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1, Report #1358987
Feb 28 2017
06:42 PM
Open Public Records Carlos Cabellos Carlos Cabellos Santa Barba California
Entity: Santa Barba, California
2, Report #1337946
Nov 13 2016
12:26 PM Open Public Records Earns bucks to violate privacy Internet
This website violates your privacy by using crawlers to scan the federal court electronic filing system and posting your court cases on their website which are supposed to only remain on the federal court's secure electronic filing system. I suppose the federal court needs more security!
Entity: Internet
3, Report #968557
Feb 26 2016
01:39 PM What does do? was created to serve the needs of consumers looking for a fast, safe and convenient way to purchase vehicle history, driving records, warrant check or public rec, Internet
Web site offers personal driving record, backround checks, and phone/email searches for ONLY $1. Nowhere is listed any other information about additional charges. Once information is entered, and credit card info is given, a $19.95 charge appears on your credit card immediately, with no notification or explanation. Upon calling immediately to cancel this charge, their customer service already ansers asking if you are calling about a over charge! I was given a cancellation number and told I would be refunded. Again, no explanation for the charge except a membership I had bought. They know they are fraudulent because when calling customer service, the very first recorded option is to dispute a $19.95 charge on your credit card. I received no refund for 14 days, until I contacted them again today. I too was scammed by this company. The website stated that you only had to pay $ 1 for inmate info. This was a lie. Of course, anything that sounds too good to be true, usually is. When I got my checking account statement, it said they charged me $ 19.95. This is totally crazy. How do these companies get away with scamming people left and right? They should be shut down. Don't fall for this offer.
Entity: , Internet
4, Report #397537
Dec 03 2008
04:16 PM, CLKBANK*COM, Also fooled. If you are looking for legitimate public records, AVOID this site. It's a rip off royal. Internet
I was fooled by and seeming legitimacy yesterday. Showed up in Google searches countless times. Also seemed to connect you from legitimate state agency (with seal et al) and then to to pay/sign up for information. Now I know the official looking state seals are fake. The whole thing is fake. You will get no official records whatsoever. Today I realized this whole deal was fake and I also called my credit card company to inform them. I'm out $39.95 and I will be monitoring closely with my credit card company if any other fraudulent activity shows up on my card. Ann Oak Park, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
5, Report #377014
Sep 29 2008
01:14 PM
Government-Records .com / Clickbank Monumental Scam!!!! Intrnet
Beware!!This is a pure scam.I entered myself and family member info to find birth information,marriage info and assorted other sure thing tests and got.....nothin'! According to this company, myself and my wife and kids don't exist,nor do many close friends. Sorry I found this site too late. Don't waste the money or time on either Clickbankor Government-Reports. Gary Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
6, Report #1127632
Mar 02 2014
09:19 AM RecordsLogin.comTags: recordslogin, com, conditions, terms, agree, logging, member, join, search, databases, area, members, premium, records, public, deposit, membership, usage, available, record, password, click, account, Internet
 Organization Magma Communications RECORDSLOGIN.COM - Site Location Country/Flag CA Canada RECORDSLOGIN.COM - Domain Information Domain RECORDSLOGIN.COM [ Traceroute RBL/DNSBL lookup ] Registrar 1 API GMBH Registrar URL Whois server Created 15-May-2012 Updated 16-Aug-2012 Expires 15-May-2014 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< WHAT ??? Time Left 73 days 8 hours 10 minutes Status ok DNS servers NS1.BODIS.COM NS2.BODIS.COM I paid for a Lifetime Membership to Site Response Header Response HTTP/1.1 302 Found Server Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Date Sat, 16 Apr 2011 06:47:15 GMT Content-Type text/html; charset=UTF-8 Cookie stid=279gh8n67mmg6g98rt68h8h734; path=/ Im so disgusted about this website and i will be reporting them to the Australian ACCC . . Where im from LIFETIME means LIFETIME How dare these scumbags be allowed to get away with such a blatent RIP OFF OF GOOD PPLS HARD EARNT MONEY . . . DISGUSTING !!!
