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1, Report #391210
Nov 14 2008
09:58 AM Fraudulent Payments and Bounced Checks Offshore Gambling Internet
This company reels you in like any other scumbag hustler. They let you win and pay you for small winnings; however, if you're on a roll, they send you FRAUDULENT CHECKS that Bounces. They claim a mix-up with their pay provider and promises to deposit the winnings back in your account so that you can wire the funds, but they never do! BEWARE! Your complaints are fruitless! I am calling on all HACKERS to target the site down! Raheem Washington, District of ColumbiaU.S.A.
Entity: Offshore Gambling, Internet
2, Report #1407797
Oct 22 2017
10:41 AM
MyBookie Terrible Payout setup and deceptive policies offshore Internet
If you are reading this, let me begin by informing you that fully 90% of the Sportsbook Review hits you will get on google are cleverly crafted shill advertizing sites paid for by the online casinos and the so called 'Honest Reviews' are writers who get paid for number of hits and click throughs that direct traffic to the sites.  Its easy to spot the fakes.  They will be...A) littered with buttons to visit the site thats being glowingly reviewed.  B) Getting rave reviews intersparced with very mild critisims on minor matters to convince you 'oh, he's critical of the sites fonts being to big so he must be a real reviewer'.  and C) Most importantly WILL NOT have a section where real people can post comments on their experiences with the website under 'review'My MyBookie Payout complaint...On Sept 30, 2017 I requested my MyBookie $400 balance to be payed out via bitcoin.Auto response email 'Please send a copy of your drivers license and credit card before we can process your request. No big deal, i make a quick scan to a pdf of the requested documents and submit them via email. Three days go by and i hear nothing. Go to their site and submit another request for payout. Auto response 'Please allow 24 hours to process your request' So (following instructions) once a day i request and once a day i am told to allow 24 hours. I send in direct emails asking for an update... nothing. Weeks go by with no response to several mails and repeated failed attempts to request the money via website. I finally call customer service, friendly rep examines the record 'Well i'm not sure what happened but I will get this processed' Cool. Wait two days and no bitcoins show up. I log on to the site and this time instead of $400 my balance shows 0...hmmm, progress? maybe funds withdrawn and being sent? Wait another day nothing. I call again, another rep 'Not sure what happened but my supervisor says they are transferring it and it should show up in 15 min. I wait a day and nothing. It is now Oct 21(3 weeks in). Till now i've been patient as its only a $400 payout. I call again and calmly try to explain whats going on to the rep. Im put on hold for 15 min and suddenly cut off. I call again and once again make my case to a different rep, put on hold and the rep comes back...'OK sir, please refresh your page and you should see your $400 balance now visible. Refresh and the 400 is back. WTF!? Sir i'm requesting a payout not depositing. 'Ah then you can just follow the payout process on the website' WHAT!?, i'm back where i started 3 weeks ago? So I ask him how long it will take. 'Well sir, it takes 3 business days to review a request for a payout, as its Saturday you should expect it around Wednesday.'No, apology for inconvenience, no explanation of why a simple bitcoin deposit has stymied them so.No doubt come Wednesday (5 days away) I again will have to go through this runaround.Im pissed now. For a business who's business is money they seem to do a piss poor job of managing it.Derek Phelps Account ending in 8872Update : 10/23 On my last mail I told them that if there is some problem processing bitcoins they could just issue a credit to the credit card that i made the initial deposit with if it would expedite things. Got a quick response that they have decided to refund the $400 to my credit card but be patient, that in some cases it takes up to 22 days to process. I immediately respond back STOP! go ahead and proceed with the bitcoin transfer as that way i at least have a confirmation that the $ was sent. They come right back with 'Oh, Sorry, the refund was just issued and we cannot reverse it now.' (uh...bullsh*. I have had several credit card merchant accounts and you have full control of refunds provided they havent processed through settlement to the customers account) I get no transaction number, no case id, no tracking, etc. I've been down this road before with vendors waiting out the clock to prevent chargebacks. I have thrown up my hands and just now reversed the charge with my Citi card while i still could.I put the intro at the top because rather then do my due diligence on an offshore site im going to send money to with no recourse if they screw you, i just took a glance at a few fake review sites and said 'Wow what a great site'.  Only now after doing the research do i find the few 'real sites' whos user experiences mirror my own.  (note: even the real sites who allow user comments will have lots of shill comments intermixed with real users comments.  You can spot them as they all sound errily simaler in their glowing praise.
