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1, Report #1404285
Oct 04 2017
08:50 PM
Parties by John John Jj party productionJohn Norman Stole a costume from me worth $500.00 Brockton Massachusetts
 Jj called me on September 23, 2017, and asked to rent my SpongeBob costume as his was ruined in a flooded cellar. I told him $100.00 I left the costume out for him and told him he could give me the $100.00 when he returned it that following Monday. It has been over two weeks now. He refused to return my calls or return my $500.00 costume. I own a birthday party business in Rhode Island and I need my costume. I lost a $150.00 job last week because I did not have it. I am a single mother of three and he thinks this is ok to steal from someone. Do not hire him if this is the way he conducts his business
2, Report #1023685
Mar 05 2013
07:33 AM
John Berman John A. Berman, John A. Berman, Esq. 303 832 -7645 John Berman's license suspended by Colorado Supreme Court for fondling clients breasts. DENVER, Colorado
Colorado Supreme Court No. 11PDJ078. People v. Berman. 05/11/2012. Attorney Suspended. The PDJ approved a Conditional Admission of Misconduct submitted by the parties and suspended John A. Berman, attorney registration number 06695, for nine months, all stayed pending the successful completion of a two-year period of probation with conditions. The suspension was effective May 11, 2012. Berman represented a female client in a bankruptcy matter. Bermans client was dissolving her marriage, and the bankruptcy filing needed to be completed before her divorce could be finalized. During this representation, Berman touched his client without her consent or permission in a manner she found offensive. This action, coupled with a comment Berman made about the clients appearance, caused her emotional discomfort and violated her trust in Berman as her attorney. His misconduct constituted grounds for the imposition of discipline pursuant to CRCP 251.5, and violated Colo. RPC 8.4(h). Another complaint: We were extremely disappointed in our experience with John Berman. In addition to being over 30 minutes late to our initial appointment, we felt as though we were treated with disrespect in our subsequent interactions. We will not recommend his services in the future. Another complaint: We were not only disappointed in our experiences with John Berman but outraged as well! His legal fees were exorbitant, he did not accomplish the legal tasks for which we had hired him, and he dragged out the time period during which he was supposed to be representing us so that he made as much money as was possible by his extremely high fees. We would not recommend anyone to engage the services of John A. Berman, Attorney at Law, for any type of legal matter.
Entity: DENVER, Colorado
3, Report #693830
Feb 12 2011
11:13 PM
John Beck Mentoring Of America dont get rip off by John Beck Mentoring Of America chadworth, California
A year ago I purchases John Beck . I was contacted by affiliate company, Mentoring Of America. they wanted 13000.00 my husband talk them down to 8000.00 and 100% money back guarantee. They told me I would be making money in 6-12 weeks through mentoring program. They gave me a written guarantee to refund my entire investment if I didn't make money back in 12 months. I did everything they said worked 20 to 30 hours a weektrying to find tax sales. I had such hard time in keeping a coach I had three different people and each tough differently.I gottt a certifcate and did not get a dime in whole for 14.000.00. After paying 8000.00 another 2200.00 accounting,2100.00 for credit card never got contacted at all, and 23000 place of business. I submitted all paper work and said it would take 2-4 weeks later. Everytime I finally got someone to do something they leave company and not tell you.ThI did business with John Beck Mentoring of America they are a rip off. I gave them $8000.00 with 100% gaurantee. They now refuse to answer my calls and told me to get a lawyer and they will only offer back up to $4000.00. I have been trying for about five months to get a hold of them and when I did finally reach someone they were rude and refuse to help me in any way. ey offer me half and said next week we see about the rest. that was in december and now it february. I contact federal trade commission and put in complaint and bbb, next step ic contacted a lawyer
Entity: chadworth, California
4, Report #675488
Dec 27 2010
07:06 AM
The claim that Boca Comm has been nominated for an industry award is untrue and fake as is the non-existent company Boca Comm. The principal of the company, John Reynolds, Victor Ocanto and Roy Antoine steal money be posing as investment bankers. They claimto have international office which are all fake addresses and phone numbers. In the US, Boca Raton they have rented offices adn issued the fake cheques to pay for rent,. John Reynolds, whereabouts are unknown and Police in several countries Vietnam, Thailand, USA,Italy and Iraq are looking for these fraudsters. The company also operates the same front fee scam under the name of TigerMoon VC. Again this is fraud. They have stolen money from clients worldwide and a warrant for the arrest of John Reynolds for not appearing at a court hearinghas been served in the UK. Do not deal with these fraudsters
Entity: Internet, Internet
5, Report #121949
Dec 08 2004
09:31 PM
JOHN TRADER SA ripoff by cheap cigarette dealer CHIASSO Switzerland Internet
Placed an order on their online web site. They promise 100 percent money back but the email addresses they post don't work. Never got my order after being told it was in the mail for over a month. Now no responce from them. Gene ROMULUS, MichiganU.S.A.
