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1, Report #1398343
Sep 06 2017
08:00 PM
This is a PSA and warning to the Instagram dog community, businesses, dog lovers, and general public.    First, Google reveals disturbing allegations regarding Nakiva Cleveland AKA as Nakiva Cummings from/around Bothell, Washington. Instagram account: @foxfoxwolf    Nakiva Cleveland is ALLEGED to be an animal abuser per claims at GoFundme. An individual who alleged to know Nakiva Cleveland outed her as someone who ALLEGEDLY kicks and assaults her own animals, including dog Miko. AJ's post was subsequently deleted while another poster attempted to discredit AJ's claims.    Second, I am an Instamom and have ran CASH giveaway on behalf of my little one. Upon announcing a giveaway, the conditions and legal obligations are spelled out. One of the main obligations is to be an indefinite follower for the account being promoted. In one of those giveaways, I chose Nakiva Cleveland as the winner of a CASH card.    Nakiva Cleveland subsequently unfollowed the account. Upon contacting, she replied with an erratic message. She further stated she had not interacted with the account, a patently FALSE claim.    Based on foregoing facts, Nakiva Cleveland will take valuables from you, profit, and will NOT comply with agreed upon terms, rendering you a SCAM victim. Further, although the animal abuse allegations are currently only allegations, it's in one's best interest to keep pets away from this person as she appears to be mentally unbalanced based on her response when questioned.    For mere principle, legal action would be appropriate although it will be unlikely to collect a judgement as Nakiva Cleveland relies on Gofundme for basic expenses.    If you have been victimized by Nakiva Cleveland, it is highly recommended you report it. Again, proceed with extreme caution  if dealing with Nakiva Cleveland.    Respectfully,    Ele,  California, USA  
Entity: Bothell , Washington
2, Report #191636
May 15 2006
04:12 PM
Cleveland Wholesale Scams ripoff get sucked in Cleveland ohio
Today Was my orientation day at cleveland wholesale and i was all FIRED UP about it because i had thought this to be a great oportunity. I had already made it thru the 2 interviews. As u know they had told us of the CONTEST that they RARELY do to sell bottles(ffar) for a chance to make 10 dollars per bottle and get bonuses for the more u sold in one day. Needless to say I thought i would be a champ at that but as I found it to be when my buddy and i actually started calling relatives and asking them to buy this GARBAGe, the thought acured to me to actually look online about the products. After reading this I was so enraged that as a matter of fact after i am done posting this I am gonna give them one hell of a phone call. anyways everything this site told me had happened to me on my interveiws and i told my buddy about it who was at the interviews too. they would have totaly suckered me if it werent for the simple mistake that made at the second interview, RESEARCH THIS FOR YOURSELF wich was there exact words(morons u cant pull a scam if u tell people where to find how it works at) anyways for u guys in cleveland be wary of the ads in the papers, every week u will see an add in the help wanted/general labor section stating something about an administrative position. But unfortunately they all have the same number but use different contacts each time to get a hold of(call jasmine 440-743-7505)in wich they told me 2 weeks prior to this post there names where elka and dewaun if thats there real names in any case. Sure there number might get changed after this but just watch out and thanks for the heads up and i wish there was something we could do to get the big guys ---- outa bussiness. Jake cleveland, OhioU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Cleveland, Ontario
3, Report #988746
Dec 29 2012
06:32 PM
Metro Cleveland Security RIP OFF! Cleveland, Ohio
I went to work for Metro Cleveland Security in August of 2012. They're a two-bit little security guard company in Brooklyn. I worked there for 4 months. They posted me to guard a drug rehab clinic in downtown Akron. They ripped me off nearly every pay check. Every 2 weeks, I would have to drive all the way to Cleveland to pick up my check, because they're too cheap to mail employees their checks, and have never heard of direct deposit. Nearly every check had deductions for God-knows-what. When I asked about them, they said it was going towards the deposit on my uniform which they provided. Yet, they were unable to tell me how much they would take. They assured me that it would be returned if I stopped working there, and returned the uniform. Nearly every paycheck was always wrong. Either the hours would be wrong, or the rate, or something. I felt like I was constantly being ripped off there. When I would complain about it, they would give me dirty looks and tell me to come back later, because they're too busy. Then, a week before Christmas, they called me up and said I was fired because they heard that I asked the business I was guarding if there was anyway I could possibly be hired in there directly, so I wouldn't have to deal with Metro any more. They also said they decided to fire me because I was always complaining about my checks being wrong (as if that's somehow my fault that their payroll staff don't know basic math???). I returned the uniform, and a week later, I picked up my refund for my deposit. I added up all my deductions, which equals over $250. The refund check was for $61. There are lots of other security companies out there to work for. So, take my advice and don't work for these scammers. They're a major rip-off and a major pain in the ass to work for!