Entity: Internet
3, Report #578794
Mar 05 2010
04:51 PM
BETUS online gambling site off shore, Internet
Small time gambler here.  Decided to deposit $200 into an online USBET account.  Made a few bets and three months later, requested payout.  Jumped through their hoops to get payout and made the request.   First problem:  $40 fee to request a check to be mailed to me.  Second option is $25 wire transfer.  I opted for the wire transfer with that fee. I had $225 coming to me, I had only won $40 during my small betting so my balance was $240.  So, $240 minus the $25 fee is $215.00 I received a wire transfer to my bank in the amount of $135.76.  That's it.   I'm told that there were more fee's by the third party wire transfer company and that they would credit me back that money to my BETUS account.  Now my account is at $85.00.  So, Can I get that money out please.  Response from USBET, no, it's under the minimum, you have to bet more!   So, if I ever get my money above $100, I have to pay $40 to get my money out, again.  I would never try the wire transfer again obviously. This site is a huge scam and rip off.  Do not use this site, keep looking for another one if you want your money out eventually.
Entity: off shore, Internet
4, Report #732533
May 24 2011
08:07 AM
Superslots OFFSHORE Gambling Internet Gambling, Internet
Superslots casino easily accepts deposits but when you win you have to go thru a grueling process in which you make photo copy's of your license, utility bills, credit cards and then they make you do it over several times to discourage you from getting your money or they'll redeposit it. The ONLY U.S. option they have to withdraw your money is by check and by signature courier and THEN they charge $35.00 to get your money.  It's a ripoff and not worth it and the checks come from a Canadian SP Solutions (check services) bank and cannot be cashed only deposited. Superslots is located in Antigua.  I have closed all of my accounts and started over so my identity is not stolen. Payouts are sent daily - Monday through Friday. Your Tracking Number will be emailed to you. Fee: $35 Payout Limit: $100 min; $3,000 max per 72 hours Temporarily Unavailable Temporarily Unavailable Funds will be sent directly to your Click2Pay account and credited the same day as long as your request has been submitted by 2:00pm EST. You must have a registered Click2Pay account to accept funds. Only available to players outside of the United States. Fee: Free Payout Limit: $30 min; $5,000 max per week Instant approval as long as you have a funded Moneybookers account. Fund your Moneybookers account by bank transfer. Only available to players outside of the United States. Fee: Free Payout Limit: $30 min; $5,000 max per week Funds will be sent directly to your EcoCard account and credited the same day as you request. You must have a registered EcoCard account to accept funds. Only available to players outside of the United States. Fee: Free Payout Limit: $30 min; $5,000 max per week
Entity:, Internet
5, Report #383559
Oct 21 2008
07:34 PM
Angela Yeager self Anchorage Alaska
Today I received a letter from Atlantic Lottery Corporation stating that I was one of 6 winners in the amount of $1,488,000.00 of which I would receive $248K; with the letter I received a check in the amount of $4955.00. All I had to do is contact Mrs. Debbie Miller at 1-647-686-1055 for clarification and instructions to claim my winnings. the letter was signed by Scott Nicholson. One thing to look at is the letter was printed on a cheap color printer with an address of 1285 Main Street, Hamilton, Ont. L8S 4M4; email This letter also instructed me to send $3975.00 via moneygram wiring facility at Wal-Mart. I sincerely hope this helps someone else to avoid someone losing their hard earned money especially now. Angela Anchorage, AlaskaU.S.A.
