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26, Report #533566
Dec 04 2009
08:46 AM
Face To Face Technologies INC Face Off, Inc. I ordered a magazine , and when I realized it was $63 for it I tried to cancel the next day and could contact no one, but the money was taken out of my account. Kittredge, Colorado
A girl came to my door and asked me to buy a magazine. I did and when i realized how much it was ,I tried to cancel the very next day and I could not reach anyone by phone nor email. They took the money out of my account, but I got no refund...
Entity: Kittredge, Colorado
27, Report #204506
Aug 04 2006
10:24 AM
Barr. Joshua Mokoena, Brian, Walker & Associates Ripoff plane crash prperty magnate looking for next of kin same as Francis Williams London United Kingdom Nationwide
I received a letter from Joshua Mokoena, it read almost exactly as the Rip-off letter from Franica A. Williams & Associates, 13 Dale House, London SE162PT United Kingdom. This may not be a fraud/ripoff but, it's the same letter so I feel that it is highly likely it is a ripoff. Should you find that this is a rip off or not please contact me and let me know Thank you Robin Bandon, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: London, United Kingdom
28, Report #275958
Sep 25 2007
11:08 AM
UNION BANK OF NIGERA WILFRED OBI GABRIEL CHIMA this man and bank tryed to front me as next of kin to sean burke that they said died in a plane crash Lagos Nigera nationwide
i am reporting this union bank of nigera for fraud. wilfred obi wanted me to front that i was next of kin to sean burke so they meaning him and gabriel chima could steal 20.9 million dollors from that country before it was left to the british goverment. they sent me fake death certificate and a fake deposit certificate and a fake affidavit of claim and a fake anti-terrorist certificate makeing me really belive they were on the up and up, but they then wanted me to pay for the transfer fee of 3,800 dollars or at least half of it. i told them no and he became irrate and started threating me to write some kind of letter of withdraw so he could do this to someone else i still said no !! the emails were very threatning like i couldn't smile from a coffin and he has my address and i had better send that letter and for me to go to hell Lisa niles, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
29, Report #1128461
Mar 05 2014
11:02 AM
pure water solutions llc sold me ( whole house ultra violet that I did not want) I told the Comp.The next day to disconnect.Contract indicated can be done within 3 days notice,but refused to do ($1495) palm harbor Florida
I bought from a water test comp ( pure water solutions llc)a ultimate water conditiner with reverse osmoses.on 6/17/13.  On 2/19/14 they renewed the filters on the reverse osmoses unit.   The service man convinced me to install awhole house violet unit($1495). If I install it, he would not charge me for the filters, but had to sign the contract.  In the confusion I did. THe reason for this quick sale was that he already had a plummer co. waiting to install it. His comp. was not allowed to install it and hired a plummer who seems already have the check. During the night I thought this is nonsens as nobody got sick  from the city water. The connection is still leaking.   I send a fax to pure water solution on2/21/14 asking them to remove the whole house ultra violet unit, which according to the contract they will do. THey will not do it because I sighned. On the web side I found that  the  pure water solution llc had nothing to do with the real pure water solutions comp.I should not have listned.but at 87 I am not that quick anymore.
Entity: Select State/Province
30, Report #193216
May 25 2006
06:46 AM
Dale and all others concerned. All garage Door Service AKA PDS AKA Precision Door AKA America Choice garages AKA GDS AKA Garage Door services is operating now in the Philadelphia area. There tel line 215-289-9320 rings into the same company. Consumers should beware that this deception is designed to rip you off. Do not be decieved by the BBB logo in the ad. They also changed their corporate name To Precision Holdings of Broward FL.. Why should they have to change their name to something else? I believe the manager from this location is from FL and is good friends with the owner. Notice their is no address in the ads. pdsripoff anywhere, DelawareU.S.A.
