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1, Report #1153070
Jun 08 2014
12:08 PM
Credit Consultant Services, LLC. will take your money and string you along do not pay him cash PARAMOUNT California
he removed some inqury of my report but added a fraud alert than i decided to get my whole credit fixed .as weeks passed by he stopped returning my call and emails.he will screw you do not send him any money.. 
Entity: PARAMOUNT, California
2, Report #1043391
Apr 15 2013
11:17 AM
Paramount Acceptance Terrible Holladay Utah
My credit card number changed, but I was never aware that my Gold's Gym membership was trying to bill my old card.  Paramount Acceptance called many times but never explained my Gold's Gym membership payment was late.  I talked with someone but they just accosted me and made me feel like I was an idiot.  I have much better things to do than fight with a lady on the phone.  I am active duty military and have been preparing for war...I should not have to deal with someone telling me I am irresponsible.
Entity: Holladay, Utah
3, Report #70084
Oct 25 2003
02:32 PM
SeaWest Financial Dishonest Fradulent billing Paramount California
I purchased my car back in Feb. 01 from Ramont Motormall, the finance company is SeaWest Financial. I put a nice sum of money down at Ramont, which was to be sent directly to SeaWest, and I was notified to make my first payment on March 1st. Well I sent a money order to the company before my payment date. Tell me why this company was calling me back to back at work on the same day stating they hadn't received my payment or Ramont's payment stating it is my responsibility to get the payment to them. I told them I had sent my payment and it isn't my problem about Ramont, but I called Ramont and they stated they sent the payment to them. What I did was cancell my money order and did a western union payment. Well in may they tried to cash the money they stated they never received and tried to charge me a NSF because the money order bounced. I called them and said this was not my fault so why am I being charged this money. Long story short, the man took it off. Tell me why here in 2003, this charge comes back up on my account after all these years. When I called SeaWest they stated this was for a money order that bounced back in 2001. They wouldn't take the charge back off my account, so I took further action. I filed a complaint with the BBB. In the end all the better BBB did was put this complaint on their public record. So I finally gave in a just paid this amount. Well in August of 2003, I didn't make my payment in full so they charged me a 12 late fee, which was included with the NSF. Well when I made my September payment I paid the late fee and the NSF along with the amount I still owed from Aug and Septembers amount. Well here comes Oct. I paid my account on time and full. Tell me why I received a statement for October like 2 days after I made my payment, because now I make all of my payments by Western Union so they can't say they didnt' receive it, it stated 0 past due. Then a day after I received that statement I received another statement saying I owed $12 late fee for August,. I called SeaWest Financial services and said I don't owe anything I paid this amoutn and full and ZI asked to speak w/ a supervisor. Well I got her voicemail. I left a message and never received a call back. So I filed another complaint with the Better Business Bureau. But this time around I also called legal aid who told me to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office, which I did. So we will see what happens. I have had nothing, I mean nothing but trouble with this company and I warn anybody to stay away! I am so stressed out over this. I don't have money to hire an attorney or anything like that so I'm just doing what I can. I have always , but once made my payments on time to this company and they have tried to get over on me repeatedly. It was bad enough I got sucked in paying a 22% interst rate because I didn't know what I was doing because it was my first loan, so now I'm paying almost a 100% in an interst. I make my payments and nothing decreases. I was suppose to have this loan paid off in 4 years, per the salesman who sold me my piece of crap, but per legal aid I will be paying way more than 4 years. I have been screwed royally and I warn everybody. T Lansing, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: Paramount, California
4, Report #438383
Mar 27 2009
03:13 PM
Paramount Acceptance Racking up the Fees Salt Lake City Utah
