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1, Report #245724
Apr 26 2007
07:24 AM
National Magazine Exchange Magazine Ripoff Clearwater Florida
I got an official Notiication letter with Better Homes and Gardens on the front. I subscribe online to this magazine so I called the number and was pummelled by a 45 minute barrage of not taking no and I'm not interested for an answer. I should have hung up the phone. They conned me out of my debit card number, just so I could get off the phone. I told them there was no money in my account, they insisted there was. Needless to say, my bills bounced. I called them the very next morning at 9 am. Told them to cancel everything, I wasn't interested, I wanted my card credited immediately, they continued to try to talk me into keeping the magazine trial and just look them over. I asked him what part of no do you not get! I don't understand how these people get away with scamming the elderly and people like me. I told them right off the bat, I have no use for magazines, I have no money, my home burned down and I'm living in a Hotel. It didn't phase them. Only in America! Frances Suffolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
2, Report #110184
Sep 25 2004
10:30 PM
National Magazine Exchange ripoff Clearwater Florida
First of all I am a current employee, last friday I was heading out to cash my check when a former employee handed me a piece of paper that stated: SDP EMPLOYESS PLEASE READ THIS!! Special Data Processing is a highly successful company that makes tens of millions of dollars in profits every year. SDP is now partcially owned by a money hungry Chicago firm (Willis & Stein) that doesnt care one iota about the well being of any SDP employee. The average SDP employee lasts only 42 days. SDP terminates about 100 employees per week and then they deny unemployment benefits to anyone who applies for them even hard-working, long-term employees who they have burned out. The cost of the company's health care plan is higher than some paychecks and SDP's contribution is negligible. This forces many loyal employees and their families to live without medical coverage. Management's abuse of employees is rampant. Supervisors issue a never-ending cascade of termination threats. An average of one employee is wheeled out of the building on a strecher. Employees have even died on the premises. Last year they cut the call work time between calls from 60 to 30 seconds to increase their profits and your unhealthy stress. When the flu gets into the building hundreds of employees fall very ill. Does SPD ever clean a workstation or even a doornob? Many of SPD's computers, phones, desks and chairs are in need of repair. The restrooms are usually filthy. Several criminal incidents have occured on SDP property recently. Because they fire so many people the HR Department is poorly run and exceedingly callous and unresponsive to employees issues and complaints. SDP has been diligently cutting the pay in every department for several years now. If you miss 30minutes of work the day before or after a holiday they will confiscate your holiday pay. NICE GUYS! The paychecks require an accountant to figure them out. Why does SDP refuse to let you copy your Monday morning payroll sheet. How come the many errors are always in the company's favor? How many times have a few hundred dollars vanished from your paycheck without a satisfactory answer from anyone in management. Do we smell RICO payroll racketeering conspiracy here? Maybe you should question them a bit more vigorously the next time your check is short. SDP also engages in shameless, illegal and on-going union-busting activities. Call the National Labor Relations Board (813-228-2693) if you want to file a complaint. SDP is under indictment in 9 states at last count. NICE GUYS! Their deceitful SECOND NOTICE mailing deliberatly misleads many elderly and minority citizens into thinking that they have won or will win the sweepstakes if they buy magazines. If the caller tells the SSR they have a bank debit card the Verifier never knows it. SDP was fraudulently accessing callers bank debit cards up to 6 months causing severe financial hardship for these many vulnerale Americans. NICE GUYS! SDP keeps changing the way that they process bank debit cards to stay one step ahead of the Federal Trade Commision. Call (877-382-4357) to file an FTC report. SDP asks callers for their phone numbers to call them in case they win. Then they sell the numbers to the highest bidder. They didn't even bother to call the first selected winner last January. They sent the poor soul a letter that went unanswered. His laywer would love to know about that! Today the mood in America is rapidly swinging against companies that abuse their employees and the public in general. Many top executives are going to prison. Yet SDP brazenly continues to treat its employees as if they were third world throwaway labor. Enough is enough. To tell the truth I was fooled. When I started working at this place, a lot of what this former employee said is very true.. some of it I have no clue about. But one thing I do have to say is.. I am sorry for anyone who has been screwed by the company. I have been screwed too. OUT OF MY PAY! And I have b*tched and got nowhere. I understand your frustration with the National Magazine Exhange (SDP) but I know for a fact that the one rebuttl that we use A LOT is : there is never a purchase or payment to enter or win any of the sweepstakes we offer. tatianna St. Petersburg, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on National Magazine Exchange