Entity: Newark,, Delaware
31, Report #790254
Oct 18 2011
02:09 PM
Precise door Garage door company Stamford , Connecticut
Company advertises it can fix all major brands of garage door openers.  When they got to my house and found out that I have a 1976 garage door opener they refused to fix it because they said it did not meet ul codes and was no longer manufactured.  What a line of cr-p.  They wasted my time.  False advertising
Entity: Stamford, Connecticut
32, Report #86183
May 05 2011
10:40 AM
Next Door And Window does not deliver what was agreeed upon Bridgeview Illinois
Late last summer I signed a contract with Next Door and WIndow for vinyl replacement windows for my home. One of the windows was to be a 12' bowed window for my kitchen. The total contract came to $11,700.00. A large portion of the cost was for the bowed window but they did not supply me with an individual price break down, so can;'t say exactly the cost of the bowed window. Prior to signing the contract I was very specific what I was looking for. Brown exterior and wood grain (oak) vinyl clad interior. I was given a sample of what my window would look like. I was happy with both the interior and exterior finishes of this sample piece - so I signed the contract. After a very lengthy wait, my windows were installed around Thanksgiving '03. The second the bowed window was hoisted into the chopped up hole of my previous kitchen windows I KNEW it was the wrong window. The window they were installing was not maintenance free interior wood grain (oak) vinyl, but rather a real wood, pine veneer. I immediately called their office to report the problem. Justin seemed to be confused and couldn;t understand what I was talking about. I slowly explained it to him and he claimed the Thermal Indistries does not even make a window with those finishes. I was in the middle of construction and could not lay my hands on that sample I was given (I have it now.) I asked him to come over and look at the window and discuss how we could take care of the situation. I told him I did not pay that kind of money for a pine interior window - pine does NOT stain well. Pine is good for a painted surface but not attractive stained. Since I had no plans on covering the window with curtains, the wood finish was to be the focal point of the room. I explained that his brother (Scott,) the sales person made a big point of explaining that the seat ceiling and sides of the windpw would be oak wood needing to be stained. However the window units themselves were the oak look vinyl vinyl. I totally understood that and based my decision to sign the contract on the information he gave me. Solution was to talk me into letting a professional stain the window and I will love the results. And Justin promised We'll go from their, once the window is stained. Trying to be agreeable I thought perhaps a professional has tricks up their sleeves and can make pine wood look better than I can. I was trying to salvage a bad situation. I agreed to let the professional they recommended finish the window to the tune of $750.00. Next Door and Window agreed to pay for half of the stain work. Personally I don;t feel like it should cost me a cent since they did not deliver what they promised. THe result of staining the window was predicatbale. They had no tricks up their sleeve and I could have done the same job, possibly it would have taken me a bit longer to apply the verathane. But pine is pine is pine - it looks terrible. I WANT the window they promised me - but they refuse. Here is their defense. They claim they delivered what the contract called for. And true enough they did. In the contract tehy called the finish Dream Wood 2 I have no idea what Dream Wood 2 is - I assumed it is the sample they had handed me. But it isn't!! The sample I have is what Thermal Indistry calls Real Wood (what a confusing mess.) So am I responsible if the salesperson does not know what the finish is called and writes down the wrong one? Is it my responsibility to be familiar with the acrynyms the companies use for their finsihes? That is why you have a sales rep, someone that explains what is what. Scott (the sales rep) was a very personable young man and sounded like he knew what he was talking about. Now that the damage is done, Justin, the office contact tried to tell me they do not even make the finish I described. So I took it upon myself to call Thermal Industries and ask. YES - they do make it in that finish and I was advised by them that I should stick to my guns - the salesman made a mistake. I understand everyone makes mistakes. But I do not see why I should be the one to bear the consequences. Next Door and Window needs to stand behind their own mistakes and either give me the winodw that I ordered or come up with one hefty financial settlement. I prefer the RIGHT window. A refund will not make this pine window look any better in my home. Apparently this is a family owned and run business. On one of my numerous calls to the office I was informed that Justin was out of town and a gentleman by teh