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1, Report #1394404
Aug 21 2017
03:03 PM
Nuavive Anti Aging Charged full price for trial size, refused adjustment to price Nevada Internet
Do not even bother to get involved with this company.  The product sizes they send will not even last 3-months and they are not a very good product, at least for me.  Both the eye cream and Anti Aging Serum are very light weight.  They might work if you are a teenager. The cost of the 2-products, for a trial, is $184.04, though they tell you on the ad that with shipping they will be about $20. The trial time is only 14-days and if you don't cancel in that time, you do pay the $184.04, and there cannot be an adjustment.  You will only find the 14-day trial time posted somewhere, the customer service phone number could not tell me where this is written.  There was no packaging slip with the product when I received it. This is a scam and I want a refund!  This product is supported by the TV group, The Sharks.  Obviously, they got to be Sharks by eating minnows like me.  I am very disappointed in myself for being suckered in by these people.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1379478
Jun 16 2017
09:57 AM
Nuavive Nuavive Anti Aging Serum Their Cu!stomer Service will age you 10 years Internet
It's not enough to read the Terms and Conditions anymore (which some of us still do).... I ordered two products from Nuavive. According to my credit card and the USPS tracking, Item 1 was charged and shipped the next day. Item 2 was charged two days after order and shipped next day after order.  These products are supposed to have a 14 day free trial.So for simplicity's sake... Say I ordered both products on the 1st. Item 1 ships on the 2nd and item 2 ships on the 2nd. (They charged me separate shipping fees but sent them both in the same package) It seems logical that since they are using USPS to track the packages they would know I received them on the same day (4 days after I placed the order) so we will call that the 5th. You would think the free trial would begin on the day the customer received the product making my beginning trial period on the 5th not the 1st. But no. On the 16th I was hit with two charges approximately $90 & $95 in addition to the $4 and $6 already paid for shipping.  I called customer service to dispute this and make sure I cancel any future shipments. No can do. They did cancel any future shipments (after trying to sell them to me at a discount) but refused to even listen to me. I asked to speak to someone else and was told they would only tell me the same thing and since I was taking up too much of her time she was going to disconnect, and she did. She hung up on me.I called back to get another cs rep and explained to her what 14 days from the ship date would be. She said according to the Terms, Trial period begins on the date you place the order. Not the cc charge date, not the ship date, not the received date. Hmmmm....I was offered a discount for the $90 and $95 charges, which I ultimately accepted solely because when I offered to return the product, they offer no returns, it's not satisfaction guaranteed, and typically no refunds. The terms are misleading. I feel as though I was entitled to a full cancellation and full refund of the $90 and $95 charges because I contacted them 14 days from when the product left their facility. And if we want to pick nits, that 14 day trial should not technically begin until they have confirmation from USPS tracking that the product has been delivered and the customer can actually use it for 14 days.It makes me curious though; if someone never received their product, say the mailman delivered to the wrong address and the neighbor just chunked it, would the customer still have to pay for it?The frustration and 45 minutes of my day spent going round and round with these uncooperative people they call customer service has definitely given me need for an anti-aging cream, but I won't use theirs. 
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1417701
Dec 18 2017
02:42 PM
Nuavive Anti-Aging never ordered the products. Charge outrageous amount, then offer discounts when you try to cancel. Internet
I originally ordered a Free Sample of a product by Avila. It was a no strings offer.  I received the products, ONE TIME, and true to their advertising, I never received anymore products.Then, I started receiving TRANSFORM DERMA products, by Nuavive. NEVER ORDERED!!!  I received 2 bottles of anti aging Face Serum, and 1 jar of Hydrating eye cream. I also started receiving products from Follinique...Hair growth treatment program with serums and hair nutrition supplements. I NEVER ORDERED any of these products. I called them, and they canceled my account AND refunded all of my payments, without a hassel.Now, back to Nuavive. They refuse to refund their 2 charges of $94.57 each. The eye cream was $89.47. The eye cream is packaged as TRANSFORM DERMA Hydrating Eye Cream. The customer service representative informed me that as long as they had my email address, there was nothing I could do. My alleged account is closed, but I will get no refund for any charges. The products have never been opened.I NEVER ordered any of these products except for Avila. They were true to their online offer.I NEVER ordered Follinique products. They had excellent customer service, and credited my account without any problems. I did return all of their products, unopened.Nuavive has terrible customer service. 