Entity: CHIASSO, Internet
6, Report #381042
Oct 14 2008
09:13 AM
John Robert Powers Non Payment for Photographs Used By The Company Toronto Ontario
I am a photographer who was commissioned to do model and acting photographs of 7 children and teens for a talent serch for John Robert Powers..They are using the photos. I have been trying for two months to collect payment..They actually said numerous times the cheque is in the mail. Today I am going to court to take legal action Debbie Edmonton Alberta, AlbertaCanada
Entity: Toronto, Ontario, Nationwide
7, Report #770685
Aug 29 2011
07:26 PM
john moore ripped off by an unscrupulous company Houston, Texas
We too have been ripped off by JOHN MOORE LP, our air conditioning broke so we called an engineer out, he said we needed a dual capacitor and it would cost $399.99. The pressure of getting it fixed whilst it is 100degrees here in Houston made me sign the quote. When my husband came home he checked the part out online. To buy one online would have cost us $12.99 plus $7 dollars shipping. So we paid $379.99 for 30 minutes labor. We contacted JOHN MOORE about a refund, they said tough you signed the paper.It does not look like we can do anything about this company as it seems the owner is on the board of the BBB, so you know what he is going to do with our complaints when he sees them.(throw them in the garbage).How are they getting away with these practices. I have read that past employees have told about their deceitful tricks, and how they make the engineers double, triple the price of repairs.There must be someone who is interested in taking this story on board and showing it on T.V.
Entity: Houston, Texas
8, Report #260052
Jul 10 2007
11:11 PM
ApropasAuctions - John Teal Another rip off by an ebay scammer. Huntington Beach California
In December of 06 I bid on and won a Burriss rifle scope from tealtopbuys or John Teal or so he called himself then. He would only accept money orders or personal checks, but he had a positive rating on ebay. I sent $260 and never received the scope. I emailed him numerous times and each time he said that he had sent the scope. Later, I learned that he has repeated this several times, all under different names and addresses and he gets a positive ebay rating by buying cheap things and paying for them. He is a theif and a liar and makes e-commerce dangerous. Please beware of him. He still maintains that he has sent me more than one scope. Perhaps he is mentally ill, but I doubt it. Larry Bountiful, UtahU.S.A.
Entity: Huntington Beach, California
9, Report #1373379
May 15 2017
05:09 PM
John Daugherty, Brian Spack Damaging clients by refusing to split commissions Houston Texas
Don't list your property with these guys.  They don't work with other realtors or attorneys. I contacted them about buying and renting properties, and they insisted on keeping all of the commission rather than splitting it.  I encourage my clients not to engage buyers' agents, because it saves them up to 3% of the sale/rent price, and I negotiate a reduction in price for them.  These guys insist on taking all of the commission for themselves.  I'm sure they don't tell their clients that a legitimate buyer was turned away.
