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51, Report #59534
Jun 04 2003
09:21 AM
Ocwen ripoff Orlando Florida
I had agreed to a forebearence amount of $900 a month 3 days before first payment was due i recieved a letter stating it would be $1300 a month which i could not afford i asked could they put it back down to $900 they asked me fax income records which i did 3x but they said they never recieved. so as a result my home going to sherriff sale soon. In the mean time i am trying to sell on my own but ocwen will not send me payoff amount. so it looks like i will be losing all the way around. count me in on class action against them Theresa lincoln park, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
52, Report #119881
Nov 26 2004
01:03 PM
OCWEN FSB Ripoff Orlando Florida
This month my payment to OCWEN was lost - I mailed it out on on about 4 Oct for 1 Nov payment date. Approximately a week ago, I receive a phone call at work from a lady with a very thick Indian or Pakistan accent asking for payment. After much difficulty in trying to understand here, and the crackling of the phone line I asked that OCWEN either fax or email me information regarding the late payment - and documentation that they tried to get ahold of me. My concern was if the payment is due the 1st, and based on a review of my payment history, I am never late - why didn't they call or email me (which they have on file). The lady assured me that I would receive an email and/or fax with the information I requested. When I didn't recieve a response from them by Thursday (yesterday) I sent an email requesting the same information. So, what happens? Another (or perhaps the same lady) calls me at work wanting me to give her my check number, etc. Well, I don't walk around with my check book - she recommends I pay on line - I told her I would. I went on line and OCWEN Charges a $10.00 fee to do an electronic payment - What a Rip Off! The lady that I spoke to stated that even if I mailed the payment overnight to Orlando Florida - it would be late and I'll have to pay another late charge (since all of their offices are conviently closed until Monday, 27 Nov). I'd be interested in knowing how many other folks have been ripped off is this manner by OCWEN? I tried to refinance at a lower rate, through VA - OCWEN charged me the fee for the paperwork and at the last minute refused the Subordination. Rochelle Columbus, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
53, Report #12907
Jan 31 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen federal Bank aka oppressors from beneath
I have written before and frequently check the internet to see what else ocwen has done to the widows, orphans, sick, and down on their luck individuals. I recently read that an individual sent a complaint to the supervision of thrift. I was disappointed to hear that nothing was resolved when going to the agency that oversee's banks because I recently sent in a complaint. I certainly hope something will be done because receipts don't lie. Lajauna Ontario, Canada
Entity: Orlando, Florida
54, Report #12932
Jan 31 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen Ripoff out for Blood
Yes, I was one of those who accessed Thrift Supervision TWICE to investigate. Again, they had OCWEN themselves to do research on themselves!!!! HOW RIDICULOUS! And yes, very very disappointing to say the least. The letter I received from Ocwen reporting their findings was even more outrageous! I am in the process of responding to that letter as we speak. What is te pay off here for Ocwen and other government agencies who are suppose to be over seeing these banks??????? How is it they continue to slip through the cracks after the numerous complaints the receive from the exact same bank????? I am DEFINITELY looking to seek legal action against these people so I can use all the help I can get! I will be checking back periodically to see if there are any new postings....
Entity: Florida
55, Report #15700
Mar 03 2002
12:00 AM
ocwen---transfer fees! Ripoff!
