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1, Report #1120567
Feb 03 2014
03:01 PM
Entity: Internet
2, Report #775688
Sep 12 2011
09:39 AM
NetSpend Metabank NETSPEND IS A RIPOFF! Austin, Texas
Every bad thing said about Netspend is true true true!! I have never ever had a problem with Idenity thief or money coming out of my account or Credit cards until NETSPEND! I had this account for 4 months and then when I received my first Social Security deposit the day after all my money disappeared. It was taken out of my savings into my checking then mailed to another recipient in Netspend. How did they get my 4 digit ID??? It took two weeks to get my money back then they penalized me, I could no longer transfer money out to another account!! Why was this my fault? Then two weeks later on the same day that my husband got his SS# check all his money was withdrawn from Walmarts using the cash gift card. We were visiting Ogden Utah, and since my new card had not arrived we were stranded with no money. WE called Netspend right away, this was very supicious as my husband NEVER uses his card, never out of his pocket, how did someone know his check was in? We believe with all our heart that this is an inside job. Only Netspend would have this information. It has been 65 days and still no money. Everytime yo call, you do not get anyone who knows anything and they don't speak English! They keep saying, you haven't faxed in the information, they will not let you speak to a supervisor. We faxed the info in 3 times!! We keep asking to speak to someone at the top and each person we get says they have no information, even though we were told this would be resolved on Sept 12th we still do not have any money, nor can speak to anyone that knows anything about our case! For people who depend on Social Security this is devasting, I think the government should look into this company as there are so many complaints, we can't all be wrong!!
Entity: Austin, Texas
3, Report #812601
Dec 21 2011
06:06 PM
Had a Netspend card. More than once, I disputed a charge. Felt like the commercial where the only person you speak to is a generic idiot named Betty. My card number was stolen and it was obvious that charges to my card were fraudulent. Several charges were made from another city at a store than is not even in the state where I live.  I was alerted by the text messages showing a charge was made to my account. I could not call netspend fast enough to have my card cxled. They were not helpful at all. They do not care. Every person I was transferred to sounded like the prior person I had spoken to. I have to wait 7 days, file a dispute and wait. Who cares that my card was used by someone in another state and several charges were made within minutes which total more than $400? Who cares that I am the last person that this should happen to, lost my home, my care and everything I had worked for my whole life. The little money I had on this card was to get christmas gifts for my kids and grandkids. Who cares if that was my last $400 till who knows when. No one cares. Especially no one at RIP OFF NETSPEND> who can help me prosecute, charge them or at least put them out of business??
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #1131274
Mar 17 2014
01:34 PM
netspend netspend ripoff austin Texas
I filed my taxes with turbo tax. I was told that my refund would be put on a netspend card. I waited and waited for the card, it never arrived. I got an email that said my card was stolen and blocked. I called netspend and they said they would send me another card in 3 to 5 days. I asked them if my refund would be on the card. they said it would be, im not holding my breath.
Entity: austin, Texas
5, Report #1209775
Feb 17 2015
04:05 PM
6, Report #1383680
Jul 06 2017
08:35 PM
Netspend Fake netspend cards Nationwide Nationwide
Netspend continues to send me cards. Activated online, then says not active and cant access my account when i go to check my account info. I always do that before i even consider putting cash or check on anything. I did not ask for  additlional cards. They keep sending me them. Each card that is activated comes with monthly usage charge. It is a scam. It is possible that these are not even authentic netspend cards. Be careful when u buy any prepaid cards from ANY store. They could be fake. Call the number on the packaging first. And always activate and confirm that you are able to access your information via online or telephone BEFORE you charge ANY funds to your card. Hope this helps/or is accurate. 
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #784000
Oct 02 2011
09:39 PM
Netspend Corporation BEWARE: Lied to again by Netspend Austin, Texas
Well, here I go again.  I am still making attempt to get my money back on my debit card.  It has been 10 days already, now I am told it will be an additional 10 days before they can investigate the charges.  Now, what is really happening.  I have read the notes on the internet about Netspend Corporation the unreal things that has happen to people that has been ripped off.  I am so angry about how so many people have been left hanging because of these peoples scams.  It is so unreal that there are people that works for this company that I assume are bonded ripoff people, these people are inside the company and not outside.  I am not in the UK, there are 30 debits that they say, have to investigated by VISA.  Give me a break it took them 10 days to ask me for a signature.  Why did they wait until 10 days were I a really angry about this but I am still focused on the problem with company.  I hope others are angry too, enough to go after them.  To much has gone on and nothing happen.  Let's go after them.  They should out of much more than what they owe us.  I hope someone will say SUE THEM or RUN THEM OUT OF BUSINESS..... When does the consumer fight back?  I welcome a response....
