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1, Report #1404148
Oct 04 2017
12:36 PM
Ottawa Textiles 2000 Inaccurate turnaround, Damaged items, very low quality Ottawa Ontario
TL/DR senile man takes 3 weeks to return project significantly worse than it was brought in. I only have three words to describe what I experienced, what, the, fuck. I was referred to textiles 2000 as a good place to look for custom upholstery for my automotive interior, it was at the moment I walked through the door that I knew I had fucked up, their shop is a tornado of a shit show, it was confirmed that there was just about no organization after handing me the most bullshit receipt/pickup slip I’ve ever seen that featured virtually no information on it. But enough about that, I met with what I presume to be the owner (senile old man) and I explained my situation. I had started a project (door panel skinning) but I had found a video online ( ) where I had seen a couple kids with no experience do the entire project without a single seam, I had nearly completed the job without a single imperfection (wrinkle) in the fabric, so I assumed if I could take it to a professional that has been in business for thirty years that they could deliver ATLEAST the quality that I as an arts and crafter could do. The owner seemed very enthusiastic, claiming I just needed to slow down and that the project was no big deal and cited a few techniques he was going to use to use in problematic spots to make the project turn out really nice.However confident this little man was, I made it VERY clear that he try one door out and I'd gladly come down to see it before he ruins my job on the other door, but I guess that went right over his head... so, he initially gave me a 7-10 day return time, of course this wasn't met and 3 weeks later they finally say they've started it, the very next day I get a call (today) to come pick up, as in this guy spent no more than a couple hours on it and I doubt anyone will argue that after seeing the pictures... I didn't have a ton of pictures of what the doors came in looking like but I was able to find one of a rather difficult section and then you can see it side by side with how it was redone... I was totally speechless; I honestly wasn’t sure whether he was even serious when he initially handed over the project, I’m truly taken aback how someone could hand over a project looking like this and still have the audacity to ask for a payment...The point is, he had more than enough opportunities to plan out the project and if it was too difficult for him I would have just taken it down the street to another upholster, however he didn't speak up once. After asking him what the f*** happened, all he could say was that this was the best he could do, frankly I pondered our initial interaction for signs that I might have been offensive or something to that matter as this seriously looks to be deliberately botched. He argued that some spots were far too difficult but has no explanation for why there is wrinkles all throughout the other pieces, it was quite clear this was a very rushed job and he didn't give a fuck. Told him to start in the corner and work out of it, he does the opposite and of course it looks like total dog.In the end, he fucked both doors completely, I’m out money, out a lot of fabric and he used so much glue, that as I begin restarting I can tell this is about to get greatly more difficult/ and/ or pieces will need to be replaced. I’m still not sure if this is real life or not. Don’t think I even need to specify which picture was the original, but it’s the first one. That small seam in the original picture is what prompted this, the life lesson here is if you don’t do shit yourself, you’re going to get fucked. Haven’t seen enough of his work and want more? Just lemme know, I can take a picture of just about any spot on this project to give you the hardest face palm ever, these couple spots were just my favourite.
Entity: Ottawa, Ontario
2, Report #458281
Jun 03 2009
04:51 PM
Robbs Textiles New job scam Phoenix Arizona
I made the mistake of sending my resume to Robbs Textiles. They have employment opportunities. Being unemployed for a few months I guess I am not checking these jobs as well as I should. This job was listed in the (((REDACTED))) section of our local paper. After sending off my resume, offering my experience, and a few of my graphic designs if they were interested, I find that I have fallen for a money laundry scam. The more of us that become unemployed, the more scams that pop-up. This one sends you money orders to cash, if you can without being arrested, and the best part, they get all of your personal information first. That way, they can get your identity to fund their lifestyle. Just letting everyone know. Rebecca Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A. CLICK here to see why Rip-off Report, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.