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
4, Report #1367536
Apr 13 2017
01:14 PM
Cleveland Browns Laughing Stock cleveland Ohio
It must suck to be a Browns fan. This club has been horrible well basically from the beginning. Just when it appears they have the opportunity to turn the program around they will make bad choices and choose not to. Recent reports claim the browns may take Mitch Trubisky with the #1 overall pick?? First I see many problems here! A.) IMO Mitch is not the best overall QB in the draft right now. Deshaun Watson has earned that! He is a proven winner, steps up when he needs to, can put a team on his back, makes smart decisions, Audibles, Calls out blitzes to protct himself, and reads defences presnap better than any prospect in this years draft. Im not a Clemson fan by any means but is it that hard to see??B.) On top of that if they are really considering taking a QB with the top overall pick instead of Myles Garrett why not trade the #1 overall pick to the Patriots for Jimmy Garoppolo?????? All the articles ive seen says they would not trade that pick for Jimmy but would take a bigger risk on Mitch?? At least Jimmy has shown he can play in the NFL. I know the sample size is small but how do you justify Mitch over Jimmy when Mitch has no sample size? How do you justify Mitch over Watson when Watson has a much larger sample size at the college level! Am I the only one that sees the problems the browns have? Hire me as GM I could do better than whats going on now! Its simple! Myles Garrett #1 trade #12 and #33 to the patriots for Jimmy and you have the best defender and the best available QB! Thats something to be somewhat excited about! Its a start! But mark my words the browns will screw this up as they always do! Show me the last time the browns drafted a QB that was truly a Franshise QB? maybe Tim Couch but they managed to ruin him fast! I know many will say you will only give more weapns to the Patriots! Really does it matter? Is anyone catching the Pats in the AFC this year? Forget abou them! Forget about winning a superbowl for now! The focus should be get the foundation then build the house! In todays NFL you cannot even begin to truly compete without a solid QB! Its a QBs league now! I know the patrtiots claim Jimmy is not available but honestly does anyone truly believe that? Everyone has a price and a franchise QB is not cheap! DONT SCREW THIS UP!!!!
Entity: cleveland, Ohio
5, Report #637910
Sep 05 2010
02:14 PM
BBB Cleveland Louis Tekavcic SCAMMER, FRAUD Cleveland, Ohio
Just read a post here on ripoff about the BBB Cleveland Office, concerning: Louis Tekavcic*****************!He is a fraud!***************************Here is my full post: guy is a deadbeat scammer...he should go to prison for trying to fraud people!Tried a $1350 quick scam on me! I called the Ohio Attorney General and made a formal complaint...looks like I am amongst a dozen others.Call them too if you run into BBB does not charge to remove complaints....that's a fraud!I've discovered some really interesting things about the's a riddled crime organization trying to get a few bucks from honest workers and companies!I'm so pissed...I've lost maybe 20 hours, dealing with this toad...the whole time he's trying to put the squeeze on me for $1350! He 'offered' to remove 3 postings that my clients had made against my company on the BBB site...he must be bringing in a ton of money with all those complaints on their BBB site. Bastard! The Attorney General's gonna shut him down!Joe G.Keep America Clean and Proud....Support your Troops!
