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26, Report #832310
Feb 01 2012
10:34 AM cigarette purchase Internet
You can't request a refund, they won't ship packages that are lost in the mail, and they won't let you speak to anyone except Tier 1 support. Find another supplier.
Entity: , Internet
27, Report #653652
Oct 21 2010
01:15 PM free internet movies, Internet
they offer free-movies and movie previews and wait till you people suggest their site to people you know or puplic places and then after they locate you via s-IP or other means, they file a lawsuit against you claiming you regenerated their movies and made profit out of it ... wanting ofcourse payment for the profit you supposively made....
Entity: , Internet
28, Report #646929
Oct 02 2010
03:27 PM
uclipusave removed money from my account, Internet
applied on line for a payday loan - biggest mistake of my life-   didnt get the pay day loan but was inofrmed that when i het skip offer it meant that i want to go spend money that i didnt have-  when i called to request a refund since i never agreed to this offer- claire stated oh well   no refunds- then she refused to let me talk to a supervisor-   guess no body there understands english- especially since i had to spell out t-a-m-m-y-   this company has ripped off millions of innocent americans and needs to be put out of business  
Entity: , Internet
29, Report #683121
Jan 15 2011
09:28 PM it a scam......beware Internet
it a scam.........other please beware of this n name xinhongqiu
Entity: , Internet
30, Report #749853
Jul 06 2011
03:01 PM
Smith Cole MYSTERY SHOPPER SCAM!!!!! Internet
I received an email requesting MYSTERY SHOPPERS in my area. I had signed up for a database prior so did not think anything of replying with intrest. I was asked for my address and phone number. I received a second email meant to verify that I had indeed received it and to respond with OK I GOT IT! Following that came another email with detailed instructions on my assingment that I was supposed to complete along with a Fedex tracking number for the money order that was being sent to me. I was to receive $1910.00 and instructed to keep $200 as my wages and MYSTERY SHOP at any WESTERN UNION location. I was to send $1710.00 via western union to an orphanage in Amarillo Tx to the attention of LISA NASH.  After all of this, I started to wonder if this was ligitiment. The emails were very poorly written and that seemed odd! I googled the name SMITH COLE MYSTERY SHOPPER and the first thing that popped up was RIPOFFREPORT.COM. I came home to find the envelope was delivered by fedex Overnight priority! There were indeed 2 money orders totaling $1910.00. I immediately called moneygram customer service and learned that the serial numbers for these money orders had been cashed last month. Luckly, I researched the guy and found out it was a scam before it was too late. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THESE KIND OF THINGS! IT OBVIOUSLY HAPPENS TOO OFTEN IF THIS GUY IS STILL DOING THE SAME SCAMS!!!!!
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #852245
Mar 11 2012
06:36 PM
BBV* HOTBOOKSALES.COM false membership scam Internet
In June of 2009 I purchased a book from I just found out they have been charging my credit card  $19.95 for the last 32 months. I have not received a word of notice or anything by e-mail from them since my original purchase. My wife discovered this today. I have since checked out the BBB report and there are well over 1000 complaints about this company. When googled several sites riddled with complaqints pop up. I have contacted the Florida and Connecticut Attorney Genberals offices. Please beware!
Entity: , Internet
32, Report #884604
May 18 2012
10:03 AM We buy watches Atlanta, Georgia IS A SCAM< STAY AWAY!!!! DO NOT SEND YOUR WATCH TO THESE PEOPLE.  I sent them an antique Hamilton in October.  After months of inquires and unanswered calls they told me they sold it in November.  They said it would take 6 months to pay me.  When you call them you are calling a CALL CENTER, not the people who work there.  BRANDI BENNET is a thief and a liar.  I have put a theft report into the Georgia state police.
Entity: Atlanta, Georgia
33, Report #932989
Aug 27 2012
06:28 AM mycashguardian took money from my account Internet
I took out a payday loan from fox enterprises, about 3 days later i found that mycashguardian a company that i never heard of took money from my account i never aloud them to do this now my account is over drawn.