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
3, Report #92798
May 24 2004
06:44 PM
Got A Notice in mail your a Winner, Comformation # Call, so i did, its a 4yr subcribtion for 4 pay ment of 67.08 and you can cancel in 7 days if you don't want it, so i called, when i do get to some one after being hung up on 3 times they tell me that i can not cancel it but they will knock it down to 2 yrs,then it went to one year. i said no, they still will not cancel the order,they send out a letter stating that you can cancel the order within seven days, and it has only been 4 days, then they won't let you cancel the thing, so if a offical looking letter comes in the mail, with your a winner on the front and to confrim just call,don't call its just a big RIP-OFF !! all they want is your money. please don't be a victim of this scam, i beg of you, Melinda bessemer, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: CLEARWATER, Florida
4, Report #113868
Oct 20 2004
01:42 PM
National Magazine Exchange ripoff Clearwater Florida
National Magazine Exchange tried to oversell me in magazines. I initialllly bought 4 year subscriptions in several magazines. The following year they called me again to renew my subscriptions and I agreed to do so not knowing for sure what I had bought earlier only that I had been receiving my order every month. After paying the full amount of the renewal I double checked last years subscriptions and this years subscriptions and saw that I had just bought 8 years in subscriptions for magazines unneccessarily. Suprisingly when I called NME and demanded my money back they did give me a full refund for the renewal. Steph Dewitt, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
5, Report #48346
Mar 07 2003
02:00 PM
National Magazine Exchange rip-off Clearwater Florida
I recieved a call on February 11, 2003 and I was told that I was going to be entered in a sweepstakes for 1,000,000.00. They told me that if I bought some magazines from them then I would get a vacation, jewlery, or money for free from them. Well it is March 7, and I have not recieved anything from them. No trip, money or jewlery. So I called them today and told them that I wanted to be taken off their list and that I wanted my 34.32 deposited back into my account. When I called on Feb. 11, I was told that I had 30 days to cancel and get my money back. Well on March 7, I was told that I only had 7 days to cancel. I told the lady that that is not what I was told before and she told me that that was policy. I know that I wasn't told that. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me with this. I had to call this place like 30 times before getting anyone one the line. Cassandra Littlestown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
6, Report #186567
Apr 13 2006
10:55 PM
National Magazine Exchange ripoff Clearwater Florida
In the summer of 2005, I received a call from an anonymous caller selling books, and offering a diamond watch free with an order. It was 8:30 in the morning but never the less I accepted. The following day I called the magazine exchange and canceled the subscription. Still till today the National Magazine Exchange is still sending all types of magazines to my home. I pray earnestly that you can help me. It's about time these scammers pay for their actions. Joe Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
7, Report #33125
Oct 22 2002
10:59 AM
National Magazine Exchange dirty ripoff liars Clearwater Florida
they assigned me to winning lotery of $1,000,000, they promised to send diamond watches for me, my wife, some other gifts if i subscribe for magazines. i did it & pay $ 69.00 for the first installement, start to received magazines in june & beside the promises didn' received anything from them. i stop further payments & don't want to have anything with those guys. they stil requesting next payments & even include collection agency. Please, advise how i can protect myself from these guys & also how it can happened , it seems that i am not the only one. mladen bronx, New York
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
8, Report #153685
Aug 15 2005
08:29 AM
NME - National Magazine Exchange ripoff Nationwide
Entity: Nationwide
9, Report #350693
Jul 13 2008
09:14 AM
National Magazine Exchange SCAM Clearwater Florida
I recieved a letter in the mail about some sort of magazine deal a few months ago. I've had these things mailed to me for a couple years now so I just said, 'hey why not?' They offered me a couple free watches and a PDA. I didn't even have to get magazines for me to get them. I was also entered into a 10 million dollar sweepstakes deal. Great huh? Well, they charged me $1.29 a week... for 3 years. Somewhere around $200. Wow. I still haven't recieved my diamond watches or PDA. And I'm getting all sorts of random magazines I don't even want. I just wanted the watches. Heh. Now I'm getting more mail than ever. They sold my address. Great. What now? Nathan didier Alexandria, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