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
6, Report #932440
Aug 25 2012
09:52 AM
Michaeangelos Photography-Cleveland Ohio Ed DeBono Ripped off, Cleveland, Ohio
I hired Michaelangelos Photography-Cleveland Ohio to shoot my wedding this past June. I have never seen such lousy pictures in my life. My 10yo nephew could have done a better job. First of all, The ED guy (the Photographer was abrasive and bossy, it was almost like he did not want to be there. The pre-ceremony pictures looked cluttered. Do you think he moved the stuff out of there, NO. Secondly, he was so slow that we did not get to go on location to shoot the outdoor pictures There were none of those at all. We (the bridal party was on time) The pictures we received were somewht out of focus, not perfection like he promised. I might as well have had no pictures at all. My friends pictures were much better that this Professional Photographer. I see I am not the only one who has posted here. MICHAEANGELOS PHOTOGRAPY JUST PLAIN SUCKS AND SHOULD BE AVOIDED.  Third, he was acting like a donkey at the reception. I should have told him to pack his bags at that point. He did not look like a professional, no suit coat and tie. His wife looked like a clone of him.  His prices were extremely high and this low life left the reception with 2 hrs to go and totally missed the me dancing with my aging grandmother. She was in a wheel chair. This was unforgivable. Thank you friends and family that did get that shot.  Michaelangelos Photographer-Cleveland Ohio, photographer-Cleveland Ohio, Wedding Photographer-Cleveland Ohio, Wedding Photography-Cleveland Ohio. Cleveland Wedding Photographers. Wedding Photography Studio-Middleburgh Heights Ohio
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
7, Report #1155937
Jun 19 2014
07:15 AM
Cleveland Heights Police Department Parking Ticket Issued in Error Cleveland Heights Ohio
I received a parking ticket that was issued in error.  My car was parked on a private property, the  parking lot of the apartment building  where I live.  The parking space was totally legit;  there were no signs posted whatsoever saying that cars aren't allowed to park in the area where my car was parked.   When I called the number on the ticket, I was told that someone called me in.  The Leasing Office denies any involvement in this, saying that they did not call me in.  Apparently the police has failed to check whether the caller was right or wrong, they just went ahead and issued a ticket for parking in the 'prohibited zone' whatever that means.  The space where I parked, was not prohibited.   I am very disappointed; can't even park at home without getting a ticket, for parking in a totally legitimate parking space!    
Entity: Cleveland Heights, Ohio
8, Report #1300200
Apr 17 2016
11:40 AM
Metro Cleveland Security A Total ripoff on both PAY and Uniform Fee cleveland Ohio
This company hires anyone. Some dont have their backround checked before you start. They charge for a uniform fee and rarely give it back even though you return the uniform. The pay checks are always late or lost or wrong every pay week. Managers are cluless on the job specs, and cant get a schedule right. They put you in harms way for 9HR and even the cleient pays get the same pay. Raises are yearly if your lucky. The only ones making money are the company while you struggle to get your paycheck.  Most of the workers at corpoarte are rude and nasty toward their guards even though you are the one making money for them.  Backstabbing liars is more like it.
Entity: cleveland , Ohio
9, Report #1370216
Apr 28 2017
12:51 PM
Cleveland Division of water Cleveland water, NEORSD, Cleveland sewer company Scam company, fraudulent billing, disappearing payments, won't accept proof of payment Cleveland Ohio
I have had issues with this company for the eleven years that I have been stuck in this house that is forced to be serviced by them. It is an utter scam and I don't know how a public service utility company can go on so corrupt for years. After seeing a special was done on this and all of the rip off reports it is clear that the City of Cleveland is involved and enjoying ripping off customers for profit or they're good friends because taking advantage of families that cannot survive without this utility. It is mind blowing. Not only are the bills suddenly extravagant, most recently I made a significant payment that supposedly wasn't received. I called when I noticed that my payment was never applied. They said that I needed to fax a bank statement. Well, my husband and I were recently married so I had closed that account and opened a joint one elsewhere with him. I had to go into my previous bank and order bank statements from that month which I was told was needed by the water company. The statements with proof of payment were mailed to me in a week. I faxed them to the water company. Then I got a shut off notice. So I called them again and asked did they receive my fax, hard proof this payment came out of my account and was never returned. They said that they did, but it wasn't sufficient, and that now they need a tracing number from the bank, and that I had to make the payment again. I am so furious because this is just icing on the cake with all the nightmare billing I've had with them. I don't have the time to go back and forth because they took my money and now claim they don't have it. They want me to pay them again and I guarantee I will go get the tracing number and they will say that isn't enough and come up with something else. It is unbelieveble the customer service and the fact that they are able to get away with such fraud. This is not cable or phone or an optional service. This is water, a necessity, that is exorbitant cost and then they can say that a bank statement isn't proof and charge you double on top of the already outrageous bill. Shame on Cleveland!
