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1, Report #1389066
Jul 29 2017
11:59 AM
Nuavive Derma Rip Off Internet
I saw an ad for this product as a popup on Facebook.  It looked too good to be true and I should have stopped then.  You paid $4.94 for a 1 month supply of their product that promised (as all skin care products do) to make my skin look younger and remove wrinkles.  My fault for buying into that, but for just $4.94 what did I have to lose.  NOWHERE in the Facebook ad did it say ANYTHING about calling within 14 days to keep from being charged the full $94.57 for the product.   I saw the charge on my credit card statement and did not recognize it.  I called the number and I could barely understand the person I was talking to.  He told me I did not call back within the 14 days, so my account was cancelled - after they went ahead and charged me the $94.57.  He offered to send me a free months supply!  I told him the product didn't work to begin with.  So they cancel my 'account', but still charge me full price.  Usually those deals work by starting you up on a monthly renewal at full price if you don't cancel within their time space. As I mentioned, the Facebook ad never mentioned a cancellation time.  But when I pulled up their ad on the internet, it was right there in black and red!  But NOT on their FB ad.   I'm taking it to my credit card company.  Hopefully this company can be stopped from ripping people off.  I'm sorry for others who have been ripped off, but am glad I'm not the only one.
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1383630
Jul 06 2017
04:29 PM
nuavive derma unauthorized renewal huge price santa ana Internet
Nuavive Derma and eyecream.  Sounds fantastic and you can get free samples. Wow!!  You can't go wrong with that! Ordered the free samples.  Only paid for shipping and handling.  Sounds pretty good. Sorry folks! That's not what really happens.  You get the pleasure of being renewed at the rate iof $94.57 each month for each product you got a sample of!  What's that you say??  You saw nothing about an autorenewal and would never ever have ordered it if you knew they would be dipping into your bank account?!  Well that's what happens.  They say you agreed to the terms (even though there were no terms you could see before placing the order for the samples).  You call them to complain and they say too bad you did't call within 14 days of making the original order.  Of course you would have called to cancel the renewal if you had known about it in the first place.  Too bad.  They even threaten to send you to collections and also tell you there is nothing you can do to fight them not your state attorney general or federal trade commission or anything!Of course you are talking to a customer service company that handles over 80 different companies.  Not happy with getting nowhere with the horrible and threatening customer service people you then ask for the phone number to the company that makes the product.  Well they tell you it's on the back of the bottle of the trial product you received.  Guess what?  It's the same phone number for the third party customer service people that aren't giving you any customer service in the first place. Beware consumers!  You may just want to try an new face cream and end realizing that they are not in the business of making you look better.  They're in the business of gaining access to your money.  Period.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1390074
Aug 02 2017
11:12 PM
Nuavive derma Skin care Las Vegas Internet
I seen a post about another person who was ripped off by nuavive derma. I to seen the ad for 4.95 for the face cream. No where did it say I would be charged 94.00 dollars if I did not cancel within 14 days. I was charged for face cream and another 84 for eye cream. They will not reemburse my money. I cannot get it off of my credit card either. Very upset. Will be trying other routes to try and get my money back. So my grand total will be 194.00 to 2 small containers of what is probabley  ponds cold cream.
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1391048
Aug 07 2017
03:51 PM
Nuavive Derma Las Vegas Nevada
  I believed that I was ordering free samples of their eye care and skin serum for $4.95 and $5.95. A bill for $94.57 and another bill for $89.49 soon appeared on my Discover card . I tried to get a refund and the best I could do was $33.09 and $31.31. That leaves me paying $131.63 for two small bottles of skin care. this is a scam. I would love to get my money back.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
5, Report #1407478
Oct 20 2017
07:29 AM
Nuavive Derma Help to get refund Internet
I was defrauded by Nuavive Derma in the same manner as other customers described. Had to pay shipping for free sample but was charged close to $100 four times. I returned one shipment to address that was included in Santa Ana, CA. I also called and cancelled my account which I have not established in the first place. I also filed complaint with the bank that issued  my credit card.  Since I had not received refund even for the returned items, I filed a complaint with the attorney general of CA because the only address I had was in Santa Ana, CA. I have received prompt response and soon after Nuavive company refunded all four charges. I would encourage everyone to do the same, it is easy to file complaint online and the AG office was very prompt. Maybe this would help and slow down Nuavive's fraudulent practices.     
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1413515
Nov 26 2017
10:16 AM
Nuavive derma Transform Derma $94.27 charge after free sample - NOT AUTHORIZED Las Vegas Nevada
Do not fall for this internet scam: Free Sample.  This company is disceiving and dishonest.  Demand a full 100% refund, not the 35%, 50% or 75% they try to get you to agree to.  
