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1, Report #1398343
Sep 06 2017
08:00 PM
This is a PSA and warning to the Instagram dog community, businesses, dog lovers, and general public.    First, Google reveals disturbing allegations regarding Nakiva Cleveland AKA as Nakiva Cummings from/around Bothell, Washington. Instagram account: @foxfoxwolf    Nakiva Cleveland is ALLEGED to be an animal abuser per claims at GoFundme. An individual who alleged to know Nakiva Cleveland outed her as someone who ALLEGEDLY kicks and assaults her own animals, including dog Miko. AJ's post was subsequently deleted while another poster attempted to discredit AJ's claims.    Second, I am an Instamom and have ran CASH giveaway on behalf of my little one. Upon announcing a giveaway, the conditions and legal obligations are spelled out. One of the main obligations is to be an indefinite follower for the account being promoted. In one of those giveaways, I chose Nakiva Cleveland as the winner of a CASH card.    Nakiva Cleveland subsequently unfollowed the account. Upon contacting, she replied with an erratic message. She further stated she had not interacted with the account, a patently FALSE claim.    Based on foregoing facts, Nakiva Cleveland will take valuables from you, profit, and will NOT comply with agreed upon terms, rendering you a SCAM victim. Further, although the animal abuse allegations are currently only allegations, it's in one's best interest to keep pets away from this person as she appears to be mentally unbalanced based on her response when questioned.    For mere principle, legal action would be appropriate although it will be unlikely to collect a judgement as Nakiva Cleveland relies on Gofundme for basic expenses.    If you have been victimized by Nakiva Cleveland, it is highly recommended you report it. Again, proceed with extreme caution  if dealing with Nakiva Cleveland.    Respectfully,    Ele,  California, USA  
Entity: Bothell , Washington
2, Report #1207207
Feb 19 2015
03:22 PM
Viscount Castlerosse Burt Cummings defrauding investor (myself) of more than $10,000.00 in an advanced-fee scheme, Cleveland Ohio
The company named  VISCOUNT CASTLEROSSE, owner and senior vice president (Burt Cummings) falsely advetised loan to my project (small business) and send me committment letter. Asked me to pay deposit of $ 15,595.  After paying deposit, never responded, never returned my deposit since 2010.    
Entity: Cleveland , Ohio
3, Report #637910
Sep 05 2010
02:14 PM
BBB Cleveland Louis Tekavcic SCAMMER, FRAUD Cleveland, Ohio
Just read a post here on ripoff about the BBB Cleveland Office, concerning: Louis Tekavcic*****************!He is a fraud!***************************Here is my full post: guy is a deadbeat scammer...he should go to prison for trying to fraud people!Tried a $1350 quick scam on me! I called the Ohio Attorney General and made a formal complaint...looks like I am amongst a dozen others.Call them too if you run into BBB does not charge to remove complaints....that's a fraud!I've discovered some really interesting things about the's a riddled crime organization trying to get a few bucks from honest workers and companies!I'm so pissed...I've lost maybe 20 hours, dealing with this toad...the whole time he's trying to put the squeeze on me for $1350! He 'offered' to remove 3 postings that my clients had made against my company on the BBB site...he must be bringing in a ton of money with all those complaints on their BBB site. Bastard! The Attorney General's gonna shut him down!Joe G.Keep America Clean and Proud....Support your Troops!
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
4, Report #1370216
Apr 28 2017
12:51 PM
Cleveland Division of water Cleveland water, NEORSD, Cleveland sewer company Scam company, fraudulent billing, disappearing payments, won't accept proof of payment Cleveland Ohio
I have had issues with this company for the eleven years that I have been stuck in this house that is forced to be serviced by them. It is an utter scam and I don't know how a public service utility company can go on so corrupt for years. After seeing a special was done on this and all of the rip off reports it is clear that the City of Cleveland is involved and enjoying ripping off customers for profit or they're good friends because taking advantage of families that cannot survive without this utility. It is mind blowing. Not only are the bills suddenly extravagant, most recently I made a significant payment that supposedly wasn't received. I called when I noticed that my payment was never applied. They said that I needed to fax a bank statement. Well, my husband and I were recently married so I had closed that account and opened a joint one elsewhere with him. I had to go into my previous bank and order bank statements from that month which I was told was needed by the water company. The statements with proof of payment were mailed to me in a week. I faxed them to the water company. Then I got a shut off notice. So I called them again and asked did they receive my fax, hard proof this payment came out of my account and was never returned. They said that they did, but it wasn't sufficient, and that now they need a tracing number from the bank, and that I had to make the payment again. I am so furious because this is just icing on the cake with all the nightmare billing I've had with them. I don't have the time to go back and forth because they took my money and now claim they don't have it. They want me to pay them again and I guarantee I will go get the tracing number and they will say that isn't enough and come up with something else. It is unbelieveble the customer service and the fact that they are able to get away with such fraud. This is not cable or phone or an optional service. This is water, a necessity, that is exorbitant cost and then they can say that a bank statement isn't proof and charge you double on top of the already outrageous bill. Shame on Cleveland!
