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1, Report #414883
Jan 22 2009
12:35 PM
Natural Cures Inc No newsletter but has billed me $9.95 a month since Feb 08. No Responce from Company with multiple attempted contacts. Beverly Massachusetts
Ordered book and 1st month free newsletter. Never received the newsletter but started to get billed $9.95 per month since Feb. When calling their customer support number, it is an automated system that asks for your customer number in the corner of the newsletter so that they can cancel. Of course, since I have never gotten the newsletter I cannot do this. At this point you cannot go any farther on the phone and no option for live person. I have emailed the billing department multiple times with no response. I have even sent email to Kevins address and got sent back an option to upgrade the newsletter for $1000 to get bonuses including a direct number to Kevin. This is theft. Flat out stealing. Taking my money without providing anything except taking up my valuable time. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! Kurt Poland, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Beverly, Massachusetts
2, Report #1384478
Jul 10 2017
03:18 PM
natural health responce offered a price of 49.00 for product, charged 89.00, called to cancell, they did cancel order, than later in the day, just before they closed for the day, added the charge back on, sent email showing cancelation then added it back on, fighting them to remove charge, ripoff 14 W. Mount Vernon Pla, Maryland
This scam is to suck you in by promising  books with secrets health remedies in the books, offering for one price, then after they get your credit information, then charging a higher price after the transactions, you see this on your account, you call to cancel, they remove the charge, then trick you, thicking the charge is off, turn around and sneak it back on your credit account, hoping you won't catch their trickery, they go by another name,LAISSEZ FAIRE BOOKS, they ripoffs too, same company, do not do business with this company. Ed Pinellas Park florida. 
Entity: Maryland
3, Report #1057006
Jun 06 2013
02:46 PM
Natural Health Green Coffee Brea California
 I responded to a radio ad to be paid $5 per pound when you lose weight using the Authentic Green Coffee product.  There was a 15 days trial period for only a shipping fee of $9.95.  The sales person never explained when the 15 days trail period started.  I was told to call back after the 15 days trail period was complete if I liked the trial.  The program would then ship me a 90 days supply and my card would be charged 99.00 plus $9.95 for shipping.  My card was charged $109.95 for an automatic shipping.  I called to dispute the charges.  I was told that they would investigate with a quality assurance call and they would determine if my money would be refunded.  It took 30 days to only of course be told that all terms and conditions were discussed at the time of the order and my money would not be refunded.  I asked customer service did the review of the call say anything about the start of the 15 days trial period.  The customer service person said serveral times that it stated after the 15 days trail if I didn't call back they would charge my card for automatic shipment.  I continued to ask was there any specification on the starting date for the 15 days trial period and she finally said no but then re-canted that statement again saying the 15 days trail started at the time of the order.  That doesn't make sense because you don't have the product in hand.  How does this work in favor of the customer.  You don't know if there would be some clinch for delivery or the customer would have an allergic reaction to the product.  These ads are only to fish in as many people and steal the first automatic payment.  Hopefully you catch that first automatic payment and stop them from robbing you more. I then asked for a manager she gave me the same story.  These people are out to steal your money.  There is nothing about this company that says they are interested in the serving people.  She rushed me off the phone and told me I had the information for the cooperate offices and I can do what I like.  I told her I would report them to the Attorney General for consumer fraud.  She didn't care. 
Entity: Brea, California
4, Report #4166
Jan 10 2001
12:00 AM
Elliott's Natural Food's - Liars
I talked with an employee at Elliott's about purchasing a Champion Juicer. I specifically asked him if I would be able to return it if I was not satisfied. When I told him that a previous store I had been to would not take returns he assured me that Elliott's policy was not to accept opened bottles but that they would accept returns on juicers. I called today to find out about returning it and was told that no employee there would tell me that I could return a juicer.
