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1, Report #219251
Nov 06 2006
12:32 AM
Bond Marketing Group Ottawa not sports but pizza and oil changes, Ottawa Ontario
This is not what you think so if you where thinking that you were gonna be doing sports marketing get ready to sell pizza coupons.... If you think you are gonna come in for an interview your actually coming in to follow some retard around thats gonna show you how to knock on 100 doors to get told off... if thats what interests you then they are the door-to-door no pay kings... guy who took me out on my day of O made zero sales by lunch then made me pay for my lunch while he flashed the money i assume he took 4 weeks to earn telling me it was yesterdays take... after lunch we went back out to continue this trend of no's with no such luck for a sale we then got 3 sales in the prime time from 7:00 to 8:00 running around the streets like idiots... he said it was a 30 30 40 split so my math this guy made 30 - 35 dollars that day for 10 hours of running around $3.00 an hour???? that sounds like a promising position i hope to fill over the other 25 applicants... two other guys that came out with us that day combined for a total of 2 sales and were about as sharp as a dull butter knife... in closing if knocking on doors and little money for long hours interest you the guys down at Bond Marketing will take care of you, Richard is quite the slick talker and sharp dresser dont be dazzled Day Ottawa, OntarioCanada
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
2, Report #1411836
Nov 14 2017
11:33 AM
Elegance auto spa ottawa ont, Ottawa diamond shine cleaning ottawa Bad work claim Guarantee but refused to honour any Ottawa Ontario
Stay away from this company the owner is a thief claims he warranties his work that he doesn’t do once he has your money he tells you to buzz off if you complain So in fact there is no warranty this dude is not only a thief and a liar.
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
3, Report #145125
Jun 05 2005
11:58 AM
Oz ripoff Ottawa Kansas
My name is Dorothy, and I followed the yellow brick road to oz to get my bike fixed. I took it in for a certain part to get changed. They said that that part was good but I needed this and that. Which was okay as long as that one part was good. It came to almost 1200 dollars. So, after 6 weeks of being in the shop, off I drove happy knowing that me and my bike were on the road again. I asked them, if it was okay to take out of town and ride to emporia. No problem it will make it to Emporia fine. Well, they were right about that. It made it to Emporia. As I was sitting on the side of the road for 2 hours until help came, I was very upset, to say the least. I finally got it home, and my husband called them. They said, bring it in, we will take care of you. They called and said that the part that I had brought it in for in the first place was no good. duh!! The part will be $330.00 plus labar for a total of $840.00 because they would have to take the bike apart again. They said they wouldn't charge me for finding out what was wrong with it. (now wasn't that nice of them?) Is there something wrong with this picture? Also, I paid in full for a motorcycle helment over a month ago, but, haven't recieved yet, after all I had been through, I didn't want anything from them anymore. They wouldn't give me back my money even tho, they had cashed the check. Now, I ask you, does this seem like an honest business practice to you ? I have heard, that I am not the only one they have done things like this to. What gets me, I didn't even get kissed. Dorothy Ottawa, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Ottawa, Kansas
4, Report #614232
Jun 14 2010
06:13 PM
McCurdy's mechanic Ottawa, Kansas
This mechanic has lied to me before when I took my car to him. Telling me my brakes were fine and he personally checked them. They were not, I had to buy the parts and take it to a friend to fix and pay them. Thank God I didn't listen to McCurdy and not fix them or I could of wrecked. Now my boyfiend took his car into him today and wanted the back window of his car repaired because it would not roll up. After he beat it for a while he took pliers and tried to force it shattering the entire window. He never apologized or offered to repair it or pay for damages.