4, Report #1396788
Aug 30 2017
01:30 PM
Nuavive Anti-aging Trial Nuavive DermaBright Health PR Free trial anti aging serum except S & H 4.95, auto added eye cream 5.95, emailed site, still charged Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
I was on a MSN start page where I saw Oprahs' secret to looking 10 years younger It goes on with other celebrities and offers a free trial of anti aging serum, pay S & H of 4.95. (now they have your info to auto withdrawl)  I signed up for serum. There is another product on the page for EYE CREAM, I did not click on it and proceded to checkout.  The Eye cream was added without consent. I emailed Nuavive and requested that this other product be removed.  I recieved a response when to expect delivery. I continued to email, order has been cancelled I check my bank account, and the 5.95 (eye cream) S & H  is been removed from account. I emailed again this AM and have had no response.  Reading the other persons' issue of them continuing to bill 89.95 and 99.95 a month is quite upseting as I am not working and struggling with real bills. Why is it that these false ads are on major websites? Enticing, it must be real? I will be back if I get any further charges. Deebs Philadelphia, PA
Entity: Internet
5, Report #1401806
Sep 22 2017
04:24 PM
Nuavive anti-aging I ordered a free trial of Nuavive anti-aging cream. The next thing I knew is they charged me $94.57 when it was to be free with a shipping charge of $4.95. Internet
 On August 29 I ordered Nuavive Anti Aging cream. It was supposed to be a free trial with a shipping charge of $4.95. I thought that was the total charge, but when I checked my credit card there was a charge of $94.57 from the company. I had no idea what this charge was, so I called the company customer service. They told me that I agreed to the terms and conditions and therefore they had to charge me the $94.57. I argued with them that I would never agree to that kind of charge when the product was supposed to be a free trial. They would not budge with the charge. This is an absolute rip off. I feel I am due that money.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1382125
Jun 29 2017
03:44 PM
Nuavive Always hit Rip-off Report prior to ordering anti age skin care, or risk hyper aging trying to get refund! Canton and Las Vegas Nationwide
 I responded to an internet offer which raves about one of the latest, greatest anti-aging creams women over 50 are having amazing results with; and the cincher is the fact that all of the sharks backed this $4.95 product! The fact that I saw ads multiple times, with a smiling picture of the female Shark (of Shark Tank fame) who is known as the QVC mogul, caught my attention. However, the free trial of a 30 day supply of this miracle cream is what really captivated me. They actually had the statement: Do not worry as it is priced cheaper, on their capture page. I placed my order for the Free Derma moisturizer for only $4.95 shipping, and also their up-sale of the eye cream for only $5.95 shipping on their website, after reading the terms. My understanding of the trial period is that customer has a 14 days free trial period, to try the cream and if they contact the company by the 14th day to cancel, they're not charged. The customer can request a RMA (Refund Merchandise Authorization label) in order to return any unused product. I forgot to mark my calendar on the exact day my order arrived, but I know the earliest it could have arrived has to be June 17th, a saturday. I'm pretty certain however, that it arrived on a weekday though on approximately the following Tuesday, June 20th. If the earliest day I could actually begin to use the product was on the 17th, my 14th day would be tomorrow, June 30. The reality is that I most likely had my first opportunity to begin using the cream no earlier than on the 20th of June: meaning that my 14th day of use could not have been before July 3, 2017. In fairness, my own cognition is challenged at times. I happen to be on Disability for Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However, even the most highly functioning, mellow, sophisticated, cool, calm, and collected individual would lose patience with the so called, Customer Support Specialists who must be remotely, coldly working the phones for Nuavive. When I noticed Healthtrial Lev,Las Vegas,NV,$94.57 And Totalfit84445298922, Canton,OH, $89.47 charges Pending on my internet PayPal debit card statement, I began calling the phone number on the Total Fit charge, figuring that they Both had to be Nuavive related. My 1st calls to them were met with long hold times, listening to music and a looping repetitive recording saying that a specialist take my call in the order received. When I finally got a human on the line and explained that I wanted to cancel and return the unused portion of the creams, she told me there are no returns, and I should have called day before yesterday (June 27th). I stated that I had not had the creams for 14 days trial time yet, so why couldn't I cancel and get refunded the full amount they were prematurely charging me? End story, now my true aging begins as I fight for right to get my money refunded!