Entity: Carmichael, California
5, Report #71197
Nov 06 2003
04:04 PM
Institute Of Natural Health ripoff dishonest fraudulent billing Evansville Indiana
I did not get the free products that this company promised. I was to pay shipping and handling and they sent me vitamins which were for a trial period. Before I had a chance to cancel them they began charging my account without my permission. They will not return any of my calls. Diane Central Square, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
6, Report #70204
Oct 27 2003
11:35 AM
Institute Of Natural Health ripoff liars bogus products fraudulent billing Newburgh Indiana
Cancelled my order on 8-12-03. Talked to a Ron. He gave me a cancellation number of (720). Went to my P.O. Box on 8-20-03 to find two boxes of product from this company and a charge of $150.75 to my credit card. I have called numerous times only to get a bogus recording. I have faxed them on 8-20-03 and 10-27-03 asking for a refund to no avail. There products are not what they tell you on the phone, and you can never get a response from the company or a refund. They suck, do not do business with them! Holli Grass Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Newburgh, Indiana
7, Report #69870
Oct 22 2003
06:36 PM
Institute Of Natural Health ripoff Evansville Indiana
I ordered the product offered free and cancelled when it arrived yet they still billed my account and wont refund my money or return my calls Evelyn Foley, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
8, Report #67852
Sep 29 2003
06:16 PM
Institute Of Natural Health ripoff telemarketing fraud misrepresentation Evansville Indiana
Tell you it is a survey and send you a free product to try and do a follow up survey. BBB has them on file as bad. They will tell you it is free then bill you for product that was free plus make you buy three more of the same even if you cancel before the time is up. Nothing free here. Also being looked at by the FTC I think. If they call just hang up unless you want to pay hundreds for products that you can get cheaper at a health store. I expect there to be hundreds of complaints very soon. If you have already gotten your free products contact your bank or card company imediatly and report the fraud. Michael La Fayette, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Evansville, Indiana
9, Report #580335
Mar 12 2010
04:00 PM
Natural Health Network, SCAM, DECEPTIVE PRACTIVES, FRAUDS Brea, California
This company advertises that you can get a FREE bottle of their product; just pay the shipping and handling fee of $9.95.  They rip you off with the marketing scam. On 1/20/10, I purchased from a TV commercial  some natural blood sugar supplement called Gymertol. I ordered the Glymetrol free trial after calling the # on the TV screen, and within a week, I had received the supplements and was charged $9.95. When I spoke to the Customer Service Operator, they tell you that you're only paying $9.95 for the FREE trial. They let you know that bottles normally cost you $49.99 each. So they send you two bottles. Then 30 days later, in my case on 3/8/10, they billed me $99.98 plus tax (they charge you for BOTH bottles!) The FREE bottle wasn't free at all!.  When I initially ordered the free trial, they told me it was a free trial.  Never did they say it would cost me $9.95 for the shipping plus another $99.98 for the product. I specifically asked about this and they assured me it was only going to be $9.95 They charged me $9.95 for the shipping and handling on 1/20/10 and then $99.98 on 3/8/10.  When I called their customer service on 310,  they said they stated in my telephone conversation that I was going to be charged $99.98 - which they never did state and they weren't going to credit me back the $99.98 that they charged me 2 months later in addition to the $9.95 shipping and handling This is a ripoff and Im ready to call the Brea police dept on them because it's a scam, its fraudulent, and dishonest. Don't buy from Natural Health Networks.
Entity: Brea, California
10, Report #789042
Oct 15 2011
08:03 AM
NATURAL HEALTH NETWORK VELOURA refusal to honor printed information lewiston, Maine
  Yesterday I called the customer service number 1-888-337-7382 to cancel the order I placed on 10-9-11 for VELOURA, a face cream.    I was totally aware of the fourteen day trial period that would end on Oct 23 and also the $89.99 charge that had been put on my credit card IMMEDIATELY after I placed my order.  Initially I called on Oct 11 because my credit card's fraud department questioned the $89.99 charge.  The man I spoke to told me that that charge would be removed in  two or three days (didn't happen). So I decided to cancel my order  because I do not like the way  you manage your business.  Yesterday I called to ask for an RMA number.  The first young woman I spoke with would not give me one because I had not kept the product until October 28.  I don't know where that date came from, but my skeptical self thought it might be to ensure that I had to pay the $89.99.  So she refused to give me the RMA number.  In protest, I hung up and called again.  The second young woman gave me the RMA number reluctantly.  I had to lie to her about my reason for wanting it, and I don't feel good about that deception, but she didn't want to give me the RMA number either.  So I am sending the jar of VELOURA back and ending my relationship with this business.  I hope they have better luck with  other customers.  They've lost my business .