Entity: Ottawa, Kansas
5, Report #641490
Sep 17 2010
09:12 AM
I joining RDI Model and Talent when they were located on Canotek Road, everyone seemed to be enegetic and professional. Brian Markle who was clearly in charge of the models made claims and promises which never materialized. RDI ended up moving to Orleans under mysterious circumstances but the new location was much better then the secluded space on Canotek Road.  Once there I again heard Brian Markle make similiar promises to other people which again never seem to materialize.  Brian Markle when searching the internet never revealed anything about his experience in the industry for which he claims to have been in for 20 years.  When I entered his name under google some disturbing reference to criminal activity did arise.  While I can't assure anyone that the person is one in the same the age and the name seems to point that it is him.  Brian Markle should not be trusted at all and anyone doing business with him should simply walk away.
Entity: OTTAWA, Ontario
6, Report #266994
Aug 12 2007
03:17 PM activism Ottawa Ontario
I met with ACORN member to discuss action in my building problems. The acorn person really pushed my getting a membership which is giving monthly donations. I am on a disability and not much money. I felt really pushed into giving this money in order to get some support by ACORN. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I have never had to pay to get support from a group that would help me Why is ACORN pushing to get people to pay. I would like to see results before giving my money for what. I can not get a tax receipt what is the benefit of being a member of ACORN. barb ottawa, OntarioCanada
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
7, Report #295019
Dec 27 2007
08:32 PM
Vector - Cutco Deception Ottawa Ontario
In the summer of 2005 I was a college student searching for part time work. I applied to Vector, and later on found myself brainwashed by false promises of money, and being my own boss. I felt as if I was given a guilt trip by the supervisor, as I was unable to come up with the money for the display kit deposit. Despite the claim of paid training I never saw a dime out of this whole fiasco. I found myself, as well as the other Trainees being trained and worked consistently with only a one hour lunch break each day. After days, and days I found myself exhausted, and totally drained. One day, I finally heard from a neighbor about someone who had been put in a similar position, and also brainwashed by this same company. I finally quit as I had become sick, physically. I am glad I did while I still had the chance. Anton Ottawa, OntarioCanada
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
8, Report #1277939
Jan 04 2016
04:27 PM
Boris Individual Ottawa Ontario
I found name DELIVERY-PLANET.COM FREDERIKSBERG only when I got the statement from company of my credit card. I was using my   credit card to pay $1.99 for iphone as a gift beaucose i did a survey (They use for this Rogers site). This was on Dec.15/2015. After on Dec18/2015 the frederiksberg take from my card $119.00 whithout my permition.
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
9, Report #375636
Sep 24 2008
08:28 AM
Cimco Recycling Ottawa Inc. Scrap Yard Ripoff Ottawa Illinois
I have been doing business with Cimco Recycling in Ottawa Illinois for the past few years. Everytime I've taken something up there to scrap, I have weighed it ahead of time on 2 seperate scales to make sure of the weigth. But when I get it to the scrap yard they always short change me on the weight. Lc Seneca, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Ottawa, Illinois
10, Report #1040331
Apr 03 2013
11:34 AM
CLV Group - Ottawa Worst property management employer to work for. Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Here's a good article to read for anyone who would be interested in getting hired by a property management group.   It all started a few weeks ago.  As a typical interview in an office with a man named Chris.  Reviewing my skills in the commercial/residential field of renovations.   At the end of the interview he said he had no problem hiring me as a Handyman for CLV Group.  It seemed promising for the long run.   From day one, I realized that it was a terrible choice.  Yes, they seemed to have paid me a lot more then any other company I have worked for.  But now I understand why.At the end of my 8 days of employment, I was fired.  For reasons that don't quite make too much sense.  I was told I was too slow, I caused the company to be approximately $3500.00 over budget.  That my work wasn't so professional.   For starters, I have to say I don't think they are the ones aiming for professionalism.  They budget to save on materials, and hire inexperienced amateur employees that share no experience in the field.   On top of that, when I had questions on specs of the plans, I had to go through an endless phone call with Chris.  I was given no plans for electrical, no plans for plumbing, no plans for framing and finishing, and no plans for cabinets.   So I was told I was getting layed off since they don't agree this is my field.  And blamed all problems they suffered with sub-contractors on me.  After the lay off, aka being fired.  I did some research on the company, later to find out that I was probably fired because they hired another person, as well, as that the reports on CLV over the internet have been terrible, coming from past employees and even residents. Overall, CLV Group is the company you do not want to work for, even if your life depended on it.  The lack of professionalism and organization will make you want to throw your entire body off their apartment balconies.