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
10, Report #230075
Jan 11 2007
09:46 PM
Kordiac Plumbing Worst plumbing company in Cleveland, Ripoff Cleveland Ohio
Workers were very professional. But dave (kordiac i beleave) was very rude during whole job. He cracked 3 of my sidewalk blocks. Said he only cracked two. Told him before job was over i did not want him doing landscaping or cement work. That i wanted a actual cement contactor. Upon job completion he took 2 of the sidewalk slabs with him. I called him on 1-4-07 to tell him that he cracked 3. And that i did not want him to repair it. He denied and refused to come check it out. He stated that his crew was going to pour the sidewalk on 1-4-07. I told him that they were not. He came over to see other damage. He denied it and stated his crew was on there way. I called the city and he did not pull any permits for this job. He stated he did and to contact the inspector Lou Griggs with the city of cleveland. I did and no permit was pulled. He stated he was also going to reseed the grass. I told him you cant seed clay and he was not to touch either project. He then stated im blocking the right of way on the side walk and he would call on me. I told him he was the one who took the 2 sections of sidewalk without permission and was told not to touch it. So now i am left to take out a home loan to have my walkway replaced in winter. And concrete workers dont like to work in witner. Due to the concrete setting up. I will most likely have the whole thing replaced. I beleave he should have to atleast pay for the 3 blocks that they damaged. The grass will be done under a warrenty program so im not worried about that. He was very rude and unprofessional. And would not and will not recomend to anyone. If this does not resolve. I will file complaints with attorney generals office. And file a claim in cleveland small claims court. For repair cost. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Check with this site and before you get a contractor. John cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
11, Report #105888
Aug 28 2004
03:15 PM
HHGREG ripoff Cleveland Ohio
My daughter and boyfriend had bought a refergrator from hhgreg and 2 months later the unit started to leak water from the bottom of the unit they called hhgreg up told them of the problem about the unit they sent a guy out to take a look at it there was a piece of insulation missing from the unit and it just so happends that they had one on the repair truck and it cost my dsaughter 149.00 to have the unit fixed when it was a missing part from the refrigerator Keith Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
12, Report #50365
Mar 24 2003
02:32 PM
Donny Jones rip-off Cleveland Ohio
This fake playa is such a **ckin liar it's not even funny. He can ly about stuff he got from how much he wants to be with you. By no mens, do you ever beleive him or you will be left. He can't keep his dick in his pants, has kids evveywhere and will say anything to get you in bed! If you know him, you al ready know how much of a liar he is, everyone in land knows, that's the sad part! Sonja cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
13, Report #380175
Oct 10 2008
03:31 PM
Vonage ripoff Cleveland Ohio
i am juanita xxxxxxx as of december,28,2007 i placed a order to vonage and then found out i needed internet to have vonage once i was aware i cancelled my order with vonage they took my telephone number from me and confirmed me that my account was cancelled. now it is october 10,2008 and i just found out for the last 11 months vonage has been taking $30.90 from my account every month the total is $339.90 as of now and when i called to ask why i was told my account is still open so i spoke with a account manager and he then closed my account today 10/10/08 and that they were going to take an additional $96.93 out my bank account for canceling with them and theres nothing they can do to refund my money that i have to write a letter to 23 main st. at holmdel,new jersey and make a report. i cant believe ive been charged for a phone line ive never had. when i have another phone company At&t. so now vonage owes me $436.83 as of right now so please help me with my problem. thank you Sincerly, Juanita Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
14, Report #694284
Feb 11 2011
04:17 PM
Antifraud Deceptive Advertising Cleveland, Ohio
Facts about the Koszinski Group at 8225 Fifth Avenue, #146, Brooklyn, NY 11209-4508: 8225 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY is not an actual business address it is a UPS Store.  #146 is a drop box number assigned by the UPS store.  NOTE: The UPS store has nothing to do with The Koszinski Group.  The box is leased by an organization that does not reside in the United States.   References Given:   Helen Singer Kaplan, M.D., Ph. D., S.P. Founder, New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center Human Sexuality Program Dr. Helen Singer Kaplan, a pioneer in the field of sex therapy and founder of the country's first clinic for sexual disorders DIED Aug 19, 1995…… Gorm Wagner, M.D., Ph. D.President, International Society of Impotence Research, University of Copenhagen Department of Medical Physiology  No Such Organization Exist: William R. Fair, M.D. Sloan-Kettering Hospital  Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital is a Cancer Center not an ED treatment facility. J. Francois Eid, M.D. the man who should know bestDirector, Erectile Dysfunction Unit, New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center Cornell Cornell  Medical Center and College of Medicine does not have an Erectile Dysfunction Unit.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