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
5, Report #1434441
Mar 15 2018
08:44 AM
Roger Berry SCAMMER of NE OHIO threaten to write reviews if i did not let him rip me off! Cleveland Ohio
Roger Berry, so called assistant for celebrity types. He will try to extort you to gain profits. he has done business with me in the past. Marks everything up to resell to his clients. He will threaten you with reviews if it does not go his way. He will try to extort you. If you are reading this ROGER BERRY IS A SHYSTER. I would be very careful of doing business with him. 
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
6, Report #1049189
May 07 2013
06:24 PM
Cleveland Institute of Electronics Ripoff! Ripoff! Ripoff! Cleveland Ohio
Charge me for a program I never pursued and then referred me to collections agency. Keep away from this place, in addition the people working here cannot speak with people to resolve an customer related problems. Again, keep far far away from Cleveland Institute of Electronics. Very dishones and you have absolutely no recourse. 
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
7, Report #417533
Jan 28 2009
08:58 PM
Cleveland Chair Company, Rocker Recliner, piece of junk Cleveland Tennessee
We bought my husband a recliner less than 2 years ago. We are both in our 60s have no children at home, so the chair has never been abused, as a matter of fact, the chair still looks brand new. My husband keeps a quilt over the chair to protect it from anything he might spill. A few days ago he was sitting in the chair and started to shift, when he put his hand on the left arm it popped and almost fell off. We tried to contact the store where we bought it in Blue Ridge Ga. and they had gone out of business. We had the receipt and it states it is a catnapper made in Cleveland Tennessee, the address and everything is still on the chair. He called them and was told that the outer part of the chair only had a one year warrenty but the metal frame was warrented for 5 years. He was told to have someone take the material off and if it was the frame they would send us parts to fix it. My husband took the covering off himself and we were both surprised to see how shoddy this chair was built. The wooden part of the frame was constructed very poorly, some of the staples had busted the thin plywood that is less then 3/4 inch thick. The wooden part was not solid, it has holes cut in it and is notched and pieced with glue and staples. The wooden piece across the back of the chair on the bottom is in two pieces and not put together well at all. A solid piece would give more stability. My husband does some woodwork himself and was very surprised at the haphazard workmanship. The bar under the footrest has a place for 4 screws, only two were in place. I would urge anyone buying a Catnapper chair to ask to see the bottom of the chair. If this companys name is on the bottom, don't buy. Their work is shoddy and built cheap. We had been told if we bought a Catnapper we would be getting a good chair. Not always true. Paulette McCaysville, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Tennessee
8, Report #1201556
Jan 14 2015
07:25 AM
Uber Cleveland Beware of the Uber Bait and Switch Cleveland Ohio
Über is a Rip Off as far as Drivers are concerned. In Cleveland the company promised great pay when they first entered the Cleveland market. Drivers made between $35 to $40 per hour on average. The company now pays $12 to $22 per on average and takes upward to 20% of drivers fares. Uber doesn't allow tipping nor does Uner reimburse drivers for toll's. Uber needs to be regulated and Unionize.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
9, Report #765720
Aug 16 2011
08:23 AM
Viscount Castlerosse Burt Cummings, James Thigpen, Sheldon Hines Advance Fee Scam, Mortgage Fraud and Ponzi Scheme Cleveland, Ohio
BEWARE - Viscount Castlerosse is a scam! They qualify you for a loan, then request 10% down for processing and never materialize the loan.  I have been waiting for my refinance loan for over a year.  The minute I demanded a refund they stopped communicating with me.  I've done some investigating and found that James Thigpen is the registrant of their(Viscount Castlerosse)'s web site and can be emailed at their web is powered by  James has the capability to contact and identify the real people behind this company as he was paid by someone to develop their website.  All in all, this is where the paper trail begins.  I hope this helps someone, I look forward to working with anyone interested in sharing information about this company or seeking a joint suit. Thank you
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
10, Report #790110
Oct 18 2011
09:19 AM
Viscount Castleross Burt Cummings, Sheldon Hines, Cole Moss Viscount Castleross is nothing but a sham and a rip off orgnaization Cleveland, Ohio
