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1, Report #1167823
Aug 06 2014
11:34 AM
Outskirts Press, Inc. Just BAD business... Internet
   It's becoming easier to see but increasingly difficult to look at these types of companies whom simply 'Take-the-money-and-run'! I recently purchased a publishing package from Outskirtspress in the hopes of finally getting some transparency for my book. Long shory short, I paid for my service, hit a brickwall with using their website and haven't heard from them since. I never even got the opportunity to upload my manuscript or author photo. After 2 days of sending emails and leaving voicemails, I haven't yet heard as much as a whisper from ANYONE at this company!!! Needless to say, I have requested a refund but something tells me that I'm going to have to take them to small claims court to achieve that. I was a brand new customer for them and they promptly stole my hard earned money as quickly as I could get it to them. This place is the embodiment of why consumers have lost faith in business...
Entity: Internet
2, Report #982815
Dec 16 2012
10:19 AM
Outskirts Press, Inc., Brent Sampson none Outskirts Press Scam Parker, CO , Colorado
OUTSKIRTS PRESS SCAM:     The 9 months experience of deception, delay, needless repetition, waiting, so called misunderstanding, lack of consideration for my input, intent to do harm all seem to be an attempt to have me give up on the publishing of my book.     This book was to be a follow-up of my first book in 2007 and was to be of the same format and follow the same guidelines of the first book.  I thought this being the case the book would be able to move to publication quite readily with little delay or complication.      The acknowledgement of payment was sent Feb. 5, 2010, (2) and ready for Approve Production.  All requested information was selected in my Authors Center and the notation that this book was to have the exact same format as the 2007 book, including the cover and the page makeup.  The only change was the cover color and the photo. (9) After several requests to confirm the cover color and photo the cover design was finally approved on May 7, (17) which was 13 weeks into the contract.  And then I got another pitch to spend $300.00, for a custom design.      On June 10, (18) I sent a complaint that we were in the 19th week and only the cover was determined.  At this point where were the proofs for me to read for any corrections??  And when can I expect this??     My cause for breach of contract and damages is because of consistent disregard, for whatever reason, the promise of 10 to 13 weeks for production that has extended into 9 months of deliberate delays.  I have no idea as to why this deliberate posture was taken.  If it was because of the content of the book or hoping I would just go away.  In any event it was a planned posture to do harm to me as a client.  I was deprived of 8 to 9 months of having my book marketable and available to the public, therefore my reasoning for the suit being at $7,500.00.      To complicate the association it was difficult to communicate as in phoning only voice-mail would come up with no response, Outskirts Press had no physical office address just a box number at a UPS station.  When the Douglas County sheriff tried to serve the summons he failed to deliver as the box number was all he had.  Luckily that I lived nearby that I could find where Brent Sampson physically resided so he could be served.  The only evidence I found was that of his personal residence so I assume he must be working from his house.      It seems even the cast of characters in their operation are dubious if they are real people or made-up as being their staff when only 3 or 4 people run the whole business.  A business run totally through computer and internet with a fictitious  staff and a non-existent printing facility.   Through the local library I found Brent Sampsons residential address and found he was apparently working from the basement of his home with at best 3-4 people and no real physical offices.  His book printing and binding must be let out the lowest bidder and they set the final format of the book???     To each delay my response was immediate and corrected by the next day in order to keep the production going. GALLEYS OR PROOFS     Finally on October 10, I was notified that the proofs were ready for my review and to make any corrections necessary which were my responsibility.       Over the course of 8 months I sent 4 different CDs of the book as none seemed to suit their production team and always they complained that the CDs couldnt be used as compiled??  On June 6, I received an email from Jones that the book designer had started the manuscript and now the double talk started about objects/images and to resubmit in Word Format  also best if the text was not in bold and italics (of which there were none) and to remove the page numbers or I would be charged for their removal?? Again I asked if they had looked at my first book to produce it just the same.      On July 1, (20) I sent an ultimatum as to continuing with the project and because of the ongoing time element found them at breach of contract.  No response.      On July 29, I receive an email that they couldnt work with the current CD and that they needed it in straight text??  At this point I sent the entire book to them in an email under an attachment on August 10,(24) and Jones confirmed they could work with this.  Why did it take 6 months to tell me to send by email the manuscript?      Finally, on October 10, (24) I was notified that the proofs were ready for my corrections. This was almost 9 months into the contract.      In reviewing the proofs the contents of 250 pages did not comply with the page numbers hence they had 253 pages and didnt match the contents.  The basic pages nowhere nearly matched the format of the first book as I had requested it was a totally different layout and unacceptable.     Apparently Outskirts doesnt have its own press but uses several printers in the Denverarea to publish for them and it is hit or miss as to who gets the job and no continuity when a follow-up book is published.     I started correcting the proofs October 10, (25) when it dawned on me that even when I completed this part it could well be another 3 months, as the project had been moving,  before I had the book in hand.      At this point, moving toward a year, I gave up and decided to go to court.  Outskirts Press with malice aforethought to delay or corrupt the progress by contempt.  This was predetermination to commit an act without legal justification or excuse, a malicious design to injure, an intent to do harm.      At this juncture it is apparent that Brent Sampsons scam is to lead a client on a goose chase for weeks and months until they give up and do not get any refund for the contract.      Luckily I lived in the county just south of his operation and took him to small claims court where the suit was resolved.  I just think of other authors who have been scammed by him as they had no access to him as he keeps it well hidden.     Brent Sampson is an ongoing lie, establishing a fictitious & devious business.     He may be contacted at:   10940 S. Parker Road 515   888-672-6657                                               Parker, CO  80134, Douglas County
Entity: Parker, Colorado
3, Report #1183262
Oct 16 2014
12:11 PM
Outskirts Press Horrible experience Internet
When I was first publishing, and Outskirts Press was getting my money, service was personal and great. After the book was published, I could not get help. I could not get a person to call me, I was misguided on costs to lower the price of my book, and the people are rude. Through emails is the only mode of communication and that is poor. I believe this company is a scam and a rip off. I believe they purposefully give false quotes and then claim you owe more. I have tried for three weeks to get someone to help me. The girl who emails me takes no responsibility for poor communication and in fact blames me! I have requested twice to speak to a manager but get no call. Instead I get forwarded to the same girls email. I could not be more frustrated. I will not recommend this company. 
Entity: Internet
4, Report #1281353
Jan 20 2016
08:52 PM
Outskirts Press Ms. Jodee Thayer The Shadow of Olympus, a novel of the first human colony on Mars and their discovery that they are not alone there. Parker Colorado
In the autumn of 2014 I took my book, The Shadow of Olympus, away from Author House Publishing Co. because they were bought out by Daw/Penguin- a company that mistreated a written manuscript that I sent to them two years before that.  A.H.P. also was very stingy with royalties for my book and never provided any sales figures for it  while I was their client.  Unfortunately, Outskirts Press has been even worse!  In fifteen months as their client I have never received a penny in royalties! My sci-finovel is not a peice of drivel, either.  It received two five star reviews from two of its readers* in BarnesandNoble.com- the on-line bookstore for the prestigious Barnes and Noble Book Store chain.  It was also on display in a book fair in New York City last summer (2015). I want to take my book away from O. P. and market it myself, as an e-book, through a commercial website that I create (or through a consignment agreement with Amazon.com).    * One each in Algeria and Australia.
Entity: Parker, Colorado
5, Report #1235062
Jun 11 2015
05:55 PM
Outskirts Press Ripped me off after paying them $1,000 to publish my book they show no payment and no book, not published Parker Colorado
 I contacted Outskirts Press to inquire about publishing my book. They give a selection of services of which I choose The Diamond package at the amount of $1000.  Shortly after making payment I was turned over to the second contact who promised a conference phone call at three pm. Instead she sent a text saying;  I am in the movie theater.  I wrote back: So what does that mean to me.  Have not heard from her or the Manager Elizabth Javar or anyone else from Outskirts Press since then. 