15, Report #188979
Apr 27 2006
10:01 PM
OAN SERVICES ripoff Cleveland Ohio
This company makes bogus charge to people stating some one used there service for e=mail off the internet why would someone use there service when you have and e-mail provider... they charge a monthly fee of 16.52 to use there service that's more than i pay for my internet service plus e-mail. Something has to done about these fly by nite services the PUCO should have something they can do to STOP them from doing this people . Nette Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
16, Report #24976
Jul 20 2002
06:42 AM
alltel ripoff cleveland Ohio
I was talking to a ameritech customer service person and I ask them about cingular wireless service and he gave me a number to call in calling the number I reach a sell person thinking it was cingular wireless service come to find out it was alltel never heard of them before so I sign up for service in which I had for only 2 weeks from july 6 to july 19 is when I called to cancel my service I found at first I was getting drop calls people had to keep calling back in order to reach me also bad reception voice mail it took at least 5 to 6 rings before it would go into voice mail I called alltel to ask them if they could change the amount of rings down to 1 rings before it go into voice mail they said no problem well it never happen then when I call to cancel my service after 2 weeks they told me that they would bill me for the whole month that they would not cut my phone off until the next billing cycle they couldnt pro rate the bill what a joke but I said if you were to turn my service off you would pro rate the bill of course but couldnt pro rated if I turned the service off I said that makes no sense it the same thing I gonna try to contact the Attorney General office up here to see what can be done about this company because they should not be allowed to do this. also when I turn my phone on airtouch is on the screen I thought it was suppose to be alltel. regina cleveland, Ohio
Entity: cleveland, Ohio
17, Report #1315808
Jul 08 2016
02:55 PM
Valley transmission Cons Cleveland Ohio
 This place is so unprofessional and so much of cons they have had my ride for a month now I've have took my ride there since last year an they still fixing the same thing they do not do good work at all that was the worst thing I chould have ever did those people there are the worst I've ever seen I don't know how they are still running I have took my ride there over 5 times for them to fix the same thing every time that old man is too old to be doing anything when I do get my ride back I don't care if it's fixed or not I'll NEVER EVER go back there for no reason I wouldn't let those bums wash my ride let alone work on it again I've got to be the biggest fool n Ohio to ever take anything there
Entity: Cleveland , Ohio
18, Report #417533
Jan 28 2009
08:58 PM
Cleveland Chair Company, Rocker Recliner, piece of junk Cleveland Tennessee
We bought my husband a recliner less than 2 years ago. We are both in our 60s have no children at home, so the chair has never been abused, as a matter of fact, the chair still looks brand new. My husband keeps a quilt over the chair to protect it from anything he might spill. A few days ago he was sitting in the chair and started to shift, when he put his hand on the left arm it popped and almost fell off. We tried to contact the store where we bought it in Blue Ridge Ga. and they had gone out of business. We had the receipt and it states it is a catnapper made in Cleveland Tennessee, the address and everything is still on the chair. He called them and was told that the outer part of the chair only had a one year warrenty but the metal frame was warrented for 5 years. He was told to have someone take the material off and if it was the frame they would send us parts to fix it. My husband took the covering off himself and we were both surprised to see how shoddy this chair was built. The wooden part of the frame was constructed very poorly, some of the staples had busted the thin plywood that is less then 3/4 inch thick. The wooden part was not solid, it has holes cut in it and is notched and pieced with glue and staples. The wooden piece across the back of the chair on the bottom is in two pieces and not put together well at all. A solid piece would give more stability. My husband does some woodwork himself and was very surprised at the haphazard workmanship. The bar under the footrest has a place for 4 screws, only two were in place. I would urge anyone buying a Catnapper chair to ask to see the bottom of the chair. If this companys name is on the bottom, don't buy. Their work is shoddy and built cheap. We had been told if we bought a Catnapper we would be getting a good chair. Not always true. Paulette McCaysville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Tennessee
19, Report #242590
Apr 05 2007
08:43 PM
Remington College - Cleveland Campus They prey on aspiring individuals! ripoff Cleveland Ohio