I have a complaint concerning Paramount Acceptance. I have made 12 payments to this company without any trouble until my credit card they had on file expired. It expired in Jan 09. I wasn't notified of a problem until March 09. By this time, my account had accumulated some $80+ in fees. According to them, they said they had called me on December 10th as a courtesy to remind me of my card expiring. I believe that they actually called my number, but there is no way they left a message of any kind. There is only 2 people living in my house and both of us would be right on taking care of something like this. It is my feeling that they had every intent of collecting as much in fees as possible before actually sending out a letter on March 12th. I don't know if this company is Gold's Gym or if Gold's hires them as a finance company. I ended up paying the fees [because I had no choice] I am very angry about being held up and robbed of $80 and it is legal [according to them] Thank you, Deanna Murray, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Salt Lake City, Utah
5, Report #63277
Jul 10 2003
12:44 PM
Seawest Financial Lies threats run arounds and phone obscenities Paramount California
This company had made a deal with us that our payment was due on a certain date and then changed it without telling us called and harrassed us for not being on time. SO we worked something out with them to pay our payment on payday on the 15th (were military) they said the only was they will agree to that is if we send then the check post dated a month prior and THEY SWEAR they wont cash it until the 15th as agreed we even had them send us a written paper signed and dated saying they wont and I even told them id they cashed it ahead of time it wont clear and we will have tons of fees and they will mess us up. The past 2 months in a row they have deposited it as soon as they got it last month we were lucky and happen to have enough to cover it even though it really messed up our household but this month it didnt clear and a couple other checks written didnt clear and we have 25 fees for every one from both sides! Thats a lot of money for people who live paycheck to paycheck with 3 kids. When we called them today 07/10/03 after expressing to us that they didnt care and wont fix it literally my husband was trying to explain to them the seriousness of what they did and how all those fees are taking away our grocery money we had to cover the fees the guy threatened to raise our payments if we didnt like it and then my husband made a statement of so you want my children to starve and the lady said EXACT WORDS she said YES and hung up! I am soo disqusted with this company and the more than 3 different people I have dealt with myself. They are a bunch of unprofessional, rude, careless, and disgusting crooks! Jennifer Fort Knox, KentuckyU.S.A.
Entity: Paramount, California
6, Report #56500
May 11 2003
11:48 AM
Seawest Finanical Corporation ripoff dirty SOB's Paramount California
In April of 2001 I was in the military and needed a car to make it to the doctor office b/c I was pregnant. To make a long story short. I went to a car dealer ship they told me that b/c of my credit I can pick between two cars. I pick a 94 Pont. sunbird and also told I can bring it back within a year to trade it in. Call the dealership back and the told me that seawest own the car and to call them. I call seawest they told that I have to finish paying for the car. This they tell me after I call for a whole month. Did I also tell that the car broke down the first month I had it. Not only did I have problem with the car but also stress at work. With this I decided to go home b./ too much stress was hurting me and my unborn child. car break down again. Now that I paid more money for the car to get fix than the car is worth. So now I'm unemployed and trying to go to school and raise my child. I pay what I can. So when I do send in for a full month payment they they call the next day asking for next month payment. So today I get a Mother's day gift and that gift. They tell me that they are going to come and pick up my car and to call my seawest account manager and tell when I'm going to pay. I called ADA and they tell me she is gone home and leave a message for her in her voicemail. SEAWEST MOVED TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION SO I GET THE RUN AROUND BEFOR THEY SAY THE MOVE. WHICH MEAN TO THAT THEY ARE HIDING. Beside that I can't get another car b/c seawest say I still owe them 5,000 dollars. I just look at my monthly statement and the top number is still not moving. Which tell me that the are just ripping people off. I also went to trade in my car and they say my car is worth only 500. So 500 from 5000 you do the math. Iwas told that I was to make my last payment in january 2003. It May 2003 and still have 5000 left. Alea Decatur, GeorgiaU.S.A.