Entity: Nationwide
10, Report #1403857
Oct 03 2017
09:56 AM
John Dillon argus observer threatened by publisher for impute requested ontario Oregon
I had noticed that our paper, the argus observer, continualy, daily, prints editorials from The Heritage Foundation.   Also, that they post the gentlemens picture huge!!  I mean , this is online, and its twice as big as any other photo.  They asked for comments on a article.  I gave mine about the photo, as well as some negative info on Heritage,--very political.  The photo info, they posted and did not post my real comments, which was begging for equal time from a liberal syndicated writer---ie equal time.  I did not specify any particular coulmnist.  I decided to write a reporter about my non posted material.  Instead, THE ASSSITANT manager replyed to me about only the photo size. She chose to write me. This prompted me to write back to her, politcally charged, asking questions and comments.  No reply.  I wrote again.  Same subject matter. No reply  Not detered, I wrote a third time to a unnamed editor (the phone and email were listed, but no name.)  The following is a email I received///vRaymond J Shimels, Leslie Thompson is the Editor of the Argus Observer and Independent Enterprise. I am the Publisher of both papers as well. As much as we appreciate reader interaction, you comments and emails are considered inappropriate. Corporate has blocked your IP address from commenting and any further emails from you will be considered harassment and treated as such.  If you continue to harass Leslie, the next step will be in involvement of our attorney./////////   Wow--my issue is his unfounded and oviously polically driven responce-here is my reply///Sir, This is a follow up to my previous 2 emails, after consulting counsel, I' ve decided to add the following. I apologize if this a infringement on your time, but clarification is in order. Be aware, you did not threatened me against correspondence with you, so I have proceeded. Your paper does not say who the editor is. Leslie is stated to be the assistant. I received a email from Leslie in response to a issue I took. Never received a response, so 2 or 3 followed. Since you have them, I have no need to burden you with repetition. What followed was your correspondence with threats. I do not take a threat lightly. I have no reason to continue any correspondence with Leslie. I just wanted her to answer some of my questions. If you chose to judge that my content was harassment, so be it. I will not accept your stance, and if she had wrote and expressed that she wanted them to stop, they would have. The fact of the matter is, I never wrote that first letter to her, it was to a reporter. I NEVER CHOSE TO SPEAK TO HER She chose to intercept my email to said reporter I'm sure you must have that info as well, I do. With all that being said, I want to be transparent and document what has occurred. I feel this whole situation is a slur on my character and reputation. Check that if you care to. I have filed with CMLP Legal Threats Database as well as with others. I thought a man of your education and placement in the community would not rush with threats to destroy a individual. Sir, that is what happens when a harassment lawsuit in filed--right or wrong, true or false, irrecoverable damage is done to the the defendant. I'm sure you are aware of this also. For you, the corporation and its lawyers, I have no intention of contacting you again. My premise was for open dialog concerning what you choose to highlight in print. You obviously have a set agenda to what you print and by whom. I respect your choice and 100% disagree with it. Good day sir, Possibly in the future, if not for me but others, your editor would not be mute to her requirements. Pity. RAYMOND J SHIMELS //////////  My whole issue is why does this little man threaten me for something oviuosly I never did.   He does not even have the morals to sign a name. Why does the paper have a mute for a editor. She could have asked me not to write. Whats the problem  John??? Do you just hire puppets for positions>  can she not speak? I did not want to talk to her in the first place. The reporter I wanted to talk to was a person of color. Can you guess why? The paper has a conservative agenda. I can appreciate it, but why ask for impute, when you dont want it and why badger me with threats and your own definition of harrassement. I do not like being threatend. I will not accept it or stand for it, regardless of how many times, Mr.Dillon has hos photo in his paper.   
