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1, Report #1395942
Aug 27 2017
11:40 AM
Fresh Start Narconon New life interventions Narconon Deceit, fraud and Harm warner springs California
June 9, 2017 my son went to Fresh start Narconon for what we thought was a medical rehap facility. I had found my son in desperate need of help. I turned to the internet to research help for drug addiction Wisconsn. I found number to call which truned out to be Narconon marketed as Fresh start. The counselor on the phone told me everything I needed to hear. we where in a very desperate situation. He stated they have the best facility with a 90% success rate. He himself had attended and it is the only facility that has a proven record to help get him clean. They offer a medical detox, professional counseling, education and a potential for some job training o get him back on his feet. Everything I needed to hear. I researched their web site looked great! They stated I needed to do an intervention someone would contact me to help set this up to get my son to the center in California. So we quickly moved forward since my son was in a very dark place at this time. I paid Fresh start also know as Narconon $33,000 for a approximate 5 month program and the intervention cost around $6,000. After this all took place and I had more time to research this since I did not get any credentials from the person who came and took my son to California. I began to question my actions. What I found is horrifying NArconon uses bait and switch tactic to prey on families in time of need they offer pseudo-science and potentially dangerous treatment methods. Worst of all I didn't find this out until I paid and my son was their. I took a flight the next day and removed him from the facility day 4. His grandpa went with me we found a very run down over crowded dirty facility. Drug rehab firms are required by law to engage in medical and scientifically based practices they do not meet that . I requested a refund since my paper work states if he checked out in less than 7 days he would be eligable for a refund. They are trying to charge me $22,000 for 4 days I lost over $10,000 getting him to and from facility plus my time off work. This company needs to be stopped families need to be aware of the scam. I found they own several search engines so when you think you are talking to someone local again it turns out to be Narconon.
Entity: warner springs, California
2, Report #471378
Jul 19 2009
09:59 PM
NarcononWatch.Org Scientology, NARCONON, cult, false advertising, misleading, shill, lies, money, scam, Sunnyvale California
I am reporting on for being misleading, and deceptive. is a website that claims to not be connected to Narconon, and presents it's self as a non-biased website. The website states on it's front page: While this site is not owned or operated by Narconon, it is a site in favor of the Narconon Program that refutes what the negative sites say. It also goes on to deny that Narconon and Scientology are not connected. The website/blog also does not list any contact information. I'm here to expose those lies. is in fact a website that shills Narconon/Scientology. As a lot of pople already knows Narconon is a front group run by the Scientology corporation. Narconon is a dangerous pseudo-science, that charges their clients thousands of dollars for drug rehab, and recruits their clients into Scientology. All of the following information is publicly available. is in fact registered to a Scientologist by the name of Lucas Catton Registrant Name:Lucas Catton. Lucas Catton was listed as the president of Narconon Arrowhead Oklahoma from '02 to '03, the director in '04, and as a supervisor in '05. Links: River_cat sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Sunnyvale, California
3, Report #370934
Sep 08 2008
02:50 PM
Narconon - Stone Hawk Deceptive Business Practice & Theft by deception Battle Creek Michigan
First of all, I am a 50 year old single mother who has a 33 year old son who uses crack cocaine. After unsuccessful efforts, missing items, mental distress and legal issues I decided to attempt to give me the ultimate gift, life. This was difficult because he had not bought into the idea of in house professional help. I had been recommended by Ramsey Darwish to use an interventionist. Which I did...I costed me $1000 plus expenses. It did not work. However, my son later committed a non violent offense and his attorney was able to convince the judge to let him go out of state to Narconon for treatment; especially since I had spent so much money to help him. (Narconon presented a letter to my son's attorney saying the monies was paid when in fact it had not). I had problems raising the money, they were willing to help find financing. They did. I received a $10,000.00 loan at over 35% interest and they balance I closed out my retirement. They knew that. Payment arrangement was established for the balance $5500. The final payment documents highlighting the arrangements were not signed because of they way it was presented (Typed and scribbled modifications). When I picked my son up for a court hearing I saw the unhealthy appearance of the facility. In fact, I had to insist that I be given a tour. Their housing area resembled the same, and the weight room equipment was all broken and pads torn and foam padding exposed. But then it was too late. The motel that he was taken to was in the miiddle of drug heaven and presented temptation for a drug addict. This almost alway ensured the payment of $3500. Shortly after my son's return to the facility, he had an incident...where he was accused of spitting on someone . His counselor indicated that because he agreed to take ownership for the behavior, he would have to do ethics. Later that evening there was another incident that involved inappropriate name calling. tension around that incident grew and within a few hous my son and 2 other individuals was taken to the motel 26 miles away. One of the other individuals family raised a big issue and they pick of their family member and took him back to the facility. My son was given a 30 day suspension. However, he was told that after 2 weeks, if he started calling the facility. They would let him come back. They agreed to let him come back but now they needed to have the entire balance paid if full. And if he came back dirty it would be an additional $3500.00. Needless to say, my son did go back because in the meantime I lost my job and could not raise the money. In summary, no matter what he done a suspension would have occured...this is was facilitates the additional revenue for the facility. Prior to the suspension, my son had told me to look at Narconon-Exposed but I thought he was attempting to manipulate me. If I had of only listened. I called the facility several times to see if there was something that I could work out but nothing was. In fact, Per told me he would get a job at McDonalds to save his son if he was me. Of recent, I have request a document indicating that they would accept him back upon his release from prison, as of yet nothing has been received. I have also asked for a detail printout showing charges. They told me that they did not have any. Refund or partial refund would be within 30 days otherwise a refund was not warranted. I did not know that I was doing my son more harm than good. Especially, since they judge frowned on his inability to complete the program and take advantage of an opportunity that was given to him. My son was at Narconon for approximately 2 mos. Bertha Groveport, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Battle Creek, Michigan
4, Report #801776
Nov 25 2011
09:56 PM
Narconon Arrowhead Failure to Provide Proof of Student's Guilt Canadian, Oklahoma
On October 10, 2011, my son was accused, found guilty and suspended from Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma. He was accused of writing and placing a threatening note on the room door of another student. The date of the action, copy of the note, copy of the video tape have not been provided despite my requests for proof of his guilt. My son was deemed guilty and immediately transported from the facility to a motel in Tulsa no support. Tulsa is approximately 1,600 miles from his home in SC. All reports of his progress up to this time were very positive. He does have a drug/alcohol problem but he is not prejudice. In addition he would not place a note on a door in a video taped hallway; this makes no sense. I believe Narconon needed a scapegoat to appease the offended minority student and his parents. Sending my son to Narconon was a difficult decision. I trusted them to provide competent care and provide him with the skills to resist drugs and alcohol. All of their expensive literature and web information stresses their competence in providing competent care and high success rates. Competent care was not provided due to unsubstatiated charges against him, neglect, abandonment, character deformation and fraud. I paid $14,000.00 for Levels II & III of his rehabilitation program that were not provided. Until I am provided evidence to the contrary, I firmly believe my son was unjustly accused and treated in an manner far below an acceptable standard of care. Minimal resolution would be for a return of the $14,000.00 paid for Levels II & III of the rehabilitation program. The program was unjustly interrupted and incomplete.
Entity: Canadian, Oklahoma
5, Report #858945
Mar 24 2012
09:48 PM
Narconon Vista Bay Vista Bay Rehab Facility THIS IS A FRONT FOR SCIENTOLOGY!!! Watsonville, California
Narconon Vista Bay is a SCIENTOLOGY based program. Their employees that help you with your loved one will try to lie about this. Their entire program is based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. In addition to that, the exercises they use are nothing short of brainwashing. We were led to this program by Greg Potts with Carpe Diem Interventions out of Long Beach. He will deny being aware of the Scientology aspect. BEWARE THIS IS A LIE!!!! He is actually on the videos at the Watsonville facility. Once your loved one checks in you will be assigned a liason that will check in regularly with a glowing update on them. These are not true! My family member was horribly ill with a migraine. They refused to provide medication and my loved one suffered. During this time our liaison reported that our family member was great,always smiling, making friends and happy to be there. In reality our loved one was suffering and not allowed even aspirin or to contact us, due to scientology's opposion on medicine. This facility will ask you for at least $30k up front and tell you that insurance will reimburse 40-80% of that. THIS IS A LIE!! Insurance companies will not reimburse the narconon program because they are run by the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY!! When you find out what is happening and want to remove your family member, things get ugly. They will immediately quarantine them and remove all of their study materials. (these are not allowed out of the facility) Then they will take your family member and drop them off, regardless of how long until they can be picked up. There is no one-on-one counseling that they promise you. There are no actual counselors at this facility. They begin the L Ron Hubbard teachings, then begin to try to pursued your family member to stay after their treatment is over. They will offer to get them a house and a job at the facility. Again, THIS IS A RECRUITMENT CENTER FOR SCIENTOLOGY NOT A LEGITIMATE REHAB FACILITY! I hope this will help even one person not have to go through this. We will live with this guilt and betrayal forever.