Entity: Austin, Texas
8, Report #1109868
Dec 26 2013
06:11 AM
NetSpend NetSpend Corporation Debit Visa card Austin, Texas
I am a construction worker trying to make extra dollar on line, I was referral to NetSpend Debit Card as a $20 dollars bonus programs,They advertise as a pre paid Deb it card, I went to the web site and ask for local place to load the card with $40 as the state on they advertisement you load the card the first time with $40 dollars and the will credit you another $20.00I load up the debit card with $40.00 dollars to the place they send me 2512 Waterloo Rd Stockton Ca 95205 (Kiosk Machine) the machine charge me $3.95 for the transaction and my $20.00 Dollars never were credit to my accountI call customer services 1-866-387-7363 and ask about  my $20.00 Bonus as they advertise as soon as you funded the card with $40.00 they will credit you $20.00 dollarsI spoke to a customer services Supervisor Name Raul Employee Id # 160819214 and I ask him about my credit, since my account didn't show up my $20.00  Bonus and he told me because I didn't make a  full $40.00 dollars deposit I didn't Qualify for the $20 Bonus because my first deposit to the card has to be $40.00 dollarsBut I really did full $40.00 dollars deposit Transaction Id # 30022696 I load the card with $40.00 dollars -$3.95  my balance instally when from $40.00 to $36.05  plus on top of that I didn't get my $20.00 dollars bonus, they are ripping people off !!! hard working people like my self looking for a way to make extra dollar to meet ends we end ups lossing all the times and this big Corp, Inc, just coming and taking money of our hands just like that simple is that why no one can stop this??????I am sure I am not the only one up there why we always have to the the ones, they making those millions and millions of dollars and they always wins, is there any body who can stop them!!!!!!!!!!! This has to stop always happend with the worker class is time to do some thing!! Stop NetSpend from taken our money from us!!!!!! they just ripping off the middle class! They are Scam!! 
Entity: Austin,, Texas
9, Report #1115892
Jan 15 2014
08:14 PM
NetSpend NetSpend fraudulantly stole my money austin Texas
I had paid my wife's insurance premium using my NetSpend card. My wife had an accident and totaled the vehicle. We canceled our insurance policy and they refunded our policy payments retroactively to the date of the accident. The insurance company sent 2 refunds to the card they had on record (NetSpend). One on Thursday and another on Friday. A day later my account was frozen without notice or explanation. When I called customer service (and I use that title very loosely because they're third world country customer service representatives are barely understandable) they told me that my account was frozen due to fraud activity. Insinuating that I had committed some type of fraud. They also told me that I can have my insurance company take the money back and send me a check. This would release my other funds I have available on the card. So, I called my insurance company and they told me there is no way to cancel a refund once it has gone through and accepted. They also told me that the card company can reverse the transaction on their end. But NetSpend reps claimed they are not able to do that, which is a blatant lie. I have a merchant account and I know first hand that transactions can be reversed by the bank or the merchant. The rep asked that I send them proof of the transaction. I immediately complied and sent them documentation from the insurance company. This was on Saturday afternoon.  They told me once they receive the documents it may take up to 8 hours to unfreeze my account and release my money. I printed out the documentation from my insurance company. I faxed the paperwork over to the number they provided me with. I received confirmation that the documents were received. In addition, I also emailed the same documents to the email address they provided me with. All emails were confirmed received. There was never any response from them that night. I called on Sunday and asked for a Supervisor. The phone rep avoided getting a supervisor by stalling and putting me on hold for 15 minutes. They did the same on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I have been placed on hold several times, for upwards of 40 minutes each time. I have document these phone calls for future reference. The company's customer service tactics are proof that this is a criminal organization who intentionally refuses to help their customers and attempts to defraud them of their money. Unfortunately, I have given up after spending so much time trying to rectify this matter and have gotten nowhere with these people. I now believe the money has been stolen and I am forced to take legal action against NetSpend and Meta Bank. In addition,  I will be filing a criminal complaint with the New York State Attorney Generals office as well as the Office of the Comptroller of Currency. After reading about so many customers who have been robbed by this company I have come to the conclusion that the defrauded customers should file a class action law suit against these criminals.
