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26, Report #409205
Jan 07 2009
01:58 PM
I ordered a pair of Bapes on 12/5. My credit card was charged on the 12/7 and I still have not received no shoes. I have sent numerous emails and no replies. I have called many times to be told mail box is full but could leave number for pager, but still no phone calls have been returned. I tried to file a report with the Better Business Bureau, but didn't have all the info required. I needed a physical street address. All I know is the number is a California number. This gives internet sales a bad name, cause they claimed to have being a secured and trustworth site whcih was established in 2006. Have they been ripping people off for two years????????? Marvelousa johnson Cithy, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
27, Report #426121
Feb 19 2009
01:23 PM
Advanced Wellness Research Inc. Popular rip off Nampa Idaho
This company put five charges on my account. When I called trying to get an explanation, no one would help me. I've filed a dispute charge with my credit card since the company would not help me with returning products for a credit. Carolyn Salem, New YorkU.S.A.
Entity: Nampa, Idaho
28, Report #391517
Nov 15 2008
05:56 AM
Popular Motrgage ripping us off for their mistake San Juan Nationwide
I had health issues and was out from work, now i completely understand eyou have to pay for what you purchase , but all we were looking for was some help and understanding . none of which we received from these crooks, we also received a notice from our city clerk saying that these idiots at popular mortgage never payed for our city taxes and the city would also try foreclosing on our home which would have made this a second attempt at foreclosure on us by the hand of popular mortgage i was told by county clerks office to make popular mortgage pay the back taxes and that under no circumstance were we to let popular mortgage to take the funds from our escrow, which they did and raised our house payment double what we were paying in sense hoping we could not afford it so they may have an opportunity to take the house from us a third time? i called and spoke with them telling them that the county clerk said that they were not to have taken the taxes from our escrow in sense the guy i spoke with said well it was not their fault they bought the account from someplace and did not see it? so they bought something blind without looking at the purchase and i pay the price? then in a nice way he told me to get bent that i would pay for their short coming and to have a nice day and hung up also would try to make us pay late payments and kept harassing the house hold with non stop calling looking for payment we made on time that were being held in their cashiers dept. and not being posted this is definitely a hard lender that goes completely unchecked by the federal government it is not fair to us the consumer, not to have a say as to who picks our contracts up , we wanted to do business with the company that originated the loan not these strong armors who keep screwing us to gain a profit what a way to treat a disabled vet who fought for this country, and yet can not own a piece of it without prejudice and harassment Wpetty clarksville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: San Juan, Nationwide
29, Report #816929
Jan 02 2012
03:33 PM
Ontel Products Salon Express- product item , TV advertisement Outrageous & Popular RipOffs, Ontel Products, Fairfield , New Jersey
I ordered six (6) Salon express on 12/15/2011, Order # 7885-34263, talking with the lady we discussed shipping my order so that it would arrive before Christmas, I agreed to the extra fee.  But when I received my order on 12/30/2011 it was too late. I am requesting a full refund for the products that were to be shipped before Christmas. I am refusing the product and it will arrive to your address soon. After receiving the items I read that you have a 30 day money back guarantee less shipping/processing & handling charges. I dont think I should be charged back the $48.93 for shipping/processing & handling charges, since you did not meet the agreement. As I already stated the order was refused because of not arriving before Christmas as agreed with your representative. I expect the $108.93 refunded back to my Visa card upon arrival of the returned products. Just for the record, I feel that everyone that buys your products is getting ripped off when it comes to the shipping and handling & processing fees. You ship the items all in one box instead of individually and therefore it cost you much less than what you are charging ($6.99 each item). That is extremely taking advantage of the customer; you actually are lying to each and every customer, because it is misleading when you state pay separate shipping and handling on the advertised product ad on television and what your representative state, also. It makes the customer think that you are shipping products separately and that is why the extra cost. I was excited waiting for the order, but was saddened when the product did not arrive before Christmas. I have put in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and with the FTC and Ripoff Report in regards to this matter, I await response. I am sure that you will handle this complaint with the utter most importance.  
Entity: Fairfield, New Jersey
30, Report #863922
Apr 04 2012
03:02 PM
Trans Union Credit Report Outrageous and Popular Ripoff, Internet
do not give credit card information to trans union credit report information. they will charge your card for a free 7 day trial in the amount of 29.95 and not refund your money. they are ripoffs.
