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1, Report #493464
Sep 11 2009
01:06 PM
Ms. America Pageant Scamp Pageant Fix Pageant Internet
Sunday, September 6, 2009, sixteen contestants competed for the chance to become Ms. America 2009. Besides being judged on their overall presence, the ladies competed in a lifestyle and fitness in sportswear competition, interview, evening wear competition and on-stage question. The event was hosted by Ms. Susan Jeske; emcee by the former Miss California USA Alisa Kimble and evaluated by a panel of un-known judges. The winner of this pageant was Ms. Bridget Cleary, from the state of Massachusetts. The runners up are: Christy Van Der Westhuizen-1st runner up; Catherine Blades-2nd runner up; Daphne Rice-3rd runner up and Heidi Ritz-4th runner up. Contestants are well-prepared because the on-stage questions are giving one day before the pageant. However, the outcome of this pageant was kina surprising. The previous queen, Ms. Jane P Smith did not show up to crown her new queen. According to Ms. Jeske, Jane has a family emergency. The emcee, Alisa Kimble crowned the new queen which makes this pageant look funny. In addition, I did not see any facial expression on Bridget face and it seems to me that Bridget knows that she will be crown that day. No surprise at all. Usually when the winner is announcing, either she will cry or show some surprise expression because she win but in this case, it was totally different.  Anyway, from my observing plus there are so many negative though about this pageant, I believe that this pageant is fix and I think that the organization should be shame for themselves for taking money from these innocent ladies.
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2, Report #685391
Jan 22 2011
02:15 AM
Ms America Pageant Scamp Pageant, Internet
Ms America Pageant 2011 Once again, another scam pageant will be host on January 28-30 in Anaheim. Let me tell you this, the contestant Kimberly Vo Dang from Panorama, California will win the Ms America International. Why? Because this is a fix pageant. Kimberly previously buy her title as Mrs Asia USA and now, she will paid to win again. Look what Susan post on her website for the Ms America International Winner: Peoples Choice Award-(Crowned Award!)MS. AMERICA INTERNATIONAL 2011 The very special Peoples Choice Award is a crowned award with the title of MS. AMERICA INTERNATIONAL 2011 and will be awarded to the contestant that collects the most number of votes at $1.00 each. Once voting begins, family, friends, co-workers, etc. and can vote as many times for you. (example: 20 votes = $20). Voting is done on-line at $5 increments or in person at the pageant. Pageant will also accept check and cashiers checks are accepted andmust be made out to the Ms. America Pageant withPAward writtenon the bottom left of the check.Winner of this title must sign a Queen's Agreement right after the pageant. Winner of the Peoples Choice Award will secure a spot as a finalistduring pageant night. Paid to win the title!!! Dont joint this pageant, its just another scam.
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3, Report #954952
Oct 14 2012
07:48 PM
North America Pageant System Solar System Productions North America Pageant System Is A Scam. Charlene Will Steal Your Money. She is dishonest and cruel! Derry, New Hampshire
I wish I had reviewed this pageant system before I handed any money over to Charlene Craig. She talked me into competing in her pageant system and told me I would get a crown and sash once I paid my deposit to start promoting myself to fundraise money for the rest of the pageant fees. I paid her $250 and received nothing! Not even a letter in the mail, I got nothing from this woman. After I paid her the money she told me I had to pay her the remaining $375 to get my crown and sash. I tried very hard to save up the money but after loosing my job the pageant was not going to be possible for me. I let her know I wouldn't be able to compete with 9 months notice and asked for the $250 back since I had not received anything for that money. She deleted and blocked me from contacting her and refuses to give me my money back. She basically stole my money! This woman is heartless. She is always talking bad about other people and other contestants, after everything I've now read I realize her pageants are a joke! I have been scammed by this woman who stole my money. I plan on sending the police to her house and if that doesn't work I will be taking her to small claims court. She took the last bit of money I had to my name, she knows I'm unemployed and broke, how could anyone be so heartless?  Do not give this woman your money, there are many legitimate pageant systems out there, do not choose to participate in this one! 
Entity: Derry, New Hampshire
4, Report #492629
Sep 10 2009
08:06 AM
Ms. America Pageant Susan Jeske Disappointed Internet
On September 6, 2009, I competed in the Ms. America 2009-2010 pageant in Ontario, CA. There are four categories, that compete in this pageant includes personal interview, fitness wear, evening gown and on-stage question. There is an entry fee of $220.00 to enter the pageant. I did not win because this is a fix pageant. I would also like to warn all women before entering pageants that require an entry fee, but little to none prizes to show for winners and/or runner-ups, please be aware that these types of pageants are usually scams. The same applies to modeling scams. If you have to dish out a lot of money up front with little or nothing to gain in return, then it is usually bad business and a scam. Please be aware.
