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1, Report #241408
Mar 29 2007
03:06 PM
Next Wave Concepts shady, scam, door to door, multi-level marketing, liars Ripoff Bloomington Minnesota
Next Wave Concepts are very shady. As soon as I submitted my resume to a very vague ad, I not only received an email back but a phone call immediately after I submitted my resume. I realized there was no way they could have really reviewed my resume in that time so I knew it must be a cattle call. Thanks to one of my friends who I talked to, I did not go into the interview because he told me he went to an all day interview and he sold to houses all day. He just said it was a scammy door to door, multi level marketing company. So I am glad I did not go and neither should you. Sarah Minneapolis, MinnesotaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1110969
Dec 27 2013
10:13 AM
LED NEXT & EMIT LED light bulbs that dont work westbury New York
I am a small business owner. Orit came to my business and told me she can save me money on my monthly electric bill by changing my existing lights.. So I signed up with them and they came and switched all the lights in my office. So when they told me that I would save on my monthly electric and maintance I was all excited but the bill hasnt changed its still costs me the same and the lights keep dying. I spent alot of money on these new lights and told I have a 5yr warrenty but now they tell me i have to go directly through the manufacturer. To say the least this has been some ordeal. If it aint broke, dont fix it
Entity: westbury , New York
3, Report #1346718
Dec 30 2016
12:16 PM
4, Report #229476
Jan 09 2007
03:29 AM
COBRA - Next Core Marketing ripoff Too Good To Be True Door to Door Sales BENDIGO VICTORIA Australia
Ah, yet another COBRA story...I only got as far as the ob day so didn't learn any of the jargon, but how funny it was to read all the stories previously posted and realise how lucky I was to escape halfway through the day. Our Leader drove myself and another girl an hour away from our town and we basically walked around in 30 degree heat toting this complete crap that the leader was trying to sell door to door to businesses. I mean he had a torch, a digital camera and a knife set - he even tried to sell to charities and thrift shops. We got what I suspect is the company spiel in the car - how great the company is, how it is life changing etc etc. The girl that I was with and I decided we had to get out of there - and fast. While our leader was ordering lunch, I ducked into the optometrist next door (on the pretext of looking at sunglasses) and asked where the railway station was. On hearing it was just around the corner, I quickly drafted a note to my fellow ob and slipped it to her as I sat down. The note read We have to get away. Station around corner. I will buy tix. Are you with me? She gave a thumbs up and we basically finished our lunches and told the leader that we didn't feel that we were suited to the company and that we were seeing ourselves home. I wonder how often this happens as surely the fields being so far away are a ploy to trap potential recruits. I feel glad that I was smart enough to see this company for what it was before I gratefully accepted any job off them and urge any readers to consider the adage that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. STC BENDIGOAustralia
5, Report #461271
Jun 12 2009
08:02 PM
American Direct Sweepstakes Request $13,000 to release package incl. $1.2 Million required next day Las Vegas Nevada
Received a telephone call from Susan Kelly Operational Manager/Gaming Commissioner of American Direct Sweepstakes asking why I have not responded to my cash prize of $1.2 million. I responded by not knowing anything about this topic. Ms. Kelly informed me that notification was sent 6 weeks ago. I informed her that I never received any notification. She seemed not to hear and continued to badger me on the subject. I did not adhere and she finally gave me a telephone number that was supposedly the Dept. of Commerce in Washington D.C. Ms. Kelly told me to speak with an Officer David Carter in Fraud Div. and he would confirm the truth of my prize. David Carter told me the prize was ligitament and told me to send by wire $12000 to San Jose, Costa Rico to pay the insurance on the prize. He told me the insurance company was Lloyds of London. Later on a call back he changed to a person in Chesapeake, Virginia. the amount was increased to $13000. I was skeptical and went to the police fraud dept. I also called the telephone co. to confirm the phone no. for the Deot. of Commerce. The phone co. said the telephone no. was not the Dept. of Commerce and gave me the correct number. I called