Entity: austin, Texas
10, Report #1149866
May 27 2014
08:16 AM
Netspend Netspend Will Rip YOU Off Durham Internet
 Netspend is not a good comoany at ALL.  Please do not use their services EVER.  So I got my income tax refund put on the card.  I wanted to use this money to by a couch.  Netspend told me because I wanted to spend all the money on the card that would be a problem.  Not sure why me spending all the money on the car d is a problem but ok.  So I call them and told them a company cancelled the transaction they said I needed proof. I send them the email where the company said the transaction had been cancelled, but thos was still NOT good enough.  They said they need the below: A letter on company letterhead that this transaction was cancelled, why the order was cancelled, date the order was cancelled, the amount that was cancelled, the authorization code, and contact information for the company.  The email has all of this information but this company's corporate strategy is to chase customers off by making it hard to get your money back.  EVERYTHING that others have said is without a doubt TRUE....Consumers beware...this company is looking to take your money and make your jump through 18,659 hoops to get it back.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1194965
Dec 12 2014
11:29 AM
netspend netspend is a fraud Nationwide
I haveNet Spend, opened it a couple months ago and get my direct deposit on it. I made a purchase through another company didn’t feel comfortable about the purchase so I wanted to wipe out card and get a new one. Net spend said they had put a block on it, until the new card came in. I asked the customer service representative if you could get a temporary card until the new one came in. Her reply was I need to purchase one. So I purchased a card called customer service and they said I need verify the account I would have to answer some social security questions. The question were pertaining to street addresses that I had no idea what they were. They said I didn’t answer the questions correctly. To me the addresses have nothing to do with social security. I spoke to a supervisor and I was agitated and then they told me they would have the fraud department contact me in 24 hours. I then called social security and asked if they ask about addresses and they said they don’t. They said I was a victim of a possible scam and fraud. I also went to consumer affairs website and there are several complaints about asking no pertaining questions on account. Net spend refuses to release my money until I verify their questions. Another representative told me that fraud department would call me back in 2-3 day and whoever told me 24 hours was misinformed. I feel like I am a victim of fraud.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #1057679
Jun 09 2013
08:43 AM
Netspend Netspend took my money off my card Internet
 Netspend just took the money off my card. I was shopping and before i went i checked my balance after swiping once, i forgot to purchase something. I swiped again and my account jumped from $400 to a balance of negative. First of all prepaid cards are not suppose to reach.a negative balance second where is my money.
Entity: Internet, Internet
13, Report #1131629
Mar 18 2014
03:37 PM
Netspend netspend meta bank They stole my money  Internet
I paid for a sofa set online on they canceled my order sent me all my codes and ref# I send them to netspend still no refund 6 days I been waiting and lies more lies after lies all I want is my 455.89 Im moving and no living room set  
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1213400
Mar 04 2015
08:02 PM
Netspend MetaBank Again Netspend? Again? Nationwide Nationwide
$399 missing just like that---right when I need it the most because I am in the process of moving.   IOLTA charged me and I never heard of them before! After reading about them, it seems highly unlikely that they'd rob anyone, they help people. Just a few minutes ago, I just had 2 bad experiences with reps over the phone (spoke to 3 but the first was really nice-only I don't see the promised paperwork in my inbox). One told me that it will take 10 business days for me to receive an email confirmation which states that my dispute was filed. She never asked for any of my information and only gave me information in general. She didn't know who she was speaking to and she didn't care. The other rep I spoke to started off bad right away. He had a bad attitude. I told him I had just spoken to a rep that said I would be emailed forms to file my dispute, when I asked where the documents were that I was supposed to send in...he tells me that I am the one who is supposed to send an email. I asked him what am I supposed to email and he asked for my account information. I didn't give it to him but told him I'd like general information and he hung up. He hung up and this was a callback! He called me 03/04 8:19 EST and hung up on me 2 minutes later.  Why? They get this all the time!!! They know what is really happening. Truly are not worried about offending the complaining customers...and maybe that is because they know they can't get in trouble when their company is the one ripping off the customers.   Oh and I did say that I think YOU Netspend took the money and I do. All the security measures I have had to face and this happens? And not at any time but just when I have money in this account. I rarely have money in this account but soon as I have my tax refund in the account a very suspicious charge comes through only days later?    I really like some things about netspend but deposits past $100 aren't worth it. Never get a big deposit into a netspend account will be my mantra and warning to all from now on.    I am not stupid and clearly they take money from their customers on occasion and then give it back according to ??? I don't know but I pray I can have my own soon.  Netspend, as a company, you are not above God.  I can't imagine how many complaints and prayers God has to hear on your behalf. God knows and he is keeping count. 