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5, Report #493111
Sep 10 2009
09:36 PM
They just want as many people as possible so the pageant can look good. We all are just victims or dolls for decoration to the pageant tree. There are many speculations about this pageant. If I have known about them, I would not have wasted my money, time, and effort. There are many other national pageants you can join but DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT JOIN THIS PAGEANT.
Entity: Internet, Internet
6, Report #685407
Jan 23 2011
08:35 AM
Susan Jeske Ms America Pageant Fixed Pageant Internet, Internet
Ms America Pageant is a scamp. Don't waste your money. Susan Jeske is a business woman. Take a look at the requirement on her website: Peoples Choice Award-(Crowned Award!)MS. AMERICA INTERNATIONAL 2011 The very special Peoples Choice Award is a crowned award with the title of MS. AMERICA INTERNATIONAL 2011and will be awarded to the contestant that collects the most number of votes at $1.00 each. Once voting begins, family, friends, co-workers, etc. and can vote as many times for you. (example: 20 votes = $20). Voting is done on-line at $5 increments or in person at the pageant. Pageant will also accept check and cashiers checks are accepted andmust be made out to the Ms. America Pageant withPAward writtenon the bottom left of the check.Winner of this title must sign a Queen's Agreement right after the pageant. Winner of the Peoples Choice Award will secure a spot as a finalistduring pageant night.   Wow, $1 per vote to win the tittle of Ms. America International Pageant! On top of that, you must paid an entry fees of $550, Susan must make a lots of moneys from these ladies. Don't joint this pageant if you don't want to waste your time and money, it's a scamp.
Entity: Internet, Internet
7, Report #1372531
May 10 2017
07:20 PM
Susan Jeske Ms America pageant director This woman has cheated at pageants Internet
Susan Jeske is the director of the Ms. America pageant but she has a history of cheating at pageants as a contestant.  In 1983 she tried to commit fraud by claming she helped a young girl in a coma.  She wanted to include this on her pageant resume when she competed for Miss Colorado USA.  Here is the link.  Think twice before entering her Ms America pageant.  A woman who tried to cheat to win a pageant will also try to cheat you. case the link goes dead, here is the text.A Miss Colorado USA contestant who worked for a... Dec. 31, 1983 DENVER -- A Miss Colorado USA contestant who worked for a singing telegram service admitted faking a story about helping a comatose child by delivering a message dressed as 'Wonder Woman,' a company spokesman said.A spokesman for Eastern Onion said Friday that Susan Jeske, 22, was fired after admitting she made up the story for inclusion in her resume for the Miss Colorado USA contest.The Colorado pageant, to be held Feb. 9-11, is a preliminary to the Miss USA and Miss Universe contests. Pageant official Ed Gabree said no decision had been made whether to take any action against Miss Jeske.A company official said the contestant told her employer Friday that she had been asked by a mother to deliver a singing telegram while dressed as Wonder Woman to a comatose girl in Denver General Hospital.Later, she told Eastern Onion officials that the girl moved slightly when she touched her.A few hours later, Eastern Onion got a call from a woman claiming to be the mother of the comatose girl. The caller said the girl had emerged from her coma and asked, 'Where's Wonder Woman?'The company official said Miss Jeske later admitted she made the call.The hoax was discovered when Eastern Onion notified the media of the Wonder Woman miracle and reporters could find no trace of the young patient at Denver General or any other hospital in the Denver area.Miss Jeske represented Littleton and was third-runner up last July in the Miss Colorado Pageant, the preliminary to the Miss America pageant.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #961810
Oct 29 2012
07:56 PM
Sparkling Diva'z Pageant System Kimberly Hodges Director is a scam, steals money, and shows favoritism. Henderson, North Carolina
Simmons or Hodges rips off pageant parents. She owes tons of money to many contestants, including myself. My daughter had a life threatening emergency and was life flighted out for emergency heart surgery.  Simmons bad mouthed me and my daughter at the pageant we were supposed to attend. She blocked me and refuses to give me my money back. I never signed a contract. She will tell you ambassador money is at a certain amount just so you will pay more than that when in all actuality it is not accurate.  Kids don't get crowns they won.  This lady is on food stamps but has the money she makes from the pageants and her job. She has plenty of money to enter her daughter in pageants several times a month. Her husband is a registered sex offender She lies, cheats and steals from these kids and parents! She does pageants in the Henderson, NC and Fayetteville, NC areas!