Entity: Nationwide
3, Report #1318502
Jul 23 2016
11:39 AM
Soma Textiles India Kolkata Nationwide
AVOID THIS COMPANY Soma Textiles AT ALL COSTS. I had a 6 month consultation for this company to manufacture my Denim Fabrics, I just recently started up a new clothing brand which I was very excited about. I came across these guys on the Internet and they sounded very professional and exactly what I wanted for my business. I was very sceptical to pay full price over Western Union as they did not accept payment via pay pal or bank transfer. Weird. Anyway, soon as I paid £35000 for a sample & Bulk it's like they didn't want to know me. I called and called and sent emails which were completely ignored. I wrote complaints etc. They advised me that there were various holidays in India which has meant they couldn't send anything. 6 months now still chasing for my Denim Fabrics and a financial loss of £35000. THIS COMPANY Soma Textiles India  Denim Manufacturer IS A SCAM.
Entity: Nationwide
4, Report #247361
May 07 2007
08:19 PM
Kalo Textiles Ripoff customer representives for the united states London England
I have received a email from this man John Kalo, wanting me to become a United States customer representive. He wanted me to receive money orders/checks via ups or fedex cash them, take 12% and send the rest by wire to the company. I emailed him back and asked him if this was legal and legimante because I have kids and dont want to be involved with any illegal activity. The more I thought about this , the more I thought I should report them. the email that i received came from John Kalo Kalo textiles,, 1-3 Leinster Gardens London, United Kingdom SWii 2 BU, United Kingdom, +44-703-183-9337 is all the information I got from the email. Shanna Taylor, TexasU.S.A.
5, Report #389196
Nov 08 2008
11:13 AM
easy money cash checks, keep 10 percent, send rest western union, took to my bank manager at first it seemed legit called their bank, made sure funds were avaliable, then called buisness on check, found out that this is fraud. thank god i didnt cash this or i would of been in huge trouble it was over $3,000. Tattertott clinton, IowaU.S.A.
6, Report #348236
Jul 07 2008
10:58 AM
TN FABRICS & TEXTILES tried to get me to cash phony money orders Katy Texas
This fraugulent company keeps sending me these stolen or fake money orders to cah and to take out 10% of the money and then the rest of it on to Ghana these idots are really getting on my nerves, and the FBI wont do anything abouty it because of homeland security is more important! Do not give these people eny of your information!!! Eric san bernardino, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Katy, Texas
7, Report #358231
Aug 01 2008
03:04 PM
New York Textiles & Supply company Jamestown New York
I own The Motel. I order the supply of $ 1243.19 to New York textiles & Supply Inc. On 06/24/2008. I talked with Stacy. She told me to fax the check payble to New Yorl textiles & supply Inc. so, she can start process for ship my order. I Made a check for Amount of $ 1243.19 Payable on 06/28/2008. My Sales Order No. was 4746. They encash my check on 07/08/2008 at Charter One Bank. I tried to call them but they never pick up my phone and every time they have a new answering machine, everytime new answer. i never received my supply or no call from them or no answer. Iris motel Mount Pleasant, IowaU.S.A.
Entity: Jamestown, New York
8, Report #362066
Aug 12 2008
11:59 AM
Tn Fabrics And Textiles sent me bad checks Oxford Oxford, United Kingdom
i was to cash the checks then western union the money to accra ghana minus my pay will the first cashier check came in an i depost it in my accout waited for it to clear but if was a frud check so i never send the 2300.00 to ghana or got my cut all i got was a 45.00 fee from my bank for a bad check i wrote to the lady in charge i haven't hear a thing. i feel i intile to get reinbust my 45.00 plus my pay after all it wasn't my promble the checks there mailing out are frud my bank is notice the frud department an the police Robyn VERNON, ConnecticutU.S.A.
