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1, Report #1380175
Jun 20 2017
12:30 PM
NetCentric Publishing Stacy Kellams, Hillary Kellams Real Estate Course that doesn't work Austin, Texas Internet
Signed up for a Real estate course back in June 2016. Studied the material they had then and implemented it to find a deal.After using one of their strategies and putting the house back on the market, I am bound to lose almost $60 to $70k. Clearly the course does not work period. I am pissed and I need my money back. I asked the business to refund me but they denied saying I am not eligible for a refund till 03/18. The reason they said that is because while buying the course they had deviously auto signed me for some other program that I was paying $100 for every month. I found out after 5 months and confronted them to which they agreed to refund me monthly and now they say because of that I am not eligible for another refund for almost a year. They say I signed signed and agreed on their policy letter which I did not. They don't even have a signed copy from me. This has been a very frustrating experience with them.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1411118
Nov 09 2017
11:04 AM
Stacy Kellams REI Netcentric Publishing Ltd. You Order a Book and pay shipping and handling & then you get signed up for a $97 / month membership unknowingly Austin Texas
I saw a book written by Stacy Kellams called Probate Possibilites which I'm interested in as a Real Estate Investor and all that was required to obtain the book was to pay the shipping and handling charge of $5.95. Several days later, while looking at my online banking account, I noticed an unknown/new charge for $97 and after investigating the charge with my bank, it was determined it came from REI, the same company associated with the book written by Stacy Kellams and his publishing company, Netcentric Publishing LTD. I then contacted the Support group and use Support sparingly, I was then told that emails had been sent and on the original order for the book that there was a note that anyone ordering the book would be automaticaslly enrolled into the REI Secrets program. I later found the emails all in my Junk Folder, and not knowing who or what REI Secrets was and how it related to a book purchase, the emails were deleted. According to theur Support Group, once something is charged to your account, even for a minute, there's absolutely NO REFUNDS and after numerous emails, they still refuse to offer any type of refund.
Entity: Austin, Texas
3, Report #937030
Dec 28 2012
08:47 AM
Stacy Kellams Tax Sale Arbitrage Netcentric Publishing Huge Ripoff Scheme Internet
For several months I listened to internet real estate programs by Stacy Kellams.  I was impressed.  He seemed knowledgeable and acted like he wanted to genuinely help people like me. Finally I ordered his tax sale arbitrage system, as it seemed like something I could do that wasn't too complicated.  He listed the %'s that could be earned from each state, and it really sounded like it would be a good investment. So I sent $995 to him, and soon three manuals arrived.  When I looked at the %'s available from each state, they were far below the 40% profit that Kellams claimed was possible. There are a few states that allow that much return, but they were the exception, not the norm. I decided to return the material and get my $995 back, all based on the promise by Kellams that money would be cheerfully refunded if I did not want the system after examining it.  I called their 800 number, and a young lady said she would sent me a sheet to fill out.  It arrived, I filled it out, and now they don't answer their phone and they certainly haven't returned my money. It is now very clear to me that Stacy Kellams is a sham and a huckster.  I wish I had checked this site before ordering.  My recommendation - don't ever do business with Stacy Kellams.  He is a fraud, in my opinion.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #360989
Aug 08 2008
11:40 PM
PageFree Publishing Publishing Fraud Otsego Michigan
Dear Ripoff Report, This is just a small thing of this terrible mess of a company that I have dealt with since 12/22/03 and prior. Paying for services rendered which not only did 1/2 of the stuff never be completed I have not seen one cent from one sale of a book. This is why I called them and told them they were no longer allowed to sell my books anymore because I felt with as much publicity and huge emails I had received I would have sold many of books. As of almost 1 year later note one red cent has been paid to me for books sold which were sold through them exclusively and Amazon and Borders which both these companies were to pay them for books sold. This is such a nightmare I don't even know where to begin. If you go to you will see all of the press my autobiography has received. I ordered a ton of books and they told me they would take services not rendered off my latest book order since those items were not completed. When I received my bill there were no services not deducted and then I wrote them the following emails which I am attaching. They still say my back payment of books sold which is over 250 books sold is coming which I feel I will never see. I do not know what to do and have spent over 10,000 with these people already. I not only ordered 100's of books to send out to ever media outlet friend and aquatint which made them a ton of money to be treated with such little respect. The largest scam that they pulled on me is selling me the back page of the Chicago Book Expo paying