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1, Report #1398947
Sep 09 2017
01:46 PM
Online Client Services Promises for #1 online ranking on Google Las Vegas Nevada
I was contacted by this company to help increase my Google ranking for my real estate business.  I had used a company like this before and told them I was not interested because they could not perform their promises.  After about 30 minutes on the phone, they lead me to a few of their websites showing ranking from Fox Business News, etc.  Also, they showed me online rankings of a few current customers and it revealed that these current customers were ranked #1 on google, so my interest peaked.  I fell for the scam and now have huge buyers remorse.  I asked them to change my write up on myself and the company I work with because they had written it like 3rd grade grammar.  It was very unprofessional.  They have yet to change my requests which were over a month ago.  So, for $2,000 spent....I have nothing to show for it but a 3rd grade business page and my's embarrasing.  If anyone out there reads this report and is considering using this company, hang up and block their calls.  They are scam artists. 
Entity: Internet
2, Report #1380657
Jun 22 2017
02:34 PM
Online Client Services Online Client Services, Client Services High pressure sales call, harassment, Las Vegas Nevada
At the end of May, I was contacted by an individual wanting to schedule an appointment to discuss services to me to up my sales leads in the real estate market. The appointment was set up and it was a high pressured sales call promising certain marketing and internet services to push my website above all else against Google, Trulia and Zillow.  On the call, I was coerced and manipulated to think these services would be brought forward. I then realized along the way that this company was fraudulent and a scam after doing research finding out about other victims in lieu to this situation. After contacting the company for my money back before services were even rendered, I was then told I was not able to receive my money back because they had already performed work to my site.  Companies like these should be banned from ever calling individuals and should receive fines or jail time in how they perform their services to rip people off. Of course after disputing this, they called harassing me that they would obtain legal services to win me in court and that they had recorded me every step of the way and that I had signed a contract (which was an online terms and conditions they pretty much made me punch my name on). Any one can record and edit anything. Then after asking for my money back, they turn around and send me a suspicious envelope with weird paperwork in it of nothing but printed paper and a return address that leads to nowhere.  Do not fall into this trap of this company. Lesson learned and moving forward I hope this company is targeted and shut down. 
Entity: Internet
3, Report #1374420
May 20 2017
08:40 PM
Online Client Services They ripped me off Las Vegas Nevada
I got a phone call from Online Client Services on April 15, 2017 and the guy on other end of phone said his name was Chandler.  He went on to say that this company could build me this campaign website since I was a real estate agent and would help me get leads for my business and put me at the top of search engine when looking for my website so I went along with it .  I gave them a total of $1995 for he stated 9 months  on my credit card and would need a maintenance fee of $19.95 a month for 9 months also.  I got suspicious when I could not log on at first called the support line 1-855-893-1555.  Now I go to Rip-off website and see all the complaints and that is when I took action.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
4, Report #1392586
Aug 14 2017
08:32 AM
Online Client Services Total preditory phone scam Las Vagas Nevada
    Online Client Services cold called me on July 23 2017 and pitched me their service to position me on Google searches. The guys name was been and he was very good at convincing me that this was a good deal. he kept adding more months to 9 months of placement on google for $3850. I explained to him for that type of capital investment I would have to talk to my wife and he said that the deal was only good for right now not tomorrow. He also showed me examples of other real estate agents that were using their service so when he directed me to the google engine to review the two agents , I wrote their names and numbers down and said that I wanted to call them first to get their opinion. Ben then explained that the deal was off if I did not sign today. Each time I objected he told me it was 100% satisfaction guarenteed and if I was not happy I would get my money back. I signed and he ran my Credit Card for $1950. My Capitol One Card called me to see if I entended to spend a large some of money. I had problems getting the purchase to go thru (THANK GOD) so I told him I would Call Capitol One in the morning.    In the mean time I called the agents that Ben used as examples and both of them and they explained to me that this company is a total rip off and do not work with them. I emediatly called my Credit Card Company and told them not to pay anything from this company. The next morning a gal from their company called me to set up an on line meeting and I told her that I had called their referances and they told me all negative things so I did not want to continue with the contract because Ben the sales person guarenteed me that if I was not satisfied they would give me my money back. They were unable to process my credit card payment because of the stop payment I put in place. I asked the gal if I did not pay what would happen as the company did not do any work for me other than getting my credit card number. She told me that if I would not pay that the deal was dead and I said okay. A week passed and I get a certified letter certified letter in the mail from them so I refused to accept the certified letter. I believe they are sending me to a collection agency. I WILL NOT PAY THEM.  I called the Federal Trade Commission and filed a complaint and also the Northwest BEtter Business Bureau as well as the Consumer Protection Agency. This company needs to be stopped as I have opened this site and seen all the people being ripped off by them. Never order anything from anybody that calls you on the phone !     