Entity: Scoffford Area,, Oxford
9, Report #359594
Aug 05 2008
04:40 PM
Oakwoods Textiles Ltd FINANCIAL REP RIPOFF Nationwide
On June 26, 2008 I recieved an e-mail asking me I would be able to be a finiancial representative for Oakwoods Textiles in the United States. My job would be to consolidate orders and send them one check to cover costs. I would get 7 perecent of the orders plus 1000 dollars each month. I was told to expect between 6 to 9 thousand dollars worth of orders each month. On Aug 5 I received a letter with 3 money orders totaling 2250 dollars from a lady in Kentucky. I took the money orders to my bank and ask them if they could verify them for me. Using the information on the front of each money order, the bank official discovered the real money orders had already been cashed last month and these were excellent but worthless copies. If I had blindly wrote Oakwoods Textiles a check, I would have been out $2092.50! This could be a costly scam to someone that doesn't do their homework! Warren Long Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Other
10, Report #359643
Aug 05 2008
07:11 PM
Morgan Smithfield Textiles And Fabrics Dont let it happen to you Dubia Dubia
What can i say, too good to be true it probably is. Unlike most who dont know they are being scammed until it is too late. The proceedure. Accept their job offer of getting large amounts of money. Cash them at your bank and keep 10%. No problem right? Until you get the call saying they are fraudulent checks. First thing first - Dont panic. Call Western Union or whom ever you sent the money to and stop it. Then call the bank. Be up front and file all repotts that needs to be filed. All i can say is i thought it was a way to make quick money. Luckily i caught it in time before the money was transfered into the wrong hands. Dont accept anything that has to do with online payments. Dont be fooled by the contracts that they have you signed. And dont assume anything. I had a gut feeling when i walked into the bank. And low and behold that feeling was right. Morgan if you are reading this- you will get yours in the end. that i promise. Pukaprat waikoloa, HawaiiU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
11, Report #394653
Nov 24 2008
05:20 PM
Tn Fabrics And Textiles Tina Howard THEY ALMOST GOT ME Internet
I received a email from tina howard wanting me to cash money orders keep 10% for myself and send her the rest via Western Union I did some research on the company and foud this website warning me about the company and I'm glad I did I am to receive the first package on Tuesday 11-25-08 I am going to advise the ups or fedex employee that delivers it that I refuse delivery today and all other packages from this company. I have also sent the company an email advising them that I have investigated them and I will be in touch with and attorney and the BBB and not to email me or have any contact with me whatsoever. I did however foolishly give the company me name address and phone number but no other personal information hopefully I can put a stop to this before it even starts. If anyone has any advice on what more I can do I would greatly appreciate it and I would also be willing to help others if I can. Elsie corning, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
12, Report #418182
Jan 30 2009
11:47 AM
UNION TEXTILES & FABRICS LTD. financial service London internet
this is the email i got from this individual, beware of the scam. UNION TEXTILES & FABRICS LTD. 20 Holloway Road, London, N8 8DB. Company Reg NO: 3019628 VAT Reg NO:735 773 701 Phone: 44-7031954875. Fax: 44870-974-3658. WE HAVE A JOB OFFER AVAILABLE FOR YOU IN YOUR AREA IN RESPONSE TO THIS EMAIL.WE HAVE BEEN RECEIVING ORDERS FROM DIFFERENT PLACES, WHICH WE HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO PROCESS COMPLETELY SINCE WE DON'T HAVE A PAYMENT RECEIVING PERSONNEL IN THESE AREAS.WE HAVE DECIDED TO RECRUIT PAYMENT OFFICERS ONLINE HENCE WE WILL BE NEEDING A REPRESENTATIVE TO PROCESS OUR PAYMENTS IN THESE AREAS. NO