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1, Report #1403454
Oct 01 2017
09:40 AM
New way health FALSE ADVERTISING Internet
 Stated clinical trial. One time offer of $5.95. I have called multiple times to cancel any future orders as the product made me ill. I log on to my account today and they charged me 79.95. I once again emailed them and told them I was turning it over to my bank as an unauthorized transaction if they had not refunded my money by 8am Monday morning. Total RIP Off!
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1405655
Oct 11 2017
02:16 PM
Praza health Unauthorized withdrawal of funds, there is no way to contact them Phoenix, Arizona
They charged me 94.95 for caffine tablets.  I tried to close my account with them and the operator just kept telling me about other products that I stated again to close my account.  The operator kept going on and on about discounts and still trying to have me purchase one of their items and again I stated to close my account and I was going to go to the bank and have them put a hold on their withdrawals.  It got to the point after about 5 times of telling the operator to close my account that I had to hang up.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1421069
Jan 04 2018
12:57 PM
New Way Health New way Health Free CBD oil pay only shipping for 5.99 . Then I was charged 79.95 a few weeks later. They said I was supposed to call and cancel. My package had no information on it. Nothing about a trial. Internet
I ordered a free sample of CBD oil and the only charge was for shipping in the amount of $5.95 which my account was charged on September 28, 2017. On November 3, 2017, $79.95 was drawn from my bank account for an additional shipment. I did not order any additional shipment nor did I ever receive any additional shipments of the CBD oil they claim to have sent. There was nothing in the package when I received the free sample as far as contact information or anything else. I would never have agreed to make any additional purchases of this product. I am disputing the charge with my bank at this time. They are charging for a product I did not order nor did I ever recieve any additional product after the free sample. This place is a total rip off and I still have no contact infomation to contact the company direct on the matter.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1389786
Aug 01 2017
04:36 PM
New way Health Free CBD oil pay only shipping for 5.99 . Then I was charged 79.95 a few weeks later. They said I was supposed to call and cancel. My package had no information on it. Nothing about a trial. Arizona Internet
 I was thought to believe I was getting a bottle of CBD oil for shipping only. Then I was charged 79.95. They said I was supposed to call and cancel within 14day. They never mentioned it anywhere. My package didn't contain any information about who to contact.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #729308
May 14 2011
01:16 PM
PJP Health Agency is fraudulent in every possible way and I will continue to report this dishonest behavior to every consumer advocacy agency and website to inform consumers, Internet
I don't understand how PJP Health Agency is allowed to operate the way they do. In 2010, I had a problem with PJP Health Agency paying a in network doctor bill that they clearly owed. It took a year, and the involvement of the state's insurance board to finally get them to pay. However, it took a lot of stress and grief on my part to stay with it. MY ADVICE: Put every request to them in writing. I called PJP Health Agency repeatedly over the year, and everytime, I was told that it was their error and they would fix it. They never did until they were forced to pay. I was just denied the cost of a visit to my family doctor who is in their network. This time around, I am again sending my compliant to the state insurance department immediately and I will put all complaints in writing until they pay the bill. I have had enough of this insurance company and I have canceled my policy. PJP Health Agsncy is fraudulent in every possible way and I will continue to report this dishonest behavior to every consumer advocacy agency and website to inform consumers. PJP Health Agency is most foul.
Entity: , Internet
6, Report #1362173
Mar 16 2017
12:44 PM
CD Diet & Health Rip off Professionals: Max Garcinia, Max Green Coffee trials are grossly misunderstood and way too expensive! San Diego California
When I ordered trial bottles of Max Garcinia and Max Green Coffee, I thought they were free and I just had to pay for shipping. Maybe I overlooked something, but if I did, it must have been pretty small. Needless to say, I was charged 93.99 for one and 93.95 for the other. Ridiculous prices!! Who can afford that? Celebrities in California? I have cancelled future orders. Even if this works, I can not afford to pay those amounts every month! They are ripping people off, big time! I was told per phone conversation that I had so many days to try and if I did not cancel after that, I would be charged for each bottle. I did not have the option to send them back. Obviously I waited too long. I almost had checks bouncing right and left, because I was not expecting those amounts to be debited to my bank account. Now, I do not trust them. They are ripping people off and something should be done about it. If nothing else, they could reduce their prices, so people like me could afford it. That was not their plan though, was it? It would be nice to get a partial refund, but I doubt it.