Entity: Watsonville, California
6, Report #922748
Aug 05 2012
10:23 AM
Narconon Freedom Center Center is not a professionally run program, no Jayco license, no licensed staff Albion, Michigan
I was looking for a drug and alcohol treatment center for my 22 year old son so I called an 800 number listed in my local phone book.  It took me to a counselor who asked me about my son's problems so that he could recommend the right program.  He was not a professional but he acted concerned and he highly recommended the Wholistic Freedom Center and said they have a 75% success rate.  It is also less expensive than other programs and lasts 4 to 6 months.  He failed to mention that it is not Jayco accredited and does not have professionals running the program or that it is affliated with Scientology! I called the program and was told they do not believe in any kind of medicine at all. That raised a red flag for me. The young man wanted me to send my son there alone for entrance the very next day. If my son didn't want to go he recommended an escort who could come to our home and presaude my son to go.  The escort would be $1500.00 plus travel expenses to the program.  The young man was not professional and said he was a recovering alcoholic who had remained at the Center to become a staff member. My son wasn't interested in going yet but the young man from the Freedom center kept calling to offer support and encouragement to my son.  By the 3rd week my son was thinking about going. In the mean time I called another 800 # referral service and got a young woman who recommended a Jayco approved program in Fla.  I mentioned the Freedom center and asked her if she knew anything about it.  She said it was affiliated with Scientology and that a friend of hers had had a very bad experience there.  The friend had been left alone to detox in a hot tub.  She was never seen by an MD or nurse.  Another red flag. I called the Freedom Center again and asked the representative if they were Jayco approved, he laughed and said they are in the process of being approved.  They have been in operation how many years now without it?  Red Flag I asked him if the staff had masters degrees.  He said they had drug counselor degrees that they had earned at the center and had brought in a trainor to go over their unigue communication techniques. I aked if they were connected to Scientoloy,  he said the creator of their program William Benitez, an alcoholic himself, had used E. Ron Hubbard's philosophy in designing the program. I asked about the exercises used in the program.  He said they were used by the army to help soldiers stand up to interogation if they became POWs.  I said they are also used by cults to break down peoples' sense of individuality.  He said the repetition of the exercises was very successful.  At this point I had heard enough and told him the program was using  brainwashing systems to recruit new members to scientology and that I had to go.  The young man  didn't realize he, himself, was the product of the cult was very surprised that I was not interested in sending my son to the program.  I said I had to go and hung up. I am a licensed clinical social worker who has read about cults and scientology.  If I had not been tipped off by the young woman from the other 800# I might have sent my son to this unaccredited program. I just assumed they were a professional program because they had a website and a referral 800#.  In my first phone call to them I did not ask for this information and they did not share it. Be careful and get referrals from half way house staff about good programs they themselves know are reputable.  The horrow stories by the other parents who sent their children to this program sound very real.  Everything the program told me after I began asking about specifics was consistent with the parents experiences! Vivian Asheville North Carolina
Entity: Albion, Michigan
7, Report #314006
Mar 02 2008
12:30 PM
Narconon: Stonehawk In Stonehawk Lies Battle Creek Michigan
I placed my 19 yo son into Stonehawk Narconon in Battle Creek, MI. I am a nurse and quite the researcher, thus surprised and hurt to be so taken by the Stonehawk Ripoff scam... I wish to warn all the easy targets out there to be ware! My son has been through 4 drug rehab programs, and Stonehawk was a move of desperation for us. After 3 weeks in the program, I broke my son out of the place. I had learned of the unsanitary conditions and unsafe treatments going on there. When I spoke to the nurse and several other responsible parties, no one could tell me what doses of vitamins they were giving my son. I suspected dangerous levels and thus this lack of information and knowledge caused me to arrive in a surprise fashion to get my son out of the place. I have filed formal complaints with the Michigan Board of Health and Mental Health Services, and any other available avenue. Additionally, my insurance company (Anthem Blue Cross) accidenatally sent my reimbursement money directly to Stonehawk. After Stonehawk would not return it to me, Anthem repaid me and informed me they would go after Stonehawk for the money. During all these trials with Stonehawk, I had numerous opportunities to be lied to directly by the current owner, Per Wigstrom. He would give me statements and promises around reimbursing my money; however, these were never kept. The main desire, raised in every conversation, was to have my son sign a gag order. In fact, when I went to get my son out of the place, they had him sign a gag order before brining him to me. I got the paperwork away from the staff and tore up the gag order my son had signed. Thus we can spread the word about the bad experience we had with this place. Please please, do not send a loved one to this place. My son cited many issues regarding sanitation from the kitchen roof leaking to filthy mattresses. The food was not nutritional. I got my son's classroom book and it is replete with Scientology. I was assured my son would be taken to Christian church services but they always came up with an excuse for him not to attend. There was one ex-addict teaching a class of over 50! There were drugs and alcohol in the place. Communication to family was severely restricted and counselors never returned my calls. A common game is for personnel at the facility to emphasize the lying nature of the addict. I do not lie and I can confirm the unethical practices and treatment that I received. I pulled numerous plastic baggies filled with pills (I suspect vitamins) from the clothes my son wore at the facility. He did not take most of these medications. A competent facility would watch a patient take his medications and medications would be labeled, not stored in unmarked plastic bags. A legitimate place would not ask for all funds, in cash, before rendering service. A legitimate place would likely be a preferred provider by major insurance companies, Stonehawk does not have this! A legitimate facility would provide adequate teaching and supervisory staff, would return phone calls and allow some type of updates/contacts to family. Favorable postings about the place tend to be 'scripted' and appear to be posted by Narconon insiders. Do not fall for these! Addiction is a horrible disease that requires desire by the addict to get clean and a legitimate program. Do not be victimized by this place. Sadly most families/loved ones ripped off by Narconon are too beat down to fight back or led to believe the addict is a liar. Good luck to all of you searching for answers and help for addiction. Never lose hope! Worried mom Indianapolis, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Battle Creek, Michigan
8, Report #290151
Dec 09 2007
04:47 PM
Narconon Stone Hawk No Contractual Basis for Retaining Fee Kalkaska Michigan
Narconon Stone Hawk accepted my daughter for addiction treatment on November 16,2007. I used a credit card to pay the $29,437.00 fee. Narconon Stone Hawk sent me the contract on November 19,2007 and I received it on November 20,2007. Upon reading the contract, I decided to immediately pull my daughter from the program and did so during the morning of November 21,2007. I disputed the charge on my credit card as there is no contractual basis for it. I have and continue to be willing to consider all reasonable charges for services rendered during the period of November 16-21, 2007. Emails and phone calls have gone unanswered. I eventually was referred to and made contact with Christine Wine/ Treasurer on December 3, 2007 who said she would look into it. She has not called back. I will pursue this daily to bring about a resolution. Middle-aged mom Barrington, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Kalkaska, Michigan
9, Report #294793
Dec 27 2007
09:56 AM
Narconon Stonehawk Poor treatment practices & withholding of insurance re-imbursement Battle Creek Michigan
I am at my wits end with this place. I attended Stonehawk during the summer of 2006. I witnessed a multitude of unprofessional actions by the center and it's employees. These ranged from relapsing of many counselors, refusal of medical treatment, (per former employees)counselors leaving the facility to have sex and use drugs with patients with little consequence. To date my biggest issue is the fact that when I was admitted to Stonehawk in May, within 3 weeks my sister paid the fee in full for my treatment which was around $24,900. After I left in August I had to complete all of my insurance filings because Stonehawk's insurance dept. did not live up to the promise that they would do everything they could to help me get some reimbursement from my insurance company. Stonehawk filed 1 of the 3 claims, I had to request all of my records to complete the filing. The insurance company sent $8000 to Stonehawk, although my sister had paid them in full. Stonehawk cashed that check on August 18th 2007. I spoke to them about forwarding on the money that was rightfully mine. They said there would be a $399.00 processing fee but that they would send me the money. It is now the end of December, I have not received anything, nor have they returned any of my many phone calls. They do not care abut their patients, only their money. The big focus of their treatment is practicing good ethics. These are the most unethical people I have ever dealt with in my entire life. They are blatant about their greed. it turns my stomach, to think that my sister shelled out almoast $25,000 for a hoax of a treatment facility. -me Disregarded patient Cincinnai, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Battle Creek, Michigan
10, Report #1112900
Jan 04 2014
11:49 AM
narconon fresh start rehab administration department given false information santa monica CA
We enrolled our daughter in the Narconon Fresh Start Rehab facility back in June of 2013.  Prior to entering the facility we asked about insurance coverage ?    an administration staff member told us that our insurance company would cover upto 60% of our daughters treatment.  with this being told to us we went ahead and sent her to the facility in Nevada.  after the first couple of weeks that went by we our insurance company sent us a letter stating that they denied our coverage.   When we contacted Narconon they informed us that this was normal practice and we would have to start an appeal process.  The first appeal was denied and then the second.     the aministaration then told us that we would have to file another appeal to a review board.  after writing letters to the review board and following the process ,   we were DENIED again !  We are now done !   our insurance company told us that this facility is not licensed and do not reconize there practices!  Narconon staff is not honest and are very sneaky on how they do buisness.    it cost me 35,000 .   and they told me that 60% was going to be coming back to me.  Ve ry unproffessional!    Will never recommend this place to anyone.   And it is also a Scientology based cult!
