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51, Report #481623
Aug 18 2009
08:30 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank Blacklisting Honest Employees Internet
Ok lets forget for a moment the allegations of corruption such as employees using tax payer money from the VA to repair homes and then purchasing those homes for themselves at huge discounts. Lets forget about the alleged kickbacks that some of the asset managers and employees of Ocwen were receiving in return for handing out listings. Lets forget about the alleged bogus repairs that contractors where paid for. Lets just put all that aside for a moment and talk about the BS Michael Moreland put all the VA asset managers through. But before I do that I want to make one more comment on the alleged corruption part. If you think I am making this stuff up simply follow the paper trail through public records on the Ocwen asset located at 3227 Saint Lucie Drive S. Casselberry FL from Augus of 2004 through February of 2005 which was purchased by a Mr. Piana who at the time not only worked for Ocwen as an asset manager during this period but this asset was in his portfolio. Can you fog up a mirror? Thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent fixing up this property on a golf course prior to it being purchased by Mr. Piana. It is also alleged higher bids from the general public were ignored. Now for a small sample of what we had to endure under Michael Moreland's Management. First we were instructed to put thousands of assets on the market as fast as we could without regard for their condition. We did this for approximately 6 months when suddenly Michael Moreland began reprimanding the asset managers for following orders and putting properties with no repairs on the market. We are talking about homes with lead based paint, asbestos, mold, wood rot, unsecured pools and so on. Keep in mind when we were told to put these properties on the market there was no repair policy and were doing as we were told. The scolding went on for weeks and of course all the asset managers kept their mouth shut and sucked it up because we did not want to loose our jobs. Then the repair policy was finally implemented which opened up another Pandora's box. I began having agents authorizing and making repairs without my knowledge when they were clearly told the proper policies regarding repairs was to allow the asset managers to have 3 repair bids from 3 different contractors prior to any repairs being authorized and completed. I and other asset managers had numerous agents making unauthorized repairs even after we told them this is not proper procedure and you run the risk of not being reimursed for these repairs.  So what would the agents do? They called Michael Moreland and complained who in turn reprimanded me/us for doing my/our jobs.  We were told we were being to hard on the agents when I/we told the agents by not following proper procedure we cannot guarantee VA will reimburse them for the repairs. I have no doubt many of those repairs were bogus since I/we was never given the opportunity to gather bids, never saw any before repair pictures and did not know about the repairs until they were done. It was not long before we had agents calling us complaining they were not being reimbursed for expenses they incurred while securing , winterizing, cleaning and sometimes repairing the homes. It was very difficult to get my job done because I was constantly fielding complaints from agents about expense reimbursements they had been waiting on for months. One agent told me it had driven him to file bankruptcy. Then there was the broker/agent who would not respond to my request for feedback on the activity and repairs of an asset he was assigned to list and sell. After being ignored numerous times for several weeks I told the agent if he did not cooperate with me I was going to request the asset be taken away from him. So what does he do? He complains to Michael More who in turn reprimands me and tells me to leave the agent alone and let him do his job. Being a good soldier I no longer threatened to take the listing away from the agent and I gave him several months before I requested another status report. I was ignored again until I decided against Michael Moreland's wishes to have an agent from another real estate company swing by this asset and see if he could give me a status report. When the new agent arrived at the property the asset was in complete disrepair, falling apart, broken windows, had never been secured, cleaned, winterized and appeared to have never been stepped foot in by the listing agent whom I had reported several times for non compliance. This was the last straw for me and I decided to leave Ocwen. Shortly after leaving Ocwen I began getting anonymous phone calls from individuals asking to speak to RAT then hanging up. This was a clear attempt to intimidate me, scare my family and make me keep my mouth shut regarding anything I might know about corruption. Now remember this is a company hired by our Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Government. I and many other good honest patriotic asset managers have been blacklisted from the industry and have had difficulty obtaining any employment because Ocwen has either been giving bad references or no references at all. I can only speak for myself but the companies I have been blacklisted from made it very clear they had been in contact with Ocwen and I have no doubt I had been given a bad reference. Lets face it, how many job interview do you go on where the interviewer makes you drive 8 hours for a face to face interview, insults you during the interview and then never even bothers to call you later to let you know you did not get the job. Not only that but the interviewers made reference to things only Ocwen management would know. I and my family have suffered a great deal for standing up for the American people and doing the right thing. I never imagined that I would suffer from the hands of corporate and government terrorist right here in my own Country.   Even knowing the price I have paid I would do it all over again. As for those who blacklist good honest hard working people I would say this, I would not want to work for someone who is dishonest enough and corrupt enough to do dirty work for the likes of Michael Moreland and Ocwen Federal Bank. As for our Presidents past and present, VA, Congress and Our Justice System if you are serious about cleaning up our Great Country and protecting its citizens then for God Sakes do something about this monster you have created.
