San Mateo California
I too have had a serious problem with Treasure Kingdom. Late deliveries and unable to refund have only compounded the situation. If the person in Nova Scotia reads this, please e-mail me with your phone number or just e-mail address so we can try to recover your 100.95 that was not returned. My e-mail is (((ROR REDACTED))). Thank you. P.S. the Oakland BBB has 11 cases against them with 10 not being resolved because of no response. Adp Hicksville, New YorkU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: San Mateo, California
23, Report #410652
Jan 11 2009
12:21 AM This service is worthless.. As a test, I searched for myself and got nothing.. Ripppoff!! Internet
This site makes false claims and is of no value to the customer in a lot of states. There is no contact information for problems. One example is that the site gives you the opportunity to check for a voter registration. I have voted for twenty years and have no listing. In fact, according to government, I do not exist!!!! Angus **** Fenelton, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #395846
Nov 28 2008
07:25 PM Company threatened with jail of myself and my mother and a friend Irvine California
I was called this morning on my cell phone and the number that was displayed was (910) 000-00000. I did not pick up but let my voicemail get it. The message was garbeled but I got the phone number of (949) 528- 2417. My wife called them to try to find out what they wanted and they said that I had a payday loan that was not paid from dec, 4 2007. She said that this was a mistake and they yelled at her. When I got on the phone I was told that I would be arrested on monday at work and then I would have to pay $5800 +/- (this figure changed several times), but they could not tell me who the creditor was or how much this loan was for. They also said that my two suspossed references would also be arrested. One of the names they gave me was my mother and the other was a family friend. They had thier names and they had my social security number, and checking account number. I got them to give me thier address, because thier phone number is the same area code as mine. I went there and it is inside a gaurded/ gated community and on google earht it shows that it is a residential complex. I could not gain access to the property. My wife then called them and used a fake name and her cell phone number. She said that she had received a call from them and was put on hold, ten seconds later her false identity amazingly owed them money also. I called my local police and they called them, but said that they could not determine if it was fraud or not. They did assure me that I could not be arrested and advised me to do what I thought was best. I did not pay them and asked the m to send me a fraud packet and all the documentation on this loan and they said they were done and that I would be facing legal action. I have put an alert on my credit and have changed my bank account. I also checked my bank statments for any eft's that I could not account for and have not found any. J costa mesa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Irvine, California
25, Report #397272
Dec 03 2008
12:15 AM BEWARE ! THIS SITE IS FAKE I proved it for myself ................ Internet
This dating site is definately a RIPP! I was looking at reports on XXXBalckBook after I paid to join ....oops! In an attempt to determine if the reports had any truth I decided to make an offer. I went online and looked up gals in my local area, San Diego .....,. The first night there were seven that profiles said they were online So I IM'd each of them with a $100.00 offer to meet. Not for sex! Just to meet and explained that I was trying to prove/disprove if they and the site were REAL. Not one responded! I repeat! Not One OK The second night I IM'd 9 gals whom the site said were in my local area and online Again Not One of the 9 wrote back This is a FAKE SITE All there just to steal your $$ I paid by CC I just got offline with EPOCH ..... a collection compay for many online business below is the follow up email they sent. KUDOS to these folks for refunding my $$ without a hassle, but it isn't here yet I will be back to report on the refund Thanks Bob - San Diego Email from Epoch................. Dear Robert xxxxxxxxxx This message is to confirm that a refund has been issued to your account for a product that was ordered with your credit card. NAME ON ORDER: Robert xxxxxxxxxx ADDRESS GIVEN: US PRODUCT: XXX Black Book - One Year Non-Recurring Membership AMOUNT OF CREDIT: 119.95 If there is a problem, please email Belvedere St. James, Ltd. at Robert Valley Center, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet

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