Entity: , Internet
34, Report #935738
Sep 01 2012
11:00 AM
Apollo No Pay..No Way! Arizona
Apollo has ripped me off from the beginning.  My first check was only $87, they convinced me it was because I had my insurance, Dot physical ect. taken out of the first check.  I still thought the numbers didn't add up but continued driving for them.  My next check...wasn't a check-they made the outlandish claim that I owed them over $300!  I immeditely contacted the company and continuously was put off and placed on hold for extended amounts of time, I was told I would recieve calls back that never came.  I feel very frusturated with the lack of respect I have recieved from this company after everything I have done for them.  I drove for this company for 2 months and only have $87 to show for it...not counting the money I supposudly owe them.  I got in contact with someone from Apollo and when things were getting figured out in my favor I was told I would recieve a call back to finish getting things worked out and that call never came... This company is not a company but a scam!  Something needs to be done, too many innocet people trying to make an honest living are being ripped off by this shady lack of excuse for a company.  A class action law suite seems in order.
Entity: , Arizona
35, Report #188183
Apr 23 2006
06:24 PM
Mailer Profits ripoff Miami Florida
I was stupid to do research after I sent off the money. Now I dont know if I will be getting my money back!! I was suckered into it but what didn't click was that I needed to use a stamp, most companies that are offering to pay you that much money should have a business stamp or something. Don't you get suckered into it!! It's all a scam, now that I read this I am not going to fall for something like that again. And I hope you do the same. Cassandra Alice, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Miami, Florida
36, Report #300668
Jan 16 2008
04:24 PM Fake Merchandise Glennville California
This company sold me fake designer clothing. It was supposed to be a juicy couture velor outfit, but it was fake. I could have done a better job in my print shop. I tried to return it but was told all sales are final. Do not buy from this company. They are a scam Kodycarling19 Spanish Fork, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Glennville, California
37, Report #329401
Apr 28 2008
07:55 PM Scam, ripoff, nothing but greed Springfield Internet was a forum where people could go and trade refferals for freebie sites, but not anymore. Membership to this site was free, so it's hard to see any scam there, but then.... The admins locked all but there inside buddies out of the forums and are demanding $49.95 to get back in!!!! The only other way to get back in is to complete offers for, well, the admins that kicked everyone out of course! What a scam! Get a bunch of members, then lock them out and tell them New rule: You owe us money! WHAT A SCAM. BEWARE!!!!! Caleb Corydon, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
38, Report #1099296
Nov 14 2013
12:14 PM
Kleargear geeks rule Extortionists grandville Michigan
These criminals are fining individuals that give them a bad review based on their purchasing agreement. Luckily, I would never buy one of their terrible products, so here goes another bad review. 