Entity: , Internet
31, Report #120639
Dec 01 2004
11:26 AM
Premier Premium Communications rip-off! Dishonest, fraudulent billing! Outrageous! Fort Worth Texas
I have received a bill for a pay per view website that I have never used, the bill is for a phone call to the UK +44 207 335 84 for 6 minutes on the 7th of November for $30.00. The bill states These charges are for an entertainment fee (minimum 6 minutes) for access to pay per view websites. This is an invalid and fraudulent bill and I refuse to pay it. As many of the other rip off reports for this company, I will continue to pursue this in every way possible. I also, have had to wipe out my computer and start again. These people should be prosecuted for what they are doing! Also like other entries, I have not been able to speak to an actual person at Premier Premium Communications nor can I access the website that is stated on the bill. Jessica Downingtown, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.
Entity: Fort Worth, Texas
32, Report #102523
Aug 06 2004
10:41 PM
ONE 12 MINUTE COLLECT CALL THROUGH MCI FROM EULESS, TX TO OWASSO, OK COST ME A TOTAL AMOUNT OF $22.19. THIS IS MCI BREAKS DOWN THE BILL: Billing For: MCI MCI Billing Questions: 1-800-585-7928 Current Charges Monthly Service (See Detail) Itemized Calls (See Item 1)... 20.45 MCI Current Charges(before taxes) 20.45 Federal Tax .. .61 State and Local Taxes ..... 1.13 1 Itemized Call Item Date Time Place Called Area Number Rate* Min Amount Calls from 918-2XX-XXXX 1 07/10 09:44PM OWASSO OK 918 2XX-XXXX ES 12.0 min COLLECT FROM EULESS TX 817 8XX-XXXX 20.45 # Total Itemized Calls for MCI (before taxes) .... 12.0 20.45 BE WARNED...MCI IS THE BIGGEST RIP-OFF TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!!!! DON'T USE IT...PLEASE Betty OWASSO, OklahomaU.S.A.
Entity: Tulsa, Oklahoma
33, Report #67581
Sep 25 2003
01:45 PM
SPARTAN TOOL COMPANY Outrageous Rip-Off, Defective Merchandise, Lousy Service MENDOTA Illinois
Spartan Tool will Rip you off. They will sell you defective merchandise and will not make good on exchanging it. I have been working with them for over 14 months and still have a piece of electronic equipment that does not work. I keep sending it back for repair because they refuse to exchange it. It cost me $4300.00 and they will only exchange it if I pay another $1500.00. DO NOT let them rip you off! DO NOT buy anything from them! Their upper management are liars and cheats! Their sales people can not help you, their hands are tied. Once they get your money they IGNORE YOU! Cheated customer Anonymous, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: MENDOTA, Illinois
34, Report #36008
Nov 22 2002
12:41 PM
Ameriquest, Ocwen False promises, outrageous fees, total rip-off liars victimized us Santa Ana California
Dear Suzanne, Please, I beg of you to reconsider before you go through with rifinancing through Ameriquest. I have read all of the reports on Ocwen and I fully agree you should get out from under them as quickly as you can, but please don't go with Ameriquest! You say that Ameriquest is fully symathetic and understanding of your situation? Well, that's how they get you! They will tell you everything you want to hear and be so kind and neighborly...'till you sign the papers...Then, the nightmare begins! Trust me you need to look into legitimate resourses...they are out there. My husband and I feel so foolish and embarrassed that we fell for such a scam. They have all but destroyed us...and that's what they do, that's how they make their money. They prey on people while they are down, and once they get you, they own you! And they will also tell you that your credit is worse than it really is and tell you that they are the only ones who would ever consider giving you a loan. They did it to us and we were so foolish for believing them. Please shop around, check out companies, look into government programs, and NEVER go with a sub-prime lender if you can avoid it. I just don't want to see anyone else lose everything as my family has. It's probably too late for us, but you still have a chance. Please don't be taken in again. Best of luck to you~ Affraid to give name M Winchendon, Massachusetts Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Ameriquest Mortgage Company
Entity: Santa Ana, California
35, Report #49547
Mar 17 2003
03:04 PM
SBC, Ameritech, Sprint rip-off deception with outrageous calling card fees Chicago Illinois
When my husband and I recently went to Mexico for vacation, we used our SBC/Ameritech/Sprint calling card to call home and check on our son. This card was sent to us by SBC to supposedly Get connected with one number and allow us to make calls (local and long distance) while away from home with the convenience of having the charges billed to our home phone bill. The card says on it that calls will be provided by Sprint or SBC Long Distance. It also gives an access number to dial From Mexico to use the card. Well, we just received our phone bill and to our shock, we have been charged $5 per minute for these calls. Our long distance bill for a one week vacation is over $400! In addition, the bill claims that these charges are not for services provided by Ameritech, but for services provided by some company called International Satellite Communications. We believe this is a huge scam. If you use your SBC/Sprint calling card, is it not safe to assume that your service will be provided by SBC/Sprint and that you will be charged a reasonable rate? Why was service provided by this other company who is obviously charging whatever they please? And why were we not made aware of this prior to receiving the bill? We are in the process of investigating this and I will update this if any resolution occurs. In the meantime I would like to warn everybody about using your local services calling card, especially if it is SBC/Ameritecg/Sprint! Krista Lake Villa, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Chicago, Illinois