Entity: Select State/Province
11, Report #1247384
Aug 09 2015
03:01 PM
Narconon Vista Bay Extreme Caution-This is a Scientology CULT Watsonville, Ca California
Exercise extreme caution when searching for a rehab facility. In the days and weeks of drug and alcohol recovery, the brain is like a blank slate as it works to regain equilibrium. Narconon knows this and preys on the resulting vulnerability to hijack control of the boundaries, the mind, and the finances of those unfortunate souls trapped in its clutches. Narconon actively employs various brain washing techniques, they keep a written account of all conversations to later manipulate and control perceptions, they allow no contact with friends/family, and hold all against their will to seize Scientology's desired control. Once I realized this place was owned and operated by Scientology, I tried desperately to get out. I quit even my half hearted participation in their extremely bazaar brainwashing exercises ( touch the wall, touch the table, lift up the ash tray, put down the ashtray, look into my eyes, etc...), to which they responded by sending ever increasing senior staff to work with me. They informed me that I would have to stay a minimum of six months. They say 30 days before arrival, but that is not true. I then proceeded to be vocal and articulate about Narconon's hidden and malicious premise loudly enough for everyone to hear so others would start to object to and question their mind controlling methods. They responded by keeping me separate from the others because I needed one on one guidance. I spent three days vehemently refusing to participate and threatening to sue if they did not let me go. Fortunately I paid all by myself because had an insurance company or anyone else paid, my release would have been completely dependent upon the discretion of someone else who would only hear about my precipitous situation from this dangerous organization. I told them they can release me safely with my wallet and phone or I will leave unsafely without my things and hire the best malpractice attorney in northern California to tie them up in litigation for a very long time. Once finally released after days of protesting, they released me. However, I had to walk the six miles to town (thankfully I'm in good shape) and was followed on foot and by a car by counselors . I successfully got to a hotel, but the car that followed me stayed outside of the hotel for the entire night. When I got home, I needed to see a skilled therapist to help me overcome the emotional and psychological issues I developed as a result of this frightening experience at Narconon. I was out the $22,000 dollars I paid to this cult plus the cost of counseling to reverse the damage caused by them. How Narconon is allowed to operate in The Land of the Free surpasses all of my understanding. For the sake of your sanity, livelihood, sobriety, and your very life do not go to Narconon rehabilitation organizations. Scientology is even much more wierd, dangerous, cunning, and manipulative than what the media presents. Take care of yourself, getting sober is painfully difficult enough without these crazy people undermining your efforts and your life.
12, Report #1176096
Oct 09 2014
01:14 PM
We are so happy we got our son out of this facility when we did. Because of a family emergency he came home after two weeks in the program. After he told us of the of the falsehoods. lies, and dangerious proceedures and treatments that where going on there we could not let him return to this program. We feel he would have ended up dead! Below is the letter I wrote to the attorney for Narconon. We have been preocupied with the ilness and death of a family member. Now we are going after these cheats. We are writing this letter because of our total dissatisfaction with the Narconon Fresh Start program, process and the Sunshine Summit Lodge. The fraudulent information and misrepresentations that were given to me, my wife Katherine, and my son Christopher so we would pay $17,500 for our son to enter the Narconon Fresh Start Program are inexcusable. Below is a brief time line of events. We thought we were sending our son to a rehab facility and not a church indoctrination program.    On about December 6th we received a call from a counselor who put us in contact with Dan Carmichael. We told Dan of our plan to enter Christopher into a thirty day program close to our home in Pennsylvania for his relapses and use of opiates. Dan told us, among other things, thirty day programs don’t work and the success rate of the Narconon program is 76% of those treated live their lives drug free. We have found out through our research this is not at all true. Christopher entered the program on December 11th of 2013 and was granted a week leave of absence on December 27th 2013  because of a family emergency.     One big problem that I have is Christopher, as part of his court process, was to enter into a treatment program. We were told that everything would be taken care of with the courts by Dan Carmichael. I believe Christopher reiterated this to the personnel at the Sunshine Summit Lodge. I faxed the paper work for Christopher’s custody hearing to the Sunshine Summit Lodge so that the court would know he was in treatment and the need to reschedule the hearing. That was never followed up on with the personnel at the Sunshine Summit Lodge and the court in Pennsylvania was never notified. We came to find out that the Narconon program would not be recognized by the Pennsylvania courts contrary to what we were told. So Chris most likely would have ended up in jail when he returned to Pennsylvania had he competed the program.    When Christopher was picked up at the Pittsburgh Airport by us on December 27Th Christopher told us of the so called “Treatment” and the so called “medical and psychological staff” that was promised would be at the facility was a total lie. The staff is made up of a” Bunch of Kids” in his words with no medical or psychological training. Because Christopher spent the prior two weeks in the Beaver County jail he did not have a need for the detox program but did stay a week at the detox facility and then moved to the Sunshine Summit Lodge. At the Sunshine Summit Lodge Christopher told us he was given massive amounts of niacin which made him break out in a rash and sickened him. He also suffered from headaches from the sauna treatments.  Christopher’s problems are both mental and an addiction problem. We were specifically told by Dan Carmichael that there were both trained medical and psychological personal at the facility and they treat both. This was one of the primary reasons we sent Christopher to this program. This is clearly not the case. There were also health issues and health violations at the facility that I will not go into at this time as I don’t want to clue that staff in so they can clean up if we should need to go further with this action. I did contact Wendy at the Sunshine Summit Lodge on January 2, 2014 and told her that Christopher would not be returning to the facility or the program. I told her as I am telling you “there are problems with the program, the staff, and the facility”.  I asked Wendy at that time “were do we go from here”. Wendy did tell me a person from corporate will be contacting us and gave me your name as the person who would be following up with us.   Below is items prepared by my son who entered the program and Yes he is doing great without them. Narconon permits clients under treatment for drug and alcohol abuse to handle and provide medications to fellow Narconon clients, to supervise the sauna treatment of fellow Narconon clients, and to supervise Narconon clients with psychiatric disorders. Such practices endanger the client's health and safety and are not in accord with acceptable drug and alcohol treatment. Touch assists between patients. Touch assists involve massages between patients in rooms by themselves. Narconon has both male and female patients who are involved in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. This practice of touch assists could likely lead to improper sexual contact between drug addicts or alcoholics in the process of recovery. An accepted standard in such programs is for the patients to keep their hands to themselves. The Narconon Program exposes its patients to the risk of delayed withdrawal phenomena such as seizures, delirium and/or hallucinations. There is also a potential risk that the reported re-experience of the abused drugs' effect during the sauna sweat-out program may be the result of misinterpreted symptoms of hyperthermia or electrolyte imbalance since vital signs and serum electrolyte levels have not been consistently monitored during the sweat-out procedures or when a student is reporting the phenomena. Sauna staff isn’t qualified to handle such events The Narconon program includes the administration of high doses of vitamins and minerals to the Narconon patient as part of their treatment. The use of high amounts of vitamins and minerals in the amounts described administered by Narconon can be potentially dangerous to the patients of Narconon according to the more credible medical evidence. The relationship between drug-abuse and psychiatric disorders is well established. Most drug abusers who enter residential drug treatment facilities have high levels of anxiety, depression, hostility or apathy. Further, a chemical dependency disorder may co-exist with or be secondary to a specific psychiatric illness, such as schizophrenia or major depression, which should be treated by established psychiatric procedures. Narconon Tells students and staffs that these illnesses aren’t real and can be cured with vitamins. Narconon's program lacks any acceptable degree of quality control of the sauna temperatures and treatment. Such a lack of control endangers the safety, health and/or the physical or mental wellbeing of its clients. Narconon hires former students to work at Narconon immediately upon graduation and the former students work directly with the present students. While former patients of drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics can be employed in such clinics after graduation, the former patient's recovery from his addiction should be established with more passage of time to ensure sobriety and to avoid putting patients in contact with addicts who are not fully recovered. I encountered at least 2 to 3 incidents where staff was supplying drugs to students. Also taking drugs turned in by students on the first search. The vast majority of time spent in the Narconon treatment plan and course work does not in any way relate to or involve education about drug and alcohol abuse treatment, issues, and/or addiction. (Was promised a mental evaluation, anger management, and parenting classes due to requirements in court.) The material (if any), is vogue and wouldn’t qualify for court requirements. Narconon employs staff inadequately educated and trained in the care and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse clients. Most are under 21 and don’t know how to take care of themselves. Narconon permits clients under treatment for drug and alcohol abuse to handle and provide medications to fellow Narconon clients, to supervise the sauna treatment of fellow Narconon clients, and to supervise Narconon clients with psychiatric disorders. Such practices endanger the client's health and safety and are not in accord with acceptable drug and alcohol treatment. There is substantial medical literature which indicates that sauna therapy may pose significant health risks to intravenous heroin addicts, which is likely to be treated at Narconon, because such drug use may impair normal physiological response and problems associated with high temperature saunas which could be detected. Narconon restricts access by Narconon clients to their personal physicians, family, attorneys, clergy and others by not permitting communications except at limited and designated hours. Such a practice may endanger the physical or mental wellbeing of Narconon's clients. (I personally was unable to tell my family how I really felt about the program.  