Entity: Paramount, California
7, Report #63940
Jul 17 2003
09:12 AM
Seawest Financial Harassing calls, poor customer service, and unauthorized take over of account rip-offs the business that doesnt give a dam Paramount California
Seawest obtained my account from a tote-the-note car lot, that I had purchased my car from. Without my consent. I went to this particular place because I wasn't ready to go through a finance company for personal reasons. But I still ended up with this rip-off company. They have been calling me at work every day, plus at home in the evening time. I called them and asked them to come pick up the car, because I was unable to pay on it and I did not want it to look as bad on my credit. Well the guy that I spoke with talked so ugly to me and told me that they are not a repo company. They only deal in finance. I told him that I would leave the car parked. He told me, we don't care what you do with the car, we just want our money. He didn't quite say it that nice. The car was towed from my apartment complex and I thought that they had repossessed the car, but then they called and confirmed that they hadn't and the lady I spoke with, told me that maybe the car lot that I originally got the car from may have towed it. Now why would they tow it if Seawest obtained my account from them. That should mean that the car is no longer a concern to that car lot. Even though I no longer have this car, going on 5 months. They are still calling and harassing me, even at work after I asked them not to call my place of employment, not 1 time but 3 times. This is very unprofessional and I also noticed that the total amount of my car had went up . Rip-offs Neicey Forest Hill, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Paramount, California
8, Report #177045
Feb 19 2006
01:23 PM
Westlake Financial Services ripoff LOS Angeles California
Westlake financail services is the hardest company to do business with. I have been paying off a car that the sticker price was 4,000 dollars and after they were done with there charges the total was 10,000 dollars. My car was repoded in January of 2005 and all over 1payment and going on secound but they didn't want to take any part of the money I tried to send. It took 2 weeks to get my car back and 1,400 doollars later I tried to pay off early and was told it would be the same amount if I would just do payments. They are very rude and call even when your payment isn't even late to bother me. They call everyone used on my refernces and love to give everyone a hard time . My %is 27 and regret even getting this car a 99 nissan sentra. At least throw Westlake Finacial. Brandi Paramount, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: LOS Angeles, California
9, Report #1391914
Aug 10 2017
10:13 PM
Paramount Financial Services LLC They told us that it will cost $15, 900 to invest online business . Until they always ask us money that it cost like this like that. There are several people calling us and asking us money until we paid them off $17, 500. Last few days they told us again that we have to pay again but we t9ld them we don't have m I need anymore for that. And that's the time we told them why they didn't told us about that if how much it cost and and we have to pay other things for thousands. So now we're thinking that we are being scam by this people. Utah, Idaho, & Arkansas Nationwide
 The people that contacted us stated that it would cost 15900.00 +(39.00 per month after this for ? How long) to start an online business, but then proceeded to add to this amount. (an LLC that would cost us 1600.00 + an additional amount per year), ( a drop shipping company that would cost an additional 39.00 per month, (if we use a middleman that would take a percentage of the profits), to 8000.00....8000.00, being the best route to go (not using the middleman). They had a better deal that would only cost 3900.00, and would cost an additional amount per month. We told them that the 15900.00 was all we could afford, only to find out about the additional costs, without knowing what our returns would even be. We are all out of money, and never even got our business off the ground! Thanks!
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #410577
Jan 10 2009
06:19 PM
11, Report #342188
Jun 19 2008
08:10 PM
James Hampton Of Paramount Homes, LLC This builder didn't not stand behind his work or promises he made verbally or in writing. Old Hickory Tennessee
The builder of our home, James Hampton, of Paramount Homes, LLC operated in a very similar manner as was described in the report created by PJ. The home was about a third finished when we found it last year. There were many items that needed to be finished like landscaping, drywall issues, carpeting, appliances, etc. The builder put a lot of pressure on us to close as quickly as possible. We didn't want to close because when we did the walk thru many of the items we pointed out were not completed. This was even up to the day we closed. So, we held money out in escrow. The builder did the bare minimum to get his money and we have never heard from him since. We were supposed to get a home warranty at closing, but, they told us after we signed it, that the builder still needed to sign it and they would forward it to us after he completed his part of the closing later that day. Weeks went by and we never got anything. So, we called our title company and the builder's title company and they finally forwarded us an unsigned copy of the warranty. From the time we moved in, we have discovered issue after issue. To name a few...there was no dryer vent or room vent in the laundry room of the house. We spoke to a guy named Scott who was supposed to be Mr. Hampton's Superintendent. He sent over someone from the HVAC company to put it in. They knocked holes in the wall and our brick and told us Mr. Hampton was going to have someone