SELLING INVOLVED, NO KIT TO BUY, YOU WOULD BE GETTING A REGULAR INCOME. If interested get back with this information FULL NAME: ADDRESS: CITY: STATE: ZIP CODE: BANK NAME: OCCUPATION: AGE: PHONE NUMBER: EMAIL ADDRESS: WHENEVER YOU RECEIVE PAYMENT YOU WILL GET 10% ON EACH. IF YOU GET PAYMENT OF $3500 YOU WILL GET $350 FROM THAT AND GET THE 90% TO THE COMPANY, YOU COULD PROCESS CLOSE TO 4 CUSTOMER'S PER DAY. All information requested above must be sent to the contact information provided below. Contact Person: John Daniels E-mail: P.S: You have to note this very important information that for you to be eligible to work for our Company, you must be willing to check your e-mail at least once every day because you would be receiving an e-mail from the company every day which you must always reply to within 24hours after the e-mail is sent to you to confirm that you received the e-mail and that would show to the company how interested you are in the Job. Ike panamaPanama
Entity: Internet, Nationwide
13, Report #762488
Aug 08 2011
01:11 PM
MMA Textiles Arago, Inc. ** SCAM ALERT ** West Palm Beach, Florida
Arago, Inc. / MMA Textiles claims they are veterans making American products.  They may be veterans, but they certainly aren't adhering to American values, nor are they capable of delivering American made product.  I ordered a load of MMA gloves & MMA fight shorts, which they claim to make.  I paid via Paypal in advance.  Well, the gloves came after a couple months, with the manufacturer tags snipped out of them. (Against Federal Trade Commission law) Can you say, made in China or Pakistan?  I will.  As for the shorts; they never arrived.  After the third month, I cancelled the order.  I also sent back the gloves, which were sent by a company called Hannah Sports, which they claim is some kind of distributor.  David Pate and someone who claimed to be Andrew said they would gladly refund my money... still waiting on that.  They even told the BBB of SE Florida they refunded my money.  They DID NOT.  THEY ARE CROOKS and should be ashamed to call themselves American veterans. 
Entity: West Palm Beach, Florida
14, Report #203904
Aug 01 2006
06:27 AM
Tiffany Textiles ripoff this person emailed me for my license for a job and now no email Internet
This person emailed me and said they had a job for me. They said I would be cashing money orders for 10%and wiring them the rest of the money. They emailed me an application and I had to show id. Well, gullable as I am I filled it out and put a picure of my license on it. Wrong move, now they don't even have that email Judy chicopee, MassachusettsU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
15, Report #210980
Sep 14 2006
08:56 AM
Wahum Textiles Company Ripoff, dishonest, money orders, pay up front, scam Lagos Nationwide
Person by the name of Tom Richard contacted me through my modeling website initially for a related job. Said his company was putting on a fashion show, and he wanted me to participate. He offered to pay me $1000 up front, but with money orders or cashiers checks only. I knew it was dodgy after that. So I gave him an outrageous name to put on the money orders, and he sent them to me. He sent me $4000 worth of US postal money orders. He told me I had to take them directly to the bank and deposit them. He told me to keep my $1000, and he needed me to send the other $3000 by Western Union to some supposed fashion show producer that was putting together the show in New York. I emailed him and told him I would send him his $3000, but in his name only, and they would be sent in US postal orders as well. He was irrate and sent me all kinds of messages being beligerent and threatening. He told me if I didnt go deposit the money orders at my bank and send his business partner in NY his $3000, that he would get the police involved. I taunted him a bit more, made him very angry, and that made me smile. Finally I think he realized I wasnt going to cash the money orders and he left me alone. Bayliss Portland, OregonU.S.A.