The staff makes it very clear they are recording calls via voice and text. When negative things were said I stopped receiving messages from my family. But later found they were telling them I was busy and loved the program so much, especially sauna) which is 100% untruthful. The Narconon program fails to provide adequate follow-up and treatment for Narconon clients demonstrating abnormal lab tests and other medical problems. (Requested blood work for thyroid, asked staff if they knew anything. I got sent around to different people with no answers. Also the medications prescribed for withdrawal cravings were improperly administered causing more intense cravings. After transferring centers I found out not only was I not getting the right amount they lost my medication and didn’t follow up on what happened to it. Most students are forced to buy withdrawal vitamins and the staff doesn’t follow up on who gets what. There is also no designated medication times causing students to miss medications. When that happens the response from staff is “oh well your fucked for tonight” Upon arriving withdrawal house you are required to read a book about the program. In this book it promises a 24/7 doctor on site, and several drinks of drug bomb/calcium magnesium. There is no doctor on any sites and the drink that supposedly saves you from with drawl isn’t managed at consistent times. I never received more than three (at the most a day). Was promised 1-on-1 Therapy. There are no licensed therapists at any center, after two weeks of asking their response was you can talk to your unlicensed counselor. I was diagnosed adhd/bipolar they often told me my doctors lied to me, and vitamins and sauna will cure my mental problems. Severe Black mold in the sauna. I and other students asked staff more than several times the mold is making us sick. The inexperienced staff did absolutely nothing about it. Days later when asking them again staff told me black mold isn’t bad for you. I told them I had to move out of an old apartment due to mold problems, he assured me it wasn’t from my mold allergy it was sauna wearing me out. There was no evidence that the Narconon staff inventoried and verified the medications brought on to the campus. There is no credible scientific evidence that the Narconon program is effective in the treatment of chemical dependency. They boast a 76% success rate. After entering program was told the website lied it’s actually the graduation rate. There is no credible scientific evidence that exercise speeds up the detoxification process. Large doses of niacin are administered to patients during the Narconon program to rid the body of radiation. There is no credible scientific evidence that niacin in any way gets radiation out of the patient's body. Rather, the more credible medical evidence supports the existence of potential medical risks to persons receiving high doses of niacin. I was told because I lived near by a nuclear power plant I would be in sauna longer. Courses resemble scientology. No website or recruiter mentions Its L Ron Hubbard based. I was told it was a holistic approach no religion involved. The first book I was to read was how Mr. Hubbard was going to save me and the courses didn’t have anything to do with scientology. Narconon course Scientology equivalent(s) • Therapeutic TRs Course • Success Through Communications Course • Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course • New Life Detoxification Program • Purification Rundown • Learning Improvement Course • Student Hat • Perception and Communication Course • TRS and Objectives Co-audit Course • Ups and Downs in Life Course • Ups and Downs in Life Course • Personal Values and Integrity Course • Personal Values and Integrity Course • Changing Conditions in Life Course • How to Improve Conditions in Life Course • THE WAY TO HAPPINESS® Course • THE WAY TO HAPPINESS® Course    
Entity: Warner Springs, California
13, Report #382765
Oct 21 2008
03:17 AM
Narconon Southern California June Rosenberry at Narconon Said Our Daughter Lied About Sexual Battery/Harassment Los Angeles California
Our Narconon Nightmare A Chronology On Friday, June 29, 2008, my husband and I found an empty bottle of vodka in our 19 year old daughter's bedroom. Our daughter has ADHD, along with depression and anxiety. As such, she is at risk for substance abuse, but she is not addicted. We decided that we would immediately find some type of treatment in our area in Maryland) before something dangerous might happen (e.g., she had a car accident while drinking, etc.) I googled and I searched under addiction treatment Silver Spring MD. I went to several sites and called many people. We did not want to use a medical model but a holistic approach. Down the page results for our search, we found Narconon through this site: The phone number is 1-866-395-1680. We spoke with the Narconon Southern California admissions counselor (Micki Allen) who sold us on the Newport Beach facility and it's small intimate residential setting: a nice neighborhood; holistic approach; no drugs involved; likely insurance reimbursement. We asked if the program was affiliated with Scientology since Ron Hubbard was mentioned on the web site. We were told repeatedly that it was not. We were also told this program is appropriate for students in college who were not yet addicted. Ms. Allen e-mailed two documents to us: License - State of California Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs and Explanation of Narconon Services and Fees. We were told that the full fee must be paid up front but that most insurance companies will reimburse at least part of these fees. We were referred to Gayle, the financial counselor for pre-authorization. We were referred to Intervention Services and Technologies to help us coerce our daughter to agree to enroll in Narconon. The interventionist told us that our daughter would have the use of her cell phone and could call us anytime. Our daughter was enrolled on June 30th, 2008 and she was told to sign the Admission's Agreement (which was not sent to us). She assumed that we knew what she was signing. We soon found out that our daughter could not speak to us for the first few days, after which she could call only on a phone at the facility. When we finally spoke to her, she informed us that most of the people under treatment were addicted to heroin and that she was the only one there who was not an addict. On July 03, 2008, we received a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield stating that the requested service was denied because it was a non-contracted Residential Treatment Center. We subsequently learned that insurance only pays for centers that are certified by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Narconon knew they weren't certified by JCAHO. A few days later we received in the mail a document titled Narconon Southern California Consumer Service Policy where we learned for the first time that there are NO REFUNDS; the only exception would be the case where Narconon Southern California deemed the student unable to do the program and routed the student out of the program. Unable is defined as medically or legally incapable of participating. This no refund policy was not mentioned in the documents sent to us prior to my daughter arriving at Narconon nor was it mentioned in the voluminous information on their web site. Fortunately, we did not sign the contract. On July 19th 2008, while I was out, my daughter informed my husband, that a 50 something year old male member of the staff (Carmine) had been making inappropriate comments on many occasions which were sexual in nature. In addition, earlier that day, this staff member prevented my daughter from passing him on the stair case so he could touch the front of his body (including his pelvic area) to hers and rub her arms while repeating these inappropriate comments. On July 20th, 2008 I called Narconon at Newport Beach and spoke with Cosmo. He informed me that they were aware of the situation, and that they spoke with the staff member and told him not to do it again. This was the last straw! I told Cosmo that I wanted my daughter to come home that night. Following this, I received several phone calls from other staff (Amanda, Kia Lucarelli) informing me that Carmine was now fired and they rigorously attempted to change my mind, to no avail. My daughter left Narconon on the next flight from Longbeach CA on July 20th, 2008, after being there for 3 weeks. My daughter subsequently told us that she revealed the incident with Carmine to another male student (Matt S.) who was upset that she ratted on Carmine. From July 21, 2008 until August 28, 2008 I made multiple phone calls (most of which were never returned) to the refund coordinator (June Rosenberry) in attempt to get a refund. She implied that a refund was possible but she would have to get more information. A week or two later Ms. Rosenberry called and informed me that there were inconsistencies in my daughter's records and she could not reveal them to me unless my daughter signed a release. On July 30 I received a copy of the Admission Agreement that my daughter signed on admission for me to sign as the responsible party. I did not sign it. On July 31, 2008, I faxed the Consent for the Release of Confidential Information (signed by my daughter) to Ms. Rosenberry. After multiple phone calls, Ms. Rosenberry finally sent a letter with an attached 'Knowledge Report on August 20, 2008. The Knowledge Report indicated that my daughter revealed the incident regarding Carmine to another student (Matt S) and it states that she essentially told Matt S. that she lied so that she could go home. The problem with this story is that she did not need to do this to go home. She could have left and called my cousin in Los Angeles who would have assisted her to go home if she wished. Ms. Rosenberry's attached letter stated that my daughter's desire to leave the program prompted her to make a false accusation and resulted in an intern being removed and her departure from the program. If Narconon thought my daughter lied, why didn't they reinstate this staff/intern? In addition, this letter contained some of the same poetry contained in letters sent to other parents that are posted on the internet. She also restated the no refund policy and said my daughter is welcome to return Narconon when ever she decides to. On August 28th, 2008, I sent a certified letter to Ms. Rosenberry which summarized our issues, including the fact that we were