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
7, Report #1397163
Aug 31 2017
08:49 PM
Nuavive Derma Trial Offer - impossible to cancel Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
I ordered a trial of the Nuavive Derma product.  I had 14 days from receipt of the product to cancel any further shipments, which I did.  However, a couple of weeks after receipt, the company attempted to run a charge of $89.47 to my credit card, which my bank notified me of and I was able to decline the charge. A month later, they ran a charge of $94.57 to my card, which my bank did not catch.  I called the number on my statement and reached a very rude 'customer service' representative who proceeded to advise me that I had entered into a contract.  Of course, there was no record of my cancellation.  She offered to cancel the auto-shipping at that point and offered a credit of 30%.  I advised that I would contact my bank and file a dispute, which I am in the process of. I again contacted the number on the statement and reached a different customer service representative.  She also stated that there was no record of my cancellation but did offer to cancel any future shipments and offered a 35% discount.  I advised that I would not settle for anything other than 100% reimbursement.  After being placed on hold for a while, she agreed to refund 100% of the $94.57 and provided a confirmation number. I asked for the name of the company, which she could not pronounce so she spelled out Nuavive.  I asked her for an address which she was unable to provide.  I again asked for an address so that I could provide this information to my attorney in the event the credit was not issued.  She told me to have a good night and hung up. I contacted my bank and had them cancel my card number and issue a new card to avoid any further charges.  I will continue to contact them daily until the credit appears on my account. My advice to anyone that is fooled by the offer, and the endorsement of Laurie Grenier, DO NOT be fooled.  Stay away from this offer as it could end up costing you a small fortune for a cream that doesn't appear to be more than a generic form of Oil of Olay.
Entity: Internet
8, Report #1392321
Aug 12 2017
08:41 PM
Nuavive derma ACSENMD Nuavive Derma Skin cream and Eye Gel, free trial offer. Final cost to me $398.00 Internet
While I was on line an ad popped up for a free 30 day trial of skin care cream, just pay shipping, 4.95.  It popped up a few times and I finally responded.  I clicked on the ad and was sent to the website.  Nuavive derma.  You move from page to page, some pages have a lot of information on them others not so much.  I was just trying to get the 30 day trial for the skin care but it kept wanting to add the trial for the eye gel, just 5.95 for shipping.  I was being very cautious, I didn't want to get trapped anywhere.  Towards the end, I got even more wary, because I had to give them my credit card number.  I was on my guard then.  I never saw any information about buying additional product after the end of the 30 days, nor did I see any pricing or anything like that.  I thought that information would come with the initial shipment.  I did print out the page where I placed the order.  It says nothing about additional product, etc.  It says there is a 30 day supply and the prices for shipping, that the prices for the cream and the Gel is $0.00.  Boy was I surprised when I got my credit card bill for July and found out I had been charged $89.47 for the eye gel and 94.57 for the skin cream.  When I called the support number about this I was told that I apparently was suppose to call them within 14 days.  They have also already billed me for August for the same amount!!  Apparently if you have not called them within the certain time frame they charge you for what I had thought was a free sample, just pay shipping!  That was what I had been charged for in July!  I got a package on Friday 8/11, I called them.  I told them I did not want this, that is when I found out about all the charges.  I have spent the last two days arguing with them.  I have been charged a total of $368.08, not counting the initial shipping charges.  They keep saying everything was in the terms and agreement.  I don't believe it was because I know for a fact that if I had seen those prices for skin care or eye lotion I would not have gone forward.  I thought it a free trial, I did not know that I would have to pay for it afterwards.  You didn't even get a full 30 days to try it! I have called my credit card company but I don't know how that is going to work out, I just know I cannot afford to pay this, we live on social security.  I feel that this is totally deceptive advertising and is a scam not just on older seniors but on anyone that clicks on the website.  This will keep me awake for many nights.  Oh, I forgot to mention, I told them I had not opened the package I received today and I would send it back to them but they said no, they didn't want it.  apparently it's not worth very much, they told me to keep it.  They even offered to send me an additional 2 more bottles for free!! I told them no, I was going to throw what I had away, I never even used what I had initially, it burned my skin.  I feel really stupid.    Donna Felicity Ohio  
Entity: Internet
9, Report #1401042
Sep 19 2017
12:47 PM
Nuavive derma Did not put a return address on the products so couldn't return they keep charging me for it New york Nationwide
 I ordered the nuavive derma and when I received it there was not a return address on it. They keep charging my debit card and I have told them to cancel the my membership. They have taken $190 out of my account and will not refund me the money.