Entity: Internet, Internet
52, Report #131404
Feb 15 2005
01:45 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB Forced Insurance Taxes Escrow Ocwen Litton Orlando Florida
This is going to be long-winded so please bear with me... Our refinanced mortgage (Refinanced sometime in 2000 to get away from an ARM) was originally with Bank One. Was refinanced in my wife's name only, I forget the reason we did that. Anyway, didn't really have any problems with them, but in August 2001 I was laid off from my job, September 11 happened, the ecomony all but shut down, and I was out of work for a little over 4 months (IT Industry). Took short consulting jobs here and there to feed the family and pay what bills I could. Landed a full-time job in Nov/Dec 2001. In 2002, Bank One sells our mortgage to Litton Loan Servicing. This is where the nightmare begins. Obviously, I was a little behind in the mortgage payments, but steadily gaining ground. With my being out of work for 4 months, bills piled up. In December 2002, we file for Chapter 7, re-affirming the mortgage so we'd have a a home for our two children. Couple Litton statements later, there's a $704 Attorney Fee. We re-affirmed, Litton's attorneys were never involved, yet we're charged attorney fees by them. Spoke to Litton, after the usual run-around, they agreed that the fees should not have been charged and that it would be removed. $704 continues to be listed as 'Other Fees Due'. Called a few more times, was told to ignore it, it would be dropped from out statements. Fast forward to mid July 2004, we receive a letter (dated June 14, 2004) from Litton informing us our mortgage had been sold to Ocwen. (Effective July 1, 2004). Whew, what a relief to be away from Litton (or so we though). Wait a minute... effective July 1 2004, it's now July 15-ish... we receive this letter almost exactly 30 days after it was sent, and 2 weeks after it went into effect, and one, or close to, the date it was due. Luckily I hadn't sent the payment to Litton yet (I way the mortgage online, usually). Letter says nothing of the amount due, and gives two different addresses... Orlando and Los Angeles, which strikes me as a little odd. Couple days later, I receive a notice from Ocwen (dated July 8, 2004) that they now hold the mortgage, with a generic payment coupon. No due date, no payment amount. I do, however, see their website address. Hop on, account not found. Couple days of this, finally finds the account, and I make the first payment to Ocwen on July 21, 2004. 6 days after my due date (date and amount didn't change... I should have assumed, but...) but within my 15-day grace period. I hit a little financial snag (work changed pay periods and we had a pay-week skipped) but make the next 5 payments on 9/4, 10/4, 10/29, 11/29, and 1/11. Yes, I'm a little behind but never 30 or more days. Immediately I notice the $704 fee has transferred to Ocwen. 8/31 bill wants !1,808.56 (added in the $704). Calling Ocwen is pretty much an exercise in futility... never found a live person. On the 8/31 statement, I see a $1,033.04 payment from Ocwen to my county's tax collector. Ummm... we pay insurance and taxes ourselves, not through escrow. Our original monthly payment is $1,104.56. I receive a letter from Ocwen stating they do not have our insurance on record (funny, it went fine with every other refinance/sale/transfer of our account). I mail a copy of our policy to them. Receive another letter a month or so later, this time I FAX it to them. Fast forward to the 12/31 statement, our monthly payment is now 1,306.65 because they've added a monthly $202.09 Escrow payment (I, however, do not see this until tonight), AND an Insurnace Disbursement to American Securty Group in the amount of $1,059. How many times do you have to send the policy to these people? Oh... I also received a notice from Ocwen, not sure of the date it arrived, but the letter is dated 7/12/04, stating our Principal is $126,125 (right... funny how that number hasn't changed since we were originall transferred to Litton), but we owe $2,485.42 in interest (huh? Every cent of our monthly payments are going to interest... except for the occasional $15.07 that goes to 'Suspense'). Plus the $704 in 'Collection Costs', bringing our grand total up to $129,299.42 (although every statement we have, including the one dated 1/11/05, shows $126,125.00... I have NO idea what this $2,485.42 'Interest' is for). And the letter states This letter is in no way intended as a payoff statement for your mortgage. That, to me, sounds like they plan to tack on more fees, interest, etc. when you request a payoff amount. Fast forward to tonight, I go to their website to make a payment, tomorrow the payment is 30 days late, I'm trying to keep this under 30 days so a) Our credit isn't affected. b) We're planning to build a new house this summer and sell/lease/rent this house. c) Keep the mortgage semi-current until our tax check arrives, at which time we will bring the payments current... again, we're less than 30 days past due. We're a little short this month, well, since December (I had to pay for two root canals for me and a biopsy for my wife, and Christmas for the kids), but I had the $1,104 (well, $1,114, since Ocwen charges you $10 to make an online payment... which is bogus, but... it's only $10 so I deal with it)... as I said, I had the $ allocated for the mortgage payment with a few dollars left over for gas money, etc. until I get paid this Friday. I Go to make the payment, see it's now $1,306. Think that's odd, change the online payment amount to $1,104 as the usual amount, press send and receive the following message Your payment must be between $1,306 and $4,200). That's when I discover the added escrow payment. I STILL haven't figured out what the $4,200 is all about). I didn't allocate the extra $200 for the payment, they won't take the usual $1,104, so I can't make the payment until I get paid this Friday. So, because of their tax payment and this bogus Forced Insurance payment, our payment is going to be 30 days late. My wife and I, to say the least, are rather angry with this entire situation. I have tried as hard as humanly possible in our situation to keep the payments under 30 days late. Payment-wise, we'll (I think) be OK. I'll make this $1,300 payment Friday, tax check should be here the following week, so I'll make the next payment with that, and we're caught up. But that means paying the $202 escrow payment each month, which I do not believe I should be required to make since I have sent them proof of insurance TWICE. Ocwen is nikel and diming me to death... 