Entity: internet, Internet
7, Report #523219
Nov 12 2009
06:59 PM
Public Records Checks Problems getting reports Internet
After paying Clickbank a fee for services provided by Public Records Checks, I cannot view reports and there is no way to contact them. Do not use this service. It's a scam.
Entity: Internet, Internet
8, Report #594960
Apr 20 2010
02:21 PM
Public Records Checks. com is merely a scam to up fees repeatedly for supposed access to data bases holding birth,  marriage,  divorce certificates and other information held at county and municipal clerk offices nationwide.  I was searching for my divorce certificates. I had a terrible feeling it was a rip-off, but went ahead and signed up with my fingers crossed, hoping it would be otherwise. But alas, I plunked down $42.99 for their VIP service.  That led me to one address, which I already had.  Then I clicked on Divorce records and up popped a  request for an additional 2.99, foir access to their premiu m data base.  Again, I  plunked down the fee and continued to search for my divorce records when up popped another demand for another fee, this one to do a complete background check on the person I wanted to find the divorce decree for.  In the process of pursuing access, I found out my membership had been moved from, which I could no longer access at all.  Instead, I was no to use, which would give me the additional access only if I signed up for their complete background check package, which was about $50. I immediately asked for a cancellation and refund.  Of course,  the site can't handle this.  They sent me an e-mail referring me to CLC Bank.  Went to their site. No way to request a cancellation. What a racket.  Don't use either Public Records or their buddies at  If anyone out there ever comes across an authentic vital statistics data base, send word.  I know that is used by the state of Oregon.  But I'm not searching for information there.  Public Records and IntelGator should be sued in a class action.  Let me know if anyone out there is up for it!  
Entity: Internet, Internet
9, Report #329644
Apr 30 2008
09:46 AM - public records search government driver license plate dmv offender Internet
In short, this is a site that supposedly can be used for report lookups. After a $40 registration fee, I was given a generic-looking set of login credentials, which I believe to be universal for all members. This site is nothing but links to already well-known sites, and as itself provides no information. There is no contact information, no address, phone number, 'nor even an email address listed! Thus I will have to call my card provider and force a card-not-present charge-back, as there's no way of getting ahold of these individuals. Dave Mesquite, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
10, Report #1077186
Jun 20 2014
08:21 AM Eric Court Records Management . Com court records management .comEric Same Guys Who Are Running Mugshot Extortion Scams File FBI Complaint at Unknown
Report this website to  That is the FBI internet crime division.  Once they have enough complaints, they build a case and arrest the individuals who are hiding for the public for blackmail and extortion.  This guy Eric is the same mugshot extortion scam guy.Illegal Website using Paypal My wife was frantic the other day - she typed her name in Google and saw that one of the top 5 results was from a site, I'm not going to put the exact link to her page, but it was for a normal parking ticket even though the site seemed to make it look like it was a criminal offense. Then the site has a PayPal link where someone can pay $30 to have their record removed. (Note that the person running the site has several other similar scams going on such as The site has a disclaimer where it seems to believe that this action is legal because the records are public. I know this is false. These records when on state and county websites always take provisions to make sure they're public but not indexed by search engines (using meta tags in the html source or a norobots file). In addition, government websites always make it very clear that parking tickets are minor infractions (the state site says on it this is not a criminal offense). Furthermore, I'm a web developer and after examining the html on the pages it's extremely clear that the site is designed with search engine optimization in mind. The creator wants people searching for these names to see their records to try and get people to pay the $30. By taking these court records out of that non-search engine indexed space, moving them into Google, making an effort to give the pages a high rank, and asking for money to remove the records this is clear extortion according to any extortion law. For instance, I live in Wisconsin. The law here states: 943.31  Threats to communicate derogatory information. Whoever threatens to communicate to anyone information, whether true or false, which would injure the reputation of the threatened person or another unless the threatened person transfers property to a person known not to be entitled to it is guilty of a Class I felony. There is no distinction in the law between public and private information - only communicating information and asking for money. Which is exactly what's going on here. I can't even imagine how much money this guy is making anonymously and illegaly through PayPal. It's disgusting. I checked the whois info on the site and the registrar, is providing anonymity to the person operating it. I contacted the registrar to ask them to cancel their anonymizer service for the site and they said they wouldn't do so without a legal order (although I tend to believe that by protecting someone who's engaging in illegal activity, they're not immune to legal action themselves because of their own policy). So that settled it for me. I will start a legal case and I asked my wife to absolutely not pay the $30 out of prinicple. Or the $50 they're asking to remove the record from the website and Google (which I don't even see how they could do). The site has to be shut down. I've already contacted a few lawyers, but I know legal action will take time. In the meantime, I'm hoping PayPal will see what's going on and stop enabling this person. How can I report this to the right people there?