Entity: San Diego, California
7, Report #453623
May 20 2009
08:12 AM
I searched the web for health insurance for several weeks. I was contacted by several different comanies. One of those being New Health Choice (NBC HEALTH). When the guy called I couldnt understand him. SO he called for his supervisor. Her name was Christina. She got on the phone and explained their services. I thought this was a great deal. She told ne that it was a one time registration fee of $129.80 and a monthly charge of the same. I dont know alot about health insurance. This was my first time inquiring about it on my own. So i thought this was a great deal. She told me that my debit card would be charged every 30 days after registration. I told her that i didnt mind paying it as long as it helped pay for my meds. Being that I pay $1,800 a month out of pocket for them each month She went on to explain to me how their services work. Christina said tat when I go to the doctor they would pay 80% of the cost. She said that name brand scripts would cost me $4o.00 and generic would be $15.00. She said that I would also have dental and vision. I ask her atleast 10 times during our conversation If she was sure this would pay for my medicine. She assured me everytime. She said they had a network of atleast 100,00 doctors. She told me if I sign up that I would recieve an email in 24 hours with my member id on it. Christina said that I could use it in 24 hours if i needed to. Well I didnt recieve the email until 4 days later when I called her back. I told her I hadnt recieved it so she gave me a number to NBC HEALTH. I talked to a lady there. She gave me my member id number and told me that i did have their services. By this time I had done some research on this comapany and found several ripoff reports on them. I called Christina back and told her that I had found numerous reports on them at ripoffreports . She told me that they were all untrue. I told her that i wanted to talk to someone at their corporate office. I ask her for the address and phone number. She couldnt give me either one. She said that I could get in contact with them at 1-877-446-8700. Which is the number u contact her at. She said that she didnt know the corporate offices address right off the tiop of her head. She told me that I could go to the BBB.ORG and check them out. So, I did.They are NOT an accredited busines with the BBB in central Florida. I found complaints on them. The BBB lists their business name,address,and phone number. I decided to call the number that was listed. A lady answered the phone, as if it were a home phone. I ask if this was New Health Choice. She said 'NO. I told her that I had found her number on the BBB's website listed as New Health Choice business number. She said that she didnt know that it was on there. She went on to tell me that a guy that works for New Health Choice used to live there. I really got suspicious then. If this is so, then why does she still have his same home number if he no longer lives there? I called my bank and of course they had already taken the money out. I had tocancel all my cards.My bank is investigaing them for fraud. I filed a report with the BBB, and also with Attorney General In Florida. Im waiting now to see what comes from all of this. If these people call you, PLEASE do NOT fall for there crap. They will take ur money and line their own pockets. They dont care that they are taking food off of innocent childrens tables by doing this. The money they took from me would have bought two weeks worth of groceries at my house. I am still with No insurance and still having to pay $1,800 a month for meds. Anonymous_n_tn lafollette, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Ocala, Florida
8, Report #18243
Apr 05 2002
11:07 AM
Lucille Roberts Membership scam - no way out!!! deceptive company Bronx New York
When I was joining the gym, for the second time, there was a promotion: $200 for 2 years. What a great deal! I went and joined. I was familiar with the receptionist, so I told her rather than charge my credit card, I would return the next day with the cash. She said fine, put my membership to the side, and took my credit card information just to hold the membership. According to her, she had to charge my credit card 1 cent to hold the membership. I said fine. When i returned with the cash, which was about $224, the new girl at the counter said there was no such promotion, and that I was already signed up for a 2 year monthly membership. I told her that was ridiculous that I had signed up for a 2 year cash payment, and she said it was already done. As luck would have it, I found out that next week i was pregnant. So i contacted the company to cancel and they said i couldn't. What would happen is that I would get up to a maximum of 3 months free at the end of the 2-year contract, provided I sent them a doctor's note giving my pregnancy information and due date. So, now I've closed my credit card account, paid it in full, and I want to cancel the contract. Again, I can't! They say in order to cancel the contract I will have to pay $229.00, which is the amount due when the contract is complete. So in other words, there is no way to get out of this contract, that I never signed up for in the first place. More gym, less money, Yeah Right!!! Madeline Bron, New York
