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1, Report #1254390
Sep 11 2015
05:19 PM
LINE-NEWS ANYTHING WITH NEWS lines-news new york Internet
 I sign-up with this Internet Company to earn money from home while reading the news, First I was responding to a link from craigslist so I read everything did my research and it seem legit very legit, so about 09/02/2015, I notice that my two payments where still in process and for there site it states either bring 5 friends and get your money even quickier I did that and there's no record of my referrals or anytihng. Don't trust this site, I sent 4 emails and never got a response and it seems to me there trying to steal your banking information be aware.  
Entity: Internet
2, Report #232334
Jan 23 2007
10:22 PM
Connecticut Post-Media News Group Connecticut Post suppresses important news Bridgeport Connecticut
COMMON SENSE STOP reading and subscribing to CONNECTICUT POST until it REFRAINS from suppressing the NEWS.What we need to do now is to BANISH the poor excuse of a newspaper, CONNECTICUT POST, which is actually The Bridgeport Post. When I called this newsletter, The Bridgeport Post Newsletter, the owners of CT POST sued me to get the court to order me to stop using that name, claiming ownership and expended some $100,000 in legal fees to do so. NOW I urge YOU to STOP reading Connecticut Post. STOP subscriptions to the POST and DO NOT SUPPORT their advertisers. Tell companies that advertise therein that you will not support them until they stop supporting the POST. STOP reading The FAIRFIELD CITIZEN, a subsidiary as well as their other newspapers that allows the editors to control the news all over Fairfield County. For brief examples of suppression: An illegal massage parlor was operating in Fairfield over DeVores Bakery, now closed and I told the POST 's Fairfield reporter about this situation over six years ago to no avail and his superiors told him to lay off the story. Young women were forced to perform illegal sex activities as part of a more serious crimes of these women illegally entering America and having to payback their collaborators by prostituting themselves. They may have been responsible for the closing of DeVores Bakery. There was a set ARSON fire at my house, on Capitol Avenue, and not a single word in the POST despite their continued coverage of evey major fire in Bridgeport. This fire was caused by ARSON and I saved the house depite being foreclosed on for back taxes by the city and by FABIRIZI and his gang of crooked lawyers, QUATTRELA & RIZIO. The FIRE MARSHALL refuses to return my calls and FABRIZI has banned this newsletter from reaching city employees. Now the new owners who paid some $177,000 for a house appraised at $305,000 , Now they are waiting to collect on fire insurance so the house will have cost them nothing, and I am out in the cold despite being am ill person and elderally. There is no protection in Connecticut for elderly and ill people from foreclsore and if there is, no lawyer in Bridgeport will represent me as they all fear the FABRIZI machine. Fabrizi admits to COKE use, alcohol abuse and other vices and he still runs the biggest city in Connecticut. NOW I urge you to BAN the POST. DEAN SINGLETON, its absentee owners may wake up and FIRE the chief as he has fired ecery editor who had the courage to express his own thoughts and not those of ROBERT LASKA. George Bridgeport, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Bridgeport, Connecticut
3, Report #1405810
Oct 12 2017
09:44 AM
Orcs Media Charged! Internet
I was looking for puzzle books on line and came across a website that said it was free but I had to register. It asked for a credit card for future purchases but that I would not be charged for anything today. At the end of the registration I was informed that it was a 5 day trial. When I hit the terms a blank box opened. I called to cancel right away and discovered I had been charged for a donation to UNICEF. I was told everything would be cancelled and I would get a refund. I never clicked on anything saying I agreed to pay for anything.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1119542
Jan 30 2014
10:10 AM
job news harassment harassment Louisville Kentucky
 this company got my work phone number, and constantly solicits me to use there service. After countless attempts to tell the company I dont want there service they have refused to stop calling me and tieing up my work phone line, One employee told me the best way to make the calls stop is to take the service, while another told me there is no law governing business to business solicitation so they could call me as much as I want until I take the service. I even contacted there corporate office and was told they would handle it for a few weeks the calls stopped but now there back in full force.     they have called me from these numbers and continue to harass me.614-310-1707901-761-3034614-310-1704
Entity: Louisville, Kentucky
5, Report #153119
Aug 09 2005
04:32 PM
Dallas, Fort Worth News Media All news media is a TOTAL rip off and waste of time! Ripoff Dallas, Ft. Worth Texas