well, my husband and myself are adding ourselves to the long list of very dissatisfied victims. We have less than $1300.00 on our mortgage. I sent for a pay off report and-----you guessed it , it came back saying we owed over $15,000.00!!!!!! Something called transfer fees. Our atty. has ,to no avail.been trying to find out what these fees are. If anyone files a suit against these fools, we will first in line to join. Susan Bloomfield New York Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Nationwide
56, Report #21539
May 26 2002
07:45 AM
Ocwen ripoff victimized many consumers Orlando Florida
Hi Everybody. I too am a victim of Ocwen. But, I may have some good news, well, at least a new contact. How about not just an arm of HUD, but how about the main man's secretary? She is his ear so to speak. If we all start writing to him/her, then we may get something done about Ocwen. Here is the email address: Anna_M._Farias@hud.gov I too have had the same problems it seems that each of you have had. Injured on job, workers comp, reduced income, ferrill period, now contractual payments. However, I too face a large arrearage and am trying desperately to get out from under Ocwen and get back with a good lender. By the way, I will suggest James B. Nutter @ Co. as a lender. They refinance, new loans, everything. Most importantly, they DON'T SELL YOUR LOANS either. Let's all stick together and write this lady I mentioned, maybe we can get something done. DR Arlington, Texas
Entity: Orlando, Florida
57, Report #17987
Apr 01 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen BEWARE!!! ripoff bank Irvine California
I happened upon this site after a decision to research my mortgage company. Actually, I thought I had gone crazy and lost control of my finances -- yeah RIGHT!!! I am now on a quest!!! I am an activist!!! I will set out on this journey and Make it Happen. To all of you who have lost homes to this thief -- there are no words -- but, I do hope any action I may set into motion might bring something, someway back to you. I DO NOT want to lose my home to this thief!!! I will fight!!! I will contact my attorney tomorrow (04/02/02) regarding a class action suit. I will also set up a hotmail account -- prefix before the (at) being antiOCWEN. Get the drift? Yes, we must group together. We must fight this in numbers. I had no clue before happening upon this site. Just in case it might make it through you may reach me at24doors (at) juno dot (the common). May your home be safe from Tigers!!!! Be Savannah, District of Columbia
Entity: Irvine, California
58, Report #44299
Feb 05 2003
04:53 PM
Ocwen rip-off Orlando Florida
Beware of Ocwen's so called suspense fund. I sent in extra monies to clear up old late fees (which I a being charged a 2nd time for) - and they took the $1000- and applied it to a suspense fund, then sent it to Moss, etc. After finding a decent person to talk to, I got back a portion of it. They claim it was a mistake. They have taken over $2300- from me for so called legal fees. For what I do not know. Watch them - their calculators seem to work differently from the rest. Laura Laura Oakton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
59, Report #11274
Jan 11 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen, threat of foreclosure and payment collection
I too have been harrased by Ocwen, when I refinanced last year they turned out to be financial institution that took the loan request. After 1 month with them I knew there would be trouble, they cash the payments later then when they are sent in sometime up to 2 weeks late so that they can charge you with late fees. I have gotten to the point where I send my payment next day, with signature required to prove that my payment arrived on time and still I have late fees. As for their customer service people, they are the most illmannered, rude and just the most uptight people I have ever encountered. They are not willing to help you and basically threaten you if you happen to disagree. Its so bad that I'm looking at refinancing my home after 1 year with them just to get away from them. Try to stay far away from this company if you can.
Entity: California, Nationwide
60, Report #11854
Jan 17 2002
12:00 AM
OCWEN acquiring excessive credit reports on current accounts ?????
I am one of the unfortunate persons who happens to have an account with OCWEN. Right now I am paying the full contractual amount for my mortgage, and out of their Ferril plan. Yes, I have an arrearage. Well, today I did an overview of all my credit reports with all of the local credit bureaus. Now granted a company and yes even OCWEN can pull a bureau on an annual basis, but 3 in one year on an individual who is current? Doesn't make any sense to me. Actually, I would think that it is illegal for them to get that many reports without my authorization. I have also learned today, that OCWEN paid the taxes on the house late and incurred late fees and penalities. The tax office is sending me the copies of the payments. I plan to follow up and make damn sure the late fees and penalites are not in my so-called arrearage amount. At least I will have all my copies that I need. This is just a note to inform you about their added illegal use of the credit bureau. At least I think it is illegal for anyone to access your credit history without PRIOR authorization. Again, once a year is any companies right, more if you are past due, however, not so, if you are current. Ocwen is still a big headache and a rip off company. They are experts at legal theft! Pat Burleso, TX
Entity: Nationwide
61, Report #12685
Jan 29 2002
12:00 AM