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
11, Report #1215507
Mar 13 2015
11:41 AM
Ottawa County FOC Very unfair to men Ottawa County Michigan
I had to meet with my case worker today regarding my overdue alimony.  Yes I did agree to having the alimony starting in Dec. and signed the support order about Dec 10th.  That is my fault.  At the time my divorce ended I was self employeed and had already gone 5 months with no income.  I was not able to make the Dec. and Jan. payments because I had no income.  In Feburary I was able to get another contract and I made my alimony payments in Feb. plus an extra $500.00   My ex-wife gave incorrect employer information to the case worker at the friend of the court back in Januarary.  Today (March) I went to a show cause hearing.  I had no idea what I was getting into, I did not think I would need my lawyer there. My ex showed up with hers.  The moment we went into the case workers office I knew I was in trouble as the case worker lady and my ex's lawyer were laughing and joking with each other. I tried to explain my situation to the case worker.  She came right and told me that she was choosing to not believe me.  I agreed to pay an extra $250.00 per month and was informed that by signing the document I was agreeing and acknowledging that I was in contempt of court. The case worker kept accusing me of providing false employer information when it was my ex wife that gave the false information.  I asked the case worker if she ever sent a payroll withhodling request to the company that was listed on the support order and she informed me they could not send anything to a P.O. Box and therefore were not required to attempt any contact. After signing the agreement to pay extra, as we were walking down the hall way the case worker informed me that if the full amount due was not paid by the last day of the month I would have to go to jail for 10 days and pay a $1000.00 fine.  I tried to explain to the lady that I get paid on the 15th of the month and the last day of the month.  I would not be able to pay the second march payment until my paycheck cleared which would be the first business day of April.  She said Well, you will need to go to jail for 10 days then.  What was amazing is how the case worker told my ex during the meeting that any agreement would be up to her to approve.  If she was not ok with an arrangement that I offered she had the right to say no and the case worker would then send me infront of the judge and recommend I go to jail right then for 10 days. I can't believe how I was treated.  I did end up being held over to see the judge today.  When I met with my court appointed attorny (another female) she was even worse.  She flat out told me that I either sign the original agreement and that will give buy me a couple weeks before I go to jail or I can go in front of the judge today and he will put me in judge today.  I thought the attorny the court appointed to reprisent me was supposed to try and help me.  She did not care at all or even want to hear what I had to say. Essentially I was treated like I had been hiding all kinds of money and was just trying to avoid paying.  I could not believe how the female case worker and femail court appointed attroney talked about me to each other right in front of my face.  To have them laugh at me and say Well it does not matter to us if you want to go to jail today lets go infront of the judge and that is what will happen. I did call my lawyer and he said Don't worry you will be fine.  This how my entire divorce has gone with Ottawa county.  Anything my ex says she believes and what ever I say I am laughed at.  Heck, even during mediation the mediator was always looking to me to agree to her demands. As it is my ex got the house and all the equity (She did not have to pay me anything).  She got $120,000.00 in alimony spread out over 5 years.  All the posessions in the house.  For me, I am looking at 10 days in jail.
Entity: Internet
12, Report #1341419
Dec 05 2016
06:51 AM
Johnny's Towing Ottawa IL Dishonest price gougers Ottawa Illinois
I just paid Johnnys towing in Ottawa $621 for pulling my car out of a ditch, after waiting over 4 hours while they were telling me all the while they were on their way. I called them after it was said and done, the dispatcher said he was going to sue me for slander if I told people about their service. It was an expensive lesson, beware beware beware.