All news media are a total rip-off and should be taken completely from the air waves! In January of 2005, I was fired for NO reason from this small office in Lewisville, Texas. The woman who runs this office SCREWED me out of my last paycheck, which amounted to around $1,500.00!! Because of this woman stealing my last paycheck from me, I lost my apartment, my car, and all of my belongings. I am now destitute and homeless! I contacted EVERY state, city, and government office that deals with any and all aspects of the wage laws in this country. I also contacted many law offices in regards to this, to try and get some help getting my last paycheck. I received NO help or assistance from ANY of these offices/people! My last resort was to contact the media, who I have always seen giving time to any Tom, Dick, and Harry who walks past thier cameras. I contacted EVERY major tv station in the Dallas/Fort Worth and several of the major radio stations, to get some help in this matter and possible let it be publicly known what a THIEF this woman was, and that even the company she had her office through, could not have been bothered with her stealing my last paycheck from me! I received ONE reply from ONE tv station! ONE!! ONE lousy reply, which was sorry, can't help you!!! What a total load! They CAN air some dog getting stuck under a house for three hours on the 10:00pm news!! They CAN air, for WEEKS, some idiot woman who runs off from her finace'!!! They CAN air the most idiotic, useless, worthless, and meaningless stories ever found on this planet.... but they CAN'T put me on the air or let it be publicly known that this thieving woman, who stole my hard earned money, has been obviously sanctioned by the government and all state and city offices, to steal my money from me! The news media in this country is worthless!! If you lost your car keys... call your local tv station!!! They will have it on the 10:00pm news and interrupt local broadcast shows for this... but God forbid you should ACTUALLY need REAL help!!! They cannot be bothered!! Kenneth Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
6, Report #1247148
Aug 07 2015
05:10 PM SCAM! They do not indicate Internet
This is an absolute SCAM. They promise you money for each news article you read. However, they are more like headlines. They also ask you for your PayPal or Paza account number, as well as people for you to refer to them. What they are doing in tracking your internet activity!  Please report them!
Entity: Internet
7, Report #48022
Mar 05 2003
07:58 AM
Consolidated Media Services ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I was contacted one evening by a woman with a sales pitch for magazine subscriptions. I was promised a free gift and told that my name would be submitted into a drwaing. I delined the offer. I was again contacted at least twice per day for about one week at work and on my cell phone until they finally negotiated a better price and I foolishly agreed. Four months later I have recived only two copies of a magazine that I did not even choose as one of my subscriptions, and one of them had no contents, it only had a cover. I have yet to recieve any free gift or hear the results of this drawing, but I have been billed very faithfully for the past four months. I have been contacted by CMS up to 11 times in the same day by different representatives trying to sell me more subscriptions. During these very frequent phone calls I have tried several times to cancel my original order but a recorded conversation of the sales woman and myself was thrown at me reminding me that I was under a contract and if I did not pay than my credit would be affeted. Recently I tried to contact the company myself and I was treated horrible by their representative. I asked to speak with a supervisor and i was told that he was the supervisor on duty for that time. He was very rude to me, treating me like this was somehow my problem that I had recieved nothing for all of this money, and then he reminded me to Have a Good Day and hung up the telephone without even asking if I had any further questions, comments, or concerns. I recomend that if you are ever contacted by this company you decline and stick to it. Do not be swayed by their seemingly discounted offers. In reality their offer would be a great deal, but you will never recieve anything for your money. So be smart and do not give your money away, because you will never get it back. Ally Montgomery, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
8, Report #26781
Aug 12 2002
10:21 PM
Consolidated Media Services ripoff Atlanta Georgia
I have been called at work. Ihave been called at home. I have been called at least five times a day. I did cancel my order, the money was credited back to my account, then without knowing they are taking 50.00 every three weeks out of my bank account. I have not recieved nothing from this company, not one magizene. Ihave not even got this watch that I was suppose to get. My bank account has suffered aprox. 150.00. What am I suppose to do? Holli Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
9, Report #157883
Sep 21 2005
02:22 PM
Honeybee Media IBT, Nadine Media ripoff fraudulent Montreal Canada
Honeybee Media (with all of its million different names) is a huge rip-off. They called me with my information and asked me if I was happy with their services. I told them I didn't subscribe to a company with that name. They read me off a list of magazines that I had currently been getting from a different company. They offered me a gift package (a watch) that the other company offered me as well (and OF COURSE never received)and so I thought I was renewing but I called my other magazine company and they infact told me that it wasn't them how called me. So I have been stuck with trying to get rid of this horrible company, that doesn't even send me any magazines. This isnt even the worst. They got my credit card number and have been taking out money (lot of it) without my permission. I have just now been able to fix this problem. Brandon Newport News, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #598797