a huge amount and was told I would be on the back of every single program at the book expo. Thrilled I agreed and when I arrived at the expo grabbed one of the people's directories to see my book not on the back. Confused I called them immediately and they said there had to be a mistake. I said no I have it right here in my hand. They said they would clear it all up. The following day they showed me a small color brochure that had my book on the back that they passed out within their private booth at the Chicago Expo. The amount was for 500 printed color brochures and the cost was almost the same as me giving out a fully printed book to every customer that walked up. Feeling so stupid that I had been fooled and having to work with them to promote my book in the booth the following 2 days was dreadful. I was so angry I could barely look at them. I even explained this to them later after the show on how upset I was and that I was a business woman and there is no way I would have agreed to it that they had told me that everyone would get one. They meant everyone that wondered into our booth and that they forced to take a brochure which was hardly anyone. It was dreadful. I had been told that I would be on the Chicago Expo directory and was not. That is a whole other story that only shames me and made me start to fear them and question everything they were doing asking why the other items I had prepaid for had not been completed blah blah blah. Please help. The contract was signed 12/20/04. It is now 12/20/05. I have not seen one cent from any book sales even though I was told over 250 had sold. $14.99 a piece and I got to keep a large chunk of it. March the book was printed and distributed to me. As well as put on their website and placed on Amazon, Borders and more to sell books. I paid at the time of 12/20/04 to have the following services done to get sales to my book. Books for Review 3500 Newspapers $225 Books for mailing $265 Marketing Art Package $129 R & R program 18 months $500 = used 7 months before canceling due to not getting paid for any books sold in this amount of time. I am asking for amortizations of 7 months used and the rest to be returned 500 Divided by 18 is $27.77 per month used for 7 months before I cancelled = 194.39 used - 500 = remaining amount of $305.61 50 Hard Cover books; that were ordered 25 to be shipped to me and 25 to be shipped to my publicist. Around $13.06 a piece never received. I just found a bill after confronting them about these items that not only has 25 books billed for 13.06 a piece = $326.50 but also a lot of other items that were not authorized or agreed upon that were charged. I was told I would be charged for Corrections, 1 PDF proof and a $1 new cover Design. When I get a copy of the bill I have a whole bunch of unexpected charged that were extra's. I was charged for 114 Corrections. Which I was charged in the beginning for graphical and spelling errors. Most of these 114 Corrections were from things she did not catch when the book was turned in which is the responsibility of Page Free Publishing. I was told I would be changed to delete or change sentences not spelling and grammar! I was told that they were having a special till the last day of x-mas that you got a full edit of your book. I have also never seen a hardback of my own book. Anyhow the extra bills come to $629.44 60.00 1 new text file 194.00 1 new book layout 228.00 114 corrections 60.00 1 new cover file 60.00 New PDF proofs 27.44 review copies = 629.44 (see Exhibit A) Invoice No. 1597 Order Date 7/22/2004 on this one invoice is the 25 Hard Cover Books = $326.50 On this one invoice = $955.94 Not sure if I was charged for them or not due to not getting information from Page Free Publishing but an order was made and I have 1000's of dollars already paid to the company for books I purchased. 50 x 13.06 = 653.00. Total amount owed: Books for Review 3500 Newspapers $225 Books for mailing $265 Marketing Art Package 653.00 Books 50 hardback 629.44 Charges not correct Total is $2207.05 + Outstanding sales that have occurred of over 250 books sold. I am also asking for damages besides this amount if I do not have a check for the $2207.05 + 250 books sold amount if this is not settled immediately. I will then be asking for fees of all of these other charges and also attorney fees. I have had to take the book elsewhere due to these people. They worry me that I have sold many more books then they are telling me based on all the other lack of information they are willing to give me. I feel that I should receive my money back for all the set up charges to produce the book due to I am having to do it all over again and I am forced to get new ISBN #'s for both books and it also has been a huge damage to my book due to me having to pick another title and just them not putting those other Marketing items in effect has cost me substantial sales. I am willing to go to court. I feel I have been completely taken advantage of and they are probably doing this to many of girls that can't get their books published taking their hard earned savings and living it up. This must not go on! After I would make an order of books or changes no bills were every submitted to me. They would automatically deduct it from a credit card on file. I was in Manhattan for over 2 months and in Indiana for 1 month promoting my book. This is the only reason it has been brought to my attention many other things they were doing that I was not aware of such as these additional charges. Jill Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.