Entity: lewiston, Maine
11, Report #781851
Sep 27 2011
09:45 AM
Natural Health Network 2500 E. Imperial Hwy, REAL SCAM Brea, California
This company is a real scam from Natural Health Network. It started by ordering free trial of their Glucosalin. They kept me on the phone pushing everything under the sun to get me to order.  I accepted based on an original amount of $11 for shipping.  Then I called to cancel on 9/5/11. They gave me a cancellation or return number but didn't say how fast the cancellation would last.  Here I am 3 weeks later and they have charged my account $99.96 and refuse to return my money. This is $49.99 for each bottle. These thieves deserve to get an indictment and please contact your state attorey general and pose a complaint. They are ripping us blind! Save your money. Its just not worth ordering from TV ads.  Also, make sure you cancel the credit card and get a new one. These thieves might attack your account incessatly. The product does not work so don't believe that your blood sugar will drop, or lose weight.
Entity: Brea, California
12, Report #640109
Sep 13 2010
11:09 AM
Natural Health Network DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES, FAKE FREE BOTTLE, SCAM!!!!!!! Brea, California
I bought from an infomercial that had run for months. Try it for free, just pay $9.95 S/H. However, they send you two bottles instead of one. I asked when ordering what the price per bottle would be. I was told $19.95 a bottle. I was billed today $59.98, $29.99 a bottle. I got a very rude awakening to the scam when I called the credit card company. I was told this charge was from a convenience store or vending company. Then I called the number on the original invoice (888-237-7172), this is not customer service with a smile. This is seriously nasty rudeness. There was no suggestion of being helpful. I was told the only way the price would be $19.95 was to order six bottles at a time. Although I was told future shipments would not be sent or charged. In reading the previous reports this is probably not the case. I was told the company would listen to the original phone call and call me back within 30-60 days. Does this seem like service? I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for 20 minutes and then disconnected. Called the number on the bottle 800-492-1849 and got a bigger shock. It got worse. This company does not anticipate repeat customers, why else would their employess be so nasty on the phone? Then I called 800-252-3314 spoke with Stephanie. That was a joke! There is no such thing as customer service with this company. Then off their website I got a number which should have been company headquarters and instead was another call center. Got Jen, employee number 4855, who was nasty beyond belief. Told me if I called the company again today that she would call the police and charge me with harrassment. No offer of any customer service. When did you ever get that kind of response from a company? I disabused her of the idea when I informed her I would have had to call the same number three times. What would officers of the company think of customer service threatening a customer? Where did she get the idea that it was okay to speak to a customer with such disrespect? The answer is clear. It's a great scam. Every person who orders is worth a minimum of $60 up to about $150. The policy is they do not refund money. The company hides behind call centers. There are no repeat customers expected, therefore, they can be really nasty. Please notify the station you saw the Infomercial on, notify the police, and the State Attorney's office. If we start complaining to the authorities, this company can be held accountable. I called the Brea police department. I left a message for the financial crimes officer, Detective Tony Barbosa, 714-990-7614.
Entity: Brea, California
13, Report #896205
Jun 12 2012
06:44 AM
Natural Health Network MAJOR RIP OFF Internet, California
Natural Health Network - what a rip off. They advertise a FREE trial jar and you only pay for postage and packing. What they don't tell you is that the full price of the product is then payable 14 days after you order it.  74.95 and 59.95 if you order both products. This is not a FREE trial at all, just a deferred payment scheme. This is a con.  I didn'e even open my products and still I can't return one of them.  The item was late arriving and I had only 14 days from date of order.  The other product arrived but has 18 days for you to return it.  Don't order the FREE trial.  It's not FREE.
Entity: Internet, California
14, Report #1056148
Jun 03 2013
10:11 PM
Natural Health Solutions Switched Dosage Reported Customer Loss = $150.00 sta.barbara California
I recently ordered a bottle of Andro400 to try. I received a bottle containing 60 capsules of 600mg each. It seemed to help so I ordered a second bottle on the plan to automatically send a bottle once a month. This bottle also contained 60 capsules of 600mg each. Now my wife was interested in the product because it seemed to reduce belly fat. So I ordered her the 3 bottle package at a slightly higher cost than the plan I had. We received the package of Andro 400 and found that each bottle contained 60 capsules of 300mg each. I went back to the Webb site to check if I had over looked something in the dosage size. I cold not find anything. Further, when I tried to contact them, I clicked on their “contact us” button I was looped to a web browser. Clicked on the “customer service” button and I was looped to a web browser. The only way I can contact Andro400 is the US mail. If you cannot trust a company to give the same dosage in each bottle, then you can’t trust them to have the content to be legitimate.