Entity: New york, Nationwide
10, Report #1405454
Oct 11 2017
03:36 PM
Nuavive Skin Care, Transform Derma, Transform Derma Skin Internet marketing scam, aggressive and malicious scare tactics used by customer service Internet
I responded to a Facebook post for a free sample of TRANSFORM Derm face cream and Transform Derma eye cream, where you had to check a box to accept the S&H fees of $5.95 and $4.95 for the samples.  The packaging did not have a return address, phone number or other information regarding the products.  Two weeks later, I saw two recurring charges on my credit card bill from WTD*GREATIMAGE 866-642-6911 For $94.57, and from ADVANCE HEALTH TRIAL P 844-539-5855 OH for $89.47.  I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charges as I was not aware of what the charges were for.  The credit card company asked me to call the numbers listed to ask for a refund and to cancel the recurring charges.  When I called the numbers, which both connected me Mera direct marketing company, DIRECT MARKETING-CONTINUITY SUBSCRIPTION,the first person I spoke with (Desiree) was extremely rude and aggressive, telling me that I was liable for the recurring charges as I had agreed to the terms and conditions on the website.  She indicated that I had checked a box agreeing that if I did not return the product in 14 days and call to cancel, I agreed to be charged the full amount of $97.57 and $89.47 on a monthy recurring basis.  I explained that I did not recall seeing that on the Facebook post I saw, only that there were separate S&H charges for the free samples.  She then went into an aggressive sales tactic stating that I was responsible for these charges and would be charged as such.  I stated that I had not agreed to these charges and I wanted a full refund.  She said she could give me a 35% refund, and I declined and said I would just call my bank to dispute the charges  She then stated that I would not be allowed to disputethe charges because they had legal documentation that proved I had agreed to the recurring charges and that there was nothing I could do about it.  When I asked to speak with a supervisor, she said there was no one else I could speak with, and accused me of not letting her speak, so she could not continue the phone call.  I asked her for the company name, and she stated she could not provide that info to me.  I then stated this was truly a marketing scam and it was a shame that this company tried to scam people this way.  She put me on hold for 15 minutes.  I then was connected with Alexis, who told me that she could offer me a 75% refund.  I told Alexis that I would call my bank and let them know what transpired.  Alexis would also not provide me with the name of the company, the name of a supervisor, or a phone number I could contact to discuss my dissatisfaction with not being able to obtain a full refund.  I offered to mail the products back, and she said I could not because it was “past the 14 days”.  She provided me only with the email address.  She then told me she was only allowed to talk to customers for 12 minutes and we had already gone past that time limit. I called back again and spoke to a disturbingly aggressive person named Patrick.  He accused me of not reading the terms and conditions that he stated I was obligated to and liable for.  When I mentioned Alexis had offered a 75% refund and I was going to call my bank dispute department to discuss the conversation, he went into a ballistic attack stating that I “had agreed on a recorded line NOT to dispute the charges when you accepted the 75% refund.”  I asked him to go back and listen to that recorded conversation with Alexis because I definitely DID NOT agree to not call my bank to discuss the events in exchange for a 75% refund.  Patrick became aggressive again and stated I would not get the 75% refund if I called my bank.  I said, “you can’t tell me that I cannot call my bank about this, that’s ridiculous.” I asked him if he had something in writing that showed I agreed not to call my bank, and was he in fact an attorney or something?  I also reminded him that the conversation was on a recorded line, and I would absolutely be calling my bank to let them know about this marketing scam.  I hung up and immediately received two calls back from Patrick who left a voicemail stating, “This is Patrick from customer care on a recorded line for quality assurance purposes, and I wanted to give you a call back because we were disconnected I think; I understand you were unsatisfied so we just wanted you to give us a call back, um, and we can get you situated, you know, we can see what else we can do for you, um, everything is canceled out here and the refund was put through earlier, so just give us a call back.”  I called back the number he called from, which was 888-986-8385, and spoke to a fourth person there.  I stated the company was involved in fraudulent marketing tactics and I was very disappointed about the two recurring charges on my credit card, and wanted to see what they could do to escalate the situation in order to obtain a full refund.  The person looked up my account info and confirmed what I told her about the previous calls, specifically with Desiree and Patrick and their aggressive tactics.  She then offered a full refund and provided me with transaction numbers that I could provide to my bank to confirm the refund. This is an egregious form of manipulating consumers into “recurring charges” of almost $200 per month.  Based on other reports on this site it appears this is rampant and I hope someone can put a stop to these malicious tactics.