Entity: ontario, Oregon
11, Report #482542
Aug 19 2009
03:49 PM
John Katrichis Jr Katrichis Alpine Financial, LLC John Katrichis Jr Katrichis, Alpine Financial being investigated by the feds for mortgage fraud and identity thief Houston, Texas
Last January, my wife and I decided to sell our boat, sell our big house, down size to condo, and buy a bigger boat. We placed the boat thru a broker, and began looking for a mortgage. My wife found a company on the internet. The company was Alpine Financial 933 N. Mayfair Rd. Suite 109 Wauwatosa, WI 53226. She contacted John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis, his cell # is 414-573-6424 office # is 414-443-5900, and explained to John AKA Jr that the whole deal was hinged on the sale of the boat. She was sent an application via fax, which we filled out and sent back to John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis. We got a contract on the boat, which fell through 3 days before close. She called John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis at Alpine Financial aware of this. John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis, came back to her stating that we would still qualify. Both my wife and I sat down and did the numbers, and we both realized that we could not afford to buy the condo and keep the boat while making house payments. John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis, from Alpine Financial persisted, and just keep calling us and would not let the issue die. We were not pleased that John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis or Alpine Financial would try to push us into this deal under these conditions. We decided to, on our own, sell the house. We contacted a local mortgage company, sold the house on our own, without a realtor, and purchased the condo. We never received anymore paperwork or anything from John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis or Alpine Financial.....until a few months ago. We came home from work and checked the mail, and there was a supoena for us to be in court, and John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis with Alpine Financial stated that we owed them almost $6300.00 for services rendered??? We immediatly contacted an attorney, went to the initial hearing and told the judge that WE DID NOT OWE THIS!!!!! Our attorney recommended that we attempt to settle....I was against the idea, but we offered $900.00 to settle just to have the whole mess disappear. They accepted, but we would never be able to file a complaint against them......I REFUSED!!!!! I want to make sure that John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis or Alpine Financial never tries to pull this stunt on any other consumer!!!! We never received any Right of Recision paperwork, or any other document from John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis or Alpine Financial.... The unjustice here is that to date, we have had to spend $3500.00 in attorneys fees, taken time from work to deal with this issue, and are not done yet...!!! At this point, If I have to take out a 2nd mortgage to fight John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis and Alpine Financial, then i will!!!.... Wrong is wrong, and right is right... I have spent endless days research John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis and Alpine Financial and found them to be involved in a lot of mortgage fraud complaints. I appalled at the complaints I have seen in the court house. Whats wrong with this picture???? And if you know of anyone that is contacted by John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis or Alpine Financial, tell them they are thieves that are being investigated by the Feds, and to Stay as fare away from them as possible. John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis, Alpine Financial is a thief pretending to be a mortgage office. Stay away he is being investigated by the feds for mortgage fraud and identity thief. Searching court records he has 4 felony convictions. His contact information: John Katrichis AKA Jr Katrichis 125 S 84th Milwaukee WI 53214 Jr Katrichis Alpine Financial, LLC 933 N. Mayfair Rd. Suite 109 Wauwatosa, WI 53226 414-443-5900 (Phone) 414-443-5901 (FAX) 414-573-6424 (Mobile)
Entity: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
12, Report #366477
Aug 25 2008
06:14 AM
John L Sullivan Dodge We got ripped off by John L Sullivan Dodge Marysville, California
My husband and I bought a 2006 Crysler Town and Country LX from John L Sullivan Dodge in Marysville/Yuba City, Ca back in April of 2007 and are very unhappy with our purchase. Not only did they sell our car at an extremely inflated price but they sold us a lemon. Since the date of purchase we have had to put new brakes and rotars twice, the air conditioning motor has gone out and the transmission is slipping horribly. All these problems and the car has 43000 miles on it! The contract that we belived we signed was not accuate and when we contacted them to fix the problems, the girl that wrote up our contract told us that there would be no revisals of the contract. Once its signed that it is written in stone. Also the inside options have been shaky. The glove box has broken and will no close. It has never been over stuffed or mistreated. It just broke one day when I went to open it. I got a flat tire on highway 70 in a rain storm when a rock rolled out in front of my car. I had my two young children with me and it was dark. I went to go change my tire and there was no spare tire sold with the car! I couldnt belive it. So the rain turned to snow and it was dark and cold. We spent 3 hours out in the wet and cold waiting for someone to stop and drive us to a phone. I cant tell you how wronged my husband and I feel about our purchase with John L Sullivan Dodge. We are curious if anyone out there has had some of the same problems with them also? Jennifer chester, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Marysville,, California
13, Report #733154
May 25 2011
03:40 PM
John McCormick Kim Jewitt John McCormick is a fraud and is being sued by several individuals and compaines for fraud and deceptive business practices Internet, Florida
John McCormick is a liar and a fraud. He and his is being sued by several customers and companies. If you contactthe Department of Professional Regulation under the Freedom of Information Actyou can get all the complaints filed against him and see the different licensedcontractors he has prostituted a license from. He is mentally unstable andunable to acquire a license himself.If you check the Better Business Bureau you will see he hasa terrible recode.Search Hillsbourgh County Records with the Clerk of theCourt and see all lawsuits against him.His wife Kim Jewitt is titled operations manager and she hasa criminal record including DUIs she has been a real party girl around town.Check with local plumbing companies to get reviews on hiscompany.BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Entity: Internet, Florida
14, Report #1431561
Feb 27 2018
02:42 PM
John Fiorentino Gravity Blankets Gravity Blankets Kickstarter project on the Internet created by John Fiorentino of the Gravity Blanket New York
I backed John Fiorentino's Gravity Blanket project on Kickstarter. I paid over $167 dollars for a blanket that was stated as being a certain size and quality. I was with many backers who purchased these blankets.The project took in over $4,729,263 for John Fiorentino. The blankets took months and months to receive and when I did receive mine, it was way smaller then stated (bait and switch) and a poor quality of blanket. I emailed the company to tell them how dissatisfied I was and I asked for a refund. I didn't get one.Many people have never received their blanket. I didn't receive a refund. If you go to the kickstarter page you can read comment, after comment, from backers who said they feel they have been scammed and want their money back. We all don't know what to do. This is awful that this guy can do this to all of us.Please help us! His company won't respond back to requests of a refund, it only responds to tell you pretty much, this is what you get. This man is robbing the backers who he won't refund money to, and I am one of these people. It's so frustrating to all of us. Please spread the word. This can't be good business.  
