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51, Report #32818
Oct 17 2002
02:00 PM
Palmetto Marketing Inc ripoff Coral Springs Florida
A young college boy came knocking at my door. He said that he was selling magazines for his college and who ever sold the most would win a trip to Cancun. He seemed honest. I gave the young man a check for $20 and $20 in cash. He explained to me that the cash would get his points quicker for the weekend tally. He then gave me a slip from the Palmetto Marketing Inc with his name and the sales company which he represented cba. I then read in our local newspaper, The Patrior Ledger that this was a scam being pulled over peoples head all over the place. This is a outrage. Darline Braintree, Massachusetts
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
52, Report #36272
Nov 25 2002
07:41 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
i was contacted by a child selling magizines too i recieved a mag called home beautiful when what i really ordered was hot bike i called the maker of the mag and they told me the phone number to palmetto marketing and i thought id post it and meybe offer some help josh mesa, Arizona
Entity: coral springs, Florida
53, Report #30097
Sep 16 2002
04:35 AM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I ordered two magazines from young gentleman claiming to be trying to win a contest at school. One magazine has been received the other one has never been received and I do not believe it will ever be. I am so upset they have cashed my checks. HOW DO I GET MY MONEY BACK? Shanda Cranberry, Pennsylvania
Entity: Coral Springs, Pennsylvania
54, Report #37508
Dec 07 2002
08:31 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I just wanted to give an update and a few more comments on a message that I placed a few months ago. This company is a scam and the dirtbags that work for it should be in prison. Kids??? Old enough to know better. One guy on this site said that he had worked for them and wanted us to feel sorry for him. Why don't you come out here and go door to door giving us our money back you arrogant son of a bitch!! As for the honest people that lost the money they worked hard for, we should all keep this on our minds and keep on the government and web sites like this one to put an end to this scam. It is no little scam... people (according to other sites) have even been killed. People are getting hurt. Like one kid said Be Careful... But, DO NOT let this rest. Keep up the reports. Keep calling, faxing, emailing, etc... Let's work together stronger than ever to shut this place down. TO anyone who says that they worked there or do work there now, I feel sorry for you but YOU and the others are the REASON this continues. Help us, join us and feel better about what you did. You ripped people off, innocent people...not crack heads like you. Mad and not giving up!! Belleville, IllinoisU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
55, Report #14907
Feb 23 2002
12:00 AM
Palmetto Marketing Inc. Rip Off
Last night two young girls came to my door. They introduced themselves as trying to meet new people and selling subscriptons to raise money for a Senior trip. One of them was a fast talker but fairly charming and seemingly upfront with everything. I wrote them a check for two magazine subscriptons, one for Good Housekeeping and one for Family Circle. The amount seemed excessive but I was caught up in the moment and went ahead with the check for $73.96. I had a bad feeling about it after they left. When I checked the address for the alleged company, Palmetto Marketing, Inc., on the computer it could not be found. Then I found this website and read your ripout articles. I have called and put a stop payment on my check and hope that will take care of it. If it does I have learned a good lesson for $8.00! Peggy, Greenville, North Carolina
Entity: Coral Springs, FLA
56, Report #188470
Apr 25 2006
09:25 AM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
On October 18th a girl rang our doorbell claiming to be from our local high school. She stated she was trying to sell magazines to earn points for a trip. She eventually talked me into a magazine subscription that I chose for my son. There was also a $10 dollar 'processing fee'. After 6 months I still had not received the magazine. I called the company at the end of March 06 and was told that I should receive the magazine by the first week of April 06 or they would gladly refund my money. Today, April 25th I called the company. I gave them my receipt information and was told that that magazine had ceased publication. They said that they had sent me via mail notice of this and that I could choose another magazine. I stated that I would like my money back. She said this would be fine and that I needed to send in my receipt. After hanging up I went online and noticed that the magazine is still being published. I called PMI back and told them I didn't believe that they would actually send me a refund if they lied about the publication status. She then said that they weren't allowed to sell that magazine any longer. She said I would have to send in my receipt to get a refund. I know that I'm getting the run around and I'm tired of being ripped off. They have blatantly lied to me and I've caught them and they don't care because they have my money. I'm really interested in knowing why isn't there a class action lawsuit out there to shut them down? Why do we continue to let them rip people off if we can stop it? Is anyone interested in starting a class action lawsuit? Michelle wichita, KansasU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
57, Report #179514
Mar 06 2006