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1396735
Aug 30 2017
10:52 AM
Nuavive derma Nuavive eye cream I ordered the free trail, Nuavive Anti Aging trial (shipping $4.95) and couldn't procede with being stuck with another $4.95 for Nuavive Eye Cream. I called the phone number and asked the Eye Cream not be shipped and charged to me. I was assured this would not be done. I received both products and charges. I did get a trial cancellation notice. Santa Ana California
I responded to the FREE sample (apparently TRIAL) of Nuavive derma anti aging cream. While on the web site an offer for $4.95 (?) Eye Cream  appeared. You could NOT CONTINUE with that product going on your order. I immediately called  customer service and told them I did not want the eye cream. I was told it would not be shipped or charged to me. I received the eye cream and was charged $4.95 for it  So, that was $10 for shipping two item in the same size pachage. These two items total 1 ounce. I did get an email canceling my trial and SUBSCRIPTION (?). I will call my credit card company and request NO futher charges be accepted by this company.
Entity: Santa Ana, California
12, Report #1400844
Sep 18 2017
03:13 PM
NUAVIVE derma Complete Skiiiiin- Serum-Complete Ski-Eye CreamPO box 5260Santa Ana, CA92704-0260Modern Skin Evohealth stole $173.23 for 2-1 oz jars- Product burned skin, peeled off, itching, rash hurting agony - refused to reimburse funds- hung up calls santa Ana, Ca California Internet
I read an ad that was sent to my email about a facial creme that would help aging skin and it would only cost $5.95 for the trial size l bottle of serum  (about 1 oz) and 1 jar of creme (about 1 oz) and you did not have to purchase any more unless you wish to later on.  Being on a fixed income I decided to try it.  The product arrived on September 1,2017 by mail and I started using it that night.  On the 2nd day my face became red an felt like I had a rash all over it. On the 3rd day my face started itching and felt rough and was starting to peel.  My husband kept saying your face is peeling , why? I continued to use the products for a couple more days but the condition got worse so I quit using it to see for sure.  We were being worned of an advancing Hurricane so I just tried to medicate my face with medical help but it kept on hurting and peeling and is still peeling and hurting .  I look awful  and don't want to go out in public or church. Then we had the hurricane for days (7) with no lights, electricity, water or gasoline and it damaged our home and we had no internet or phones, even our cell service was out until Saturday Sept. 16, 2017.   Monday Sept. 19, 2017 my bank called and said my account was overdrawn so I went to see what the problem was and they asked me if I bought products for $94.57 and $89.47  and I said no then they found out that the Nauvive company had charged my card for a month's supply  and the bank said it might be a scam. I then came home and called the company and they refused to reimburse me for the charges and told me that there wasn't any legal action I could take to get my money back.  The first customer service person put me on hold and then hung up and I called back and got another customer representative who also refused to understand my situation and refused to reimburse me the false charges saying that I did not call in the 14 day trial time and I told her I could not call in because of the Huricane  Florida was having and I had only ordered the smallest size to try it.  She just hung up on me too.  I am a senior citizen on social security and this financial loss is awful for me and now I may have to get medical care for my face and skin.  Now I am hurting physically and financially.   Betty    Haines City, Florida 
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1381684
Jun 27 2017
01:52 PM
Nuavive Derma Nuavive Skin Care Nuavive Internet Sight Misleading and BIG Ripoff Internet
My husband is a cancer patient and suffers from chemo brain which basically means he has difficulty remembering and concentrating at times. He spends a great deal of time online during the day while I'm at work. He unfortunately linked on to the Nuavive Derma sight and got stuck in the free trial pages. Each time he tried to escape from the site he would be offered a lower trial price. It started at $4.95 for a 14 day trial and by the time he was finished, he agreed to a $1.95 free trial. I received a tiny bottle of skin lotion, asked him about it and he said it was a free sample. I let it go. Today I looked at my bank account online and noticed a $94.57 charge from Healthgoals. I called him and he didn't know what it was for. I looked back through my check ledger and determined it was from the same company as the skin product he got for $1.95. I immediately called the number listed with the charge. The lady was rude, sounded drunk or half asleep. I tried to explain my situation and she could not have cared less. I told her that we can not afford this due to his cancer treatments being so expensive and that the $94.57 was going to make my bank account overdraw. She said I should have cancelled in the 14 day trial period. I reminded her that I wasn't even aware that there was a trial period going on and that my husband can't remember anything about it. I told her that I would just have my bank stop payment and process a dispute. She told me that I would loose the claim because he agreed to the terms. I spoke to my bank. They were very nice and took the dispute. I called Nuavive back 3 more times hoping to get a person who would help me. No luck. They all told me that there is nothing they could do and that we are liable. I told them I read the terms and conditions online and that I want a Return Merchandise Authorization number. They said I am not entitled to one because it has been past 14 days. There terms read