'though their version of nickels and dimes are 4 figures. Granted, I make a good living, but with the normal monthly expenses, two car payments, my wife's school, the land payment etc. we're living paycheck-to-paycheck, as MANY people are, I can't afford Ocwen to keep tacking on $1,000 whenever they feel like it, and an extra $202 a month is gas money to get to work/school, food for the kids, etc. I feel helpless... Ocwen grabs you by the hair and won't let go... they just keep tightening their grip. My wife and I are looking into refinancing the house to get away from Ocwen and hopefully get the interest rate and payments down a bit, but with the bancruptcy being discharged only 2 years ago, I'm afraid we're stuck. Then if we ARE able to refinance, what will that do to us when we apply for the construction loan for the new house? (I drive 2 hours round trip to/from work daily... we're buying 6.5 acres on contract near where I work). My wife finishes her degree in 2007, and has a job waiting on her (Elem Teacher) where I work, but that's 2 years away... we can't hold on for 2 years, ESPECIALLY is Ocwen continues their trend of adding $1,000 to our mortgage on a whim. As for the Forced Insurance, it mentions nothing other than we now owe the $1,059 for it. Is that quarterly, bi-yearly, yearly??? Our insurance is through State Farm and is only $690 a year. $1,059 is rather steep. Is there anyone else in Indiana that is with Ocwen and getting the shaft? Wondering and worrying what to do... Thanks for listening. Andy Greenwood, IndianaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Orlando, Florida
53, Report #93264
Jun 01 2004
05:46 PM
Ocwen Mortgage - Ocwen Federal Bank FSB ripoff Orlando Florida
I refinanced my home in December, 2001 and after about 3 months my mortgage was sold to Ocwen and on May 28, 2004 I sold my home to buy a condo and to my surprise Ocwen had charged me over 3,000 dollars in prepayment charges to pay my mortgage off 27 years early. I was told this was unethical and since I didn't sign any contracts to use Ocwen in the first place I am not gonna sit still and let them get away with this. I had trouble with them the whole 2 and half years I was with them. They couldn't pay my property taxes and insurance so I cancelled my escrow and started paying them myself over a year and a half ago. They constantly sent me fliers trying to sell me something which annoyed me. They even charged the title company a fee to have your payoff sent to the title company. They are the most unprofessional money hungry group I have ever been associated with. By the way I always paid on time and have excellent credit. My beacon score is 720. William Knoxville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
54, Report #92420
May 21 2004
10:03 AM
OCWEN Federal Bank OCWEN RIPS OFF AMERICAN FAMILIES! Rip-off Orlando Florida
Our loan was bought out by Ocwen federal bank.. I was sending payments but was getting notices that they were late. They said I was sending them to the wrong address.. HELLO!!! they have 4 address listed so I assumed I would send the payment to the the address on the payment stub. Then we got behind on a payment and the next thing I know there was some reality lady taking pictures of my home!!! I asked her what she was doing and she said that my bank paid her to take pictures and see if my lawn was and home was being maintained.. WHAT???? Well I called them and they said this was something they do to make sure we are keeping THEIR property in good standing.. Then I get a bill in the mail for another payment which the late one was in the mail to them and also it had all these finance charges listed and a bill for 125.00 for the picture the lady took.. $125.00 for a picture of my home which they did not need!!! Anyway I refused to pay it, mistake on my part started getting stuff from Moss Codilis their lawyer now I owe 2500+ or they are going to take the house.. So I pay it.. There went the income taxes!! Months go by everything seems to be getting back to normal and I again end up missing 2 payments which I sent in the 2 payments + fees latter.. Lets see 2 payments @ 400 each that is 900 I sent in 1000 So I am again caught up.. WRONG... I get a letter in the mail wanting 1200...more!! I do not have it nor do I owe it to them but I try to make things okay and send in 700 to them now I am still getting the letter in the mail wanting 1200...What happened to my 700? It shows they took it out of my checking...better yet why do they want 1200? they cashed a 1000 dollar check!! lets see 1000+ 700 that is 1700. What happened to that? And they sent the lady to take pictures again!!! I am so mad at them!!! I am not made of money and the prices of stuff is outrageous! We do not live in a well to do area we do not drive expensive cars...We are just trying to keep a roof over our kids head!!! We do not take Vacations!! Shoot we do not even have TV because we can not afford it.. Why can they just not leave us alone and stop taking our money. We pay them!!! It may be late sometimes but they get their money.. I am so afraid they are going to knock on the door and take our home.. They are so full of CRAP that their eyes are brown!!! Every-time I talk to them it is a different story so I do not even bother calling them any more.. I prey everyday that justice will be served that somehow they will not be allowed to take my home. I know I am not alone in this..And I prey for each of the victims.. As I hope they are preying for me.. Lea Ripley, West VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
55, Report #15647
Mar 03 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen More for Ocwen Federal Bank