Entity: Lagos, Nationwide
16, Report #219491
Nov 08 2006
02:38 AM
Rose Household Textiles Instant Human Resource scammed me for $4500 Manchester United Kingdom
This is one of the oldest scams in the book as far as I been told. The reason I am reporting this is because this is bigger than one little company. There is an entire enterprise built around this scam. I'm sure you've all seen them before, companys outside the US or someone outside the US wants you to accept payments for them so they may avoid the taxes for out of country transfers. You see scenarios given ranging from ones like this, to my little girl is overseas and I want to get her back home, etc. The first thing they do is ask for all your personal information like a drivers license photo. This is so they can commit identity fraud. They use the information to create fake accounts, like ones with FedEx, that will help further their scam. Now if you come across one of these and decide to take the risk, do NOT accept checks as they will be fraudulent. If you're lucky enough to get a wire transfer, atleast you know the funds are there. However, if you're bank cashes this check for you, even though they say alloted time has passed for it to clear, when that check bounces back, YOU will be responsible for the funds taken and wire transfered. Thats exactly what happened to me. I thought that if the bank cleared the check atleast, that the money was in the account it came from. Well, I found out that I was wrong. Now I'm in the hole for this money. The thing that makes this even worse is that this is a whole network designed to entrap people that need jobs, and need money. is a company that will pull resumes from places like Career builder and Monster and tell you about jobs that sound great. Homebased internet jobs where you can work from home and earn over $20 an hour. They have you go through the application process so they can get your information and lure you into a false sense of security. But the REAL purpose is to see the other jobs that are posted on the site, and it is ridden with scams like that one I mentioned. So this is about two companys and I will post a second report in the name of InstantHumanResources as well. Rose-Household Textiles is one of the probably hundreds of DBAs created just for this purpose. They even have a website. Another kicker to this is that they even tried to stick me with the postage costs from FedEx is took to mail me the fraudulent check! I received a bill from FedEx for $24 for the package. FedEx was great and was very familiar with the scam and billed it back to the sender. Unfortunately that sender is probably another victim of identity fraud. The FedEx rep was even able to name the city in Nigeria that they asked me to send the money to. So thats another clue, apparently Nigeria is the haven used to create fraudulent account from DBAs to even credit cards that are opened, money taken, and then closed the next day. So while you're applying for jobs, be careful. Trying to better yourself and getting employment over the internet isn't even safe any more, unfortunately. Jimmy Baltimore, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: Manchester, United Kingdom
17, Report #214484
Oct 06 2006
07:07 AM
Wesley Henderson - Wentworth Textiles ripoff London England Internet
I received an email from this company offering me a part time job, This is an employment opportunity for you to work online from home and earn good money. WENTWORTH TEXTILES INC needs a financial controller/ representative in the state. We are glad to offer you for a job position at our company WENTWORTH TEXTILES INC. This is in view of our not having an office presently in the USA. You don't need to have an Office and this certainly would not disturb or affect any form of work you do at the moment. ( PRESENT JOB ) We presently run a textile and fabrics industry in the UK and we need someone to work for the company as a representative/book keeper in the states. (FINANCIAL CONTROLLER). I was very excited because it sounded so good. Yes, I was skeptical since it sounded too good, so I searched the web for this company's name and came to your site. Thank you for helping me not to get used by another work scam! Example of email sent to me: Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 10:09:44 -0400 Subject: JOB OPPORTUNITY, A VERY LUCRATIVE EMPLOYMENT OFFER ( URGENT RESPONSE NEEDED). From: Wesley Henderson Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert To: CC: Good day Sir/Ma , This is an employment opportunity for you to work online from home and earn good money. WENTWORTH TEXTILES INC needs a financial controller/ representative in the state. We are glad to offer you for a job position at our company WENTWORTH TEXTILES INC. This is in view of our not having an office presently in the USA. You don't need to have an Office and this certainly would not disturb or affect any form of work you do at the moment. ( PRESENT JOB ) We presently run a textile and fabrics industry in the UK and we need someone to work for the company as a representative/book keeper in the states. (FINANCIAL CONTROLLER). We produces various clothing materials, batiks, assorted fabrics and traditional costume which we have clients we supply weekly in the US. Our clients make payments for supplies every week in form of Money Orders or Cashier's Check which are not readily cashable outside the United States, So we need someone in the US to work as our representative and assist us in processing all payments from our clients and we pay weekly salary. * The average monthly income is about $5,000.00 USD. * No form of investments from you. * This job takes only 1-3 hours per day Your task is to coordinate payments from customers and help us with the payment process. You are not involved in any sales. Once orders are received and sorted we deliver the product to a customer (usually through FEDEX OR UPS). 