as follows: In order to obtain your refund, contact customer service by phone and obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Autorization) number to place on your package. Write this number on the outside of the shipping package, and send the product back to our fulfillment center at the address listed below, within thirty (30) days of the date you originally ordered the product. In order for your refund to be processed the product must arrive at our fulfillment facility within thirty (30) days of the original purchase date. You pay for return shipping. Once our fulfillment center has received the package and relayed the correct information to us, you will be issued a refund. Your refund will be credited back to your bank account, and may take up to 3-5 business days to show in your statement, depending on the speed of the processing bank. Signed, Skincare Trial Products Returns Department. Each of the people I spoke to told me that they do not do returns and that it returns are only for the monthly purchase. Well, that right there is a complete contridiction. Then they called me and told me to stop the dispute and they would credite me 75% of the purchase price. If they had offered this before my boss handed me $100 to deposit so I would not overdraw, I might have accepted that. They told me it is a 100% FACT that I will loose the dispute and that they are just trying to save me some money. OMG! Initimation! I want a 100% refund.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1378258
Jun 10 2017
10:41 AM
Nuavive Nuavive Skin & Eye Cream Fine print con job Internet
Saw the ad for this product developed by Joanna Gaines.  Thought I'd give the sample offers for skin and eye cream a try.  Having to only pay $4.95 and $5.95 for shipping I thought What could I lose?  First off, I had to shake my head when the products arrived packaged together and the shipping total was no more than $3.00.  Red flag #1. I didn't get a chance to try the product right away. Then, a few weeks later, I found a charge on my bank account for $94.57 that listed the company as NUTRIHEALTH8449652886 844-9652886 NV.  Since I didn't recognize the name or number I called my bank and they said it was for the same company that I had made a $4.95 and $5.95 charge to.  That's when I knew it was for Nuavive Derma. So, I called the 844-965-2886 number listed and got a messge that said the toll free number was unassigned.  So this company is listing a fraudulent phone number???  Red flag #2. Luckily, I hadn't tossed my packing receipt out.  It listed two separate toll free numbers, one for the skin cream and one for the eye cream.  I called the one for the skin cream and spoke to a gal who sounded like she was working out of her house -- no background noise you'd expect coming from a business with multiple employees.  She was sort of pleasant, but stubborn about no refunds.  She said the website had a statement about being over 18 and agreeing to having 15 days from purchase to cancel the order or then being charged $94.57 for the product I received.  She then had the audacity to say Beauty isn't cheap, and then she tried to sell me more products!!! I told her I didn't want more products and I didn’t want a membership or monthly charge: I wanted the $94.57 refunded back to my account because I only authorized the cost of the shipping.  She said the best she could do was to refund me $33.10.  Red flag #3.  (No doubt that's what the product actually costs and the rest is pure profit for Joanna Gaines and her company cronies.)  We went around in circles for a few more minutes then I hung up on her out of total frustration.  A few minutes later she called back (I didn't pick it up) to give me the order cancellation number.  Interestingly, her phone number showed up as coming from Pittsburgh.  Red flag #4 (since the toll free number listed on my bank account had 'NV' for Nevada next to it). I would strongly suggest that you DO NOT do business with this company or purchase this product.  Any company that offers free samples for the cost of over-priced shipping and then hides behind small print to drain more money from you is not worth your time. And Joanna Gaines you should be ashamed of yourself for being involved in such a scam.  SHAME ON YOU!!!  You have lost all credibility with me.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #1406401
Oct 15 2017
11:39 AM
Nuavive Derma Serum and Eye Cream. Please note that this item was presented on Shark Tank and all five invested in this product. Shame on them. Let's start this by saying SCAM. Many of us have been scammed by Nuavive from their free trial, auto-send products, shipping charges. It appers they have covered themselves from class action suit or even having their charges removed from your charge account. Do not deal with this company or any other company that tries to give you free samples on skin care products. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. If you want to purchase Nuavive, go to Amazon. The price for the serum is only $33, so much less that Nuvive is offering. Internet
I first saw this product on Shark Tank; all 5 sharks invested.  Shame on them.  As you can see, many people have filed complaints here.  Like the other complaints, I say that the offering of this product is a SCAM.  From the fake free-trial offer, to adding your name and address to automatic shipments for products you did not order to not being able to get the credit card companies to successfully reverse the charges on your credit card.  Stay away from ordering this or similar products from any company offering free trials.  If you are interested in Nuavive products, go to and purchase the serum for $33, about 2/3 less than what you have been charged by the skin care company.  Now, just how am I going to get my money back?  My credit card company has told me You are stuck.