10:29 AM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I was going to call the company to see about my magazine order I placed three months ago only to find out there is no phone number available. So, like others I went searching the internet only to find this website with other customers who haven't received their magazines ordered to help some low-life get to Cancun. Does this company even exist or have I really been scammed? I didn't give it much thought because my husband & I have bought magazines this way several times over the years. But, man do I feel vulnerable. It's too bad because no one, not even a cub scout will get another magazine order from me again. From now on it's the magazines themselves getting my business! Debbie Biloxi, MississippiU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
58, Report #179738
Mar 07 2006
09:19 AM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I was sitting in my dorm room when a guy knocked on my door selling magazines. I ignored it but my other apartment mates let him in. He was trying to sell them magazines but they had no money and I did so they brought me out there to talk to him. He told me the deals and how it was for a trip. It sounded legitimate and the last thing I thought was how it was a scam. I wrote a check for 46 dollars and he promised me I would get my magazines in January. It's March and I haven't seen not one. My check was cleared and I feel I was ripped off. It's not the student's fault, it's the company. I want this company to take responsibilty for ripping off people. That 46 dollars could have went towards something else but I really wanted to help out this salesmen with winning a trip. I am a college student and I can't afford to just give out money. I expected something in return. I want ether my money or the magazines. Shemir Spring Hill, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
59, Report #165994
Nov 27 2005
06:23 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
Friday I had a knock at my door from a very energetic female who introduced herself as Tracy. She went on about how she was selling magazines to help purchase her school books next year at Ohio State. She asked if she could come in and use my table to write some things down. I let her in and next thing I know I am buying a subscription that was $36, but was charged a $10 processing fee and my total quickly turned into $46. Tracy insisted that I pay cash for the magazines. I didn't have enough cash to pay for the whole amount. She began to say that she needed cash in order to get credit for her points today. I ended up giving $10 in cash and a check for the rest. After she left I felt uneasy about the whole situation. I began to research on the internet and found that others had the same situation. Thankfully I work for the bank where my check was written from and didn't suffer a total loss. Please be very careful! Annie hendersonville, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
60, Report #168404
Dec 18 2005
02:16 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I too fell for this scam. Now I am out over $90. I ordered magazines for my kids for the holidays. I am planning on contacting the Attorney Generals office in Arizona and filing a complaint. I know that not all door to door sales are bogus, but with companies like this, it will hinder all other companies. Is there nothing we can do to retrieve our money? Has anyone contacted the magazine companies? That is my next course of action. I still have my reciepts and my returned checks. This is getting ridiculous. Cynthia melissa Phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
61, Report #165686
Nov 23 2005
02:35 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I had the kids come to my house. I bought 2 magazines. I then got buyers remorse. I called the next day to cancel my check. They said they would not cash it as long as I sent the receipt back signed post maked for 3 business days. I followed up with the company to verify they recieved my reciept. They had, however cashed my check. They said it was thier mistake and I needed to fax to them a copy of the front and back of my check to prove that it had cleared. I did that also. I followed up 1 one more day and asked when my check was going to be refunded. The server went down. It has been a week and I have followed up again. The server is still down. NO CHECK RETURNED. Buy with a credit card. Nancy Manchester, MissouriU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
62, Report #170965
Jan 08 2006
02:55 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs, Florida
The following is a letter I wrote to the Georgia Govenors office of consumer affairs after being ripped off by Palmetto Marketing. Governors Office of Consumer Affairs 2 Martin Luther King Dr SE Suite 356 East Tower Atlanta, GA 30334 Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing about an issue with a marketing company in Florida involving door to door magazine sales. On November 18, 2005 I received a solicitor selling magazines. After I signed up for the magazine I researched the company and found them to be listed in scam sites. I was unable to contact them by phone so I stopped payment of the check I had given their representative. I considered that to be my right of cancellation. Specifics of my case: November 18, 2005 Signed up for magazines. November 22, 2005 Stopped payment of check (3rd business day) December 21, 2005 Received first letter from Collection letter requesting $62. Not just the $32 that I had originally signed up for. Palmetto Marketing had never tried to contact me to discuss the issue. They had my name, address and phone number. December 30, 2005 Sent registered