My family just lost our home to OcwenFederal Bank FSB, due to the same above mentioned problems. We went through the whole process of being paid, not being paid, not posted correctly. One computer screen would show the account paid and the next time we would get the call from them, they could not find our payment as paid. We went through this for at least 6 months. Every month we got at least 7-8 and sometimes more calls from a different representative saying we were late on our payment. Each time we had to go through the whole scenerio again and again. They promised it would be corrected and low and behold within a couple of days we would get another phone call. It was even suppose to be cleared up a couple of tmes by the acting supervisor on duty at the time. But, it was never corrected. I ask for copies showing all of our payments. I had to ask several times before finally being faxed an unreadable copy of only a few months of payments. Then they said the missed payments went back to momths prior to what they had faxed and if I wanted those I would have to pay for them. Before foreclosing on our property due to all the so called missed payments, I requested again by certified mail for proof of amounts due, but never received those either. Needless to say they sold our property and put myself, my husband and our two little boys out on the street. There was even a time when they lost five payments we had made and it was up to us to prove we had made the payments. I had to get photo copies from the bank and send them certified. Do they ever have to pay for their mistakes and the inconviences they cause home owners? No, but we have to pay ever time they hire a lawyer for their mistakes. Do they take off the last fees or for overcharges they add to your account for insurance they took out on your home because they did not throughly check to make sure they had a copy of the insurance policy? No, we have to pay and we have to find and make sure the mistakes are corrected. Even then they will not fix anything, unless you can afford to hire an attorney to sue them. As long as we are trying to keep up with paying all the things they say you owe, in order to keep from losing your home, who has any money left to hire a lawyer? This is just exactly what they want to happen. Unfortunately there are many of us who are never able to or can even find anyone willing to help. It is as if the home owners have NO RIGHTS. We are the ones having to prove our position, when we are not the ones making the mistakes.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
56, Report #50320
Mar 24 2003
09:38 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB Ocwen Subordination Fee Ripoff Orlando Florida
The subordination fee ($200) I paid is not being returned for what I feel are fraudulent reasons. The subordination request was denied and I was advised to refinance elsewhere which I did. I was not advised that the subordination fee was no-refundable nor did I sign anything stating that I would freely give my money to Ocwen away for services not performed. I have made two attempts to resolve this matter, however this is just another way Ocwen has found to rip off its customers Michael Wendell, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
57, Report #29495
Sep 09 2002
01:20 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank OCWEN BREACH OF CONTRACT deceptive company Los Angeles California
Glad to see that there are others who are having the same problems. Phone calls not returned, rude customer service. Employees not willing to help their customer. I also started out with New Century Mortgage who then sold my loan to Ocwen Federal. I received a statement showing $6178.00 due, for what? Breach of Contract,was the response. A letter came from Ocwen's Attorney stating that if this money was not paid, then foreclosure proceedings would begin in 33 days. Between the Breach of Contract and the pre-payment penalties, it is virtually impossible to get a refinance from another lender. We as consumers need to stop Ocwen Federal Bank from conducting business in this matter. Sally Antioch, California
Entity: Los Angeles, California
58, Report #27622
Aug 22 2002
12:08 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB A worried Ocwen customer Orlando Florida
May of this year my mother and father signed for their first house together. The first and second loans were immediately sold to Ocwen. While I was at Rip-OffReport.com looking to see if there was any information about the moving company that we used (TransWorld Van Lines)I noticed the story about Ocwen. My parents signed for their house in May of this year and the first payment was due in June. She mailed the payment early so as to insure that it reached Ocwen on time. She told me that the check had not been cashed for a long time, but then finally was. I am incredibally nervous now about this company. Ocwen ownes both their first and second mortgages! I don't know what to do! Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank You Jae Pensacola, Florida
Entity: Orlando, Florida
59, Report #216832
Oct 20 2006
12:20 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Foreclosure Solutions & Ocwen Orlando Florida
I have been ripped off by Ocwen also. Back in 2004 I was laid off as was my husband. Called Ocwen to get help knowing that at sometime we may be late or note able to make a payment. Women on phone said there was nothing that they could do they are only a debit collector! Got behind! Was sent forecloser notice. Contacted by Foreclosure Solutions. Paid them 900 dollars only for them to have my payment almost triple. Made payments for about 6 months. Again both of were laid off. They have added attorny fees out the waszoo unexplained fees. Now considering Chapter 13 or a short sale. Have tried to contact them get no answer and when they call its always a recording! Michelle Youngstown, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
60, Report #387377
Nov 03 2008
08:10 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank Ocwen has no respect for its employees Orlando Florida
In 2001 I worked for Ocwen as an REO Sales Manager and it was an utter disaster. I was charged with selling non-performing residential properties in a 9 state assigned territory across the country. In the six months I was there I watched as the company berated loyal employees who fought hard to stabilize the assets, get BPOs, hire brokers, list the properties and sell the assets in a timely fashion. Employees were rewarded with ever changing pay policies, unrealistic attainable goals resulting in no performance bonuses being paid out. I took note that a considerable amount of outsourcing was done to people in India and elsewhere and the company apparently managed both domestic as well as overseas employees to handle the sale of real estate assets. In 6 months I was able to move $2 million of properties at prices averaging 90% of appraised value typically within a 90 day timeframe. My reward was no bonus, a call from HR telling me to come to their office at which time I was terminated for vague reasons. This organization has no business in being charged with the disposition of ANY real estate held by bank-owned but now government held assets. My understanding is that it has gotten worse and the communication within and outside of the organization is terrible. Steve Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
