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1, Report #1399719
Sep 13 2017
02:48 PM
Ripped off for $89.95. Was told only had to pay $4.95 shipping. Ended up being robbed for $89.95.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1369397
Apr 24 2017
03:41 PM
3, Report #1395558
Aug 25 2017
12:41 PM
Neulift Unethical Advertising Nationwide
Neulift I ordered a trial of the Neulift eye serum and anti-aging cream for 5.95 and 4.95. 14 days later  I was charged $89.95 and $85.95. Thinking I mistakenly ordered an additional delivery, I called to cancel, they offered a discount of 30% then 50%. I refused all the discounts and wanted the money refunded and they refused. I asked for a supervisor at customer support and spoke to Tyrell. He also said no to my request and informed me that the bottles I received was the actual product. To avoid future charges I closed out the account for good.  The phone number that I called was 888 553-4058. Also, please be aware that they have numerous websites advertising free trial at and etc Buyer Beware!! Nationwide.  Moral of the Story DO NOT ORDER FREE SAMPLE with trial period with your BANKCARD always order with a CREDIT CARD so you can dispute charges immediately. Going thru your bankcard is not guaranteed a REFUND!!!
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #1406127
Oct 13 2017
02:41 PM
Neulift Do not fall for this scam! Internet
I responded to a survey which I mistakingly believed to be from Amazon to get a free gift, just pay shipping. The free gift would be a sample of anti-aging serum from Neulift. When I finished the survey, I was charged 4.95 for shipping, and an additional two items were added to the cart with no opportunity to take them out of the cart, one for 5.95 and other for 34.95 for vitamins. Fourteen days later I got two more charges on my credit card, one for 89.95  and the other for 85.95. I called the number on the credit card statement description and was told I had 14 days to cancel or I would be charged the entire price. They would not issue a refund because it was an expendible product. I got the serum but have not received the vitamins. I disputed the charges with my credit card company. So far I have received a credit for the 89.95 as it was considered a duplicate charge for the same item. The other charges are still being investigated. Lesson learned, do not answer a survey proporting to be from Amazon, and do not order any free samples from Neulift.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1385770
Jul 15 2017
12:49 PM
 Do NOT fall for Neulift products for wrinkles! They are a RIP OFF! They claim free products, just pay for shipping and handling. They STOLE almost 90.00 from my debit card and even tried to STEAL 90.00 more. Seriously!? We had our debit card closed so the THEIVES can't STEAL anymore of our money. People beware! We learned the hard way. Also, the three products burnt my face. STAY CLEAR OF THIS SO CALLED COMPANY. Hope to God their caught!
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1384919
Jul 12 2017
08:51 AM
NeuLIFT Anti-aging Creams Fountain Valley California
I received an email from Kohl's about receiving NeuLIFT anti-aging cream for $.99 plus shipping and handling.  Since Kohl's is a very reputable company in our area (my daughter is employed by them) I decided to try it.  That plus the fact that nowhere in the email did it say anything about paying anything else. The face and eye cream arrived in the mail.  Yesterday, they took $94.70 out of our checking account.  That payment was never authorized!  I tried to email customer service and all I get is a phone number in California. However, when I call that number, I get a recording that says all their representatives are on other calls and to please hold for the next available representative.  I waited 20 minutes and then hung up.  While on hold, I did get an option to press #3 and I could hang up and they'd return my call in the order it was received but because I was ripped off once, I'm not giving them any more chances to do it again and I hung up.  My husband blocked any further withdrawls from this company at the bank and if I do receive anything else it will be marked Return to Sender.  I just want my money back that was never authorized.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
7, Report #1380857
Jun 23 2017
11:51 AM
Neulift They debited my acc after i cancelled Internet
 I order the sample skin care for 4.95. It broke my face out so I called and canceled. They told me you had to cancel within two weeks. No one told me that when I ordered it and it was not on any paper work with my order. I was in the hospital during that time also but she didn't care and was so rude to me. I told her that I'm a senior and I'm disabled and on a small fixed income. She would not refund my 85.95. I just got my bank statement and they took another 85.95 out and my account is over drawn. Now I can't get my breaks fixed. Please help me.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1405033
Oct 08 2017
08:37 PM
NeuLIFT 1855686054918557243755 NeuLIFT Unauthorized Payment for Unwanted Product Fountain Valley California
I was lured into paying for what I thought was a mere $9 one-time puchase (a trial as described per NeuLIFT) but then I was billed $80 within a few days without my permission or notification of any such policy by NeuLIFT. I was then automatically sent another package which incurred another charge of $80. This happened twice resulting in a total loss of $362.70 before any of the packages arrived at my house, other than the trial pacakge's arrival very early on at the end of the 14-day trial period stated by the telephone customer service. Upon inquiry the company refuses to take the returns.After I noticed this in my credit card statement, I did see Inside Edition report on a similar makeup company, its name unlisted, performing this same sleazy, borderline-fraud deception as well as serveral reports on Ripoff Report.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
9, Report #1398954
Sep 09 2017
01:49 PM
Neulift Skin Care Unethical Business Fountain Valley, California Nationwide