Entity: Bronx, New York
9, Report #684836
Jan 20 2011
02:00 PM
Urban Nutrition Another deceptive way of doing business Jersey City, New Jersey
Came across this company, ordered a trial product. The way it is set up is totally misleading and started to be charged on my credit card..for something I didn't order... Keep away!!!!! to avoid the hassle to have to cancel your card and stop the flow!!!!!    
Entity: Jersey City, New Jersey
10, Report #1406586
Oct 16 2017
12:00 PM
Simple Health Internet
 I was contacted by simple health for affordable health insurance for myself & my son it ended up being $217 per month with a $350 fee the first month it was for health, dental & vision it was more than I wanted to spend but the cheapest I could have gotten after having it for 4 months I tried to use it i was told to pay out of pocket & file a claim long story short i heard nothing back for 3 weeks when I called them i was put on hold no less than an hr until i get tired & hang up this place is dangerous the stole a lot of money from me pls Beware
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1001205
Jan 22 2013
12:20 PM
Natural Health Network Mountain Valley Integrated Solutions, Colonflow, Purasilk, Gylcosine, worked there, horrible place. Plattsburgh, New York
I used to work here at Mountain Valley Integrated, the call center that does the so called customer service for Natural Health. They train their workers to basically be what all the other reports said they are. I was hired as a customer service representative. I quit because this is not what customer service means to me in any way.  They are encouraged to lie I use the product myself, tell people to almost go against (without going against legally) doctor's advice, and their products do hardly anything and could possibly be harmful. Using sales psychology (read manipulation) they do anything to save the sale.  They sell all natural products to people with high blood sugar, weightloss, male enhancement, and facial creams in the UK, US, and Canada as well as internationally. They make fun of people constantly the whole company core values seemed to be summed up in my former boss' statement I'm not a nice person. The operator I sat in with kept flipping off the phone she was talking into so the woman, who seemed nice if concerned about the product and couldn't afford it, the operator then was rewarded for selling her a double commitment - while flipping off the phone.  I'm sorry I can't get rich off of people's misery I had to quit. The staffing agency I went through said all sales are like that, I disagreed to the point where I said I didn't want to be in sales if it would harm someone's health. Do not buy anything from this company or really any informercial online or on tv that claims to be all natural and a health claim. I've learned that they cover themselves through all their disclaimers and legally they do. I think this is horrible, please do something about this
Entity: Plattsburgh, New York
12, Report #465594
Jun 27 2009
02:42 PM
ResVPur no way to contact these people to cancel order Delaware
Pop up the Dr. Oz & Oprah page that they endorse this product ResVPur. I received 2 shipments but noticed some strange activity on my checking state as I readied to call & cancel due to job loss. The 888# is fake & is different on each statement. What s up with this? Scam or what? Resvpur Pleasantville, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Delaware
13, Report #133508
Mar 02 2005
08:11 PM
New Health Savings ripoff New Jersey
i have just filed a complaint with the goverment about this company. I also talked with a federal agent who is a friend of mine. she could only offer advise being she doesnt have this case open or apointed to her but she told me to have the bank account changed if possable or call the bank to make a freeze on that transaction and ask the bank if you are liable if one happens to slip by or if there system does a auto block from that account taking from your bank.she also said to go to and try to file with the stae goverment were there phone area code is from. also file with the BBB. and the goverment at i will keep you all posted on further information.also i will call them in the morning when thay are open to see if i can get more info from the people at new health savings(scammers) George bartlett, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: New Jersey