61, Report #358363
Aug 01 2008
10:04 PM
Ocwen Federal Savings Bank Ocwen Stole my home ofter 16 years Orlando Florida
As stated to many officials, attorneys, help agencies; Ocwen Stole my home! In March of 2003, after reinstating a new forebearence agreement and payment made, Ocwen took me to court and within 3 weeks, I was ordered to move. I was taken by legal persons who stood before the judge with me, I never got Legal Assistance help which one of the judges referred me too. I got help, but Ocwen lied to them and wouldn't cooperate. I can't tell it all, but I have every document. I have been homeless, embarrassed, devistated, and overwelmed by representatives who offered to be the peoples support and allowed these thevies to do this. Now in 2008, homes are being loss daily. I believe that God is using me, because my home was a blessing from him. I've learned a lot, but until Ocwen answers; I'll never be complete. I feel for everyone who has endured their evil, but as God gives me strength--we'll all be blessed. If you want details, I have them. Thank you! Connie in distress for life Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
62, Report #219657
Nov 08 2006
02:16 PM
I paid my house note to Ocwen, First National Bank took the case to court through Justice Court, they said I was to pay my house note to them. Ocwen said I had not paid my house note in (2) two years. I got one note behind later two and later three. I paid the three notes before foreclosure, they kept all my money from 2002 up to 2003 after they took the house. When Constable McCay came out to serve the Summon to Evict he said, he could not serve me he told me verbally left no papers he said, if he left any papers I would be one step ahead them. Beverly Sarrett, Real State Brooker and people she hired moved things out of the house while the men from the sheriff dept. looked on with their hands on their guns like we were a prisoner in our own home. I was told if I did not let Beverly Sarett do her job they would put me in jail. Two weeks before court more or less they came up with ideal that some of the moeny orders belonged to someone else and some had been cashed by me in order to get the cases dismissed of court. I met with my attorney on May 22 to discuss the papers to be filled out and again on May 24 to go over them, when we met she told me they had made another offer, she said if I did not accept the offer and forget the fraudualent documents, that she would withdraw from the case. I told her I didn't accept the offer and that none of my answers in the Deposition and Interrogatives had changed. so she withdrew. On November 3 we met in court for the Hearing in Greenville, MS to discuss the Motion To Dismiss Plaintiff Ammended Complaint instead discussing what the Hearing was scheduled for they came up with another plan, claiming the case was in the wrong Jurisdiction in order to get it moved back to Vicksburg where they could get everything pulled off. The Judge went alone with them to move the case to County Court after three years, if the case was in the wrong Jurisdiction from the beginning it wouldn't took the Judge nor the Defendants three years to have it moved back to Vicksburg. Antonio Vicksburg, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: IRVINE, California
63, Report #101368
Jul 30 2004
11:12 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank Ocwen accelerated foreberance outrageous inflated charges West Palm Beach Florida
Ocwen is once again trying to foreclose on my house. Due to an illness in may I fell behind on my payments. I sent in a payment in June for May, and was sending in another payment in June for June. I also would make July's payment in July. They didn't cash my check and returned it to me. Saying I owed alot more money. They filed papers in my local sheriff's office on July 13th to sheriff me before they even talked to me and work out an agreement. I have had nothing but problems since day 1 with these people. They deposited a postdated check and it bounced then they want to charge me fees. They didn't escrow my hazard insurance and taxes, tried to make me pay thousands of dollars for their ignorance. They tried to force me to but their hazard insurance at twice what I was already paying. They have foreclosure listed on my credit report since the first day they took over my account. I can't get anyone to refinance because of this. I have suddenly gone to 8 months in arrears. How I don't know. I now have a mortgage that went from $47,000 to all but $92,000. That is about $30.000 more than what the house is worth. I need help dealing with this company. I have to get away from them or they are going to own my house. What makes me very angry is that I had all the money they wanted but they won't take it. They wouldn't give me any kind of break knowing I was sick and didn't have the money at the time. They also refused to give a payoff amount when I did try to get refinanced and the company I was dealing with couldn't do anything without the information from them. When I ask for copies of things from them they tell me it will cost me and they don't give these things out for nothing. I can't even get a breakdown of how my payments have been applied to my account since they took over. anonymous Lebanon, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
64, Report #134580
Mar 11 2005
08:43 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank Ocwen charges outrageous ridiculous fees to its customers Orlando Florida
Ocwen has been charging me outrageous charges and fees for having a mortgage with them!!! Last month they charged me $1800.00 for delivering a letter to my home from an attorney. We did not even go to court!!!! That seems a little outrageous for a letter. They also charged me $20.00 for a Property Inspection Fee, I have never seen anyone come and inspect my property. This happens continously and I wand it to STOP NOW... Susan North Versailles, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
65, Report #57274
May 16 2003
08:41 PM
Ocwen ripoff Orlando Florida