Entity: New York
15, Report #569247
Feb 13 2010
09:54 PM
john torres john torres roswell, Georgia
THIS IS SAD!!!!! Barbara Galea works for Hannaford Supermarket on Central Ave in Albany NY. This woman has two children from father John Torres that was recently killed, one John Torres also knows as John John and Nicole Torres known as Nikki. These two children had one hell of a life. This women use to let men beat and mentally abuse her children. Barbara sister Dawn who lives down stairs told me time and time again how Barbara would beat her poor Daughter when she wouldnt fail a disability test and she would lose money from the state or hit her when she couldnt spell her spelling words right. Barbara Threw her only daughter out at age 16 to live with drug dealers, but her daughter Kanasia who is fathered by a man named Kenny who Barbara loves she lets that daughter get away with murder including 5 abortions, stealing, giving her job at Hannaford even though she has been fired 5 times, her mother Barbara uses her power to bend all Hannaford rules and always gives her job back , while poor Nicole was always beaten and abused and forced to do whatever to make money to pay Barbaras bills. This woman wants you to feel that she is perfect but child welfare and disability fraud should go back and look at her because she is nothing but fraud.   Now to John John. her beloved thief and criminal son. Who just recently stole 400,000 from his dad and ran back to GA making people think his father stole money from the family the family son in law Daniel Duffy who funded this Ghetto family from 2002-2010, then to only turn on him because they were so jealous of Daniel and Johns relationship.  His son John John hated his dad because he said his father never did nothing for him till Daniel came along. This guy has been a crack head and drug abuser for years and is a coward. Duffy even bought this kid when no one else would a brand NEW CAR AND PAID HIS RENT FOR YEARS INCLUDING ALL SECURITY DEPOSITS ON HIS RENT AND HAD HIM AS A WORKER FOR 500 A WEEK TO CLEAN HIS HOUSE, IRS FRAUD look at his criminal record and how he was fired from multiple jobs for thief.   There is so much but a little at a time but the police and IRS and children fraud will see all this and discover the truth about this Family who is nothing but a ghetto pos and thanks to Duffy at least he saved one of them, Nikki, people can read thru this very easy.. Jealousy that is it..