come out to drywall the holes and vent back in. A state inspector came out to look at what was done and he said it was a safety issue with the way it was installed and needed to be completely redone. That was 8 months ago and no one from Paramount homes has ever come out called or responded to this issue in any manner. When you call Mr. Hampton's cell phone it says to call his attorney. I called the attorney and he was one of the most rude and threatening individuals I've ever communicated with. He indicated that Mr. Hampton was in the process of filing for Bankruptcy. I contacted the US Bankruptcy Court today and he has not filed. In addition, we've had a broken water gasket, which leaked water in our basement. We had a dishwasher that was not properly mounted and broke over half our glasses. Three contractors that we've had come out to the house to help us fix pertinent safety issues have told us our house wiring is not right. Thus we had a lot of problems with our cable and phone lines. One of the contractors came out because several of our lights and electrical outlets weren't working. He discovered a burnt up electrical outlet that had caught on fire evidently. We also have a air conditioning unit that was not blowing cold air when it started to get hot. We called a sub out to look at it and found that it was not installed properly and was actually missing a part. That was fixed, however, it's still making a sound that is so loud it could wake Helen Keller up out of her bed at night! In addition, half our roof blew off when a tornado came through in February. This should've been covered under warranty on a brand new home, but, again we could not reach the builder. We have another issue with drainage on the outside of our home. The system installed by the builder to make sure water doesn't pool around or near our home is not working. Water gets up so high it actually floods the roadway. We were supposed to have a special 10 year warranty on this according to our documentation, but, we never received anything from the builder on this like he promised either. In addition, I was also threatened in writing by one of the builder's subs with bodily harm. We have tried to reach the builder numerous times via telephone and in writing as we were dealing with these life safety/health issues. However, we have not ever heard from him since we closed last year. Please do yourself a favor and do not do business with James Hampton of Paramount Homes, LLC. Anonymous Mount Juliet, TennesseeU.S.A.
Entity: Old Hickory, Tennessee
12, Report #14683
Feb 21 2002
12:00 AM
Seawest Financial have no organization and they ripped me off in December
Seawest Financial ripped me off in December, I lost my father at only 54 yrs of age last year and my mind wasn't on my bills, so I missed a payment by 5 days of the due date in Oct. but I had 10 days from due date I later found out to make my payment. Since that month they started harrassing me 2 days before my due date and charged me for late payments that I didn't owe, in December they informed me that I didn't pay November and that they would reposes my car, I had paid my car with a money order because I had to close my banking acct. because of funeral payments that I had made for my father and I was also going through a divorce, so I made payments with a money order and lost the stub, so worried that they might be right I sent in a payment of $680 dollars in Dec. for Nov. and Dec and for any late payments I might have had to clear my acct. In the middle of December they informed me that I still hadn't paid for December, at that point I had found my receipt for Oct. and Nov. and informed them that I didn't owe them a penny until Jan. 14th 2002, again I received a repo letter. I called them up and demanded a credit or to at least leave me alone until Feb.2002 because I had made a double payment in Dec. that I didn't need to do because of their error, they didn't except that they insisted that I was wrong even though I sent them a copy of the money order for Oct,Nov, and Dec. let's just say they are still harrassing me and also my mother because her phone # is on my acct. Yesenia Miami Florida
Entity: Paramount, California
13, Report #660557
Nov 10 2010
05:12 PM
paramount holdings llc justin clark homes for sale indianapolis Internet
I am in the process of buying a house in Indianapolis but live in Connecticut. I bid on this property on E-bay, odd place to buy property but I have done it before but always through a real estate agent never an individual. the house was offered as a quit claim deed, by store 5238 with a 100% feedback rating. Only 1 picture of the home from the street is in the ad no pictures of the interior. E-mails about back taxes,house condition, liens or other concerns go unanswered yet I recieve emails and a phone call looking for the payment which I have yet to send. The email address is The ad stated the seller had bought 40 plus homes in bulk and was off loading some of them. A check of the sellers history shows nothing more than drug home test kits, some wrenches, pendants,etc. nothing that would indicate a contractor,investor,or someone capable of buying and reworking 40 homes at a time.A check with the tax/ website shows the current owner as Paramount Holdings LLC Sandy Utah not Justin Clark of Lees Summit MO.and that the have held the warranty deed since 10/18/1999 Im not sure how the 2 go together. the current back taxes on the property exceed 11k it would appear paramount never paid any of the property taxes, Im not sure if the misleading ad by Mr Clark is based on a tax lien certificate of some kind that he can quit claim over but far to many red flags to send a payment until all the questions are answered. Anyone with any knowledge about either of these people would be helpful the reports about paramount holdings pretty much said it though.         