Entity: Otsego, Michigan
5, Report #447210
Apr 28 2009
02:06 PM
Northwest Publishing Business Owners Beware Northwest Publishing Portland Oregon
Northwest Publishing takes your money, doesn't return phone calls and sends proofs (of work you sent them rather than the professional design you're supposed to get) with a date to approve or reject that's ALREADY PASSED. I rejected their proof because it looked like crap. After they failed to live up to their promises multiple times, I told them to cancel my order and I demanded a refund. They refused so I filed a dispute with my credit card company and got my money back. I also submitted a report to the BBB. Northwest went ahead with the crappy layout I rejected and continues to send me bills and keeps adding more and more late fees. These people are dishonest and I refuse to be blackmailed with their threats of sending my account to collections. I'm an honest person with excellent credit. I pay for services rendered but I will not be bullied into paying for something that was not delivered. If their product actually was distributed to area restaurants (I haven't seen one and I don't know anyone who has), my business reputation will be diminished by their amateurish product. I don't know if Northwest is a scam operation or if employees inexperienced help or if it's just totally understaffed but I'd strongly suggest you spend your advertising dollars elsewhere. Mickey Lancaster, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Portland, Oregon
6, Report #943408
Sep 19 2012
08:32 AM
Executive Publishing Jason Bradbury Executive Publishing executivepublishing1 Internet
A Jason Bradbury called me regarding a local golf club in the area. I am a landscaping company and he asked if I do landscaping. I was a little skeptical when Jason Bradbury said he had more private clubs in my area. Jason Bradbury asked me to do some advertisement for my company in a members directory. He said that they would be direct mailed out to all the members and home owners. I agreed to take a full page when the price was good. He started out with a high price then I talked him down. I thought I got a good deal. Then I called the clubs in my area to find out when the directorys were going out. I was told that they didnt put advertisement in the directory and they didnt know what I was talking about. I was out on the job at the time of the call so I was not able to find a phone number. When I looked up the web site there was no phone number on their site at all. I could not find the number to the company anywhere online. Why would a legit company not have their number anywhere online. I finally found the number in a vague attempt of a contract and when I called Jason bradbury to cancel he said that he would put it through. I waited a few days and no funds went back on my credit card. I called back and Jason Bradbury stated that it would go through. I have waited another few days and nothing. I guess its my loss. I will just take it up with my credit card company and charge back. I didnt sign anything or even authorize this transaction so I should not have any problems getting my money back. If they call you stay away. If you already advertised with them do not bother calling they will do nothing for you. They will just push you off the phone.