Entity: Las Vagas, Nevada
5, Report #1425471
Jan 26 2018
02:11 PM
Online Client Services Telemarketing Scam for 1st page Google placement Wisconsin
The company solicited me via phone offering 1st page Google placement for my company on numerous search engines within 15-20 days. They charge $2,495 fee as well as a monthly maintenance fee of $19.95.To top it off they offer money back guarantee in writing. They are a well organized scam program with numerous departments that call you complete your submission, gather your marketing info, offer advise on phrase with highest conversion rate, ROI figures etc. They keep things moving fast, mail your confirmation package and have you focused on getting it all up and running that you forget all about the written guarantee and even the logical specifics of a typical business business cards, no legitamite contact people etc...they do lots of follow up calls and come across as professionals until you start to call them on the lack of performancee of their program...then they suggest more services may be needed to improve/build you a better website. They even hit you up for renewal/extension until you suggest they're a scam and they suggest they give the top positions to your competition and hang up on you! I can not attest to one single inquiry, online or on the phone or otherwise that came as a direct result of this program aside from all their reps contacting you. I intend to get the word out about this scam any way I can. I gave them the option to refund my charges by a given deadline and we part ways or I go you can figure no refund or further contact from them.
Entity: Wisconsin
6, Report #1416652
Dec 13 2017
10:49 AM
Online Client Services, Las Vegas Quality Site Professionals Buyer Beware- they are incompetent frauds! North Las Vegas Nevada
This company contacted me with a claim to get me on the first page of google in my city for my industry. The sales person was very conviencing and showed  me many webesites to support his claims.  I was new in business and fell for his pitch.  I bought a package that included a custom webstie design and a year of SEO management.  I regret this decision.   My website prescence did not improve and the website they created looked terrible.  It had grammatical errors on every page.  The contact page never worked and clients would get upset with me for not getting back to them.  After many attempts to resolve the issue, I eventually deleted the page.   They were also my hosting service and the website would randomly get shut down, many times on a friday morning and would be down all weekend.  This is when we did most of our sales.  Any time I needed to contact them, It would take weeks to reach anyone for assistance.  And the customer service people were always accusatory and rude.  Most recently, I tried to switch my hosting service after a month of no response to my request of updating my mobile site.  The text was not visible in that it littleraly ran off the screen on the mobile site and I was losing clients.  Now, I am working with a new company that tells me the easist way to transfer hosting service is to install a plug in  on the site and bring the information over.   When telling the current hosting company this they say that I can not install a plug in due to security reasons.  And now they are saying that they have no access to my website and can not help me.  I paid them over 3 thouasand to create this site and have never had any other hosting service!  How could I have made it so that they could'nt access my site?   They are holding my website hostage.  They have a great sales team but that is where the quality ends.   Please don't waste a penny of your hard earned money with these scam artists!