name of Ron offered to help me. I attempted to decline thinking Justin was the authority figure and was familair with my situation. It turned out that Ron was the Father (owner) of the company and was quite familiar with my situation. I can totally understand why he lets Justin run the office. Ron apparently has no civil communication skills with customers. He was unbelievably rude and verbally abusive on the phone. He screamed so loud that I thought he would pop a vein in his neck or temples. I wish I had a tape recording of it - would have sounded good in court. The bottom ine is, if Next Door and Windows makes a mistake, they will not stand behind it if it costs them money to do so. I have filed a complaint with the BBS and the Village of Oak Lawn against their business liscence. And unfortunately the only way to get the window I paid for is to see them in court. Karola Oak Lawn, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Bridgeview, Illinois
33, Report #100079
May 04 2010
07:04 PM
Granton Marketing Aka Choice Marketing rip-off! Scam to employees! City Oklahoma
Unfortunatly I used to be a poor employee of Choice Marketing which is a branch off of Granton Marketing. When you fill out an app they immediatly take you in for an interview without answering any of your questions (basically they hurry the conversation). I went into this place and saw nothing but high school dropouts and a very friendly secratary. It looked nothing like a Advertising and Marketing Firm Hip-hop music in the back ground. No where close to professional which is what they stress!!! Then they call you back for a second run interview This is where they brainwash you into how wonderful this company is even when its bull and is crap. Then they hire you after you knock on doors all day long and expect you too be there the next day without giving notice at your current job. Now tell me how work ethic falls into that catagory...? Then you are sent out for training where your LEADER (the person who took you on the day of observation) trains you and let me remind you pays you out of their oun pocket 50 bucks a day during training... after that you are on your own knocking on doors all day!!! After you ring the bell so many times which means making a hundred dollars that day you get promoted to Leader this is where it all changes!!!! You are paying for everything out of YOUR OWN POCKET becuase my PIECE OF SHIT OWNER Richard Patterson is very selfish and they are very nice at first like they care about you but in the end you are getting f@#$#@!! You are told in the beginning it takes 3-5 weeks to get into leadership, 305 months to get to assistant manage ment which is still knocking on doors... and 7-8 months to run your own business and then you are suppost to make all this money... WELL SORRY MR. PATTERSON SOME LITTLE BIRDY TOLD ME YOU BRING HOME 500.00 EVERY 2 WEEKS!!!! YEA RIGHT 100,000 A YEAR! Thanks for making us realize that your brain washing has done nothing for us but strengthen my sales experience!! That's about the only good thing i can say about it. As far as Mike Terinoni - YOU MAKE ME LAUGH. Millionaire? YEA RIGHT. Jared Tacher... good luck buddy. I'll watch you fall... and your outside deal!!! OoPs! sorry :) Mark Kernan, those speaches in Dallas ARE BORING AND MAKE NO SENSE! I won't promote negatives if you guys won't promote scams. NOW LET ME MENTION ONE MORE THING, ITS NOT A SCAM TO THE CLIENTS AND CUSTOMERS LIKE PIZZA HUT AND SO FORTH BUT IT IS TO THE EMPLOYEES. The only 2 good things i can say about it is I found the love of my life and great sales experience. Please look into it before you make any decisions... I know people read these if they get suspicious and please think it over. By the way Richie, We make more money now with a standing career then you will ever make. Be sure you can pay your electric bill... if you make that much money you shouldn't be renting an apartment you should be renting a house and pay for some furniture. LATER.. JUICE BUDDY! HA HA HA HA HA youknow OKC, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
34, Report #442396
Apr 09 2009
11:10 PM
Australian Lottery Sent a letter stating I had won (US$ 3,700,000.00 dollars) and to contact them. London, England
I was contacted by mail from the Australian Lottery. Winning Notification, Audit Control Number: D2A610, I>D> Number 5868 1120 7341. They stated I won (US$3,700,000.00 dollars).I was to contact theby telephone # 011 44 754 2066 210,or 011 44 754 2066 180. within 14 daysof the notice. Atthe bottom of the letterthere was three color photographsofAustralian Lotteries Board of Commissioners. Namesare Lady K Royce, Dr. S. Jenkins,and Sir R. Page. Letter was signed by Susan Wood, President. Susan, susan a., z Simi Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
35, Report #416793
Jan 27 2009
11:23 AM
American Cash Awards - Sales Students - Family Subscriptions Door to Door college like solicitors, claiming that the checks would lead to points for them to go to college for radio broadcast. I said no. They said I could help them cheat by writing checks then cancel them the next day. La Jolla California