Entity: Internet, Internet
14, Report #950562
Oct 03 2012
08:13 PM
Paramount Building Solutions LLC Employment & Race Discrimination Internet
Paramount Building Solutions, is firing black employee for no reason and replacing them with mexico workers because they are better worker than black worker that's what was told to me.
Entity: Internet, Internet
15, Report #348319
Jul 07 2008
01:29 PM
Paramount Acceptance Unethical behavior - enticing teens Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
This company enticed my daughter, who had just turned 18, into signing a contract with them. At that age, a child that age is easily influenced. I believe that she was influenced into signing such a contract, and on her behalf, I protest in the strongest possible terms. The company representative I spoke with (1-866-779-3716) was rude and would not entertain any discussion on the subject, except I was to listen to what she had to say only. I grant that I, too, was argumentative after listening to her thoughts on the matter. I did manage to tell her, however, that Spa Lady would not allow my daughter to use the facilities for all these months. So, in essence, she is asked to pay for facilities she cannot use! I believe this is extremely unfair. My daughter has never refused to pay what she owes. She has, however, been in arrears. I have therefore agreed to pay what she owes except I take strong exception to being talked to in a completely unprofessional manner. My daughter has been in arrears, I am told for 5-6 months and I had phoned the company quite prepared to pay for the 6 months. But the mannerisms of the representative I spoke offended me and with hence I have initiated this formal complaint. Amin Edmonton, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Winnipeg, Manitoba
16, Report #85538
Mar 26 2004
04:26 PM
Sea West Financial unprofessional ripoffs Paramount California
I bought a truck through a company out of vidor texas. i was so good at making the payments so they sold my account to sea west financial,well i started getting calls saying i was late and they wanted their money. they sold my account to another company without letting me know anything about it. well i let my brother take the notes up on the truck, no big deal he was paying them at first, well sea west always had a way to contact me if the note was not being paid. well one day about 6 years after my brother had the truck, i went and tried to get a loan for a new veichle, they informed me that there was a charge off on my credit, for the life of me i did not know what that was. well the lady explained it to me, and i was furious. i called sea west and ask them why they didnt call me and tell me that my brother was not paying the notes on the truck i would have done something to get them caught up. they informed me it was not their place and if i wanted the charge off off of my credit then i would have to set up payment arrangments to pay it off. so i did i set up a payment arrangment on a truck that should have been paid off 4 yrs ago, so i was paying 100.00 a month until i get 3800.00 dollars paid off to get it off of my credit. so i have had nothing but problems with sea west financial. Sheila beaumont, TexasU.S.A.
Entity: Paramount, California
17, Report #23371
Jun 24 2002
05:56 PM
Seawest Financial is a deceptive ripoff company. Paramount, California
Seawest refuses to credit my account with my first payment. Due a problem with the loan paperwork Seawest requested for me to make the first payment to the car dealer. Although I have copies of the check and the original reciept for the check from the dealer, seawest still refuses to credit my account. I even have a copy of the agreement between seawest and the dealer for seawest to withhold the money for the first payment from the dealers request. Seawest is trying to rip me off even though I complied with the with thier instructions and met my obligations. I have been talking with George Martinez at seawest for 3 months and I have not been able to get this resolved. Kenneth Belleville, Illinois
Entity: Paramount, California
18, Report #37398
Dec 06 2002
11:52 AM
I made payment arragements to have mmy car payment for 12/06/02, and 12/20/02, they deposited my check on 12/05/02, and my check returned nsf, so I had to pay bank fees of 25 dollars and I had to send payment by Western Union paying 13.95 fees for that so that my car would not be repossed, I feel as though that was not fair and I cannot get anyone to help me with this matter. dannett miami, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: PARAMOUNT, California
19, Report #41921
Jan 18 2003
06:13 AM
SeaWest Financial Corporation dishonest ripoffs Paramount California
Our account was sold to them by our original lender. They would call even if the payment was one day late. We would receive statements with past due balances even when payments had been made. Tried to get someone to give me information as to why our account was showing a past due balance and was basically told to stop worrying about it if I knew the payment had already been made, then was hung up on. Even got calls looking for our payment when our check had already cleared the bank. When I called them to clear this matter up, I again, was hung up on. This is a very unprofessional company and it is very scarry knowing that our credit is in the hands of these people. Donna Orlando, FloridaU.S.A.