14, Report #1255070
Sep 06 2016
03:00 PM
Entity: New York, New York
15, Report #1408497
Oct 25 2017
10:43 AM
Elite Health Advisors Simple Health Scamming people desperate for affordable health insurance Internet
On October 25, 2017 Patrick Murphy represented himself as agent for Elite Health Advisors, adding that Simple Health is a sister company, and offered a discount medical savings plan, urging me to sign up immediately, supposedly before the open enrollment period starting November 1. He took my social security number and driver's license number, supposedly to get information on whether there were any DUI's on my record. I had already become suspicious as I'd never been asked for my driver's license before. I became wholly alarmed when he requested my bank routing number and I have NEVER been asked for that information---that's when I hung up the phone. The website is one-page with a phone number and contact email. It looks like a scam and now I'm calling my bank to make sure no one tries to access my account. So disgusted and worried that I gave my Social Security and Driver's license numbers.  How pathetic that these vultures are profitting from honest folk just trying to save on their ridiculously high health insurance costs.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1392028
Aug 11 2017
10:28 AM
new you underware order received with no receite or return form..item ordered was way to small than ordered (2x but sent xs) hayden Idaho
Entity: hayden, Idaho
17, Report #1181249
Oct 06 2014
01:24 PM
Optimum One Health Patriot Health Total Health AccessUnited Health Programs of health insurance scam Syosset New York
After inquiring  via phone and internet on 10-3-2014.  I was contacted by the above numbersShe said she was a broker (Antionette Neal)  and  had access to all insurance policys - nationwide.  But no individual policies were available right now…however she has a group plan of 40,000 via SIGNA MULTI PLAN PPO.    But i would have to apply to the group  as they only take certain people that are fairly healthy.  She thinks I might qualify.      Antoinette put me on hold and  sent in my information and was excited to tell me that they had accepted me into their group.    Only a few policies were available so I would have to join now or lose the opportunity.   When they reach a certain number, it is CLOSED for the year.  my insurance would have to begin on nov 24th instead of Jan 1.   they have a 30 day waiting period so I could begin using on Dec 24th—only a few days before my current insurance expired.   The Multi Plan uses  'repricing' and 'cash benefits'.   No co pays or deductible at all.  The repricing reduces every bill 70%.  The cash benefits apply on every bill.  This insurance is accepted by 83% of all doctors and medical facilities.   She walked me through the Multiplan online benefits  to show me that my doctor accepts multi plan.   This plan even includes dental.   Can use any dentist and get one annual free cleaning and then 60% off all dental procedured.  Even includes a 500,000 dollar life insurance policy at no charge.  For  online prescriptions she told me to go to '' which turns out to be a list of online providers. I agreed to purchase this Signa Multi Plan PPOBlanket Group Ins Plan --- underwriters:  Freedom Lifeconfirmation# CXL1442 to begin on nov 24, 2014by Antionette Neal - corporate # 877 203 3021 ext 307    direct line  888-589 0026 ext 307Supervisor Account Mgr - Nay Parker  888 589 0028  ext 502 She instructs me to call my insurance provider and request a certificate of credible coverage and fax to her at 877 711 9968 Then I rec'd confirmation of insurance via email fromOPTIMUM ONE HEALTH- FreedomI tried to call my agent back and the number is no longer in serviceThe direct line had recording that mailbox was full. Nay Parkers phone was a working number and she told me to just ignore this confirmation from OPTIMUM ONE HEALTH.   This is just the add on policy for dental, vision and hearing.   saw the ripoff reports and knew I had been scammed.called OPTIMUM ONE to cancel and demand refund.  called my credit card company to alert them.   An amount of 407.55 was already pending as well as an additional charge of 60.00 from 'Total Health Access' called my insurance company to cancel the request for certificate of ins. I wish I knew a way to help shut this company down.  What a shame this is going on!  And what a shame that they train these young people to pretend to be insurance agents and lie to them to get their hands on their credit card information and their social security number.    And how sad that people are falling for the scam and wont even know until they need to use it to discover that they have NO insurance at all for doctors, hospitals or prescriptions.        