This place is a complete ripoff, do NOT WASTE your money!! Can you please help us with a situation at Remington College, they are screwing people out of tuition left and right. I have attached two letters that have been written to them and have gotten no response. This has been going on for a year now. Thank you so much Heather (((ROR REDACTED PHONE NUMBERS))) Ashley (((ROR REDACTED PHONE NUMBERS))) To Whom It May Concern: I was a student at Remington College from January of 2006 until the end of March of 2006. I have been trying to get a problem resolved since before I was no longer a student. I was in the pharmacy technician program. My first module consisted of the classes Law and Ethics, Anatomy and Physiology and introduction to computers. Our Law and Ethics book was never opened, the way that we earned our grade in the class was to bring the classified ads from the daily newspaper and help her look for a new house to move into. Our final exam for Law and Ethics was to bring her in a Rubbermaid container for packing. Anatomy and Physiology consisted of notes taken everyday, and then an open note test on every Friday. The final exam for A&P was open note, and half of the class did not have to finish the test because the teacher wanted to have our end of mod party. Our intro to computers class consisted of going to the computer lab and playing games on the internet. I spoke to Miss Jones about this, and was told that she would talk to Miss Williams but that I was over reacting. My second module consisted of Introduction to Pharmacy with Miss Williams and Anatomy and Physiology with Mr. Brown. Introduction to Pharmacy, the teacher decided to make a self study, told us to look up articles on pharmacy on the internet and print them out, and that would be our grade. Anatomy and Physiology with Mr. Brown was fantastic, he took the time to read the book with us and made sure that we understood everything before he would move on any further. The third module was the last and final straw. We had CPR, First Aid and Dosage Calculation. CPR was a complete joke, the teacher was talking through all three movies that we had to watch, never gave us a quiz on it, and when we practiced on the dummies, she wasn't even watching us. She was too busy grading other papers and text messaging. First aid, I don't remember what we learned, because we never got anything passed out to us. But they sure were quick to give us the cards saying that we were certified in both first aid and CPR. Dosage calculation, we got a workbook, and no textbook to go with it, it had no explanations, and when we asked Miss Williams for help, she couldn't help us, because she would say ya'll, I don't even know what this is. Those are reassuring words for people who are in college. After talking to Miss Jones one more time, I also spoke to Brad Moore, he said that he would work on the problem. What happened, was when he talked to Miss Jones, she found out that I was the one that talked to him, and when she sat down with Miss Williams Miss Jones told her that I was the one starting all the trouble. I missed the next day due to being in the hospital for pre term labor, and when I came back, some of the classmates started yelling and swearing at me and calling me names, because I made life so much harder for them (they actually might learn something from school, imagine that.) And telling me that I needed to transfer and threatening me. I spoke to my friend Ashley that was in the class, and she told me that while I was gone that day, Miss Williams sat down with the class and told them Heather is getting me fired, I'm going to lose my job because of her having a big mouth. I went to my recruiter, financial aide, and the education office to see about transferring, I was told that I couldn't transfer, so, I dropped out. Because your school has a responsibility to protect the students and not let a 6 month pregnant girl almost get her ass kicked for speaking up about spending a bunch of money to learn about nothing more than my teachers sex life I felt that I had no other option. The other part of this entire problem is the financial aid. When I signed all of my papers, I was told that federal Stafford loans, both subsidized and unsubsidized would cover the first 6 modules of school, and that I had to take out the second chance loan through Sallie Mae to cover the last portion of my classes, my fianc was there with me when I signed the papers, he heard this also. Well, I dropped out in the 3 mod, which means I should have 1 federal Stafford loan to pay back. Instead, your school CANCELLED my federal loans, and left me with this stupid 19 percent Sallie Mae loan to pay back. After not being able to get a straight answer from the financial aide department at Remington, I called the information line for the Federal Department of Education, where I was told that it is not right for me to pay back a private loan if I was approved for federal loans first and that through my experience at Remington College, I should not have to pay for anything other that my Anatomy and Physiology class with Mr. Brown. And that is why I am writing this letter. I spoke to Christine, the director of education for the Cleveland campus, over a month ago, and she still has not returned my call, after telling me that she would see what she can do. I have stopped paying