90 percent of our customers prefer to pay through Certified Checks and Money orders based on the amount involved so we have decided to open this new job position for solving this problem. Your tasks are; 1. Receive payment from Customers 2. Cash Payments at your Bank 3. Deduct 10% which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed 4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices you will be contacted to send payment to. (Payment is to be forwarded either by Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer). Local Money transfers take barely hours, so it will give us a possibility to get customer's payment almost immediately. Our payments will be issued out in your name and you can have them cashed in your bank or other Cashing Services, deduct your weekly salary and forward the balance to the company via western union money transfer or money gram money transfer. All i need is to forward your informations to our customers in the US so they could issue payments out to you and send via priority mail to you, as we understand that this is an incredible job position. This job takes only 3-7 hours per week. You'll have a lot of free time doing another job, you'll get good income and regular job. But this job is very challenging and you should understand its requirements. We are looking only for the worker who satisfy our requirements and will be a serious assistant. Thus, we are glad to offer this job position to you. If you feel that you are a serious worker and you want to work for WENTWORTH TEXTILES INC, Kindly indicate interest by sending your informations NAMES, FULL CONTACT ADDRESS AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS to us . Thank you for your maximum co operation. Warmest Regards, Wesley Henderson. WENTWORTH TEXTILES INC. 45 CROWNSTONE ROAD, LONDON. SW2 1LY. +44701-112-2002 +44701-112-7459 Nancy Croton, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: London, Internet
18, Report #224358
Dec 08 2006
09:08 AM
Chelsea Textiles & Fabrics employment ripoff London United Kingdom Internet
Variation of same scams I have been receiving for over a year - mostly from UK - this one offering employment. They are sending payment tomorrow via FedEx & I am to cash money order, take out pay and wiring fees (I have no idea what constitues pay) & send split balances to Nigeria to 2 different people at same address. Email comes from London address. Avril Cameron, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: London, United Kingdom
19, Report #276064
Sep 26 2007
09:50 AM
Carmel Textiles Internet Scam Check Cashing Operation for at Home Business Seekers Internet
Do Not Wire Carmel Any Money, they are a scam. They tell you they will hire you and pay you 10% of the checks you cash at your bank for them and wire the remainder of the funds to them. The checks they send you are worthless counterfeits. Report them to your bank fraud department. Wilson Raleigh, North CarolinaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
20, Report #298118
Jan 08 2008
12:15 PM
Belkin Textiles, Ltd. Scam check collection and commission ripoff. Australia Internet
See RipOff Report: #285857 for much more on this scam. This is a follow up on Jeffery Hofmann, Presley Gordon, director of Sales of Belkin Textiles, Ltd. is a scam. The response eMail address appears to be from Hong Kong, but other reports say Australia. We believe it is actually a scam from Nigeria. What ever you do, do not respond to this scam. It was reported earlier (12/18/07) as a scam. It is! The checks you are sent are phony and your bank will return them as such. I get a lot of these eMails and I really hope that no one responds to these supposed quick, easy money jobs from home as they are really scams. Don't be a sucker. Ken Rio Vista, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #350532
Jul 12 2008
02:34 PM
Sandhills Textiles - Dennis Ridout, Sent me a counterfit Cashiers Check London England
Hillside Textiles is a company that sells fabrics and textiles to companies and private parties in wholesale.We have offices in the UK and Africa.We sell and distribute our products to customers in the US and all over the world.The company is facing difficulties in selling our products to US/Canadian residence as they offer to pay in either checks or money orders,which is difficult for us to cash in the UK or Africa.And this is making us lose most of our customers already. We are looking for a representative in the US/Canada who will be working for the company as a part time worker and we will be willing to pay 10% for every transaction,which would not affect your present state of work.someone who would help in receiving payments from our customers in the US/Canada.The cost of coming to the states to get payments is very expensive,this is basically why we need a representative in the united states/canada who will be handling the payment aspect. These payments are in form of checks/money orders and they would come to you in your name, so all you need do is cash them, deduct your percentage and wire the rest back. you should be aware that the company is not scared of entrusting its money into anyones hands as it is a dully registered and recognized company and would not hesitate to report any scam artist to the country's law enforcers for proper investigations to be carried out on any scam against it. This job would not cost you any amount,you are to receive payments which will be sent to you from our customers,then you are to cash them and send the cash via western union money transfer to anywhere you might be required to send the funds to (this could either be the uk office or africa office),all transfer fees should be deducted from the funds to be sent and not from your share. If interested,please send replies to with the following details: *FULL NAME *HOME ADDRESS *PHONE NUMBER *SEX *AGE These details are needed for our customers to get across to you with their payments.We need your urgent reply to enhance improved productivity. Regards Dennis Ridout Director Accounts Hillside Textiles +447031935436 Ed Vicksburg, MichiganU.S.A.