Apr 30 2010
08:04 PM
AHN Media Corporation - All Headline News, Do Not Work For them!!! West Palm Beach, Florida
BEWARE of AHN Media Corp. / All Headline News. Go to to see more stories about how W. Jeffrey Brown has stiffed freelancers. He is one of the most unethical people in the news business. This guy hired freelancers all over the world, including India and Canada and the U.S. He relies on their youth and lack of funds to stiff them on weeks worth of work. He will forget to pay for weeks of work and then claim that payroll issued a check. He even provides nonexistent check numbers. In order to escape legal judgments, he just changes the name of the company. One of the lead editors won a judgment against him in court worth tens of thousands of dollars. Instead of paying, he just changed the name of the company again. This man never paid me, and he won't pay you either! Steer clear of this company. You don't want to work with an unethical criminal
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
11, Report #515217
Oct 26 2009
05:23 PM
This post is to inform the Chinese community to be careful of staff and editor of WORLD NEWS PHILIPPINES , UNITED DAILY NEWS and CHINESE COMMERCIAL NEWS as this news paper agency cheat people money. First they can post anything and any fake story over the paper by just asking for money from anyone. Next is that they do not see and check to it first if the post and story are true or not before having them post in their paper. Also staff and media man of this news agency are scammer who swindle people money. beware of them or you will be the next victim of scam and fraud
Entity: MANILA, Internet
12, Report #369157
Sep 02 2008
06:44 PM
Fox News Fox News Deceptions with Reader Response Comments USA Internet
Fox News readers BEWARE. Fox News publishes political articles, but disallows readers from submitting commentary in spite of the Submit Comment boxes they provide. This can only be for one of two reasons: 1. Fox News webmasters and editors are incompetent and don't realize that their comment boxes are not functioning (not likely). 2. Fox News is purposely denying people an opportunity to submit commentary because they fear that commentary from all sides is so negative right now towards their party affiliation (Republican) that they don't want to encourage additional bad press that will contribute to the party's demise. Take a look at this article. Notice that it reads No comments yet, which is a lie because I submitted a comment that never got posted, and the story has been running for hours (from the time of this posting), which is an eternity on the Internet. Hard to believe that not one other person has submitted a comment to this article... Go to any Fox News political story and you will find that all articles are listed with No comments yet. Ex-Fox News Reader Dallas, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1284396
Feb 02 2016
02:34 PM
Empowr social media San Diego Internet
Empowr is a total waste of time. They trick you with their appealing amount balance which they hardly pay you a dime in the end. Not to mention that they never pay me a dollar when I have over $5k balance, the amount shows on your profile balance is just their number game to lure you into using their platform daily and be active on their platform so they will get more people using their website.  With their number game and their bs 90 days matured cashout plus all bunch of utilization fees and ad fees you have to pay when you try to cash out, you won't get a dime and may possible end up letting them taking money out from your paypal account or your credit card.  Don't sign up for that scam.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #626039
Jul 22 2010
11:56 PM
Yonhap News Agency Yonhap Yonhap doesn't pay foreign journalists Seoul, Korea
Yonhap is an extremely dishonest company that will lie about your title, wages and working conditions. They advertise for a copyeditor on journalism job sites. But when you arrive, they tell you that you're in fact a proofreader. Four American journalists resigned in one month because of the abuse they suffered at the hands of management there. I had to file a complaint with Korea's Ministry of Labor to inform them that I was grossly underpaid at Yonhap. They do not pay what you are owed, and they won't admit any wrongdoing. I was duped into believing that the assurances I received by the hiring manager about my employment conditions were accurate and faithfully conducted. I was told I would be paid based on a 5-day work week at 45,000,000 KRW per year, and as a copyeditor. The day I arrived, I was told I was in fact a proofreader and that I wouldn't be allowed to make any changes to the structure or content of stories. I would have never moved to Seoul if I knew the low level nature of the job. Some of the journalists there are very rude and resentful of the expatriates and treat them very badly. They dupe expatriates into paying thousands of dollars to come to Seoul under false and dubious conditions. Yet they offered no apology for the conduct of the company. Yonhap is again advertising for a copyeditor in -- even though the job is a proofreader position. They have no shame in duping yet another person to come to the company under false intentions.