Entity: North Las Vegas, Nevada
7, Report #1425409
Jan 26 2018
09:57 AM
Lyon financial services Lyon fiance Approval of a client ,change of terms, strong-arm tactics
We have been building for 20 years, recently had a client who we refered to this lender after approval the bank changed the terms and tried to require us to accept payment after completing the 35,000 project by strong-arm tactics directed to our client suggesting that they use another company to save the loan, this is the kind of company that they are. Thanks for nothing Lyon financial you are the worse lender in the business, terrible rates, scare tactics, crummy service, backstabbing customer service of approved dealer's. Trying to scare the client that no one else would offer fiance, Contractors beware
8, Report #1326442
Sep 05 2016
12:38 PM
SITES WORLDWIDE ONLINE SERVICES ONLINE CLIENT SERVICES.COM High Pressure Tactics and deceptive information to persuade me to switch from advertiser I was currently using. They misrepresented the entire service package and claimed to correct issues that have to date never been corrected. LAS VEGAS NEVADA
On March 28, 2016 After several conversations with a sales person I was convinced that this service would be a great replacement for the Real Estate lead program I was currently using.  I found from the beginning that I got the run around and was past off to several people who assured me that ALL WAS FIXED.  Today September 5, 2016 this has turned out to be a complete lie, scam, ripoff and more.  I hope that this will serve as a WARNING TO ALL OTHERS WHO MIGHT BE APPROACHED BY THIS COMPANY. 
Entity: Internet
9, Report #25892
Aug 01 2002
11:28 AM
Beneficial Client ripoff Florida
My Husband was contacted on the 18th of july with the same situation as the others. Approved Visa with the 246.00 amount. as of today august 1 nothing has come and now I dont expect anything. I have placed a claim with my bank. The 866 phone number I have never been able to get through. It always says voice mail full. Kelly San Diego, California
Entity: Florida
10, Report #1419726
Dec 28 2017
04:33 PM
Online Site Exposure, Online Client Services Charged me $2495.00 to get me first place placement on Google. They have not given me any proof that this was accomplished and I have had no increase in business activity. I was ripped off! Las Vegas Nevada
I am writing to continue my dispute with the company known as Online Site Exposure for charging me $2495.00 on April 26, 2017 to get my business first page placement on Google. I first disputed the charge on May 19, 2017 after signing up for their service and only being contacted once by any one from their company for the following 3 weeks. In the meantime I received information in the mail from them telling me how they were going to build my custom website, write content for me and give me backend access to track progress. I finally spoke with Debra Kimble of Online Client Services on 5/24/2017 telling her that the sales person told me that she would get my business on the first page of Google search. So what was I really paying for? I continued to speak with Debra asking her how I would know when I had first page placement and what was her company going to do for me, send me and notify me of what was being done “behind the scenes” on my behalf.  To this she replied,  “You hired us to get you first page placement for your chosen key phrases to better your online presence ..and will continue to do until the end of your contract.”   To this day (9/21/2017) I have not received anything from Online Site Exposure – no emails, no ranking reports, no proof of a campaign site, no first page placement, no letters of correspondence, no increase of my online presence – so I do not even know what they have done to charge me a fee of $2495.00! I have a list of “Approved Keywords” that Online Site Exposure was going to use to get my business “first page placement” on the Internet. I then went online using all 10 key phrases and entering them into Google as a search as they described when choosing the phrases. My business does not come up on the first page of any of those searches!! I even went as far as the first 10 pages and not seeing me or my business anywhere.  I was ripped off and promised a service that was not delivered. To this day when I call this company and try to get information or help all they do is try to sell me more of their services. 