not informed about the no refund policy in advance. My letter ended as follows: The purpose of this letter is to request a full refund of the $29,000 that I paid to Narconon. I have reviewed all paper work that was e-mailed to me and all information on the web site and there is no mention of a no refund policy. Please send me a certified check or money order for $29,000 by close of business on September 10th, 2008. On Sept. 12, 2008, I received a letter from Ms Rosenberry stating my letter to you of August 20, 2008, explains Narconon's position on your refund request. There has been no change in that information. As I pursue my claim for refund and continue filing complaints about what happened, I urge others to avoid this program! The major issues we have identified thus far are: Narconon preys on parents/clients during a vulnerable period: Narconon is networked through web sites all over the country to find victims. The admissions coordinator at Narconon called the staff counselors and claimed they were trained in addiction treatment. The truth is these counselors are all former students/addicts with no formal training. Narconon promotes that their Newport Beach program is a welcomed part of the neighborhood instead of the neighborhood nuisance that they really are. Narconon lies to get and keep your money: Narconon does not inform the financially responsible person about the no refund policy'until it is too late. Narconon does not mention, or provide for signature, a contract'to the financially responsible persons prior to admission. Narconon did not provide our daughter with a copy of the contract that she signed. Narconon misleads parents/the financially responsible that medical insurance pays for their services. Narconon misleads people about their relationship with Scientology: Narconon monitors all communication between students and family. Other parents have revealed that their sons were removed from the program and dumped in a motel because of nattering' (talking about another student or staff). This looks like an attempt at mind control'. Other issues: Narconon claims they address all addictions but they allow, and even enable students to smoke cigarettes. Narconon's facilities are too crowded. When doing a Google search for a treatment facility, beware of websites that appear to be referral sites. There is a good chance that the site is being run by Narconon. I found that emails I'd received from the Narconon staff were writing me from a rehab referral site called That site states that they refer to all kinds of programs and is part of a 'social betterment organization' when in fact it is run by Narconon. This is quite a scam. Sara Silver Spring, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
14, Report #347164
Jul 03 2008
10:44 AM
Narconon Stone Hawk Narconon Stone Hawk's deceitful practices and unorthodox treaments extremely detrimental to students and their desperate families. Battle Creek Michigan
Our story is sadly similar to so many other reports from individuals who were desperate to help their loved one only to be victimized and scammed by Narconon Stone Hawk in Michigan. Briefly, our family member was only at Narconon Stone Hawk in Battle Creek for 12 days in the fall of 2007 before we rescued and removed them after discovering the truth about their inadequately cared for facility, treatment methods, Scientology based teachings and unqualified staff. The cost for this 12 days was a total of $28,600.00! Like so many others, we thought we'd done adequate research and investigation before agreeing to admit our loved one, but we were sadly mistaken. This organization preys on frightened people who only want to help their family member. This whole experience with Stone Hawk has been an absolute nightmare and continues to keep me up nights! We'd like to receive a full refund from Stone Hawk, but they refuse to discuss our situation at all. In the past nine months we have tried everything we can think of to at least secure the contractually agreed upon refund due us, but no one at Stone Hawk will return our many phone calls. We sent a certified letter to the Executive Director; the letter was refused and returned unopened to us. We've filed complaints with the Michigan Department of Community Health and the state's Attorney General. We understand there are currently 32 complaints filed with the Attorney General's office! Happily, our family member is doing very well, no thanks to Stone Hawk. Please, do not send any member of your family to any Narconon Stone Hawk facility in Michigan, or any other Narconon facility for that matter. Mad in Michigan Southwest Michigan, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Battle Creek, Michigan
15, Report #370533
Sep 16 2009
01:26 PM
Narconon Of Southern California, Inc (aka Narconon Newport Beach) & Narconon Joshua Hills, Inc NarCoNon Fraudulent Deceptive Trade & Cult Practices: Lying, Subjecting Me Scientology and Ripping Off My Fiancee Who Paid Newport Beach California
Narconon IS Scientology. We didn't know THAT when we were referred via the internet and phone to a rehab center in Southern California that was supposed to be the CA equivilent of St. Jude's Hospital in Kansas. It was rude awakening to find myself learning nothing about drug addiction and more than I wanted to know about scientology in the 4 days. I attended two of their facilities, one in Newport Beach and the other called Narconon Joshua Hills in Desert Hot Springs. I had had a problem with meth that almost cost me my family. I started using it 2 1/2 years ago because I was so overwhelmed. I had met the women I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We decided we wanted it all. She became pregnant, we moved to a new town, bought a house and were engaged to be married. My dreams had come true right down to having a son born with my blue eyes, but I felt overwhelmed and turn to meth to accomplish more, something I had committed never to do. Using drugs was something I adamantly did not want to do, drugs devastated my own childhood. Before my son was even born, I vowed that he would not have to go through what I did. Over time I tapered down my drug use. Still two years later I was about to loose everything. Until I had completely stopped for good, my drug use would forever come between me, my fiancee and our son. My fiancee and I were expecting , this time a little girl, everything we both wanted. There was still one problem destroying everything. This time I realized I was going to loose everything if I did not stop. I was ready to kick my habit completely and was willing and wanting to get good help that would support me in my efforts. It was so important to me and my fiancee that we put every last dime we had into what we were told would be the right rehab for us. We were misrepresented. This is what I experienced while attending what was supposed to be a drug rehab program at Narconon Southern California in Newport Beach and Narconon Joshua Hills in Palm Desert, CA. We thought Narconon was a credible rehabilitation facility. My fiancee paid $20,000 for what turned out to be a place to brainwash people into thinking they should be in the Church of Scientology. My fiancee and I were told a bunch of lies in order to get us into the program. Instead of a quality rehab center with quality care and a good solid drub rehab program this is what I got. I left the program because the program was not like what we were told it would be and because I was sick with bronchitis and given no medical attention. My time at Narconon was one cult brainwashing session after another. First off I did my detox in Newport Beach. I was there two days from February 17 to February 19, 2008. This place was a zoo. It was so overcrowded that staff were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Even the clients didn't know what they were supposed to be doing. There was no medical doctor on site nor was there 24 hour access to a medical doctor as promised. I saw a young guy sick coming off of heroin ask to see a doctor and staff told him he would have to wait until the next day. Staff started me in on their Scientology Training Routines asking me to name something in the room I could have. I named something and the staff member asked me to name something else, and something else. Finally when I had named everything in the room, I told her that was all, I had named everything in the room. The staff member said, I will repeat the command again, name something in the room you can have. I told her to command this and I asked for a taxi to get me out of that place. I was not being aloud to speak to my fiancee. These were Scientology practices training routines and not the drug rehabilitation we paid for. Instead of getting me a taxi. Staff called David Heroin, the Senior director of Joshua Hills to come get me right away. When my fiancee called the head guy at Narconon Newport Beach to see how I was doing in detox, Scott Edwards lied to her, told her I had done great and that I had quickly excelled out of detox to residency at Joshua Hills. That afternoon, February 19, 2008, David Herion got us lost going from Newport Beach to where he lives at the Joshua Hills Narconon Residency in Palm Desert. After driving for what was supposed to be a 2 hour drive and arriving 6 1/2 hours later, I was exhausted and instructed to sign their no refund policy admission agreement before I was to get some rest. Just more manipulative Scientology practices. Again the facility at Joshua Hills was overcrowded. That next day was my only full day of doing the Narconon program at Joshua Hills. Narconon's program is not a drug rehabilitation program in the traditional sense or in any sense. The Narconon program consisted of taking vitamins, reading LRon Hubbard books and doing Scientology Training Routines. I found none of it to be useful or helpful or even relevant to drug/alcohol addiction recovery. I was at Narconon a total of 4 days and never heard the word rehabilitation, drugs, addiction or recovery. The only time I talked to anyone about drug addiction was when I talked to the other clients. The councilors never talked to me about drugs, rehabilitation, recovery, why I did drugs, my life or my family situation. My fiancee and I were told I would have individual therapy. The only time I ever had one on one time was when I signed admission papers. There were no individual therapy sessions. Those admission papers that I signed said I would be getting individual case management, alcohol and drug education and group sessions. That day at Joshua Hills, February 20, 2008, I read 5 hours of Study Routines and did the Training Routines also known as TR's instructed in 'Book 1.' The only group sessions they do at Narconon is people sitting in a room, reading L Ron Hubbard books together. Again this is not a group session in the tradition sense and we were lied to about the program. After having read 250 pages in Book 1, I found none of it to be useful. None of it was relevant to drug rehabilitation. I flipped ahead and found that nothing in the 800 page book had anything to do with drug rehabilitation or drug recovery. I asked other clients who were farther along in the program if they thought the readings were helpful and they told me they still were not applicable to drug rehab and no they were not