Entity: Parker, Colorado
6, Report #1150206
May 28 2014
09:22 AM
Outskirts Press Customers are baited by Outskirts Press' advertising products and services at a low price, but when customers visit the website, they discover its a scam. AFTER I purchased my package I was informed that the book format that I wanted was unavailable. Parker Colorado
  Customers are baited by Outskirts Press' advertising products and services at a low price, but when customers visit the website, they discover it's a scam. AFTER I purchased my package I was informed that the book format that I wanted was unavailable. I had already purchased the package and was not allowed a refund. Each time I want to change anything or reformat OUtskirts incurs high fees. They also incur storage fees which I was not informed about as well. I should not have to pay for storage fees when I've already published a book with my own money!   I have never been paid a royalty fee from Outskirst and I have had several people tell me that they have gone to my website and ordered books. In addition they have gone online to Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc and I still have never received any royalty amount. These sales do not show up in my profile.   This is a true Bait and Switch operation as you are not told that the options you want are not included until after you have purchased your package.   I have been in contact with Outskirts on several occasions after I first purchased my package but have never gotten any resolution to my complaints aabout the misrepresentation.   I recently learned that there are several other people who are dissatisfied with this company so I decided to contact the BBB with my complaint.     Fee Details:   11/09/2011  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  P-Pub Revision Set Up Fee  $149.00    11/09/2011  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  P-Pub Add F2-HB (diff size as PB)  $299.00    04/15/2011  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  P-Pub Hourly Work Interior (F1 and/or...  more  $12.50  P-Pub Hourly Work Interior (F1 and/or F2)   03/13/2011  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  P-Pub Revision Set Up Fee  $149.00    12/19/2010  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  Celebrity Endorsements (5)  $99.00    11/27/2010  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  25 Additional Interior Edits  $15.00    11/24/2010  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  Galley Edit Fee  $49.00    08/03/2009  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  Cover Custom  $299.00    07/09/2009  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  Copyright  $99.00    07/09/2009  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  Images Digital 10 pack  more  $147.00    02/20/2009  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  Publishing fee pearl (after deposit)  $1,064.00    03/05/2008  47803A  Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure  Publishing Deposit  $35.00    Total:  2416.50 Paid by Discover Card      THE FOLLOWING ARE APPARENT CHARGES OWED BY ME THAT WERE INCURRED WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR KNOWLEDGE OF THESE ADDITIONAL FEES.    Annual storage fee per format Price: $25.00 Quantity: 1 Title ID: 47803A (Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure)   2014 -- format 1 $25.00Annual storage fee per format Price: $25.00 Quantity: 1 Title ID: 47803A (Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure)   Title ID: 47803A (Zach & Dougie Dragonfly's Adventure) $25.00    Consumer's Desired Resolution: I would like a refund of all expenses incurred by me because of the misrepresentation and intention to bait and switch the publishing package purchased. Unknown to me this package included  ongoing and continuous fees and charges unknown to me when I purchased the package.In addition, if I want to make any changes to my book I am forced to pay astronomical revision fees! AFTER purchasing my package I was then informed the size and format of my book was not available. Unknown to authors, Outskirts also sets the pricing on books so that they make the highest commissions. My book ended up to be so high priced that it doesn't sell well. If I want to change the format I will forced to pay the astronomical revision fees! I believe that Outskirts Press has unlawfully not paid me my due commissions and royalty fees from consumer purchases. The intention of the bait-and-switch is to encourage purchases of substituted higher priced goods. It suggests that the seller will not show the original product or service advertised but instead will demonstrate a more expensive product or a similar product with a higher margin.In the United States, courts have held that the purveyor using a bait-and-switch operation may be subject to a lawsuit by customers for false advertising, and can be sued for trademark infringement by competing manufacturers, retailers, and others who profit from the sale of the product used as bait.
Entity: Parker, Colorado
7, Report #839181
Apr 24 2012
06:07 PM
Outskirts Press, Inc. Fraudulent Practices Parker, Colorado
If you are an independent author and considering self-publishing do not use Outskirts Press, Inc.  They appear to be a great publishing company from the cover but inside there are fraudulent practices.  I was victim of the fraudulent practices and thought I should write to warn others. I published a book with Outskirts Press in 2009.  At the time, I did not have the book properly edited and the book was published with grammatical errors.  When my life slowed down some, I decided to edit the book and republish.  I contacted Outskirts Press early 2011 and explained my situation and told her that I wanted to re-publish the book.  The author representative told me to pay $25.00 storage fee which was past due, $174.00.  I sent the revised book to the author representative as requested and paid all of the required fees.  The author representative turned the book over to another account representative who then told me that since the book was completely different  that they would have to charge me for a completely different publishing package.  I agreed to pay for the additional publishing package but asked if they could remove the existing book.  This is where the problem begins.  The book was not completely different.  The book was grammatically correct.  Trying to get the book that was grammatically incorrect removed from distribution was like having a wisdom tooth pulled.  Outskirts Press told me that they terminated the contract and refunded the $174.00.  The contract termination took place as well as the refund.  However, when I contacted the Vice President of the company to further my existing request of removing the book from distribution, I was told to contact Amazon?????  When I asked for the contact number from their client, Amazon... I have yet to receive a response.  I sent two emails requesting this information.  Consequently, I filed a Better Business Bureau report in which they responded with everything except that they will not give me the contact number for Amazon. On my own research, I finally contacted Amazon who told me they are only responsible for the author availability on the web site.  However, if I want to have the book removed, I will need to contact the distributor for Outskirts Press.  The Vice President and the representatives of Outskirts failed to tell me about the distributor.   Secondly, Amazon also told me that according to their site, there is 1 book in stock.  I told her there has been one book in stock for 6 months.  The Amazon representative explained that the reason the book shows 1 book in stock is because Amazon purchased a lot of copies.  My question is why did I only receive $27.00 in royalties since the book was published.  If that many copies were sold to Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Nobles, where are the royalties??  I am writing this story for two reason:  1.) To alert upcoming authors of this fraudulent company hoping they never have this experience.  There are many author reputable self-publishing companies that is honest and that have integrity.  2.)  I am hoping that an attorney will read this post and will help me with getting the book removed from distribution.  If there was indeed thousands of copies sold to Amazon, Borders, and Barnes and Nobles, I would like my rightful share of royalties.  Please help this disgruntled author. 