 Order and paid for samples not realizing I was auto enrolled in a 30 days supply at $89.95. Used the samples for a week. Cancelled the entire thing two weeks to the day on Saturday. There were two charges on my bank account, $85.95 and $89.95. I called Neulift to find out what's going on. After telling them I did not want the product and I would like a refund, there response was no. No? They said I did. It cancel during the 14 day trial period. After looking at my bank statement showing when I ordered the product and my email at the order confirmation, I realized ghat I ordered the products exactly two weeks ago. I called Neulift back and requested a refund again based on what the first person at their company told me. They again refused to refund my money.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1370119
Apr 28 2017
06:38 AM
Neulift Skin Monthly charges uncleAr in the initial trial offer.  Internet
Monthly charges occurred monthly through a third party, which I tried to contact but they did not have my information in their system. Finally after searching for an email confirmation from my trial order I figured out who I needed to call. The representative was very rude and unwilling to provide quality customer service. I was even told that since I'm an adult I should have known who to call since they claimed they emailed me monthly to confirm product shipments. I never received those emails and faulted me and my email address for being responsible for not receiving their emails. She misconstrued my words more than once and said that since our call was recorded I was not responsible for the $200 monthly charges. This was after I shared that my mother died just prior to ordering the $5 trial product. If they had sent me emails monthly as claimed I would have called to cancel but I had not information to do so.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1377585
Jun 07 2017
08:05 AM
NeuLift Skin Scam - Free order advertised on another website really means Trial and $$$ automatically charged Fountain Valley California
I received a thank you for having purchased another product from a different company and as a thank you, was offered a free order of NeuLift Skin Cream.  Wanting to do something nice for my wife, I agreed to a free sample.  The free sample from NeuLift came, she tried it, it didn't work, and I didn't think anything more of it.  A second package arrived and a charge of $95 appeared on our credit card bill.  When I called to find out how to return it and get a refund, the company stated they did not accept return nor did they give out refunds.  After asking for supervisor after supervisor, all they would give me was a discount on future shipments.  Finally, after arguing with Shelby, asking for her supervisor, she stated that she was the last supervisor.  I asked for her bos and she gave me an email address to customer service.  Finally got her to give me 50% refund and to cancel my account, but there must be lots of people getting this kind of rip off and bait and switch treatment.  
Entity: California
12, Report #1384741
Jul 11 2017
01:58 PM
NeuLift This rip off company is now scamming you as a free gift for completing Home Depot survey. Internet
I recieved an e-mail after shopping at Home Depot asking me to take a brief survey.  For taking this survey I was giving a free gift and all I had to pay was $4.95 for shipping and handling.  Two weeks later I notice a charge on my credit card for $89.95.  I was told this was for product I ordered.  I told the lady on the phone that I did not order any product, just the free trial for $4.95.  If they sent any other product, I did not want it and I would return it, to which see said the bottle I recieved was the product, and that I only had 14 days to return it, so too bad you can not get your money refunded.  After much complaining see refunded $59 and said this was all she could due.  I contacted Home Depot, they said they do not due on line surveys, and new nothing about it.  I suggested they follow up, in hopes of a big company takng this scum bag outfit down.  I told Home Depot that they new details of my visit, and even though they did not authorize it I still associate with them.  This outfit is aq total scam.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1380931
Jun 23 2017
06:09 PM
neulift supposedly from Amazon, but they have no record, and it just keeps shipping Internet
I am another victim of this scammer. I thought I was answering an Amazon survey. They offered a free trial of a skin product for answering some questions. Like a fool, I fell for it and now they send more expensive products automatically every month. I've never even opened the products. I am sending it all back to them unopened and reporting this scam to amazon and the Washington State Attorney General. I am informing Citi bank not to pay the charges from this company.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1407260
Oct 19 2017
09:03 AM
Neulift Skin Cream Watch out for that small print Internet
There is a happy ending to this story. I made the mistake of falling for the 'free sample' scam with the Neulift Skin Serum. I actually saw my bank account charged for another jar of this stuff before I received my 'free sample'. When I called to complain, they said that too much time had passed and I hadn't cancelled what I had signed up for. I thought that I instructed him to cancel it, but I was charged for another jar of this stuff, and the price had gone up. When I called again and talked to them, I asked for a refund and made sure that it was cancelled. They cancelled, but said no refund could be given. So what is the good news? I contacted the Iowa Attourney General and the California Attourney General to report the company. After a couple of months, I received notice from the Iowa Attourney General that I would be receiving a full refund, and that the case wouldn't be closed until I reported that I had received the full amount. So, today I was able to let her know that my bank account was in better shape thanks to her work. I don't plan to ask for any more 'free samples' on the internet. At least, not before checking Ripoff Report first. I want to thank Ripoff Report as well, for responding to a comment that I added to another report. They also sent information on how to get the money back. I think reporting to your state attourney office and the state attourney for where the company is located.     