Entity: , Internet
7, Report #45787
Feb 17 2003
07:55 PM
JMW Publishing Company ripoff Internet Worldwide
These people offer you a chance to have your poetry published for the price of 3 or 5 books which is fourty dollars.COMPLETE RIP OFF!!! They don't send you anything! Sarah Tulsa, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #102177
Aug 04 2004
04:39 PM
Communications Publishing ripoff Nevada
i sent them $23.90 for america's secret cash give away book and they never sent it out to me but they did cash my money oredr on 7/25/04 and every time i call there all i get is a stupid recording. where you can't leave a message because the mailbox is always full. They try to blaim the slowfullness in getting your package on the us postal system. Something needs to be done about companies like this and the dont respond to any emails either. Charlie evanston, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Nevada
9, Report #92370
May 20 2004
08:39 PM
PVI Publishing ripoff Indianapolis internet
I isssued a check for $19.95 in March 17, 2004 payable to PVI Publishing. The order # in the computer was 13012577. Actually the check was cashed in April 07, 2004. I never get any book as they promise. Please help to stop this wicked people and how to get my money back. Martha Saylorsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #13054
Feb 01 2002
12:00 AM
Drylake Publishing dishonest
Seems to me that I am another one of the folks who learned the hard way.. I just wanted an alternate way to make an honest living.. Too bad there are folks out there who make money by being so dishonest. Roger Clearwater, Florida
Entity: Phoenix, arizona
11, Report #13349
Feb 05 2002
12:00 AM
Castlebridge Publishing Ripoff
I've been reading some of the Rip Off Reports from over 1 year ago. I just received a letter from Castlebridge Publishing. Why are these people still able to send this garbage out to us.And thank-you for saving me the headache,hassle and most of all my money.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
12, Report #10745
Jan 05 2002
12:00 AM
Castlebridge Publishing: Rip off? Fraud?
I saw the Denver BBB report on Castlebridge and then personally spoke with Marcia Colliver of the US Postal Inspection office in Austin, Tx. I also read all the negative remarks listed on this board. Frankly, I am still not convinced this is a scam. But I am going to test it because I know that money can be made in home-grown mass mailing despite technology and automation. So here is my report so far: 12-03-2001: Sent in $85 for materials 12-21-2001: Received all materials in the mail as promised (though a little slower than promised . . . holday mail??) 01-05-2002: I sent out first batch of 200 fliers according to Castlebridge instructions. Also sent a detailed (4 page) letter to Castlebridge asking for answers to specific questions). If all goes according to Castlebridge's promises, I should recieve a check in the mail for some amount within the next 3 weeks or so (by first week of February). We will see, and I will report back here no later than middle of February.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
13, Report #10421
Jan 02 2002
12:00 AM
Entity: DENVER, Colorado
14, Report #15221
Feb 26 2002
12:00 AM
d**n Castlebridge Publishing! Ripoff
I have learned my lesson too, expensively!! I'm not religious, but I firmly belive that thsoe bastards behind Castlebridge Publishing WILL pay more than what they have ripped-off from honest individuals like us! If our society cannot punish them, may God damn those bastards to hell!! Chester Chesapeake Virginia Click here to see all the other Rip-off Reports on Castlebridge publishing
Entity: Denver, Colorado
15, Report #15968
Mar 05 2002
12:00 AM
drylake publishing rip-off phoenix arizona
I had gotten a letter from drylake publishing saying that the needed at home workers sounded good so i sent off a check for 169.oo. in the leter it said the the product would not be sent untill personal check cleared the bank. i got on the computer to check out this company and foun out it was a i stoped payment on my check and and now they have sent me to collections place in austin texas that i cant find any info on.
Entity: phoenix, Arizona
16, Report #8309
Nov 28 2001
12:00 AM
Castlebridge Publishing ripoff
I received a letter from this company which on the outside of the envelope said Here is the Home Employment Information You Requested I did not request information from them and would like to know how they got my name and address. I called their phone number only to find it was a recorded message which gave me no opportunity to ask them questions. I am very tired of this kind of infringement on my privacy and fully intend to consult my attorney as to whether the company can be sued for misrepresentation since I never asked for any information from them.