Entity: Seoul, Select State/Province
15, Report #1193162
Dec 04 2014
05:12 PM
Union World News Scam Sales on Advertising United States Internet
So for weeks i get a call. From union world news. They advise me the members have came to my business and we havo give excellent reviews. BS. after today. i know its a scam. They offer a FREE LISTING. then transfer you to the web site to use PAY PAL. This is a SCAm. The money is for them to make art work. i told them i have art work. It was $256 for 2 years. i called some ads and they said they did not even know they are on this site.   They are nothing to do with unions and The United States labor board.   This is 1000% a scam. They take your info . there website past the 1st page is very old school. looks like something from 1995 aol.   Total scam.   I am reporting them to the United States Labor board and the Internet.    
Entity: Internet
16, Report #998493
Jan 17 2013
11:34 AM
Steve Levine ABC6 news reporter= JOKE HYPOCRITE- Columbus, Ohio
Hey everyone just wanted to tell you Steve Levine a news reporter with abc6 news in columbus Ohio is a joke. Steve is a local ''Fighting Back consumer reporter. He even does a segment called Wheel of Justice where they put a wanted criminals picture on a whell and spin it hoping to get tips on these criminals.  The sad part of this is he stands there working with a Franklin County Sheriffs Office Detective which is the same Sheriffs Department that has criminals working for them. Steve Levine and his news station know about the criminals working as Deputys with the Department and refuse to go after them like they do criminals on the streets. Abc6 news was the station that did the story originally on the two Deputys involved in Forgery-Theft- and Fraud but since the Sheriff said he will not prosecute they dropped the case. If this was an average citizen who was involved in a crime like this they would have them on the wheel asking the people to help them locate the criminals, But when its a Franklin County Deputy involved they think its ok... The link above has a copy of the story done by abc6 news. The sad part is since I exposed this situation they have removed the link to the story. You can see the title posting TWO FRANKLIN COUNTY SHERIFF SUPERVISORS DEMOTEDHow does a Sheriff Deputy commit FRAUD-THEFT- AND FORGERY and is not prosecuted like someone in the general public that commits the same crime. They get demoted? keep their pay-retirement benefits and all other benefits??
Entity: Columbus, Ohio
17, Report #1260951
Oct 13 2015
07:32 AM
In the News Sent me a Tampa Florida
This company sent me a plaque of me from a Magazine.  I told them that they could send me an invoice for the plaque.  They sent the plaque for $231.00   I did not request it.  Now, they want me to pay for it and will not give me return postage for the huge wall and heavy wall plaque.  This organiization has been harassing me via bills and phone calls. I will report them and document their predatory practices.