Entity: Ottawa, Illinois
13, Report #1404148
Oct 04 2017
12:36 PM
Ottawa Textiles 2000 Inaccurate turnaround, Damaged items, very low quality Ottawa Ontario
TL/DR senile man takes 3 weeks to return project significantly worse than it was brought in. I only have three words to describe what I experienced, what, the, fuck. I was referred to textiles 2000 as a good place to look for custom upholstery for my automotive interior, it was at the moment I walked through the door that I knew I had fucked up, their shop is a tornado of a shit show, it was confirmed that there was just about no organization after handing me the most bullshit receipt/pickup slip I’ve ever seen that featured virtually no information on it. But enough about that, I met with what I presume to be the owner (senile old man) and I explained my situation. I had started a project (door panel skinning) but I had found a video online ( ) where I had seen a couple kids with no experience do the entire project without a single seam, I had nearly completed the job without a single imperfection (wrinkle) in the fabric, so I assumed if I could take it to a professional that has been in business for thirty years that they could deliver ATLEAST the quality that I as an arts and crafter could do. The owner seemed very enthusiastic, claiming I just needed to slow down and that the project was no big deal and cited a few techniques he was going to use to use in problematic spots to make the project turn out really nice.However confident this little man was, I made it VERY clear that he try one door out and I'd gladly come down to see it before he ruins my job on the other door, but I guess that went right over his head... so, he initially gave me a 7-10 day return time, of course this wasn't met and 3 weeks later they finally say they've started it, the very next day I get a call (today) to come pick up, as in this guy spent no more than a couple hours on it and I doubt anyone will argue that after seeing the pictures... I didn't have a ton of pictures of what the doors came in looking like but I was able to find one of a rather difficult section and then you can see it side by side with how it was redone... I was totally speechless; I honestly wasn’t sure whether he was even serious when he initially handed over the project, I’m truly taken aback how someone could hand over a project looking like this and still have the audacity to ask for a payment...The point is, he had more than enough opportunities to plan out the project and if it was too difficult for him I would have just taken it down the street to another upholster, however he didn't speak up once. After asking him what the f*** happened, all he could say was that this was the best he could do, frankly I pondered our initial interaction for signs that I might have been offensive or something to that matter as this seriously looks to be deliberately botched. He argued that some spots were far too difficult but has no explanation for why there is wrinkles all throughout the other pieces, it was quite clear this was a very rushed job and he didn't give a fuck. Told him to start in the corner and work out of it, he does the opposite and of course it looks like total dog.In the end, he fucked both doors completely, I’m out money, out a lot of fabric and he used so much glue, that as I begin restarting I can tell this is about to get greatly more difficult/ and/ or pieces will need to be replaced. I’m still not sure if this is real life or not. Don’t think I even need to specify which picture was the original, but it’s the first one. That small seam in the original picture is what prompted this, the life lesson here is if you don’t do shit yourself, you’re going to get fucked. Haven’t seen enough of his work and want more? Just lemme know, I can take a picture of just about any spot on this project to give you the hardest face palm ever, these couple spots were just my favourite.
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
14, Report #496064
Sep 16 2009
08:13 PM
APWindow Film Ottawa Canada APWindow Film Advance window tint Llumarr 3M APW Window film Ottawa, Ontario
I just got my windows tinted with Llumar window tint and after 3 days found out that the tint in the window did not tint all around. The guy Nathan I think was his name who tinted my windows said he had to use 3M window tint cause its better and it was because of shrinking, ya right so is his dick!My driver side window has about half an inch of clear glass going vertical along my door at the border and my rear left window had small clear glass around the edges along the top.I asked the installers helper, does he have to remove and retint?The helper didnt even speak American, I think he is from Poland or something. Bazzrow--- then this guy gave me a Watchtower and Awake bible magazine and offered me a bible course and to go to his church!  Weird, so very weird. He says everyone working at APW are good people we are all Christian brothers, jehovahs witness people.  Like I had to get out of there.I think he was tring to skimp on tinting film I paid this guy $299.00 cash and now I cant get him to fix it, make it right unless I take his bible stuff. What a RIPP OFF 3M!   Danger this guy is a religious crazy  HACK shop. Llumar, CP Window Film tints are sold by crazy people.