Entity: sta.barbara, California
15, Report #95314
Jun 17 2004
02:28 PM
Natural Herbals Internet rip-off! Robbing people blind. Internet Nationwide
These people sell almost every herbal product you can think of, they even sell non-herbal products. You place your order, they even call to verify, then they never send your product. They have two email address to contact and never respond. I just want to let people know to NEVER use this website. Amita Chicago,, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #874888
Apr 27 2012
02:29 PM
Nathan's Natural Stole my money Internet, Internet
I purchased Nuvoryn from Nathan's Natural.  They were running a buy 2 get one free special.  They claim the product was 100% gauanteed.  I received the product and started taking the supplement.  The product made my heart race.  I called the customer service number 800-216-3801 and they gave me the address to send back my product to.  I had the post office track my package so that I made sure it was received back by them.  After several weeks passed I called and asked about my refund.  They said it takes 21/2 weeks and I told them it had been that amount of time.  They said someone would contact me with 24 hours either by phone or by email.  Nothing.  I have call now several times and I get the same thing.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said all they could do is write a report and send it in.  It has now been more than a month since they received my product back and I have not heard from them.  I have since read all kinds of complaints about them on the internet.  I am now out $99.90.
Entity: Internet, Internet
17, Report #209763
Sep 06 2006
02:28 PM
Natural Cures ripoff Elk Grove Village Illinois
Natural cures a HUGE rip off! After returning the book, calling and canceling everything, a year later my credit card has been billed $71.40. I've tried calling, I've tried email. No response from the company whatsoever!!! My credit card company was highly aware of the company! Whatever can be done to stop this company from false advertising, and being able to automatically charge whatever they want whenever they want needs to be done!!! Angela Cantonment, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Elk Grove Village, Illinois
18, Report #1261257
Oct 14 2015
11:19 AM
Natural Breakthroughs Research Scandelous Billing Nampa Idaho
I attempted to order one bottle from there website but got upsold to three on there back end sales funnel, fine enough, this was on April 15, 2015. I get the order and they end up sending 9 bottles of testomax and a bottle of ECAMEN. No receipt, there is a packaging slip but no total, silly me thinks that they screwed up or something and I got some extra. July 15, 2015 I get my American Express statement for a total of $ 954.75 US converted to Canadian was $1357.16. My statement shows that transaction date was April 15 but they didn't post it until July 15. Keep in mind now that this is exactly 90 days after the transcation therefore preventing me from making a fraudulent claim through my credit card. I asked American Express why were they allowed to wait 90 days before billing me, they said there is fine print that the vendor can do this and it is sort of a legal loophole that can be used?? They said for example if a vendor realizes that they sent $950.00 worth of merchandise but only billed you for $275 that can legally go back and charge you, within a 90 day period. So these scandelous jerks send me extra stuff wait 90 days and then bill you for it and now I can't get any sort of refund. On top this I get laid off of work May 25, I try to make a job loss claim through the AMEX insurance that I have but now they are saying that cause my statement as of May 25 the day I got laid off was zero, they are denying my claim. Remember I ordered on April 15 and it didn't show up on the statement untill July 15. Now, I did try a few bottles and I find it may of sort of worked for the first few cycles...maybe, but was nothing as spectacular as they were claiming nor was it worth getting screwed over for. If you google these guys you will see this they are not very honest.  BUYER BEWARE!