I wanted to help them out thinking that these are students in the same boat as me, probably trying to make any money they could for college. The next day, I called the number, and the line only said We are on the other line with satisfied customers. press one to leave a message I did, and the box was full. I kept calling that day, and it was the same message. I then decided to mail the receipts to the address, because on the back it said the postmark could be no later than 3 days. This was on Jan. 11th 2009, and I still cannot get a hold of them, nor get my money which is crucial for me being able to survive in college. I'm personally mad at the gentlemen who claimed to be in the same situation as college students, and myself for giving them a chance. Any help or information would be very much appreciated. Cherie san diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: La Jolla, California
36, Report #240516
Mar 24 2007
09:52 AM
Entity: St Christos Road (Sun City), United Kingdom
37, Report #250839
May 30 2007
08:09 AM
Premier Random Lotto Ripoff I recieved a check Edmonton Alberta
I recieved a check for the amount of $2,997.90 drawn off of a company in Walterboro SC. I called the number that was on the Winning Certificate to verify that the check was real, the gentleman told me to deposit it into my bank account and then call him back to get further instructions, I then replied, I don't have a bank account, can I just cash it? he then replied, sure, you can cash it, then call me back and I will give you the futher instructions, so I went to Wachovia Bank to cash it, the teller ran the check through the verifier and it came back as fraudulant. I then called the company that the check was drawn off to let them know that I had recieved the check and what amount, the lady that I spoke to told me that I was not the only person that has recieved this and to just disregard the check. I'm really glad that I did not deposit the check into my bank account, my husband and I are on disability and cannot afford for some idiot to take us for all the money that we do and don't have. Kellie Ellenboro, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Edmonton, Alberta
38, Report #231941
Jan 22 2007
09:58 AM
Marin Door To Door Rude,Liars,Never showed up! Novato California
I scheduled a pickup with this Company by e-mail {I have the conformation e-mail} for a 5:00AM pickup to the airport on Jan 20. I even spoke to a person the night before to confirmed my pick up time , she told me there also would be a call later in the evening between 6-8PM to confirm my pickup time of 5:00AM.This second call came in and was left on my voicemail for a confirmed 5:00AM pickup. Well At about 5:10AM still no van at my home at 5:15AM I called the company and got a woman I am assuming the owner of the company, with a very heavy Indian accent whiich I could not understand. I repeatedly kept saying what I can't understand you, as to which she got louder. I finally could comprehend something like the driver will be there in another 15-20 minutes I said, no I needed the van by 5:00AM I have it confirmed twice! she muttered something else,I said, Mam, I'm sorry I can hear you but ,I can't understand you because of your accent She hung up on me! real nice and professional isn't it. I called back and got I'm assuming the husband who sounded like he just rolled out of bed { I guess he was the driver }and I couldn't understand him either I finally said, Is anyone coming to pick me up? I heard No! no one is coming! then he hung up ! I missed my flight. So people if you want to get to your detination on time and speak to a person you can communicate with ,don't use this rude, unprofessional, unreliable company! L Nicasio, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Novato, California
39, Report #1147855
May 19 2014
09:21 AM
Door To Door Transport Anthony ship car Coconut Creek Florida
 This company is terrible.. Its a scam...One guy named Anthony has 3 different numbers that all lead to him... There is no customer service line... He operates all three lines... Pretty suspect if you ask me... He called me to ship my car for $1200... I told him I found cheaper and he got an attitude with me about the choosing another company thats not as good as his... (Bizarre? I know) I told him I was qouted a $1000 from the other company and he hung up on me... Poor guy cant keep up with the people he talks to. So the next morning I recieve an email from Customer Service (yeaaa right) about shipping my car for only $980. I called to have this done... Once I told him, he qouted me $1200 just yesterday.. He caught another pissy fit. and hung up on me again... Now you may ask what did I do to recieve this type of bad business...Nothing, but try to spend money with his company and have my car shipped... Amazing, how some people think they can talk to people any way they want to because they live in a different starte. Until, they get a knock on thier door. haha...