Entity: Parker, Colorado
8, Report #1179210
Sep 25 2014
11:08 AM
xlibris publishing Outskirts Press Title History of Street Cops I paid xlibris over $6,000.00 to edit market and advertise my book, after one year no one could find the book, they had to go to Amazon and type in the title, then after awhile the book wasn't available. They had dupicate photo's dublicate stories and duplicate incidents and did not have the numerical order as I had written and described. Is there a lawyer that would file a law suit against xlibris publishing. Thank you Greg Zito author, the book is the history of my career as a police officer Thank you Bloomington Indiana
 I paid xlibris publishing over $6,000.00 to edit, publish advertise and market my book. The only place it could  be found was at Amazon, it had shown the cover for six months, then it disappeared, people where asking how could they   purchase my book, after reading the book I found that they did not have the stories in order and skipping articles and   incidents, I cancelled my contract with xlibris.  The book was suppose to be in order as to my career as a Military Police in the U.S. Army, first section, second section of   reading should be Chicago Transit Authority Police Officer. Then finally should follow with me joining the Chicago Police  Department and the stories and incidents should have be printed the way I wrote the book, they had duplicate stories  duplicate incidents and duplicate photo's and not in the order I had sent to them. Is there a lawyer that would file a law suit against xlibris publishing company. My rotalties totalled just about $400.00  The title of the book is History of Street Cops. by Greg Zito. Thank you for your time Greg Zito   
Entity: Bloomington, Indiana
9, Report #1187821
Nov 09 2014
07:55 PM
Minuteman Press International Inc Christopher Jutt unlawful conduct in Australia Farmingdale New York
  Minuteman developed its brutal, oppressive and complex franchise system over a period of 40 years. Minuteman deceives and cheats prospective franchisees into buying into the franchise system.  The Minuteman Franchise Agreement has a 35 year term. The agreement is generally extremely one-sided and unfair in favor of Minuteman whilst it is to the detriment of the franchisee. The franchisee cannot terminate the Agreement. The agreement is the backbone of the oppressive Minuteman franchise system. Once the Franchise Agreement has been signed, the franchisee is dominated, indoctrinated, suppressed and exploited by the dictatorial Minuteman. Minuteman has a core team of well-trained representatives at its Head Office in Farmingdale, New York, USA. The team members are trained to ruthlessly protect the interests of Minuteman, mostly to the detriment and at the expense of the Minuteman franchisees. Minuteman sends these well-trained representatives from its Head Office to market its franchise system to prospective franchisees in Australia. Whilst in Australia the representatives are also responsible to do support work in Minuteman franchise stores. Christopher Jutt, the son of Minuteman’s Senior Executive Vice President, is a member of the well-trained Minuteman team.   Typically the Minuteman representatives enter Australia on “Short Stay” visas. Typically a “Short Stay” visa is for holiday purposes or for attending a conference in Australia and the visa holder must depart Australia within 3 months. Typically the “Short Stay” visa-holder may not work in Australia.   Christopher Jutt - unlawful conduct in Australia: It appears that Christopher Jutt entered Australia in about July 2012 on a “Short Stay” visa. He worked in Australia at the Brisbane Franchise Exhibition where he marketed the Minuteman franchise system to prospective franchisees. After the Franchise Exhibition Christopher Jutt remained in Australia, worked as a full time employee of Minuteman Press International Inc. He continued to market the Minuteman Franchise System to prospective new franchisees. In addition he was responsible to provide operational support to existing Minuteman franchisees, assisting the franchisees to improve their marketing and selling skills. Apparently Christopher Jutt worked in Australia in breach of “Short Term Stay” Visa regulations.   Christopher Jutt departed Australia by end September 2012, before the expiry of the 3 month term of his “Short Stay” visa.   On 1 October 2012 Steven Cooper, of the Minuteman Head Office in New York, sent an email to all Minuteman franchisees in New South Wales and Queensland Australia, advising of the appointment of Christopher Jutt as Minuteman’s Area Manger for New South Wales and Queensland.   Christopher Jutt returned to Australia during October 2012, and immediately started to work in his new position as Area Manager for New South Wales and Queensland.   Christopher Jutt made application to the Australian Authorities for a class 457 visa which was sponsored by his employer, Minuteman Press International Inc. The visa was granted during December 2012 or January 2013. Christopher Jutt again departed Australia during December 2012, before the expiry of the 3 month period of his “Short Stay” visa.   It appears Christopher Jutt unlawfully continued with his work as the Minuteman Area Manager for New South Wales and Queensland whilst the Australian Government considered his application for a class 457 Visa. Christopher Jutt and Minuteman Press International Inc. apparently disregarded and breached Australian Immigration Laws and instead decided to unscrupulously serve their own selfish interests. The apparent unlawful conduct of Christopher Jutt was authorized and condoned by the President of Minuteman, Bob Titus, as well as by the Senior Vice President of Minuteman, Michael Jutt.   Christopher Jutt’s application for an Employer Sponsored 457 Visa was approved during December 2012 or early January 2013.   Many Minuteman franchisees are struggling in their loss-making businesses. These struggling franchisees want to sell their businesses and are desperate to get out of the brutal Minuteman franchise system.  Christopher Jutt is also responsible to find buyers for the struggling Minuteman stores. He is responsible to manage the transfer of the franchise business from the existing franchisee to the new franchisee. The transfer of the franchise store is a two-step process: Firstly Christopher Jutt has to secure a new Franchise Agreement with the buyer of the failed franchise business. The new Franchise Agreement has a 35 year term. The brutal and one-sided agreement cannot be terminated by the franchisee. Secondly Christopher Jutt is responsible to persuade the exiting franchisee to sign the brutal, oppressive and extremely one-sided Deed of Surrender and Release. Christopher Jutt engages in unlawful conduct whilst he intimidates, bullies and rushes the franchisee into signing the Deed. He denies the franchisee the opportunity to seek legal advice before signing the Deed. In addition the exiting franchisee has to pay the $25,850 transfer fee to Minuteman.   Christopher Jutt unlawfully intimidated, bullied and rushed at least 3 Australian franchisees into signing the brutal and one-sided Minuteman Deed of Surrender and Release. He behaved like a thug towards these franchisees.   In addition, Christopher Jutt sold 15 new Minuteman franchise stores to new franchisees during the past 2,5 years. Christopher Jutt therefore entered into 18 new Franchise Agreements on behalf of Minuteman during the past 2,5 years, i.e. 15 agreements for new stores plus 3 agreements for transferring existing stores to new franchisees.   History has shown that more than 73% of the Minuteman franchisees failed in their franchise businesses in New South Wales and Queensland, during the 10 year period to December 2011. Eleven franchisees had to close their failed franchise businesses whilst a further 6 had to sell their loss making businesses.   The franchisees who failed in their franchise businesses made estimated losses of more than $4,500,000. Minuteman received an estimated $3,400,000 from these franchisees.   It therefore follows that more than 73% of the 18 new franchisees who were signed-up by Christopher Jutt, are likely to fail in their franchise stores, i.e. a further 13 franchisees are likely to fail. These franchisees are likely to make losses totaling more than $3,600.000. Minuteman is likely to receive more than $2,762,500 from these franchisees.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
10, Report #1186122
Oct 31 2014
05:04 PM
Minuteman Press International Inc FRAUD - Ripoff franchisees for Royalties Farmingdale New York