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
15, Report #1070625
Jul 27 2013
04:29 PM
Ottawa Business Owner Scammed and Lied to by Leo Duguay of Rothwell Group Inc. Ottawa Ontario Canada
We hired Leo Duguay of the Rothwell Group in Ottawa, ON to do some consulting and PR work for our company.I never had to deal with such a blowhard, name dropping A-hole in my life.We put up with him and his constant bolstering as he promised us results and reassured us of his contacts in both the Federal and Provincial Governments. He kept telling us how well liked he was as a previous Federal Member of Parliament under Brian Mulroney and how well connected he is if the Federal and Provincial governments. It was hard keeping up with all of his name dropping but we managed to do it somehow. We never received any results and ended up with an inflated bill. The more I talk to people in Ottawa area about Leo Duguay, the more I'm hearing the same thing over and over again. He's always promoting himself and saying how great he is at whatever topic your discussing, while name dropping and telling the same old government war stories. Unless you have a very boring life and a lot of time to waist, stay away from Leo Duguay and the Rothwell Group.
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
16, Report #1135569
Apr 04 2014
08:29 AM
Hansen builder Ottawa, Mike Hansen A total Fraud in the name of home removation Ottawa Ontario Canada
Mike Hansen from Osgoode Ottawa ripped me of more than $9000 that he took in advance for a basement renovation project and never showed up to work. Reported to the police almost two years ago but to no avail. I have posted all details plus his picture on this website: which I actually built for him as a goodwill gesture while I was waiting for our house to be finsihed and Mike to start construction.Not only be careful of entering into any deal with this person but also let me know if you know his whereabouts.Thanks
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
17, Report #142029
May 09 2005
09:25 AM ripoff my money when refunding my ticket Ottawa Internet
I purchased a ticket from web site and at the time of purchase the refund policy was just $US50 charge. But when I requested refund they deducted the US$50 and about CAD$200, when I asked why they took the CAD$200, I was told because of the non-refundable taxes. But there was mention for this non-refundable tax any where on the web site when I paid for the ticket. I filed a complaint on their web site, then they replied to my email promising to refund me the CAD$200, but they never did and they sent me another email telling me that no refund will be issued to me and the case is closed... Ahmed Ottawa, OntarioCanada
Entity: Ottawa, Internet
18, Report #58622
May 28 2003
04:42 AM
Bernard Haldane very agressive sales pitch Ottawa Ontario
Me to... I got pulled in, but thanks to this website managed to get out before finacial commitement. Minto Roy used the same plot as described by others here. He was aggresive to the point that he wanted to sign the contract on Saturday! - you know - hiring happens NOW! So I went looking on the net for flags and found 400. Thanks ripoffreport! Martin Ottawa, OntarioCanada CLICK HERE, You must read this!! ..Financial Post Article LINK - Haldane not up to the job ..exposing this company for what it really is - a huge scam
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
19, Report #503529
Oct 02 2009
08:47 PM
Summitt Energy Summit Energy, employs violent thugs. Ottawa, Ontario
A Summit Energy employee knocked on my door to sell his energy conversion scheme.I politely told him that I was not interested.I countered his attempt to objection handle by saying I have spoken to various energy companies and I am happy with the one I am with. I closed my door and was heading back to my work, when he knocked this time not using the door bell.I went back and asked him why he was knocking as I already told him I was not interested. He then proceeded to verbally abuse me, threatening me, and threatening that he would write me up for the highest rates.I said to go away and to get off my property. I then closed my door and left again.He proceeded to start kicking my door and screaming obscenities.I then opened my door, and told him to piss off or I would call the police or smash his face if he did not get off my property.Closing my door he continued to kick and knock at my door.I then called the police but unfortunately called 999 instead of 911 so there was no answer.He threathened to call the police on me for threathening him. I invited him to call the police and closed my door.The police finally came and I explained what happened, they asked if that was where he kicked the door and not surprisingly the idiot had left his muddy prints in two places on my door.The officers then went to speak with him and I have not heard back from anyone.I am curious was this guy that stupid? Did Summit Energy really think I would breakdown and sign his contract? Some Sales technique!I thought of calling the company and complaining, but then saw these comments here of how the company treats their employees and realise that this is a crooked loser company who only hires losers and drug addicts.Does anyone know what my rights are against these predators? The police advised that I get a no soliciting sign Why should I do that? I am happy to give donations to charities etc,. I just want my rights to my property respected and if I say leave you leave.Should the police not charge this Summit Employee with trespass?Is it a factor that the trespasser was white and the two Ottawa Police officers were white? Is it a factor that I was not white? From the comments posted on this site it appears that Summit Energy have a history of bad behaviour to Indian immigrants.What is the consensus out there? Love to see your response.Summit Energy if anyone of you see this don't ever come to my house again!Consider this your final warning!