Entity: Henderson, North Carolina
9, Report #424273
Oct 14 2012
08:58 PM
North America Pageants, Inc - North America Productions, Inc, THE WHOLE PAGEANT IS A SCAM & Illegitimate! Charlene Craig (OWNER) had to be PAID personally over $1000 REQUIRED just to be her pageant & 6 months after we won were still NOT PAID cash prizes! Instead she took back 2 titles via email claiming they broke pageant rules,with no proof - NO RULES WERE BROKEN & she demanded crowns & sashes returned ASAP! NO WINNERS WERE PAID Except her 2 friends! Derry New Hampshire
Charlene Craig, the Owner/President knew that and used several people out of the 40 people who she lied and cheated to get them pay her to participate and compete in her SCAM of a PAGEANT and to promote her first time TEN PAGEANTS IN ONE pageant ( 10 pageants in one). She SCAMMED each and everyone one of us out thousands of dollars , just to be able to participate in the pageant with NO RECIEPTS and listed all kinds of GREAT PRIZES ONLINE and then the week of the pageant DELETED THEM. She posted : Cosmetic Surgery Package, Dental Cosmetic Surgery Package, Tanning Package, Spa Package, etc. Even the prized she didn't delete, like ROSES, and Personalized Crown Case, etc still were not awarded. The prizes that were awarded were ebay trash trinkets and the jewerly was also found on ebay for under $20!!! After research of course! We didn't even get ROSES or get to take the WINNER'S WALK DOWN THE RUNWAY! NOBODY DID!!!!! SHE CHEATED EVERYONE BY MAKING US PAY CASH ONLY THE DAY BEFORE THE PAGEANT AT THE HOTEL FOR TICKETS --- OUTRAGEOUS PRICES $35 per person for one night and $25 per person for the second night and you HAD to purchase them NO REFUNDS whether you made it to the second night OR NOT. NO REFUNDS FOR ANYTHING!! CASH FOR REQUIRED TANK TOPS at the last minute for the OPENING NUMBER, which nobody knew about. Two weeks before the pageant she made us all make costumes to describe our TITLE THAT WE HAD TO BUY, my division was $675.00. The Ms. Category was $675 also, along with the Senior Miss and the Miss and Petite Miss, the other 5 divisions ranged from $575 down to $375 and the Little Miss. She even created a MR division to get another group of $675's !! When it came to her paying the winners--- SHE JUST DIDN'T! She AVOIDED ALL CALLS, AND WHEN SHE DID ANSWER SHE LIED OVER AND OVER and OUTRAGEOUSLY OVER AGAIN!!! YET, Charlene took her best friend, who ironically won her division, and her other best friends daughter won, amazingly enough, every category and the title too! And SHE TOOK THEM TO NY a few times for MAGAZINE MODELING SHOOTS and all the cosmetic surgery went to them, and prizes that were online that STRANGELY DISAPPEARED= CHARLENE'S TWO FRIENDS!! She told even 4 yr old little girls mother that there would be talent agents and scouts there so she would pay to compete so she could sing and be discoverd. She played just about every single person by digging into what they wanted to get out of it and then told them what they wanted to hear and she is still doing it. She made a ton of money off of the hopes, dreams, and legitimate real honest life-changing reasons!! CALL THE NH ATTY GENERAL BEFORE YOU GET INVOLVED WITH HER PLEASE!!!! Anonymous Anonymous, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Derry, New Hampshire
10, Report #1353276
Feb 01 2017
09:00 AM
Baby Miss America Pageant -Sammie Savoie Rip Off Nationwide
I had my daughter in the Baby Miss Texas Pageant with Sammie Savoie and Baby Miss America Pageant in October of 2015. My daughter won her division and we were planning on going to the National Pageant. Everything was going fine until Sammie decided that their would now be 2 winners in my daughters division. When I found out that, I simply emailed Sammie asking why and she became a different person. She was rude and told me that she could do what she wanted and she decided that 2 girls were winners in just one division now. I politely emailed her back saying that we would not be going to Nationals now and I did not agree with the way the pageant was being run. I say all of this as backstory because it seems that this is only reason she is holding my $20 book. We didn't receive our pageant books at the pageant but were told that the pageant books (book of ads that we had to purchase) would be mailed by the end of the year. It is now February 1, 2017 and we have heard every 'excuse' as to why we have not received the book. Some of the ads were submitted late (not ours) so that was delaying it. Then there was a system crash and she had to redo the entire book. I have several rude and condesending emails from Sammie stating all of the excuses. Bottom line: it has been 16 months since the pageant. An entire pageant year (local, state and nationals) have come and passed. There is absolutely no reason as to why we have not received the pageant book. All I want is the book. It is a memory of my daughter's pageant and I would love to be able to show it to her. I have expressed that to Sammie and she has just become a very cold and disheartening person. 