 Minuteman Press over charges its franchisees for Royalties by deliberately and fraudulently inflating franchisees’ Gross Revenue. Gross Revenue is inflated because Minuteman does not deduct all sales credits from Gross Revenue as is provided in the Minuteman Franchise Agreement. Minuteman charges franchisees 6% royalty on the inflated Gross Revenue. Minuteman is over charging franchisees for royalties in breach of its own Franchise Agreement. Minuteman is using its FOCUS Management System (FOCUS) to commit the fraud against its franchisees. Minuteman has been requested on numerous occasions to fix the problem. It steadfastly refuses to do so. What does the Minuteman Franchise Agreement say about the deduction of sales credits from Gross Revenue?The Minuteman USA Franchise Agreement defines the deduction of credits from Gross Revenue as: “Cash refunded and credit given to customers shall be deducted in computing Gross Revenue to the extent that such cash or credit represent amounts previously included in Gross Revenue on which Royalty Fees were paid.” The Minuteman Australian Franchise Agreement defines the deduction of credits from Gross Revenue as: “Excludes any sales credits such as the sale price of any Services or products rejected by customers where cash or allowances have been refunded or made to the customer.” Does the Franchise Agreement require sales credits to be passed within a time limit to qualify as a deduction from Gross Revenue?The franchise Agreement does not specify a time limit for credits to be passed in order to qualify as a deduction from Gross Revenue. Why is Minuteman’s FOCUS Royalty Statement fraudulent?The FOCUS Royalty Statement has a paragraph inserted which quotes the definition of royalty payable as from the Franchise Agreement. However the quote deliberately and fraudulently omits to quote the permissible deduction of sales credits from Gross Revenue. How can the fraudulent and complex FOCUS Royalty computation be explained?FOCUS performs the monthly calculation of Royalties payable by franchisees to Minuteman.FOCUS prepares a Royalty statement for the franchisee. It simultaneously prepares a file which FOCUS transmits electronically to Minuteman. Franchisees do not have access to the information in the file, however it is known that, amongst other information, the file contains Gross Revenue and Royalty Payable information.When FOCUS performs the calculation for Royalties Payable to Minuteman, it does not deduct the following sales credits from Gross Revenue:-  Prior Period Voids (i.e. current month sales credits for sales invoiced during prior months and which invoices FOCUS previously included in Gross Revenue).-  Prior Period Write Offs (i.e. current month sales credits for sales invoiced during prior months and which invoices FOCUS previously included in Gross Revenue).-  Credit Adjustments (i.e. current month sales credits).Consequently Gross Revenue is overstated. FOCUS calculates Royalties Payable to be 6% of the overstated Gross Revenue amount. Minuteman therefore fraudulently overcharges franchisees for Royalties.The non-deduction of the above mentioned sales credits from Gross Revenue is abreach of the Minuteman Franchise Agreement. Why must franchisees submit the FOCUS Royalty Statement to Minuteman and why must franchisees pay the amount on the Royalty Statement?It is a requirement in the Minuteman Franchisee Agreements that franchisees have to use Minuteman’s FOCUS Management System (FOCUS) in the franchise business. Minuteman insists that Franchisees have to pay the full amount on the FOCUS Royalty Statement. Should a franchisee pay a lesser amount Minuteman would:-  Threaten the franchisee that he / she is in breach of the Franchise Agreement.-  Victimized the franchisee.-  De-activate the FOCUS system and consequently the franchisee would be unable to manage the day-to-day activities of the franchise business.-  Cease store support to the franchise business.-  Threaten the franchisee with an audit of the franchisee’s financial books at the expense of the franchisee.-  Threaten to terminate the Franchise Agreement. Why is it necessary for franchisees to pass sales credits?Queries and disputes arise in all businesses with regards to sales transactions. Often sales invoices have to be reduced with a sales credit before a customer would pay an outstanding amount. In many instances invoices may have to be credited in full.Consequently the passing of sales credits is a standard practice in all businesses all over the world. Sales credits are passed for many reasons, e.g. incorrect pricing on an invoice, product quality issues, or wrong customer was invoiced, quantity disputes and many more reasons. Customers can at any time complain to a franchisee if they are not satisfied with an invoice, quality of product or any other reason. There is no time restriction. Franchisees deal with queries and disputes as and when customers bring it to their attention. Often differences or disputes may take considerable time (sometimes months) before it is resolved. It is prudent and sound business practice to pass credit notes as soon as a franchisee has determined that an invoice is not correct. Are there real life examples of franchisees who were over charged for Royalties by Minuteman?Yes there are. Franchisee no 1 used FOCUS to pass Credit Adjustments and Prior Period VOIDS (sales credits) to a value of more than $165,500 over a period of approximately 2,5 years. FOCUS did not reduce Gross Revenue and consequently fraudulently over charged the franchisee $9,930 (i.e. 6% of $165,500) for royalties. Franchisee no 2 used FOCUS to pass sales credits to the value of more than $30,000 using the Prior Period Void / Write off transactions in FOCUS. FOCUS did not reduce the Gross Revenue and consequently fraudulently over charged the franchisee $1,800.00 (i.e. 6% of $30,000) for Royalties. Most, if not all, franchisees have been fraudulently over charged for Royalties by Minuteman. Is the Minuteman fraudulent mal-practice restricted to one country?No. Minuteman operates its franchise system in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia. Franchisees in all these countries use the FOCUS Management System. It is highly probable that all Minuteman franchisees in all countries have been over charged for Royalties.   For how long have Minuteman been over charging franchisees for Royalties?Minuteman boasts in its marketing presentation to prospective franchisees, that it has been developing and fine-tuning its FOCUS Management System since 1978. It is highly probable that franchisees have been over charged for royalties for a period of up to 36 years. Do we know by how much money franchisees have been over charged?No we do not know. What we do know is that Minuteman has more than 900 franchisees and Minuteman has been franchising since 1975.  Most, if not all, franchisees have been over charged for royalties. It can be safely assumed that the over charges will be millions of dollars. Is Minuteman aware of the over-charges?The problem was brought to Minuteman’s attention more than a year ago. Minuteman has been requested to fix the problem on numerous occasions during the past year. It steadfastly refuses to do so!Minuteman has deliberately and fraudulently programmed FOCUS to compute 6% royalty payable on an inflated Gross Revenue amount.Minuteman cheats its franchisees over charging them for Royalties using FOCUS.Minuteman over charges franchisees for royalties in breach of its own Franchise Agreements. Current state of affairsFranchisees and ex-franchisees are out-of-pocket whilst their money is in the bank account of Minuteman. Minuteman is denying the problem and apparently has no intention to fix it!
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
11, Report #1182304
Oct 10 2014
06:28 PM
Minuteman Press International Inc Rip-off franchisees with annual fees Farmingdale New York
  Minuteman overcharged its Australian franchisees AUD116.60 per year for the use of its FOCUS Management System. Minuteman charged franchisees AUD419.10 per year when it should have charged AUD302.50. Minuteman overcharged its Australian franchisees over a long period of time; at least from 2008 to 2013, i.e. at least 6 years. As at the end of 2013 Minuteman had approximately 50 franchisees in Australia. The annual over charge of AUD116.60 for 50 Australian franchisees equates to an annual overcharge of AUD5,830. Minuteman repeatedly overcharged its franchisees since at least 2008, i.e. 6 years. Therefore total over charge of Australian franchisees for 6 years amounts to AUD34,980. There is no reason to belief that the over charges have been isolated to Australian franchisees; in all likelihood Minuteman over charges all its franchisees. As at the end of 2013 Minuteman had approximately 935 franchisees worldwide. The annual over charge of $116.60 for 935 franchisees worldwide, based on the over charges in Australia, equates therefore to an annual overcharge of $109,021. Minuteman repeatedly overcharged its franchisees since at least 2008, i.e. 6 years. Therefore total over charge of all Minuteman franchisees worldwide for 6 years, based on the over charges in Australia, amounts therefore to $654,126. All Minuteman franchisees, worldwide, are advised to review their invoices for the annual FOCUS fees. It is recommended franchisees review all invoices from at least 2008. The annual charge should be the equivalent of USD285 plus any applicable tax. If franchisees find they have been overcharged they should demand their money back. Alternative the misconduct can be reported to the government regulator, such as the Federal Trade Commission. The Minuteman rip-off methodology:   Minuteman Press franchisees have to sign the Minuteman FOCUS Management System License Agreement. The agreement gives the franchisee the right to use the Minuteman FOCUS Management Software (FOCUS). Franchisees use FOCUS to maintain its customer database, prepare customer quotes, manage production, measure profitability, do customer invoicing and to manage accounts receivable. Franchisees are dependent on FOCUS for the day-to-day running of the franchise business and their businesses are extremely vulnerable when FOCUS does not work. In terms of the FOCUS Management Software License Agreement and the Franchise Agreement franchisees have to pay to Minuteman USD285 plus tax annually on the anniversary of the store. The USD285 is converted to local currency on the date of the invoice. Real life example of Minuteman’s unethical and immoral conduct towards its franchisees: Store owner queried exorbitant invoice charge of AUD419.10 during September 2011. Minuteman’s Senior Executive Vice President, Michael Jutt, personally received notice of the query. Minuteman refused to pass credit for the over charge. Store Owner had to pay the invoice in full. If store owner elected to withhold payment Minuteman would “disconnect” the franchisee’s FOCUS system. A brief explanation of the procedure:  Minuteman programmed FOCUS to demand a secret code to be keyed into FOCUS, once a year on the anniversary of the store. In order prevent FOCUS from “shutting down” the franchisee has to request the secret code from Minuteman in New York. Without the secret code FOCUS stops working and the franchisee cannot use FOCUS. Consequently the franchise business is paralyzed. Minuteman will not provide the franchisee with the secret code unless the franchisee has paid its FOCUS account in full. Store Owner declared a dispute with Minuteman and