Entity: Nationwide
7, Report #1396735
Aug 30 2017
10:52 AM
Nuavive derma Nuavive eye cream I ordered the free trail, Nuavive Anti Aging trial (shipping $4.95) and couldn't procede with being stuck with another $4.95 for Nuavive Eye Cream. I called the phone number and asked the Eye Cream not be shipped and charged to me. I was assured this would not be done. I received both products and charges. I did get a trial cancellation notice. Santa Ana California
I responded to the FREE sample (apparently TRIAL) of Nuavive derma anti aging cream. While on the web site an offer for $4.95 (?) Eye Cream  appeared. You could NOT CONTINUE with that product going on your order. I immediately called  customer service and told them I did not want the eye cream. I was told it would not be shipped or charged to me. I received the eye cream and was charged $4.95 for it  So, that was $10 for shipping two item in the same size pachage. These two items total 1 ounce. I did get an email canceling my trial and SUBSCRIPTION (?). I will call my credit card company and request NO futher charges be accepted by this company.
Entity: Santa Ana, California
8, Report #1383098
Jul 04 2017
06:56 PM
Nuvajen Anti-Aging serum Nuvajen Anti-Aging serum scam advertisement Nuvajen Anti- Aging serum InternetNuvajen Anti- Aging serum
     Ordered online which says free trial and just to pay $4.99 for shipping and handling, but Nuvajen charged me with $6.94.       I wanted to returned the product because it bulged my face, but when I recieved the product it has no returned address and no receipt.      Nuvajen never sent any account statement through mail or email to me, I never recieved any attempts of collection from Nuvajen, so how would I know that I have this supposed existing amount to pay? I could have dispute this amount 8 months ago. And got the shock for the day when I recieved a notice yesterday July 3 from Dar Waterfront that this said amount was sold to them a collection agency.              
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1354622
Feb 07 2017
01:58 PM
Entity: Pasadena, California
10, Report #621683
Jul 08 2010
08:08 PM
dermitage anti aging Co. will NOT give you an address to ship product back Internet
I called to cancel and I was told I was too late to cancel They clain the first time I called was July 5 or 6 - I called on June 20 - rude people I was also told that the supply sent to me was a full 30 day supply and did NOT just cost the shipping and handeling for the sample trial offer I was told that in 3 places it said (fine print) that I had to call within 2 wks to cancel further orders and charges I paid the S & H - not I am being billed for $109 dollars for the SAMPLE and that the sample IS a 30 day supply and they would not give me a return authorization # of address of warehouse They said they couldn't do anything for me - except cancel further shipments but would still charge me the $109 They asked if I had contacted my bank - I said yes althou I didn't at that point Their reply was that was unfortunate - because now that I did that - they could not help and I would not be refunded I called again attempting to get a mailing address - they would not give me one and the bank told me to get a return receipt when I returned the product - which stung my face and it is not what they say it is My bank says I have to wait 30 days to see if they do indeed credit my acct - which caused me to be  overdrawn NOW I see on internet that this same thing has happened to many others  
Entity: , Internet
11, Report #1101692
Nov 23 2013
11:25 AM
My Anti Aging Md Ailment Wellness Center HGH Fredericksburg Virginia
I have been to this clinic for HGH treatment.   I need to warn others because this treatment actually damaged my liver. they do not use medically approved HGH and are very pricey.  When I confronted them about the product and the damage they just dismissed me.  I see they put out adds claiming to be certified but in reality this clinic seems to be a legalized drug dealing facility ran by young kids.  The office manager was pushy arrogant and very worried about himself instead of my condition. He gave me the impression of being very dishonest ... I am working with my dr in attempting to repair the damage.  I will not go back again and I wanted to warn everyone.  They falsely advertise about how they can make you thin and healthier.  What they don't say is how much money you will spend and the doctors seem to be on rotation not long term.  Warning consult with your physician before you take anything they prescribe.