HUD/FHA only has jurisdiction to assist FHA insured mortgagors. If your mortgage loan is insured by some other means please visit this web site address http://www.hud.gov/offices/hsg/sfh/res/resrefer.cfm and contact the appropriate agency listed. Payment disputes are between you and your lender. The lender must tell you which payments are missing. Payment disputes must be in written form to your lender. Request that your lender supply you with photocopies of the payment histories for the so called missing payments. Once it is established which payments are missing. You would then have to send in letter form to the lender, that you are submitting photocopies front and back of the missing payments. The lender will review the photocopies which you submit and either will credit your mortgage account or explain why the payments were not credited. The lenders response will determine what your next step should be in correcting the situation if the payments are still not credited. Once you have completed the above and there still is no resolution to your situation, and if your mortgage loan is FHA insured, please send us a written mailed request letter to look into why your payments were not credited. Please submit a photocopy of your original payment dispute letter to your lender along with a photocopy of their response(s), if any. Our mailing address is HUD/FHA, 500 W Main, Suite 400, Oklahoma City, OK., 73102. Tony GUAYNABO
Entity: Nationwide
62, Report #15019
Feb 25 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank ripoff fees, liars
Ocwen keeps phoning me about late payments that I know I have mailed on time. They never seem to be able to locate them. I decided to pay them off, so I sent a check for the amount shown as my balance on my account. They mailed it back a month later with out telling me and charged a late fee. They said I had to get a payoff letter ($10.00) and send a certified cashiers check. The payoff had more interest and penalties and the payoff quote fee. This is the most unprofessional institution I have ever done business with and I will never do business with them again. My loan was sold to them last summer and it has been misery ever since. I sending in a cashiers check today. I keep you updated as to whether it is accepted. J aurora, colorado Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Orlando, Florida
63, Report #14888
Feb 22 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank Ripoff - 3rd Report - Update
For the 3rd time, I finally talked to a rep from Ocwen just 2 days ago. His name was Ben and I think I have his last name written down somewhere. He was very polite and actually heard me out! Prior to this conversation, I contacted Ocwen because the tax documents I received for 2001 from 2 mortgage companies did not tie out with the figures I have. My first problem was that my escrow account was fully documented by the mortgage company (MetWest) until they sold the note to Ocwen. In an attempt to find out if my insurance was paid, the only info I got was from MetWest (they showed every transaction from Jan - May, payments, escrow payments and disbursments and mortgage balance). At least I knew the taxes were paid! Based on all the reports Ive read online, I tried questioning Ocwen as to the payment of our insurance (MetWest informed me it was due and payable early August and the amount they paid the prior year. They also gave me the name of the Payee). Ocwen did not show me any escrow disbursements and did not provide any of the relevant info I wanted. When I called them, I was directed thru an automated menu which required my account # and various pin numbers. Ultimately, I was given the info that current taxes due were $120 over last years payment. I immediately called the city and county property tax division for Colorado and inquired as to the validity of that increase. I was told the taxes should be based on prior year tax amounts and that that increase was not justifiable. That same call also informed me of an escrow balance different from what I was calculating. The operator I finally talked to gave me different numbers and balances for every item I questioned. She did however, send me documents of insurance payments (although I had contacted the company already to ensure the premium had been paid) but I thank her for sending the paperwork. i think the employees work for minimum wage and are not at fault for company practices. Because of what Ive read online, I am concerned that our insurance and taxes will continue to be paid. I asked our insurance carrier if I could pay the premium rather than having it paid from escrow. Because its part of the financing, I could not do that. However my insurance agent did come to my house and re-evaluate the value and I can take out an additional policy for $150 to ensure my home is adequately insured. My first complaint was rebutted by an agent of Ocwen which was the most illiterate, ungrammered, mis-spelled document Ive ever read. Who in their right mind would trust a company that employs people like that or is so irresponsible as to their bookkeeping, that if we actually speak to a live customer service rep., every answer is different?! I am willing to join a class action suit! T Denver, Colorado Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Nationwide
64, Report #14902
Feb 23 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen Debacle Ripoff
Ocwen recently mailed me a default notice. I relocated back to Arizona in December 2001; prior to doing so I notified Ocwen(ocward) of my change of address and submitted change of address forms to the post office. I didn't receive a statement in January 2002 I telephoned the Orlando? office of my desire for a statement. Approx. 2 weeks later I received a statement and then sent 2 payments (on 2-9-02). On 2-22-02 I received the default letter. Today (23rd) I called the loan department and spoke suggested that the octopus (Ocwen)perhaps needed to communicate with its arms. I apprised them of my disinterest in the late fee and especial consternation regarding their default form letter's being devoid of any name of a human entity.[Can you read I was livid.] I was told my payment had been received and he (the supervisor?, Mr Teasley) would request my late fee be waived. We'll see!!! Ken Phoenix Arizona Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Miami/Orlando/LA, Nationwide