10, Report #1032897
Sep 27 2002
08:26 AM
National Magazine Exchange ripoff Fort Lauderdale Florida
I am reporting National Magazine Exchange as a Rip-Off. They are claiming that I receieved a subscription to their magazine. I have told them several times that I never subscribed to their magazine and I never recieved any magazines. They never sent a bill so I don't even know where this company is located. They said whoever subscribed me used a credit card. I don't even own a credit card. Now they are trying to sue me for a $100 plus dollars and I have no way of disputing the claim. They have quoted two incorrect addresses, and they were saying I recieved magazines at a residence I was never at. I wish that someone would help me expose these people for the crooks that they are. I refuse to pay for something I never had, and I don't have the time or money to go to court over a $100 worth of magazines that I never recieved. Please Help! Tonya Webster, Texas
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #90456
May 06 2004
01:10 PM
National Magazine Exchange, Special Data Processing Corp, National Publishers Exchange, Million Dollar ripoff Clearwater Florida
i recieved a letter from million dollar sweepstakes in the mail. i opened it and said you are qualified to win 1 million dollars all you have to do is call this number. no purchase necessary. i call the number they ask for the confirmation number i give it to them, then they go into there sales pitch; you can receive 3 magazines for the low cost of $1.29 a week. not knowing exactly whats going on i say sure i'll take it sounds like a good deal. then after i talk with the first rep she tells me shes gonna transfer me to her supervisor hes goes thru another sales pitch(free prizes for signing up, additional subscriptions for free after signing up for gift card giveaways for some other companies). i thought it sounded like a good deal. so i supposedly signed up for 8 magazines and was only gonna be charged for the original 3 for $1.29 a week. i did the math after looking at my online bank account and found that they charged me for all 8 magazines and some additional charges for something that did not calculate out. so i check the internet and find numerous bad reports on this company. i try and call to cancel my subscriptions but get a recording call between the hours of 1oam-2pm central standard time. i call the next day during the hours they gave and get the same recordind. funny thing is that the mans voice on the recording is the same guy(the supervisor) that signed me up for the additional subscriptions. so now i'm waiting for paperwork from my banking institute to dipute the transaction that was made. Lee cupertino, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
12, Report #58940
May 30 2003
07:21 AM
National Magazine Exchange Aka National Publishers Exchange ripoff fraudulent ripoff business Clearwater Florida
I received one bill from this company and had no idea what it was about. I have never knowingly or willingly signed up for this junk. I sent the bill back to them asking them to Please Cancel. Instead of them cancelling, I get a notice from a collection agency demanding that I pay $70+ or else. For one thing, I have never heard of one magazine subscription that costs $70+. I subscribe to about 5-6 magazines and have not spent that much money on them. I sent a notice back to the collection agency stating that I do not know how I got signed up for this mess and would someone please explain to me but they still keep harassing me. This is not the only site that has complaints posted regarding this company so that tells us something right there. Charlene Greensburg, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
13, Report #57505
May 19 2003
10:02 AM
National Magazine Exchange ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing damaging credit Clearwater Florida
Hello, my name is Jeremy Heikel. I am a United States Marine. Approximatly a month ago I recieved a phone call from National Magazine Exchange. They explained that they had a great deal on magazines. I listened to the deal and it did sound like a good deal. I ended up subscribing for one year. Not the four that they had tried to set me up with. They told me I would pay two installments of 22.00. I just recieved a delinquent account notice. They are saying I am past due in the amount of 68.64, and my remaining balance is 205.92. There is no way I would have accepted this. I am in the marine corps, I make approximatly 20.00 a day. I will be informing my chain of command, and seeking legal help from Camp Lejeune Base Legal. I am willing to push this to the furthest extent of the law. So that maybe this will stop, and people will not be affected by this in the future. I thank you in advance for any help, you are able to provide me. Have a good day and God Bless. Jeremy Heikel United States Marine Corps Jeremy jacksonville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
14, Report #160909
Oct 15 2005
08:31 PM
N.M.E. National Magazine Exchange Magazine Scammers ! Now it's your time to pay! Clearwater Florida