Entity: Internet
16, Report #1413404
Nov 25 2017
09:27 AM
Nuavive Derma & Eye Cream They took $94.57 & $89.47 out of my bank account, a total of $184.04. I called them to advise I want a full refund and I will return the remaining products to them. The female rep said there was nothing she can do because I did not cancel before the 14 day trial period. I requested to speak to a manager or supervisor and she said there was no one there to help me. I told her this is my car payment and I need my money back asap. SHE DIDN'T CARE. ALL SHE SAID WAS SHE CAN CANCELLED THE SERVICE BUT THAT'S IT. I asked her do you care that you are taking people money and this is how you treat people. This is so wrong. Decatur Georgia
What can be done for people to receive their refund. This is totally wrong.... I need my money....*They took $94.57 & $89.47 out of my bank account, a total of $184.04. I called them to advise I want a full refund and I will return the remaining products to them. The female rep said there was nothing she can do because I did not cancel before the 14 day trial period. I requested to speak to a manager or supervisor and she said there was no one there to help me. I told her this is my car payment and I need my money back asap. SHE DIDN'T CARE. ALL SHE SAID WAS SHE CAN CANCELLED THE SERVICE BUT THAT'S IT. I asked her do you care that you are taking people money and this is how you treat people. This is so wrong.*
Entity: Decatur, Georgia
17, Report #1395747
Aug 26 2017
10:27 AM
Nuavive Derma internet I responded to a pop-up on the internet about Nuavive Derma saying I only needed to pay $5.95 for shipping and handling for a FREE trial. I looked at the website and didn't see anything wrong at the time. The only box I checked was agreeing to pay the 5.95 for S&H. Wow was I wrong! They charged me an large amount on my credit card. This company is fraudulant. They are simply trying to trick seniors out of their money. I called to complain when I saw the charges on my credit card for 89.47 and 94.57 and they told me I had agreed to pay that amount. I never agreed to any such thing. After agruing with the rep for an addition 20 minutes, she offered to give me 1/2 of my money back, I told her I wanted a full refund, she refused. on the internet is all I know Internet
I responded to an ad on the internet for a free trial of Nuavive Derma and anti-aging creme for just a shipping and handling of 5.95.  I saw no terms and conditions on the page which I was ordering from.   I checked the box for 5.95 for S&H.  I checked the rest of the page and found nothing about other charges. When I checked my credit card bill, I couldn't believe my eyes.  They charged me 89.47 for what they called New health, and 94.57 for what they referred to as Healthweb.  I immediately called them to find out what was going on.  They told me I had agreed to pay these charges.  I argued with the representative about this to no avail.  By the way, the trial sizes were so small, that they only lasted 1 week.  There were abolutely no addresses or telephone numbers on the shipment label or in the box, not even an invoice where I could contact them.  The only number I found was on my credit card transaction. After arguing with the rep for a period of time, she offered to give me 1/2 of my money back and I told her I wanted a full refund, I even offered to return the empty bottle and jar.  She refused. I have called my credit card company and disputed these charges.  In my opinion, this company is running a scam, especially on older americans like myself that are on a fixed income, and something should be done about it!
Entity: Internet
18, Report #1392274
Aug 12 2017
12:40 PM
Nuavive Skin Serum Nuavive Eye Serum, Complete Skin, Nuavive Derma Rip OFF Nuavive Company Santa Ana California
NEVER enroll for free product - pay shipping only.  Nuavive gives you 2 weeks to prove their amazing face and eye cream - which is entirely unrealistic to test any product results.  Then, you are automatically enrolled in their auto-ship program for which you are charged $100 a month!  The product isn't as good as homemade creams using vegetable oil (Crisco is better for skin than any of these over-chemicalized commercial serums.)  The customer representative lamely said we cannot accept any returns - even though mine is sealed and hasn't been opened - all they will do is take you off their enrollment program and ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO REFUND A RED CENT for unused product!!!  SCAMMED for the last time!
Entity: Santa Ana, California
19, Report #1379478
Jun 16 2017
09:57 AM
Nuavive Nuavive Anti Aging Serum Their Cu!stomer Service will age you 10 years Internet
It's not enough to read the Terms and Conditions anymore (which some of us still do).... I ordered two products from Nuavive. According to my credit card and the USPS tracking, Item 1 was charged and shipped the next day. Item 2 was charged two days after order and shipped next day after order.  These products are supposed to have a 14 day free trial.So for simplicity's sake... Say I ordered both products on the 1st. Item 1 ships on the 2nd and item 2 ships on the 2nd. (They charged me separate shipping fees but sent them both in the same package) It seems logical that since they are using USPS to track the packages they would know I received them on the same day (4 days after I placed the order) so we will call that the 5th. You would think the free trial would begin on the day the customer received the product making my beginning trial period on the 5th not the 1st. But no. On the 16th I was hit with two charges approximately $90 & $95 in addition to the $4 and $6 already paid for shipping.  I called customer service to dispute this and make sure I cancel any future shipments. No can do. They did cancel any future shipments (after trying to sell them to me at a discount) but refused to even listen to me. I asked to speak to someone else and was told they would only tell me the same thing and since I was taking up too much of her time she was going to disconnect, and she did. She hung up on me.I called back to get another cs rep and explained to her what 14 days from the ship date would be. She said according to the Terms, Trial period begins on the date you place the order. Not the cc charge date, not the ship date, not the received date. Hmmmm....I was offered a discount for the $90 and $95 charges, which I ultimately accepted solely because when I offered to return the product, they offer no returns, it's not satisfaction guaranteed, and typically no refunds. The terms are misleading. I feel as though I was entitled to a full cancellation and full refund of the $90 and $95 charges because I contacted them 14 days from when the product left their facility. And if we want to pick nits, that 14 day trial should not technically begin until they have confirmation from USPS tracking that the product has been delivered and the customer can actually use it for 14 days.It makes me curious though; if someone never received their product, say the mailman delivered to the wrong address and the neighbor just chunked it, would the customer still have to pay for it?The frustration and 45 minutes of my day spent going round and round with these uncooperative people they call customer service has definitely given me need for an anti-aging cream, but I won't use theirs. 