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1406045
Oct 13 2017
09:47 AM
NeuLIFT Misleading info on web-site & scamming of $175.90, rude when contacted, etc. California & Arizona
From Facebook on the internet I ordered what I thought was two samples of NeuLIFT anti-aging serum & Neulift anti-cream at $4.99 each.  I did not see anything on the ad that said they would bill me automatically for the full charge for these products in 14 days.  The charge appeared on the credit card for  $85.95 & $89.95.  When I called, they were rude & simply stated that I had to reply or cancel the order within 14 days, that I didn't & that was that.  I requested they cancel my order & credit my card because I was sending the two little bottles back ( I hadn't even opened them)  They said no refunds period!   I asked to speak to a supervisor, named Tamija, & she merely echoed the same answer.  I demanded the  credit card be credited immediately.  She just stated plainly that it would not happen.   I am a 75 yr. old widow & feel this is a complete rip-off!  All my working life I was an accountant & do not feel that I am that gullible & didn't read the ad thoroughly.  I want my $175.90 back & NeuLIFT to be exposed for what they are!
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1377075
Jun 04 2017
07:24 PM
Neulift anti aging cream Neulift Skin Took money from my bank without permission Fountain Valley California
 I recieved an email from Walgreens stating I had earned a gift! I ordered the neulift cream payed shipping and handling of 4.95, RECIEVED the jar and thought nothing more of it on June 2 opened my bank and there was a charge for their product for $89.95, Being on a fixed income I completely panicked and stressed out upon finding a number I called them and was treated like I should know better 1. no terms and conditions were presented 2. no permission given to use my bank debit? they are a complete scam
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1374125
May 19 2017
09:31 AM
NeuLift Anti-Aging Cream NeuLift advertisement from Costco is an bait and trap Rancho Cucamonga California
I received an email offer from Costco to try NeuLift at a discounted price/offer and I only paid a few dollars for shipping the sample. After doing this, I was charged $89.95 just 15 days later. I called the number listed on my bank draft to see what had gone wrong. This is when I learned it was an automatic sign-up and that I supposably agreed to this. I reviewed my printed receipt but the T.C. are blank.  I argued to cancell this and return the charge but I was unsuccessful with getting a return. All I could get was cancelling any future orders but that still took some time as the lady was trying to renegotiate staying a customer for $70 something! I could only laugh and tell her there is no way I'm buying from such a dishonest company. I'm now attempting to contacting Costco - haven't heard back yet. Its my believe Costco would not like this business smearing their good name. However, at this point, I believe I was scammed by this company and using Costco to do so. 