I too have been ripped off by this company.  They promise to do a loan, and once they have your money, they begin to make promises and never keep them.  I am filing a lawasuit and filing complaints with teh Ohio Attorney General's office.  I am looking for people that would like to be part of this group filing.  If you have been ripped off by Viscount Castleross, please e-mail me at(((REDACTED))) so that I can put you in touch with teh Attorney that is conducting the investigation and filings. BAF  CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
11, Report #317837
Mar 14 2008
07:20 AM
Stone Model And Talent, Barbizon Modeling Agency Of Cleveland Barbizon is a scam Cleveland Ohio
One day while driving in my car I heard a commercial from a company called Stone Model and Talent holding casting calls for that Saturday. On February 2nd I took my daughter there. I was told that she was very marketable and that in order to get her started she would need pictures, classes to get her ready ect. I paid $50 to enroll her, and was told that I would need to bring in $245 to complete the enrollment. After pondering over it, I decided not to take my daughter, since I had not explored other ways of breaking her into the modeling world. So Monday I sent an email saying that I would like to withdraw my daughter from the agency. I received a phone call from a lady named Victoria who I feel pretty much bullied me into coming back. So the following Saturday I went back with my daughter, paid the $245 and decided to stick with it. Well, my daughter hated it, and said she never wanted to go back. I have to listen to her concerns of course as a parent. I think ti was mostly all the kids there running around the hallways and screaming that upset her. I mean, some parents brought their 2, 3 and 4 year olds there and just left them there, with no supervision. The front door is less than 10 feet away from the class, and kids were going in and out the door without any adult supervision. I myself did not feel comfortable with that. So that same day after we got home and my daughter told me how she felt I called and told Victoria that we would not be returning and that we would like our money back. I was told that oh no, you can't have your money back, once a child sits in a class that money becomes nonrefundable. I was appalled, because on the receipt it specifically states that yes indeed you can receive your money back. It says that $125 of it is nonrefundable because that is the enrollment fee, but depending on how many classes had been taken, you were entitled to your money back minus the $125. I called back stating this and was told that , no I could not get my money back. 2 weeks ago a woman by the name of Diane called me and asked me why I was not bringing my daughter back, that she was exactly what they were looking for and that I was making a mistake by not letting them represent her. I told her my concerns and how I was upset that I could not get my money back after only attending one 2 hour class. She told me that well, they have been doing it that way for over 30 years so they must know what they are doing. I also told her what I read in my receipt. She had the audacity to tell me I was reading it wrong, everyone reads it wrong and does not understand what it says (well heck, I have been reading since I was 3 (seriously), you would think I know how to read by now.) Its not like its written in old Sanskrit! So I am filing this report because since this has happened I have found other means that are 100% free to get my daughter into modeling, in settings that she is comfortable in. I will continue to try and get at least some of my money back from this company because what they are doing is not fair. If I have to take them to civil court I will. Do not back down in Barbizon Modeling Agency owes you money. Zaidat Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
12, Report #409013
Jan 07 2009
04:26 AM
Cleveland Institute Of Electronics and World College the joke of all jokes. Cleveland Ohio
Do not enroll in Cleveland Institute of Electronics and World College which is their sister company. Their computer science program is full of lies. They are so outdated in their computer science books. I was only enrolled for 2 months which I was doing 50 dollars a month and when I decided to go to a real college these guys sent me a bill saying I owe 1700. I threw it away. I never gave them my social because most of these stupid companies pass it on to collection agencies which put it on your credit report. PROTECT your SOCIAL #. The payment plan agreement they sent me was different than what they stated on their website. On the website they claim that the whole 2 year degree will only cost your 3500 but the agreement they sent me shows the whole degree to cost 9 thousand dollars. Osman Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
13, Report #147581
Jun 26 2005
06:03 PM
World College - Cleveland Institute Of Electronics threatens former students who already paid tuition fees Cleveland Ohio