Entity: Paramount, California
20, Report #1271907
Dec 03 2015
06:35 PM
Paramount Live Express Pet transport company fraud Paramount Live Express fake business Internet
Paramount Live Express is a fake company.  I contacted a supposed private seller using the name Brendalyn Morgan about purchasing a bulldog puppy via an ad she had placed. Payment was sent for the puppy and I then received a confirmation email from this company stating the puppy had been received and was being prepped for shipment. Another email followed soon after receiving a text from the supposed seller about a problem with the shipping crate. The company email wanted me to rent an electronic shipping crate for an extra $780 that would be refunded upon delivery. I texted the seller to say that I could not afford to pay this and would make arrangements to come pick up the puppy in person.  The seller agreed to pay the fee for the crate and all was allegedly well.  I received a flight plan email from the company detailing a connecting flight and that the puppy would be delivered the next afternoon. The following morning, I received a text from the seller asking if I had heard anything from the company about the transit. Lo and behold, another email from the supposed company had just appeared stating that a vet had examined the puppy during the connecting flight lay over and I needed to pay $590 for health insurance for the puppy to be released for the flight to me.  At this point, my husband began calling the number listed on the paramount live express website only to have the phone answered by a person with an East Indian accent who barely spoke english.  He was hung up on twice when asking to speak to a manager.  Not exactly what you would expect from a family owned company from Bryan, TX as it claims on the website. It is my opinion that the supposed seller and the person who established this website and one in the same or either they are working together.  My hope is that this message keeps anyone else from being misled and scammed as I was. Also beware any postings for puppies for sale from anyone using the name Debralyn Morgan. Phone number 915-229-6078.
Entity: Internet
21, Report #674632
Dec 23 2010
11:09 AM
Paramount Capital Group,Inc Nate...Rep...Harassing phone calls. account turned over to this company, no billing statement received, harassing phone calls for one month, then notice of default and demand for payment in full and yet no bill sent prior to demand West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
I never missed a payment on my loan which was taken over by Paramount Capital Group, Inc. I made my first payment to them. In that notice the company stated that they would be mailing a "payment booklet". One month went by, no payment booklet. Phone calls started, a lot of phone calls from Nate. I returned his phone calls several times stating that "I haven't received the payment booklet, how can I pay without a statement?" Another rep told me to send a check and the billing booklet would be sent. I did not realize the account # was not given after i sent the check. I sent the check on 12-18, received a notice printed out on 12-16 (this notice was not received until morning of 12-23...7 days)stating loan in default, pay in full. A phone call to Nate who stated that they did not legally have to send me a bill because I know the due date of the bill. After that phone call we received another call minutes later and someone from that company asked for my daughter who has no loan whatsoever with them! When dialed back and asked why they called asking for Amy, they denied ever calling and asking for her. I have endured one month of these idiotic phone calls one i which I was asked for my bank account # which I refused only to hear "we legally do not have to send a bill because you know when it is due". That in and of itself is an admission of guilt.........they ever intended on sending a bill, they only planned on demanding payment of thousands of dollars paid in full.