Entity: Rancho Cucamonga, California
18, Report #1384337
Jul 10 2017
08:00 AM
NeuLift Skin Cream CSR- Keith Smith (doubt this is his last name) NeuLift-Ripoff Company Fountain Valley California
On June 26,2017 I ordered a trial sample of NeuLift skin cream. The advertisement said it would cost. $0.99 for shipping and $1.95 for the trial product. On July 10, 2017 I was notified by my credit card company of a fraudulent charge of $89.95 from NeuLift. My credit card company blocked this charge. I called NeuLift at 866-329-6210 and spoke with a CSR Keith (Smith). I don't believe this is his last name. I told him that the company tried to charge my credit card an unauthorized charge and that this was fraud. He started arguing with me so I ask for a supervisor which he refused to transfer me to a supervisor. I asked him for a return label to send the trial sample back. He said he could not do that and that they did not want the product back; that I had agreed to the charges after 14 day trial ended. I told him I was not aware of this and told him again this was fraud. Therefore, I am filing this complaint so no one else will fall for this unethical practice or believe NeuLift advertisements.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
19, Report #1379795
Jun 18 2017
06:24 PM
NeuLift Skin Products NeuLIFT Anti-Aging Serum - .5 fl. ozNeuLIFT Anti-Aging Cream - .5 fl. oz Skin Care Scam & Rip Off Artists Fountain Valley California
After taking a survey (Google Based), I was offered a free sample but had to pay #1.99 to cover shipping.  Apparently, there was find print or a disclaimer that I did not see where if one doesn't cancel within 14 days, both products will be sent at a cost of $96 & $92 respectively. This was discovered after receiving a second set & wondering if I'd forgotten & answered another survey & reviewing my credit card statement.  They're in cahoots too because I used my card for the initial $1.99 shipping fee, I had given the company the go ahead to charge me for something I never ordered. I contacted NeuLIFT & asked for an address so I could return the product, as I didn't want it.  I asked for the customer service person's last name, which I got.  However, unitl I searched online for an address, I'm not sure that would even help. I asked again to cancel the 'subscription stating fraudulent service.  Upon threatening to report to my state's attorney general's office & the better business bureau, all I got was an offer to reduce my payment by 35% on each product.  This business would not cancel their charge to my credit card.  With this company, apparently the customer is wrong See the Fine Print! Keep in mind that I am contacting my credit card company again, sending letters to the better business bureau & attorney generals' offices here & in California.  In addtion, I am contacting my local TV Station's consumer reporter who looks into scams. In addition, I searched out the address on Google Maps & it's located in a shopping center. However, there did not seem to be a physical location listed on the signs, just a business named Xuan Lan #C Skin Care, go figure! As you will see from the enclosed, attached web page, it offers a return policy, however, I was told repeatedly there's no place for the products to return. Here's their stated refund/return policy, which they stated to me, they will not honor: You have 30 days to request your refund after you receive your order. You will be refunded for each unopened unit you send back only.  To return a product, you will need to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number by contacting (855) 686-0549.  Customer service will email you an RMA number within 24-48 hours of your request.  You will be refunded for each unopened unit you send back only.  You will need to send in the unopened unit back to the address provided below.  Upon receipt, you will receive a refund of the purchase price minus shipping and handling.  Refused or returned packages that are sent without prior approval from Customer Care are not eligible for a refund. Return Address: NeuLift Skin Instant Wrinkle Reducer 16027 Brookhurst St., Suite #402 Fountain Valley, CA 92708 RMA # _____________ Be sure to write your RMA# on the outside of the envelope for proper account credit.  
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
20, Report #1379686
Jun 18 2017
09:09 AM
neulift Skin Skin Refresh Line Using Celebrities to scam Neulift Skin Fraud Alert Fountain Valley California
This company uses and add using Joanna Gaines claiming she has started a new skin care company.  Which is not true.  That in itself it completely false information and fraudulent.  They say they will send you a trial size product, which is infact a full size product they will charge you full price for approximately one week after the arrival of your product.  They say you get the trial for 14 days.  However, you don't receive the product for several days.  It is at the very least deceptive trickery. They claim a money back guarantee, which they DO NOT honor.   There is nothing above board about this company.   They are dishonest at best.  I wish people like this could be completely put out of business never to be heard from again.  They give good products and businesses a poor name and do nothing to promote humanity.  They lack a moral compass and have a horrible product.   I have contacted them repeatedly to no avail.  I pray that no one else buys from this company.
Entity: Fountain Valley , California
21, Report #1393543
Aug 17 2017
02:59 PM
neulift skin cream neulift eye serum Scam - do not even consider the 14 day trial - 2 charges of $94.90 & $91.90 on CC Fountain Valley California
Was lured to use free points when informaed I was elligible to try the 2 products. Next I see on my bank statement that they charged me 3 x for the 2 products $91.90 & $94.90... that's almost $600.00 in scame. When I called to complain, I was informed that I have agrred to the terms and that the charges were valid. They had no return policy, even if the box was not opened.I hope an attorney or a Law Firm hear about this and try to persue a lawsuit. Someone needs to get their a**es kicked.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
22, Report #1403215
Sep 29 2017
04:45 PM
NeuLift anti-aging cream/NeuLift anti-aging serum Eyerebuildline.comCashchw-skingalvinize Charged credit card with unauthorized payments Fountain Valley California
 I authorized shipping charges to be charged to my credit card. I did not authorize auto shipment or payment. I did contact the company(ies) to have the charges rescinded. I was offered a discount, only. Asked to speak with a supervisor five times. Was denied and then put on hold for five minutes. I then called the second number on file and requested the same. Company will not reimburse any charges in full. I then called my credit card and filed a dispute.