Entity: grandville, Michigan
39, Report #1118434
Jan 25 2014
02:12 PM is a ripper internet is a forum site about Carding activity and offer something like money transfer such like Westernunion , Bank , Paypal , Moneybookers transfers.They create a forum pretending that someone always use their service.All verified seller member, administrator and moderator on that forum was fake.after you bought something from their verified rippers, they will change your account password plus email, then login to it and write vouches like thank's, money received, can check all comment and request, after they confirmed the jobs was done somehow they not active anymore. vAn pErsie U5498903 is a ripperyandex U4275962 is a ripperccworld is a U4447995 is a U4447995 is a ripper similar forum site and ripping method:http://cardersforum.sehttp://omerta.cc
Entity: Select State/Province
40, Report #848495
Mar 04 2012
10:34 AM Fraud Fuzhou, Internet
They the most helpful bunch of thieves you can find. I bought an Iphone 4s for a customer thru them 06 February 2012. While the item was being shipped. I was happy as I had good communication with them. They responded immediately and were extremely helpful with all my queries. When I placed another order before receiving the first order, I paid via western union ( as I had to first order for $1000 before I could use my paypal, I felt it very strange but each company has its own set of rules, and I wanted the item for my customer so I obliged) When I finished paid I noticed for a whole week the item was being processed but on the first item a day after confirmation of payment, I saw status being handled and later the next day being shipped. The first item was in South Africa in 4 days, but stuck with customs courier service for 2 weeks. Ultragreat could not supply me the telephone numbers of EMS Courier Service. Now the second phone was still showing me processing. I contacted them via their support help line for 5 consecutive days and everyday they told me that, 'Accounting was ill he was in hospital', and that my item would be processed in 3 day. I asked them is there only one accounting, they told me yes. I carried on calling till they told me that I should rather just withdraw the money again as no one collected the money therefore it was showing processing. And thats what I did but that was not before W/U deducted $37 for withdrawing the money. I immediately contacted them they told me that, they would compensate me with coupons. i told them as long as they know they can keep it in my account as I want to be a good buyer. They told me its acceptable. I still asked where is the first parcel. They told me the same thing, I saw on the EMS website that it was in-transit. I contacted all avenues and later got a the right number. Finaly got hold of the customs official, they told me to send the invoice of the purchase and I did that and they despatched the item the next day. My Customer was ecstatic when they told him his parcel has arrived. He paid the customs duty on it. When he opened it he found 3 Ray-ban sunglasses and a Gucci Belt all fake. He contacted me immediately. I was extremely upset. I tried contacting since Monday 27 Feb 2012 but i have been unsuccessful.  I have tried every day but they non responsive. They could have told me, if it was there fault sending me wrong package or that it wasn't them and they would investigate. But nothing, sent them emails nothing. I then contacted the Cyber Crimes Unit in Shanghai. They told me that Ultragreat is not even 3 Months old. But they advertising 9 years. they told me that I should have done the 7 point check before buying anything from china. I am extremely upset as now I have to refund my customer, with a loss of $890 all inclusive. Please inform everyone not to deal with ULTRAGREAT.COM I have pic of the parcel with the items in it. Disgusting. Now I have a bad rating from a customer I gave my heart and sweat to satisfy. Please don't deal with
Entity: Fuzhou, Internet
41, Report #1025273
Mar 07 2013
06:16 PM fraud and extortion, Internet
they put my name pictures and phone numbers on their sex preditors list website which is false not true and demanding $99.00 for removal absolutely extortion and fraud activity..
Entity: Internet, Internet
42, Report #1066532
Jul 12 2013
                                                                                                                                                                               TODAY, 12, I do each day...I check my checking account balance!!!!Today their is a debit/credit for $30.00.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        for  I clicked on that item, AND LOW AND BEHOLD........ITS A CHECK MADE OUT TO ME !!!!! I Tried to contact the company, and its a recorded message Thank you for calling..let me transfer you to a customer service department.....then you hear a ring and INSTANTLY you hear, ALL CUSTOMER SERVICE ARE             BUSY....YOU WILL HAVE TO CALL BACK, click, they disconnect you. I AM ONE MAD DISABLED NAVYGRANDMA!!!!!!! 
Entity: Internet
43, Report #1100354
Nov 18 2013
02:28 PM
KlearGear Rip-off GRANDVILLE Michigan
Total RIP-OFF joint. Please do not trade with these characters unless you love being fleeced.