Entity: Denver, Colorado
17, Report #8611
Dec 04 2001
12:00 AM
Castlebridge Publishing committing fraud
I sent the Castlebridge Publishing Company a money order for $45.00 on November 28, 2001. I believed that this company was a legitiment company and am in dyer need of money at this time. I thought I was making an investment in my future. I was laid off from work a few months ago and am about to have my unemployment benefits end. I have no money to give away and would like to know it these people could be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. How do you stop this kind for fraud? No one has money to give away. If I did I would certainly not give it to someone who would is committing fraud. I would give it to the victims of the NYC bomging. Click here to see all the other Rip-off Reports on Castlebridge publishing
Entity: Denver, Colorado
18, Report #442332
Apr 09 2009
02:50 PM
Pushbutton Publishing Bryan Winters Internet
PushButton Publishing promises a 30 day trial with full refund. Quote 30 Day No-Risk Trial .True, $27.00 isn't much of a risk as it is. (You probably pay considerably more than that for your phone bill, which is a one way expense!) But perhaps you're new to all this, and still a bit skeptical. So instead of trying to convince you this offer is 110% legit - until I'm blue in the face - I'll put my money where my mouth is... If after snooping around and trying things out for up to 30 days you're not convinced that I'm providing you with every last product, service and benefit promised here, just shoot me a quick email and you'll receive a full refund. Is that a heck of a deal or what? I found that many of his links to products or services were no longer valid. I requested a refund within 10 days and have continued to request refunds at least six more times. All my requests are ignored. Jack West Point, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
19, Report #805427
Dec 05 2011
09:25 PM
raider publishing Raided by Raider Internet
I agree entirely with the other complaints lodged about Raider Publishing on your site and my experience is very similar. I was duped by Raider's website promising advice and guidance every step of the way and to work to make my book a success. I was impressed by Salviani's claim of being an author and wanting to help other authors to publish and to get a fair slice of the returns. Started off with very pleasant exchange of emails with Salviani but once I submitted the signed agreement and paid the money I have never heard from him again other than a bizarre email sent out to everyone stating that he was going to improve the company, with an attached questionaire seeking feedback on ways to help it improve. I was asigned a so called PA and some time later this was changed to another PA who hadn't even read the book. Responses to my concerns were usually one line fob offs.Specific concerns include: minimal advice, guidance or feedback; very poor communication; my request to alter the cover design slightly was not done; I was not told that the book had been released for sale on the net; I did not get to see a copy of the book before its release; the book is riddled with spelling mistakes and other errors; it took 14 months for it to be completed; the manuscript editing was poorly done; almost 6 months after the release of the book I have still not received my 20 author copies- I have been given lame excuses such as problems with the delivery company and waiting on insurance claims; and of course I have yet to receive a cent.All this has been a very disappointing experience for a first time novelist. I'm afraid in this instance I have been one of those that are born every minute and I have kissed my hard earned good-bye. I fell for Salviani's spiel. It has done nothing for my credibility as an author has dampened my enthusiasm to write but I am giving it another go. Needless to say I will not be going with Raider next time around and I would urge anyone thinking of doing to to think very carefully and to choose a reputable publisher.
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #319262
Mar 19 2008
07:44 AM
i signed up for 8.95 free trial and before seven days was over you were suppose cancel which there is nothing on there website that shows or tells you how to cancel that i could find, so i just emailed them off and on for over a week and now they have taken 297 dollars out of my checking and i dont have that kind of money to be just took away like that and its wrong. and today i have been trying to contact for two hours. at first i was on hold then i hung up and now when i call back its busy and i have e-mailed what they call a customer service email but they never reply . this website is a total rip off and some thing needs to be done!!!! ASHLEY Abingdon, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1281476
Jul 22 2016
02:51 PM
Entity: Nationwide
22, Report #1108983
Dec 21 2013
11:34 PM