Entity: Internet
20, Report #1395668
Aug 25 2017
08:16 PM
Nuavive Derma and Anti Aging Trial I found an add on the Internet for a FREE TRIAL of Nuavive Derma and Anti Aging Creme (two separate items) with a charge of 5.95 for shipping. On the one page shown there was no terms/conditions listed. It appeared as though by checking the small box I agreed to the terms and conditions for the shipping cost of 5.95. I looked thoroughly on the web page for additional information wondering what was the catch or were there other terms and conditions. I found nothing. I received my product and there was no information on the packing slip that provided me a phone number, address, or contact information if I had questions. After I received my credit card bill I was shocked that I had two separate charges one for 94.57 for HealthWeb and the other was for 89.47 for Newhealth. I called the numbers and the individuals were extremely rude. Their bottom line is I will not receive a refund. They offered a 35% refund but I told them I wanted the entire refund. I told them I will contact my credit card company and file a claim. They both told me don't bother, there is nothing they can do. They instructed me that they have proof that I agreed to their terms and conditions by checking the box. I explained to them that there were no terms and conditions listed and that by checking the box I was agreeing to the 5.95 for shipping cost. This company is crooked and I truly believe this is a scam. This situation is still pending.  Internet
I found an ad on the Internet to receive a free trial for the Nuavive Derma and anti aging eye cream. I reviewed the Internet ad thorougly looking for terms and conditions; there were none. It was like a one page document with very little information.  The ad stated for 5.95 it would cover the shipping costs. There was a small box where you needed to check to agree to the terms and conditions which it only appeared that the terms and conditions were the shipping costs.  I received both products and did not receive any contact information in the box; no phone number, address, email, etc. On my next visa bill I was charged the 5.95 with two additional charges; one being 94.57 for and the other was 89.47 to NewHealth. I called the number attached and the person on the other end for both products were very rude. I received the products two weeks ago and sent them back to the sender.  During the phone conversations with both companies I insisted on getting my money refunded in full. I stated over and over that I did not order this product, I only agreed to paying the shipping cost of 5.95. The individual on the other end continued to be rude and told me that I owed them this amount. They offered to give me a 35% refund but I told them I wanted a full refund. I explained to them that I was going to contact my credit card company and they said, don't bother. They insisted that the credit card company could do nothing for me. Then they said, you can file the claim, but they have the form where I checked the box that agreed to the terms and conditions. I explained to them there were no terms and conditions and the box on the form was me agreeing to the terms of 5.95 for shipping.  I contacted my credit card company and made my complaint and claim. They filed the papers and will get back to me. Surprisingly I just received my next credit card bill and found the same charges on there as well. This company obviously will keep billing me without having the product or ordering the product.  I encourage all people who have been scamed by this company to file a complaint. They must be stopped. 