Entity: GRANDVILLE, Select State/Province
44, Report #1099727
Nov 15 2013
09:01 PM Rip off artists extraordinaire! nationwide
In 2009, Jen Palmer’s husband bought some Christmas gifts from When the merchandise still hadn’t arrived a month later, PayPal closed the transaction and refunded her money. (PAYPAL *knows* what they are doing!) Palmer tried to contact the company to inquire about the order, but couldn't get in touch with anyone. Frustrated, she wrote a critical review of the company on and moved on. But as KUTV reports, resurfaced three years later and has turned Palmer’s life upside down, slapping her with a $3,500 fine and reporting her to the nation’s three major credit agencies. (Which is *ILLEGAL*!) This is fraud, Palmer told the station. They're blackmailing us for telling the truth. Here’s what happened. Tucked away in the agreement language almost no one ever reads, was a clause stating that anyone who buys something from the website agrees to never publicly criticize the website. The exact language reads: In an effort to ensure fair and honest public feedback, and to prevent the publishing of libelous content in any form, your acceptance of this sales contract prohibits you from taking any action that negatively impacts, its reputation, products, services, management or employees. However, on some review sites individuals claim that the clause only went into effect in 2013, meaning that Palmer should be exempt from the fine policy. Interestingly, review sites also contain a number of mixed to negative customer reviews but only this one mention of the company actually issuing a fine to a customer. And the actual language from the clause has since been removed from Kleargear's website. In fact, the company may be facing some heat for bragging about it's own reviews. The Better Business Bureau has issued an alert against KlearGear saying the company has falsely claimed to have received an A+ rating from the BBB. As of November 28, 2012, the BBB became aware that the company's website is displaying a BBB Accredited Business logo and BBB Rating A+, reads a statement on the BBB website. However, the company is not an accredited BBB business and the BBB rating is not A+. As of November 28, 2012, the BBB became aware that the company's website is displaying a BBB Accredited Business logo and BBB Rating A+; however, the comapny is not a BBB accredited business and the BBB rating is not A+. - See more at: As of November 28, 2012, the BBB became aware that the company's website is displaying a BBB Accredited Business logo and BBB Rating A+; however, the comapny is not a BBB accredited business and the BBB rating is not A+. Still, someone from the company contacted Palmer’s husband via email and told him he had 72 hours to remove her critical review from the site Ripoff Report, or face the $3,500 fine. Her review read in part, There is absolutely no way to get in touch with a physical human being at the site, adding that they have, horrible customer service practices. Nonetheless, Jen Palmer actually contacted Ripoff Report but that site demands $2,000 to remove a post. Naturally, Palmer refused to pay the fee. Then, she found out that not only had Klear Gear imposed its arbitrary fine, but they had reported the “failure to pay” status to the major credit bureaus. And the credit bureaus haven’t been helpful either, refusing to remove the mark from her husband's credit score. Jen Palmer says that she and her husband are now receiving rejection letters from lenders as a result of the negative mark on their credit score. So, the Palmers now find themselves at the mercy of three unresponsive entities: the website that fined them for exercising their First Amendment rights, the review site that refuses to remove her post and the credit bureaus, which are taking the side of the website over a customer who may be the victim of corporate fraud. In the meantime, KUTV has put the Palmers in contact with a media relations representative at Experian, in an attempt to resolve the situation. I have the right to tell somebody else these guys ripped me off, Palmer said.
Entity: Select State/Province
45, Report #1197079
Dec 22 2014
12:04 PM Ripped me off! Internet
I was searching for a great deal for a camera the internet and came across this website called They seemed to have hundreds of products for sale at good/great prices, then I came across the camera I wanted and it was listed for $50. I selected the camera for purchase. A pop-up window came up and I was told to go to Amazon and purchase a $50 gift code, I thought this was unusal but proceeded anyway thinking this camera was typically $500 and they may have accidently made a typing mistake and I might get lucky and the purchase would go through. I purchased the gift code and put in the code at I even received a confirmation that my purchase was shipped however, there was no contact info. What seems to be too good to be true, often is. I never received the camera i ordered.