Entity: Tampa, Florida
18, Report #240686
Mar 25 2007
03:13 PM
Jeff Brown AHN Media Corporation - All Headline News Different corporate name, same rip off All Headline News now AHN Media Corp attempt toavoid paying debts Las Vegas Nevada
All Headline News is now AHN Media Corp. Same rip off new address. Jeff Brown moved to Las Vegas and gambled on being able to get away with more rip offs. He changed corporation from All Headline News Corp to AHN Media Corp. This lets him walk away on all the people he did not pay and start from scratch. But we found him and Rip off report is letting you know where he is. He also reportedly is going to or has already opened an office in Denver, Colorado. Same problems with people not getting paid, or pay cheques bouncing. Same license problems on the news stories. He doesn't even eature his great news writing on the site anymore. Go to All Headline News and you will find it hidden. A troubling aspect is he has a place on the site for investment oportunities in AHN. If you want to send someone money, I have this bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you real cheap. It appears he will run this way until pressure from Rip off report and others force him to again move. He has mentioned to me he wants to go to Grand Cayman Islands. Perhaps that is his next move. The best part is this crook used to be a cop in one of the Colorado mountain towns. That is an area where there are lots of drugs going through. I have no info on any connection, however. Mort Shepherd, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
19, Report #48018
Mar 05 2003
07:07 AM
Consolidated Media Services CMS was a very deceptive company. Atlanta Georgia
I was contacted by Consolidated Media Services one evening for a woman to interduce me to a special package allowing subscriptions to multiple magazines for a discount price. I declined the offer and went about my day. I was contacted several times (at least twice per day) until finally a lower prie than the original was negotiated and free gifts were included I finally agreed. Since that very day I have only recieved two magazines, one with no contents, I have received no free gifts that I was promised, but they have made sure to charge me. Additionally there have been at least five different occassions where I have been contacted no less than eight times per day by different CMS reperesentatives trying to sell me more special packages. I have contacted the company and was very rudely brushed off as if I were doig wrong denied the opportuntiy to speak to a superviser. I can not cancel this account because they have me recorded agreeing to pay for this package, but the problem is, I have recieved nothing. If you are contacted by this company I strongly advise you to decline. Allison Colts Neck, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
20, Report #855471
Mar 17 2012
10:00 PM
dorchester media Took my money New York, New York
I had two magazine subscriptions for magazines I have read for years. I had just renewed both and got one issue of each before they stopped coming. I called and there was a recording stating that production was halted for a few months. It's been over a year: no magazines, no refund. How can they get away with this-they are still in business!
Entity: New York, New York
21, Report #1250564
Aug 24 2015
12:23 PM
Production Media Took my money and ruined the folders, Caldwell Banker will not use them Portland Oregon
Production Media contacted me last spring about using my company in brochers that Coldwell Bankers issues to customers with closing documents. It wasn't very much money and seemed like little risk. I have a Construction company and an Insulation Company. The salesman said I would be contacted about design and approved templates. Then they dissappeared. Last week I was sent a brocher from the local Coldwell Banker firm. They said they never authorized Production Media to produce the brochers. Secondly Production got the information for the office wrong. Coldwell Banker has returned all of the brochers. My insulation company is listed by name onlt and has no contact information. Production Media is a joke, they ripped off everyone in the local brocher. Do not trust thes guys! You will be sorry
Entity: Portland, Oregon
22, Report #393749
Nov 21 2008
03:33 PM
Fanfare Media - Movie News The Hustle Begins! Where will it END??? Valencia California
Mr. Randall Washington sat in my office and told me all about this huge advertising campaign put on with the help of Dick Clark and Larry King on Coast FM. I was told I would be sent a proof of my AD. Never saw it. I was told after I saw the mysterious proof that I would be able to make two changes. I was told it would generate business. NOT!!!!! I was told IN THE CONTRACT that I was to get on there website. NOT THERE!!!!! LIES LIES LIES!!! So many promises!! So much money that I could not afford to get ripped off for. Oh well, lesson learned. Do NOT Trust these people. David Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Valencia, California
23, Report #892373
Jun 03 2012
08:52 AM
News Max Media, Inc. Financial Intelligence Report Unauthorized, Fraudulent Withdrawal West Palm Beach, Florida
News Max Media, in my experience with them, has a history of forcing their subscription services on people. In May 2012, in reviewing my checking account, I find News Max Media has submitted for $99.00 fee for Financial Intelligence Report. This is predatory criminal behavior and they stole my money not knowing that I did not live at the last address they had on record. I called them and reported my complaint, but this is June and I am still waiting for the return of my money! I followed up with a complaint with the Florida Attorney General's Office
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
24, Report #304632
Jan 30 2008
12:43 PM