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
20, Report #363076
Aug 14 2008
08:01 PM
Nutrition House Descrimination & Stereotyping Ottawa Ontario Canada
During the weekend of August 7th I had entered this supplement store located in downtown Ottawa to make a purchase. After walking in roughly 5 minutes later the cashier spoke to her co-worker, who then asked me if I needed any assistance. I responded with No, and took a look around the store in a casual fashion as I had only briefly been inside once before. I had a question for the cashier, and while waiting in line, I was automatically asked basically to leave. Her exact words were Would you mind stepping outside?, as if I had done something to offend the customers. On my way to the bus station I kept asking myself, what had happened and what I had done to receive such a cold shoulder. Once I got home I searched the internet and finally found the company's website where I immediately expressed concern as per my mistreatment by the staff at this location. Almost a week later I had received an e-mail from the VP of operations who claims that I had been potentially deemed a threat by the staff because apparently they claim I had been hiding, and crouching. In all fairness, I do not have anything against the company just the staff of this store branch and the treatment I received there. I have since become an occasional customer of the Carlingwood branch where I have yet to have any kind of problem, or conflict. Tony Ottawa, OntarioCanada
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
21, Report #1065983
Jul 10 2013
02:54 PM
Covermodels management Viresh Pujara ottawa Ontario
 COVER MODELS MANAGEMENT- His name is Viresh Pujara... If your thinking of getting involved with him....don't! This man is a lieing, scheming, thieving, fat embarrassment of a guy who will stop at nothing to suck money from you. This is how he works. He find suckers, mostly teenagers who are easily talked into having there dreams come true. Very willingly they agree to meet him for a photo shoot. The location will be totally unprofessional like his dads house or a random dark ally. He will first make you feel welcome. have a make up guy do your face and hair. His name was cory. everything seems decent, then he will say that the photo-shoot is free... Perfect nothing wrong with building your portfolio! But wait, Then he says all I need from you is money for prints. You think well sh*t how much could that possibly be... gonna cost about $130 bucks!! of course he changes his price to people who are more dumb then others. some will pay $300. Right away I clued in that something was up. U can get full on sweet prints at Costco for 20 bucks. sooo anyway I end up spending that $130 in hopes of some prints. a week goes buy, yo viresh where are my prints... don't worry ill have them for you... another week goes by, wheres my prints? Ill have them for you Tuesday. Then I end up doing a shoot. My first payless job for the sh*thead... Then half way through he says, Im gonna need another $30 bucks it was a little more then I thought. So STUPIDLY once again I give him $30... 10 minutes goes by I see him walk outside ..I follow.. down the elevator...I take the stairs, around the corner, I look through the window.... THAT FAT F**K IS USING MY $30 TO GET HIS GREASY A** HIGH! Immediately Im pissed, my shoot was done I left stomping... I wait two days, THEN BOOOM! I call him on everything, He gets extremely defensive, I go insane, He threatens my career if I try and get my money back that he will tell everyone how much of a uncooperative f**k I am. Then He leaves, blocks everything, hides from the wrath and finds a new victim... Viresh Pujara....If I run into you on the street...Im getting my money back, and your not gonna like the outcome...Im not holding back and you cant hide behind your computer and phone forever...