Entity: Coconut Creek, Florida
40, Report #1228712
May 12 2015
05:11 PM
Door to Door Bad Bad Scheduling Van Nuys Nationwide
This could be the best way to move...except don't use the company Door to Door. The give you a window of time in which they say they will drop of the storage bin to you, they will be very late and inconvenience you...then they say they will pick it up and should be ready by 7 your stuff will sit there until they come and get it...up to 2 days later...right now, the apartment that I just moved into had a problem with putting the bin in a parking space, but I smoothed the water saying it will be gone the next day...that is today. The apartment manager has been to my door 6 times saying When is it going to be gone? The owner will not like it being here this long!. Now, I'm really looking bad bad to the landlord who works here, and if they kick me out of here, I won't be surprised. This company needs a whole different system of scheduling, because this has not worked for me in a timeframe that the company says it will be to pick up or drop off the storage box. I am quite angry and upset in the lack of professionalism this company has shown me. I can see being late once sure...but on EVERY Pick up and EVERY Drop off....I should get a full refund. If I owned this company, I would give the refund, then find out what needs to be changed to make the customer happy. I did pay money for a service, but now that service may cost me my place to live!
Entity: Nationwide
41, Report #456818
May 30 2009
04:00 PM
Bob's Door Company Just Say NO, NO, NO to Bob's Door Company . Wichita Kansas
Just Say NO, NO, NO to Bob's Door Company in Wichita, KS. I had a broken spring on my garage door, called Bob's and spoke to the owner Bob Wolff at 8:06 AM on Thursday and was able to get an AM appointment the next day - Friday. I took a vacation day off of work to be there, and waited until noon. At noon, my wife called and was told Bob was out to lunch and would call me when he returned, but the entire installation crew was in Douglas, KS and the receptionist did not know how long it would be. I called back and again left a message for Bob who was in the warehouse. When Bob finally called back at 2:26 PM he told me that they would not be able to do the repair today, but to call him back if I could not locate anyone else, and he could do the repair Saturday or Monday as a last resort. I despaired of finding someone who could get my door repaired since Bob had given me NO notice that his company would not be able to do the repair. I contacted the xxxxxDoor Company ((REDACTED))) who had a technician in my area and scheduled an appointment for me in 45 minutes. The technician was there at 3:05 PM and had two springs installed, the door working perfectly and was out of there by 3:35. I am sold on the top of the line service from xxxx Door of Wichita just say NO to Bob's. Darrell Wichita, KansasU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Wichita, Kansas
42, Report #192097
May 18 2006
01:40 PM
Icehouse In Bentonville ripoff of bands Bentonville Arkansas
As a band who put 700+ people in the club one night and got paid $1000, we feel we need to warn other bands. If you are thinking about playing at the Icehouse, get your money up front! (Like when you show up) They have a VERY creative way of screwing the bands at the end of the night: they don't take cover from everyone (just who they think needs to pay), so at the end of the night there is no way to account for how much money came through the door. Convienient for them, bad for the band. Get your whole deal in writing! Willy rogers, ArkansasU.S.A.