Entity: Fredericksburg , Virginia
12, Report #1179455
Sep 26 2014
11:37 AM
Sedona Beauty Anti-Aging Cream Bad product International
Sedona Beauty Secrets boasts its product will only take 20 minutes for noticeable improvement in the skin.  This is blatantly false.  I tried their product for weeks and saw NO improvement whatsoever.  They take money out of your account amounting to hundreds of dollars starting within the two week 'trial' period.  This product and company is NOT worth the trouble or money.  Do not be scammed by this horrible product!   
Entity: Select State/Province
13, Report #1084683
Sep 15 2013
11:35 AM
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #1185468
Oct 28 2014
03:19 PM
I ordered this product (Avoir Anti-aging serum) from watching the ads from Ellen Degeneros claiming this was a marvelous product for the skin.  There was a sample size that was advertised.  I purchased it and received two weeks later.  Used it for a few days with an extremely drying skin action.  I called to cancel, but the lady said it was too late since it was after two weeks and would be charged the full amount ($99).  I am really upset about this and told her it was very sneaky practice.  AND, I better not be charged again next month, or else I will seek council, and already have.  I don't like being ripped off like this and this product SUCKS.
Entity: Santa Clara, California
15, Report #1231668
May 27 2015
11:42 AM
RESVIRBANT Anti-Aging Rip-Off/Scam Fraudlaut company Emeryville California
I took a survey and at the end I was told to choose one product and pay only shipping. I chose Resvirbant for a total of $4.95 for shipping. There was no other info on the page.  I received the product and used it with no notice in what they claim.  When I received my bank statement I was charged $4.95 for the shipping and then 14 days later I was charged $88+ then again the first of April was charged another $94.61.  I contacted this rip off company told them I did not want nor did I request additional product.  They claim that I was to contact them within 14 days ton cancel. I tried to explain to them that this from a survey that I took that there was nothing stating that this was a continuing thing.  After arguing with them they said they would refund me $44.32 for the first product AND give me a voulcher for $100.00. I received their voucher it IS WORTHLESS. Youi have to purchase items to get a rebate.  I contacted them again stating that I have contacted my attorney and that we would start court proceedings against them if they did not refund my $94.61 from my account that they TOOK WITHOUT my permission. They told me to send their product back with an RMA # for my refund.  I sent their product back unopened in the original package unopened and as of today 5/27/2015 they have only refunded me $50.29 of the $94.61. This place is the biggest rip-off company.  I will file a complaint with the BBB and investigate about doing a class act case against them.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1316829
Jul 14 2016
06:22 AM
Clear Anti aging Plasma dermwoodbridge Lied and basically cheated Internet
 My experience is exactly like the person before me.  I read that the Dermasoft product was a trial offer.  Did not read anything about 16 days to return it.  Another box popped up on the screen when I tried to order the DermaSoft, same offer.  I couldn't get rid of it. Since it was just shipping being charged I decided to try it. My face broke out in bumps.  I called to return it and was told it was too late.  It was charged on my bill $89.95 each. She said they would not refund me.  She said she would send me something for the bumps.  I said I didn't want any more products from them. She was going to take me off of their list. One charge was called Clearantiaging tel 8886007451. The other one is plasmadermwoodbridge 8774512989  I have since received 2 more products that I did not request. One box had a very vague packing slip.  The next box had no packing slip.  I'm getting ready to call my credit card company to make sure they don't accept any more charges from them.  