To all of you who have received first class mail from NME telling they were trying to reach you, providing you with a toll-free number. Don't fall for it ! They want to get you into buying magazines. Instead, send them the bill ! Just cross out your own addressee information and write the words REFUSED and/or RETURN TO MAILER and just give it to the postal services in your area... This way you will help the USPS collect another posting fee from the scammers. In fact you should do that to all first class junk mail you receive. Another thing you can do using a computer at this time is, since it's a toll-free number, set your modem to keep calling them constantly. I like doing this with my fax machine; it attempts to send a blank fax until it gets a fax signal, which never happens ... Be good you all ! J. Flack Jack Novi, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
15, Report #159248
Oct 03 2005
08:56 AM
National Magazine Exchange charged me 67.08 for a cancelled magazine subcription ripoff Clearwater Florida
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
16, Report #74698
Dec 10 2003
01:30 PM
National Magazine Exchange ripoff! THEY LIE and they have terrible Business ethics. Clearwater Florida
I recieved a mail that said they were mailing about a 1,000,000 dollar sweepstakes. I remembered entering one some time ago, so I called them. After I called I was persuaded into agreeing to a magazine deal. Six days later I recieved a letter confirming this. Realizing I didn't want this I called to cancel. The person who I spoke to LIED to me and said that he cannot refund my $67.06. I said he'll cancel it for the other 3 years and I'll just have to enjoy the magazines for a year. I said to him, um... somethings not right about this... and he gave me an additude and said something about how he prepays the magazine companies. After I got off I looked at the letter again and it said I could cancel within 7 days upon recieving this letter. I asked my brother to call on my behalf and he got it cancelled. However, he recieved no confirmation letter and after reading the reports on them online, thank you to those people, I called my credit card company and reported to disputes. They said if they do not credit my account in 30 days they will take care of it. This company is very manipulative. The person my brother spoke to said that I striked a deal, with the person I spoke to before. THEY LIE and they have terrible Business ethics. BE FOREWARNED! DO NOT CONDUCT ANY BUSINESS WITH THEM! Seung fairfax, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
17, Report #79937
Feb 10 2004
04:00 PM
National Magazine Exchange Magazine Ripoff & Scam Clearwater Florida
I received an Important Delivery from NME/Pat Haines, which stated that it was my second notice. I opened the mail to notice Family Circle in large letters, and in a light colored ink 'We have been trying to reach you regarding your $1,000,000.00 Sweepstakes ID # 725717909.' They also listed a number in which I called to find out they wanted my credit card number. The mailing was mailed to the name I only use on the internet, so I automatically new, this company had purchased my info from something on the internet. After informing them that I was not going to give that information and that the name they have on file is not my real name and not to send me any magazines, they lady then informed that I would receive a bill. Ok I continued to read the mail and on the back it mentions the three major credit bureaus and an opt out number where they still asked for my credit card number. If this isn't a scam, I don't know what is. I called the three credit bureaus and informed them that I told them I didn't want the magazines and to date I have not received any magazines. Right now there is nothing I can do, but sit and wait for them to send this to credit bureuas. I hope anyone reading this make sure you have a third party on the phone if you chose to call these people, I had a police officer on the phone, so I feel better knowing that I thought ahead before calling them, an officer came out afterward and I filed a police report. This is mail fraud. Lastacia Macon, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
18, Report #50256
Mar 23 2003
09:23 AM
National Magazine Exchange ripoff fraud business Clearwater FLClearwater Florida
I was charged $102.96 for magazines that I didn't order, nor did I reciece. Barbara Lawndale, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
19, Report #50467
Mar 25 2003
10:25 AM
National Magazine Exchange rip-off Clearwater Florida
Company tried to sell magazine subscriptions and said that I was entered into a sweepstake even if I did not want to order at the time. Told company I did not want to order and hung up on them. Received a bill statement claiming it was the third bill(only received this one)claiming delinquent account. No magazines received or sweepstake papers.Called and took name off mail list and told company to not send magazines and told them I refused to pay a bill if they did Kevin Benson, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
20, Report #48187
Mar 06 2003
12:38 PM
National Magazine Exchange rip-off Clearwater Florida