Entity: Bentonville, Arkansas
43, Report #1335223
Oct 26 2016
04:25 PM
fed ex mpls mn Federal express. Shipping are a lyndale mn. i accidentally shipped two kilos of kratom to a wrong address in mpls richfirld mn. fed ex driver he swore he delivered to the address. . But there iz no said address, it doesn't exist . then when fed ex realized the BS. they said he dropped off next door. but not to the shipping address ... the person next door is an old man waiting on another package and he did not get a package from FedEx as the driver claimed. richfidld minnesota
I sent a package by mistake to the wrong address two blocks down. Driver swore he delivered to the right address, two kilos of Kratom, package worth $304.00 credit card charge from K Products out of cal. When notifying fed ex there is no said address in existence, the driver then swore he left next door. I spoke to the old man . He was expecting a package. very private property. He never saw it. I arrived four days after said delivery. Fed ex refused to refund even though driver lied. it was priority mail and he delivered to wrong address and should have returned to station or shipping company can you trust fed ex if drivers steal productlie, or they lie or don't return to delivery station or shipper. And company won't back up their service - safe guaranteed and secure?
Entity: Minnesota
44, Report #1293410
Mar 13 2016
08:14 PM
Seal One Driveway and asphalt sealcoating Matthew Sherlock Came to our residence and ask if we wanted the driveway sealed. he did it and left . told us not to drive on it for at least an hour. the next day everywhere we drove it just broke up and cracked . He said it was guaranteeded for 5 years . when my husband called him back , he was told he would come back out the next week . He never showed up and will not answer calls. Sumter SC
Had three men come to our house on 2-26-16 and ask about sealing our driveway. My husband got the info and was told all work was guaranteed and it had a 5 year warranty. We were told not to drive on it for an hour.   He told me if anything tire marks showed up call him and he would be out to fix any tire marks.  
Entity: Nationwide
45, Report #1090683
Oct 09 2013
12:13 PM
AGI ATLANTA Michelle Baker Atlanta Georgia
I was looking for a job with better schedule, and AGI ATLANTA found my resume. They contacted me to interview as an account manager position. Open to the idea, I went in for first interview. I flopped the interview horribly. because i told the lady (michele baker) when she called i told her upfront i dont want a door to door sell or stand sell so she said im glad to hear that 'cause that is not our company so we schedule a interview the next morning. I did some research about the company and i didnt found complaints. The only 20 min interview to tell me i was gonna be selling U-verse door to door (NO PAY). They did not tell me that, that is what I would be doing when they called me. Do not work for this company! They told me nothing about door to door sales, but research says that is exactly what the position is.  Scam. DO NOT WORK IN THIS COMPANY... GO AWAY...!!!
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
46, Report #371612
Sep 10 2008
10:52 AM
I hired Door To Door vanlines to pick up my household goods and move me from Florida to North Carolina for August 28th. I talked with the managing rep., Shay, and he negotiated a deal with me that would cost me $2450 for my estimated household goods weight of 7000 pounds. He said if I should go over or under weight the price would remain .35 cents a pound. Perfect. I paid $490 as a deposit immediately and signed a bound estimate contract. On August 28th the movers arrived and immediately upon entering my home had a completely different agenda. The driver told me they do not go by weight, but rather by cubic feet. My items may very well weigh 7000 pounds but will fill up their truck and they don't want to loose money so it will end up costing me $5300 with a surplus for fuel which would total well over $6000!!! I signed a contract saying the movers were to come to my home and have a weigh station certificate of the trucks weight, they did NOT have one!! They insisted upon playing lets make a deal and tried offering me other prices $5000, then $4500!!! I signed a contract, not a lotto. I declined their services and politely and respectfully requested a refund of my deposit as they broke the contract! They're refusing my refund, so I brought the issue to the BBB and they are lying about the entire situation! They are a rip off, a scam, and only want your money. They end up giving you a completely price on moving day that is outrageous!! Terrible business, and dishonest. I lost $490 of my hard earned money. They broke the contract when they did not provide a weigh certificate and did not follow through with the terms on the contract. They scammed me, reneged the contract I signed with them and have gotten away with my $490 deposit for service not rendered. Lynn Morrisville, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Austin, Texas
47, Report #582868
Mar 19 2010
06:47 AM
Door 2 Door Drycleaning Door 2 Door Burned my shirt and blamed it on me! Bluffton, South Carolina
I found this dry cleaning company on Google maps and decided I would give them a try. Bad move. I figured I would test them out before entrusting them to all of my work clothing. I gave them one very nice, and expensive, work shirt and when it came back it had a burn on the sleeve. Any company can mess up, it's how they decide to fix it that is important. They failed miserably. When I contacted the owner he accused me of bringing the shirt in with the burn, that it wasn't done by them. Wow! Right now I'm in mediation with the BBB, but expect nothing to come of it.  Right now I'm out one shirt for there negligence!