helpful. Those clients told me they just do the book work so that they can be done and go into the sauna. These other clients were all in their early twenties. I am 32 years old. My fiancee and I were told by our recruiter that the other people in the program at Joshua Hills were of all ages. This turned out not to be true at all. I was the oldest person there. All the other students were significantly younger than me. They were immature juvenile types, throwing papers, acting up, not serious about seeking true recovery like I was. I faced loosing my family, everything I had built. I was counting on our money going to a real recovery program that I could benefit from. Book 1 directed the Training Routines of Bull-baiting. As you may have already heard about: I was to sit in a chair while other residents were told to call me names and make fun of me while I sat there and did nothing, which I did. The other residents told me I was wearing thrift store clothes. And that the only reason I was there was because I was gay and wanted to hang out in the sauna with a bunch of naked dicks. They called me names like, cock-sucker. Is this what Narconon considers group sessions? Again not what we paid for. Book 1 also directed the next TR. I was asked, Do birds fly? I would respond, yes. And they would repeat the question over and over continuously, Do birds fly? Do birds fly? Do birds fly? Bull baiting: Being insulted and humiliated verbally while trying to maintain composure is part of the Scientology Training Routine drills written by founder L Ron Hubbard. My fiancee and I did not know and were never informed that Narconon is a program that uses unconventional and controversial specific Scientology practices unrelated to traditional drug rehabilitation methods. I was at Narconon 4 days and never heard the word rehabilitation, drugs, addiction, or recovery. The only time I talked to anyone about drug addiction was when I talked to the other clients. The councilors never talked to me about drugs, rehabilitation, or my recovery. When I arrived to Narconon I was on prescribed antibiotics for severe bronchitis. On my third day at Narconon, Wednesday February 19th, I asked to see a doctor because I had run out of antibiotics, I felt like I was getting worse and feared I might be getting pneumonia as my doctor at home had predicted. Before going to Narconon, my fiancee and I were told there would be 24 hour access to a medical doctor there. The staff at Joshua Hills told me I would see a doctor the next day. The next day, my last day at Narconon, I was driven two hours to see a doctor. When we got there I had no means to pay the doctor. I was not given any medical attention for my illness and I was taken back to Joshua Hills. When we arrived back I was told to redo all of the reading and TR's I had done the day before. Not because I had done them wrong, but for repetition. Feeling sick and needing medical attention, I asked for my belongings, signed out and began walking. Someone from Narconon picked me up and took me to the airport. Dave Herion told me we would get a refund because my stay with Narconon was brief, just 2 days in Newport Beach and 2 days in Palm Desert. We have been denied a refund by June Rosenberry, Narconon's Refund Coordinator, or as I like to call her their No Refund Coordinator. Just to show what they did I have scanned in the incompleted Admission Agreement contracts, which my fiancee (as financially responsible party and credit card holder) was never aware of until I was already back home after leaving the program. She has never signed these contracts their no refund policy, nor the credit card receipt. Also for your review is June Rosenberry's refund rejection letter. I have also scanned in the copy of their Consumer Service Policy June sent with rejection letter, which was never given to me or my fiancee until after we asked for a refund. Note in June's letter she tells my financee, Sarah, Just as a drowning man fights the person who is trying to rescue him, so often does a person on drugs fight his would-be rescuer. She states that I said that I dont need a drug rehab, can't do bookwork, and showed no willingness to do program. Well, I went to Narconon looking for help on my own free will and if I had found the program, the workbook and the counselors helpful I would have continued the program. Well this drowning man, (me) came home and directly signed up with a proper local rehabilitaion center. There I received the kind of support I needed; individual therapy, relevent reading material, relevent workbooks and group discussion about drug addition and recovery. I have a perfect attendance record to my current program. I was clean 3 weeks before going to Narconon. Narconon was overcrowded, was nothing like we were promised, and worse; Narconon turned out to be a front trying to pull people and funding into The Church of Scientology. Every bit of material we were made to read was written by Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard. I came to find out that the materials and practices for the Narconon program are the same or similar to those which Scientologists study or practice for religious purposes as members of that church. Most of the graduates become scientologists or staff at Narconon helping promote this scientology program. I left there for several reasons mainly because my fiancee and I had been manipulated and deceived and because Narconon was not what we were promised. I did not leave to use drugs and I was not on drugs for 3 weeks prior to arriving at Narconon. I have random drug tests dating back to when I left Narconon. I am clean of drugs NO THANKS TO NARCONON, L RON HUBBaRD or SCIENTOLOGY. A full refund from Narconon Southern California of Long Beach and Narconon Joshua Hills is in order. I got the help that I needed elsewhere and I am grateful for standard rehabilitation care programs like the one I am now in. Everyday I am thankful for my family. Sarah and I just had a baby girl recently. Our son Dante is a wonderful, smart, loving, delightful little boy. I can not bare looking into my sons eyes thinking the Church of Scientology has what could be my son Dante's College Education funds. Narconon has not refunded us our $20,000 despite being promised. Others paid more money for the program and some have been refunded but they are holding out on us and others for no valid reason. All I can tell you readers is to beware of Narconon's deceptive trade practices and, if you've been ripped off by Narconon, post your story, too. Daniel Grass Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Newport Beach, California
16, Report #835008
Feb 06 2012
10:28 PM
Narconon Biggest scam ever caliente, Nevada
What a waste of 29k my family was lied to and scamed everything looks great from the outside untill you get there and they already have your money they have olny addict staff with just a few mounths clean time under there belt so they dont have to pay for real help. they have very cult like practices.
Entity: caliente, Nevada
17, Report #1280380
Jan 15 2016
08:00 PM
Narconon Fresh Start breach of contract, lied, rip off, mental abuse, verbal abuse, negligence, deception Glendale California
Since 2014 my wife and I have been trying to get our twenty thousand dollars back from narconon fresh start.  I went there in December of 2013 to February of 2014.  Online they make this program look great and told my wife that blue cross blue shield would cover the program.  We were to get 80% back, well this was a complete lie.  First they told us to bring cash and I did.  They played on our emotions.  Anyway, what is shown online isn't close to what the program is.  It is scientology even though they deny that.  Well my wife came out to visit me on Valentine's Day weekend and what she saw put her in shock.  I went home with her and we were promised to get 20,000 dollars back, ( a far cry from eighty percent but we were wanting to get a least something back.  They wrote up a contract stating they would pay us 10,000 dollars and shortly after that the other 10,000 dollars.  We did get our first 10,000 but since October of 2014 until now we have been getting excuse after excuse and we want our money.  These people claim they help people, when after all they just steal your money.  They don't care how they get it they just take what they want by playing people's emotions.  A Bruce Hadrill their in house attorney says anything just to shut you up.  He has already yelled at us and I have plenty of emails and signed broken promisary notes signed by them.  All I want is my money back.  Is there anybody out there that can help us.  We need our money.It is hard to explain this.   Chris
Entity: Glendale, California
18, Report #1426449
Feb 08 2018
01:38 PM
Narconon Fresh Start NARCONON FRESH START d/b/a SUNSHINE SUMMIT LODGE, JLB RANCH and HUNTINGTON HARBOR HOUSE - California, Texas and Nevada Misinformation, careless treatment for drug rehab Glendale California
My adult child was admitted to the Fresh Start drug rehab program for an addiction to herion. He and I were given invalid information by the Fresh Start staff and website and I believe he was mistreated and the staff did not provide care and oversight. I paid $33,000 for his enrollment. Brief summary of issues: - Was never notified that Fresh Start was affiliated with Narconon. - Was told my son could use his perscription medications for depression if needed -Web site indicated that non-narcotic perscriptions can be used -Staff appeared to be only former drug addicts that were in recovery - My son my moved from Nevada to California back and forth 4 times in the first 2 or 3 weeks. The final move was against my son's wishes. - Son allowed to visit psychiatrist nearby and he recommeded medication for my son's depression and anxiety. However the staff said they do not allow any medications under any circumstances so he was not allowed to take any medications for his depression and anxiety. He was allowed to smoke cigarettes however! Also the first week he was under the care of Fresh Start he was in detox and was given medications.  - After about 4 weeks total, 4 moves and a rotating set of counselors (all appeared to be former addicts), he was sent to a local California hostial for observation of his depression. The staff could not tell me anything about where he was or what was going to happen. He was still enrolled in the Fresh Start program.  - Two days later my son was discharged from the hospital. No one from Fresh Start was following up on him or asked about his status or whereabouts. My son disappeared for several weeks and is now back on drugs.  - Fresh Start never called me about this and apparently made no attempt to follow up with the hospital nor made any attempt to contact my son (he had his cell phone for some reason).  - I feel they miscommuicated how their treatment worked and lied to both my son and I about his access to perscription medication for his depression and anxiety.  - I feel his treatment was unprofessional, careless and ineffective. - I feel they failed in their committment to provide safe treatment as my son was allowed to leave with no notification or attempt to account for him.  - To my knowledge they never shipped my son's clothing and personal items to him even though multiple calls and voicemails were made. 