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
11, Report #1288249
Jul 25 2016
08:46 AM
Sites World Wide Online Client Services Received NOTHING in exchange for my money Las Vegas (?) Internet/Nevada
My experience is the same as the other reporter on this company, for Rip Off Report. My rip off occured by an online marketer for Sites Worldwide on December 22, 2015 (right around Xmas time, I was busy, the guy was pushy, I believed somehow that it was legit).  I was promised an internet marketing service, and got absolutely nothing in return for a total of 4,690.00.  I contacted Better Business Bureau but the company lied and said they were trying to help me, etc, while they never even return any of my calls to so called build my website.  I see there is no renumeration to be had, as BBB could do nothing if the company doesn't agree that they ripped you off.  However, I want to get the word out to warn others about this company.  I have also seen negative stuff about Sites Worldwide on Twitter. They are a rip off for sure.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1272778
Dec 08 2015
09:32 AM
Client Referral Solutions Empty Promises of Earning Money Online Chandler Arizona
Client Referral Solutions promises the ability to make you wealthy by working at home and all they are is an over-priced tutorial. I consider them to be another online scam. They charge you an outrageous fee to be taught from videos that 1] teach you how to start a gmail email account, 2] How to set up an account with Paypal and payza 3] How to use wordpress blogging software 4] Using Google Analytics (but you should check out Google themselves for their web-master guide which has lots of good pointers and far more information that you receive from client referral solutions) 5] How to include RSS feeds in your blog. However at the end of the day, you do not have any good way of making any money. All of their lessons you can learn on your own without paying $995. Also since they do not have the necessary approval/licensing from the Arizona Secretary of State as confirmed by the BBB on Sept 2nd 2015, I suspect that they will eventually fold as a company. You can get access to wordpress blogging software on web-hosting services (there are plenty of them out there at a good price). I got 4 years of web-hosting for a cost of $134 dollars and I have the liberty to do as I wish. The true tell-tale sign that Client Referral Solutions is a scam comes from their leads program where they call you up and act as your coach to convince you to buy leads of a list of people who are supposedly targeted leads who wish to be part of an online work from home program (though you do not know if there is actually a list of leads you purchased). You supposedly get $300 commission for each person on the list you bought who joins the scam. You are advised that the lead program is the best way of earning revenue through Client Referral Solutions. However, 1] Why would they want to share $300 per person from a list that they already own? 2] The sales of leads is actually a gimmack to generate revenue that they could not generate on their own, and therefore the lead sales from the list sold to you will not generate the revenue to cover the cost of your purchase of the leads. 3] Thus that is the whole reason why they sold the list of leads to you as they are junk and they obtain more revenue from selling the leads to existing members than the revenue obtained by actually bringing new members into the program. 4) Since they advise you that the leads are the best way to earn money through the program, you are advised you should save 15% of your revenue from the lead sales to purchase more leads. 5] What? Save 15%? The leads did not generate any sales! So how do you buy more leads? Its so very amazing what these scammers will tell you.
Entity: Chandler, Arizona
13, Report #840478
Feb 16 2012
05:20 PM
Client Services inc Concord Financial Advisors LLC Hi, Im Rachel from cardmember services scam, Internet
Missouri based company Client Services Inc (CSI) became a suspect in the Hi I'm Rachel from cardmember services scam in August of 2011. They claim they are only a third party debt collector. According to their past online advertising, what they were/are selling, re-selling, trading is not Consumer friendly, to say the least. Inquiries were made about CSI's New York affiliate foreign for profit company- Financial Services Solutions LLC (FSS). Meanwhile American Diabetic Assistance LLC (ADA LLC)- no connection to American Diabetes Association, begins an aggressive telemarketing scheme against our area. Evidence suggests that they got their call center services from CSI, which also has hidden call center services in Florida, Kansas, and another shell company- Red Leaf Capital LLC in Texas. All three, CSI, FSS, & ADA LLC were requested their TCPA Do not Call Policies. Nothing has ever been received. BAMM! Suddenly FSS goes Inactive- Surrender of authority, and the website mysteriously disappears! And now they sell/sold different stuff according to Manta biz search. Then ADA LLC's affiliate foreign for profit company- Pgkn Inc suddenly shuts down! Whats going on here?!?  Could it be illegal?!? Meanwhile the Rachel-robo-calls are following patterns of stopping for a while after contacting the Missouri AG office. The office even assures specific help regarding Rachel. The outsourced representative becomes domesticreps. Live operator AKA- Mr Davidson becomes active, and Rachel now adds have a nice day to the ending. These crooks are abusing loopholes & gray areas of debt collecting laws to commit all kinds of fraud & get around the FTC DNC laws. Another perfect example- There is good cause to believe that CSI re-sold the Rachel-robo-call to Arizona based- Ambrosia Web Design's (AWD) collection of affiliate companies- AFB LLC, CAM Services LLC (foreign for profit shell company), Concord Financial Advisors LLC. Even after being reported for using several alias names- Leroy Castine, Chris Ambrosia, Lee Cestine, AWD continues to robo-call.  In what State & name is unknown, but he's reported to have a criminal record. Just take a look at the available online AZ Sec of State scanned documents. Ambrosia fills out all the forms, same handwritting! He must have forgot how he signed AFB LLC- Leroy Castine, & Concord Financial Advisors- Lee Cestine. Signatures are the same!! He signs Chris ambrosia a little different, but the handwritting is the same!! Isn't that FRAUD?!? Yet the Rachel-robo-calls still continue.