letter to Collection Agency stating that I had found Palmetto Marketing Listed on scam sites and considered them to be undesirable to do business with and that the check I had written was stopped by me. January 5, 2006 Received another letter from Collection Agency stating that the matter was being turned over to the State Attorney's Office to be handled by their Worthless Check Division. January 6, 2006 I contacted Collection Agency. They gave me the number of Palmetto Marketing. Collection Agency indicated they would put the matter on hold for 30 days and I have to take it up with Palmetto. I then contacted Palmetto to explain that I did not want to do business with them and I had stopped the check. They told me that since I had not notified them within 3 days that I would have to take it up with the Collection Agency. I have now contacted the Federal Trade Commission and opened case #7421830. I am also contacting you (The Governors Office of Consumer Affairs) to ask you for action against Palmetto Marketing Inc. and undesirable business practices. I have not received any magazines from Palmetto so, they have not fulfilled their obligation and I want no further contact with them. I do not owe them anything. Please let me know how you will proceed with this case. Enclosures: 3 letters from Collection Agency and the original contract with Palmetto Marketing and the letter to collection agency from me sent December 30. Regards, Stephen Atlanta, GA. 30306-3206 CC to: Palmetto Marketing Inc Check Game Solutions, Inc(Collection Agency) 7522 Wiles Rd Suite 112 1230 43rd Ave Coral Springs, Fl 33067 Vero Beach, Fl 32960 Phone 954-341 8135 Phone (772) 299-1787 Steve Atlanta, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs,, Florida
63, Report #167709
Dec 12 2005
05:10 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
A boy named Justin Henson came to our apartment door (10/06/2005), saying he was in college trying to raise money for a trip for school by selling magazine subscriptions. We ordered 4 magazine subscriptions from him totaling $142.00. We have not seen one magazine as of yet.(12/12/2005) We plan on contacting the attorney general here in Arizona as well as the better business bureau. Jill Mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
64, Report #31230
Sep 26 2002
06:31 PM
Palmetto Marketing dishonest ripoff Coral Springs Florida
Palmetto Marketing scam has spread to New Hampshire. I had a young girl come to my door talking very fast about winning a trip to Cancuun, Mexico for Spring Break. I heard Spring Break and assumed she was a college student. She was friendly and very nice to my two young children. I wanted to help her win her trip, she exclaimed she was in second place. Wow, I did not know how nieve I was! I let her into my home, talk with my children. I told my husband what I had purchased which was a my first dictionary for my children. He then searched them on the computer and all these rip off notes came up about this company. We immediatly cancelled the check! She told me this, she was trying to earn points to win a trip to Mexico. She was from Indiana and her brother was a marine that lived in VA. She said that different things earned her points, such as the book I was going to buy, the check I gave her which was Pooh, because this book was a gift she could get points for that. She also told me that since this was a donation, the money was tax deductable! Well, I am not going to wait to find out! What kind of message is this sending to the youth of America?? Robyn Manchester, New Hampshire
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
65, Report #31615
Oct 01 2002
07:30 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff coral springs Florida
A young girl came to my door selling magazines for hergroup and she was in first place and only needed a few more points to win her trip to Mexico. She was vey energetic and bubbly and friendly to my son.I felt sorry for her so i renewed a currnt subscription which was triple the price but i thought it was for a good cause.She told me if i gave her cash she could get her points that day! After i wrote out the check I did not feel right so i went on line and found all these reports so i cancelled my check from the bank immediately and contacted my local news about the scam artist in the area! I am so mad as i fell for this as I am an educated person! I just want everyone to be aware!! Karyn Brunswick, Ohio
Entity: coral springs, Florida
66, Report #96738
Jun 28 2004
08:38 AM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I too was a victim of this scam. Friday evening two young boys came to my door and gave me the same talk about selling magazines for a contest to go to Cancun wanting to help I ordered two magazines then regretted it shortly after. THis morning I went to the post office and sent out the cancellation slip. After going to the post office i went online to investigate a little then found this sight proving my feeling of this being a scam. I have since put a stop payment on my check. The back of the form states any returned checks will be subject to a $30.00 fee which I will not pay. I am not going to pay a $30.00 fee for a scam since you cannot even contac this company. I hope others read this before falling prey to the same scam. Dawn Clinton Township, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
67, Report #55721
May 05 2003
12:33 PM
Palmetto Marketing Inc ripoff Coral Springs Florida
I contacted a consumer company in Florida who is helping me recover my money from Palmetto Marketing Inc. They have had 24 complaints filed and have recovered full refunds for each complaint! They are currently working on my case. The number is 1-954-341-8135. I hope each and everyone of you calls this number and gets every dollar back! Finally someone who can help! Good luck guys! Sherry dunwoody, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