65, Report #15105
Feb 26 2002
12:00 AM
My loan was originally with New Century, who sold it to OCWEN. Oh my God, please help me! These people are so unorganized, they keep trying to add homeowners insurance when I have always had coverage since I bought this house in 1986! Well #1 the prices are ridiculous & don't protect me, #2 my insurance company, Farmers, has sent them proof of coverage twice now. And, I constantly get a notice they have forced-placed their own insurance, because they still don't get it - I have homeowners!!!! This company continues to amaze me as I read everyone's comments - how do we protect ourselves? This is bull & I am tired of it!!! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Nationwide
66, Report #14665
Feb 21 2002
12:00 AM
ocwen mortgage ripoff, the never ending battle
we have constently been ripped off by ocwen with our montly payments with our checks. now they put me off day by day with anew lie and talk to me like i am a dog. now they say we are in forecloser and will not talk sanely if they even know how. but they have crossed the wrong person this time. this war just begone thank you please. ella lindale, texas Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Nationwide
67, Report #13898
Feb 12 2002
12:00 AM
Ocwen Federal, Legal Goons
After we refinanced with a local company our account was sold to Ocwen Federal, we started falling behind immediately. The late fees that they charged us were out of this world. To make a very long and painful story short, my husband after taking out smaller loans against our boat,car, truck. Finally decided to take out a loan from his 401K plan. He sent those vampires 10,000.00 dollars and our house was foreclosed 2 months later. They knew that they intended to foreclose on our mortgage and still took our money. We could have used the money to buy a new start. We owed 92,000.00 on the house before the 10k. We have seen the house on a realestate commercial for 216,000.00. Where will the equity money go? Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Nationwide
68, Report #13836
Feb 11 2002
12:00 AM
OCWEN - Yet another victim
NOTICE - This message contains personal opinions and experiences with OCWEN and is protected under the US First Amendment Rights. I recently had a timeshare note that was acquired by OCWEN. I ran into the same problems as everyone else...OCWEN is incapable of posting payments. Or is it a scam?? After reading the posts, I now firmly believe the latter. I just thought they were the most incompetent company on the face of the planet. The original note was setup with another company and automatically billed to a credit card each month. When the note transferred to OCWEN, I received no notification from either company. The only notification I received was a delinquent notice from OCWEN. No problem, I called them up and setup the credit card pmt. Each month, they failed to post the pmt, I would call and give them the information to bill my credit card. In one instance, the amount cleared my bank several weeks before it was posted by OCWEN. After six months of this, I decided to dump OCWEN. I finally got fed up and decided to pay them off. I called to get a payoff amount, spoke with a supervisor and was told they would wave the normal $30 fee to receive the payoff amount. (They lied and added the fee anyway.) I was outraged, but sent in a certified check via registered mail. It cleared. GREAT!! (Note that they would not accept an electronic transfer from my bank. Only registered checks by registered mail.) WRONG!!! Three weeks after the check posted I received a notice that they will be billing another payment to my credit card!!! I call and was told that although they posted the amount to my account, they never actually billed it against my credit card. Even though I see two payments were posted to my account on that date!!! Why did I pay $30 USD to have a useless report run? They have promised to send a detail account transaction report via FAX, but I have yet to receive it. After reading the other reports here, I will be requesting the detailed transaction report via certified mail. I don't want them to have any excuses to charge me extra. I feel that someone REALLY needs to expose these guys...how 'bout 20/20?? I can just hear John Stossel now...GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Scott Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Orlando, Florida
69, Report #9037
Dec 11 2001
12:00 AM
Ocwen Bank late charges & foreclosure scams
We too have had numerous problems with Ocwen. In February were in foreclosure and wired money to bring our account current. Since that time we were late on several occasions and paid additional money to cover these late charges. This money was then credited to miscellaneous expenses totaling over $1000 from the foreclosure. Expenses that we were not aware of until we paid the extra money on our account. We were made to believe that the money wired in February covered all expenses for the foreclosure. Since that time have been trying to get this resolved. In addition both my November and December payments, the December sent priority mail, were credited to our account late. My car payment sent at the same time as the mortgage, also priority mail, was credited to my account within 4 days. They constantly harrass us with phone calls and letters. There must be something that can be done.