Entity: Select State/Province
11, Report #537596
Dec 11 2009
12:17 AM
Public Records Checks Kick me when I'm down Internet
Last November I lost my husband. In May I lost my house. Today I found out I am losing my job.  In order to file on my husbands social security I needed to know the dates of his previous marriages and divorces.  I chose to try to find this info on the internet using Public Records checks. I paid 14.95 by credit card and came up with absolutely nothing.  I tried to search under my own name--nothing.  No record of birth, marriage, divorce.  Nothing This place is just waiting for people to pay to get NOTHING.  At the moment I feel completely used and more than a little stupid. 
Entity: , Internet
12, Report #450435
May 10 2009
01:01 PM
Public Records Pro sends you on aWild Goose Chase !!! Internet
I just joined, for 35.00, public records pro to try to find my adopted nephew, of whom is my last living biological family member. This company promised that they had records on him, when I joined they took my money than steared my to other websites in which 'may have' records of my nephew. These sites were news paper archives in which you had to pay for, when you see the persons name your looking for it gives you the option of choosing 'more information' when you click on it you are sent to many other sites,...a dead end...after you pay. They leave you no option to cancel or get your money back, I have just been ripped off, they played on my desparation to find my nephew. I am so sad and very angry. Susan cape coral, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
13, Report #495265
Sep 15 2009
02:10 PM
National Source Public Records non-payment to researchers Conyers, Georgia
My company has yet to be paid for performing county background checks in Georgia during the months of December 2008 thru may 2009. The total amount owed is $485.00 and they have refused to return calls for months. I have left messages for the owner Lesley Cole and she will not return messages. The accounting manager Mark Peterson stated months ago in June that they would perform an audit to ensure that my invoices were correct and then issue payment. After allowing a few weeks for the audit to be completed we sent another email to accounting and Mark Peterson stated on July 14th 2009 that our invoices (that went back to 2008) are being processed for payment. It has been over two months and we still have no money paid to us nor will they call us back. If you are considering doing work for them I would request advance payment before performing background checks.
Entity: Conyers, Georgia
14, Report #579737
Mar 11 2010
06:59 AM
Public Records Charged hidden fees after registration fee paid Internet
This outfit advertises records searches for a subscription fee. What they don't tell you up front is that after you pay the fee, yes you can search records, but to view any records you have to pay an additional fee.Besides this, I found very few of the records for which I was searching. I know they exist because I have seen copies of them in the past. However, this site turned up only one of several records I was searching, and as I said it then required a second fee before I could view the record.This site is not truthful in its advertising, and is very poor in results obtained.
Entity: , Internet
15, Report #846731
Feb 29 2012
05:06 PM
Public Records Spy Unknown $29.95 unlimited access, Internet, Internet
I was looking for information on an individual who was threatening me physically, at work, told Brooklyn, Ohio Police. It gave me a list of all these people with and without first and or last names, people that I didn't ask about, sent an E- Mail asking for a refund never got it. There isn't even a phone number for this company.