68, Report #24886
Jul 18 2002
03:46 PM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff magazine scam Coral Springs Florida
We had a young girl come to our door telling us she was trying to win a trip to Cancun through selling magazines. She talked very fast and used high-pressure sales techniques to get inside our home and sell us a magazine subscription. We read over the list and found one we liked and decided to help her out (being that she was in first place, like many of the other reports say). After she left we thought about how much the subscription was and went to the magazine's web site and found out that a one year subscription was $15 less than we were charged. After we noticed the $10 processing fee we realized we had been ripped off. Luckily we also saw the note saying we had 3 days to cancel our order. I looked up the company online and found the phone number. Predictably, no one answered. I found information about the company's practices on this web site and decided to track her down minutes after she left. I found her not far away and told her that I wanted our check back. She seemed very mad and I explained to her what I learned on this site. She did not believe me, but we fortunately managed to get our check back (even though we had to give her our recepits, which I marked our info out on). Thank you everyone who posted here on Rip Off Report for saving us $33 and a headache trying to get our money back. Zach Raleigh, North Carolina
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
69, Report #134806
Mar 13 2005
10:09 AM
Palmetto Marketing ripoff Coral Springs Florida
They are using the kids to sell magazines for school.I thought I was helping the kids but, I've yet to see the magazine that was ordered in 1/15/05. It is now march and decided to find more information and discovered that it was a fraudulent company. But my check was cashed for $40.00. Please let me know how I can go about getting my money back. Antoinette tampa, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
70, Report #134413
Mar 09 2005
09:01 PM
Palmetto Marketing misrepresentation ripoff! Norfolk Virginia
Young white man (claimed to be 22 years old) came to door when it was dark and porch light was not even on. Claimed to be Roger Smith who just moved in down the street next to 7-11 and wanted to meet the neighbors. Next thing he said he was a new student at Norfolk State University (a predominantly black school) in Mass Communications and Radio - but only been in town 5 days - a bit odd as the semester began long ago. He even claimed to work at the Norfolk State Radio Station and we could listen to him tonight after 10:30 on 88.1. (there is no such station at Norfolk State) Said he wanted to go on a trip to Germany where he'd be training with the BBC - couldn't explain what BBC was doing in Germany. He needed help on his school trip to Germany so was offering for us to buy a magazine. We said we already had too many magazines and in fact turned down free subscriptions we have on our many frequent flyer miles. He said we might consider giving a child's magazine called Arthur, to the Children's Hospital. Roger claimed he scored 1580 on his SAT (took it twice) and had attended about 5 universities around the US, was now a Junior at NSU after driving from Missouri 5 days ago. He said his Mom, of Design Pro bought 200 magazine subscriptions and he just needed a few more to go on the trip. Although the magazine prices were quite high, we thought we'd buy one subscription for $40 to help Roger. We completed the form, wrote our check. He saw we were skeptical, so he wrote his mother's phone number (just a block away), but he said she used a Phoenix phone number. Once he walked out the door, my wife and I compared notes, and felt this was likely a fraud. Thus, we called his mother's phone number which was, of course, bogus. We contacted the neighbor he said he would visit next. He said he only had 6 days to sell several hundred magazines (his Mom had bought 200, yeh right!). He needed to complete his sales in 1 hour and turn in receipts to his NSU professor. We decided to check if he was still in the neighborhood. Fortunately, we saw him sitting in front of the 7-11. When we confronted him, we said things didn't add up and we weren't happy. To begin with, the phone number he left was bogus. He somehow instantly remembered he'd given us the wrong number and gave us a new one, his grandmother's with an entitrly new (and distant) area code. We'd had enough and said we'd like to cancel the deal (the receipt said we had 3 days to cancel). He obligied and returned our check. My wife insisted he invalidate our order, which he voided. He said he couldn't return the form or tear it up or his company, Palmetto, would charge him $100. I've taken the time to write this to let others know of the unscrupulous tactics used by such con artists purporting to work for Palmetto (aka National Magazine Seller Assn. or whatever). For identification purposes, the four numbers Roger said identified our sale are: 041 4183949 JW (his boss's initials) R Smith (his name) He said the magazine we ordered (since cancelled) was New York Magazine for 92 issues. I doubt if we hadn't acted right away, like many others, we'd never see an issue, based on the host of lies that this young man dished out in such a short time. It should be obvious that someone with a 1580 SAT would not be selling magazines and bouncing around from one school to another. We are used to dealing with honest people in our work and neighborhood, and when one interacts with someone like Roger, there's a tendency to take him at his word. This scam takes advantage of sincere people who trust others. Hopefully, sharing this scenario may help protect others frolm this scam. Olaf Norfolk, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Norfolk, Virginia