Entity: Glendale, California
19, Report #747593
Jun 30 2011
01:09 PM
Suncoast rehabilitation center Suncoast treatment center Narconon Missleading ,Narconon front for Scientology Unhealthy, uncertified scam spring hill, Florida
When my wife decided to seek help for her alchohol addiction she found a web site that appealed to her for help. The Suncoast rehab site/Narconon treatment hyped their no drug ,suna style. We agreed to try this, and paid the required$ 27,000 upfront fee. We were appalled when we found out that. the Narconon treatment was totally based on the contravercial Ron Hubbard Scientology teachings. After my wife was overherd discussing the methods with me on the phone she was taken into the directors office for interigation. We were both concerned for her safety that day. She was never seen by a doctor or any staff member with any Certifications or license, I am amazed that this is leagel? My wife likes to eat heathy but they did not seem to have heathy foods that she requires like fruit and bread. The facsility was dirty and per my obsevation lacking maintanance. One thing she told me about has effected her emotionaly, its an execise called bull baiting,another staff member, in this case a man sat across from her in another chair, stood up and made inappropriate sexual motions and coments. After finding out about what my wife had gotten herself into,thanks to Ripp off report I took her home after a 7 day stay, 7 days too long. I had no idea that this sort of thing could happen in our country. How can these peoplae get away with taking advantage of someone like this looking for help. We are currently seeking a lawyer for this. We would also like to hear from anyone else that has had a similar experiance with this FRAUD called Suncoast Rehab center
Entity: spring hill, Florida
20, Report #380786
Jun 13 2009
09:30 AM
NARCONON Of Southern California-June Rosenberry They have been promissing a $23,500 refund since November of 2007 Los Angeles California
My son was a patent at NARCONON in Newport Beach for a period of nine days in November of 2007. I pre-paid $31,000 for Medical Detox and the NARCONON program. After my son left treatment NARCON agreed to reimburse me $23,250. They estimated that payment would be made in February of 2008. NARCONON then postponed the expected payment date to May, 2008 and then again to July. They then informed us that we are on the list but could give us no future estimate of a payment date. Jerry Beaverton, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
21, Report #234565
Feb 05 2007
09:12 PM
Narconon Stone Hawk Fiance' currently there and being mentally abused. They advertise individual counseling but that is a lie! He's depressed and wants out! ripoff Battle Creek Michigan
My fiance', after battling his addiction to heroin for 10 years off & on finally decided he couldn't live with this curse any longer and desperately was pleading for help. His parents and I researched online and I found a hotline for help number (didn't know it was a Narconon number originally) and they said that we were lucky because there was the number 1 ranked rehab facility very close to us and gave me the number. His mother also found a lot of online information concerning the Stone Hawk facility so we thought our prayers had been answered. His parents took a loan plus some of their retirement to enroll him into a 4-6 month program for 27.5K and within 2 days we were driving him up there very late at night to get him admitted. We were told by the counselor that he would recieve valuable one on one counseling plus a great detox program that rids the body of stored drugs. Again we thought our prayers had been answered. He has been there 5 weeks now and has battled emotional and even physical torment. He has been complaining of his kidneys hurting, severe headaches and asked for a doctor's appointment continually for a week before they finally took him to see their doctor who took blood. His protein levels are very high and his blood sugars have also increased to over 110 (alot higher than when they originally tested him) and yet they continue to give him 2000-2500mg of niacin, which can cause liver and optical damage, and yet he must continue or he won't be able to graduate to the next phase of the program. He feels stuck! He doesn't want to let his parents down because they gave up retiring for him and yet he feels so depressed and sick that he tells me daily that he doesn't know if he can take another day and has suicidal thoughts. Does anyone working there care? NO! Because they are all recently graduated students of the program and have no education in that field, just cheap labor. They have had drugs smuggled into the facility with the help of the guards (also recently completed the program)and the guards have sex with the females there to get them drugs. The place is disgusting and run down (nothing like the pictures they advertise he said), the phones are broke, , and his room is so cold that this morning the water inside the toilet was frozen! If he complains or says anything negative they make him stay in his course longer and are mean/rude to him. We haven't been able to visit him (we didn't know that until we dropped him off of course) and we didn't find out about their no-refund policy until we were filling out the paperwork while they were getting him signed in; at that point we felt it was too late and in God's hands. I would love a class action suit so that he can afford to leave there and get REAL counseling help. I can't believe they are allowed to run a business like this. There are sites I have visited that tell of more horrible things. This needs to be stopped! Isn't there anybody out there to help us? sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Kimberly Cleveland, OntarioU.S.A.
Entity: Battle Creek, Michigan
22, Report #1361888
Mar 15 2017
09:51 AM
Narconon Freedom Center Josh Sowers, aka Vegas ( director) Stephen trouthere intake coordinator False treatment staff takes your money leaves family member on streets. Albion MI Michigan
 we sent our daughter to Narconon Freedom Treatment Center in Albion MI. We paid 19,000 which was told to use if things did not work out they would refund and appropriate amount. our daughter was taking to several hospitals to our having to pay the bill. on day 7 they suspended our daughter and took her to a ER and thrown all her belongings into the parking lot. the hospital staff contacted us and stated they were in fear for our daughters safety with the staff members from thus rehad treatment center. that they were suppose to be in the waiting room but the hospital staff did not feel comfortable releasing her to them. when the hospital staff went to talk to the rehab staff they were nowhere to be found. Hospital security recovered our daughters belongings thrown into the parking lot and just left for who ever to take. they security recovered her belongings and stated woukd we make the 6 hour drive to get our daughter as she didn't even know what town she was in. which she us now home after only 7 days at that so called rehab. one of the so called staff gave our daughter a syringe. all staff are not ceterified as we have found out. there all so called recovered addicts themselves. they took our money and I have several emails stating they would calculate an appropriate amount and refund .they will not contact us or answer my calls to recover some of our money. we are in need of help to recover our hard earned money that was to help our daughter but yet they took us for a sad ride in our lowest time in needing help and reaching for help .This so called rehad us a joke , they are boyfriends and girlfriends that are working there that met while in treatment there themselves. please help us to retrieve our money back. We never even signed the paper work for payment Guaractor as they emailed 3 days after she got there, first email had no attachment the next 2 ,day 5 and 6 had 2 pages missing them the day they suspended her for taking the syringe to another staff member they sent an email again pushing for us to sign it asap, but never mentioned they were suspending our daughter for taking a step in the right direction as to going to another staff member as what had went in that day. they stated to me Stephen thst they were going to drop her off on the side of the ride or at a homeless shelter after I had spoken with the hospital staff and found out from after thst they were suspending her. what kind of place treats a human lime thus that's suppose to be there to help them knowing there in much need of help. the center is more about getting money and treating the so called students with no respect. I was also told by a staff member there that they had a bad seed return to the center they were trying to get rid of. what kind of company again dies this . there us a Hepa law. that so called bad seed is someones liv3d one in need of help as well we woukd like for this center to refund a fair amount back as they stated they woukd to myself and my loan officer before sending my daughter 6 hours from home to there center.