Entity: Anchorage, Alaska
6, Report #401681
Dec 15 2008
06:28 PM fixed poker site Internet
if you play poker say off sportsbook poker goast players never loose and hit and run .its all in the math and at this site the fix is in ,save your money Cranebrain apple valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
7, Report #708936
Mar 22 2011
07:31 AM
team rankings POOR PREDICTIONs Internet
Take your money for phony analysis and percentages on all sports related gambling Predictions are not close just a numbers and percentages no game analysis that is substantial 
Entity: , Internet
8, Report #913118
Jul 17 2012
06:13 AM
stargames stargames will not pay winnings , Internet
I decided to try out star games to have a flutter, I deposited 40 and luckily managed to get it up to 100 and cashed out. The first thing I found strange was they would not let me cash the full amount they would only let me have 97 there was a small processing fee then they paid 1.88 back into my gaming account, what's the point in that? They then asked for id which i sent straight away they took 5 days to get back to me that it was accepted. They then stated it would take 10 days to process my withdrawal. 12 days later I contacted them to find out where my money is, they took another 3 days to respond to that stating it would be in my account soon another 5 days past still nothing or any word at this point I am starting to get very angry as I had spent some of the money I had saved for my holiday as I was expecting them to run a professional operation and pay me in an acceptable time frame. I was getting no response to my emails at all now so I sent one stating that if I didn't get my money in the next couple of days I would have to go to the lga which issues their licence. I got a response to that email within an hour even though they had still not responded to the ones I had sent 6 days previously! It stated that they would not process my withdrawal till after the 8th September due to a charge-back risk  I cashed out on the 7th June!! I have involved third parties in this matter which have also been stone walled by this company. Maybe I will finally get my money maybe I wont but I would urge you all to steer well clear of this company at best they have treated me like dirt.   
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #1189507
Nov 17 2014
02:30 PM
Topbet Topbet is a ripoff Internet
I started using the online gambling with Topbet. I gave my debit card info and would deposit $50 every two weeks. Sometime I may deposit a little more. I check my online statement and notice that they were charging me an extra $50 that I didn't make. I called them and was told to send an email and a copy of my bank statement. I did and they basically laugh at me and told me that I made the bet on a day I know I didn't make it on. I told them to look at my betting history and they could clearly see that I have not betted the type of money I was charge for. He kept giving me the run around and I just told him that I was done doing business with them. Before I could hang up, he stopped me and told me that another charge would show on my account from a deposit I make at the begining of the month. I told him that I was having them block from my account and they would not be getting another dime from me. They are a scam, do not bet with them.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1255416
Sep 16 2015
10:12 PM
Twinspires Rip-off Lexington Kentucky
Just wanted to post a quick word of warning to all you horseplayers about twinspires. A few months back, I made a winning wager but they just refunded my money and refused to pay off my winning bet (Fair Meadows, June 4th, 2015, Race 1). They claim something happened with the tote at the track - but the race was declared official and official prices were posted at the track. I have tried for months to remedy the situation but to no avail. What is the sense in playing the horses if they will not pay you when youwin? A multi-billion dollar corporation and they would resort to a scam like this? Truly unbeleivable - but absolutely true. A word to the wise - if you don't like cheaters then avoid twinspires!
Entity: Internet
11, Report #1256647
Sep 22 2015
10:53 PM
betonline very suspicious poker site panama
I have been a pretty good poker player from previous fulltilt site and in regular casion. The luck in poker game is a factor but if you are good enough, it will even out.  My normal record in tournament in money is 1 out of 5, which has kept my game quite profitable.   However, this Betonline is not that normal. Too many times when I was deep in the tournament and jus before bubble, suddenly my luck got extremely bad. Assuming in deep rounds, the players are pretty decent. However, you will consistently find multiple players call your big raises with odd hands then took you out with miraculous combo. Simply, just stand away from this Panama maffia..