36, Report #20760
May 13 2002
01:08 PM
America's Service Station rip-off outrageous repair estimate Richardson Texas
Luckily I avoided being ripped off by America's Service Station. I had a minor accident and hit a curb which bent my front wheel. America's Service Station towed my car, and called to give me an estimate. Their estimate was $3500. I decided that I would have to file a claim with my insurance company. After my insurance adjustor came out and looked at the damage, he called and told me that the insurance company would pay for $1400 dollars worth of damages, and this was per the Mitchell estimate system (which all shops and insurance companies are supposed to be familiar with, according to my insurance adjustor.) I called America's Service Station to ask about the discrepancies between their estimate and my insurance company's estimate. America's Service Station told me that they could fix the car there for $1400. I was suspicious of both my insurance company and America's Service Station because the difference between the two amounts was so large, but when I called my insurance agent, he assured me that the parts they were ordering were name brand parts and that America's Service Station had told me I needed unnecessary parts. I noticed that many of the parts they told me had to have replaced are listed in the complaints below: tire rod, struts, etc. If I had not filed a claim with my insurance, America's Service Station would have charged me over $2000 more than necessary. Destri Richardson, Texas
Entity: Richardsom, Texas
37, Report #423763
Feb 13 2009
10:50 AM
Ted Waldron Locating Services Unbelievably Outrageous Rip-off Toronto Ontario
Ted Waldron who introduced himself to me as Mr. Waldron was hired by my vending company to located 3 Office Deli Refreshment units at the cost of $1,500 in July of 2008. He found locations for all three with an agreement to relocate at no additional cost if any or all of the locations found to be unprofitable within 90 days. In less than a month two of the three locations were found to be un safe and useless. I call Ted and informed him about the situations. He told me personally that he will immediately start looking for new locations as per our agreement. That was the last time I heard fron Ted. I left messages after messages for more than two months every single week. He refused to reply to all my calls. I even went to his home and found the door locked. I had to pay $1000.00 more to relocate the two machines with another company. For an individual who is just starting a small business, this is a big loss which should not have happened. It is sad!!!! Very sad!!!!!! Shoonaa Etobicoke, OntarioCanada
Entity: Toronto, Ontario
38, Report #334651
May 24 2008
01:10 PM
Midland Funding Outrageous RiP Off Company ! San Diego California
Well,this group of scumbags have tried to pull the same scam on me.I received a summons to appear in a court mediation hearing regarding a debt they claimed was never paid.Thanks to the Rip Off Report,I was able to find their telephone number.I called,and when someone finally answered,instead of hello he said Attorney. After a few of minutes of talking,he said they were going to get me. I asked him if he was threatening me,he then pretended there was something wrong with his phone,end of conversation. I immediately called our State Attorney's Office and filed a complaint.I also filed a complaint with FTC. This comapny buys bad debt portfolios at Wal Mart prices and attempts to collect on these debts using scare tactics.Then they find some group of half assed attorneys who are supposed follow through with the debt collection. There is much more to this sad story,but my advice to anyone who is being threatened by this group of thugs is not to play nice with them.The only way to get these creeps off your back is to nail them hard and fast. They are a boiler group operation,and are hard to track down.But even rats need to come out sometime.Don't agree to anything they want,demand proof of the debt...they are the worst of worst And finally don't panic,they work on commission ! Fred Pensacola, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: San Diego, California
39, Report #467301
Jul 08 2009
06:19 AM
Power Sellers Guide Rip off, fraudulent, scam, outrageous Pleasant Grove Utah
Beware of email's or web sites offering a free ebay startup kit, or a free sellers start up kit from Craigslist.com They are both rip offs. I ordered the free ebay startup kit for supposedly $2.97 for the shipping. The $2.97 was taken out of my checking account and a month later I did not have the kit. I called the number and it ended up being Powersellersguide and they said they would resend the kit that day, and I would have 30 days to decide if I wanted to be in their program. Unfortunately I did not read the fine print which stated that if I did not respond in so many days, my bank account would be charged $63.00 every month. After two months I still did not have the kit, so I called again and they said they tried to charge my account $63.00 but it was declined. (fortunately I did not have any money in my account at the time) After arguing with a foreigner that I could barely understand, she said she would cancel my account and not charge any thing to my bank account. I asked for a refund on the kit ($2.97) but I can't get that back either and still no kit. The same thing happened with craigslist.com only they did charge my account $83.00 and when I asked for a refund, they said we do not give refunds, you should have read the fine print. I also did not get my money back for the kit that I never received. They do not give a dam. The are nothing but scam artists. Plus, the above sites have many pop ups that come on you computer often. Judy b Hamlet, IndianaU.S.A.