I originally signed up with World College (they are affliated with Cleveland Institute of Electronics) in late 2004. I did a little less than half of the assignments for the first corse and decided to withdraw from the school. It wasn't what I was expecting and I thought it was a bit overpriced. In May 2005 I officially withdrew from World College. They sent me an acknowledgement and said that by June 21st I had to send the first part of the cancellation fee. I sent the first part of the fee at the end of May 2005. They cashed the check in the first week of June 2005. I sent another check, to continue paying off the balance I owe in the second week of June 2005. They cashed the check a few days later, in June 2005. Now it's June 26, 2005 and I receive a threatening letter from student services saying I never paid the first part of the fee that was due on June 21st. They claim they were turning my account over to a collection agency, even though I had already made 2 payments since my withdrawal. I just sent them a certified letter with a copy of my bank statement showing the copy of the check sent to them and showing where they cashed the check. I can't wait for their response. Avoid World College/Cleveland Institute of Electronics at all costs. If you withdraw from their program and pay everything in a timely matter, they will just send you threatening letters. I suppose they're angry with me because I withdrew from their program and now this is their retaliation by turning my account over to a collection agency. Annoyed Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
14, Report #793352
Oct 29 2011
05:28 PM
TKO Entertainment-Cleveland Ohio Total Knock Out Entertainment THEY DID AN EXTREMELY PATHETIC JOB! WANNA BE DJ'S Cleveland, Ohio
 disc jockeys-cleveland ohio, TKO ENTERTAINMENT-CLEVELAND OHIO, wedding disc jockeys-cleveland ohio, tko djs,, djs -cleveland ohio, wedding djs-cleveland ohio, disc jockeys-cleveland, total knock out entertainment-cleveland ohio, I hired TKO Entertainment-Cleveland Ohio, to do my wedding. When the bridal party got there, TKO Entertainment-Cleveland Ohio, was not even set up. His tecnician who was supposed to be there was not. When TKO Entertainment-Cleveland Ohio, arrived I was astounded at the amount of music equipment they came with. It ade the place look cluttered and junky looking.  TKO Entertainment-Cleveland Ohio, were very pushy and demanded that we follow their schedule..excuse me who's wedding is this?? They really looked unprofessional as well. Very cheap looking as well. I did order a smoke machine and when he started to use this thing it looked as if we were lost in a cloud. I couldnt see much of anything. My guests were coughing. Now to the music. He played music that I did not want him to play. He told me that all weddings play this stuff and people love it. I told him to play what I gave him,, He did not like it but he went along with me. I had to pull teeth. He was pushy with the photographer who told me he never worked with such an a**hole is all his life.  This guy at TKO Entertainment-Cleveland Ohio, is a total jerk and his assistant was lost in space. So BRIDES WHEN YOU SEE TKO Entertainment-Cleveland Ohio, RUN FOR THE HILLS, DO NOT HIRE HIM. RATING OUT OF 5 STARS ZERO. pLEASE PUBLISH THIS, THIS GUY IS BAD FOR THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY MARY ANN C NORTH ROYALTON, OHIO
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
15, Report #191636
May 15 2006
04:12 PM
Cleveland Wholesale Scams ripoff get sucked in Cleveland ohio
Today Was my orientation day at cleveland wholesale and i was all FIRED UP about it because i had thought this to be a great oportunity. I had already made it thru the 2 interviews. As u know they had told us of the CONTEST that they RARELY do to sell bottles(ffar) for a chance to make 10 dollars per bottle and get bonuses for the more u sold in one day. Needless to say I thought i would be a champ at that but as I found it to be when my buddy and i actually started calling relatives and asking them to buy this GARBAGe, the thought acured to me to actually look online about the products. After reading this I was so enraged that as a matter of fact after i am done posting this I am gonna give them one hell of a phone call. anyways everything this site told me had happened to me on my interveiws and i told my buddy about it who was at the interviews too. they would have totaly suckered me if it werent for the simple mistake that made at the second interview, RESEARCH THIS FOR YOURSELF wich was there exact words(morons u cant pull a scam if u tell people where to find how it works at) anyways for u guys in cleveland be wary of the ads in the papers, every week u will see an add in the help wanted/general labor section stating something about an administrative position. But unfortunately they all have the same number but use different contacts each time to get a hold of(call jasmine 440-743-7505)in wich they told me 2 weeks prior to this post there names where elka and dewaun if thats there real names in any case. Sure there number might get changed after this but just watch out and thanks for the heads up and i wish there was something we could do to get the big guys ---- outa bussiness. Jake cleveland, OhioU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Cleveland, Ontario
16, Report #816427
Dec 31 2011
08:09 PM
Family Portrait Service of America Never recieved Portrait Package Cleveland, Ohio