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #1020986
Feb 27 2013
11:13 AM
California Tropics Pageant Hawaiian Tropics Pageant Fradulent Pageant System turlock, California
My daughter participated in California Tropic Pageants for 2 years. This was a system I researched online, and found to be a great natural beauty pageant to be apart of. First of let me state that this is not about winning/losing, but what it fair. My hopes is for this report to warn any potential families from wasting their hard earned money on this fradulent system. The last pageant we participated in was going good, until the judges abrutly left during the middle of the events and were replaced with Tropic employees, currently royality family memebers, or judges who had ties to contestants. This is a conflict of interest! The child who won the catagory did not place at least top 3 in any of the events, but she won the whole age division! How is this possible? So you win based upon how much you pay! Apparently no one knows how scoring is tabulated, because  CT decides who wins before hand. Also scores sheets are not given, so you can not review how your child was scored.  I have looked into past winners of Tropics, and its the same girls who win over and over,or their parents make a ton of money, which in Carol's eyes screams WINNER!! I personally emailed the director and was told lies after lies about the reasons why the judges left. Unfortunatly for her another mother informed me the judges personally contacted her to let her know they left because the children they were placing to win events, were not winning! CT were changing the outcome of the events. In the end pageants are simply an arena where you pay someone to judge your child and give their opinion, I understand that! But when all fairness goes out the door, thats what I have a PROBLEM with. I am one of several parents who have come to learn California Tropics is a system you should not waste your time or hard earned money with. Since I have decided to no longer let my child be apart of this horrible system, I have personally spoke with many other mothers who are either to afraid to speak up, or are current royality parents. This system is rigged, and everyone knows it You dont do what she wants and your child will not win beyond the prelim competitions. I can go on and on but that sums up my opinion. Be warned of CALIFORNIA TROPICS! Go elsewhere where supreme titles will get you cash money, tiaras that do not break  easily, and titles were earned by how hard you worked, not how much money you have.
Entity: turlock, California
12, Report #112758
Oct 13 2004
10:18 AM
Carlos Solis, Hispanos USA, Miss Latina Pageant Lied, Manipulated, Missrepresented, Misstreated, Abandoned, and more lies and lies and lies rip-off Winston-Salem, North Carolina
About 24 girls were part of Mr. Carlos Solis fraud in this years Miss Latina USA 2004. I also have been contacted by the contestants from 2003 pageant who experienced the same fraud. He girls who payed a fee to be in the pageant did not received what Mr. Solis promised. He promised the fee will cover hotel, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), transportation, miss latina t-shirt (which later we learned that we had to pay $20 when it was handed to us), evening wear, media, magazine exposure, more than 300 people for an audience (about 20 people were in the audience), portfolio with pictures, $500 scholarship to winners, $500 cash to winners and Sashe. Until this date has been provided to any of the winners. All of the girls have come together. There were even moms who were part of this. We were treated very poorly and continuously lied to every minute just so we could stay in the pageant. I was personally told by Carlos solis that meals would be provided and my hotel as well. However when I got there none of that was provided and I ended up paying for my own hotel. Because he promised so many things I bought an airplane ticket to come to the pageant and cacelled all my other paying jobs for this event wich turned out to be the worst nightmare of my life. Therefore , I advise any girl that reads this to stay away from this person and do as much research as possible before signing up for this bogus pageants. Lona Ashburn, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Winston-Salem,, North Carolina
13, Report #491584
Oct 08 2009
11:40 AM
Ms America Pageant Susan Jeske Ms America is a fix pageant Internet,
Ms America Pageant is a fix pageant. I was one of the contestant for Ms America 2009-2010 pageant host at the Double Tree Hotel in Ontario. This is a fix pageant, Ms Susan Jeske kept saying this is not a fix pageant during the orientation and also at the rehearsal and I was like why is she kept saying that while none of the contestant has any opinion about her pageant. The queen does not now how to walk on run way and she walk like a crab. She has a cosmetic body, you know what I mean if you see her in person. Do not joint this pageant if you don't want to loose your money and time of efford.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #962392
Oct 30 2012
08:29 PM
Kim Hodges Simmons Sparkling Diva's Pageants Kimberly, kim simmons, beautypageant simmons Pageant Scammer Henderson, North Carolina
I wish to warn everyone about a lady named Kim Simmons. She has been ripping off people for years. She held a big pageant in Virginia a few years back and wrote all the winners checks on a closed account. She lies cheats and steals. After this people looked for her all over. She began directing again under another name. I didn't know and took my daughter. It was an hour drive for us we had stayed overnight we had no choice the money had already been spent. She hid the masters so we couldn't see that her best friends kid won! We later compared and relized she cheated everyone at that pageant out of their money. She publicly rants and raves and talks about others at her pageants. Her last pageant was in Fayetteville where she got on the microphone and told a parent off in front of everyone during crowning! She lies and says money being raised is for charitable places but nobody ever gets to see proof. Now she is planning a military pageant! I do not want our good military families scammed by this horrible lady! The worst part of it all is her husband is a registered sex offender!