the Dept. of Commerce, which was closed, and request the validation of the names David Carter and his boss Stephan Johnson. They were not known. The police called and told me it was a scam from Nigeria. I called Stephan Johnson since David Carter was in a meeting and Stephan was his boss. I explained what was going and he faxed me the notification letter. After I received the fax I called Stephan Johnson to notify the receipt of the fax. I questioned him about the stipulation saying that I had 30 business days after notification to accept the prize. He told me I had to accept and send the $13000 tomorrow because I was notified 6 weeks ago.I informed him that I was notified today not 6 weeks ago. He said the rules are set and I must respond tomorrow and they had sent me a certified letter also over a month ago. I replied by saying that was untrue and if he had a receipt of a certifirf letter please forward a copy with my signature to me since I have not received a certified letter in years. He also had unsupported irrelivances for all the questions about the phone number, the unregonized names from the Dept. of Commerce, the police report about them,etc. David Carter and Stephan Johnson also gave badge their numbers since they were federal officers. The police officer gave me rip off report address. Julian National City, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
6, Report #474782
Jul 29 2009
09:33 PM
Mr Luke Yawovika ( Prudent Bank International ) Lome-Togo Next of Kin scam Ubar Africa
I received an E-Mail from this person telling me that a person with the same surname as mine have died in a plane crash and that no one has claimed his money or possessions, and that I must claim this as his next of kin. Chris SecundaSouth Africa
Entity: Ubar, Other
7, Report #887688
May 24 2012
02:07 PM
Omega Meats Harassment comes knocking! Won't leave property. Calling the cops next time. Greensboro, North Carolina
Alright, about 3-4 weeks ago, a couple of guys pull up in a truck.  They claim that they have customers in the neighborhood, so they thought they drop buy and show us what they have in terms of meat/steak they have in stock that they simply do not want to take back with them.  Unfortunately, I was not at home, but my wife waswith our 3 kids.  They kept pressuring my wife to buy this and buy that.  We eat vegetarian a lot of the time, and we really were not interested in buying steaks out of a truck.  She told them this.  They didnt care. The tattered-looking salesman stayed at our house for over an hour and kept putting boxes of meat in the driveway for her to look through.  She was trying to get the kids in the car to go, but they wouldnt let her.  I think they had the driveway blocked.  Well, after pressuring her for over an hour, she bought a box of steaks for $60 just to get them out of the driveway.  She called me in tears and told me what happened.  She immediately called the company and told them about the salesman.  They acted shocked that one of their salesmen would act in such a way.  She said that she wanted to return the steaks.  She did not want them, nor were we going to eat them.  They started giving her the run around with Well, we dont know which salesman that was, so we will need to find out.  It may take a couple of daysblah, blah, blah.  Well, they have a policy on the package that they will take them back within a few days of purchase if we had any regrets.  I think that they were trying to stall so that we would surpass the deadline and we would have to keep them.  I wasnt putting up with it. I got on my banks website and put a stop on the check.  J My wife called back probably 4-5 times within the next couple of days to try to find out who/when someone would be coming  back to pick up the box.  They gave her the run around (big surprise!), then I started calling.  After about 2 calls from me, they decided that they were going to be sending a representative to come pick up the box but it would be the next week.  Fine. Sure enough, by the end of next week, a lady pulls up in her car and takes the steak from us after careful inspection.  The story should end here, right?  Wrong. Within 2 weeks, my wife received a phone call from someone at Omega wondering why theres a stop on our check.  She proceeded to explain what happenedagain.   They hung up.  A few days later, she gets another call from someone asking about a stop on the check. She said something like, Dont yall talk to each other????  Dont you know what happened??? Go ask the people that you work with and stop calling me!!!  And she hung up.  Atta girl! Dont buy from them.  Ever.  If you see them, ask them to leave.  If they refuse, call the cops.  They are trespassing. This is what I plan to do.