requested mediation. Minuteman hired lawyers to represent it at Mediation. Minuteman persisted denying over charging for FOCUS annual fee notwithstanding the fact it was blatantly obvious from the FOCUS License Agreement that the over charges were indefensible. During 2013 store owner again received an invoice for AUD419.10 and again queried the exorbitant charge for the FOCUS annual fee. The President of Minuteman, Bob Titus, personally authorized credit to be passed. However all other Australian franchisees had to pay AUD419.10. During February 2014 Australian Minuteman franchisees were alerted to the over charges. During March 2014 Bob Titus and Michael Jutt sent an email to all Australian franchisees. In the email Minuteman admitted they over charged franchisees for the annual FOCUS fee. Bob Titus and Michael Jutt explained the over-charges occurred due to an “inadvertent error”. This was a blatant lie by Bob Titus and Michael Jutt. They have been fully aware of the over charges for a number of years. At the end of April 2014, two and a half years after it was brought to its attention, Minuteman finally and reluctantly repaid the Australian franchisees for the over charges for the FOCUS Annual License Fee. However, as always with Minuteman, there was a sting in the tail. The amount repaid to franchisees was calculated on the assumption that the Australian Dollar remained stable against the US Dollar over the period of 6 years. This is not so as the Australian Dollar strengthened against the US Dollar during this period. Once again Minuteman short changed its franchisees. It is also known that Minuteman over charges all its franchisees, worldwide, for monthly royalties. Minuteman does so in breach of its own franchise agreement. A further report explaining the misconduct in this regard will follow. And then there is the unlawful conduct of Minuteman management and its employees who work in Australia in breach and violation of their visa restrictions……….. During 1998 Minuteman and its founder, Roy Titus, were prosecuted by the Federal Trade Commission for serious misconduct against its franchisees and prospective franchisees. They were found guilty, convicted, fined $3,47 million and enjoined with a Permanent Injunction Order by Judge Hurley in the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York. It was a landmark judgment. The press releases from the Federal Trade Commission and the Judge Hurley’s judgment can be found on the website of the Federal Trade Commission. To access the information go to the website, type “Minuteman Press” in the search box in the top right of the web-page. The links to the press releases and judgment will be listed in the search results. Today the President of Minuteman Press is Robert Titus, the son of Roy Titus. The court conviction has not stopped the Minuteman misconduct towards its franchisees and prospective franchisees. It continues relentlessly.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
12, Report #1183791
Oct 19 2014
06:22 PM
Minuteman Press International Inc Franchisees claim your money back Farmingdale New York
Minuteman Press charged its Australian franchisees AUD419.10 (AUD381.00 excl. GST) when it should have charged AUD302.50 (AUD275.00 excl. GST); an overcharge of 38,5%.The Minuteman Press disclosure documents determines that the Annual FOCUS Fee payable is USD285.00 plus tax. The amount is payable in local currency and is to be converted on the invoice date.Minuteman Press has franchisees in Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, USA and Australia. INFORMATION AT HAND SUGGESTS MINUTEMAN PRESS COULD HAVE OVER-CHARGED ITS FRANCISEES MORE THAN $654,126 FOR ANNUAL FOCUS FEES OVER SIX YEARS.Below is a table of the approximate annual FOCUS License Fee Minuteman Press should have charged its franchisees in each country by year, since 2000 (USD285.00 converted at annual average exchange rate): CANADA (Canadian Dollars). Franchisees should have paid less than (amounts excluding tax):2000                     CAD423.292001                     CAD441.252002                     CAD447.422003                     CAD399.362004                     CAD370.862005                     CAD345.422006                     CAD323.232007                     CAD305.982008                     CAD303.772009                     CAD324.982010                     CAD293.522011                     CAD281.952012                     CAD284.932013                     CAD293.602014                     CAD312.07UNITED KINGDOM (GBP) Franchisees should have paid less than (amounts excluding tax):2000                     GBP188.492001                     GBP197.972002                     GBP189.962003                     GBP174.562004                     GBP155.592005                     GBP156.852006                     GBP154.912007                     GBP142.412008                     GBP155.342009                     GBP182.582010                     GBP184.622011                     GBP177.802012                     GBP179.912013                     GBP182.332014                     GBP171.12SOUTH AFRICA (RAND) Franchisees should have paid less than (amounts excluding tax):2000                     R1978.532001                     R2450.412002                     R2996.292003                     R2155.602004                     R1837.222005                     R1816.472006                     R1933.162007                     R2010.692008                     R2354.262009                     R2399.172010                     R2086.382011                     R2071.022012                     R2341.612013                     R2752.562014                     R3064.39AUSTRALIA (AUD) Franchisees should have paid less than (amounts excluding tax):2000                     AUD491.992001                     AUD551.362002                     AUD524.522003                     AUD439.172004                     AUD387.722005                     AUD374.102006                     AUD378.532007                     AUD340.542008                     AUD340.922009                     AUD364.542010                     AUD310.482011                     AUD276.332012                     AUD275.302013                     AUD295.512014                     AUD311.24USA (USD) Franchisees should have paid (amounts excluding tax):Amount Minuteman Press should have charged its USA franchisees for all years from 2000 to 2014 should have been USD285.00 excluding tax.WHAT MINUTEMAN PRESS FRANCHISEES SHOULD DO ABOUT THE OVER-PAYMENTS:Franchisees are advised to review the invoices from and their payments to Minuteman Press for the annual FOCUS Fees using the amounts above as a general guideline. In the event of over-charges franchisees should demand a refund from Minuteman Press or alternatively could report the matter to the regulatory authority such as the USA Federal Trade Commission.Minuteman Press reluctantly refunded some of the over payments to some of its Australian franchisees at the end of April 2014; more than 30 months after it was requested to repay over-charged amounts.Minuteman Press:Refunded a selected number of over payments. It did NOT refund any ex-franchisees whom it over charged. Many ex-franchisees had to close its businesses and incurred massive losses in the Minuteman Press franchise system. Many other franchisees had to sell their businesses at substantial losses as they could not sustain the business losses made in their Minuteman Press franchise stores. Minuteman Press bullied, intimidated, rushed and forced these ex-franchisees into signing the Minuteman Press brutal, grossly unfair and unlawful Deed of Surrender and Release. Minuteman Press unscrupulously elected to further exploit these unfortunate and vulnerable ex-franchisees and did not refund their over payments.Minuteman Press calculated the refund amounts using an assumed flat rate annual charge of AUD275.00 excluding tax (AUD302.50 including tax). The flat rate is incorrect and many franchisees were refunded too little. The Australian Dollar fluctuated against the US Dollar on a daily basis. When the Australian Dollar peaked against the US Dollar, Minuteman Press should have invoiced franchisees AUD258.00 excluding tax (AUD283.80 including tax). When Minuteman Press refunded its Australian Franchisees it unscrupulously underpaid them.INFORMATION AT HAND SUGGESTS MINUTEMAN PRESS COULD HAVE OVER-CHARGED ITS FRANCISEES MORE THAN $654,126 FOR ANNUAL FOCUS FEES OVER SIX YEARS.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
13, Report #1415259
Dec 05 2017
08:14 PM
Abundant Press Inc www.abundantpress.com A publisher who doesn't pay his bills. Internet
I've been in publishing for 58 years and have helped thousands of authors and publishers get more than 14,000 titles published. This person, Andy Broadaway was referred by a client who left the US. I really wish this man had left. We did a few books for him, and he was a slow payer. We bugged him to pay, and he did. One day he wrote and said his wife had cancer, could we help him - he'd be busy. So we rush out a book for him - his own book, called Gamification. After 95 days and 4 requests for payment - he says he doesn't even know the job, even though the title is up for sale and he's the author. In the meantime he sent another job - which he also didn't pay for, which he asked for a rush and we performed it in 14 hours. He didn't pay for that either. Upon writing to him - an argument ensued - he called us names, and we simply invoked our rights to the work we did, intellectual property rights under Mechanic Lien principle, and he went biserk. He is simply a dishonorable man and he shouldn't be trusted with anyone's book, nor be trusted to pay his bills. He used his wife's illness as an excuse to disappear and not pay. NEVER TRUST HIM - he is a dishonorable credit risk. We have over 1400 clients around the world, and this man - we've thrown him out . Be careful - don't trust people you don't know - even if you think someone is a good person - check with the BBB and AG's office. You might get a surprise.