Entity: , Internet
14, Report #32741
Oct 16 2002
04:13 PM
Beneficial Client Credit ripoff consumer fraud Katy Texas
Beneficial Client called with a great credit opportunity(supposedly).Beneficial Client was suppose to send me a member package and view it for 30 days.Then after my viewing of the contents I could agree to membership and pay $247.00 or send package back and they would not take any money out of my checking account.All I ended up getting was my checking account drafted of the $247.00 and no package.I tried to call the number they gave me to call and either one of three things happens: 1)No one answers.Says they are not open. 2)Voice mail is full. 3)I left message and no one returns the call. If anyone calls you from Beneficial credit DO NOT give them any credit card or checking account information.If you do you will be Ripped Off Too! Tommy Nederland, Texas
Entity: Katy, Texas
15, Report #27854
Aug 24 2002
09:47 AM
Beneficial Client Care consumer fraud ripoff Nationwide
On 3 Jul 2002 my wife recieved and unsolicated phone call from Benifical Client Care. The company offer my wife an unsecured Visa or Mastercard with a credit limit over $5000 guaranteed. She was told she had already qualified for it. They then asked for basic information to activate and send the credit card. The following information was requested from the company: Address, Phone Number, Checking and Savings Account information. At this time my wife answered all of the questions. She realized she had just given all of this information with out knowing information such as company address, fees of card, web adreress, interest rates, and what bank was going to back this card. The operator would not answer any of these questions. The operator said the answers would be sent in the mail. My wife told the operator that she was not interested in this card without information and did not want to be included. The operator said that would be fine. The information would be sent and if after that time my wife wished to sign up she could. My wife was given 1-866-999-0330 to call and a tracking number of 3542986, my wife was told if she would like to start this after reviewing the information just call. As of this time no information has been sent to our home from this company. But as of today they have tried to withdrawal money from our joint savings account twice!! $247!!!! Once on 12 Aug 2002 and once on 23 Aug 2002. My wife tried calling the 1-866 number 12, 13 15, 19, 21 Aug 2002. Each day she made multiple calls. Every time it was a voice mail service. Some of the calls she was able to leave a message, some of the calls the voice mail box was full. She left her name and number and asked to be called back about and unauthorized withdrawal attempts. The company has still not returned any calls, money, and they continue to try to pull money out of the account. I have attempted to call the 1-866 number multiple times myself and have not had possitive contact yet. Monday morning I will be going to my bank to file a fraud violation affidivid report. Hopefully I can prevent this company from trying to STEAL our money. I do not know how or who to report this company to so that this SCAM will stop, but I will be talking to a lawyer on Monday also. Be Careful. Don't let this happen to you. Mike and Angela Centerville, Georgia
Entity: Nationwide
16, Report #27792
Aug 23 2002
12:33 PM
Beneficial Client Telephone ripoff Baltimore Maryland
I received a phone call from them offering me a credit card with a one-time fee of $246.00. They said they would mail me an authorization package before debiting my account, but when I hadn't received the package, I cancelled my Visa card 3 days prior to the transaction date. Somehow they were able to bypass it and get my account information and took the money! Carlos Lancaster, California Carlos Lancaster, California
Entity: Baltimore, Maryland
17, Report #26189
Aug 06 2002
07:04 AM
Beneficial Client care ripoff Florida