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
23, Report #1391520
Aug 09 2017
11:13 AM
NeuLift, Neueye took a survey online they had Amazon on the survey was told take the survey and would get product from Neulift FREE ..just pay shipping 7.99 ...NEULIFT then took 358.00 out of my Checking account as recurring payment in 4 different amounts Totaling 358.00 called NEULIFT was hung up on twice put on hold for 20 min Neulift will not reimburse me my money California Internet
I took a survey online was told take the survey   get Neulift product for free just pay shipping of 7.99  Neulift then debt my account  358.00 in 4 payments before I cault it    Called Neulift   was hung up on 3 times  put on hold for 20 min.   rNeulift will not Reinburse me my money     7.99  to 358.00    this Company is a SCAM 
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1380878
Jun 23 2017
02:06 PM
NeuLift Skin Care NeuLift RIP OFF! Walgreen's site. NeuLift pop-up appears. Want to try this cream for $5.99 with your order today? Sure, I do. NEXT thing you know you're getting billed $91.90 x 2=$183.80 EVERY MONTH and they DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS! STAY AWAY! Fountain Valley California
YIKES!   On Walgreens site ordering medical product.  Pop-up Would you like to try NeuLift eye cream for $5.99?   Sure, I would!  Enter credit card info.  NEXT thing you know you're receiving little brown boxes every month (who uses a whole containern of eye cream in 30 days?!!!)  to the tune of $183.80 per MONTH!   I didn't open boxes becuase i order vitamins online ell the time, adn assumed that's what was in teh boxes.  Today, I opened the box at work and saw it was this cream.  I thought it was a MISTAKE.  I called NeuLift. You agreed to the terms when you clicked Yes on the site.  No refunds allowed.  Can you BELIEVE this?  I'm telling you right now, these people are con artists.  They  just kekep saing you signed up fo rit . It is DEFINITELY not clear taht (a) they will bill your credi tcard every month; (b) you cannot return ANYTHING; (c) this is a call center that works for a bunch of companies.   Ask them the owner/President's name, they WILL NOT tell you!?    How shady is that?!   I went to and it reads at the bottom You must call 855-686-0549 to start your refund process.   But they tell you on the phone that they don't issue refunds.  How shady is THAT?   I am furious.  If you tell them you're disputing on your card, they reply Go ahead, you signe dthe agreement.   Obviously there are hidden screens there that we didn't read.   I hope these peole get shut down. The only address they will give you is the SHIPPING address (where you can't return anything, LOL).   SHADY, shady.  PLEASE report them to the BBB.   Oh...they also tell you: We reserve the right to refuse refunds to anyone who is not well intended.  WHAT?!   Call 3 times, adn 3 different shady people will give you 3 different answers, which all equate to:  You lost over $600 with us, lady, and there's not a damned thing you can do about it.   Horrors. I am a certified paralegal in Chicago.  I'm not stupid.  I guarantee you it said NOTHING on the screen when I clicked the little box to order that read:  We will bill your account $183.80/month until you cancel.   OR We have retained your credit card #.   OR  NO REFUNDS ALLOWED ONCE SHIPPED.   Can you believe this?   Unreal.  Let's hope we can PROVE that they do not divulge any of this ON THE SCREEN WHEN YOU ORDER.  You probably have to click somewhere else.  OH, and the last laugh is, when I told them I'm reporting them to BBB, etc. they said We can offer you 75% off on future shipments, but we cannot refund any money.   75% off?  NEWSFLASH:  75% OFF FOR A PRODUCT I'VE BEEN AUTO-BILLED $183.80/MONTH PROVES that they are charging quadruple more than this product is worth!  Con artists.  
Entity: Fountain Valley, California
25, Report #1406202
Oct 14 2017
09:08 AM
neulift neulift anti aging serum and cream talk to Theresa about the bill that followed after supposedly ordering the free trial for 4.95 and 5.95 respectively for neulift anti aging cream and eye serum Internet
I ordered the neulift anti aging cream for free and should only cost me shipping. Upon check out another product , tha eye serum was also offered for free and just paid for the shipping. Lo and behold when I checked on my bank account I saw a bill for $85.95 and 89.95 respectively. I called the number provided and was answered by Theresa and she offered me a 35% discount and 50% to which I refuses. I requested my account to be cancelled an supposedly it was where a confirmation was recieved. I agree to the other clients who were decived like I did. They need to be reported to prevent more unethical businness such as this.
Entity: Internet

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