12, Report #1278538
Jan 06 2016
11:17 PM
Congalotto False advertising Internet
 I wanted to purchase a last minute powerball ticket & when I searched online, Congalotto came up. I paid 15.00 for 3 tickets and I won 4.00. I realize that this is a scam when there was no way to collect. I'm asking for a refund.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #1234046
Jun 07 2015
06:02 AM
William Hill Ripoff Nationwide
I placed 2 bets on Barcelona to win by 3 or more goals in 90 mins in the champions league final match 2015, against juventus and Barca did win 3-1 so I expected my bets to win, WH didn't accept my win and stated the bets as lost. I contacted the customer service then, in the first attempt, the customer service told me the last goal has been scored in extra time and it won't count, which wasn't true, the goal had been scored in injury time of the official 90 mins of a football match and extra time is when a game draws in 90 mins and goes to to 15min extra time, I tried to explain it to them but they ignored me and sent me a link to their terms and conditions. the reference of this chat is : 150607-000943 . I went through their terms and conditions because it was funny that they were considering Neymar's goal as an extra time goal, I found this in their terms and conditions: Market Description Predict whether the number of goals scored in a match will be over/under the number specified. If the market is under/over 2.5 goals, under means 0, 1 or 2 goals and over means 3 goals or more. Bets are settled on the events that occur in normal time. This includes any injury/stoppage time added on by the match official at the end of normal time. Extra time does not count unless otherwise stated.  as you can see, injury time does include in normal time and the customer service was just giving me an excuse of the situation, so I contacted them again and this time, they told me that Barcelona have scored 3 or more goals but we meant goal advantage not only goal scored!! it's really frustrating that they have changed their excuse to a new one in order to not pay me what I have won. when I placed the bet on Barca to win by 3 or more goals I clearly meant that Barca wins and scores more than 2 goals (3 or more) and the Odds was @ 6.00 which makes sense for such a bet, but they are trying to change it to something that doesn't make sense. first they said the last goal has been scored in extra time and then they changed the bet entirly! the reference for the second chat we had is : 150607-001695 the money, at this point, is not important for me anymore and I just can't let them rip off people easily. I would like to make a formal complaint about them. they should stop robbing people, it's neither fair nor professional.  
Entity: Nationwide
14, Report #1368325
Apr 18 2017
12:46 PM
Slotocash Didn't payout winnings. Internet
 I've spent lots of money on this casino and when I finally won. They had me email IDs and bank statementdid everything required and when it came down to finally paying me out they made up some excuse saying I wasn't allowed to maximize bet but was never disclosed to me.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #654546
Oct 24 2010
09:03 AM Refusing to payout Internet
I won over $600.00 playing various games on Betus. When I requested a payout I was told that I had to fill out and fax several forms. I ended up having to email the forms several times before they claim that they recieved all of the info. I finally got them to agree that they had all of the info required and was told that I would recieve my money in 7-10 days for a fee of $25.00. I told them to hold off and I would get back to them. Well I ended up playing my winnings down to $200.00 and then requested the payout again, this time agreeing to the fee. I was told again that it would take 7-10 days. After 10 days I contacted them again, this time I was told that it takes 10 buisness days. Another week went by and I contacted them once again, and was told that it was in process and that I should recieve it within 48 hours. Still no deposit, so I contacted them again. This time I was told that they were investigating my complaint and would get back to me. Well they did, they said that I had more than 1 account opened under 2 different names, that is not true. They suspended my account and said that I had broken policy. So now I cannot even contact them and I never did recieve my money. It only takes them a couple of minutes to deposit your money and the fee is $.050 but a withdrawl costs $25.00 to $40.00 and you never get it. There has to be somebody out there that regulates these people, if anybody knows who that is, please let me know.
Entity: , Internet
16, Report #389420
Nov 09 2008
11:46 AM
Sportsbook Did Not Pay Island Of Curaco Internet
On about September 15 2008 I ran across a site called and after going through the site I thought it would be fun to play Poker,which is one of the things offered by the site.You are only required to make a $20.00 deposit which is not much.I made the deposit and turned the $20.00 into $60.00 and decided to cash in.I filled the form out and was told it might be credited to my credit card. It wasn't. I was then told I would receive it in four weeks by check.Never happned.I was then told it would be two woking weeks.Never received it. I was then told to expect it within four days.I did not receive it.Last time I called in they told me they has lost that batch of checks but they were investigating and would get back to be asap.They did not. $20.00 is not much but I think the poker playing public should be made aware if they make a deposit in this site they will not be paid. Todd Marysville,, WashingtonU.S.A.