When getting the phone call beneficial client care told me that they could help with my cridet . They told me that I was approve for 2,500 dollers all I had to do was deposet 247.00 dollers into my acount . I did without knowing the company . I need this help.I waited three weeks and nothing in the mail and call them plenty of times and i get a answer machine that says mail box full or leave a messege and phone number .Untill I decided to check them out on the internet and found this note i'm mad and don't know what to do . Arthur Yuma, Arizona
Entity: Florida
18, Report #29789
Sep 12 2002
05:02 AM
Beneficial Client Care ripoff deceptive company Quebec
I have reason to believe that Beneficial Client Care also has an alias. They called me the other day and used the name PLatinum Benefit's Visa and Mastercard. They guy's name or the alias he gave me was Leo. I did a star 69 and found out where the number came from sure enough Quebec Canada. They also have an 800 nuber. 1-800-214-4285. Watch out for them they are sneaky!!!! MIke Franz Erie, Pennsylvania
19, Report #29633
Sep 10 2002
12:30 PM
Beneficial Client Care ripoff Montreal Quebec
I received a call with a credit card offer, the required $246.00 dollars to assist with the opening of this account. They got my money and I got nothing. I will follow the advice of others and file a report with the Attorney General. I sure hope this helps. JV Las Cruces, New Mexico
Entity: Montreal, Quebec
20, Report #722522
Apr 27 2011
06:24 AM
Citibank Client Services Citibank, CitiCards The Scam of the Century! San Antonio, Texas
I have several accounts with gas companies such as Shell, CItgo, Phillips66 and Exxon. Recently they were all taken over by Citibank.  A couple of months ago I got a call from Citibank Client Services. The gist of the call was that since I had several Citibank accounts, they wanted to offer me the opportunity of managing all of my accounts automatically, i.e. give them my bank account information and they would take care of making the payments due.  I had been doing them myself manually, so it seemed like a good idea since it would relieve me of the worry of having to monitor the accounts, avert late fees, etc. and arranging for all of the accounts individually every month.  I spent about half an hour on the phone with one of their reps in February 2011 setting this up. It turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life!  The accounts are all screwed up now as Citibank failed to deduct the correct minimum payments and now they have socked me with delinquency charges and late fees!  I had a ridiculous conversation with one of their reps on the phone on Monday where she assured me that You were never told that Citibank would manage the accounts in this way! I said are you KIDDING< I have notices mailed to me by Citibank which promised, in black and white, that these payments would be made!  Then she started lecturing me about how I wasn't giving her a chance to explain.  She managed to remove the late charges from my Phillips66 account but today I found out the SAME THING is happening to my SHELL account! As it turns out, the person who called me to set up these payments either did not know what he was doing or incorrectly laid out the program. Because they actually do NOT have a monthly minimum payment program; it is a RECURRING payment program which sounds like the same thing but it is NOT!  If the recurring amount is not the minimum, then you will incur late charges and fees! Naturally they do not tell you this! Obviously this is a GIANT SCAM to get the consumers to trust them and then put them in delinquency deliberately so they can rack up fees!  I have already reported them to the FDIC for this scam and I hope everyone else does too. The FDIC is online (Google them) and you can get access to an online complaint form.  I would like the FDIC to be inundated with complains about Citibank so they will eb FORCED to change their practices!