Entity: Henderson, North Carolina
15, Report #282943
Nov 05 2007
12:03 AM
Perfect Pageant Productions Bad pageant producers. Montgomery Alabama
Got out when the getting was good. Was slated to participate & paid 'fee' in full that was stated I was supposed to pay. Had to keep asking for the 'state crown' I was promised as advertised, finally got one. It was tarnished gold. Looked as if it was just thrown in the garage. It was obviously used, not new at ALL. The adjustable band was messed up/bent. To top it all off, the director informed us that we not only had to pay for the pageant but would have to pay for meals, accomodations PLUS for the extra activities that we'd be doing such as going to Six Flags, the World of Coke, etc. which should've been paid for by the pageant. I can understand paying for accomodations but should've had at least one complimentary meal. Director argued when I declined to pay any more money so I just didn't participate in the national pageant. I wasn't the only one w/the same complaint. Beara Blank, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Montgomery, Alabama
16, Report #1396720
Aug 31 2017
12:16 PM
Texas Choice Pageant, TCP, ACPP, Little Miss Pageant, To the Crown Bullied me and my children on & off-line, Kept deposits for canceled pageant San Antonio Texas
We first entered this pageant thinking it would be inexpensive local practice for my daughters who had started competing in high-level natural & scholarship pageants.  It does seem inexpensive.  You'll see advertisements that say Enter for $5,  Only $15 to Enter, Only $10 gets you started.  That's where they hook you, but these pageants are actually very, very expensive for what you get.  Generally, this is just a deposit and you'll have a balance at the door.  IN ALL CASH because she knows people will do chargebacks. Going off the paperwork (emailed to me 3.5 months after I entered, by the way), each adult has to pay $30 for ballroom entry.  Of course, you aren't allowed to take photos of your own child, so you have to buy a MANDATORY PHOTO PACKAGE for $30+.  Optional contests are each $30-50, although they are things that are typically included at pageants with up-front fees.  To be eligible for their Overall (like Supreme) title, you have to pay an extra $50 PLUS enter a minimum of other optional contests at $30 each.  Generally, if you want to walk across the stage more than once (that's often all that's judged for their titles), you'll be bleeding money.  They you have to pay a “scholarship” fee of $20 or so that will be the award money for the winner.  Usually, they don’t get it because as I’ll explain below, it comes with many hoops to jump through. Then they'll want you do donate something.  It may be cash, it may be a toy or other gift... they then gift this to someone.  Maybe an outgoing queen, maybe a charity, (maybe themselves, I really don't know).  Basically, these donations are used to make themselves look good.  It's a joke, though.  They gifted a 5 year old a curling iron?!  No thought goes into this what-so-ever.  They even have contestants bring party favors that they can hand out at their parties.  At other pageants, the girls hand out favors, at this pageant, the director does this so she can get the thanks.  I’ve seen her literally take gifts from a preschool queen’s gift bag to give to someone else.  I nearly threw up there in the cheap ballroom. The age divisions are broken out into 1-3 year age gaps.  This makes it appear that those costly optional awards are per age division.  In fact, the paperwork says this.  However, they group the age divisions, so 4 year olds are competing against 9 year olds for portfolio, photogenic, fashion, specialty wear, talent, whatever.  This is so cheap.  The awards that they give out are tiny trophies or cheap medals.  They should be able to afford an additional cheap award. The same girls win these pageants year after year, pageant after pageant.  Often, these girls don’t do well in other systems at all and somehow beat girls who win big national titles at MAC, NAM, IJM, and legitimate pageants.  Judges have literally seen the director swapping scores, and she even gives random bonus points for extra “donations”.  When you’re being scored on 1-2 event to find your perfect titleholder, 5 bonus points of butt-kissing really makes a difference, which explains a ton. They sell titles.  Some systems do legitimate appointed titles to get you to the state or national pageant.  This pageant sells you a crown and banner (of horrible quality, like thin cheap cotton or ribbon with vinyl lettering) as an upsell.  For $100 or whatever it is that day, you get entry to the pageant and the random local crown & banner.  Then, when they have awards for divisions that didn’t have winners (these pageants have very low numbers), Sandi literally offers them to anyone who will come up and pay $50, $100, whatever it is that day. The entry specials are a joke.  One day, it’s a special just for returning contestants for $50, the next, it’s the 23rd so the entry fee if you enter today is $23.  The poor queens and their families are bullied into promoting these pageants, she sends out messages that she’s going to remove you, ban you, not let you come back to crown, not let you get any prize money owed (she holds it hostage all year so she can bully you into doing free work and promotion for her).  The queens are made to look like idiots, given a “special rate” to share to friends & family they refer, then there will be a new, much better “special”.  