Entity: Nationwide
15, Report #1329040
Sep 19 2016
05:29 PM
Netspend Time Warner Cable and Netspend Have Failed to Refund My Money Internet
On July 23, 2016, I filed a dispute with Netspend against Time Warner Cable for a service I did not receive.On August 9th, I followed up with Netspend to find out what was the result of the chargeback and was told, “Provisional Credit not issued. No additional information is available until the claim is finalized...” In the meantime, I filed a complaint against Time Warner Cable with the Better Business Bureau, due to them repeatedly telling me that they had opened a ticket and issued a refund, but I never received it. This went on until September 14th, when I received a response to my complaint that said I was not due a refund because I charged back on my credit card. The chargeback was dated August 19th, but as of today Netspend still has not applied the credit or responded to a follow up email that I sent them on September 14th with the invoice I received. My desired outcome is to get my $75.49 back.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #418706
Jan 31 2009
09:02 PM
NETSPEND idiots!! Nationwide
my problem with them. first off they leave you on hold forever. can barely understand them 1/2 the time. but the real issue is. i had an account with theem in 2004. in 2005 i filed my taxes and had them deposited into my account there. i go to use my card it doesnt work. so i called. no one seemed to know why. next thing i know some supervisor gets on the phone and say that they have a letter from the courts to freeze my account. im like for what. so they say its little information that they can give me. im like you have to tell me something. so they send me a letter they claim from the courts, no address no phone number, nothing. im like are you serious. so i call back to get more info. they say due to wage garnishment. okay. well im nieve and young so i just suck it up and leave it at that. now 5 years later 2009. i call about that account due to leagal actions. the money is still in that account!!! so im like why is the money still in that account if its a wage garnishment. im pretty sure they would have taken it by now. so they say well you would have to call the courts. the account has been closed for no activity. how can i use a card that has a block on it?? so agin they tell me to contact the courts. i call the courts, now 4 years later, they have no record of any garnishment. so now i call netspend back!! ask them agin about my account. its locked. so i told them i called the court and they need notification of this account when it was locked and the notice theyclaimed to have gotten from the courts. they say they have no such thing to give. i advise that i have gotten it before. so now im on the phone for over 45 mins because i refuse to be given the run around. finally i get pissed and tell them that i am going to go to an attorney, 10 mins later agin on hold forever. they tell me that they have removed the lock and will be sending me my money. after 4 years!!! so i said well what was the change. they say the account was closed for inactivity. so they hold your money??? and agin how can i use an account that has been locked. this has to be something that i can look into. this makes no sense. then to cut me a check from my account that was supposedly locked/closed, im charged 5.95 for that feature!! this bank is terrible and i wouldnt recommend to a bum on the streets. Jaycapree philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
17, Report #661214
Nov 12 2010
12:36 PM
netspend ripoff atm , Internet
I just received my first direct deposit from netspend I attempted do make a cash withdrawl from my account via ATM (I have direct deposit) I wasnt given a withdrawl option just an option to check my balance inquiry. I thought it may just be the banj so i tried 2 other banks and the same thing. I tried to get netspend on the phone and all I got was press 1 for this 2 for that NEVER DID IT GIVE ME AN OPTION TO SPEAK TO A PERSON. As soon asmy money is off this account I'm done with this company. F**KING A**HOLES
Entity: Internet, Internet
18, Report #851109
Mar 09 2012
08:04 AM
netspend good report Internet, California
    Just to note, I have been using Netspend for approx 4 years, for direct deposit, transferring money back and forth between family, etc and have received nothing but excellent service from them thruout this whole time - I can't believe all the negatives, and felt it only right to bring in a positive review - this is strictly my experiences, and I trust it will continue to be so! thank you for letting me do this input - hope this is OK and not just for ripoffs !