22, Report #347440
Jul 04 2008
07:55 AM
TN FABRICS & TEXTILES fake money orders Nationwide
This company sent me some money orders to be cashed and then, I was supposed to take 10% of the money for myself and then send the money on to GHANA, The money orders were stolen they look real good but what the police told me was that they had stolen the whole machineor found a way to reproduce them, but they dont have the water mark that the bank or check cashing place has to rub off! Eric san bernardino, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Nationwide
23, Report #1428181
Feb 08 2018
11:28 PM
Mike Zargar, Pico Textiles, Inc. Rip off fabric company California
This guy has it down to a science. You order fabric by length, he cuts it shorter than you ordered and on a jagged line instead of a straight line then ships it. You get it, it is jagged and shorter than what you paid for. You complain, he then asks for pictures. He points out the jagged edge in the pictures you send then alleges that YOU MUST HAVE CUT IT and refuses to refund your money. How do you dispute that? Its the perfect scam! He stole my money, like candy from a baby. I did a face palm when I looked him up on LinkedIn and it says he is 'Presidnet' of the company. Just another hack scamming money from people.
Entity: California
24, Report #353442
Jul 20 2008
03:08 PM
New York Textiles & Amenities Fraud Motel Supply by New York Textiles & Amenities JAMESTOWN New York
Fifty days ago, on May 29, 2008 I ordered motel supplies from New York Textiles & Supply Inc. I mailed them check in the amount of $1466.00. They cashed the check on June 13, 2008. As of today, I have not recieved the shipment from them. I called them several times and every time, I was told that I will receive the shipment in three to seven days. When I ask the name of the person, they refuse to give me. Now, they do not pick up my phone. I saw one other Ripoff Report on this website citing the same company. I intend to pursue this matter to Attorney General, Better Business Bureau and Small claim Court. I can not let this company to get away from this fraud. Your suggestions are appreciated. Somer's cove motel Crisfield, MarylandU.S.A.
Entity: JAMESTOWN, New York
25, Report #352104
Jul 16 2008
05:37 PM
New York Textiles & Amenities, Inc. New York Textiles and Amenities, Inc. - DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!! Jamestown New York
Ripoff Deal - We received a fax from this company on 5/5/08 for low price products with free shipping! We thought what a great deal, lets order and place the order on 5/14/08. On 5/15/08, I received the order confirmation and after review I even increase it. I wanted free shipping and increase my order for $1,019.78 to be exact. I called and asked for my order confirmation several times. I received it on 5/29/08. They called me and asked me if I received my order confirmation. Then they told me to faxed and mailed our check to them to have the order process. They also said that as soon as they receive payment my order will be shipped and we should receive it in 2 weeks. We sent check, they cashed it, called many times to find out where is our shipment. Last told that they were really busy and would try to get it out before July 4 holiday with an apology and thank you for your patient. Well, as of today which is 7 weeks, I have not received shipment. I proceed to look up company on web. They are on the BBB site with 111 reports file on them as 'Unsatisfactory'.(Last time I look). After reading several reports, I think I will call my bank to see if they can help. . . Housekeeping Houma, LouisianaU.S.A.
Entity: Jamestown, New York

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