Entity: Pleasant Grove, Utah
40, Report #447951
May 01 2009
01:04 AM
Greatfun.com Totally -outrageous-rip off and can't ever get out or your money back... Internet
Great fun took my money and I have no way of cancellation with them and I am still trying to stop them Tanya ceres, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Internet
41, Report #459684
Jun 08 2009
12:35 PM
Suncoast Gas Station RIP OFF >> OUTRAGEOUS GAS PRICES Orlando Florida
I was running on empty on my way to the airport to pick up my parents. After picking them up, I pulled into the nearest gas station to put just enough gas to last me until we got near home. There was no marquee sign w/ prices like most gas stations and I figured it would just be a couple cents/ at most 10 cents more than home. I was filling up before I realized I was paying $4.39/gallon for REGULAR GAS!!! Ughhh... I was SOOOOO upset! DO NOT SUPPORT this ripoff company! ucfgirl orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Orlando, Florida
42, Report #590395
Apr 07 2010
08:17 AM
I was checking my account on line and notice a charge of $19.95 debited from my account on April 6, 2010 made out to Uniguard Legal Services.  I immediately called my bank and inquired about the charge and they told me to call the company and find out what I had authorized. I told them that I had never heard of that company nor had I authorized the company to debit my account for anything.  The bank manager asked me to come and file a dispute and they would reverse the charges.  After hanging up the phone, I decided to check previous months of my checking account only to find that on March 5, 2010 there was another charge debited from my account of $19.95 made out to Uniguard Legal Services.  I have contacted my attorney to deal with this company.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I work very hard for my MONEY and I will not let anyone STEAL it from me.
Entity: Naples, Florida
43, Report #815849
Dec 30 2011
11:45 AM
Telebrand Bake Pops Bake Pops Rip Off - Procedure does not work. Charged Outrageous shipping fees. Internet
Ordered Bake Pops from Telebrand, went for second set free.   Advertised cost on TV was $16.99 plus one free set.  REAL COST was $19.99 plus $17.99 shipping!!  Total cost $39.18 for a useless set of backing pans that WILL NOT produce Bake Pops!  It bakes little balls of fluffy cake that will not stand up to being placed on stick, or iced.  Real cake pops recipe is a totally different procedure and does not even require this baking set.    SHOULD HAVE DONE THE RESEARCH!!
Entity: Internet, Internet
44, Report #763778
Aug 11 2011
10:54 AM
QTBill.com 5636 W 74th RIP-OFF - Outrageous charges for 1 min phone call Indianopolis, Indiana
What a rip off - $17.95 for a local call - which is 75 cents. If these charges weren't so outrageous I would probably pay them - but - REALLY? Almost $18.00 for a local 1 minute call?  Let's get real!
Entity: Indianopolis, Indiana
45, Report #831930
Jan 31 2012
03:37 PM
Misplaced my initial papers that arrived with product - tried to find information on the web where I could write or call and ask how I went about returning the product so I would not have to pay, but there was nothing available - spent over an hour goggling every where I could think of - then thank goodness, my credit card would not work so they have turned a collection agency onto me for the $98.00 - when I told the first woman on the phone I did not want the product but didnt know how to return it but had no intention of paying she hung up on me - great customer servce on top of everything else - Wonder if Patti knows what a stellar company she is represesenting!!! now my credit rating will be affected and that really pisses me off!!! and I don't have a clue what to do about it but write a letter to the credit reproting companies to attach to the report.