Fanfare Media Works And Movie News Deceptive Marketing, Dishonest Salesperson, Strongarm Tactics, Threatening Collection Agents Salt Lake City / Holladay Utah
I wish I had been to the net before we got involved with these people. We were contacted by a very nice-sounding lady who said she was from Smith's Food and Drug, and that they were contacting local medical providers to promote their services. She told me that they had one spot left on the front page of their directory and that they were reserving that for us. On 12/10/2007 we were visited by Nancy Ethington, their sales rep. This lady's sales techniques were smooth. We were told specifically and directly that the Movie News would be distributed at Smith's Food & Drug, at holders in the checkstands, and that about 10,000 of these per month were being distributed. She offered us a discount on the year's ad. It seemed like a good deal. A couple of weeks later I went to the Smith's in question and found out that there were no holders at the checkstands, that the Smith's management knew nothing about the Movie News, and that a few copies were dropped off at the magazine racks by the door now and then. I went to another Smiths' and found that they indeed had holders by the checkstands, but all were empty and many were broken. We contacted Fanfare Media and told them we wanted the contract cancelled for misrepresentation, and a refund of the deposit we paid - fortunately only $169.00, by check. Today (1-30-08) we were called by Fanfare Media to see if we had had a chance to approve the proof of our ad. I told the representative that we were cancelling the contract and wanted a refund. I was told the contract was non-cancellable. I explained the difference between what the saleslady told us and what was really happening. I was told We are not there when the salesperson makes the presentation, only what is in the contract is valid. I repeated that we were cancelling the contract and wanted a refund. The lady on the phone then said without hesitation, If you are refusing to pay the balance of the contract then this will be sent to pre-litigation today. I told her that she was part of a criminal organization, that it was frightening to encounter businesses that were so dishonest, and that if they even thought about litigation they would be sued in return for theft by deception. Thus far the salesperson in question has neglected to return any phone calls. This outfit is running a real racket and needs to be shut down. I will be writing to the AG of Utah and California, as well as the BBB in both Salt Lake and Valencia. Chrisd Holladay, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Holladay, Utah
25, Report #310203
Feb 19 2008
04:09 PM
Fanfare Media Works, Inc. AKA Movie News Fraudulent Selling Practices, Breach of Contract, Failure to Deliver Valencia California Nationwide
In August 2007 I was contacted by a salesman, Steve McHenry, with Fanfare. He stated that his publication, Movie News, would be distributed in the lobby of the brand new Wal-Mart being constructed behind my store in Guthrie OK. He specifically stated that Fanfare Media has an exclusive contract with the Wal-Mart to distribute the Movie News in that store. My contract with Fanfare specifically states that this publication would be in the Wal-Mart and listed the exact address. It also stated that 500 pieces per month would be placed at the Wal-Mart with another 30 pieces per month being sent to my store for distribution. I was also supposed to get a listing on with a link to my ad (also written in the contract). To date, I have had one coupon redemption from the 2 ads I put in the Movie News (he sold me 2 spaces for the price of one). I got suspicious so I checked with the GM of Wal-Mart and he told me that there has never been a Movie News in his store nor will there ever be. There are no agreements for any free advertising at this Wal-Mart. I checked the other grocery store and all gas stations in town. The only place that gets the Movie News is my place of business, at 30 per month. On the front of the Movie News publication in the upper right hand corner, is the EXACT ADDRESS of the Wal-Mart where it is supposed to be distributed. My ad is not listed on the website either. Fanfare's response? The contract states that they reserve the right to put the publication at alternate locations IF the original location becomes unavailable. My argument? The original location was NEVER available and they are NOT putting the Movie News ANYWHERE else but my store, and NOT 500 of them like they were supposed to. I am seeking a full refund, whether it is through my credit card company or them. To date they have told me that if I want to fight the contract to go ahead. They did not perform their duties of the contract. They were supposed to put the Movie News at Wal-Mart. They did not. They were supposed to put my ad on their website. They did not. They are supposed to distribute the Movie News in alternate locations around my town (500 pieces per month). They are not. I have already called every other advertiser in the Movie News in my town. Each and every one of them were told the exact same thing by Steve McHenry. Our ads were going into the brand new Wal-Mart. Not a single one of us will be renewing our ad in the Movie News. They are all seeking a refund. In addition, I'm going to get in touch with each and every business within a 50 mile radius of my store who advertised in the Movie News and have them check up on their advertising as well. I hope that puts a dent in Steve McHenry's, and Fanfare Media Works', future earnings. Oh yeah, and the State Attorney will be getting a big fat packet of information from me soon too. Genny Guthrie, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Valencia, California

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