Entity: Albion MI, Michigan
23, Report #276995
Feb 13 2009
05:48 PM
Narconon Vista Bay rehabilitation from drugs Watsonville, California
We brought X to Vista Bay for rehabilitation and recovery for a drug addiction. After having several conversations over the phone at the end of June 2007, I was convinced that I finally found the right place, where X would get the help needed to recover from a drug addiction. I described in length the present and past condition, the addiction to prescription drugs, the deteriorated mental health, the anger, attempts to end a life, carelessness about being, the failure of recovery in other places, the experience with various sober living houses, a stay at a homeless shelter, one night, the hardship on the family and more. The intake person described to me the program as one that does not fail where other do, that the staff to patient ratio was high and that each patient was assigned a personal counselor, qualified to work and help drug addicts and that if one counselor wasn't able to get any positive results, a group of counselors would work with the patient in order to reach and help. He further explained that the rate of success was at 96% and that the program was guaranteed that patients in general stay at Vista Bay until they were completely rehabilitated. He said that it takes every patient a different period of time to recover, that some patients need as little as 3-4 months and others might stay as long as a year, that if there was a relapse, the individual was been accepted back for free. I brought up the importance of therapy, emphasizing how psychotherapy was desperately needed , to help with the state of mind. The intake person explained that psychotherapy is provided as part of the program. Patients learn how to deal with life after drugs. I told him that X had to leave various rehabilitation places because of non-compliance and he in return assured me that at Vista Bay patients are being helped until their full recovery. When I challenged him saying that X is a very difficult case, his response was that Vista Bay has the experience dealing with difficult cases and that everyparent thinks that their child is the most difficult. What the intake person completely neglected to tell me and I only found out days after dropping X off, was that at Vista Bay if a patient did not comply, he would be removed from the program. Unfortunately that was after the fact, when I browsed through your brochure that was handed to me, when X was already at Vista Bat and after having taken out a loan in order to pay the $29,000 for his guaranteed recovery. I was never made aware of the fact that he could face a suspension, information that would have been essential to my decision making. I also did not bring X to Vista Bay, paid $29,000, to have him removed from the place I chose to send him to, to be sent to a homeless shelter in Sacramento nor to have him come back home and continue to wreck his and his family's life. Tom completely misrepresented your program when he assured me that Vista Bay was the place for X. We entrusted him with them but no one at Vista Bay made any effort to help X as promised and guaranteed. If he didn't fit with the rest, X became an outcast. X didn't get personal help. He was punished for minor disciplinary issues that in the big picture are insignificant in the recovery of an addict. They are not set up for helping addicts who act out, and which I would expect are common behavior with addicts. At no time did they make an effort to find out why X was acting up or how to help X. X had to go by rules and if X didn't, X had to be removed. The answer they had problems was to send him to a homeless shelter, to reach a point where X would ask to be let back into the program. Only this doesn't work with every addict. We feared that if left in a shelter, X would leave and go back to the danger of drugs. We completely disagree with their decision to suspend him. A disciplinary action for a drug addict who broke minor rules such as disruption in class, being late, or not cleaning up a room cannot be a suspension. We are talking about drug addicts who have reached rock bottom, not children in school! A homeless shelter is a dangerous place for addicts and if we thought that it would help and get rid of X's addiction, we could have sent X there ourselves, saving us the $29,000. What did they expect to accomplish by sending X to a shelter, where X wouldn't have stayed anyway, to wander the streets penniless, and be vulnerable to the dangers of a big city, gangs, drugs, and crime, to break X'S spirit even further? This is completely unacceptable! Again, had this been disclosed prior to sending x up, I would have not chosen Vista Bay. It is plainly deceitful not to disclose such vital information when inquiring about the program. We flew X back home within hours, and before giving us a chance to make arrangements for a different place, took X back home only to find out that X went back to being on drugs a day later. Since dropping off X, the process of recovery has been very questionable. X was moved from the main Vista Bay quarters to a home off the mountain only shortly after starting the program, where X didn't get enough close supervision, only to be moved back to the main area. X was put on ethics and had to work a way back to be on program. I got conflicting reports where one day X was showing signs of improvement and the level of responsibility was better and the next day I got phone calls complaining about behavior. Then it was decided to send X to Placerville where he didn't do any better and again I got confusing reports, where one counselor said that he was doing great, opening up, making friends, being back on the program etc. only to hear a few days later that it was decided to suspend X. After pleading , X was allowed to stay on unless X misbehaved again. Then I got a call complaining about X bad behavior, X was late for role call, didn't make a bed, was given a chance to work off a chit, which X did, but then got 2 more and it was decided to send X away. They misrepresented themselves. We were lied to. Their recovery completely failed, and their methods didn't work, and they didn't help X in the least bit. Their so called guarantee is just a way to lure families who are trying to find help. It cost us more than we could afford, desperate to find X help and X is back on drugs. We wrote a letter requesting a full refund of $29,000 and never got a response. Ana Thousand Oaks, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Watsonville, California
24, Report #367942
Aug 22 2009
07:09 AM
Narconon Of Southern California will NOT return money and is deceitful. June Rosenberry, Bruce Haddrill and Nic Behner only want YOUR MONEY!! They Make You Believe That They Care!! Los Angeles And Newport Beach California
My son needed help with drug abuse and I contacted Narconon of Southern California because their advertisement on the Internet caught my eye. After speaking to a counselor, Nic Behner, from Narconon, I felt comfortable with him and the program sounded very good. However, when my son was to go to Narconon, he didn't so I asked Nic for his advice. He told me to contact an interventionist group from Chicago, who were the best in the country. In the meantime, Nic said I had to give Narconon $15,500 to hold a spot for my son at the Nevada facility, and I was sent an e-mail from Christopher Bauge, Admissions Director, that I would have my $15,500 returned within one month if my son did not attend their program. In the meantime, I spent over $5,000 to have one male interventionist come to Philadelphia to help. He spent over two days here with no success. In fact, this person did not even see my son, just talked to him through a door and made no real attempt. Now I have been trying desperately to get my refund of $15,500 and have spent so much time doing this. Nic has pushed me onto June Rosenberry who keeps telling me I'm on the list to be paid, but Finance and Treasury do not know when. Then she told me to contact their in-house lawer, Bruce Haddrill and he told me Narconon does not have any money now. They are bringing in more counselors to try to get more clients! They never advertise that they are scientologists, but if they truly do believe this, they would never hurt families like this. Scientologists are supposed to be honest and do the right thing, not rip-off people, especially families that are trying to get help for their loved ones. Arlene Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles And Newport Beach, California
25, Report #937558
Sep 08 2012
10:14 PM
Vista Bay, Narconon Treatment for Success, Did not Fully Disclose Watsonville, California
When looking for a residential treatment facility thru a referral line I was told that I would recieve a call from a counselor at a facility chosen from hundreds that would best fit the needs of my daughter.  A very nice man called to explain the program. He was very kind and took all the time in the world to discuss my situation and assure me that their trained staff and facility would be great. He then mentioned that they we should schedule an intervention with interventionalist they could refer. When ask if there was a name for the facility or website he directed me to Treatment for Success.... Here it does describe a non-traditional approach to treatment, but aside from a few things sounding a bit strange it never set off any red flags.  I scheduled the intervention for $4k and it was not until my daughter was on her way to the airport that the Interventionalisnt brought up the name VISTA BAY.  I ask what that was? and he said it is the name of the facility...My daughter arrived safely and they contacted me with updates.  By this time I was reading these reports on the internet and When the staff member said that my daughterwas doing well detoxing, that she was smiling, laughing and making friends.  This was my first huge red flag, this is exactly what another parent had written in another report, his exact words verbatim.   Then he told me that my daughter wanted him to tell me she was sorry for giving me a hard time and to thank me for sending her there, because she was so happy to be there. The phrase hard time is not a phrase I had ever heard her use and later, (after talking with my daughter) she had not said that.  Due to an a long weekend and Holiday I had not paid the facility yet, the $34k, non- refundable up front charge for treatment.  With all the information i was reading and due to the fact that they had mis led me regarding the actual name of the facility I decided to pick my daughter up.  I now know that most facilities refund a pro-rated portion of their fees if your child leaves. Vista Bay will not refund a penny.  I did find out that claims there are no licensed counselors, doctors, etc is true.  The program is run entirely by the graduated, which may have been ok, if they had been honest about that.   The material used is all that of LR Hubbard, which again may have been ok, but the fact that it was all completely omitted is my biggest problem.....   The staff was extremely friendly, and yes they did have all the time in the world to talk about your situation and make you feel they are there to help, which may also be true, but I personally was not willing to risk paying for something that was so contoversial. There was no way that I could speak with my daughter to discuss the program prior to paying the 34K... .... When I picked up my daughter the staff was very friendly, we were able to get all her belongings, including her ID.  I have taken her to a different facility. And actually I don't doubt that Vista Bay has success getting people off drugs, But I feel they need to be forthcoming regarding the fact that this is run entirely by members of the church of scientology and all material used was written by the founder. 
Entity: Watsonville, California

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