Ordered $123 photo package of my granddaughters for Easter pictures on April 10, 2011 and it is now December 31, 2011 and still have not recieved my photos. The company constantly changes phone number and upon visiting the address it is unoccupied. I have contacted BBB and the company and they tel me they will send my potos and stil nothing. I just want a refund and there is no cooperation here.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
17, Report #1298916
Apr 10 2016
10:47 AM
If you're looking for employment, DO NOT waste your time with this unprofessional firm. After applying for a position with this company, I was contacted by Leo Reyzis, and we exchanged a few emails. Eventually, we set up a day and time for a phone interview. I left work an hour early so I could make the call in private. I called at the exact time that was scheduled and only got voicemail. I waited and then proceeded to call back twice more over the next 15 minutes. After 3 unanswered calls, I left a voicemail with my contact info, telling Mr. Reyzis that I was still available, or he could call me back to reschedule. An entire half hour went by, which was supposed to be the duration of the interview, so I also emailed him asking him to contact me to reschedule. It has now been a week and a half and I have NEVER heard back from Mr. Reyzis either by phone or email. Art Of Beauty (aka ZOYA) is posting jobs and setting up interviews for them, but then just WASTING peoples' time. Finding work is a job unto itself and jobseekers can't have their time blatantly wasted like this. I would like to think that this was a real job opportunity, however, due to the way this situation was handled, I am starting to get the feeling that something else is going on it possible that Mr. Reyzis is using resumes as a way to meet women? Even if he's not, at best, they are flakes and time-wasters, as this was the most unprofessional organization I have ever encountered in my job search. If you have had a similar experience with Mr. Reyzis or this company, please let everyone know.     
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
18, Report #1392027
Aug 11 2017
10:27 AM
Barristers of Cleveland Ohio Oklahoma city Oklahoma
 My wife from nigeria and she was bird by barristers for modeling she contacted me to put the money in my account in oklahoma city. The check was $6700.00 for her work they sent the Check in my name though FedEx it was drawn on key bank of Cleveland when I presented the Check for deposit they notified bank and there was not enough money to cover it The bank out a hold on check for 7 to 10 days it was run through key bank 2 more times and they denied payment on it. My wife worked hard for this money if this company can't do better than this then BBB needs to shut them down there a bunch of shysters.
Entity: Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
19, Report #234721
Feb 06 2007
04:06 PM
Skyline Finance Mark Porter, Frank Morrow, these might be fetitous names Cleveland Ohio, This company is a ripp-off, offering positions to work from home, just to ripp you off. On their website under Career, they offering Financial Mananger positions starting at 1800.00 a month. They have a professional website, they are listed under BBB. There is no reachable phone number, all transaction is done by e-mail through there hiring manager. They asked, that you send a photo of yourself, they send you a professional looking agreement to sign. No training is required. You are asked to open a paypal account. Their so-called buyers send money to your paypal account. They then instruct you to transfer all funds to your bank account, and send the funds to someone else. The people that send you funds, then request a refund for their merchandise claiming it was never received. (You then realize that you have been taken) This company is fradulant and should be shut down. They are seeking out individuals, who are seeking(work at home positions) just to rip them off. Frank Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
20, Report #1226045
Apr 30 2015
03:19 PM
Nutrimost Cleveland The only thing thinner will be your wallet! Woodmere Ohio
NutriMost promises a one-hour consultation (usually $99) for $27 in which they will create a PERSONALIZED plan just for you.  Essentially, for your $27, they weigh you and tell you that their program costs nearly $2000 and how would you like to pay for that today?  If you sign up, THEN you'll get the personalized program.  You get nothing but weighed and the sales pitch for $27.  I hope no one was foolish enough to pay the regular fee of $99!!! They also claim that their program costs less per pound than all other programs out there.  They guarantee women will lose 20 pounds.  So at nearly $2000, that's $100/pound.  I don't know of any other program that costs that much to lose weight and all other programs I've encountered at least let you hear about their program for free.  They don't charge you to get information. I asked for a refund of the $27 and they would not give one.  I'll be following up with the Better Business Bureau next. What a scam!