Ocwen bought our orginal contract for our home which was purchased from our grandmother who had the contract written. In 1993 a nice contract for us, 5%, no monthly due date other then the date of the maturity of the loan it was to be paid in full. Ocwen bought the contract and now are forclosing on our home. We are forced to pay their lawyer fees in which i hav not spoke to an attorny from their company as of yet. They charged over 3500 in fee's to forclose too include some drive by which we never saw anyone, so how are we to know they even drove by. The argument is they purchased a contract that was written for us as grandchildren of the seller. There is no default date to become defaulted on except May of 2010. Yet we are being forced to pay this because they say so. We are going to pay it however in mean time are going to find an attorny or this class action suit perhaps to take on our case, We do have an attorny but we feel more needs to be done tot his bank, They need to be forced into this contract as it was signed not how they wish it to be, I'm certain no one forced them to buy the contract. Ironiclly our foclosure date is 5 Jun same day as the class action suit against them, I sincerely wish I could speak to these attorneys handling this, our contract is clearly a breach of contract, plain as day so simple to see. James Florissant, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
66, Report #12058
Jan 21 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen Big Rip Off Or What
In June of 2001 We turned our House in Kansas back over to Ocwen as we are a Military family and had to move to California. We rented the house in Kansas for a year and then we wereunable to keep it rented. Ocwen offer to take the house back and release us from the morg. Great we thought!!! Wrong.... Now all of a sudden they have the morg. on our House in California. This has been a problem and with out going into all the details we fell behind in payments (family medical stuff) any way we never were notifyed by any one that they had our morg. so We asked for them to send us a copy of the transaction. Never have recieved nor will we ever. Mind you this all happens in July 2001. Find it interesting I do. Now I make 618.00 a month payments till November . When the Payments were 340.00 or something in that range. I also ended in the forsclosure list and I had to pay them the amount I was behind. Which I had stocked away. Trying to get them to give me the contract stuff. I am seriously considering talking to a lawyer on this matter. Since it all happened within days of us signing over our house in Kansas. This Company will not accept anything other than what they Demand. they are not even willing to work with you. They don't care if you have Medical stuff or deaths in the family or whatever. Money is all they want and they will take your house if you are late on one payment. Or at least tell you that and more if you can get out from under them do... I know I will try to find another company and one that is at least people friendly and honest. Connie Hinkley, CA
Entity: Los Angeles, California
67, Report #87753
Apr 15 2004
11:23 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank - QC Ocwen FSB Ripoff Major Accounting Problems Can't Add or Subtract but can multiply Ingenuity Florida
First let me say a few things about my friend Kweku Hanson. He is without a second thought a true blue, thumbs up kind of guy. A Lawyer that practices Law the way it was established by our founding Fathers. Now I am uncertain about his Lawyers but they must hold his high standards as well. They are our true Heros. So I will take this time right now to personally thank all these men of great Honor. To The Best of the Best. Now I have read these new reports and I see there are so many lawsuit against these Banks of Dishonor that they think it is necessary to relocate the settings. Amazing, Just amazing. So many Lawsuits that they have to do what? If the federal Goverment wanted to get involved what the heck took you so long in the first place. All you have to do is look at your own reports and see all the mistakes that have been made and are still continuing. Where is our Attorney General? I thought he was on our side but he's busy doing what ever but doesn't he have any workers that could act on his behalf? I don't believe that he has not heard of our case. You see, everyone is unsure how to take on a Bank. My personal opinion only. The Federal Reserve System Is the ultimate decision maker here. They make up the rules and regulation. They are not a Goverment Branch but a private Business. They just happen to control all the Banks in the World. They are the ones that can take action but don't. They want to see how this will play out, for what ever reason. But they indeed have the power to shut down Ocwen Bank in a second. The Feds or the Federal reserve System answers to no single person except themselfs. JFK while President did perhaps one of the most fearless thing a President could do. He got rid of the Federal Reserve System and started the United States Bank and the U.S. Became free of this private Banking system. Don't you remember, the red seals on the Paper Money. The notes said The United States Bank Note. This was in 1962-1963 Less than one year. The Ferderal Goverment gave it back to the Federal reserve system all by Presidential Order. The first thing Johnson did. I guess what I am saying that the Federal Reserve Banks and it 12 Members need to clear out Ocwen Bank But they don't. Why I wonder. In my opinion they are having a good time watching and testing to see who has the the ultimate power to take on Ocwen Bank. They firmly believe that they have the ultimate power to do as they please and are not bound by the Laws of this Great Country. The Federal Goverment has no Power to take on a bank. Don't you think they would have by now. These guys have broken every law in the book but continue as nothing has happened. It appears the harder we fight the bigger the wall. And we are right. I mean come on, look and read. We need a Presidential Order to rid the Federal Reserve of it bondage on Americans. These banks are doing everything from credit card theft to Mortgage loan Fraud. All Banks must be Members of the Federal Reserve System. Ocwen Bank is a Member and they need to be cleaned up. Why have they continued to pursue with wrong even after we have shown where they have Lied, cheated. Taken homes from people illegally. Why. Because they think they can get away with it. So does that mean we quit? No way! We fight harder and harder because we have to. Because we have to change the laws. For the people, by the people. We will not stop, we will not rest until this bank is brought down and it workers behind bars. I know they laugh, but let them because in the end the Victory will ours. You see we have God on our side and he hates Ocwen Bank. Hates them, for what they stand for and the evil practices they do. They are of no use to anyone. They are a Danger. Bob Rim of the World, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Ingenuity, Florida