Entity: Greensboro, North Carolina
8, Report #172192
Jan 18 2006
12:02 PM
Stephen Davies ripoff lagos nigeria next of kin fraud LAGOS nigeria
I unfortunately fell for this, but i hope its not too late to keep my identity safe! Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 06:45:03 +0000 (GMT) From: BARRISTER STEPHEN DAVIES Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more Subject: Listen>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> To: Dear Thank you very much for your prompt response! Madam, I do not want your Account Number, I do not want your SS number and I do not ant to steal your Identity. The transaction is real and also legit. Be rest assured that this is Legal and as far as you bear the same surname name with my Deceased Client and upon my testifying that you are my deceased Client's Relation the Bank will have NO objection to repatriate the fund to you. There is no issue of the right or wrong person, the key to the actualization of this transaction is the last name you share with my client. He died here in Nigeria on May 4th, 2002 from injuries sustained in a Plane crash, The deceased was an expatriate working with one of the oil firms down here before his death, and to the best of my knowledge he rarely had close ties with his motherland because he has been working in the U.A.E before picking up employment in Nigeria. So all our efforts to locate a blood relative proved abortive since all known relations died with him in the fatal accident. That is why I need your assistance To repatriate the sum of US 17M which he left behind in a Finance institution here, The Account containing this fund has been dormant since his demise and the Bank in conjunction with the government is threatening to confiscate the fund as Unclaimed Deposit. Rather than having the fund confiscated; based on you share the same last name with my Deceased Client I seek your consent and assistance to nominate you as my Deceased Client's Relation under legal process to repatriate the fund as I have the Jurisdiction as the Deceased's Personal Assistant to testify the Deceased's Relation. Have it in mind that you are not going against any Law of the land. I am a certified Legal Consultant and I can not jeopardize the good name of my Principal Partners and Firm, so I know what am doing and all is going to work out once you follow all my instructions to the latter. Please I rather than have you support than not! I have come a long way looking for someone with the same surname name, so I will really want us to do this together for our mutual benefit at the end of the day. Time is running out on us down here to present someone to the Bank and it will do us good to start the proceeding immediately. Send down the required Info 1. Full name 2. Residential or office Address 3. Your phone number and a Fax number for easier communication if any. This Info I will use to up-date the documents that you will use to present your Claims to the bank. As soon as we do this I envisage completing the transaction within a Period of 7 working days so we can start the year beautifully. Here is my Direct Phone Number: 011-2348038221387 and this is my Address: PLOT 26B MOBOLAJI BANK ANTHONY WAY LEKKI PHASE 2 IKOYI VICTORIA ISLAND MAIN BUILDING LAGOS,NIGERIA Thank you and God bless... Regards stephen Davies You would not regret any of your actions okay! I know what I am doing; we will get this money but please be advice that you should not respond to any strange Emails without my consent. Any mail you receives consigning your inheritance claim should be forwarded to me for scrutiny before you respond to such mail because you would be tested by the Bank and other people I do not know to determine your authenticity; That should not worry you friend as long as you follow my directives accordingly as the Deceased's Personal Assistant we will never go wrong. Now this is what I want you to do immediately... I want you to copy and send this Draft to the BANK today so that we can hurry them up. Make sure you contact me immediately the BANK gets back in contact with you so that I can direct you. I will call your number sometime today to hear what you sound like and answer any questions bothering you. This is my number and you can get me on it anytime of the day on it anytime 011-234-8038221387 