Entity: San Antonio, Texas
21, Report #32443
Oct 12 2002
11:33 PM
Beneficial Client Telephone ripoff California
I'm shocked that a company Beneficial Client Telephone took $247.00 out of my checking account I only gave them the information to so the representative said was to verified that I had an active checking account to qualify for a credit card. Then almost 2 months passed sense the phone call I decovered a withdrawal on my statement for such a large amount and wondered who it was from then I started getting a lot of others calls offering a credit cards for a fee's ranging from 150.00 to 250.00 then I beginning to ask each of them what the name of there company? But the thing I knowest more it was the same voice but different companies so they say. Well, I still not sure whom it is that withdraw the $247.00 in Sept. 5, 2002 But I soon will. Janet Riverside, California
Entity: Beneficial Client Telephone, California
22, Report #410132
Jan 09 2009
01:47 PM
A. C. G. Client Services Department pitiful Amsterdam Netherlands
I started searching the internet for games, information, and fun. All of a sudden, I am getting these strange letters in the mail. The first one side I won some kind of lottery. It stated all I had to do was solve an easy math problem and then mail if back using a special stamp. I did it like a fool, hey, I was promise $5000.00. Then a second letter came. It was very similar only this time it stated that I need to claim my winnings by sending money. I looked the company up on the internet. Many people reported that it was a scam. Now the third letter is from A.C.G., It says that I will be entitled to as much as $15,000,000.00(fifteen Million Dollars). The letter also states that the distribution to me and other appointed Cash Income Beneficiaries will arrive around May 14, 2009. Again, I need to confirm my appointment as a Cash Income beneficiary in this trust by completing this Notice Of Appointment and Identity Confirmation and return it with a $14.87 administration fee. This is really sad. A lot of people have lost their jobs ( I am one of those people myself). We are vulnerable right now sometimes, fearing the worst. I believe these people are preying on the economical conditions. Please do not write checks, or give credit cards numbers out, or give any private information to anyone without first checking it out. People are coming out of the woods with all kinds of ways to get money from people. God Bless, Wisdom xxxxxxx Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #562441
Jan 30 2010
10:55 PM
Acura Client Services Car is made with rear brakes which prematurely wear out Torrance, California
I Have a one year old (2009) Acura TSX, which has 13,500 miles on it. I leased this car new. I recently brought the car in for it's first (NY) state inspection, and tire rotation. Soon after leaving, the rear brakes began squealing and grinding. I called the service rep, who told me to bring it back in when I had the chance. I did, and was told I needed rear brakes. Typically, front brakes wear faster than rear brakes, so I was quite taken aback. I was told rear brakes are known to wear quick on this make car (2009 was a re-style for this model). I authorized the work. I Paid the $232.94 for the brake job. I have since tried speaking with the dealer and Acura Headquarters, both have pointed out that this is a wearable part of the car, and both seemed to not get why I have a problem with having to replace the rear brakes on a near new car. I have owned many new cars, and I believe the earliest that any of them needed rear brakes was at the 60,000 mile range. Simply put, I feel these brakes very clearly prematurely wore out, which worries me that this could potentially be a safety issue (we are talking about brakes), or, I've been had by the dealership. Either way, I am unhappy and frustrated. Also, this is the second car that I leased / purchased from this dealership.Acura should make good for manufacturing car with inferior materials! This will be a deal breaker upon my next purchase of a new car!
Entity: Torrance, California
24, Report #321771
Mar 27 2008
07:52 PM
Client Services Inc Threatening Tactics Saint Charles Minnesota
I received a call from Client Services which I returned . He ( a supervisor ( which only means he is more offensive )) immediately began to berate me and threaten me unless I paid in full . I explained that I could not but was more than willing to make monthly payments and possibly raise the payments in the future. He again, berated and mocked me and finally said that before he was through I would see him in court and he abruptly hung up. My impression is that Client Services hires the most undereducated thugs available. Beware of them. They are extremely unprofessional. Kathy Cheshire, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Saint Charles, Minnesota
25, Report #975573
Nov 29 2012
12:12 PM
Client Services Management National Fraud Center These Are The GOOD GUYS !!! Phoenix, Arizona
I was contacted by Chad at National Fraud Center (NFC) in August. They told me they were looking into a company which I had lost money to, called MY CHOICE BUSINESS. After going over the details of my losses to this company and a few others on the phone with Chad, I was very skeptical. Chad then referred me over to Client Services Management. This company told me they could assist me with recovering my money. I was told they would take percentage of the money they got me back. The only upfront cost was for filling documents. I was skeptical to shell out any more money over the phone, however after some thought I decided to move forward. I was a nervous wreck for about two weeks, however I still went along with the process. I sent in the document they requested and participated in some conference calls. Within about 2 weeks I began to receive paperwork from my banks and credit cards. A couple of the credit card company's issued a temporary credit while they looked into the case further. This made me feel a little more comfortable about the process. Following these letters I continued to receive paperwork from the card companies and from Client Services Management. After another few weeks final letters came from my card companies. Each case was completed at different times. In total I received back $24,295 onto my three credit cards.  I am very grateful this company is out there helping people. I understand why other who are stuck in this situation would be hesitant, I felt it was only right to share my experience after reading this report about Client Services Management. THE GOOD GUYS !!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Phoenix, Arizona

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