Entity: Internet
17, Report #1326555
Sep 06 2016
08:39 AM
encante anti aging serum Sel Porefixskin FRAUD and Scam! Internet Only
I had found this on the internet while online as a typical pop up advertisement.  I visited the site  and determined that for the price of shipping, it was worth trying.  When I saw the phone number listed for the product on the free trial I made a point of writing it down in the event I wanted to cancel in the time given. When I decided to cancel the membership within the time alloted, I couldn't find the number so I went back to the trial site and found the number after entering my sister's information to where I could see the phone number again.  Once I got the number again I started to call and ended up in a black hole from the phone number.  This went on for FIVE DAYS until I saw the charge for the membership of $98 posted to my bank account so I tried again this morning on 9/6.  I couldn't reach them again and called my bank to let them know I had not authorized this additional payment since I had been trying for days to cancel the subscription.  The bank indicated that since the charge was in pending that I would not be able to do anything until it posted.  I then went to my account online to check the intial charges to see if I could find any other number listed there and found a number in Utah this time rather than Nevada.  I called the number in Utah and the rude black man on the other end told me that he could do nothing about this since it was past the 14 days.  I told him I had been calling the number on the website and the ONLY way I found a number is if I put my sister's info in for the 'free trial' to get to the page that showed the phone number which DID NOT WORK.  I told him I would let my bank know that this charge was not authorized and I had been trying to cancel for days. He said that he worked in 'fraud' before and that that was a waste of time since all the bank would do is call them and verify the IP address and info and confirm that I had given authorization.  I told him that that may well be true if they didn't give a fraudulent number that did not work on the site and therefore it WAS FRAUD....he then offered me a 35% refund which I refused and told him I would be reporting them to the Consumer Protection Agency and to the Better Business Bureau as well for perpetrating a fraud on the public and then I hung up.  He called back and said he couldn't cancel until he got a confirmation that I wanted to cancel which I assured him AGAIN that I did.  He cancelled the request and gave me a confirmation number and then offered me a 75% back of my fees which I again declined and then hung up again which he called again and I did not answer. This service is a SCAM and a FRAUD!!! DO NOT OPT to buy this product as YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO CANCEL ONCE YOU FIND THE RIGHT NUMBER AND WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK!  FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCY and the BBB for help as well! BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE!!!
18, Report #1273676
Dec 11 2015
04:56 PM
encante anti aging , Obtains your credit card number Internet
DO Not do business with them they will auto charge you 100 times what you authorized and will not do right by cunsumers it baits and soaks for hundreds of dollors. I have nothing no email no mail no package nothing the only way I knew about this was going to check my credit card account and was floored. This company charged my credit card 197.72 plus two charges of 1.95. When I called they did not need toverify anything they had all my information and claimed to have an IP address that I ordered and recieved and that I agreed to a subscription for this amount each month. I never ever do that on any of my cards excluding my insurance company that I can drive down to. They refused to reverse the charges and since I had not recieved anything said they were reshipping eventhough I said NO. I had to call two numbers and both Matt and Savi could not even tell me where this company was located. I have disputed with the credit card company but we all know how that goes. Matt said I had more than one computer I do not. I have had the pc I am on for over six months and when he gave me the web address it came up error 404 then he had me remove part of it and it came up but was not in my history prior to this, odd considering I do keep history. I have changed my credit card number and hope Capital One will stand behind me eventhough they claim they have all this proof which they will not send to me at all. both reps refused to send me this so called proof. The reps do not know where the compnay is but in California no address known. when I said this isnt how we do things in texas I was told ohh what covered in BBQ sauce No ho full of HOLES....   Good luck getting your credit card cleared if you have made it here. I have been charged with charges not authorized and no product. PS the first man who answered my call said he was a manager and there was no one at all above him.    
Entity: Internet
19, Report #1398536
Sep 07 2017
03:57 PM
Allumiere Anti Aging Cream Derma Beauty Internet
 I found this Allumiere Anti Aging Cream advertised as free...nothing about be charged later...I used the face broke out really bad...I have now been charged $103 and called they wont refund my money. Im so mad!
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1356024
Feb 14 2017
01:12 PM
Anti aging skin care False Charges on my credit card.
 the serum bottle was empty when I got it/they need to update their contact information/ contract I did not sign up for.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1372120
May 08 2017
09:28 PM
Premium Brand Anti-Aging A scam! Took over $350 from my account. Internet
I ordered a 4.95 sample.  I was the charged 4 payments of about $90 - $360 total.  Removed from my account without authorization.  Called the company, my bank, the BBB and will call state's attorney tomorrow.  They are thieves!