Entity: Island Of Curaco, Nationwide
17, Report #465794
Jun 28 2009
03:39 PM
Golden Casino will not pay your winnings ever Internet
i joined golden casino and deposited $50. i was told i had to make over $1000 worth of wagers to withdraw my winnings after i already made over $1000 worth of wagers. so i wagered another $1000 worth of bets and i was told again i had to wager another $1000 worth of bets. i called customer service and tried to resolve the problem and was given the run around for 2 days. they kept telling me to call back in exactly 10 minutes and they would have it figured out by then. this has been an ongoin problem with this company and when you try to explain to customer service they get really loud and talk over you saying the same thing over and over again, you can not make any points with these people, they will not listen! please stay away unless you like conflict and are willing to pay them for it. i was only ripped of for a total of $50 not including the substantial amount of winnings i acumulated. Dave canonsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #629914
Aug 09 2010
09:50 AM
Official Horse Picks Andrew Ripoff Artists Internet
I just read the ripoff report written by someone else and I must say that everything in that report is true.  The same things happened to me.  First, I called for my the free tip per the email I received.  That was a great tip.  The next day, when I phoned to thank them for this great tip, I agreed to pay $250 and a percentage of my winnings for more picks.  The pick I got that day was a bomb.  But you can't win every day and I know that.  The next time I phoned for my tip, without knowing why, I was transferred to someone named Andrew.  He was a fast talker.  Before I knew what happened, I had agreed to pay $10,000 for tips that would make me thousands in profits.  Since I didn't have $10,000, Andrew agreed to take a $3,000 wire transfer and $1,000 from my paypal account into their paypal account.  Fortunately, paypal would not honor this transaction.  They warned me of the high risk associated with this company.  This raised all kinds of red flags in my mind.  So I called the company back, informed them of paypal's warning, and I was instructed by Andrew to forget about paypal and send the wire transfer.  He said he was putting up the rest of the money for me and I could pay him back with my winnings.  After that, I sent an email advising that I regretted that I was unable to continue with the deal.  Since then I have been called several times a day by an angry Andrew telling me that he had put up all this money for me.  I see by the website that there was a $5.40 winner on Sunday, the day I was supposed to get an enormous tip.  I won more than that by relying on my own instincts.  Maybe this company does have inside information.  I don't know.  I know, though, that I am afraid to call back for the tips I already paid for.  And I thank my lucky stars I did not get any deeper into something I might never have been able to get out of. 
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #755516
Jul 20 2011
03:20 AM
Bodog Would not cancel account san jose, Other
Stay away from this place. I tried to make a bet the other day and apparently it went through. I tried to log in and it said my account was suspended, weird because I just made a deposit. I called and was told my account was deactivated and I needed to send in a form of id. I told them I did not feel comfortable with this as they already had my credit card information and to go ahead and cancel my account. The rep I spoke with said account was already closed. A few days later, looking at my credit card statement I see a charge from Bodog. I immediately called and was told the bet I made went through and I lost so there is no money to be refunded. I canceled my account 4 hours BEFORE the wager was to take place. I talked to everyone and anyone about gettting my card charged back for a bet that I canceled and finally ended  up talking to the most condescending person they have working there. His whole customer service approach was to use analogies to a situation that didnt apply to me, and used Vegas as an example. If you go to Vegas and lose are you going to ask for your money back? Um no. I didnt create an account in Vegas and then cancel my account 4 hours before wager I did it through the site you work for. After a rep listened to the tapes of my phone calls canceling my account I told this person that if my credit card was not charged back I would dispute it with my bank and they would request the tapes. He told me they would not deal with my bank and if I went this route I could never open an online account anywhere as they all share info and was making notes about me. Truly unprofessional as we are only talking about $60 here not hundreds or thousands of dollars. Go somewhere else and avoid.