my Sallie Mae loan as of March, 2007, per the department of education, and would like the $1,296.91 back, that I paid to go to this pitiful school. I am both ready and willing to contact an attorney and the better business bureau about this matter if you are not going to begin handling this in a more professional manner than you have been. Thank you, Heather To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter because obviously I have gotten no responses over the many months that I have called Remington College and left several messages. And my friend, and classmate have come to the conclusion that this is the only way that we are going to get anything accomplished. I have been trying to get the first three months of my loan deducted from my loans because the first three months at Remington were a complete joke with Ms. Williams. I can't believe she could even be called a teacher. For three months I sat in a classroom and had socialization 101. What I mean by that is all I had to do is bring in a newspaper for Ms. Williams and I had an A for three months, and get this for lecture I heard about my teachers sex life and her latest order that she put in at Pure Romance. Oh and get this for Law and Ethics we were told that it was a self study, and when our final exam came Ms. Williams stated to bring in a Rubbermaid container to help her pack to move in with her latest fling out of state. We were told that Miss Garthrite would be re-teaching law and ethics, and that never happened. I know that in order to be a college level teacher, you have to have beyond a high school education, she did not, and was quite open about it when she asked a classmate of mine to type up her resume when she was the one that suppose to be teaching us how to write one. She told us that the only thing she had to do was fill an IV successfully and she had the job. When I signed up for classes, I was also told that our schedule would be Monday through Thursday from 1:00 to 5:00, that is what I set my daycare up for, instead, halfway through the courses, our schedule got changed to 8:30 am until noon. Livinig in Barberton, that meant I had to SWITCH daycare centers, and leave for school at 7:00 in the morning. I took, and failed my PTCB test. The funny part is, how does a student with a cumulative 3.75 grade point average fail the math portion of the test. I know why, because we complained and complained about our math class and how our teacher did not know anything, and we were not given the proper textbooks, and no one did anything about it. The only thing that your school did was continue to pass my resume to job recruiters for them to call me and offer me a position only for me to have to go through the humiliation of telling them that I did not pass my certification test. Your school never should have even passed my resume out, seeing that I didn't pass the test, but I received approximately 20 phone calls from potential jobs. After my friend was forced to drop out of school, it was extremely uncomfortable for me, because her name was the only one brought up by Miss Williams, but I never missed class so I'm sure that she told them that I talked to Miss Jones also. No one would answer my questions, or sit with me during group work or anything. Myself and my classmates were constantly asking for a break down of what our tuition covered, but were told one day that it couldn't be done. And another day told that we'll get that for you by the end of the week for 20 weeks. We never received our math text book, never opened our law and ethics and never received ANY material for Intro to Computers, First Aid and she NEVER EVEN TAUGHT our introduction to Pharmacy class. All of that I would like taken off on top of the first three modules of enrollment. The only course that I will pay for in the first three months is Anatomy and Physiology with Mr. Brown. CPR was supposed to be re-taught, it never was and the fact that you insult people with that card certifying them for CPR and First Aid is ridiculous. I have tried being professional and trying to get this problem taken care of over the phone, but seeing that professionalism is not this establishments' style, I am going to have to this through the media and the better business bureau. Thank you for your time, Ashley Heather Strongsville, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
20, Report #1201556
Jan 14 2015
07:25 AM
Uber Cleveland Beware of the Uber Bait and Switch Cleveland Ohio
Über is a Rip Off as far as Drivers are concerned. In Cleveland the company promised great pay when they first entered the Cleveland market. Drivers made between $35 to $40 per hour on average. The company now pays $12 to $22 per on average and takes upward to 20% of drivers fares. Uber doesn't allow tipping nor does Uner reimburse drivers for toll's. Uber needs to be regulated and Unionize.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
21, Report #1049189
May 07 2013
06:24 PM
Cleveland Institute of Electronics Ripoff! Ripoff! Ripoff! Cleveland Ohio
Charge me for a program I never pursued and then referred me to collections agency. Keep away from this place, in addition the people working here cannot speak with people to resolve an customer related problems. Again, keep far far away from Cleveland Institute of Electronics. Very dishones and you have absolutely no recourse. 