Entity: Nampa, Idaho
19, Report #77020
Jan 14 2004
09:37 AM
Institute Of Natural Health fraudulent billing Newburgh Indiana
This letter is written to provide detailed information regarding my efforts to resolve the dispute with the Institute of Natural Health. On September 24,2003, I received a phone call from the Institute of Natural Health soliciting supplemental vitamins. The telemarketer offered a trial version of the vitamins supplements for 30 days with no obligation to future purchases; and all I was to pay was $4.95 for shipping and handling. The vitamins could be tried for 30 days, and if I was not satisfied, they could be returned within that time frame without being charged. When the vitamins arrived, I returned them within 5 days. Within a one week period, several more shipments were sent without my request. I immediately wrote on the boxes, return to sender; refused and mailed them back. I was ripped-off and my account was charged six separate times in the amounts of ($39, $49, $66, $81.75, $101.75 and $135.75) on the same date (9/24). I called the Institute of Natural Health and was told by a representative that it would take up to 2-3 month before I would receive a reimbursement. If I chose not to wait, to file a compliant with my bank (SunTrust). Upon an extensive investigation, this particular organization charged my account willfully and without authorization from me, the total of $473.25. This caused on overdraft fee on my account in the amount of $100, from SunTrust Bank. I am extremely dissatisfied with this particular company and their business practices. I have also drafted a letter to the Governor and State Attorney General of Indiana, to inform them of the fraudulent billing practices being conducted by Institute of Natural Health. Criszon Yorktown, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Newburgh, Indiana
20, Report #68113
Oct 02 2003
03:23 PM
Institute Of Natural Health Phone Ripoff Scam Newburgh Indiana
This phone offer offers to mail items @ $4.95 shipping, just give them your credit card and they will only bill the $4.95. Cancel within 7 days of receiving the first box, and you won't be sent anymore packages. Not True! Two weeks later, I was billed $49.00 then $101. This month, I was billed $98! I had called and cancelled before the 7 days were up, but continued to get billed. $248 total. I called but was put on hold for long periods of time, I faxed them that I wanted a refund, and also e-mailed them. A representative called me and told me a refund was being issued. Haven't seen anything after 20 days. I reported my card stolen so they could no loger charge it. Eren Santa Rosa, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Newburgh, Indiana
21, Report #623605
Jul 15 2010
04:31 PM
natural health network Breaking 100 30 day trial free is a scam Internet, California
I ordered a Diabetes product from an TV informational program that promised a change in or drop in my husbands blood sugar readings and can cure diabetes.  I called an ordered since it had a 30 day free trial.  I explained to the customer service rep (csr)that my husband lost some weight recently and had change his diet that already  however, she still insisted that it would change or reverse the diabetes.   the csr offered a speedy delivery for an additional fee but  I declined.  I was informed by the csr that the product I ordered on may 27 need to allow 3-4 weeks for delivery which was fine with me.  Then we left on vacation and when we returned the product was sitting at the door. My husband tried the strick diet with no results so after 3 weeks or so with no results so we called the compnay on 15th to return the product.  They said that they had proof of delivery on June 4 just seven days after we placed the order not the 3 to 4 weeks that was told to me apparently it sat at my front door while we were on vacation for one week.  During the phone conversation the csr and the supervisor said that I was past the 30 period and was not eligable for a refund.  They were rude and told me basicly tuff luck.  After going around and around with the supervisor with no results i decided to put this on the internet.  The book gives you very limited choices for food consumption with little else nothing like the info comercail.  It seems that the only way the product would works would be by loss of weight which my husband already lost. This diet and life style change to lower his blood sugar did not lower it after 3 weeks or so.  again during the the phone call to return product they told me that I was out of my 30 day window however, the comercial says to try it for 30 days if not completly satiisfied to returned the product. I explained the product was delivered to my front door while I was on vacation the product sat for one weeks and when tried it did not work we just want our money back.  This product and its representives are scamming people with real health problems.  the 30 day free trial is just a way to grow thier bank account nothing else.             
Entity: Internet, California
22, Report #246447
May 01 2007
06:45 PM
Natural Health Pharmaceuticals Free trial is NOT free. ripoff Santa Monica California
The website and TV commercial says: With Your Free Trial you'll have 15 days to see how well our Hoodia works for you - All you pay is $6.95 for the shipping and handling. This is totally untrue. There was no FREE TRIAL. I received 6 boxes, returned 5 well within the 15 days with the requested RMA number. The invoice sent with the FREE TRIAL OFFER was for $179.70 plus shipping of 20.85. Today I learned I have been billed $29.95 for not returning the BOX that the 'free trial' capsules were in. It would seem that I have paid $50.80 for the FREE TRIAL OFFER The product description states: If for any reason you're not satisfied, just call our Customer Service Center within your FREE trial period at 1-866-823-4567 with no questions asked, and no further obligation. Nothing in any of their advertising says the FREE TRIAL packaging must be returned as well Ann Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Santa Monica, California
23, Report #1009354
Feb 05 2013
02:57 PM
Natural Health Supply Internet Pharmacy Scam San Jose, California
Somehow this internet pharmacy got my cell phone number and keeps calling me.  They use a fictitious phone number, so calling them back to complain is useless.