Entity: san jose, Select State/Province
20, Report #803176
Nov 30 2011
07:26 AM payout problems, bad customer service, liars Panama City, Internet
Just as a warning to others, if you like to gamble and are looking for an online betting option stay away from It is very easy to send them money and darn near impossible to ever get any money paid out.They have very specific and confusing rules about how and when you can get your one and only free payout. It took me 6 weeks of trying, over 2 hours worth of phone calls, chats, jumping through their hoops to finally get a payout.Their customer service people are either liars or very confused; I was actually given a Western Union confirmation number at one point, only to call back a few days later to be told no one had any idea what I was talking about.As with most online bookies, they are based outside of the US and you have absolutely no recourse whatsoever in dealing with them. If you are in a location where you can do so, go to a real casino to make sports bets, etc. Otherwise, do your own research but DO NOT use!
Entity: Panama City, Internet
21, Report #952844
Oct 09 2012
12:02 PM
Slot Nuts Company will not pay off winnings Internet
nfo: Please wait for a site operator to respond. info: You are now chatting with 'Fatima' Fatima: Hello.  How may I assist you? I won 280.00 so where is my money.: Hi I requested a payout from my account and I still have not received it . Fatima: May I know your correct username and in which casino site are you playing in please? I won 280.00 so where is my money.: pabloyahoo in SLOT NUTS Fatima: Kindly stay on hold while I am checking your account. Fatima: Upon checking, it shows that your withdrawal of $280 was cancelled by the management as it shows that your withdrawal has a maximum of $30 Fatima: your $30 was credited back into your account for you to rerequest the $30 max that you can cash out Fatima: unfortunately, you have played that down to zero already I won 280.00 so where is my money.: i am going to report your company for fraud. I won 280.00 so where is my money.: the limits said min. withdrawal was 150 and max was 1500. i withdrew 280.00 Fatima: Unfortunately the maximum for the free chips was changed to 3 times Fatima: your $30 max that you can withdraw was credited back into your account I won 280.00 so where is my money.: so where is the 280.00 it is not in my account. Fatima: you have to use click2pay as your withdrawal method for your $30 max cash out Fatima: but then you have used already the $30 to play I won 280.00 so where is my money.: no it was 280.00 Fatima: the $250 was wiped out by the management already and credit your account with $30 as your max cash out for your free chip I won 280.00 so where is my money.: this is bulls**t i will post it online that you rip people off. info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat. Fatima: I do apologize but I cannot do anything for that as that was the changes made by the management \ Fatima: If there would be anything else,  Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions. Good-bye.
Entity: , Internet
22, Report #1107715
Dec 17 2013
12:58 PM
virgingaming Blocked/Banned account and stole my money united states
Okay I was playing on Virgingaming because my roommate said I had to try it. He was making good money so I wanted to make a go at it as well. After 3 weeks of playing and earning some nice cash I decided to withdraw the money I had earned and they stole the money and blocked my account!!   They accused me of having multiple accounts and they never gave me back what I had earned.   DO NOT PLAY ON VG!!!
Entity: Select State/Province
23, Report #939327
Sep 10 2012
07:53 PM Changed and deleted my bet , Internet
I started betting with after doing some homework.  Football season is amongst us so I laid down some money.  I made one hundred into 400 over a few baseball games.  Then I made a bet on the Pats and Eagles.  I lost one and won one, since I broke even I noticed they had an option to bet on if a team wins by 31 1/2 in the first week of the season.  I made the bet for $75 that no team would win by that amount.  Moments later this bet was deleted and the option to make the bet wasn't there. I just chalked the first mistake up to betonline had this option up on accident because the games had started and they quickly figured out their mistake.  I was not too mad.  Monday night they had live betting on Ravens and Bengals.  Ravens are up by 14 and I can see they are going for more.  The live betting option has the Ravens covering at 14 1/2.  I bet all my money on the Ravens to cover, watch the Ravens win by 31 points, and sign into the site to see my money is gone.  Look at the supposed bet and they have me betting on the Bengals.  I attempted to contact them and see if they could fix either of their two errors.  