Entity: Bluffton, South Carolina
48, Report #994427
Jan 10 2013
07:44 AM
Door to Door Auto Transport Door to Door auto transport is a scam A proof thief-a real fraud Orlando, Florida
Door to Door autotransport in Florida is a scam Research on the Net- It is a front to steal deposits-wont show up no insurance-he should be in jail-a real punk when you speak to him Uses net to defraud innocent people
Entity: Orlando, Florida
49, Report #639194
Sep 09 2010
04:20 PM Door to Door Magazine Subscription RIPOFF Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
About 6 months ago a nice young fellow came to my door selling magazine subscriptions so that he could raise money for his trip. I purchased 1 magazine subscription from him at an inflated rate. He seemed nice and I thought it would be a nice thing to help him. I have allowed 6 months for this subscription and still nothing. I checked the site and it is not helpful.  
Entity: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
50, Report #977994
Dec 04 2012
03:33 PM
Anytime Garage Door Liars , Internet
I called Anytime Garage Doors yesterday morning. We were leaving to drop off kids and to go to work and the garage door would not open. We noticed the cables had snapped. I briefly looked on line as to where I could buy some if we could fix it ourselves and I noticed a few places with prices from $7- $25. Then the red sting that you disable the garage with (so you can manually open snapped when it was pulled). Leaving one car stuck in the garage. There was a sticker on our garage door from Anytime, we were in a hurry, so we called them. We couldn't wait for a repair man in the morning being that I now had to drop my husband off at work and this already had us running behind. So, I call set up an appointment for between 3-5 pm. I am a stay at home mom. I don't know the first thing about cable and garage door repairs and my husband was at work with his car stuck in the garage. I saw the cables were pretty inexpensive online and figure we'd just pay for the labor. We needed this car out before the next morning.  To make a long story short - he rattled off some prices all of which seemed higher than I had briefly saw online. I told him the prices I saw he laughed and said I couldn't have been looking at the same thing. And I was looking at honda cables maybe but ours are mercedes. I am not going to act like I know everything about cables and garage doors. I know I have a car that my husband has to take to work tomorrow and at this point I don't know that I can get another company out at this time. So after he charged me $500 ( he was kind enough to give me a 10% discount because the sticker was on our door).  This prices included a $125 install price. After searching around I've seen all this work I had done including install for around $250. I called around for prices on the cables that were installed. They are $7.49. I am most frustrated because when I called and asked for an itemized invoice the manager told me if you have a problem with it you shouldn't have paid him and they cost whatever I paid for them. I told him that the technician told me prices last night but did not write these on the invoice I am looking at today and really just curious. He tried to compare cooking enchiladas at home and ordering them at a place of business - I am going to pay less if I make them myself. I said I didn't need analogies - just the price of the parts. He said obviously you do because you don't understand the real world.  I said I couldn't believe how he treats his costumer and said do you want me to be nice to you or give you a fair price, I am confused. I said that I expect much better customer service which is the same - not taking advantage of people and treating them with respect. He said that customer service and their prices are two separate issues and I need to make up my mind and I don't make any sense. If we were talking a reasonable markup for parts I would not make this big of a deal. But to lie to me in my house - make me believe I wasn't looking at the right cables, and treat me in such a rude manner when I call with questions is not acceptable. I also noticed a sticker on my water heater from a repair company that has never been to my house or serviced my water heater. The number is very similar to Anytime Garage Door. Always Open Water Heaters 702-269 - 9721. I never allowed them to put this on my water heater. He admitted that the service guy did in fact put it on.  I plan on filing a complaint with the contractors board and BBB. NEVER USE THEM!!!
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