Back in September of 2012 I published a book with ECKO titled “The Ignorance of Faith”.  During the following months it was published in 5 different language editions, first in Spanish, then English, Portuguese, French and German. There is no transparency of Independent Author´s sales at ECKO.  In other words, no records of sales are offered to Authors.  If one insists eventually they might send a sales report, but with no sales, or little sales, probably underreported.  One day I asked: How I am sure these reported sales are true and honestly reported? Their reply was: “If we were not honest, we would not be in business long”. The fact seems to be that when the bull hits the fan, they close operations, and -soon later- return with another company name.  They used to be called Aardvark (if it is correct what I found in several RIPOFF reports, on the internet). Their address is secretive, only a P. O. Box in Sandy, UT.  One day, when I was going to start business with them, a lady by the name Samantha talked to me. However, Samantha seems to be several people, I found out that William Kramer is now acting as such “Samantha”. Email request for report on sales are not answered anymore.  Have warned them -months ago- that I might initiate legal action.  Yet, no replies from them, totally undeterred.  I ordered some of my books myself, to see if those would be reported, and proceeds from sales sent to me, but that was not the case. In a couple of occasions “Samantha” indicated she was going to make a PayPal deposit, but it was never done.  In more than one year that all 5 books have been available in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and their own books sales (ECKO Books) only a deposit of $50 was made to PayPal on my behave, and that was back in January of 2013.  Not to be repeated ever again! Searching on the internet I found complaints about them. I sent an email -including those negative reports to them- indicating that it was my ultimatum.  Proper sales reports or I would go to the FBI, and other consumer Agencies.  No communication at all since then.  A few months ago, I paid for a revision in one of the book, which had some printing defects that I noticed. They –supposedly- processed the changes, and indicated to me that within a few weeks the new version would be available in the sales channels.   I allowed 3 months to pass by, and then ordered the book, only to find out that they have not made the changes requested. Took the money but did not do anything to the book. There are many self-publishers out there, and a few of them -I fear- might be fraudulent. It is quite easy to publish books, amass an inventory of thousands of books from small authors, and do not pay them.  They might get significant revenue streams from random sales of this bunch of books, but for the Authors, he or she would not have a way to know if his/her books are selling at all.  And it might be reasonable for them to think that there might have not been any sales at all.  It is a matter of pure trust in your Self-Publisher, no trace of sales, no accountability to their authors, no transparency. Utility companies send you a monthly statement, regardless of monthly use of service,… not these companies! I did contact Amazon to see if they could help, informing me on the sales of my books, but in some way they are their accomplices, because they only inform the publishing houses on sales, and not the Authors.  Only those Authors with Amazon´s own self-publishing (CreateSpace) have access to that sales information.  My guess is that it is so easy to hide sales from Autors, that the whole industry might be a rip-off (not just ECKO, but the temptation is there for many others: Lulu, Xlibris,..). It is imperative that the FBI, or somebody with jurisdiction in this matter, verifies the records with  Amazon and Barnes & Noble (the typical sales venues for this industry) and corroborates that payments are made to Authors by the self-publishing companies. THIS IS AMERICA, NOT SOME BANANA REPUBLIC OF THE THIRD WORLD!!
Entity: Sandy, Utah
23, Report #529767
Nov 27 2009
07:13 PM
Harris Digital Publishing - HD Publishing Group - Net Detective, net detective plus not legitimate, false information, no information, Internet
Net detective charges a monthly fee for information that is not even close to accurate.  I decided to check it's accuracy by looking up myself, and friends I've known most of my life, and they always had either no information, old information, or completely wrong/inaccurate information!When I discovered this, I wanted to cancel.  It took a while for me to do this because they do not make it easy to do.  Could not get refund.
Entity: , Internet
24, Report #73854
Dec 03 2003
08:26 AM
Robinson Publishing ripoff Miami Florida
I'm glad I checked this site before falling for Robinson Publishing's scam. Rip off Report is invaluable. I'm always interested in making extra money. And Ripoff report is always there for me! Art Hillsboro, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
25, Report #73953
Dec 03 2003
11:04 PM
Robinson Publishing Inc ripoff Miami Florida
i Had High Hopes for Robinson Publishing inc i Get a Postcard From These People 2 Months Ago I filled out The card And Got The money Put It in a Envelope Nov 2nd I hear Back From Them Nov 14th So i Read The Information Starting Supplies It Turned Out i Had To Do Advertising On The postcard It Said Nothing About Advertising So I changed My Mind About This Company I Recently Wrote These People A letter Saying To Them I Want My Money Back I've Been Trying For Months To Find A job It's Hard I was Thinking I could make money I Was Wrong If I Don't Get My Money Back I'll Call Channel 5 News Fox 5 Problem Solvers And Get The Help I Need I Would Recommend This to Anybody Who Got Cheated And Ripped Off Of There money. Jason New york Ny Jason New york, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida

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