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
22, Report #1427000
Feb 03 2018
10:51 AM
Rauser & Associates Cleveland 2016 Chapter 7 Filing Error Cleveland Ohio
In Oct of 2016 I filed for Chapter 7. In Nov of 2016 I had my hearing. In the process of filing my Chapter 7 in Oct, I signed a document to do an reaffirmation of my car loan I had at that time. Well, in Jan of 2017 my Chapter 7 was discharged. I did not know at that time my car loan, no thanks to the misconduct by Rauser & Associates, that my car loan got included. No one at Rauser followed up on the inquiry that the car loan company responded to. So, when I received the discharged notice in late Jan of 2017 it was supposed to have a second letter with it describing in detail what was discharged. I never got the second letter, only the first. But I didn't know until I went back to the dealership were I got the car from to see if I could switch vehicles on my loan and that's when the dealership told that they couldn't find my loan. See, I'm moving in December to Las Vegas, NV to live with family and that's how I found out what was going on. It started the preferable down ward spiral of me losing the car I had under that loan. But as you can gather I didn't know the was included until after an array of back and forth phone calls. I tried to see if Rauser would be honest and honor they're so called 100% satisfaction guarantee policy and refund my fees but they made it sound like, in a vary rude and vulgar manner, that it was my fault. How is it that the attorneys drop the ball but yet it's my fault? At least in Las Vegas they don't have offices. I'll never have to worry having them as an option if I ever have to file Chapter 7 again.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
23, Report #950158
Oct 03 2012
09:30 AM
Walmart Pharmacy Cleveland, Texas FELICIA IS VERY RUDE BEHIND THE WALMART PHARMACY COUNTER cleveland, Texas
Entity: cleveland, Texas
24, Report #317837
Mar 14 2008
07:20 AM
Stone Model And Talent, Barbizon Modeling Agency Of Cleveland Barbizon is a scam Cleveland Ohio
One day while driving in my car I heard a commercial from a company called Stone Model and Talent holding casting calls for that Saturday. On February 2nd I took my daughter there. I was told that she was very marketable and that in order to get her started she would need pictures, classes to get her ready ect. I paid $50 to enroll her, and was told that I would need to bring in $245 to complete the enrollment. After pondering over it, I decided not to take my daughter, since I had not explored other ways of breaking her into the modeling world. So Monday I sent an email saying that I would like to withdraw my daughter from the agency. I received a phone call from a lady named Victoria who I feel pretty much bullied me into coming back. So the following Saturday I went back with my daughter, paid the $245 and decided to stick with it. Well, my daughter hated it, and said she never wanted to go back. I have to listen to her concerns of course as a parent. I think ti was mostly all the kids there running around the hallways and screaming that upset her. I mean, some parents brought their 2, 3 and 4 year olds there and just left them there, with no supervision. The front door is less than 10 feet away from the class, and kids were going in and out the door without any adult supervision. I myself did not feel comfortable with that. So that same day after we got home and my daughter told me how she felt I called and told Victoria that we would not be returning and that we would like our money back. I was told that oh no, you can't have your money back, once a child sits in a class that money becomes nonrefundable. I was appalled, because on the receipt it specifically states that yes indeed you can receive your money back. It says that $125 of it is nonrefundable because that is the enrollment fee, but depending on how many classes had been taken, you were entitled to your money back minus the $125. I called back stating this and was told that , no I could not get my money back. 2 weeks ago a woman by the name of Diane called me and asked me why I was not bringing my daughter back, that she was exactly what they were looking for and that I was making a mistake by not letting them represent her. I told her my concerns and how I was upset that I could not get my money back after only attending one 2 hour class. She told me that well, they have been doing it that way for over 30 years so they must know what they are doing. I also told her what I read in my receipt. She had the audacity to tell me I was reading it wrong, everyone reads it wrong and does not understand what it says (well heck, I have been reading since I was 3 (seriously), you would think I know how to read by now.) Its not like its written in old Sanskrit! So I am filing this report because since this has happened I have found other means that are 100% free to get my daughter into modeling, in settings that she is comfortable in. I will continue to try and get at least some of my money back from this company because what they are doing is not fair. If I have to take them to civil court I will. Do not back down in Barbizon Modeling Agency owes you money. Zaidat Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
25, Report #295374
Dec 29 2007
12:11 AM
Bally's Total Fitness Severence Cleveland Heights Rob Johnson, Derrelle, Darrell Pitts Cleveland Heights Ohio
I was told outright lies at the point of signing the contract for Bally's! Among other things, that if the person I was buying the membership for didn't come in 17 times that in two months I would stop being billed. Lies! Six months later I'm still trying to get out of it and I swear to God I will! Employees I dealth with: Darrell Pitts, Rob Johnson Happening to you? Look up Bally Total Fitness on Wikipedia and see how many people have run into this same problem! Also, if I can't get out of it, I'm reassured by the fact that I'm going to use the pool for other purposes. L Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland Heights, Ohio

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