Entity: Syosset, New York
18, Report #1426154
Jan 30 2018
11:13 AM
New Way Health - , Diet Supplements-SEC, There was ad on Facebook; said nothing about a 14-day trial! Only a free bottle of CBD oil. Just pay postage of $5.95. No invoice came with package. Only a bottle of oil. No confirmation e-mail. Nothing bout a 14 day trial! Later came the $79.95 charge. Bank blocked it, but it came through again. Charged $79.95 for another bottle I never received. Las Vegas Nevada
There was ad on Facebook; said nothing about a 14-day trial! Only a free bottle of CBD oil. Just pay postage of $5.95. No invoice came with package. Only a bottle of oil. No confirmation e-mail.Just 36 (different addresses) e-mail trying to get me to buy it again. After finally tracking down company, called , asked them to stop charging my card $79.95. At first they wanted my phone number to do callback. When I refused they hung up.Called again, got a different person, who looked up my account. Said my name would be removed as of the date of my call. However, because I did not call within the 14 days, I would be charged $79.95 for the first bottle I received and $79.95 for the second bottle.  did not receive a second bottle. She said my account would be cancelled. However, that will not stop the more than 20 e-mails a week I receive for me to buy this oil. These e-mails have begun to be very disguised now.These people prey upon especially the elderly who have such illnesses as severe arthritis and are desperately trying to find some pain relief. This product DOES NOT OFFER THAT PAIN RELIEF. IT IS A SCAM!
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
19, Report #7371
Oct 28 2001
12:00 AM
Peakhealth Burns Health Affiliate ripoff
My web site, DrumLib's Health Research Review, ( joined the affiliate program offered by Peakhealth ( through the Linkshare affiliate network. According to the agreement, Peakhealth would pay us when we accumulated $100 in affiliate commissions. This did not happen. Our emails concerning this matter went unanswered, so eventually we removed them from our site. By this time, Peakhealth owed us $214.05 in affiliate commissions. I have a screen shot of the Linkshare accounting that documents this fact: Linkshare has not lifted a finger to help us collect this money -- they say that they just do the tracking and accounting, so we should take Peakhealth to small claims court or something. Interestingly, Linkshare continues to recruit affiliates (or should I say victims) for Peakhealth's affiliate program. Since this money was LONG overdue, we sent Peakhealth yet another email notifying them that, if they did not pay us the money they owed us, we would have no choice but to resort to formal collection activities. Although Peakhealth did not bother to reply to this email, they did immediately drop us from their affiliate program. I have a screen shot that documents this fact: The facts speak for themselves, and there is no excuse for a business to treat its affiliates like this. The bottom line is Peakhealth owes me $214.05. I appreciate any help in collecting this debt, since Peakhealth clearly has no intention of paying it. Sincerely, Selma Pohlmann
Entity: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
20, Report #1877
Mar 30 2000
12:00 AM
Platinum Health & Fitness ..Bogus Billing
I returned a postcard for a free membership in the health club. I was called by a salesman, who tried to sell me a three year membership - for OVER $450.00 per year. When I said I only wanted me free membership, he got angry, said OK, and hung up. I was shocked to receive a BILL, for a three year membership about a week later. Of course, I did not pay it. I hope others do not fall for this free member scam.