THE BANKS CONTACT INFO IS- Bank's mailing AD: Fax: 234-1-4345697 APPLICATION FOR THE RELEASE OF ($8.5 MILLION DOLLARS BELONGING TO LATE ENGINEER MORIE PETT ) I hereby apply for the release of the sum of (US$8.5 Million dollars) Belonging to my late relative (ENGINEER MORIE PETT, Who died in a plane crash on MAY 4' 2002. Thank you. Signed This is what the bank response will look like! I am luring this guy in i hope. I have told him he needs to cantact me immediately. Integrity, Empathy, Resilience STANDARD TRUST BANK Plc. THE MANAGER, INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE DEPARTMENT, STANDARD TRUST BANK PLC, 1/22, WAREHOUSE ROAD, APAPA, LAGOS, NIGERIA. TEL: 234-1-4345697 Attention: We hereby acknowledged the receipts of your mail Which is an introduction as the NEXT OF KIN to late ENGINEER MORIE PETT, We Are very sorry for the death of your late relative and we wish to promise that we Will do every thing in our reach to release the fund in your favor upon Verification of the requested documents. Try as much as possible to send this Information early enough to enable us commence action on the release of the Fund. These are the required Document's needed by the bank. 1. The Death Certificate 2. Police Report 3. Letter of Administration 4. Sworn Affidavit 5. Scanned copy of International Passport or ID All this documents are to proof that you are the next of kin to late ENGINEER MORIE PETT. You are to get the above Informations from A Certified Attorney of the Nigeria Bar Association, on request we can give you An Attorney contact information any time. Yours Faithfully Mr. PHILLIP MORGAN (REMMITANCE OFFICIER) Be safe and don't let them get you! Jessica Grand Rapids, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: LAGOS, Nigeria
9, Report #221706
Nov 21 2006
05:07 PM
Mr Ajayi Kehinde ripoff solicit and seek your assistance that you act in as THE NEXT OF KIN Lagos Internet
Dear Friend, This mail contains information that are confidential, privileged, proprietary or otherwise legally exempt from disclosure. There is no intent on my part to waive any privilege that may be attached to this communication. Do accept my sincere apologies if my mail does not meet your personal ethics. MY PERSONAL INFORMATION ARE AS STATED BELOW: NAME: Mr Ajayi Kehinde OCCUPATION: Auditor in the banking sector [Present Position held] DATE OF BIRTH: 6th August, 1958 PLACE OF BIRTH: Idunnu Maternity Hospital, Lagos - Nigeria. MARITAL STATUS: Married with three children HOUSE ADDRESS: 4 Oshodi Street, Apapa, Lagos Nigeria RELIGION: Christianity Being the personal account manager to Mr. Wilfred Barron, his death over 4 years now as I have discovered through his contract employers viz - the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation that my client died along with his wife and their only child in the Ikeja bomb blast of January 27, 2002. I hereby solicit and seek your assistance that you act in as THE NEXT OF KIN being that since he made the numbered time [Fixed Deposit] on December 5, 2001 valued at US$26 Million [Twenty-Six Million US Dollars], for a duration of eighteen [18] calendar months, the bank now is planning to confisticate and re-allocate his funds into it's (Bank) treasury as unclaimed funds/assets since all effort have proven abortive to locate any of his close relatives, the bank will transfer the money left behind to you if I present you as the next of kin/relative as you bear the same last name and I believe that you are a relative of his. I will want you to treat this matter as urgent as we do not have much time to waste so that the bank will not consfiscate or declare his assets as unserviceable. It is pertinent that you inform me if you are interested. I seek a very honest and a reliable person, so that the fund can be paid to you, then me and you can share the money according to the ratio of 40% to me and 60% of the total transfer sum to you. Now my questions are these: 1. Can you handle this transaction? 2. Can I give you this trust? All I require is your honest co-operation to enable us see this transaction through. Thank you very much for your understanding. Best regards, Mr Ajayi Kehinde. Personal Email: VIEW THE WEBSITE BELOW TO CONFIRM THE CAUSE OF DEATH OF THE DECEASED AND GET BACK TO ME. Carole Wells, MaineU.S.A.