Entity: Orlando, FLorida
70, Report #8934
Dec 10 2001
12:00 AM
Ocwen Bank nightmare rip-off bank
My loan was sold to Ocwen in October 2000. The nightmare begain in August 2001 when I found out unknowingly that thet had placed my loan in foreclosure. the funny thing is I had paid all of my payments and had all of the cancelled checks to prove it. I have called multiple times, faxed, and even sent registered letters to know avail I think they are brain dead and need the plug pulled,have alzheimer's and possibly attention deficit disorder. no one seems to know nothing. They have cashed my checks and upon two occasions applied the monies to someone elses account. therefore making an individual appear behind and charging foreclosure and attorney fee's. On August 27,01 I sent the september first payment and that one has completely disappeared. I have read the many complaints you have of individuals going through tje same problem. My question is how can they get away with this I would like the emails of all the other individuals going through this same dog and pony show and maybe we can file some type of class action law suit.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
71, Report #8963
Dec 10 2001
12:00 AM
Ocwen FSB looses payments reports to lawyer
November, 2001 Check mailed on the 1st to Ocwen FSB Los Angelos CA.....never gets posted. December, 2001 payment mailed on the 3rd to Ocwen FSB Los Angelos CA............never gets posted. Cashiers Check overnighted on the 4th. Not posted on the 7th. 200.00 dollars and several phone calls later to Moss, cebelus, whatever attorneys for Ocwen, problem not solved. I have all the documents to prove payments. Do Not allow this company to have your loan, if they get MAY GOD HELP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click here to read other Rip-off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: Orlando, Florida
72, Report #17282
Mar 21 2002
12:00 AM
OCWEN ripoff abused & mistreated LA California
It is difficult to tell all of the problems I have with OCWEN. (new co. spelled backward). We have been constantly harassed by them. They have refused to accept payments in the amount stated on all of the paper work I have. They monthly payment to them seems to depend on their whim. We had to get an attorny to keep them from forclosing on our home. I asked for a pay-off amount and they sent me this astronomical figure. There is just no way I can refinance this house or sell it to satisfy them. Our lives have become a living nightmare with these creatures constantly hanging over us. My homeowners insurance company is sick of faxing the same documents to them over and over. My agent cant believe them either. My original payment was 680.00 PITI. I now pay them insurance myself and they want 692.00. What happen? Nobody at ocwen can tell me. The previous foreclosure was started because they kept raising my payments and I withheld payment for 6 months (in the bank) til they remedied the situation. DONT DO THAT. They remedy nothing. My atty says they have too many properties and want to foreclose to sell them. Possibly to their own entities. Look into Solomon Bros. fro more clues thats who ocwen is I believe. HELP!!!! who is the otc? p BOYNTON BEACH, Florida Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on OCWEN Federal Bank Financial Services
Entity: LA, California
73, Report #424447
Feb 15 2009
05:52 PM
Ocwen got my home Orlando Florida
like all the other folks on here ocwen has done the same things to me also, feb 18 2009 they got my home and put me on the street. i tried everything to deal with this bank all they done was lie to me sent back payments and keep raising the cost of my mortage payments and interest until i could not make my payments anymore. this home i lost to was the place i grew up and lived by my 75 year old dad, which i take care of. they are going to kick me out in a couple days. they also put my credit in the trash can.. i work every day and all i wanted to do is pay bills. i would also be interested in filing a class action suit again this bank. i tried everything possible to work with ocwen and all they did, is lie to me... Chris**** bluffton, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
74, Report #344776
Jun 26 2008
07:04 PM
Ocwen lied, deceptive, theives Centreville Alabama
the loan was approved for the payoff, but ocwen would never give us the payoff. our lawyers were talking and we were talking to ocwen's broker, who stated that he could not understand why ocwen did not except the payoff. because ocwen would make more money on it. then suddenly we were told to get out of the house. all this time we were thinking that a payoff was just around the corner. we were also informed that we were dealing with someone in india. this was told to us by their lawyers. who also tried to get their client to except the payoff. ocwen lied and said they were never informed of the approved loan. so, our family was kicked out of the only home we ever knew. someone please help us. June centreville, AlabamaU.S.A.