68, Report #66460
Sep 02 2003
10:28 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank FSB RipOff and Unethical Business Practices by OCWEN Federal Bank and OCWEN Mortagage Los Angeles California And Orlando Florida
There are unethical business practices by Ocwen, Los Angeles, and Florida. The company has been unavailable for any contact or information regarding my account. They are now foreclosing after my sending a check for 3 payments. I have receipt of cashier check that was sent 20 August 2003 sent by US Post Office Priority Mail. They returned the amount with check stamped on back with New Jersey and dated 20 August. The Post Office statement shows the Priority Mail delivered and was signed by Ocwen on 24 August. A letter came from Palm Beach, Florida Attorney's office representing Ocwen. When I called they told me I would not have any information until I returned call on this next Monday. I asked for any amount or ball park figure to get to the bottom of this matter. I was told it could be any amount from $1500 up to $4500 and only if loan would be reinstated. I would not know until this next Monday when I called. My loan was first originated by Wells Fargo and then to American First, and then Ocwen. I was a first time home buyer and even with good credit at the time Wells Fargo would not carry the loan. The payments were and are $373.26 with taxes included and the interest rate 10.67. I bought the little house July 2 2002. I asked at that time the payments be due later in month as first of month not convenient. Meaning, I had longer after first to come up with the payment. The amount total owed at present is $31,000. The orginial amount was $41,000. The house belonged to my daughter, then step father, who passed away after my mother. I bought the house from his step-son to settle estate. It was the only way in my lifetime that I could own my own house. I was behind in a few months and then caught up payments. There were charges that were unreasonable in the amount of $95. and other charges I didn't understand with each month and continued so that I couldn't catch the arrears up. I could not get an explanation from Ocwen other than they were due and owed. I have only been able to contact the Ocwen one time and never were they available. The internet site has been unavailable. This last and only letter I received today 02 Sept was sent by Attorney in Palm Beach, FL. It had no letterhead. I then called Ocwen, Los Angeles and transferred I suppose to an Attorney listed in the same letter. He said he was located in Palm Beach, FL. The letter said they were available and to bring my mortage current. The person who is called 'Account Consultant' was not in the least helpful and rude. I asked him why he was defensive as I only wanted to clear up the matter. Actually, I felt sorry for him being so miserable and yet his choice of job. He stated over and over that he answered all questions. I came away more confused as he didn't or couldn't give me an amount to cover all costs or be helpful in the least. A month ago in July or August I had contacted a law firm working on Class Action in Connecticut and then another in California. I found them on the Internet when entering OCWEN.com My little house is in central Oregon and I am now in Idaho. Makes for difficulty. I bought the house because I have been single since 1986, over 61 years old, with no family other than my married kids. There are no others that I could borrow or come up with the entire $31,000 if that is indeed the amount. I do not own a car or have any other means to sell to meet arrangements. Which I don't have at present from Ocwen. I am now in a Masters program student and make ends meet on Financial Aid. I am not sure if I will gain the piece of paper or draw Social Security first. I contacted an Attorney in Oregon after talking with folks who are working with the California Class Suit. It was also suggested I contact the Attorney General's Office, Fraud Division in Oregon. I am now sending my file to Oregon Attorney and requesting help. I explained that I have no money and would have to owe payment after getting this Foreclosure taken care of in some way and then having to sell property. I also am wanting to file a Class Action Suit in Oregon. I told him I will do whatever is necessary to find or begin to file Class Action in Oregon. I am sure there are more people who have found themselves in this same situation. I am not Hispanic but know that others have bought houses through Wells Fargo in Oregon and were turned over to American First and then to Ocwen. None of this makes any sense as the community where house is located is around 5,000 population with next to no jobs available. The market is not so good for work and places to live. There are no surprises with malls planned or anything else as it is a farm community. I came to Idaho to try to work as a 'traffic flagger' which has not happened. I have been living as housekeeper with focus to complete my studies. In the event you are questioning my ethical values and morals, I can assure you that I am decent and just wanting a good life. Thank you for your patience in reading my letter. This experience has been unsettling and a disgusting situation. I would hope that Ocwen would do what is right, lawful, and decent. But, in this world there are still those who take advantage and are not decent in any matter or situation. I do want to believe that businesses can be conducted in an honest straightforward manner. Not all companies are like Ocwen. I sincerely hope everyone the best with dealings with Ocwen. Thank you. Carroll Homedale, IdahoU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Los Angeles, California
69, Report #11015
Jan 08 2002
12:00 AM
2nd house, 2nd time Ocwen bought our mortgage. Ocwen poorest managed ever!