It’s un-real how her moods swing and when you catch “the wrath”, as queens & their families tend to do after some period of time.  It’s story after story if you ask anyone in the pageant community about their experience with TCP.  TCP is getting such a bad name that shes now been using ACPP. They do whatever they can to spread the schedule out to get you to book 2 hotel rooms.  If you don’t book a room with their group code, you won’t win.  They get commissions/kickbacks from these hotels from booking rooms, so why half a half day pageant (that’s all it would take a normal director) when you can space events out and make it a 3-day pageant.  Check-in is at night the day before.  It’s MANDATORY.  Always in lots of obnoxious capital letters.  If you miss it you are “disqualified” or have to pay some ridiculous fee of $25-50 (which of course depends on her mood).  There are random 2-3 hour breaks in the schedule where everyone just had to sit around in the hotel that’s in BFE so they can drag the last event out until 7-9pm or so, so you have to spend the night that end (or 3rd if it’s state) night.  There is no dressing room offered so it’s the only way you can change unless you haul your $600 gown into a crowded bathroom. So you get through this mess and get crowned a queen.  Yay, right?  Nope.  Time to get to work.  You’ll be expected to spam everyone you know constantly with cheezy pageant ads on Facebook constantly.  If you don’t, she’ll threaten to strip you of your title, crown & banner (I’d like to see her rip the crown off a 4 year old, really), and that cash award that your fellow contestants and you had to pay.  You’ll never see that prize money, don’t even try.  Then, you have to bring 5 referrals in or you won’t get recognized as outgoing royalty.  A lot of promises will be made.  Make X number of appearances and you’ll get this award.  You won’t.  Send me $100 PayPal so I can “donate it to my homeless aunt” or you’re out. That brings me to another bit of this scam.  There have been random needy people who need donations.  Go-fund-me or PayPal links are sent.  She tells you to send $100 and she’ll give you a prize.  Last year it was at least $100 towards helping get a random woman (who turns out is an “aunt” and she literally only has 1 picture of her looking disheveled in a van) who was homeless get back on her feet.  Then you’ll get the jacket prize that’s for referring 5 contestants.  This jacket is a cheap $15 satin jacket with the pageants name embroidered on the back.  Not even a logo.  Then, there’s pictures of her at Disney World the next week, spending the money you just sent her.  But, it gets better.  She didn’t even have them to award at the state pageant.  She bullied moms individually saying their daughter would be the only ones to not get it unless they sent $100.  “Don’t worry about the donation thing, that’s over, just buy the jacket for $100 so you won’t make your kid cry”.  Then she didn’t give them to ANYONE at the pageant “because the vender didn’t come through”. She will take deposits for pageants and then cancel them.  They she can’t refund you because the “office” is only open during these bizarre hours on a couple days a week.  She can reply to say that, but not help you with your refund.  Then when you email her during those hours and point it out, then it’s “well, we closed that PayPal account and now we are using XYZ so we can’t refund that”.  Kiss your deposits goodbye & run, because it gets even better… She held a pageant in San Antonio shortly after hurricane Harvey hit.  Many contestant’s homes (and competition clothing) was under water and they were stranded in Houston with the roads flooded.  Others were hosting displaced family and friends or helping with rescue and recovery efforts.  Instead of offering some compassion, she stomped her feet and felt sort for herself and all of the money that wasn’t coming in.  She did not offer any of the victims their deposits back.  Instead, she posted to facebook that these contestants were offering their deposits to anyone who wanted to take their place.  It was an out-right lie.  SHE wanted to transfer their deposits to paying contestants instead of no-shows.  Then she got scared and started offering more.  The dumped the mandatory photo package first.  Why?  They screws the photographer, not her.  The photographer travels with his family from Dallas to shot these things for $30/contestant.  If there are 20 contestants, do the math.  Now he’s coming down, doing the work, and not sure he’s getting paid.  When no one bites again, she said, okay you only have to stay 1 night in the hotel.  Then more desperation… you can change in my suite if needed if you only get 1 night.  She could have postponed the pageant.  She could have had some compassion & helped, but instead she’s worried about how she can’t screw people out of money that weekend. The LIES.  So many lies.  I went to a 10th anniversary 1 year and a 15th anniversary the next.  Then shes SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS all over facebook that she’s the best director in Texas and has been running a licensed pageant in Texas for 20 years.  A) Texas doesn’t license pageants, B) She hasn’t been in business anywhere near 20 years. She shouts in real life, across ballrooms, at girls, at moms.  This whole thing is set up so she can shout and bully people who go along with it because they don’t want to ruin their daughter’s chances of winning and then bully them into a year of misery if they win. There are so many great, upfront, honest pageant in Texas, stay clear of this one!    