Entity: Internet, Internet
16, Report #477981
Aug 10 2009
05:01 AM
CIS Worldwide Trading As Public Records Check Offer to check public records in UK for a single annual fee totally bogus Boston Massachusetts
CIS worldwide trading as Public Records Check came up top in my Google Search for checking the records of a UK individual. The web site offered an easy to use front end with facilities to put in a UK address, where I typed in the persons name and it then went into a 1 minute processing as though checking the millions of records available. The web site then offered to show me the results for a fee which in this case was 25.17 for a years access with the promise of never being billed again. When I paid through Click Bank using my credit card I was sent an e-mail which allowed me into the web site proper. All worked perfectly but instead of being able to put in a UK address the web site simply directed me to international searches and when I clicked on the UK site it took me to a list of other sites. These other sites were in effect advertisers who offered for a fee to find details of people. It did not offer any search facilities AT ALL and nowhere one could type in the information I had orriginally given when being sold the service. I took my complaints up imediately with the company via its e-mail on the web site and received a standard e-mail which said how one used the service but did not address my complaints. I searched the data base for a phone number for the company and was put through to an answerphone but have not had a call back. I wrote 2 further e-mails and had the same standard NON-answer back. I contacted my credit card company who said they could not return the money but knew of this company and warned me they would automtically bill me for a further year and I should send them a cancellation and keep that so that when they inevetably charged again my credit card company would then refund the second charge (as long as I had documentation of my cancellation). My credit card companywere most uncooperative when I suggested they should not allow transactions from this know rip off company saying they couldn't do anything about them. However the one good news is that having read similar problems on your web site I noted that one of your compalinants had had a refund from Click Bank. I contacted them via the web and put in my transaction details. Their first referral to Public Records Check had the same non-answer with no mention of a refund. I responded to say this was not good enough and Click Bank's second referal to them did not gain an answer or explanation but did result in a full refund. The response each time via click bank happened within 24 hours. So final out come is avoid CIS-Worldwide and like the plague and why are the US Authorities not prosecuting them? However Click Bank seems to be an EXCELLENT way of paying on line and provide a service well over the consumers legal rights. They should be given public recognition. Ian WeymouthUnited Kingdom
Entity: Boston, Massachusetts
17, Report #437226
Mar 24 2009
03:15 PM
Public Records Pro 12 Months Membership Public Records pro yes pro for your money Internet
searching for a missing uncle who went in 1920 to America I found on Public Records pro his dead record and it gives the message more information but first I had to pay . but after paying no dead record information. So I paid money and did not get any information for it. I tried to search further on the site but it blocked and I had to search for the website again. no home where I could sign in only put in de name you looking for and after that take a membership to see the record??? Living in Europe I have to search on the internet but this was a cold shower Hendrikje amsterdamNetherlands
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
18, Report #855947
Mar 19 2012
08:46 AM
CIS Nationwide Multiple public records search websites Public records search company Internet
This company will tell you they will locate a specific public record that you may be looking for. After you do your initial search it will say One/Two Records Found. You first search Last name, First name, City and State. They then will charge you an initial fee ($20-30). After you make your payment you then have to re-input your search information only this time City is not an option. By leaving this out, your search becomes state-wide: by not narrowing the search to a specific city, the universe opens up and your search will not turn up. THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP SEARCHING IS TO CONTINUALLY PAY ADDITIONAL UPGRADE FEES.  This is their scam...don't use them.