Entity: Lagos, Internet
10, Report #423906
Feb 13 2009
04:44 PM
Accounts Recovery Corporation Contact my next door neighbour to give me a 'message' Burlington Ontario
My primary problem with this company is that they (Susan) phoned my neighbors today (02/13/09) posing as 'someone who knows me...a friend, left their name and number, and requested that my neighbors pass on the message to me. This seems quite wrong , if not downright illegal. Secondarily, over the past four months I have been working with ARC towards making a monthly payment plan towards my outstanding debt. Although they stipulate in their letters to me to 'contact our office to make payment through installments', they always, by phone, refuse to arrange this. They want me to pay a the whole sum in one payment (my credit card), and by phone (no paper work until after payment is made). Therefore I believe they are not willing to work with me. Dave Barrie, OntarioCanada
Entity: Burlington, Ontario
11, Report #1042440
Apr 11 2013
10:00 AM
Safeguard Properties Steals neighbor's belongings while securing a foreclosure next door. Valley View, Ohio
Safeguard Properties was hired to strip out Mike Moors neighbors rural property, mistakenly took thousands of dollars of his things instead. Included were: a backhoe, a boat and perhaps most important, family heirlooms. Now Mike Moors wants it all back, but the property recovery company that took his property wont tell him where it ended up. Theres stuff thats in those trailers thats worth a lot more than gold to me, Moors said. Moors is lamenting the loss of family photographs, a 100 year-old wood chest filled with his wifes childhood memories, even his wife's wedding dress. All that is left now of two storage trailers, are cinder blocks in the dirt. Moors, 53, and his wife have been planning to retire on the 10-acre spot, with a view of Coupland, Texas to the west. He hadnt been here in months, but a visit in late January revealed someone had broken into his barn. They just tore the place up, and they tore that timber in the barn out to get the backhoe out, he said, adding a boat was also missing. The motor, and trailer without wheels, were left behind. When Moors complained to Safeguard in February about the mix-up, they would only tell him they were looking into it. He is now working with a lawyer. For Moors, the loss is most painful when he recalls the contents of one trailer, where he said there were irreplaceable items. My wifes wedding dress was in there. You cant get those anywhere, he said. Every woman wants to give that wedding dress to her daughter. She wont be able to do that anymore. Safeguard Properties spokesperson Diane Fusco told KXAN they admit a mistake in this case. We want to be fair with him, she said. We are working with Moors to come up with a settlement as quickly as possible. Fusco said it's policy to not release any photos taken on the site or the name of the local contractor who did the work. She also said since several months have passed, Mr. Moors' property is likely disposed of.
Entity: Valley View, Ohio
12, Report #60399
Jun 11 2003
03:32 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff dirty rotten scoundrels Next time you can flirt, lie, and try to deceive me, but I promise to slam the door in your good for nothing face until I get my $40 back. Coral Springs Florida
On August 5, 2002 a nice, young man knocked on my door with the speal about winning a trip to Mexico. I was planning to purchase Cosmo anyways, and since he said it was cheaper than the regular subscription price, I figured why not. I questioned the price, because it didnt sound cheaper, but he was very reassuring and said he got double the points if I paid in cash. He even flirted with me and said he got to bring a date to mexico and asked if I'd like to go. I hurried and paid because I wanted him out of my house. Next time someone comes to my door, you can flirt, lie, and try to deceive me, but I promise to slam the f**cking door in your good-for-nothing face, until I get my $40 back! Dana Cle Elum, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
13, Report #798042
Nov 21 2011
04:24 PM
Next Door and Windows Unscrupulous business practices, inept and incompetent Bridgeview, Illinois
In August, I sent in the downpayment towards a window purchase.  In September, the salesman, Dan came out to remeasure and perform a lead paint test and for me to sign the purchase documents.  At the end of September 2011, my downpayment check was cashed.  I waited 6 weeks until mid November, finally called to see when my window would be in and found out they didn't even place the order for the window. After trying to resolve the matter with the salesman Dan, and the owner, Mr. Burns, the price of the window changed (even though there was a signed contract).  All of this after I purchased $7,500 worth of windows in 2009 and 2010.  I finally asked for my money back.  I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. 