Entity: roswell, Georgia
16, Report #628517
Aug 03 2010
09:36 AM
John Feal John Feal FealGood Foundation Internet
John Feal's lack of sophistication has caused more suffering than help.  Johns glorified rescue work on the World Trade Centers attack is a self-serving round of crap.  The real truth is John mocks the very system that is designed to help.  John was a union worker hired on to clean up post 911 and not rescue.   He is not a first responder and while everyone was quick to interview him because of his claims, very few even bother to check his credentials and claims.  While recovering from injuries John bullied anyone, he could for donations to his cause, advances on his pending lawsuit all the while vowing to save the world.  He did all of this while working side jobs hanging drywall etc. Pretty physical work for a person who is suffering from such debilitating injuries!    Even more, he claims posttraumatic stress, physically unable to attend to his daily routine as he claims as part of his lawsuit etc.  Yet he is well enough to hang drywall, hard heavy dangerous work.  He even felt good enough to physically threaten on both the phone and email.  Does not sound like someone that is suffering from anything but greed to me   Johns Vulcan attitude to those who have helped him financially is screw em.  He thinks it is funny and dares the defense to put him on the witness stand.  He laughs at the thought of repaying anyone.  He laughs that if he is ever put on the stand he will tell the insurance companies to go Fu_K themselves because he is going to be on Oprah!  He has this illusion that the press loves him as does the whole world.       There is no question that Johns desire and passion for the first responders is a noble cause to some but it would not be a stretch to see someone use such a cause for self-serving reasons.  It is also commendable that he donated a kidney but is it not a little strange that he would hold a press conference in doing so?  Weird?  John claims to have the media at his beckon call.  Yet another example of his self-serving far-reaching self-serving crap.   From John own web site:   Like thousands of others, John risked his own life to save others  How so, how is cleaning up after the rescue by a union laborer paid at a rate much higher than the real first responders risking his life to help others while cleaning up after the fact?  Not sure but can Fire, Police, EMT etc even allowed to sue for injuries while responding?    If John were so noble then why hurt others with a self-serving lawsuit    
Entity: , Internet
17, Report #1391948
Aug 11 2017
06:19 AM
John Riddick John Riddick Internet scam Internet
 Dear sir; I had been cheated by this website recently few days ago. He promised can add Bitcoin to my account, after I paid everything, he sent me all the info but his software is not work. I tried to email him several times but he never even border to reply my mail which his software not working. I don't want others being scam like me.
Entity: Internet
18, Report #521666
Nov 09 2009
03:10 PM
David John - John Gabby david john Scammers Internet
I got a call today at 3:30pm on my cell asking for me. I told them I wasn't available because the number was blocked and I didn't know who was asking for me.  I then received a call on my job from somone who called himself David John and said I had an outstanding loan with cashnetexpress and he was representing them; that I could take care of the loan now or be arrested at my home or place of employment.  Well I told him that I didn't recall having a loan with that company and if he could tell me when this loan arrignated.  He couldn't give me that information.  I told him I wasn't paying for nothing I don't recall doing and for me to let my attorney look into this matter.  He kept insisting that I take care of the loan now; so I told him to do what he has to do and I will do what I have to do.  I searched the internet for this company and found no results; then I knew this was a scam.  I called them back to let them know that I would be filing a report with the police in my city about these phone calls and the first few calls said that the number I'm trying to reach is unreachable and when I did get someone and asked for David John they told me to hold on; but hung up the phone. Don't phone for any of these calls especially if you know that you are not responsible for what they are saying.  Do research.  Report them to the Better Business Bureau and find out things such as a name and phone number and if they continue to call report it to the police in your city.
Entity: Internet, Internet
19, Report #276803
Oct 08 2007
07:37 PM
John Andrew Bockman - Cario Group - John Andrew Bockman a disgruntled employee RIPS OFF Cario Group Inc. American Canyon California
John Andrew Bockman was a sub-contractor, that was employed with Cario Group Inc. as a Sales Representative for over two years. He was FIRED for his lack of production. He REFUSED to be let go to the point of becoming violent and had to be FORCED OUT. Since he could no longer be a part of Cario Group Inc. he has been extremly discruntled acting like an Arcangel. During his tenure with Cario Group Inc. he produced ONE contract worth approximatley $4000 for the labor, earning him a commission of $400. John Andrew Bockman requested and received thousounds of dollars in spite of his incompetence as a sales person. He was not worth the amount he was compensated. He RIPPED OFF Cario Group Inc. The Real Archangel Vallejo, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: American Canyon, California