Entity: , Internet
19, Report #1062791
Jun 28 2013
07:31 AM are giving away at least 2 of my books without my permission - pen name Julie Elizabeth Powell Internet The address above shows that two of my 12 books are been given away free - I have not allowed this!A Murderer's Heart - Julie Elizabeth PowellMisadventures Of Fatwoman - Julie Elizabeth Powell I am an independent writer and battle for everything, this is not fair or right and surely illegal.  I have tried to contact them asking that both books (any any others of mine) be removed from their site, but the email facility they give does not work.I hope you can help. Thank you Julie Elizabeth Powell (pen), Julie Aldridge (real)
Entity: Internet
20, Report #544637
Dec 24 2009
10:58 AM And Asking way too much information, possible SCAM and/or identity theft Miami, Florida
The company offers cheap online prepaid cards and phone service.After account set-up they announce a verification call that never comes.After I contacted them they asked me tons of so called security questions to verify my identity.e.g. when did you first buy your car, where did you live from 1995 - 1997, what is your social security#, what years were you born, what was the house number in xzy street you lived in 2004 etc.after I gave them some wrong answers on purpose they declined my account and wanted to ask more questions to finally get things startedall this for a $10.00 phone card - are you kidding methis seems to be a very elaborate scam
Entity: Miami, Florida
21, Report #1217809
Mar 24 2015
10:36 AM
people public records safe cart The company said they had access to the records I was searching for, but it was a lie. unknown information Internet
People Public Records .org has deception for you not the answer you search for. I bought into their enticement thinking the service was legitment. I could not access the information I was initially told I would recieve immediately after paying them, this to me is fraudulent activity as well as the small print of a monthly charge that was not told to me upfront they slipped that in after my payment had been processed.  signed, Colleen M R   Glen, VA. (((REDACTED)))
Entity: Internet
22, Report #360732
Jan 12 2009
07:05 PM Public Records Pro Public Record Pro a big Ripoff Internet
This website came up when I was searching for death records to locate a missing family member. It advertised 'free' death record reports. When I entered the name of my missing family member, it showed 3 reports for that name, but no other information was available unless I registered and agreed to pay $35.40 for unlimited searches. I paid the $35.40 because I wanted to view the 3 death records reports it claimed to have found. After I paid with my credit card, I ran the search again and there were absolutely no records for that name. Also, I found that when I tried to run the search through other categories, for example 'public records', it automatically linked me to other sites where you have to pay again to register on those sites. I do not care to be inconvenienced by stopping the payment for this - even though I can not afford to waste $35.40, but I have been through this before and the time it would take to reverse the charge would not be worth it. These types of sites know it. I hope this report will save some one else from wasting their money. Karen Jacksonville, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
23, Report #288097
Nov 30 2007
09:38 PM i registered for voompeople to reaserach a family member, me e-mail registration began an unauthorized billed membership Internet Internet
i reaserched a family member on voompeople. they requested an e-mail * password for future usage. instead , i was registered to a meembershipservice@24 a billed so-called protection service. i never requested it . i use paypal. had i not been cautious and read every e-mail,; i'd be billed 14.95/monthly for a service i never requested. i gave no authorization for billing or access to my info. i also charge for allowing the discreet charges. yvette bronx, new york Yvette m new york, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
24, Report #398121
Dec 06 2008
05:07 AM
Government Public Records Database 20 emails to this lot and inane queries in return. Internet
We live in Australia and joined this company ( through an Australian Website) for information. Surprise ! Surprise! They don't have any Australian information. Trying to get a refund for a non-existent service has taken up 20 emails so far, mostly in circles. They are STILL a featured article in Google - Wake up Google! They have several sites but all return to 'Govenment Public Records site. DO NOT APPROACH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Gibbo pakenhamAustralia
Entity: Unknown, Internet
25, Report #445750
Apr 22 2009
08:37 AM
Public Records Pro I paid them 35.40 via credit card to access information and I received no information in return Boise idaho
I sent 35.40 to receive information regarding marriage license that public records said was available. Once I paid and signed onto site, I was transferred to the place where the record was available which happened to be the superior court in california. For a fee of 17.00 I can request the record from the court myself. I did not pay 35.40 to be referred to the place where I can purchase the info for a fee. I already knew that. The site says that it has the records that u can view for the fee that is charged. It is a total rip off. Niceyd Takoma park, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Boise, Idaho

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