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1385584
Jul 14 2017
01:44 PM
Visalia Skincare VisaliaVisalia Anti-Aging SerumVisalia Anti-Aging Cream Visalia, Skincare, Anti-aging, SCAM ARTISTS, THIEVES, FRAUDULENT Internet
This rip-off company is an internet-only business that entices consumers to pay only shipping and handling for a trial-sized amount of eye and face cream that is absolutely nothing special, it feels like Nivea cream and it does ABSOLUTELY nothing to your skin. They are very slick in getting you to check a box that confirms you're over 18 (and you agree to their terms & conditions). What you do not know at the time you give them your credit card info is that they will charge you about $189 within 14 days of when you order the trial (UNLESS you know to CANCEL BEFOREHAND). Because I was traveling a lot and did not realize what a fraud they are, they ended up stealing $189 of my hard-earned money. To top it all off they refused to credit me for the the un-open and unused product (still in the original shipping box) I was willing to returned to them - claiming they never accept returns of subscriptions. They are THIEVES! Be warned, they are FRAUDULENT, and there is nothing you can do about it after the fact! The trial is not worth a penny or a minute of your time! If you decided to proceed with the trial be sure to find and then read the terms & conditions that you will be agreeing to. You might need a Lawyer to decipher it for you. But your best is to stay away from this company and their DECEITFUL PRACTICES!
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1418431
Dec 21 2017
11:16 AM
Allumiere Anti Aging Cream Never received Newark Delaware
Contacted company because I never received the product - I also cancelled my card before they could make any unauthorized charges. It took me forever to find the correct contact number and when I did, I was continually lied to regarding the shipment. I spoke with a man named Abraham Neal - I am sure this is not his real name - asked where I could send a certified letter requested my shipping charges be refunded.... he kept repeating an address of 40 E Main Street in Newark DE - This is a UPS shipping store He said I could not get a refund on shipping since they did ship and it was just too bad - he then asked for my card number and I refused to give that info - he then proceeded to tell me my account was cancelled because my card on file was declined - he asked for a new card to re-establish my account. Really? I explained once again I never received the product. I also informed him I cancelled the card because of their scamming behavior. Told him that they would never be able to charge my card. Do not give them your information. I do not want this product. This is truly a scam. Telephone number - 888-801-2785 - contact number for Allumiere
Entity: Newark, Delaware
24, Report #1320655
Aug 04 2016
09:58 AM
Derma essece anti aging face cream Nubeauty anti aging serum I paid $11.83 for 14day trial of skin cream. Internet
 I went online and paid $11.83 for a 14 day trial of derma essence face cream . this was on 7-20-16. Today (8-4-16) I checked my debit card balance and they had charged me an additional $94.95. I called customer service (888-440-8968) and spoke to a customer service rep named Angela Smith. I asked her why I had been charged and she told me I was suppose to cancel within 14 days or I would be charged for the additional face cream, which I never received. I wasnt told I had to cancel or I would be charged. It wasnt on the website. I never received any mail telling me I had to cancel. Nor was there any paperwork in the package I received containing the face cream. Believe me if I knew I had to cancel I would have because the face cream was awful. When I spoke to Angela Smith ( customer service) she refused to give me a refund. She was very mean, hostile and agitated.Derma essece anti aging face cream Nubeauty anti aging serum I paid $11.83 for 14day trial of skin cream. I checked the balance of my debit card today(8-4-16) and they had charged me$94.95. I called them to ask for a refund and they refused. They told me i was suppose to call within 14 days to cancel,(i ordered on 7-20-16) even though i hadnt received any more of the product. When i received the cream there was no paperwork at all in the package. I WAS NOT told i hqd to cancel within 14 days. I wasnt told by anyone, i wasnt told on the website. Nor was i told by any paperwork(because it didnt exist). I was not told in any way that i had to cancel. They refused to give me a refund. I spoke to Angela Smith (customer service rep) at 888-440-8968. She was extremely hateful and even hostile to me
Entity: Internet
25, Report #650460
Oct 13 2010
10:59 AM
Dermitage Dermitage - Anti Aging System Dermitage - Anti Aging System, Internet
DERMITAGE IS A SCAM COMPANY  !!!!!!!!!BUYER BEWARE!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I purchased these products and they are nothing buy a HUGE SCAM! I was tricked into giving this company my CC details on the website for products that I thought were going to cost $14.95 and they were going to bill me $99.95! Then after I asked on the website for the products NOT to be shipped to me every month they ARE SHIPPED TO ME EVERY MONTH. DO NOT BUY INTO THIS SCAM COMPANY!!!!! I DID AND I HAVE PAID FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: , Internet

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