20, Report #1396630
Aug 29 2017
11:45 PM
John Lewis Gann/John A. Ikard/ Lisa J. Daniels/Jeffrey J. Lovell Fraud by Bank Bridge Water Bridgehampton New York
 On July 22 of this year, he was contacted by a supposed American Citizen named John Lewis Gann for Whatsapp. In order to buy a cell phone that he publishes in second hand. We agreed a price, supposedly made a conditional transfer to the sending of the cell by the Bridge Water Bank, with DATA to send you by Whats. They asked me to send the proof of the shipment for validation and authorization of the payment. The deposit did not appear and I was asked to resend data as well as the Swift code of my bank. Afterwards they notified me that they took more money from the alleged Mr. John presenting the a complaint. They asked me to pay the money they had deducted, adding this to the amount of the deposit plus an amount as a bonus. I refused and contacted the email of the alleged bank and the buyer, Mr. John Lewis Gann, this gave me the number of his alleged Manager Of Branch, I was guaranteed by mail and messages that everything was legal and safe. Several days passed, Mr. John Lewis Gann, Mr. John A. Ikard along with mail from Bridge Water Bank, guaranteed the operation and transfer. We negotiated the amount of the deposit, I did this Thursday August 23, promising them the immediate deposit. On Thursday 24, I reported that the deposit was still not paid in my account, they returned to ask me the deposit information. On Friday, August 25, the BANK sent me an email to tell me that the deposit had already been transferred to my bank , It was only a matter of time. Today, Wednesday, August 29, the deposit will continue to appear. The structure of the CORREOS seemed to be authentic, the domain, the rhetoric, finished, security clauses, logos of the banco.Esto compare it for the logos of the Bank by Internet and they agreed. I have sent several mails to the alleged Bank since Friday, warning of the absence of money. Without having an answer. In Whatsapp Mr. John Lewis Gann and his alleged Manager Mr. John A. Ikard no longer have images, the same day about the same time. Previous days contact a Bridge Water Bank Branch in the United States, asking and sending emails to verify authenticity, without having support from them. I have the names that they gave me for sending and deposit. Supposed photos of John Lewis Gann and John A. Ikard. The alleged post office of the Bank. Chats by Whatsapp with the people concerned. I hope this serves to highlight these scammers. You can stop the way you operate. Let Bridge Water Bank intervene to clean up your image and may prevent you from continuing to use your image to defraud allegedly Legitimate operations.
Entity: Bridgehampton, New York
21, Report #1094625
Oct 30 2013
09:43 PM
2361556 Ontario Ltd, John Berthelot , John Millar Licensed Technology, Non Payment of $ 300,000 plus and Seized Assets Not Belonging to them or Corporation. Blind River Ontario
 In 2012, our company sold John Berthelot a License to sell our technology for $ 100,000 and we had obtained financing for him for our maintenace products. His credit was not good and he agreed to a Promissory Note and Personal Guarantee as he was having very difficult time. His bank provided us weak reference but we elected to support. We accepted the Personal Guarantee and he assured us that he had the money and could get the funds. During the period he was very desperate and we helped finance and even advance money to help him get going. I personally guaranteed his loans so he could open and start business. He has the delusion of impossible business transactions by taking on the biggest companies in road construction, salt distribution, setting up huge factories in Blind River..Building 100 Million Dollar Gravel Pit in Blind River with no money..he and his partner John Millar are in side deals with every transaction. They moved on a unsuspecting investor and convinced him to invest. He found a new victim and then has started his spin again of delusional buisiness dreams. They agreed to buy Equipment and Inventory and renaged and never made one payment of the $ 300,000 and have now seized and locked us out of our assets. He talks this big story and his credit reference has he has $ 1000 in bank, maxed personally and having problems with paying mortgage. The entire process is about his need for survival and all companies he has have no capital and worse he victimizes othersonce he finds a new victim. He has this long story of his greatness..semi pro hockey player, great achievements with Cargill, Insurance and saving companies money by his consulting. He went bankrupt we discovered for 10 Million Dollars and we believe escaped Toronto and now trying to set up and scam investors, suppliers, people like us and even government agencies. He illegally is using trademarks, operates with unregistered names in his recent move with 2361556 Ontario Ltd. A 6 month old company with office in Blind River,Lindsay Ontario, Canada. With no experience he is producing products with no knowledge or expertise and this is very frightening. We are warning everyone that he is seeking other investors now to payout the ones he has burned by not living up to agreements or payment.   Do not be a VICTIM of this delusional character and the companies he opens, he will say and do anything for your technology, formulas and way to survive. See Linked In for his other companies..I have reported him to authorities and the lending instiuition for passing off as another company meaning ours. Do not be on John Berthelot's VICTIM LIST.  