Entity: Internet
14, Report #1173299
Aug 29 2014
06:51 PM
Minuteman Press International Inc More than 73% Minuteman Press International Inc franchisees failed in their franchise business - IT IS A SCAM! Farmingdale New York
MORE THAN 73%  MINUTEMAN PRESS INTERNATIONAL INC. (MPI) FRANCHISEES FAILED IN THEIR BUSINESSES IN THE AUSTRALIAN STATES OF NEW SOUTH WALES AND QUEENSLAND.Over a period of more than 10 years, up to December 2011, a total of 22 franchisees invested in MPI franchise stores in New South Wales and Queensland; of these, 11 franchisees had to close down their failed businesses and a further 5 franchisees were forced to sell their loss making businesses.SIXTEEN of the 22 MPI franchisees in New South Wales and Queensland have thus far failed in their businesses, giving a MPI franchisee failure rate of 73%. This is a best case scenario as we know of more struggling franchisees who will have to either close their businesses, or will be forced to sell their loss making businesses.One store has its fourth owner in six years; the previous 3 owners all failed in the store and made losses.Franchisees who failed in their MPI stores reported losses up to a staggering $700 000 in a single store; whilst MPI received an estimated $300 000 from the owners of that store.MPI opened and closed a new MPI store in the Sydney area around 2007 / 2008. The franchisee commenced legal proceedings against MPI; MPI entered into a confidential settlement agreement with the franchisee and MPI paid settlement to the franchisee. MPI did not disclose the opening and / or closure of the store in its Australian Disclosure Document nor did it disclose the Legal proceedings (disclosure of both the opening and closure of the store as well as the legal prceedings is required by law).MPI developed its brutal franchise system, whereby franchises are ruthlessly exploited, over a period of 40 years. MPI ruined many of its franchisees financially. The system is driven by greed.During 1998 MPI, Sign-A-Rama and its founder, Roy Titus, were prosecuted by the USA Federal Trade Commission, convicted on all charges brought against it and was fined $3.47 million for their deceptive conduct. The Court made a Permanent Injunction Order against MPI, Sign-A-Rama and Roy Titus. The Permanent Injunction Order prevented MPI, Sign-A-Rama and Roy Titus to make unsubstantiated claims about how much sales and profits a prospective franchisee could expect from MPI store.Amongst other charges, MPI was charged and convicted of falsely representing to prospective franchisees that, as owners of a MPI store, they could expect to earn 33,33% of the store sales as profit. The court found that most MPI stores do not make 33,33% of its sales as profit.Shortly after the conviction MPI expanded its franchise system to other countries. Sixteen years later MPI expanded its brutal franchise system to Canada, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. The unscrupulous management of MPI persistently practices its unconscionable conduct, unethical and immoral business practices against its franchisees.MPI has skilfully modified its representation to prospective franchisees after the court case. However, in its slick and well-rehearsed presentation, MPI still falsely represents to prospective franchisees that they can expect to earn 33,33% of MPI store sales as profit. MPI consistently contravenes the Permanent Injunction Order.Schedule of MPI store failures in the states of New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD), Australia:Store Blacktown, NSWBusiness Closed Down; Owner liquidated business to avoid MPI claims for Royalties for remaining period of the 35 years of the Franchise Agreement.Parramatta, NSWBusiness Closed Down; Owner liquidated business to avoid MPI claims for Royalties for remaining period of the 35 years of the Franchise Agreement.Sylvania Heights, NSWBusiness Closed Down; Owner liquidated business to avoid MPI claims for Royalties for remaining period of the 35 years of the Franchise Agreement.Wollongong, NSWBusiness Closed Down; Owner liquidated business to avoid MPI claims for Royalties for  remaining period of the 35 years of the Franchise Agreement.Stanmore, NSWBusiness Closed Down.Smithfield, NSWBusiness Closed Down.Sydney Area, NSWBusiness Closed Down, owner commenced legal action against MPI; MPI paid Settlement to Owner; MPI “Silenced” Owner with Confidentiality Agreement.Penrith, NSWBusiness Closed Down; Owner liquidated / deregistered business to avoid MPI claims for Royalties for remaining period of the 35 years of the Franchise Agreement.Ingleburn, NSWBusiness Closed Down; Owner liquidated business to avoid MPI claims for Royalties for remaining period of the 35 years of the Franchise Agreement.Artarmon, NSWBusiness Closed Down.Albury, NSWBusiness Closed Down.Caringbah, NSWFIRST OWNER. Business Sold at loss as owner could not sustain business losses and Owner went broke.Slacks Creek, QLDFIRST OWNER. Business Closed Down. MPI forced Owner to re-open business. Shortly afterwards owner had to sell business at a loss as Owner could not sustain business losses. After sale of business the First Owner remained responsible and liable for the Premises Lease and the two Leases for Equipment. Owner had to pay many thousands of Dollars for monthly lease payments when the new store owners also struggled in the   business and could not meet their lease obligations.Slacks Creek, QLDSECOND OWNER. Business Sold at loss   as Second Owner also could not sustain business losses.Slacks Creek, QLDTHIRD OWNER. Business Sold at loss   as Third Owner also could not sustain business losses.Mooloolaba, QLDFIRST OWNER. Business Sold at loss   as owner could not sustain business losses and First Owner went broke. Mooloolaba, QLDSECOND OWNER. Business Sold at loss   as Second Owners also could not sustain business losses.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
15, Report #665913
Nov 27 2010
04:53 PM
Vantage Press Inc. Vantage Press is a Fraud, What can I do about it? New York, New York
I payed Vantage Press 20,000 Dollars to publish my Sci/Fi Novel. In the Contract that I signed with them they said they would arrange book signings as part of the promotion of my book. They also claim that they pay Royalties twice a year. It has now been over a year since my book release date and I have yet to receive a single payment for them.Also I was told by the Lady in charge of promoting that they do not arrange book signings for authors. This goes directly against their advertisements. As far as I am concerned they are in breech of the contract we signed, and I am out 20,000 bucks with absolutely no return on the investment. Not only did they produce a sub-standard version of my book, but they haven't attempted to sell the book as they promise in their package deals. I would like to know if there is anything that can be done about this so called Publisher.  