Entity: San Jose, California
24, Report #1057348
Jun 07 2013
04:22 PM
Natural Health Network Postage only Trial 41 Canal St, Lewiston ME 04240 California
 I feel abused. I feel dumb. I have had two major surgeries removing over 3/4 of my small intestines and saw an add for a natural way to help with colon problems. The add stated there was a one time price of shipping and handling... and a free bottle. No free TRIAL... just a natural sample. The guy on the phone was very friendly, took my order... and when I point blank asked him if I would be charged anything else... or billed later, he assured me no. For some reason he sent me two bottles. I was confused and called the customer service line to enquire if this was a mistake... but no on answered... even though the paper work states a 8 to 8 ETS open call line. I did not think the product was worth the postage and handling, and started to get a little suspicious when I read the fine print about the 30 day return policy.. even though the guy on the phone said it was a done free sample deal. I tried to call the 1-800-218-6210 number again... and wound up listening to a rendition of Pachelbel's Cannon in D over 87 times while some guys voice kept insisting a customer service rep would be with me shortly. A month later I am charged $89.00 to my account. I still could never get passed poor Pachelbel on that customer service number... or his customer service promising friend, so I called my bank. They told be the transaction was pending and I needed to keep holding with Natural Health Network to request a refund. Needless to say, Ol' Pachelbel and I got reacquainted foe another hour before I figured out to call the I need a refill number on the bottle. (1-800-492-1849) A guy picked up on the first ring. He listen to me bitch and said he would have someone review the order phone call to see what was said and they would determine if a refund was in order. I complained about possible bank overdraft fees. I asked him why the F*&K they could not just let me send the samples back when it had only been two weeks after their 30 day policy their phone representative knew nothing about. He kindly explained there was no need for cussing (which I replied, it got your attention, didn't it?) I told him I had been on hold for tons of minutes on their customer service refund line... yet they answered first ring on the refill line. He said it was all the same building and they are all very, very busy. Bul& S88t! He placed me on hold, then came back to tell me I could return the bottles for a refund, but better get a tracking number, or they might not have a record I actually did so. I will be tracking the heck out of that package. They give me any problems... I better get my money back. I will send them back all quiet and friendly like... when/if I get my money back, I'm going after the $11.00 postage fee they originally charged me with. BBB, here I come!
Entity: 41 Canal St, Maine
25, Report #1381016
Jun 24 2017
10:19 AM
natural health & beauty Free trial only pay for shipping 4.95 Santa Anna Internet
I found this company online and they said you can try their product out for Free just pay for the shipping I believe it was around $5.  So I went ahead and ordered it knowing that I had time to discontinue it before any charges would be applied to my account.However, I went to look at my bank account and found not only one charge for $89.00 but a second one for $88.00 so I immediately called this company and asked them what was going on I never intended to purchase anything for $177.00They responded back you were suppose to cancel before the 14 day period was up I then told them that I had and to cancel any and all future charges.  I had no idea they had signed me up for a subscription that was what the other $88.00 was for.I called my bank for a refund but they said the company would have to refund it because it was passed the date of return.  I argued with my bank but I also called the company back and this time they told me it was a 30 day return that I had missed and I told them I haven't had the product for 30 days just 7 so I asked to speak to a supervisor the company told me that they don't have a supervisor here that someone would call me back in 24-48 hoursI said what company doesn't have a supervisor then they told me well we already cancelled your automatic payment but we don't give refunds I then told her what company doesn't offer refunds on defective productsThis company is a rip off plain and simple and I will never order anything from them again.  Now I have to wait 15 days for my bank to see if these scam artist will refund my money before they can do so.I am also looking into whether Victoria Olseen owns this company because I will let her know this is a rip off!
Entity: Internet

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