Entity: Internet, California
19, Report #910412
Jul 11 2012
02:30 PM
Netspend ATM problems. Internet
Hello! I read the Dispute Resolution Team disclosures on several occasion since the day I file my claim. My claim was file on June 19, 2012 and I contacted them about what happen to me that that morning. I put my ATM card into the slot and followed procedures as followed on the screen. After finishing my transaction the ATM did not dispense any finds to me at that time. I only received a printout showing what I ask for a decline transaction.  I know for a fact I had money in my account because I had just received my direct deposited the night before and I always check my balance before I proceed with a transaction the next day.  I was very upset so I called the ATM number that was provided an I finally spoke with those jerk an they told me that this a center for us to take your complaints and pass this alone but you will have to contact your bnk yo dispute this transaction and that's what I did that morning.  Netspend was contacted and I was directed to the the Dispute Resloution Team and a lady by the name of Jennie are something like that told me to explain what happen and I did so. She immediately told me that she would take care of my problem since I have Overdraft Proctecton. She send my funds that I was trying to receive from the ATM bck on to my card but check this out. I had the receipt and read it off to her for. Top to botto. Even with my last 4 digits on my card ontheis receipt.  On that afternoon I went to my other bank an got the money off of that card and thought I would not have anymore problems Wrong.  On July 3, a day before the 4th when my money should actual come, they went in an took not only my money but charge me with $15.00 non-suff. Funds in my account said that I was negative. If you read the disclosure of the Dispute Resloution Disclaimer it clearly state how long the dispute take. My claim was filed on June 19, 2012. Really Netspend really. 
Entity: , Internet
20, Report #316157
Mar 08 2008
10:56 PM
NetSpend MetaBank Charges This Company Charges Arizona
I have the Netspend card. I am on SSI/Disability, and on my payment in December this bank (MetaBank) rejected my monthly payment and sent it back to SSI. They told me that there was a hold on my account because I was adding a co-applicant to my account. The sent it back to SSI, and I had to wait another 2 weeks for this bank to get everything situated and post my payment. While I was waiting for all this to get cleared up, I found out that SSI resubmitted my payment, but they with held 2 more child support payment, for a total of 3 garnishments for that month. All this sh*t for this *&#ked up bank. I CLOSED this account, when I found out they were charging me .50 every time I logged into my account on the web. If you are in of a pre-paid debit card, I would check out (((competitor's name redacted))) pre-paid Debit card, you can call these people and not get charged a penney. Keith chandler, ArizonaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company,, if you post a competitors name more than likely they will show up on search engines as a Rip-off! - - your comments on this policy are welcome. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. In this case we removed an alleged competitor's name
Entity: Arizona
21, Report #296575
Jan 03 2008
07:51 AM
Netspend Rip Off Dallas Texas
I put money on my card and when i try to acces my money, or pay for and item ive purchased they say my card has been denied when i know i have sufficient funds on my account. Lil chris Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas, Texas
22, Report #1113889
Jan 08 2014
11:14 AM
Netspend prepaid debit card Austin, Texas
 Account hacked from Target. Netspend allowed PIN change via non-registered phone number, failing to properly validate identity of caller. Allowed out of state WTM transactions and fuel purchase that wiped out entire balance. Then took 10 business days to investigate Now taking another 20 business days to issue check to close account. NO other options. They refuse to disclose phone number that changed PIN and refuse to confirm the card was part of Target breach. Customer service puts you on hold multiple times, you get another rep and have to provide account information multiple times before finally giving upa and accepting that no one will help you. They blocked all my cards and dlose my internet access to the account and refuse to do anything.
Entity: Austin, Texas
23, Report #1189838
Nov 18 2014
05:15 PM
Netspend Referral Fees Internet
Netspend promise to give a referral fee of $20 to you and a friend if they open an account. However, this is not true. I referred a few friends and they did not give us the $20. DO NOT sign up! 
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1038158
Mar 26 2013
12:58 PM
Netspend Extra Charges and Internet Internet, Texas
Netspend corporation will tell you that if you use their Online site for the card inquires, it's free to do so, BUT If you call, it's a 50 cent per call fee! I wonder why EVERY other TIME I TRY and sign into their site, it times me out and therefore I can't sign on. So guess what, I'm NOW forced to call and thus pay a 50 cent fee! This is not a coincidence!  NOT good business!
Entity: Internet, Texas
25, Report #1047252
Apr 30 2013
03:30 PM
netspend they are hidding the truth dallas Texas
You will notice netspend says they will pay UPTO 2 days early, but what they dont tell you is you will not get paid every 7 to 14 or 30 days.. let me explain, i am disabled vet. I am suppose to recieve my check on the first right. Well on march 26 I recieved my disability check for April 1st. Then today is the 30 th of april and I have not recieved my check for May 1 st. Which means its been over 30 days since the last time i was paid by netspend, not the VA. In fact its been over 34 days since last payout. if not by today it will be 5 days over so 35 days without a paycheck. Do the math. If you confront them about this politely, ive been hungup on. 
Entity: dallas, Texas

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