Almost all of the situations written about have happened to us. These people are NASTY and supervisors will not return calls or answer their phones. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE! I would pay a higher interest rate just to get with a bank of our choice. Even if you have a small complaint about this company write it on here as there is power in numbers. Ken Portland, OR
Entity: Nationwide
70, Report #78613
Jan 29 2004
11:13 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank Former employee's HELP! San Antonio TX
Former Employee's get back at Ocwen. Help us fight the scum left behind. You know your former bosses that held by raises, promotions (that were sent to other countries) and respect they failed to give you. Give us the inside scoop! My problem: my principal balance is ZERO, yet they claim I still need to by until the end of 2005. Why, no one will speak to me about. What can I do? Please speak up soon, good hard working American's need your help. Thank you. DD San Antonio, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
71, Report #78450
Jan 28 2004
07:23 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank escrow account ripoff Orlando Florida
We are unfortunately on second adventure with Ocwen. They change balances at their whim, add forced insurance at their whim, it takes MONTHS to get any corrections. None of the CSR's speak english!! Paul Aurora, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
72, Report #74290
Dec 06 2003
05:16 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff Los Angeles California
Ocwen bank ripped me off with my house loan. For two and a half years Ocwen Bank tried to forclose on my house. They made me pay a down payment of over $2000.00 twice. They charge double late fees when I was late with a payment. I tried to get a lawyer but they wrote me back and stated that they could not take the case. Please somebody help me because they need to pay for what they have done to me and my family. Hester Montgomery, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Los Angeles, California
73, Report #77985
Jan 24 2004
07:18 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank dishonest, billing and corresponding proctices, Orlando Florida
My mortage was just sold to OCWEN by WAMU- On tuesday I called and contacted the for a resolution as to why my payment was not automaticly deducted as it has for the past 10 years? they responded (you will get something from us soon)?? on the automatic phone it stated that my payment was due January 1?? it is now January 20th. I e-mail them as of today no e-mail back- I then called and asked them for a payoff figure so I can pay them off and be done with them well get this They won't e-mail if fax they will charge you $20.00 and for the courtesy of a mail (which I've yet to receive 6 days later) is a $10.00 fee OK I'll live with that. Also, I asked give me wire intructions - they won't accept them????? -0 to make matters worse- on Thursday 22, I get a payment notice and a late fee of 53.00. on Friday a lteer dated January 16 but postmarked January 21 I receive a welcome letter and how I can make my payments!! I JUST WANT TO PAY THEM OFF!! PLEASE HELP ME OBTAIN A PAYOFF FIGURE AND AN ADDRESS I CAN SEND MY CHECK NOT A PO BOX SINCE I NEED TO SEND IT CERTIFIED!!! Arely judithf bogota, New JerseyU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
74, Report #78012
Jan 24 2004
04:08 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank ON THE RUN FOR SURE TAKE HEART AMERICA :)))) Orlando Florida
Ok, We've been doing alot of follow ups with Ocwen, very similiar to what everyone else is doing with much of the same results. We're mailing our payments in and they have been delivered to the California address but to date have not been credited to our account, we too are paying the extra postage to have verification that our payments have reached them on time and before the due dates. When talking with several Ocwen employees our $$$ have been put into a suspended account and not gone towards our mortgage, even tho' some say yes it will go towards our mortgage and others say no. It's all very confusing. I've also been told because we were in arrears they can take our $$$ from our mortgage and apply it to whatever fees they want. I also was told that I would be receiving a break down of these fees at NO COST TO ME. So far I've been charged some of the same fees several times over on the same date. One fee over 4 times and via a phone conversation now a fifth time. This was suppose to have been canceled because we had reached an agreement with Brenda Vasquez and paid everything up including all mortgage payments through Jan. and now even sending extra in for another February payment. The monies in our suspended account should pay us through the end of Feb with an extra amount going towards our principle. To date we now owe for March 1st via automated phone message because I sent in an extra payment just to make sure Ocwen could not come back at me again and say I'm late and start charging all the extra fees etc. again.. The latest scenerio is when we notified our state representive and from what they have gathered in a very short time ... we have been told this company IS BAD big time. One of our congressman's aids use to be a bank loan officer so they know what to look for etc. I've also done some research myself plugging in Federal Ocwen Bank to different web search engines and many of the same results come up along with one that they're accounting system is in question and under scrunity also. We have all suffered through some exhausting and excuritiating situations with Ocwen Federal Bank but this so called loan company has alot to answer for. Everyone please hang in there, I'm sure things will retify themselves even though many of you have lost your homes a civil lawsuit seems to be pending against Ocwen Federal Bank. Emilie Wausau, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
75, Report #77054
Jan 14 2004
03:04 PM
Ocwen Federal Bank Frustrating total rip off fraudulant company Orlando Florida
To begin with our mortgage was sold out from underneath us from Option One to Ocwen Federal Bank affilated with WELLS FARGO Bank without our knowledge until it was a done deal. We became behind in payments to Ocwen Federal Bank and heading towards foreclosure, because my partner was involved in an auto accident and was out of work for over a year and a half. However we eventually caught up with our payments and had an extra 2 and 1/2 months coverage in payments sitting in an Ocwens account called a suspense account. They finally credited one of our payments because this is what a person by the name of Brenda Veldez agreed to when we said we were paying up the past due amount she quoted us. This amount also seemed to cover alot of extra expenses of rather high amounts, which are VERY questionable. Now, however they refused to put the balance of our extra payments towards our mortgage. They want us to send in extra payments over and above what we have already sent them because we're know as a high risk to them. If we don't do this I'm sure the whole sceniro of late payments is going to start all over again even though they have extra $$$ of ours already. We also have had the experience of sending first our payment to an address in California which goes through that system and then gets credited to our mortgage account back in Florida. I feel this is a really nice way to scam people into always having late payments. This happen to us several times through the course of our regular payment history. I am not denying the fact that we had been late in making our payments during my partners recovery period, but this has been the most destructive situation I have ever been in emotionally, mentally and financially. To try and call this company to receive any justification for what they have done to us plus the constant harassment of automated telephone calls several times through out a day, even after we would contact them. It seems alot of other people are also having the same experiences and this needs to be checked into. Ocwen is a mortgage lender NO ONE should have to deal with, nor would I ever, repeat ever, consider recommending anyone to deal with. Emilie Wausau, WisconsinU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida

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