Entity: New York, New York
16, Report #138012
Apr 08 2005
05:37 AM
VANTAGE PRESS, INC Beginner Writer Program Fraud / Ripoff/ Pathetic People New York New York
I joined a beginners novel writing program offered by Vantage Press 419 Park Ave NYNY 10016, 212-736-1767. I was informed today via letter my novel was destroyed after paying $2600 and owing only $400 balance. Please send me information to how I can get these crooks out-of-business for their illicit business scheme and the worst of people to work with. M.Littlefield,VP I received your disturbing letter today April 7th, in which you have stated the destruction of the above manuscript. I have also received the uncashed check for $200 dated February 1st. This arrogant response will not go un-noticed. I ask amicably that you return my property(manuscript) along with the remaining balance $2000, not used to publish my novel, I sense you have NO business cents when taking such a horrid decision on a $400 balance. I have decided to seek legal advise and to notify the BBB,BBB Online , AGO and FTC because of your action. To quell this action I ask that you return ALL the forementioned item within 15(fifeteen) days. This experience has left a sour taste in my endeavours to publish with Vantage Press. Cordially, Pablo Marquez-Garcia Lees Summit, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
17, Report #448756
May 04 2009
05:45 PM
I ordered my mother a book from picture.com on march 11,2008. They cashed a check for 162.90. on March 14,2008. I have called and actually spoke with several reps at 410-363-4800. Plus several other phone numbers. Eventually no one would answer. Went from voice mail, to just ringing. I also sent numerous emails , 1st there was responce then in the end.....no replies. I also contacted my bank and since I wrote the check, I approved for the money to be removed. Even when My bank tried to located what bank the International Library of Photography used, they just pulled up a NATIONAL BANK with no forwarding address. HOW MANY OTHERS HAVE BEEN SNOOKERD BESIDES MYSELF?? I know I have had to replace my mothers gift...... 5 times going on 6. Mothers day,birthday,christmas,valentines,easter and now mothers day is rolling around again!! If I can spare at least one person I will tell you DO NOT GO ON ANY OF THEIR WEBSITES!! THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL SCAM ARTIST!! I found out the hard way,unfortunately. You can check out Baltimore, MD Check Out a Business or Charity. That is how I found them. I hope some of this info has helped. Also make sure you contact the BBB in Maryland and also your local BBB in your state. (Rather cover the bases). I know I have tried to no avail to get my books and .....NOTHING!! When I looked online and done some research, I found out they are known as poetry.com, International Libray.com and Watermark Press Inc. is the one who makes the books and that seems to be the centralized location of all of them. Just research and you will see what I discoverd. I know when I found out that they were all pretty much affiliated....at least by the address they were giving....that got my attention. Something is rotten! To inform all..... The International library of photography are the same as the Watermark group also located at 3600 Crondall ln, ste 100 and also suite 101 which is the same address as ARTS FOR KIDS. THEY ARE ALSO LOCATED at 3600 Crondall lane, SUITE 101. Owings Mills MD.21117 ??. They are all giving the same location and address. So what company is this, REALLY?? Has anyone found out if so , please share. Sonia Nashville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: OWINGS MILLS, Maryland
18, Report #192362
May 19 2006
03:31 PM
Vantage Press, Inc. defraudes authors using internet websites and the U.S. mails New York New York
Have you too, been ripped-off by these fraudulent publishers? Vantage Press, Inc. was found guilty of a massive fraud in a class-action suite; Stella v. Vantage Press, Inc., 492 N.Y.S. 2d 390, 109 A.D.2d 423 (N.Y.A.D. 1 Dept,. 1985), according to Fastcase. Vantage Press, Inc. fraudlently misrepesented themselves as a subsidity publisher of books which purportedly would provide editorial assistance and publishing services and the use of advertising, radio and television as part of its publishing program, that its books were advertised and available in book stores and that it invested in each book and promoted its sale. They did no such things so purported and were therefore found to be a complete and total subsidiy publisher fraud by the court. Vantage Press Inc. swindled between 2,400 and 3,600 authors who paid the fee to Vantage Press, Inc. The court found in favor of the plaintiffs and against fradulent Vantage Press, Inc. Well, some individuals claim that they are at it again! If there are any readers of this report (including a Mr. Pablo Marquez-Garcia of Lees Summitt, Missouri) who are authors and who believe they have been defrauded more recently by Vantage Press, Inc. 419 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10016 (or its employees, officers or directors) and are seeking redress in the courts as part of a contemplated federal multi-state class-action suit alleging a similar fraud as that for which they have already been once convicted, as noted above, (including criminal charges for U.S. Mail fraud), please file your own Rip-off Report.. Mike Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: New York, New York
19, Report #1176750
Sep 14 2014
07:54 PM
Minuteman Press International Inc MPI Closed more than 25% of its UK stores in 3 years Farmingdale New York
  During 2007 Minuteman Press International Inc. (MPI) had 51 franchise stores in the United Kingdom. During the three years 2007, 2008 and 2009 MPI closed 13 of its franchise stores in the UK. This represents the closure of more than 25% MPI franchise stores in the UK. The following store locations were closed during this period: Shenley Church Enp. Milton Keynes. Burton on Trent. Wakefield. Colchester. Leeds. Cambridge. Swindon. Enfield. Milton Keys. Telford, Shropshire. Bedford, Bedfordshire. Harrogate. Letchworth Garden City.   More than 73% MPI franchisees failed in their franchise stores in the states of New South Wales and Queensland in Australia.   The MPI business model is a scam! Be very careful of these people. MPI employs immoral and unethical business practices against its franchisees.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
20, Report #1016740
Feb 19 2013
11:32 AM
Vantage Press, Inc. Withheld the roayalties due me as an author New York, New York
 My book was written over a period of two years.  I contacted the Vantage Press in 2007 and signed the contract with them.  It took an additional two years to pay off the contract.  After paying them several thousand dollars in fees, the book was published and placed on the market in 2011.  It is now 2013 and I have received no royalty monies from them.  The book shows an active status on-line with Amazon and Barnes & Noble distrubutors.    I learned in February of this year (2013) that the company closed its doors at the end of December of 2012. 
Entity: New York, New York
21, Report #1167354
Aug 04 2014
06:35 PM
Vantage Press, Inc., Martin Littlefield; Tina Mukwaya No Publicity as Promised in the Contract New York New York
Author's Promotion and Production Report per contract did not occur following the publishing of my book by Vantage Press, Inc. They may have followed through wilth Review copies and Mail announcements, but even as I checked my entire Mailing List placed in their possession, not everyone received notice. I never received an Autograph party at local bookstores or libraries per the P and P Report.That same Promotion and Production Report had notice to Contact, Notify, booksellers, Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, radio stations suggesting interview, TV stations suggesting appearances of which none of these mentioned occurred.But... these contracts are so cleverly written utilizing terms like Suggest and even Contact, the company could have attempted the aforementioned and my book was not appealing enough to be placed on Barnes and Nobles shelf, or interviewed by the radio station.My complaint is: A Barnes and Noble website has a link below my book asking the visiting patron to the site to request a Nook book from the publisher, if they desire it..barnesandnoble.com/w/urgency-paul-r-smith/1008302166?ean=9780533154111The resale of my book via e-book, even given out free, is not part of my contract. And shame on Barnes and Noble if my hard copy novel wasn't good enough to put on their shelves in 2006, now showing interest in exploiting my hard work in 2014.Speaking for everyone caught in my predicament with this same company, it goes to show, people are absolutely evil, knowing they're profiting off of all of your hard work and it doesn't faze them one bit, living life in luxury, spoiling themselves off the Arts of others' creations. At least these losers use to wait until the artist was dead before making loads of money off of them.   