Entity: Internet
46, Report #1195581
Dec 15 2014
03:30 PM Fraudulent Website United States Internet is the website that I searched to purchase a kitten.  I actually found a beautiful kitten that advertised it as being free.  I had no problem with paying the $350.00 delivery charge, but there were too many things that made me uneasy.  I started by googling the cat breed.  What do you know?  The exact picture of the kitten that they claimed to have was easily available and posted numerous places on the internet.  They had indicated that it was an actual photo of the kitten that they had.  I indicated that I wanted a male, and they told me it was my lucky day because it was a male.  When confronted with the fact that this was a widely used stock photograph.  They admitted it.  I was still silly enough to think that it might be legit, and I asked for pictures of the actual pet.  When I received none, I went on the site and looked up the particular kitten that they were offering to me, and discovered that they were offering it nationwide.  I called them on their lying, and essentially I received responses in very broken English.  I told them I was going to do everything in my power to shut them down.  Their response:  Poor Fool.  We Kill U. THERE ARE NO ANIMALS AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE.  I DON'T KNOW WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF I HAD PROVIDED THEM WITH MY CONTACT INFORMATION.
Entity: Internet
47, Report #1189723
Nov 18 2014
11:19 AM Scam, fraudulent, puppies, Indiana Elkhart Indiana
To whom it may concern: I wanted to bring to anyone and everyone's attention who is in the market for purchasing an English Bulldog Puppy that there is a fraudulent website: I, unfortunately, was scammed by this individual who goes by the name of Scott or Mr. Scott. He claims to be a breeder located in Elkhart, IN who (like many other breeders) will transport/deliver their puppies out-of-state by plane to their new homes. I amlocated in NC. He is only available through texting this number: (424) 209-8277. The phone number's area code says it's from Culver City, CA and when you try to call the number, you find out that the number is a Google Voice number. There is a brief message at the end stating that they will call you back. The man sounds foreign. The puppy is supposed to be delivered to you 24 hours after your deposit payment has been made. My puppy was supposed to get here this past Saturday. I jeopardized my job to leave work early in order to pick up the puppy by the promised time of 2:00pm. I had tried contacting him that morning with no response. The moment I arrived at the airport, I received a text from him saying that he apologizes for the inconvenience, but he wasn't able to get the puppy out until Monday. Monday turned into this morning. Judging by this email/post, we all can deduce that I am still without the puppy. The people at the cargo dept of the airline told me there was never a reservation made for me for a puppy. I have tried contacting him today with no luck either.   All I am asking is to please let the people know of this horrible scam and to be careful shopping online. It's the Holiday's and these individuals will take advantage.    
Entity: Nationwide
48, Report #1153077
Jun 08 2014
01:26 PM
craiglist check fraud Internet
I placed an add  for work wanted cleaning homes. I got 2 responses. Both of them sent me checks before meeting me or even doing any work. The checks were for $3,000.00 (US dollars). My husband called an investigator and he told us to destroy the checks because it was a scam. My husband also contacted the FBI and they told him to file a complaint online @ for each one.  If I had cashed the fraudulent checks, I would be responsible for the financial and criminal consequences for participating in check fraud and my checking account information would be disclosed to an unknown party where they could debit my account as they wished.  Do not fall for this.  Your finances would surely become a living nightmare. 
Entity: Internet
49, Report #1006703
Jan 31 2013
11:36 AM
FastLoanFast Online FastLoan Theives, Internet
I did not authirize this fast loan fast ,com company to retrieve money from my checking account and they are withdrawing money with out my permission. I need this company to be held accountable for returning the $30.00 dollars back into my account. Because they are frauds of this.  
Entity: , Internet
50, Report #1038347
Mar 26 2013
09:24 PM
BreakStudios ManMade They scam writers and steal their identity. Nevada
The site is a complete ripoff and scam. They claim to pay writers and be a real site. I signed up and was accepted. They were great until it was pay time. Then they failed to pay! I looked and there is no listing with the Better Business Bureau and they do not exist anywhere! they are a ghost that exists only on the web. They scammed me out of my money! Then one day I discover my identity is stolen and it connects to the week that I accepted work from BreakStudios and submitted my SS# and personal information. I want to warn writers to stay away from this site because they are a scam. I will be reporting them to the authorities now as well. Beware!
Entity: , Nevada

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