Entity: ottawa, Ontario
22, Report #1129919
Mar 11 2014
01:05 PM Easy Consignment Craiglist and Kijiji Scammers Ottawa Canada
I was looking for a car on a local craiglist / kijiji. Of course I find a scam telling me that his dad died and the car is in a warehouse. Just go to to get the car. The strange thing is, these guys prepared for this. If you google them, you will get FAKE websites praising them. The comments all copy and pasted asking if it's a scam and people saying no. They went to the trouble of making dozens of fake websites to say they are not a IF you look at all the websites, they have strange extensions like .US .org .co.Or in the case of the BMW forums it was with 2 Rs. They even have a fake youtube video they ripped off Fake Looking at an old blogspot, they even had a fake blog. They copied word for word another possible old fake blog titled Easy Consignment.
23, Report #470955
Aug 12 2009
08:38 PM
Ottawa Honda Dealership, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada I was Lied To at Ottawa Honda Ottawa Ontario
I visited Ottawa Honda at 955 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, a week ago, and negotiated a Civic for my wife. I told the salesperson, J. P. Gauthier of Ottawa Honda that I did not want my car to have more than 20 km on it. He said that they never sold a new car with more than 20-25 km Today we went to pick the car, and I asked him what the mileage was on the car and he said all new Honda's would be 20-25 km. Since I had asked a direct question and he gave me an answer I did not bother checking the mileage prior to signing the papers. After the fact, I realized the car had 90 km on it. I told him he just had said the car had 20 on it. He completely changes his story and said that he had done me a favor, traveled on his day off to Pembroke to drive the car to Ottawa. I told him I had been very specific about the mileage of the car, and that he had lied to me, He told me I was being ridiculous and used bad word starting with F and Sh in front of my wife, I am not sure what J. P. Gauthier has dumped on me. It might be a demo car sold to me as new. It might be a car some dealer drove for personal use, who knows? I have heard that car salesmen do anything to pick a nickel off people. But I had asked a very specific question and set a very specific condition for J. P. Gauthier, and he had given me his word, and he lied right to my face. There is not much I can do I guess, Ottawa Honda and their sales person J. P. Gauthier took advantage of my trust, and sold a used car to me as new. All I can do is warn as many as I can I would think twice about taking my business to Ottawa Honda on Richmond Road in Ottawa, Ontario If that is the type of sales person Honda hires, I would think twice about doing any business with Honda Piazzi Ottawa, OntarioCanada
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
24, Report #445214
Apr 20 2009
02:28 PM
Bloomex Bloomex's total rip-off Ottawa Ontario
I bought those flowers at, paying an extra-fee for the flowers to arrive on the same day and they arrived 1 day late. I called them 3 times, all those times, they were no representant available at the customer service department, but ALWAYS someone to get ur order...How strange...In their policy, Bloomex say that they would refund a customer if the flowers weren't getting at the right day, that's all bulls**t!! After leaving them 2 emails and 3 voicemails they answered me in an email saying that the flowers were delivered at the proper day and they were'nt gonna give me my refund! After doing a little investigation on the internet, I began realizing how many complaints got on rip-off report and other complain board. Customers were complaning about not getting the right product, about getting overcharged on their credit card or getting a fruit basket with rotten fruits inside even getting their flowers 3-4 days late. I checked my invoice from bloomex, I'm pretty lucky (in my unluck) that I only got 1 day late, but the flowers still arrived. PLEASE people, just DON'T buy at Bloomex if you wanna save yourself a headache and DO check any internet company or comments on them before buying from them!!! Jillianejolie montreal, QuebecCanada
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
25, Report #450121
May 08 2009
08:13 PM
Trendsdepot Are these guys trustable??? Ottawa Ontario
Hello,Yes, our ato shoes are authentic.Thank you for your interest.
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario

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