Entity: New York, New York
22, Report #1178009
Sep 19 2014
05:29 PM
Minuteman Press International Inc More than 34% USA franchisees close their doors Farmingdale New York
  Minuteman Press Inc. (MPI) has a slick and well-rehearsed marketing presentation to con prospective franchisees to buy into its scam franchise system. During the presentation MPI represents to prospective franchisees that they do not need any prior print industry experience or any prior business experience in order to operate a MPI franchise store. MPI represents it would provide all the required training and support to the prospective franchisee to successfully run the franchise business. MPI claims that 97% of its franchisees did not have any prior print industry or prior business experience. The Franchise Agreement has a 35 years term. The franchisee cannot terminate the agreement, however the agreement provides MPI with many opportunities to terminate the agreement. As at December 2004 MPI had 728 franchise stores in the USA. Since then MPI closed more than 247 of its franchise stores in the USA. This represents the closure of more than 34% MPI franchise stores in the USA between January 2005 and September 2014. Many ex-franchisees go bankrupt. Many ex-franchisees see bankruptcy as the only way to escape as MPI unscrupulously pursue ex-franchisees for royalty fees for the unexpired period of the 35 years of the franchise agreement. Furthermore, many franchisees fail in their businesses and have to sell their loss making businesses. When a franchisee sells a MPI franchise business, MPI forces the franchisee to sign its Deed of Surrender and Release. The Deed of Surrender and Release is a brutal and one sided agreement. Once signed the franchisee has been “silenced”, may not say or do ANYTHING against MPI, the franchisee has WAIVED all its claims against MPI and the franchisee has a Restraint of Trade restriction and cannot trade or work in a business which is competing with a MPI store. The franchisee is rendered powerless against the all mighty MPI. During the period between January 2005 and December 2009 a total of 285 MPI franchisees in the USA sold their businesses. This represents a franchisee business sales rate of 39%. MPI demands $19,500 for each store transfer to a new franchisee. MPI received $5,557,500 for franchisee transfer fees during the period January 2005 to December 2009. The extrapolated sale of franchise stores for the period January 2005 to September 2014 therefore amounts to the sale of 556 franchise stores during this period. This represents a MPI franchisee store sales rate of 76%. Again,MPI demands $19,500 for each transfer to a new franchisee. MPI therefore received an estimated $10,842,000 for franchisee store transfer fees from January 2005 to September 2014. Between January 2005 and September 2014 an estimated total of 803 MPI franchise stores either closed down or transferred to new owners. This represents 110% of MPI stores either closed or were sold between January 2005 and September 2014. MPI store closures in USA since January 2005: 2005 – 24 stores. 2006 – 16 stores. 2007 – 22 stores. 2008 – 38 stores. 2009 – 51 stores. January 2010 to December 2011 - more than 54 stores. January 2012 to February 2013 - more than 15 stores. March 2013 to September 2014 - more than 27 stores. Behind each of these MPI store failures there is a father and / or a mother, probably with dependent children and an extended family. MPI ruthlessly rob these vulnerable people of their hard earned wealth and their dignity. Often the MPI store owners suffer health problems caused by the stress of trying to survive in the scam MPI franchise system. The MPI franchise system has been carefully constructed and the franchisee is set-up for failure. MPI profitability is reliant on the frequent re-sales of franchise stores. The new franchisee, who buys a failed franchise store, has to sign a new 35 year franchise agreement. There is only one winner in the MPI franchise system – that is MPI. The franchisee is the loser in the MPI franchise scam. MPI shamelessly preys like parasites on vulnerable families.
Entity: Farmingdale, New York
23, Report #1373061
May 13 2017
07:17 PM
Lord of the Press, Inc. Robert Gallione Fake web development company & Liar DO NOT TRUST Boca Raton Internet
Robert Gallione and Lord of the Press, Inc advertises themselves as a web development firm, but they gather work and outsource their work. I was contacted by Robert Gallione and Lord of the Press, about completing a website for one of his clients. I spent numerous hours on the phone for conference calls and meetings. I finally did a quote and they accepeted the quote. I was then provided with a contract, which I read, signed and sent it back. I was then told to go ahead and get started on the project and that they would be wiring me my deposit the next day.  Well after 2 1/2 of excuses like, I'm out of town and can't get to a bank, I'm in a code review meeting and won't be out for the rest of the day, I don't handle any of the money, I will speak to my partner and have him contact you, I'm on the road right now and heading into meetings all day. I finally told Robert Gallione and Lord of the Press, that I would come by their office and pick up a deposit and he responded by saying well we're not going to be in the office for this whole week. After that final excuse, I told them that work would stop immediately and that I wouldn't do any work until a deposit has been paid. When Robert Gallione and Lord of the Press continued with more excuses, I formally terminated our contract (which was already in breach after they failed to make the deposit for 2 1/2 weeks).  He then sent me a meddage saying that I was unreasonable and that it was my fault that I was never paid and a whole bunch of other BS to try and point blame away from Robert Gallione and Lord of the Press. I then reached out to the his customer to warn them that their project would be delayed and I gave them the reasoning behind it. THe client informed me that he never contract Robert Gallione and Lord of the Press to design and evelop their website. He said that he hired Robert Gallione and Lord of the Press to do a previous project, but said the work that he did was very bad. Their were TONS of coding errors, the site didn't function like it was supposed to do and that, in the end, he didn't compelte the job and that he had to finish the project himself, although Robert Gallione and Lord of the Press were paid in full. I would NEVER have Robert Gallione and Lord of the Press design anything for you, as they aren't real web developers, they WILL NOT complete the job. If you're a web developer DO NOT go into contract with them. You WILL NOT be paid and they will expect everything for NOTHING. ***DO NOT TRUST ROBERT GALLIONE AND LORD OF THE PRESS INC.***
Entity: Internet
24, Report #1422486
Jan 11 2018
05:26 PM
Abundant Press Innovative Digital marketing Strategies, Inc represented them self on a revoked Licenses and Corporate filling. Las Vegas Nevada
This company is making money off of people stories and not paying them.  They are falesifieing the reports pertaining to the number of books they sale, they are using a third party printer to print up books to conceal the real number of books they are saling.
Entity: Las Vegas, Nevada
25, Report #422146
Feb 09 2009
05:56 PM
Ikthalion Press, an independent publisher of science fantasy adventure and nonfiction books, has withdrawn ten titles from San Jose, California Amazon company Createspace, Inc., due to irreconcilable differences in fulfillment models and nonpayment of residuals due from the sale of IP books in 2008. CreateSpace states that its policy is not to pay until a minimum of $20 of royalties were accumulated. We were contacted by Createspace in January of 2009 and assured that the funds would be deposited at January 30, says author/owner T. M. Moore. When we sent a message saying the funds were not received on February 6, Createspace tried to delay payment further by suggesting that we entered our bank number wrong. We have withdrawn the titles to prevent further sales being made through Createspace in the future, with the expectation that no sales would be realized in 2009 based on the historical record of dismal sales established in 2008, and that continued nonpayment would result. To date a message was sent about discussing the issue by phone. Since they do not deal with anyone except by email, we can only assume that this is another delaying tactic. Ikthalion Press continues to do business with Amazon, Createspace's parent company, and with its primary printer Lightning Source, Inc.; of which Amazon is a partner distributor. Two of the titles are currently in preparation to upload to LSI in the next two months. We continue to offer all our books in a variety of formats including print,pdf,Kindle and Mobipocket. Our books can be purchased directly or through Amazon and other major booksellers throughout the United States and the UK. Antellus8 Sherman Oaks, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: San Jose, California

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