Entity: Centreville, Alabama
75, Report #481623
Aug 18 2009
08:30 AM
Ocwen Federal Bank Blacklisting Honest Employees Internet
Ok lets forget for a moment the allegations of corruption such as employees using tax payer money from the VA to repair homes and then purchasing those homes for themselves at huge discounts. Lets forget about the alleged kickbacks that some of the asset managers and employees of Ocwen were receiving in return for handing out listings. Lets forget about the alleged bogus repairs that contractors where paid for. Lets just put all that aside for a moment and talk about the BS Michael Moreland put all the VA asset managers through. But before I do that I want to make one more comment on the alleged corruption part. If you think I am making this stuff up simply follow the paper trail through public records on the Ocwen asset located at 3227 Saint Lucie Drive S. Casselberry FL from Augus of 2004 through February of 2005 which was purchased by a Mr. Piana who at the time not only worked for Ocwen as an asset manager during this period but this asset was in his portfolio. Can you fog up a mirror? Thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent fixing up this property on a golf course prior to it being purchased by Mr. Piana. It is also alleged higher bids from the general public were ignored. Now for a small sample of what we had to endure under Michael Moreland's Management. First we were instructed to put thousands of assets on the market as fast as we could without regard for their condition. We did this for approximately 6 months when suddenly Michael Moreland began reprimanding the asset managers for following orders and putting properties with no repairs on the market. We are talking about homes with lead based paint, asbestos, mold, wood rot, unsecured pools and so on. Keep in mind when we were told to put these properties on the market there was no repair policy and were doing as we were told. The scolding went on for weeks and of course all the asset managers kept their mouth shut and sucked it up because we did not want to loose our jobs. Then the repair policy was finally implemented which opened up another Pandora's box. I began having agents authorizing and making repairs without my knowledge when they were clearly told the proper policies regarding repairs was to allow the asset managers to have 3 repair bids from 3 different contractors prior to any repairs being authorized and completed. I and other asset managers had numerous agents making unauthorized repairs even after we told them this is not proper procedure and you run the risk of not being reimursed for these repairs.  So what would the agents do? They called Michael Moreland and complained who in turn reprimanded me/us for doing my/our jobs.  We were told we were being to hard on the agents when I/we told the agents by not following proper procedure we cannot guarantee VA will reimburse them for the repairs. I have no doubt many of those repairs were bogus since I/we was never given the opportunity to gather bids, never saw any before repair pictures and did not know about the repairs until they were done. It was not long before we had agents calling us complaining they were not being reimbursed for expenses they incurred while securing , winterizing, cleaning and sometimes repairing the homes. It was very difficult to get my job done because I was constantly fielding complaints from agents about expense reimbursements they had been waiting on for months. One agent told me it had driven him to file bankruptcy. Then there was the broker/agent who would not respond to my request for feedback on the activity and repairs of an asset he was assigned to list and sell. After being ignored numerous times for several weeks I told the agent if he did not cooperate with me I was going to request the asset be taken away from him. So what does he do? He complains to Michael More who in turn reprimands me and tells me to leave the agent alone and let him do his job. Being a good soldier I no longer threatened to take the listing away from the agent and I gave him several months before I requested another status report. I was ignored again until I decided against Michael Moreland's wishes to have an agent from another real estate company swing by this asset and see if he could give me a status report. When the new agent arrived at the property the asset was in complete disrepair, falling apart, broken windows, had never been secured, cleaned, winterized and appeared to have never been stepped foot in by the listing agent whom I had reported several times for non compliance. This was the last straw for me and I decided to leave Ocwen. Shortly after leaving Ocwen I began getting anonymous phone calls from individuals asking to speak to RAT then hanging up. This was a clear attempt to intimidate me, scare my family and make me keep my mouth shut regarding anything I might know about corruption. Now remember this is a company hired by our Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Government. I and many other good honest patriotic asset managers have been blacklisted from the industry and have had difficulty obtaining any employment because Ocwen has either been giving bad references or no references at all. I can only speak for myself but the companies I have been blacklisted from made it very clear they had been in contact with Ocwen and I have no doubt I had been given a bad reference. Lets face it, how many job interview do you go on where the interviewer makes you drive 8 hours for a face to face interview, insults you during the interview and then never even bothers to call you later to let you know you did not get the job. Not only that but the interviewers made reference to things only Ocwen management would know. I and my family have suffered a great deal for standing up for the American people and doing the right thing. I never imagined that I would suffer from the hands of corporate and government terrorist right here in my own Country.   Even knowing the price I have paid I would do it all over again. As for those who blacklist good honest hard working people I would say this, I would not want to work for someone who is dishonest enough and corrupt enough to do dirty work for the likes of Michael Moreland and Ocwen Federal Bank. As for our Presidents past and present, VA, Congress and Our Justice System if you are serious about cleaning up our Great Country and protecting its citizens then for God Sakes do something about this monster you have created.
Entity: Internet, Internet

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