Entity: Internet
21, Report #1396974
Aug 31 2017
09:36 AM
Nuavive derm False advertising Internet **Author of this Report is NOT CONFIRMED**
I kept receiving pop up advertising from Nauvive derm with the Shark sponsoring the program for a short period of time, or free samples, just pay shipping.  The shipping charge on the Nuavive Anti Aging Trial was $4.95 and on the Nuavive Eye Cream Trial was $5.95.  I didn't have the items in my hand a week, before my credit card popped up stating that I owed $194.94 as opposed to $10.90 shipping and I had a zero balance prior to ordering this free sample. Needless to say, I was surprised and called the credit card company, which stated it was a free trial and I had to cancel before they shipped the order.  I called Nuavive derm and spoke with a representative, who stated that I had signed up for the free trial when I ordered it cream/serum. I told her, I do not want a subscription, so cancel the order and I have only received the free samples. She provided me with cancellation numbers for each item and stated, You will receive a refund in 4 weeks, after I refused to accept each of her price reductions.  After 50 days of waiting, I sent an email with the cancellation numbers and was told to contact Customer Service directly.  I called and the representative proceeded to tell me that I did not cancel before the items were billed full price to my account.  I informed her that I never received any type of notice, I was not aware of the price until billed.  She proceed to inform me that the online screen would not allow me to proceed until I clicked the button stating, I am over the age of 18.  I informed her that I did not click any button and the the computer automatically went to the bill site once I clicked the free sample.  I knew there was no sense in arguing with her given that if the fine print had been available, I wouldn't have ordered the cream/serum.After going back and looking over the transactions, I ordered on June 15, 2017 at 3:01 pm and the full price was placed on my credit card on June 30, 2017.  The cream/serum did not arrive to my house till the weekend of June 24th and June 25th.  Even if there were a 30 day trial period or 14 day trial period before being billed full price, I never received the 14 days to test the product and determine if I wanted to keep it. To me that is false advertising and the only reason I tried it in the first place was because I watch Shark and was willing to take a chance, given some of the items seem interesting, useful and reasonably priced.  There is no way, I would have even done the free trial if I knew the regular price for 30 days was $189.04 without shipping.  Most middle class seniors can't afford a $200 cut out of their social security/pension. I pride myself on reading the fine print, and I am very frustated that I got ripped off!  This is why I am warning others, because too much false advertising is going on today and samples are samples any more!  
Entity: Internet
22, Report #1400748
Sep 18 2017
08:58 AM
Nuavive Skin Care Beware of Trial Offer San Diego Internet
Read the terms and conditions very very carefully.  You only have 14 days from the original order date to cancel.  Otherwise you are charged $94.57 for the antiaging cream and $89.47for the eye cream every month for the products. The trial offer ad indicates $4.95 and $5.95 respectively for each of the products but in reality it costs almost $100 per month for each product. The terms of conditions indicates an address where to return the product but magically that is missing!  The return refund indicates you have 30 days to return the product but that does not include the trial offer.  The terms are ambiguous and confusing. Joanna Gaines should be very ashamed of her new product venture. Being so visable in the public eye from her HGTV series Fixer Upper I would have expected more transparency.  This trial offer is just another very expensive ripoff scam.  
Entity: Internet
23, Report #1391057
Aug 07 2017
04:06 PM
Nuavive They charge you. Then threaten you. Then hang up on you Internet
 I ordered a little trial amount of face cream and eye cream and now I paid $180 or more for it . they offer you this great deal and then they start taking 89.95 out of your checking account then you try to call and get your money back all they do is cancel you but they keep all the money they've had cancel they hang up on you they they threaten that they have all they need so that you don't get a dispute against them and that you'll lose and probably pay more and then they hang up on you when they can't get any further I can't believe that this is associated with Joanna Gaines I never thought that she'd be associated with a company like this and the only reason I bought it is cuz her name was on a 12 that's been spoiled I will never order from them again they have no respect or no empathy for you once they've done this to you stay away
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1394404
Aug 21 2017
03:03 PM
Nuavive Anti Aging Charged full price for trial size, refused adjustment to price Nevada Internet
Do not even bother to get involved with this company.  The product sizes they send will not even last 3-months and they are not a very good product, at least for me.  Both the eye cream and Anti Aging Serum are very light weight.  They might work if you are a teenager. The cost of the 2-products, for a trial, is $184.04, though they tell you on the ad that with shipping they will be about $20. The trial time is only 14-days and if you don't cancel in that time, you do pay the $184.04, and there cannot be an adjustment.  You will only find the 14-day trial time posted somewhere, the customer service phone number could not tell me where this is written.  There was no packaging slip with the product when I received it. This is a scam and I want a refund!  This product is supported by the TV group, The Sharks.  Obviously, they got to be Sharks by eating minnows like me.  I am very disappointed in myself for being suckered in by these people.
Entity: Internet
25, Report #1399236
Sep 11 2017
11:05 AM
Nuavive Skin CompleteSkin-Serum While I wanted to try the skin-serum, they forced me to accept the eye cream. Santa Ana, CA 92704 California
I ordered the Complete skin serum, but when I pushed the button it made me order the eye-cream.  I called them at the end of August and the woman that I spoke to on the telephone, said to call back when the 15 days of trial is over.  I told her about them sending the eye cream, that I didn't want, and she said to call back.  I am going to call today, a few days earlier because I do NOT want them to send anymore of their stuff!    I  do not want or need anymore of their beauty products that they send in the mail for (Lots of hard earned) money!     Sincerely,   Anonymous 
Entity: Santa Ana CA 92704, California

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