Today i got a Bill in my mail it was a $102.96 from (National Magazine Exchange). I'VE HAVE NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM. I don't like to read books much more a magazine! Now the bill i got was the frist Bill i got and it was a Past Due Notice. well all i know is thay will not like two hear from me i am going to call,e-mailland send a letter letting them know i am not going to pay them and thay better take Bill and put it up there ASS. Christina san bernardino, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
21, Report #47383
Feb 28 2003
01:49 PM
National Magazine Exchange rip-off Subscription to magazine not requested Clearwater Florida
I recently started to receive a magazine thru the mail that I didn't ask for. Then today I get this notice that this company has been trying to notify me about a sweepstake. Suppositively, I have won a Million dollars. I did not respond to the notice. But I thought of looking it up thrui the BBB and then report it to you. Sharon Bicknell, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
22, Report #29212
Sep 06 2002
10:45 AM
National Magazine Exchange NME (ENEMY) Bogus crock of crap magazine company! abused & mistreated Clearwater Florida
I have never had a problem w/ any CSR until yesterday, when I called to cancel my subscriptions and cancel my subscription. I can't believe the obnoxious bitch that I spoke w/ butting into my personal life and asking me questions as to why I stopped reading magazines and what I do on a daily basis. I had nothing but 2 words left to say to her after that!!! Stay away from this. This was an offer I received when I had my AMEX card and I got a call saying that I won up to 7 magazines to choose from, then they billed me on my credit card for about $700 and send me a crappy watch that you'd see in a grocery stores vending machine. Don't fall for their B.S.!!! Christine Boonton, New Jersey
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
23, Report #214621
Oct 07 2006
05:33 AM
National Magazine Exchange ripoff, and full of liars Clearwater Florida
This company is full of liars and people who like to misrepresent their products After ordering the magizine's I realized that I did not want them. I was told in the intitial phone call that I could discontinue my service at anytime. I even had 90 days to decide if I liked the magazines. If not I could cancel for any reason within the first 90 days for a full refund. I called back twice in first month to cancel the subscription to only find out that I could not cancel the full subscription. The first person I spoke to on the phone was very rude, hateful and refused to allow me to speak to his supervisor when asked. He stated that he was a supervisor and his bosses were not there at the time. I was offered everything under the sun, except the full refund and cancelation. After calling the second time, still unable to speak with a supervisor, I was able to cancel a four year subscription down to a one year subscription. I still am unable to get the full refund or to get out on the subscriptions. I will never do business with this organization again. Suzanne Centre, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
24, Report #429496
Feb 28 2009
04:52 PM
National Magazine Exchange - NME Magazine selections Clearwater Florida
This company has subscribed an 84 year old woman who was Swedish to magazines like Ebony, Jet, Ski and Maxim! What possible interest would an 84 year old woman have in a magazine about skiing? What interest would she have in Maxim? These are the magazines National Magazine Exchange thinks my mother would have been interested in. As a single male I would not subscribe to Maxim! Bryan Hopkins, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida
25, Report #411990
Jan 14 2009
11:53 AM
National Magazine Exchange Ripped off our account Clearwater Florida
Back in August of 2008 my fiance was called by a company offering such wonderful things that she in a moment of weakness accepted. She is disabled and on a finite budget. When I found out that she did this while on her medication I called the company back and talked to a representative. I got the extras cancelled, but they said that she had to keep the Time and Glamour magazines at a total of $68. We accepted that as she did say yes. They sent a letter to her that stated that they canceled the rest of the order and that they would not take any more money from her account. In going over my fiance's bank account this past December, I found that they have been taking two withdrawals for $14.95 each every month since August. We have now called the bank and began fraud proceedings against the company. We don't have a lawyer lined up yet, but I will be talking to one soon if they do not satisfy our request for reinbursement of the monies thay have stolen from her. They cannot access the account now, and within a day of their usual withdrawal they were calling our house to find out how the magazines were coming to her. We called the customer service department and every person that we talked to tried to give us another number to call. We are fed up with this and are now waiting on the bank to guide us on the next step. Tigerjackh Lynn, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Clearwater, Florida

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