Entity: Lindsay, Ontario
22, Report #537997
Dec 11 2009
05:37 PM
Video Professor Founded By John W. Scherer Scammed me and failed to refund my money. Internet
In early October, I ordered tutorial cd's from Video Professor.  I received the order well after the expected arrival date.  Upon having the cd's in my possession for less than 10 days, 189.95 was withdrawn from my bank account.  I immediately called Video Professor and was told to return the cd's and to provide the return package with a special code so that my order would process as soon as it was received to them. I returned the cd's the same day and called the following month about my refund.  I was told by a represenative that my refund would be in my account by Dec 11, 2009.  Today is the 11th of December and have been checking my bank account religously.  The refund has not been credited to my account and I called the company to find out what happened. I was told that there was an error, an error that the computer could not fix on it's own and my problem would be handled to those who refund people's money back.  However, it would not get process because the office was closed and I would have to wait until Monday morning for the paperwork to process.  I was then told that my refund would be in my account at the earliest, Wednesday, and no later than Friday.  The first time I called video professor in regards of my refund a represenative informed me that their would not be any problems refunding my money because I did everything accordingly.  I did everything they told me to do and there is still a delay! I just want what is rightfully owed to me!
Entity: Internet, Internet
23, Report #560904
Jan 27 2010
05:05 PM
Scammed by John Tichenor of Task Force Associates,, Croton-on-Hudson, New York
When I was in the process of opening up my new office 3 months ago, the plan was installing 50 phone lines in my office, so I hired John Tichenor from Task Force Associates to install my phone systems, run the inside wires, jack installations, etc... He told me it will cost $125 installation fee, and then an additional $65 per each additional. He told me that including the CAT5 Cables, wire runs, and the rj11 the total cost will amount to $6,000. He told me that I needed to make 2 payments, $3,000 upfront and $3,000 when the job is complete. I paid him the $3,000 which he asked for in cash, he assured me that work will begin the next day, and then he disappeared. This was 3 months ago! Since then he doesnt answer his phone, when I went to his office in person he denied knowing me, the cops said they couldnt do anything about it because it was a civil issue, and they said I got to take him to civil court. I did a bit of research on him, and I discovered that other people had complained that he done the same thing to them as well. I dont know much about phone line installations, and unfortunately, due to my lack of knowledge about it, I had a crook take advantage of me.
Entity: Croton-on-Hudson, New York
24, Report #388701
Nov 06 2008
06:00 PM
John Borzellino ,John Ross A Classic Crook Carlsbad California
John Borzellino, aka John Ross is a classic crook. He charmed my wife and I into using our credit to invest in a property in Carlsbad CA with his Lease Purchase America program. He took $250,000 out of the mortgage on the property, promising to put 200K into an escrow account to cover any shortcomings in mortgage payments for two years. He promised to manage the property and ensured us a tenant would be in it for at least two years. He further promised that we would make money on the deal when we sold the house after two years. John's tenant turned out to be his accomplice and bailed on the house after about 6 months. John meanwhile was out of the country vacationing in Italy. To date we are eleven months in arrears on mortgage payments, our credit is completely shot, and the house will be foreclosed on in three weeks. If you see John or his wife Sharon please contact the FBI and let them know that John is in the area and attempting to scam other people. He is a fast talking crook who would lie through his teeth (read other reports or google his name) to get your money. For those with the time and energy, look into his checkered past. John should be in jail. I'll happily travel to testify against him for what he has done. Just let me know the time and place. Ripped Off Greg Carlsbad, CaliforniaU.S.A.
Entity: Carlsbad, California
25, Report #943227
Sep 18 2012
07:37 PM
John Rogers Scammer John Rogers Gang Member john rogers scam, john rogers phoenix ponzi scam phoenix, Arizona
John Rogers is not just a scammer, he is the BIGGEST scammer ever.  He is currently launching the biggest ponzi scheme ever with some sort of magical box that does not even exist.  John Rogers uses his marajuana dealers to try and intimidate people.  (WHAT A JOKE. they are a bunch of little thugs the my 10 yr old niece could knock out)  He does business with degenerates who will do anything  to support their habits and their crack head kids. He is currently using them to steal  from other companies and the FBI, FTC and ICE have all been notified.  John Rogers is a scam in Phoenix and will also use aliases.  Report him to local law enforcement and let them know he is still under ivestigation from bank card empire and the will pull his file and make additional report.
Entity: phoenix, Arizona

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