Entity: Amherst, New York
21, Report #371691
Sep 10 2008
01:43 PM
Performance Health Acai Berry Scam Orem Utah
The scam works like this. They call you and tell you that you requested a free sample. They promise that no charges will be made on your card, and they give you a web address ensuring that you can cancel. Once you receive the bottle, and you see the charges, with a phone number, you cannot reach anyone. The phone number states that there is a 45 minute wait for the next operator. They give you a website to nowhere. The bottle states Just hang up the phone if they call you, if you give them your credit card, get ready to spend your time disputing charges and getting frustrated. Peter Windham, New HampshireU.S.A.
Entity: Orem, Utah
22, Report #1305004
May 11 2016
02:13 PM
Jang Health Group Lyt DermaRevive Derma
 I agree with the other people who have made similar reports. I saw the product on Facebook. They offered free product with only a shipping charge. I agreed to the at the shipping charges for free product. Well, I received a charge for the product when it was automatically shipped the following month. I called them the day I received the auto ship product and told them to cancel my account and refund me fr the product I received. They told me once I receive it it cannot be returned for credit. They kept offering me discounts down to $20 to stay on auto shop. I told them absolutely not and told them I was going to report them to the better business bureau.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1385167
Jul 13 2017
06:36 AM
Highland Health Insurance Internet
 I apply for health insurance online and these people called me. They claim to be better than Obamacare. They said Obamacare doesn't pay anything except for doctor visits. No labs, bloodwork or even hospital stays. They claim to have a PPO insurances where you only pay your co-pays. They claim there is no deductibles. They call my phone every single day trying to get me to give them my credit card information . Glad I read these reports first.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #288808
Dec 04 2007
08:08 AM
Critical Health Care A MAJOR RIPOFF ON HEALTH INSURANCE Turnersville New Jersey
I signed up for this health insurance because it sounded like a good plan and not too expensive. They took the funds out of my bank account and said they would be sending me something thru the mail in about 2-3 weeks. It has been 2 months since then and I still haven't received anything. When I googled the telephone number, it came up as a ripoff company. I have contacted my bank and they will be getting the funds back for me but I have also contacted an attorney on this matter. This company is a major ripoff and I want to let everyone else know about it. Marie Okeechobee, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Turnersville, New Jersey
25, Report #1100187
Nov 18 2013
12:35 AM
Patriot Health UCA Sham Health Insurance Co. Syosset New York
I also signed up with the same company named Patriot Health  under an official sounding name of Multiplan. I was toldit was a PPO network and I was eligible under special enrollment on Beb 28, 2013. I was told it was garanteed coverage with zero co-pays. I was told it included diagnostic tests, labs, meds, med./surgical, hospitalization and that I could go to my current physicians. They charged me a $99 enrollment fee and told me I had 30 days to cancel. They deducted $310 a month for 8 months totaling $2600. My physicians didn't accept the insurance. I called Patriot Helath UCA (United Caring Association) for claim forms in October 2013, and told them that my physicians didn't accept the plan and that I wanted to get reminbursed for my doctor appointments. They then asked me if my doctors were listed in their plan. I told them the agent who enrolled me said I could see any doctor I wanted. I was ripped off $2600. The agent lied to me about the the coverage. This company is a scam and hires telemarketers posing as insurance agents to enroll gullible people who can't afford Blue Cross, Atna, Health Net, Cigna and all the other major medical health insurance companies. I was getting charged over $600 a month from Health Net and that's why I cancelled it and signed up with Patiriot Health in Febrary because I couldn't afford to pay that much. Patriot Health sounded so good for $310 a month but they didn't pay for anything the whole 8 months I was under their so-called plan! So I'm now obligated to pay the entire costs of my doctor appointments, lab work and tests on top of what I paid Patirot Health every month! I think a class action lawsuit is in order here! I'm sure they've scamed hundreds of people like me!!!
Entity: Syosset, New York

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