Entity: Internet, Internet
46, Report #842252
Feb 20 2012
02:33 PM
Sensa Intelligent Beauty SENSA Weight-Loss System RIP-OFF, SCAM, UNETHICAL, FRAUD, OUTRAGEOUS SCAM Internet, Internet Internet, Internet
I signed up at TrySensa.com for a free trial of their weight loss product. I told the person I was talking to on the phone that I did not want anything that was a hassle  or being charged continually for products.  She assured me I would receive the free trial with no obligations whatsoever. I received my so called free trial, plus $90 more of the powdered crap that I did not order and do not want.  I have returned all of this to them but am receiving calls from collection companies.  And threats for third parties to be involved.  I was lied to, cheated, misled and threatened.   I have family members that are battling with cancer and I don't have time or energy to fight this company over this.  Can't someone please stop things like this from happening?  My mother always said nothing is free.  She was right!  Thanks
Entity: Internet, Internet
47, Report #269135
Aug 21 2007
11:48 AM
Legacy LD International SCAM-- Rip off Billing - Outrageous rates Cypress California
BEWARE... On July 19th, 2007 my mother accepted a collect call from my son in the same city. He was simply in a dead zone and couldnt use his cell phone. When my mom received her bill... she was charge $16.25 for 5 minutes for that call from LEGACY LD INTERNATIONAL INC. I called the company as these charges were simply outrageous and the call lasted at the most for 1 minute. AT&T her service providers were unable to assist as this was third party billing. I called Legacy and was simply told that they automatically round out the minutes and the charges were correct. They were also unwilling to compromise as I stated we did owe for the collect call and would be glad to pay normal rates for it.. Even $2.00 per minute.. but the $3.25 was unrealistic... No luck.. They dont care.. PLEASE note these charges were NOT listed on the phone either to indicate how much a collect call would be ! BEWARE !!! Lynn Canton, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Cypress, California
48, Report #1156120
Jun 20 2014
12:06 PM
Northstar Alarm Services Outrageous rip off, dangerous wiring, terrible customers service Orem Nationwide
This is very unprofessional from an alarm company to have dangerous wiring that could catch the house on fire, and poor customers service that only cares about payments instead of the safety of their customers. I called them in May about sending a technician out and i'm just now gaining contact with them after the new alarm company told me about the dangerous wiring Northstar did to the house. Now Northstar wants to send out a technician...to late for that! I would not recommend Northstar to anyone! Receive their service at your own risk, you will regret it!
Entity: Orem, Nationwide
49, Report #993067
Jan 07 2013
09:00 PM
Presonus PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. Defective product + outrageous charge to repair = rip off Baton Rouge, Louisiana
I purchased a Presonus firestudio Project recording interface in 2009. I paid $400 for this piece of equipment. I assumed that since it would be a studio piece of equipment that I would never have to worry about it wearing out. Its job was to sit on a rack and direct incoming signal to my computer. There would be no travel or out of studio use. I did not use this device daily and when I didnt use it I turned it off. Over the time I used it I recorded a few hundred songs. I recorded one and a half albums. And then in 2012 it died. Right in the middle of an album. I was forced to use a two channel interface instead of my Presonus which is an 8 channel interface. I contacted the company shortly after this and after emailing them for a month I was sent a shipping number and a form to fill out. The form had a place for my credit card number and a list of charges for various pieces. The charge was $95. for repair. This I didnt understand, I paid $400 for this unit, and never mistreated it, and the company wants another $95 to fix their defective equipment. This is wrong, if they want to charge a shipping charge - fine. But trying to take more of my money for a defective piece of crap, well thats wrong.
Entity: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
50, Report #7707
Nov 12 2001
12:00 AM
The Red Cross - Seeing Red *EDitor's Comments
I'm surprised Charities is not a category on this report. Recent news show strong congressional criticism of Red Cross on how they used the money people contributed for the 9/11 WTC disaster. If you contributed, and you thought your money would go towards the victim's families and/or rescue efforts, think again. Red Cross used a large part of these contributions for its own overhead costs and reserves for future disasters. I am more surprised at how my father, a WWII veteran, was NOT surprised about this. To this day he, and others from his battalion, hold a sour grudge against this organization. Why? Because while stationed in Belgium fighting the Bulge, the Red Cross would charge them for food and other services!
Entity: Washington, DC?, Nationwide

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