Entity: West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania
22, Report #1158223
Jun 28 2014
04:25 PM
Select Staffing Discrimination Paramount California
Answered an ad for manufacturing jobs that was posted by selected in Paramont CA. Filled out a bunch of paper work and they told me they'll call if something comes up. 2 weeks later I received one of those prerecord auto calls stating jobs are being assigned out and the information is as follows. One will be in English and the Other in Spanish. Then it went on to say if you speak English there will be another call later with the English instructions after that the Spanish instruction started playing. Needless to say there was never any call back with the English version. This went on for weeks and like a fool I waited patiently for Seleted to start actually hiring some Americans to be assigned to all these jobs. Went back down to there office and got a bunch of lame excuse from more Hispanic employees who worked in the office and getting the old evil eye from the supervisor who look like she wanted to say You really won't ever get assigned now Mr. I really have a good mind to sue them for discrimination against English speaking US citizens.
Entity: Paramount, California
23, Report #1238378
Apr 15 2016
02:57 PM
cbm financial services LLC Chris munoz
 Do not pay chris any money for anything what so ever, don't even work for him he will disappear and not pay you. He charges people $3000 to modify their mortgage when people can call their banks and do it themselves for free. He's the dumbest con-artist. He makes his money suing people and stealing people's money. And he's going to tell you that this review was written by a crazy ex-gf that wants to ruin his life. I have no reason to lie about him I'm just making sure people know he's a compulsive liar. He makes up **** about his employees that quit because he doesn't want people to believe them. Trust me do not give him a penny or any of your information. Call the Pacific Grove police department and the labor board of CA there is more than one claim against him
24, Report #254222
Jun 13 2007
12:10 PM
Triad Financial Repoed the car. Now where is the car and my personnal items! Huntington Beach California
They harass me at home, work and by cell phone everyday even when payments were made. I explained to them the reasons I got behind was because the car I got was a piece of junk and the following month my father became ill. They said that is not there problem. They reposed the car on Sunday night; I called Monday morning and was given a number for reinstatement. I have not been able to talk to anyone. I call everyday and leave messages. They will not answer the phone. I put the phone on hands free for an hour, no one ever pick up nor did I receive a letter stating were the vehicle is located or were my personal items are. Please add me to the class action law suit! Feretta Paramount, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Huntington Beach, California
25, Report #53660
Apr 20 2003
04:35 AM
Seawest Financial Corporation Gloria R. Ruvalcaba, Account Representative Ripoff thieves, Con-artists, took me for all I had in the Bank Paramount California
I was financed originally by CNAC here in CO., meanwhile, 5 payments down the road, allways on time, full or good intentions and proud to be buying a car of my own, when I start getting harassing calls at my work from somebody at this Seawest Financial in California wanting me to know that my payment is late and they want me to take care of it!!! The person was rude and gave me no information on why I owed them when CNAC was the one I had been making payments to. I ended up feeling totaly confused and very anrgy upon hanging up the phone, especially after a co-worker filled me in on what might have happened to me, which was, supposedly CNAC had sold my account to Seawest without my being told about it, and now all of the sudden im supposed to start sending Seawest my car payments? I didnt know why or what was going on...In the meantime I had a payment out there that Seawest didnt have, but CNAC should of gotten, or at least forwarded to Seawest but I wasnt going to pay someone my car payments when no one ever told me anything about the change... This story is a very long one, so Im going to make it real short by comming to the POINT, I authorized 1 maybe 2 check by phone withdrawls from my checking account, and then from then on, using those 2 same check numbers, 3more times each, Seawest stole money from my account UNAUTHORIZED until my account was completely empty, when i reported this to the bank, an investigation was to have been started, I was told that they cant do that, but they allready had, and then when i called the bank to check on the progress, I talked to another girl that said that they can do that if i had automatic bill pay withdrawl, DUH! I told her check the records, they were using check numbers that had been allready used, how can they use them over and over and each time using the next check number when since i never authorized in the first place those check numbers were in my checkbook written to other things, which then bounced because they were written for other things cause the money was put in there for other things not for Seawest to start stealing just because they could. I am so furious about it still. And get this, Seawest has just seued me for what was originally financed, twice as much as I owed on the car, making it look like i never payed a single payment!!!! But starting with this RIPOFF letter, Seawest has messed with the wrong girl, Thanks everyone, for listening to me, I'm going to go Kick some Seawest, you know what!!! Karen Lakewood, ColoradoU.S.A.
Entity: Paramount, California

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