Entity: Woodmere, Ohio
21, Report #398552
Dec 06 2008
11:35 AM
H AND H TOWING Beware of unethical business practices CLEVELAND Tennessee
This report is intended to warn other's in Cleveland Tennessee to beware of unethical business practice by H&H Towing. It is the opinion of this writer that I will never do business with this company and suggest the community do the same. I am not asking for a resolve but simply feel compelled to warn others community about H & H Towing's complete lack of understanding of the concept of a customer. D. V. xxxx Cleveland, TennesseeU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: CLEVELAND, Tennessee
22, Report #641412
Sep 17 2010
05:35 AM
Valley Transmission in Cleveland OH Stole half of my money Cleveland, Ohio
Absolutely the worst place on the face of the Earth to get your car done. I have never in my life gone through what these cons had put me through with any mechanic.These people are horrible awful unprofessional rude ignorant evil liars. They told me they would get me a used transmission and install it. They kept my car for a whole total of three months and did nothing to it at all what so ever. Every time that I called they would promise me that it would be done in two days which turned into a month of lies.When I got sick of this insanity and finally went to the Better Business Bureau, they got mad and told me to come pick up an unfinished car with no transmission installed. They would not even give me back all my money. Please take my advise and never ever go to them. They don't even take credit cards. They take cash only. They are con artist. BE WARNED they should not be in business. They don't even deserve one star they are far less than poor.? There is so much more I can write about these evil psychos but I don't have time to write a book. They will get what's coming to them one way or another for messing with a good person like me. Again Please DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO THEM IN CLEVELAND!!!!
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
23, Report #1098091
Nov 10 2013
10:46 AM
Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Board of Elections Board of Elections Sends Cleveland Voters to Suburbs to VOTE Cleveland Ohio
General Election Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - Cuyahog County Board of Elections post note on The Havrard Communiy Center's Door informing Cleveland Voters to go to Garfield Height to Vote. Voters were discourage and returned home. They could not locte their polling place. The Board should have redirected this raffic to the appropriate pollling places. The media was alerted to aid in this mistake and everyone set in silence.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
24, Report #287888
Nov 30 2007
07:35 AM
House Of Blues Live Nation Owned House of Blues Cleveland an OverCrowded RIPOFF Cleveland Ohio
The House of Blues in Cleveland Ohio ripped me off. I bought tickets to a concert there and when I went to see the show, it was so oversold that I could not even find a place to stand to see the concert. I complained to management and asked for a refund. I could not believe they sold so many tickets to this concert that it was so overcrowded, it wass unsafe for me in their facility. Management made excuses why they could not refund my hard earned money. Where are the Cleveland authorities? Should not the Cleveland Fire Dept. control how many tickets HOB sells to their shows? This will never happen, because Cleveland is so tax poor they need HOB. HOB has taken over another concert facilty Blossom in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and they have made a corporate mess of this venue as well. $9 for a Draft Beer? Rude security as with the House of Blues in Cleveland and very poor pompus management. I can't warn you enough not to trust HOB, House of Blues facilities in Ohio and from what I read on the internet, this practice of overselling their shows is common among the organization. I will never spend a dime at any HOB facility again. I just can't trust them to not oversell their shows and their management to make it right after they do. If you go to a show at HOB Cleveland or Blossom HOB in Cuyahoga Falls, you get what you deserve. Oversold shows and overpriced drinks. HOB Keep it! Concert goer Cleveland, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Cleveland, Ohio
25, Report #770269
Aug 28 2011
07:28 PM
keybank loan sharks would be proud cleveland, Ohio
August 28, 2011 at 9:48 pmMy father died in 2006 and I inherited the house ,wasnt aware of a $20,000.00 loan against it until 2009 when I receive notice that they were selling the house in a tax sell it,Well When I found out I made arrangements to pay it otherwise they would sell the family house 2 years later paying $one t o two thousand a month plus back interest and nearly $30,000.00 dollars later my last payment statement stated I owe $104.00.I go to the bank and request a pay off and received in the mail a letter stating I still owe $4,ooo.oo .I call the bank and nobody would explain where the $4,000.00 came from. Angia peterson was my contact at keybank in Ohio and she was of little help.They are apack of Dogs,they told me if I pay the loan off they would clear the house lien ,well I made the payment acording to the statement and found out throw a loan offier in South Bend Indiana not all of my payments were post to the account,she couldnt explain it either.So when all said and done I will have paid $34,00.00 for a dead man house,the loan was for $20,000.00.Keybank if you read this I am did the right thing -you should do the same B***ards.Joseph from south bend indiana
Entity: cleveland, Ohio

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