Entity: Bridgeview, Illinois
14, Report #452712
May 19 2009
07:00 PM
Ted's Used Cars harrassment, intimidation, attempted forced entry, threatening phrases Stroudsburg Pennsylvania
feb 08 my son and his girlfriend (which was 2 months pregnant at the time)bought a 1997 Chev s-10 blazer, he started hearing noises, he was furious thought the thing would die on him, was told it was the 02 sensor got it changed, it still made noises, finally a month later he took it in and was told it was the catalytic converter. Less than a month after that it developed a tapping in the engine at that time the engine was rebuilt, shortly after that it started overheating so we changed out the radiator and the fan. It still continued to overheat. around the end of june 08 ball joints and control arm bushing went bad they changed ball joints never did bushing. around July of 08 (girlfriend was in dire need to have a vehicle dr's appt every week of pregnancy) the water pump went out. dec 08 the fuel pump went out and was told ball joints were bad. and again in around feb 09 the fuel pump went out again. Throughout all this he had been unemployed since april 08, which dealer knew about. March 09 he went to valvoline to get oil changed and they said his motor mounts were bad and should have been changed at the time the motor was changed, ted's said they weren't bad. Now May 15, 09 friday night 250am they showed up at my door wanting son and girlfriend because they were 2 weeks late on payment, which they currently do not live at my address, threatening to arrest my husband for aiding and abedding for not giving them information on my son, (which I had to wake up because I was scared to answer door by myself). They had badges which we don't even know if they were real because 2 out of the 3 guys had Ted's used car shirts on. One of the guys tried to come in my door thankfully screen door was locked. Basically terrorized son into giving them the information. Lady representative from Ted's kept saying that she didn't know he didn't live here, guys kept saying they saw him on grove st, which he doesn't even live in this area or this county since feb 09 and the last time he was here was may 09, 2009. Proth18864 Stroudsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
15, Report #672446
Dec 16 2010
06:19 PM
erenest eddington asphalt paving thay tell you one price then when done thay charge you more got my mom and here and the sweet old people next door to here got them for 900. and tryed to get the same from my mom she only gave them 2 no good mobile, Alabama
thay come door to door and tell you one price to fix holes and to spray it and thay dont do what thay say and thay told them 100.00 and when thay got done it was 900.00 mom only gave them 250.00 to go away but the sweet old people next door to her thay payed the 900.00 and know thay dont know how to stop this for the next person thay look like there for real but there not .so dont
Entity: mobile, Alabama
16, Report #128823
Jan 26 2005
12:01 AM
Momax Builders, Fred Resnick ripoff unfinshed basement and bounce checks Northbrook Illinois
On 11-26-04 we signed a contract with Fred Resnick of Momax Builders for $37,000. We were to get back $15,100 once he received the checks from the bank. We gave him the money and he did give check for $15,100 on 12-30-04 after number of times trying contact him. The check that he did gives came back NSF which caused or checking account to be -$12,000 because we had used the money to pay off some bills. We finally did get the $9,000 and a money order for $2900. We did received 2 company Momax Check for $1,900 but both are NSF. The only work that was done was the framing and some electrical. Momax did do work for us in the past back in 1999 and 2001 and we never had this much trouble. The last month has been a living nightmare. I be happen when everone gets there money back that they deserve for the unfinish work Momax has done and Fred to pay for the crimes he has committed on the public consumers. f Daniel Romeoville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Northbrook, Illinois
17, Report #471811
Jul 21 2009
09:05 AM
Comfort Suites Burleson Texas, Comfort Suites Middle Eastern Thieves at Comfort Suites Burleson TX. DO NOT STAY!! BEST WESTERN NEXT DOOR IS WAY BETTER!! Burleson Texas
This Hotel is a complete joke and should not be allowed to be in business. The owner is from the Middle East with a power trip of dishonesty and deciept. They are crooks and will cuss you out while they rip you off. If it were legal to kick his ass i would have done it. They will run your credit card for charges that are completely false and then tell you to try and do something about it. They are a franchise of Choice Hotels and the only security Choice Hotels will give you is a Formal Complaint due to the fact that this specific hotel is independently owned. There is a Best Western in the same parking lot that is AMERICAN owned with lower rates, better service and certainly cleaner!!! Stay there!! Do not stay at the Comfot Suites in Burleson Texas!!! Jeff Richmond, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Burleson, Texas