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
17, Report #1447034
Jun 11 2018
08:29 PM
Baby Miss America Pageant Baby Miss world by Sammie savoie RIGGED PAGEANT! Internet
We just did baby miss New Orleans with Miss Sammie this past weekend, my daughter is 1 and was in the baby miss age group, we didn’t win anything and that’s fine because this was her first pageant and I was in pageants as a child I know you can’t win them all plus we had tons of fun getting ready and walking on stage, and she was thrilled to get a participation trophy! Everything was great until the awards ceremony! Firstly I was pretty annoyed that a constant in the older age group was disqualified for wearing lip gloss to the awards! I know that it’s a no make up pageant but she was already done with both competitions and only put on the lip gloss after she was judged and the scoring was done! A simple please remove the gloss” would’ve been sufficient. Not to mention this little girl probably would’ve won the whole thing, like I said I myself have pageant experience and this little girl rocked it! Then the real problem came about mid way through the awards, me and my mother overheard four Pageant Moms and daughters (I believe they were tiny miss) talking about how it was their turn to go on stage to be crowned BEFORE THE NAMES WERE CALLED! and every time one of them said something they were called up almost immediately after to receive their crowns and trophy’s. I am very disappointed in what they have going on, this pageant cost way to much money for them to be rigging the whole thing! I watched a ton of baby work really hard for a tittle they never had a chance to win. It’s really disgusting.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #493404
Oct 22 2010
04:44 PM
Ms. America Pageant Susan Jeske Ripoff Pageant Scamp Irvine, California
This pageant is totally a scamp. Susan Jeske is the most racist person in the world. Last year, she also fixes the pageant for Jane P Smith. The contestants do not pay an entrance fees and the pageant was hosted in Glendale with the help of her friends. Anyway, she did it again this year. She purposely handpicked her queen and pretending that this is a fair pageant. DO NOT ENTER this pageant unless you have a lot of money to pay her upfront =)
Entity: Irvine, California
19, Report #1170438
Aug 18 2014
06:11 AM
Woman of Achievement by Marlena Martin promised my wife a title after paying $5,000 in cash and awarded someone else Los Angeles Internet
My wife and I recently paid $5,000 in cash to Marlena Martin and she promised my wife a title. However someone else was crowned. My wife and I tried to talk to Marlena face-to-face after the event but she kept avoiding us and refuses to return our calls, text messages and emails. Of course we did not get our money back either. This meant a lot to my wife because she has competed in other pageants and was never chosen. We told Marlena this and she promised, she guaranteed that if my wife paid an extra fee than she will win the title.  Now Marlena is trying to do more pageants and CON more unsuspecting women. Beware. This organization is run by one person, Marlena and she keeps all the money and tries to get the competitors and queens to do all the work that the director is supposed to do. She is very dishonest, unfair, over-aggressive, and will say or do whatever it takes to get you to do what she wants. Her physical address is not even listed on her website. Legitimate pageants at least have an office. DO NOT enter her pageants in CA or any other state that she is trying to expand too. Marlena does nothing for her winners except take their money. She offers no guidance, career direction or marketing. She is not good like the other reputable and established pageants out there.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #359368
Aug 05 2008
09:46 AM
Ista North America OVER CHARGE Jackonville Florida
Hello my name is Danyale I am one of the tentant at the Andover Apartments in Orlando Florida. This issues has started with me since last year and know its back again with more complaints from more tentants. they over charge on the water bill. i have water bill thats $40.00 and up with on one person in the apartment. Yes the apartment complex has check for leak very thing and it nothing. One tentant told me that the meter reader was reading it upside down. So that they force her to pay more. Listen ISTA is a RIP OFF i have the water bills to prove it aswell as the tentants whos also suffering from this scheming company. I WANT ACTION TAKEN, I WANT JUSTICE. Danyale orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Jacksonville, Florida
21, Report #798388
Nov 15 2011
05:49 PM
Ista North America water, negligent, scam Alpharetta, Georgia
About a year and a half ago our water & sewage bill started to climb, so we took precautions to watch our water usage (we live in a 2bed 2bath apartment and there are only two of us). When the bill topped $190 for a one month period I called exasperated asking what, if anything, we could do to lessen the bill, explaining that we are using less water than ever before and being billed about quadruple what we had been billed in the past.Long story short there were no leaks, the water meter they installed was running backwards, the readings I took at 7 am every morning were wildly different from what they showed on their end, and they would not send someone out to replace the meter so they just placated us by reducing our bill. They could not explain how or why, or where the new billing amounts were coming from, but at that point I didn't care.Fast forward 18 months and they replaced the water meter, and our bill jumped to 5,700 gallons in one month.They demanded our property management company check for leaks - none were found, but guess what...the meter isn't moving. The meter ista installed...Is.not.moving.What are they trying to do to me, make me crazy?Never have I had a water bill this high, even when I lived in a 4 bedroom 4 bathroom house with two other people and a 1/2 acre lawn.I call hijinks.