71, Report #83506
Mar 11 2004
06:29 AM
Palmetto Marketing Inc. ripoff Palmetto Marketing Inc. Coral Springs Florida
I ordered some magazines yesterday from these people, it seemed to me it was an awfull lot for 3 subscriptions ($14.00) so, since I thought about it last night I decided to call them today to change the order for only one subscription, since I wanted to help out the very nice gentleman that came to my home yesterday (and yes, he was going to win a trip to Cancun too). So, I look in the receipt for a customer care phone number and there wasn;t one ... I read the back for return instructions and there's a part that the seller has to fill out, a blank square, like to add a department number, it wasn;t filled out, so, I think to myself If I mail this with this part blank like it is right now with just my return info, they will use that as an excuse to not give me my money back. So I come to the search engine and type the name of the company to look at their website and get a phone number, all I found was this website with hundreds of complaints about this company. I read them and I realized that I was in fact a victim of this scam as well, I called my bank and put a stop payment request for this check, because fortunatelly I didn't have any cash on me whicj is what the gentleman wanted originally at least for one of the sunscriptions... I'm mailing this cancellation thing today, with that blank space for the department number in blank, but they're not getting any money from me. I thought it would be appropriate to add my experience in this website to benefit other people and to possibly emd with this once in for all, it seems to me that in a country like this, with so much law enforcement, there's still a company that can rip off people this way. Good luck and don't fall for it! Thanks to all that have added experiences here, if it wasn;t for you I'd be 114.00 out right now! Eloisa Hampton, VirginiaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
72, Report #22623
Jun 13 2002
08:19 AM
Palmetto Marketing Help for those who need info on Palmetto Marketing Coral Springs Florida
I was reading through other concerns about Palmetto Marketing on your site. I went to the National Field Selling Association website to verify that Palmetto still belonged and they do. So I got their number and talked with them today. They verified my info and said that my info was now sent to the publisher. So it appears that my order is working. It has been in the 90-120 day window that is on my receipt. Teresa Stafford, Virginia
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
73, Report #56261
May 08 2003
06:13 PM
Palmetto Marketing Inc ripoff Coral Springs Florida
We paid for magazine subscriptions and never recieved them... what a RIPOFF! ..... A young gentleman came to our home, offering us magazine subscriptions.... saying it would help pay for his college education. We ordered 2 magazine subscriptions from this company.... Seventeen, and Computer Shoper.. each were for 12 issues. One was $22.00 and the other was $25.00.. total that we paid was $57.00. My daughter filled out the form, Ashley Buckner and my husband wrote the check with his name on it... Rocco Rama JR. The reciept number was 043 3705020. This purchase was made on January 2, 2003. The reciept said CBA Inc. Anything you can do to get a refund on the purchase would be very helpful. Thank you very much, Carmela A. Ashley Ocala, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
74, Report #62612
Jul 02 2003
04:43 PM
Palmetto Marketing Inc ripoff magazine sales Coral Springs Florida
On June 3, 2003, I was woken by a knock on my apartment door. I was half asleep and didn't have my contacts in. I open the door and see this homely looking black boy standing there. He was like blah blah blah I'm not here to rob you and all this bullshit. i'm like ok and let him in. Big mistake. He kept going on and on about some trip to cancun or something. He asked for water and I went to the kitchen with him. He commented on my sisters Simpsons collection and carried on about that. He then saw the flag and shell casings from my dad's funeral and commented about that also. He just knew everything about everything! Made up some bullshit story about living on the base for a while and his dad was in the military and blah blah. He asked to use my bathroom, stupidly I let him walk back there himself and also at one point left him in my room with all my dvd's and cd's and stuff when i went to get my check book. Anyway, I actually thought about cancelling my check but I didn't. Come to find it it was a scam after all. He didn't steal anything. If I had known it was a scam I would have punched him in his flat nose and shot his ass for trespassing. Matt W. Carrollton, OhioU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida
75, Report #58579
May 27 2003
07:07 PM
Palmetto Marketing Inc rip-off Coral Springs Florida
A Young man came to my door said he was from a local school wanted to know if i would help him win a trip by subscribing to a magazine so for a gift i ordered a Game-Pro Magazine for my son it has never ever arrived to him. He is so disappointed Petrilla phoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.
Entity: Coral Springs, Florida

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