18, Report #607427
May 26 2010
09:18 AM
SP SMOG Tried to scam money out of me for smog's shop mechanic friend who was next door. North Hollywood, California
I have been going to this smog station for at least 10 years and I have never had a problem. However, now that the son is working too and dad was on vacation, look out! I took my '93 Ford Taurus wagon (my second car) to be smog checked on May 24th 2010. Everything was going fine until I noticed the son (who seemed to be finished with the emissions test), was now hovering over the engine compartment as if in deep concern. 'What's wrong? I asked, he said, hold on, I'm going to get a mechanic who works next door to take a look at this. A few moments later out come the two speaking in their language, so I couldn't understand what they were saying. The mechanic who now joined us had a hand held strobe scope timing light (outdated equipment) and went to town trying to get a reading but there is a big problem. The son of the smog station says to me, I'm gong to have to fail you beacuse I can't get a timing reading from your vehicle. There is something missing from your crankshaft pulley so I can't read it with this timing light. You'll have to go next door with the mechanic who will repair the timing gauge for you, then come back and I'll pass you. Obviously, since times are tough our Smog Station son is trying to dig up some extra work and some cash for his next door mechanic friend. What the two also don't know is that I am also a certified ASE Mechanic in A1- engine repair! I now play along as if in deep concern over the current situation. Oh, Really? I say. I'm an ASE certified engine mechanic ( now a dismal look on both their faces), this is a 1993 Ford with electronic ignition it never had the piece you claim I need, in fact timing is non adjustable in this vehicle, but you should know that! So trying to read it with that hand held strobe is absurd since the timing is controlled by the computer, ignition coil, timing belt,engine rpm,etc., but you should know that!  Did my car pass the emissions test? Yes, the Son says. Good, could you please give me my smog certificate and I'll be on my way. Y..Yess.. ssir, s.. s.. sorry for the misunderstanding! I was lucky that I caught on to their little scam (having a little engine knowledge). Someone else with a little less know how will also have a little less cash if you dare to venture upon this Smog Station!    
Entity: North Hollywood, California
19, Report #680259
Jan 08 2011
06:02 AM
magicjack in Canada all my callers are charged long distance rates even from next door west plam beach, Florida
I'm in Canada and installed my magicjack using their supplied idaho area code.I turns out that everyone calling from any area code and prefix not the same as mine is charged long distance by their phone service.I contacted magicjack twice just to confirm it was correct .I can call out without long distance charges but no one can call me unless they have the same area code and prefix...Hard to berlieve anyone would find this thing useful unless they do loads of longdistance calling.. Now I am going to contact the few people who called me and pay for whatever charges are billed to bad thet dont tell you this before buying it .Even if I paid the extra $10.00while the area code would be the same here in town, the prefix also would have to be the same ..Anyone calling from a cel woul;d get caught ...What a ripp off Neil W, Calgary
Entity: west plam beach, Florida
20, Report #1029931
Aug 07 2007
04:43 PM
Hershey Travel Inn rents dirty room in house next door to picture on internet Ripoff Hershey Pennsylvania
Booked room over internet when we got to the motel the manager took us to the house next door. Room we rented was in the living room of house. Had boarded over the windows,lousy air conditioning, dirty,ceiling falling in the bathroom, dirty towels, tub mildewed bad, beds ready to fall over, and many bugs and spiders. When I asked for a refund the manager became very rude and refused. Frank XXXXXX Saginaw, MichiganU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Hershey, Pennsylvania
21, Report #1185547
Oct 29 2014
06:00 AM
Universal Events Inc. Next Generation Marketing Inc. Entry-level Job Scam Pleasanton California
Universal Events Inc. / Next Generation Marketing Inc. had contacted me for a job interview that turned out to be an entry-level scam. These 'two' companies contacted me seperately & unknowingly, but used the same phone number and address. This company tries to get you to interview for a job, and the next day for a job shadowing. During the job shadowing, they are basically looking for free work. They have no intention to give you a real job with upward movement.They claimed to be a 14 year old, international company with over 100 offices. Their website was only 5 months old and the company had no history on the internet or any record of the business even existing--besides the ones they had worked on themselves (facebook/linkedin/tumblr/pintrest/etc.).This scam is just like the Landers Group scam described here:
Entity: Pleasanton, California
22, Report #1331570
Oct 04 2016
12:10 PM
Quality Suites Central Colorado Springs Old hotel. No useable WIFI in either Quality Suites Central or Clarion next Door Colorado Springs Colorado
We made an online reservation and payment for two nights at the Quality Suites Central in Colorado Springs, for Friday, Sep 30, 2016 and Saturday, Oct 1, 2016.We have been Choice Members since March 2004. This is our first negative review in hundreds of stays. It almost caused to quit the Choice Hotels brand.We arrived early afternoon and there were almost no cars in the parking lot. We stood at the front counter for about 5 minutes and then we were asked to walk around to the other hotel front desk at Clarion. We checked in and went to our room which seemed really far from the front of the hotel. We later learned that all of the rooms are placed far from the two hotel’s front desks. We needed to drop off our luggage and get away to Pike’s Peak. My wife asked me to check the WIFI, and I’m glad I did. Only 1 bar and zero connectivity. The front desk woman Taylor W. instructed me to call a support number which was in Milwaukee. A bright tech named Corey and 35 minutes wasted, and no internet. Corey said it was an old system. We have multiple devices, none connected properly.We gathered our luggage and went way back to Taylor at the front desk. She offered us a room in Clarion stating their WIFI was better. No it wasn’t. Only 1 bar and zero connectivity. I called the front desk and Taylor offered us a free night to compensate us. Back at the front desk I decided to overlook the no WIFI and take the free night.As soon as I agreed, Taylor W. recanted said the free night was only a voucher for a later date valid only here! Wow, now this?We got the hotel owner Ted Jaroz involved. Unfortunately, Ted refused us the offered free night! We wasted a full two hours.So now, you get to read this negative review.We found another local hotel that is part of Choice Hotels also. The from desk manager said, “Oh no, you don’t want to stay at either Bijou street hotels”. I asked why and she said; “It’s old and run-down, has parking lot security problems with the homeless, and of course WIFI problems.”Our other Choice hotel was clean, new, and perfect WIFI.Thanks for reading… Greg & Carol.
Entity: Colorado Springs, Colorado
23, Report #154357
Aug 20 2005
09:24 AM
Dr. Idris Aloma, Director, Union Bank PLC ripoff letter asking me to act as next of kin for a deceased Nigerian Engineer Internet Internet
I have read letters from others who have rec'd. these emails. I almost deleted this email, but it sounded like one of the ripoffs I had read about. They ask that I act as next of kin to a deceased Nigerian Engineer and I could then claim $USD31.5 million. Nuff said. Hope this is the place to notify. Joan Casa Grande, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #106086
Aug 30 2004
10:43 AM
David Koffi Royal House Chambers Solicitors & Advocates David Koffi ripoff scam to consumers like me, ..I was told I was the only next of kin to receive 10.5 million from a dead relative in Africa Lome-Togo Africa
I was e mailed a letter stating that a millionair died with the same last name as I, and wanted my consent to tell the bank I was the only next of kin and I was to inherrate 10.5 million, then I called this Barrister David Coffi and talked with him and he told me to write a email to him about our phone conv. and i did he said I needed to include in the letter that he would receive 25% attny fee's. Then he called me back the next day to tell me he had Re to my letter and to call me him back later that day, Then I went to these pages to look up scams, And here it is all over!! So I wrote back to this guy in Africa and told him send the $$ but dont ask me for any cause i wont have it till he gives it to me!! So Thank you to all that do this you saved me time , money,letdowns, and alot of what could have been alot of broken promises! Kelli Kennewick, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Lome-Togo, Africa
25, Report #91419
May 14 2004
04:40 AM
Barrister Mark Johnson Next of receive money then send to him split 55to him 40 to me of 9million dollars Ikeja-Lagos Nigeria Internet
I received an e-mail this morning stating that I was next of kin to a family that was killed in a car crash That there was 9 million US dollars involved and to give information to receive the money than I was to send it to him then we would split the money 55% to him and 40% to me the additional 5% would cover taxes, etc in US. I immediately searched for validity of this and reported it to AOL SPAM and to you. Georgianna Wheeling, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide

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