Here is a message sent from them: Hi! Welcome to BetOnline! How can I help you? You are now chatting with Nikki Your Issue ID for this chat is  Please record it in case of pending issue. Nikki: hi how can i help you? Me:I am not too happy. Yesterday I made a bet on if one team would beat another by 31 1/2 points or not, I looked a few minutes later and that bet was completely deleted as if it didn't happen. Today while in Live Betting I see the Ravens are up by 14 points, and there is a bet for the Ravens to cover 14 1/2. I make the bet for the Ravens to cover. Now it's at the end of the game, I am all excited that I am about to win. Come back to the site and it has me betting on the Bengals. Me: that is two bets in 24 hours, one was changed, one was deleted Nikki: can i have your account number? Me:xxxxx Nikki: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment... me: thank you Nikki: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you... Nikki: I will be right with you... Nikki: Kindly please hold on for a moment while I review the account for you, your patience is highly appreciated. Nikki: ones the ticket is created we can't change the bets and all the wagers were placed online not for one of our Representatives Nikki: my supervisor review your account and is no place for a claim Mr. Me: that seems kind of you are telling me yesterday when I bet 75.00 that no team would beat another by 31 1/2 points this week....nobody deleted it? Me: I mean it was deleted, then when I looked again the opportunity to make that bet just disappeared. Now tonight I make a great bet and am ready to cash in, and it was changed. Nikki: nobody deleted it, maybe you didn't place it well Me: This is sad, I have done a lot of business with this company and you guys are stealing my money. No I placed it, then when I looked in pending it was gone and I went back to make that bet again......the option was no longer there. Nikki: I will be right with you... Nikki: if the bet is made for us by phone we can hear the calls and if we made the error we correct them but in this case you did it online   Nikki: ones a ticket is created we cant change it Nikki: or change the status Me: well I can't change it, someone did Nikki: you did something wrong and the bet was not placed Me: you guys are Nikki: anything ells i can help you with? Me: no thanks I will no longer do business with your company Nikki: ok good bye
Entity: Internet, Internet
24, Report #1198805
Jan 01 2015
04:25 PM Covers Fake Handicappers and Fake Betting Experts Internet
If you're hard earned money betting football, or any sports betting, STAY AWAY from Covers ( and their handicapping site ( The web site is loaded with FAKE handicappers and experts. They promote supposed professional bettors or betting experts, like Swish Analytics, Soccer Authority, Winafy Tennis, Bryan Power and MMA Oddsbreaker. However, these so called experts are their own IN HOUSE guys just writing up picks. They do mix a few real professional bettors in with the fakes, but I tried to research about half of experts selling picks and betting advice and I found out that most of them have no history, or even existed, before being on the Covers or web sites! Why would anyone pay for information that's being generated from fake people, with NO sports betting or gambling experience? These guys have NO REAL sports betting, or work experience in the gaming/casino industries. It seems like Covers just invents a company name, then adds it to their site and hires writers to make picks, selections and articles every day!!! As I mentioned, they do have several real professional bettors on the site to make it all look legit (like Marc Lawrence or Al McMordie), but 50% of the information being sold is just written up by staff writers, or people using fake names. If you're going to pay for information, or picks, MAKE SURE that it's coming from someone with a Proven Track Record (years of winning wagers) or Actual Work Experience in the gaming industry. These guys are charging $35, $50 and sometimes more for 1 pick and it's coming from a fake source! They say these companies/experts have years of betting experience, but the only place you can find anything about them is at Covers and They talk about their years of winning wagers, but they just invented these guys and put them on their web site. They are NOT real professional bettors, they don't have any work history in the gaming or casino industry and they aren't even real!   Their experts DO NOT participate in handicapping tourneyments, they don't have wagering accounts, they don't work in the casino/gaming industry and, most importantly, they are NOT real professional gamblers making a living from their own picks and information...WHY WOULD YOU PAY A WRITER FOR PICKS HE MADE FROM READING ARTICLES ON THE INTERNET?????
Entity: Internet
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Jun 24 2014
10:05 PM
21dukes casino identity fraud, untrustworthy company Internet
Won on this site, they requested documents (ID, CREDIT CARD, UTILITY BILL) as all casinos do, then a week later, after never having an issue with fraud or identity theft, the bank calls and says that my card was attempted to be used in Great Britian, which is where these guys are from.  They made me take a picture of ID to get my 1k winnings out, didnt give me the 1k winnings, and tried to steal MORE money out of my account. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. 
Entity: Internet

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