Entity: Alpharetta, Georgia
22, Report #696351
Feb 17 2011
06:39 AM
I live in the Meridian West Apartments in Puyallup, Wa.   Ista North America is the water, trash & sewer service for the apartment complex. I think it is highway robbery that they get away with these outrageous prices they charge. I pay about  $110. 00 a month for a small 2 bdrm apartment no matter how little water you use. They have no discounts for low income & very rude when you call them. I recently moved from the High Desert in Ca. with a decent size home & yard with lots of trees & roses and didnt pay that much.  COME ON PEOPLE !! WE NEED TO STOP THIS.
Entity: DALLAS, Texas
23, Report #272406
Sep 04 2007
08:51 PM
Nissan North America Oil Consumption Franklin Tennessee
On April 28, 2007 I purchased a 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V. I purchased a warranty for an additional 5 year/100,000 miles powertrain only. One week after purchase I realized that the car had a squeak after starting and continued for the first few minutes of driving. This continued for the next 2-3 weeks so I had the belt checked and was told that it was new and that they were unsure of what the noise was from. On May 25th I took the car to a Nissan dealership for them to hear as the noise had gotten much worse and was not only upon a cold start but driving as well. I was told by Gates that they had no idea what the noise was but that they definitely could hear it. The service manager told me that in 30 years he had never heard a noise like that and one of two things would happen, it would go away or get more distinct. A week or so later I took it to an exhaust shop because I was sure it was the heat shield, kinda like a metal vibration noise. They realized that my car was 2 quarts low on oil. My car does not leak oil and is not smoking. So they oil was changed and the noise was gone. Two weeks later I was another quart low on oil. I called the Nissan dealership and made an appointment to take it in for 6/27/2007. I was told on the phone that they would be changing the oil in my car and monitoring it for loss. After sitting there for more than an hour the dealership told me that they did not change my oil and that my car did have the precatalyst failure and a remanufactured motor would be $2100.00 and the labor would be $2200.00 (estimated). They checked with my warranty company for my car and they said that they would not cover this because the motor was damaged due to part of the exhaust being sucked into the motor and they did not cover loss due to exhaust. They also contacted Nissan North America and were told that they would not accept responsibility for my motor because of the mileage. I contacted sales manager at the car lot I purchased the vehicle from and was told that he would have one of the service managers call me. Shortly thereafter the service manager called me and asked me to bring the car in to be looked at. After they looked at the car and called Nissan Motor Corporation and the warranty company and me the same thing that Nissan dealership had told me earlier with the same results with the warranty company. I have called Nissan North America at least 25 times since 6/27. At first no one returned my calls. I have been hung up on, lied to, and even laughed at. I do not find anything funny about financing a car with a bad motor. Obviously this is something that would not have been noticed unless it was driven about 700 miles and I had no way of knowing that this car consumed oil. Anonymous , KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Franklin, Tennessee
24, Report #1049476
May 09 2013
10:29 AM
Digga North America low wages Dyersville Iowa
I read an article about one of their higher-ups talking loudly in a bar about how they moved operations to the USA because they can pay the employees a lot less than they do in Australia.
Entity: Dyersville, Iowa
25, Report #1230699
May 21 2015
01:55 PM
Honda North America Defective vehicle Nationwide
The transmission in my 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid started making a grinding noise when I was driving back from North Dakota to pick my son up. We were 200 miles from home and the grinding noise started from transmission. We pulled over to see what the noise was. Then when we tried driving it, the car wouldn't move. I had to have my wife drive 200 miles in my truck with a car dolly to pick us up. I've owned the car since 27,000 miles and paid extra for it because of it being a hybrid. I have done all maintenance religiously on it. I have over $6000 in maintenance and repairs that I've done in the 7 years I've owned it. The maintenance I understand is part of owning a car, but with the money in repairs I've had to put into it and now the transmission quitting, it's not worth the price difference to own a Honda Civic Hybrid. Honda hasn't been any help since I've owned the car. When the airbag system went out at 94,000 miles it took me a week of back and forth negotiation with Honda, to get them to cover the cost. The airbag system went out again at about 130,000 miles. The air conditioning compressor quit at 110,000 miles and now the transmission at 152,000. The car has been in Wisconsin its whole life. The air conditioning system shouldn't have quit. That was $600 to repair. They want over $4000 to put a new transmission in. The car just isn't worth fixing. What's all the hype about Honda vehicles being so reliable? I am extremely disappointed with Honda and will never own another Honda product ever again. Honda has one of the worst customer service of any company who sells in the US. They will sell you their defective products, but that's it. The Honda Civic Hybrid cars are defective and Honda knows it. There should be a recall on the CVT transmissions and the IMA batteries. But there isn't. Look how long it took Honda to admit they had ongoing issues with the airbags in all their vehicles. Takata knowingly produces defective airbags with inferior materials. Honda knew about it and didn't do a thing about it until they were forced to. My car is worth more stripped down and sold for parts then repaired and put back on the road. Let me know when a lawyer will step up to the plate and sue these crooks.
Entity: Nationwide

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